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Ok WordPress readers:

Pardon my interruption of me celebrating Black History Month.

I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey. I have not read the book 50 Shades of Grey. But before I get into the story of my point of view, let me alert that what I’m about to say may not be suitable for the general audience. Nah, I’m keeping it straight original in which I’m going on the hypocrites per say who bash this movie.

Personally, I’m not defending the movie in a way of getting on the side of right. My question to all those who actually bashed the movie, have you EVER seen the movie? No one paid their 7 or 8 bucks while snuggling up with their boyfriends or girlfriends from the Valentine’s Day Weekend? Hey fellas, I hope you survived that holiday of hearts!

Anyway, so 50 Shades of Grey is out and folks calling out the thumbs down things. Ok. But let me say this: 20 years ago in 1995, who among here has seen the movie Showgirls? Raise your hands! Stop hiding! Fellas who were single 20 years ago now married, got saved by Jesus, rocking with children in all, have you sneaked into the theaters and saw Elizabeth Berkley almost butt naked dancing in Vegas? For those who are in the Millennial group that are 18 now, the person I mentioned was an actress on the show called Saved By The Bell that many of us Gen X’ers grew up watching characters of Zack Morris or Lisa Turtle. And before he got into stabbing trouble in my homestate, Dustin Diamond’s character, Screech was a nerd. A memorable nerd like Steve Urkel.

Callout: Can I just be straight for a minute?

As a 18 year old back in the day, when riding around on the Milwaukee County Transit Bus, I saw a sign outside of the Times Cinema near the westside of Milwaukee that read this: “Art or Sleaze. You Decide.” Showgirls. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago. And no, I didn’t go in and see the flick.I was of age even though the movie had this “NC-17” movie rating. However, I did see the movie overall….in 1996 on cable. Yep I saw the movie that most had bashed in ’95 and yes it wasn’t just about sex, and almost innuendos. It was also about struggle where the character Nomi (played by Elizabeth Berkley) was going from nowhere to somewhere. It was also about confrontation, fronting, denial, being mad at the world, and also tripping over the star to getting the star in being the star. And domestic violence against the black character Molly was clearly over the top. But towards the end, Nomi becomes the main dance star in Vegas. Now for those who have not seen it, yes I know it’s been 20 years. Many have forgotten about it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t just read Wikipedia. Just see the actual movie. Pop it in the machine and press play. But you have to really, REALLY, REALLY grown to see it!

Way back when around 1992: I KNOW everyone probably saw, or tried to see Basic Instinct! And Sharon Stone, was not messing around! And she did not mess around in 1993 when she played a character named Carly in Sliver. It was a movie that had this Apartment that was full of hidden cameras and a secret location in the place that was set up like the batcave with monitors and such. Innuendos was crazy. In 1994, there was movie that dealt with Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Has the movie Disclosure featuring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas ring a bell in which MEN were sexually harassed on the job? Don’t laugh, ladies.

Also, speaking of cable: remember Real Sex on HBO? Yo, for those who know, if you grew up sneaking up past midnight to see show to see it, technically you are not the only one. I’ll admit: I’ve seen some scenes from Real Sex that blew my mind. Not out of enjoyment! But just in general. I mean the things they had on that show that had me dropping my jaw! I mean this was the 90’s close to the early 2000’s here that the earlier stuff was considered taboo. Nowadays, Real Sex is a throwback. And yes, I’ll bet those who actually doing the things now were probably taking notes on Real Sex for things like oh I don’t know: Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime? Come on now!

As they say, Real Sex, thats a wrap! Now for those whom never heard of the show, Google. (WITH CAUTION!)

Even those shows had those blow your mind effects and I’ll bet back then there were some haters and hypocrites per say that criticize them in every way.Technically, this is nothing new. Such as banning books in your local High Schools per say about Sex. Or related subjects to the matter of it. Oh yeah, just watch your local news. They talk about it all the time. But eventually to you now parents of high school students who like to come to the schools and demand to get your son’s or daughter’s cell phone back, and show up for graduation only, or those who think are safely out in the suburban schools where things are not that negative. think again! They may not get the gist now, but later on in life after they move out your house, they will see and read a future throwback of 50 Shades of Grey and try to analyze it. MARK MY WORDS!

