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I read this article on the Rethink Church website back in 2011. It was about Lil’ Jon who was featured on Celebrity Apprentice in which he donated to the cause of the United Methodist Children’s Services in Atlanta. Usually lots of folks who disregard rappers with the lyrics and record sales but for this, it’s very important than getting a deal at the studio. Now I read the article on the website, and usually like everyone else the comments were positive, except one: All had to do with a judgement factor just because of the content the Lil’ Jon used in his songs. And judgment day is coming?

Let me say this as a 4th Generation member of my United Methodist Church: That’s a load of B.S.

So you mean to tell me that a rap artist like Lil’ Jon can’t give back to his hometown, and those like let’s say the Gospel group The Sheards can? Give me a break. I think most Christians need to stop hating! Even if they are United Methodist Related. I’m going there! Because all I see is just false judgment on someone that wants to give back bigger than music in a nice way, but here comes along with some or someone related like this “Julie” person in the article who wants to pass judgment. Newsflash: No one is not God. And even though that the teachings of John Wesley still have to be reached in a good sense, we still have to be resourceful about the teachings and lessons of Jesus Christ! Can I get a witness up in here?

Screw the freaking preaching. I’m here to prosper.

Currently Master P, with his son Lil’ Romeo and daughter Cymphonique, appears in the ICDC College commercials   Hold up, wait a minute. There was a time when Master P used explicit lyrics in his music, and still he gave back! The No Limit Soldiers still remain on point. Where was the outrage from that? Here in Milwaukee, Local DJ Homer Blow uses his explicit liberties on his internet show,, but did you know that he give back every year in June, in reference with hosting his Annual Birthday Party for the Kids? That’s right non-black Milwaukeeans and non-believers! Homer Blow gives back. Now I haven’t been to a Birthday Party for the Kids Event, but I see what he’s doing. Even if it’s doing stage shows at African World Festival for local talent. And because of his knowledge, and experience in Radio, WNOV is back on the air in Milwaukee.

Plus, more recently: Jay-Z. Now I want the so-called Illuminati folks to stop yapping for one single minute. Already, he invested in the Brooklyn Nets Basketball Team, and now, his “Roc Nation” label has expanded to the sports area. Already some players like Victor Cruz, and Robinson Cano have jumped aboard. Plus also I know some have been blowing up online about this question about the jobs he may have. Go ahead. Ask him. Ask his folks. Ask the representatives. Google it. Go online. Plus also, I dare to ask: Even though he uses explicit language which is well documented, BUT he’s doing some positive stuff other than making music. Speaking of which, can some imagine if some well-known Milwaukee DJ’s could invest in drafting Brandon Jennings, Randall Cobb, or Rickie Weeks to a local urban Milwaukee label? By the way the Milwaukee Bucks are playoff bound.

So I don’t what the deal is. I mean dang, just because someone that used to or currently uses explicit language but does good for the people, I don’t judge. Just like in the bible in which it says: according to Matthew 7:1 – Judge NOT lest ye be Judged!

Remember that bible-thumping folks! No matter if you are Rethinking Church, or just making a useless comment that is one sided. Now put that in a Sunday Sermon or a Bible Study.


I was on the United Methodist Church website via Facebook today, and it was all about Texting. Yeah, that word again. Texting. You know what the young kids are doing on their cell phones in all? And some adults do part time? Well anyway, this article about a pastor in Montana combines his sermons with texting and technology. Now there are going to be naysayers or critics who probably might disagree with the idea with texting in church. (Praying for the haters) Only because they should believe that it is a distraction on what is important face to face. You know what, I don’t hardly see a problem with this. After all, is this all about “Rethinking The Church?” I do believe that this is part of it in some sort of fashion. And I should mention that once again, that I am a member of the United Methodist Church.

Think about it. People communicate differently either in person or by note. That is what texting is. Writing notes. Now I’m about to share a secret here. I haven’t text during a sermon, but I have Facebooked and Twittered. On Sundays, when my Pastor or a Lay Leader, or a guest gives a message or sermon, I type it to my Social Media folks to tell what is going on. Either they missed a sermon or just not around as usual. And it’s legal! Research it, Old School folks. And for texting, although there are folks who are against the idea, but I need to say this: TEXTING IS NOT A SIN!!!!! Like OMG! That’s right I said it. Even if its in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If that were to be, then it would be illegal, and those use it would be banned, in my view. I don’t see anything wrong with Texting. But the only that would be wrong, if it’s not used properly. Like a credit card. Texting is part of communication. Just like the telephone. When long ago happened, there was a thing with computers as having them as that thing around the house. But now, you need to communicate and more. Long time ago, having a College Degree was the best thing in the world. But now, it’s a responsibility. Get the picture?

If this is a way to reach out to the youth in the United Methodist Church, or that 18-45 year old group that does this, then why not do it? If this helps to be apart of the church growing body to feel comfortable, and/or to help to check out the Church then, hey? Only if it doesn’t bothers no one.  I love the UMC. I’m down for the cause, and have been since day one. And now, Rethinking The Church.

Just going through my Facebook news feeds today, and I happen to stumble on the Baisden Live page, and there was link that it was all to convincing to think about. Men hating Church. I was reading the website – that’s the Christian Broadcasting Network website about Men (or the certain type) don’t like being in or around church. I read the article about the person surrounding the story, of “Cliff” who is a successful person in his own right. Makes positive pointers. Goes to every social, or meeting place that he knows. Except for one: Church. This “Cliff” person is not alone. Every Sunday, do you really notice that there are more Women in Church than Men? I’m not hating on the Women here. When they go to church. They go. Period. But the focus primarily on the Men.

I’ve seen this before. Matter of fact, most of us seen this before. Now I know that there are Men in my life that partially do come to Church in the “off-season”, but not regularly. As a matter of fact,  for those who are questioning the thought, well – let’s review some faults according to the article:

  • The pastor preaches too long.
  • It’s a women’s thing.
  • I’m not feeling the word
  • If the preacher doesn’t have that robe on, I’m not coming!
  • I don’t want to miss my league games!
  • I got too much stuff to do. I don’t have time. Too busy.
  • Not trying to hear about going to Hell.
  • Politics
  • Boring, irrelevent, and hypocritical

Does this sound familiar? I mean does this really sound familiar? If it does, then it should sink in. Earlier I indicated that most members in church are Female. If you are involved in a committee meeting – most are Females. Ever been to a Women’s Day celebration? – More Women attend and come out than men. Where as a Men’s Day Celebration is flipped.  Or when it comes to activities like a Women’s Day like daycare,  or volunteer in a class, the women mostly dominate that. On the Male side: doing almost a quarter of what the Women do.

Now it’s not my intent to judge the Men folk. That’s not my job. That job belongs to God and God Only. And besides this has been asking questions about this for centuries. Just to think when Jesus was running the show, that attracted the Men back then to be with his work in Ministry. But now, not so much. And also there was a question about not enough young kids in church. Actually this was from a conversation that I had with one of my University Alma Mater Members, that the real reason is because of the Men. That’s makes you wonder. Could the same men who don’t regularly come to church are setting a bad example for their kids? Especially with those who have sons who say “I want to be like dad!” – Don’t lie to me! Or maybe there were men before us who hated the thought of all.

I’ll put it like this. Men, we can watch all the NFL, WWE, NBA, or chill at the crib on a Sunday all we want to. I don’t care if you have to upload 50 pictures on Facebook of your cookouts. But here me when I say this: Those things will not get to you heaven bound! – Women even though that you may say Amen to this, but this goes for you too. Yes, we can criticize the Pastor for preaching too long and/or going after the preacher for not using the sermons to target the youth. We can also criticize that “I wish that the pastor should set up a men’s day prayer meeting so we can actually get some game going”. And yes many other things. But remember this Men: What you display, will reflect and backfire if your kids or any kid is watching. That’s not being trivial, but truth. And yes women, same thing.