Who knows, the subject of this, might come up in college when they get there.

But seriously, 50 Shades of Grey is out. And like Showgirls, it will be talked about for a while and then…… what next? Going back further actually 4 years after that, Eyes Wide Shut. Remember that when 1999 was in effect? Who saw that? Seeing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman getting busy. Don’t lie! And those Zane Novels, even Trois. Now I’m going to say this: I got three movies of Trois on DVD. I am not kidding. Now for those who probably never heard of Trois, let me say this: when or if you get them, the flicks are not all about Sex or Porn. Similar to Showgirls almost, you’ll see almost rough starts, temptations, betrayals, lust, greed, envy, jealousy, mind games, tricks, and also there is a good ending. Plus also, the Trois movies are Black Independent films on the Erotic Thriller side. (no I’m not talking about Michael Jackson’s Thriller) And I remember when BET used to show those flicks! The flicks came out on video between 2000 and 2004, so it’s worth noting.

So yes, for those who are into the 50 Shades of Grey, and made it huge per say, in my book you’re off the hook. And yes those will continue to criticize the notion of one thing instead of the big picture.


Dear LA Times; and the readers of the LA Times; and the State of California:

I couldn’t help to say the fact that I happen to read your LA Times Editorial article of us Wisconsinites of trying to Recall our Rookie Governor Scott Walker. But my question is……What does it matter to you? I mean seriously, why would your LA Times Editorial doesn’t want us Badger-maniacs Recall Scott Walker? Obviously, California with all due respect, THIS ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM! OK so you had an issue with one of your former Governors Gary Davis who was recalled to give you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the nod. But like I said, with all do respect, THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Yes, Scott Walker rejected funds to build of what was supposed to be a project of High Speed Rail here in Wisconsin. But mostly overall, he has rejected cowardly our collective bargaining to our unions, and set up one of the worst plans to derail voting privileges in the state. Speaking of Unions, did you know that our state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, weekends off and paid vacations? Maybe NOT! Yes you have heard of us being behind with fast track of transportation, jobs, and far out with unemployment, blacks in prisons more that YOUR state, and also are you still mad that the Wisconsin Badgers Football team BEAT UCLA 3 times? 2 times in the Rose Bowl?!

Look California, this IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!  Stay out. It’s Wisconsin’s fight. Most of us in the state have realized that electing Walker effected all of us badly who work hard, push the clock, everyday! Yes we have it hard here, but we got some good folks who don’t act like Scott Walker like a coward, and having the gall to kill everything in his path. Talk about “borderline utter nonsense.” Our Democratic Party is planning to recall him in November because it’s OUR right as Americans, to fix our leadership in the Governor’s Chair in the state capitol. Oh, did you see our home state jammed packed in Madison who protested against the Budget Repair Bill for a REASON? Our 14 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state like heroes in order to protect and hold off the votes? You may have heard of the quote “putting country before party?” They did. When was the last time YOUR democrats did something like that?! I’m going there!

In conclusion, Walker is Bad. My home-city of Milwaukee, you know the home of Miller Beer, Harley-Davidson and those shows of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, the NL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Wave Soccer, Mr. 3000, Major League, Original home of Bowling, The Blues Brothers (part of the close endings in Milwaukee), Transformers 3, Public Enemies, Marquette University, and the festival that we call Summerfest? Or get this, you know about George Tillman, Jr and Eric Benet right? Guess what? Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! George Tillman, Jr went to my former high named after a Supreme Court Judge, John Marshall. Heather Graham and Gene Wilder – Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! Don’t Hate! Milwaukee knows more about Scott Walker. You are just now reading about him. Milwaukee had 8 years of Walker as a County Executive who did almost the same stuff as he doing as Governor.  So California, Scott Walker IS not Gary Davis, and Gary Davis is no Scott Walker, and yes even our dislike of Scott Walker has reached everyone’s attention, do us Wisconsinites a favor with all do respect in regarding this: BUTT OUT!! Love your state though 🙂