Like I said, I’m not here to judge. Many of you had “past issues” of not attending. But you don’t have to keep believing the past in order to stay home. If you want to be the change you claiming to be, be the change. Men – time to what’s that quote? Man up? That’s right. Man up. Even if it’s attempting to go to church.

What needs to be done? What can be done to get the men back into the sanctuary? Advice to all: Rethink the Church. You may laugh, that might be the key. The United Methodist Church is taking the Rethink Church moniker very seriously, because of focus of reaching out to the 18-34 year olds to ask them what can the church do to reach them. Maybe if the Rethink Church thing can do works for those in the category, imagine what can be done for the men.

In case you haven’t known, my religion affiliation is with the United Methodist Church. Matter of fact, I am apart of the United Methodist Church as a fourth generation member. Now for some who don’t know what is the United Methodist Church, here it is from the United Methodist Church website. It has a very historical viewpoint that dates from the revolutionary times of the era of John Wesley,  to the 1960’s when it became well known through out the landscape of religion. You probably recognize the most obvious symbol – the cross and flame, and also the slogan of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors”. If you see those things, they are related to my denomination that I inherited since birth. (More like my mother’s side of the family)Now. What about this thing about “Rethinking the Church”, or Rethink Church? Now I’m sure you’re probably asking like: why would the United Methodist Church, as good as it is wants to “Rethink The Church?” Or “Rethink Church” as a whole?  Is this some sort of a way to get away from the traditions that your churches have started? Or is somewhat selling out? Well, No. The ideal of the whole Rethink Church in my opinion is to re establish our goals, values, objectives, and many ways to get my age group 18-34 and up reacquainted with the Church again. For those who are 18-34, guess what? This concerns you. Really it does.  I’m sure that long ago, that you attended these churches with your families in the past and went to college. And never came back. I’m not picking on you. Maybe over the years,  you went to another church of a different denomination and your family continued to stay United Methodist. On the other side, those who currently attend the United Methodist Churches now (and a whole lot older than me) are still asking that same old question: “Where are the younger folks that are in this age group?” What are they looking for? Maybe you should be asking them that same question. However, this is what I think what my age group (18-34) is looking for in the United Methodist Churches now. When I went to the  Rethink Church workshop in Racine, which is a 50 Minute drive from Milwaukee, there was a question that was asked what is a seeker? And what are they looking for? According to their workshop, A seeker is an adult who has not attended a church in the last six months, not yet committed. They are those who are hurting, wanting to accept everyone, working with families and deeply care and support each other in times of grief or dilemmas. They want fit in, be accepted. And what’s the gain? Authentic work, a genuine welcome, having words to be backed up, and having a call to action.  The seekers also want full (and I mean FULL) immersion experiences, an ability to make a concrete tangible difference and also to love, serve and help out.  And the messages like “what if church were like ecology. would you come?” All ties into the church with activities of food drives, clothing and children’s ministries. Most of my age group has some liking to areas of the environment, and ecology. Almost like going green if you will.

Those of you who are older than me, this is what my age group is looking for!

And also Churches has to learn to be relevant at times. Wake up and smell the coffee! The things that have been going for so long, haven’t been working. Hate to say it. Let those in my age group have a chance to lead differently, than the traditional methods that seem to drive us to the side and never get a chance. So this is one of the main reasons why I think this Rethink Church thing is coming out. It’s coming out to be more technical with the use of social media, audio visual, and more options to get opportunities to get the United Methodist Churches engage new frontiers. The faith remains the same. The beliefs of John Wesley are still intact. But it has to be connectible to those in my age group to get it! And if it does, then the beliefs and values of the United Methodist Church would be one in the same. This is not an argument, more like an editorial comment.

So in conclusion. There is nothing wrong going back to Rethink things. Nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, it takes a moniker like “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors” to Rethink Church.  Also, as a fellow member of the United Methodist Church, I encourage you to go to a Rethink Church workshop. I encourage you also to do activities that your church has not tried. I don’t care if it’s a Video Game Day Fellowship for kids, a live DJ with turntables on a Sunday, a praise band, online fundraisers, Block Party Basketball Games, or have screens and projectors to display sermons every Sunday. But whatever it is, Rethink Church! And if you are member of BMCR (that’s the Black Methodist for Church Renewal) I heard that there is a problem of getting younger African-Americans involved. BMCR: I got two words for you – Rethink Church.