Regards from this Wisconsinite,

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. read a reaction from one of OUR journalists that summarized your editorial

We have seen the mess. We have seen the melee. We have seen the video on Milwaukee’s Fox6 website of the mess of Riverwest Neighborhood, and the Wisconsin State Fair, thus far. But the question now turns to this: what’s next for the youth of Milwaukee? The question should be, what should be next for the youth of Milwaukee? I ask this because ordinary citizens have been asking the same thing. Even those embarrassed by the past melee’s have been asking, allegedly.

I was on the net today and listened to Now you’re asking, what’s that? Does anyone in America know Homer Blow? He used to be a radio personality on WNOV a while back, and now he’s in charge of his radio show which comes on everyday at 1pm CST. But here’s something that everyone should know: The radio show is completely uncut and uncensored with wacky topics, and also SERIOUS issues that hit home in the Greater Milwaukee Area. One of the serious issues the show did touch was indeed the youth of Milwaukee in which those of us know well: the melee at State Fair. Previously there were comments about bad parenting, if you hit your child you go to jail stuff, spankings, etc. Let’s be honest. I’m assuming that many of you have once in the lifetime, have been spanked by your parents. Admit it. Or some had a combination of both spankings and time outs. Be honest. Here’s the kicker. The things that we (me included) went through as kids growing up, these are the things that the so-called parents don’t do to their kids.And you wonder why the kids go out and run rapid with melees, attacks, and trying to make it “an entertainment reaction” for their so-called audience. Who are they trying to impress? Youtube?!

There are those who don’t get it. The streets are letting the kids talking to them instead of the homes. The homes should be the ones telling the kids no means no, always say good this or good that, and a truthful reminder of real talk. – Speaking of “Real Talk”, I’ve been hearing that lately. For those who want to know, Real Talk isn’t just a catch phrase. It’s a motivational thought to seek the common ground. When I say something that most folks can agree with, it usually has an “Amen” for it, but instead I’m saying real talk.

Getting back, when I was listening to Homer’s show today (being uncensored in all) he read a letter from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan about some solutions that was debated about on the show courtesy of the WTMJ 620AM website:

– Revamping the juvenile justice system
– Continuing and increase police overtime
– Immediately beginning the process of filling more than 150 police vacancies
– Strict curfew enforcement
– Late night walks
– “I Pledge Milwaukee” like a similar plan in Philadelphia
– Operation SAFECAM (using surveillance cameras in particular neighborhoods)
– Orphanages
– Boarding schools
– “Drastic and far-reaching changes to MPS”

Most of the things that the Alderman brought forward have some trying truths, but there is one thing that has to be asked: How is this going to make the rules and regulations stick? And plus, since Alderman Donovan had talked this up, in his district, why doesn’t he bring this fortitude to the black communities? In other words, is Alderman Donovan, along with Alderman Dudzik are scared to go to the black communities to address this with black constituents, or with the residents in the black neighborhoods? Really?!! It sounds like that “yeah, we might but no we’ll stay here thing”. I know that they don’t go to other districts in all, but ARE THEY representatives for the City of Milwaukee? That would be like if the republicans would say spit about the needs and wants of the black community from afar, but WILL NOT go into the Black Community itself to talk to the neighbors, businesses and others of the area to get the word out in person! How many in Milwaukee have seen the Milwaukee Police Department in the black neighborhoods, but NOT the Milwaukee County Sheriff (yes I’m picking on them) Department in the black neighborhoods? That has to be addressed more. Another thought from the radio show, they were talking about having leagues that have the police officers coaching the basketball games in Wisconsin’s state capitol of Madison. And plus their crime rate is lower than Milwaukee’s. In speaking of that, there should be more Milwaukee leagues forming up that can be compatible with Madison’s to extend that “there is something to do without getting in trouble by the Milwaukee Police Department”. That way it could have that balance of peace between the citizen and officer. Just my thought.