One more thing: mad respect to the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church for setting up and having the representatives from Tennessee to come out and telling us what is generally needed to happen. Thank you very much 🙂

The first Decade of the 2010’s was a harsh one. But also in other ways a good start for the year. I had a chance to get  a new schedule job change, volunteer and work for my Alumni Folks, help my church to “Rethink”, won my case of my Saxophone and getting an unexpected check from Reed vs Dresser Settlement Claims. And like every other year, 2010 and I had some losses. Tough losses.

The Good:

Rethink Church. Especially my church.

Juneteenth Day in Wisconsin became a State Holiday. It’ s real now, not even Scott Walker or the haters can’t touch it.

Milwaukee’s African World Festival returns with a one day festival in August. – Which is my “Favorite Comeback Event of the year”. After being out of the spotlight for two years financially.

Alumni Check ins: Had a chance to return to my High School Reunion, College and University Alumni Functions and workshops. Big ups to Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School Class of 1990-2000 Reunions, the Milwaukee Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Stout Alumni Associations.

Eugene Kane and James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least they tell some good news.

Wisconsin Badgers Football. 2010 Big Ten Champs.

Wisconsin establishments are now Smoke Free! So I can go to a club and be healthy at the same time. The haters on the other hand don’t think it’s an idea. What’cha been smoking?

Brandon Jennings had a good season with the Bucks.

The Green Bay Packers with or without Aaron Rodgers. And with Clay Matthews!

Milwaukee had received 2 WWE Smackdown Events at the Bradley Center in the year.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikyla Harris became the new Supervisor of Milwaukee’s District 2 area replacing Toni Clark.

For me: I had some good pointers in 2010 in which was personal. My saxophone that I owned for 21 years,  was under siege by a local music shop which they thought it was stolen, but there was no proof of that of being stolen. However it was returned to me no charge. And in October, I was awarded a check over 5 grand with the Reed vs Dresser Settlement Case which had a problem of hiring, training  and taking in Wisconsin African-American Applicants. For all you companies out there, you better be careful of not hiring blacks because it might bite you big!

Health Care Reform! – Good.  And so the haters began to complain.

Shani Davis winning the Gold Medal in Speed-skating – AGAIN!

Mo’Nique winning an Oscar Award. – Don’t Hate!

New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl.

Brett Favre’s Streak of 297 games – Over. And was looking at 2 losses against the Packers.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – IS OVER! Let them serve openly.

Keith Olbermann for attacking the Tea Party, the Shirley Sherrod Case, and the question “Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?”

Bill Maher – enough said.

In Music: No I didn’t listen to Justin Bieber and other folks. I listened to Cypress Hill, Diddy Dirty Money, Eminem, The Roots, Toni Braxton, Ice Cube, Michael Jackson’s new joint, Faith Evans, and a bunch of Old School stuff that took me back in the day before Lil Wayne’s and TI’s prison terms.

Windows Phone 7

In Movies: Iron Man 2, The A-Team, The Karate Kid (2010 Version), Machete, Get Him to The Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Faster – which has a Milwaukee connection. And for the record: NO SOCIAL NETWORK!

NBA Jam made a comeback. And Call of Duty: Black Ops was a hit!

On TV: Real Milwaukee – that show is hilarious! WWE, Real Time, True Blood, Entourage, Countdown, The Rachel Maddow Show, & The Ed Show.

I also met new folks on Facebook, a local Black fraternity, and sent over 2,000 tweets on twitter.

The NAACP for standing up to the Tea Party and telling them to repudiate (not refudiate) their racist elements.

Milwaukee gained new stations in HD – A country music station, and a retro station that shows nothing but old school shows.

The Bad:

I need to put this on the top of the list: Ron Johnson and Scott Walker. And my opinion, Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold shouldn’t have lost under the so-called Wisconsin Tea Party folks!

The Tea Party. And not to forget the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, and those wished that it was the American Revolution all over again.

Michael Steele.



The Fox 6 Milwaukee Blog site. I’ll  miss that the most.

The blizzard on the East Coast. Hey, we Midwesterner folks know that all too well.

Folks rushing to the stores to buy the Ipad. It’s not that serious!

Andrew Breitbart and his “stories” of Shirley Sherrod footages with the NAACP.

Sarah Palin.

Alveda King. – She needs a reality check of her famous uncle!

Glenn Beck.

Charlie Sykes and any right wing news hack in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Brewers – don’t hate. If they start winning more,  they will be on my good list.

Atlanta Hawks Player Josh Smith of his comment about Milwaukee in general.

Black owned restaurants in Milwaukee of Stella’s, The Bayou, and Manna House all forced to close up shop. This is one example of why the black (and I mean BLACK) businesses is in need of constant support.

When will Nintendo Wii and EA Sports ever get it with Madden?

Brass Bell Music in Glendale, WI. See my For me post.

Dresser Waukesha for not hiring and training African-Americans in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin and the “boondoggle/It will never work/brain-drain syndrome” – and letting go 810 Million Dollars of High Speed Rail and the jobs. That was a waste.  And Talgo is moving out in 2012 leaving a maintenance base. Wow Scott Walker, and Wisconsin Tax-Payers. Thank you morons for making sure that the state stays behind. Disgusted.

A bar in Wisconsin that refused blacks as patrons. Don’t that send us back even more?!

Haiti Earthquake.

BP Oil Spill.

The flood in Milwaukee that the city didn’t had in over 100 years. Crazy. And remember that sinkhole!

Milwaukee is ranked 4th as poorest in the nation, and it’s still segregated. And the crazy JSOnline folks who spend too much time on the columns of Eugene Kane and others still don’t understand. Are they too broke to work or go to school? My God!

Milwaukee is number 1! ( in Drinking).

Crazy and UGLY!!!!:

What is up with Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach and folks of all colors can’t get along? And again, there are those in Milwaukee who see the blacks as thugs? When will I get my chance? When?!  And when will Milwaukee will get out of the 1975/1980’s “all day everyday” syndrome?

Conan O’Brien leaves the Tonight Show and re-enters Jay Leno. Meanwhile months later, Conan goes to TBS.

Back in the spring, when the Milwaukee Bucks were in the playoffs, the term “Fear The Deer” became a reality when a heard of deer crashed a bar in Menomonie during the game.

I became a “hater victim” on Youtube.  If you want to know, well it was about this jobber named superstr5 or whatever his name was, thought I was lying about going to a wrestling match in 1996.  Hello, I got the ticket stub at home to prove this! Let this be a warning to everyone: I’m not here to get cracked on. If you got a bone to pick on, pick on somebody else. One thing for sure, I did reported the incident on youtube. AND I MEAN on YOUTUBE!

The High Speed Rail Project was first halted by Gov. Jim Doyle, then was the setup by Scott Walker to scrap it.  Again: A Waste.

On the lighter side of things time to reflect on those we lost:

Teena Marie – you younger bucks better recognize real music instead of being a pretty face.

Laurie Bembenek

Leslie Neilsen

Lena Horne

Gary Coleman

Barbara Billingsby

George Steinbrenner

Rue McClanahan

Dixie Carter

Teddy Pendergrass

Locally where I’m at: I lost those who were close –

Forrest Rash

Rev. Jodie Joiner

Ethel Richards

Dorothy McGuin

and two I felt were family: Sabrina Junior who was my cousin was murdered in August.  This was a disgusting act of violence that effected my family, my younger cousins who will not see their mother again. And my family had the family dog we called “boo-bear” had be put to sleep because of age illness. We were blessed to have her as a dog. We took her in our home, fed her, played with her and just took her in as family. We thanked God for her 14 years (98 dog years) she has given us.

2010 was a rough start.  But I think 2011 will be an improvement of better beginnings, healing, and outcomes.