Another thing to say that in Milwaukee, the MPS school system will start school in September. How many of our youth will be dedicated to afterschool activities and other academic outings without going for trouble? And what will the parents role in this IF they get into trouble? If the youth DO get into trouble or drama, show them the video footage from the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter that kept it 100, about if the kids get in trouble, then the parents will have to join them in jail. I’ve seen the footage and mad props to the mayor for having the spirit to tell it like it is. – and just to be frank, can Milwaukee borrow that?

In the wake of the Wisconsin State Fair incident, and in my last blog, yes I had  to sound off about the actions of those involved which relates to the young blacks that caused the ruckus. In my point of view, it was Total Disrespectful. Or in my facebook friends case: Utter Nonsense. However which way you look at, it is what it is. But now, since then, there has been a question of this: Is what transpired, an indication of Segregation? That word is very synonymous around Milwaukee because after all, no matter which way to look, Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the United States. Most would say, oh it’s between Black/White. the Uneducated and educated. The work and the unemployed. Those looking for a job and those that got dissed because of not look for work. And if you are in a different ethnicity, guess what? There are segregation elements around also. Don’t assume that it’s “all black and white”. Now what do I mean by this? Look within and you’ll see the answer.

I was reading Eugene Kane’s chat log on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website today and it was pretty most between the segregation and blacks just causing the mess comments. All I have to say is Really? One guy named “Tim” comments that “Blacks ruin everything. Everybody knows it. The lakefront, Riversplash, Water Street, Riverwest, State fair, Summerfest, all has been ruined by young blacks. Eugene, you can be as delusional as you want but everybody with any commonsense knows you black males are locusts destroying everything in their paths. My question to you is why? Is it self-hatred? Is there something innate in blacks that make them prone to violence and laziness?” First of all, in response tho this, One: ALL Blacks are not lazy! Second maybe this “Tim” guy thinks that he’s got the answers. But no. Not all blacks don’t ruin everything. Did the blacks ruin UW-Stout? NO! When I go out, I had to make sure that I have to remind myself that if I don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing. As far as being lazy, which African-Americans is this resident talking about? There are those who do go out and work hard to the fullest instead of staying home and playing the Xbox or chatting on Facebook. Go figure. Then there was another comment from another person named “Shane G” that commented this: “What is it going to take to get inner city blacks to stop running rampid around the county! This is exactly why Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the States! And its about time the inner city starts to act like they are part of HUMAN society!” When I look at this comment, there is one to keep in mind that segregation doesn’t always mean black vs white. Other races can be segregated too! Other cultures can be segregated, also. So don’t assume that it’s all black/white all the time. Obviously, this is generally a “real talk” segment in my view.

Now you know why it is, thus far. Everyday when you read the paper you hear about the race riots. You hear and/or see about this in the paper, magazines, the news casts, and overall, social media. You can type in segregation in Twitter and Facebook and get a whole lot of information. Part of the segregation issues could involved lack of education, housing, zoning, poverty, and other views, but it’s is generally color and culture issue. Now you have other cities like LA and Chicago that are TELLING Milwaukee that you need to get to together and talk about why this is. Earlier in the year, I commented about this is no surprise that Milwaukee’s problem with race. I talked about the Packers, the Brewers, Laverne and Shirley, the Fonz in all. And even thought that Milwaukee does have nice Midwestern values. BUT: it is a Segregated City dealing with race on all angles. But there are alot of scared folks who have their heads stuck in the ground either from generational issues (which can be passed from Grandmother to Grandson) or lack of family values, that can be traced up for various reasons.

Now I hate to bring this to WordPress, but you know what, it is an issue that is an on-going war.Some say that Milwaukee should get rid of all the ethnic festivals like African World Festival and some what not celebrate anything that would prevent other cultures to get together. I say this, keep the ethnic stuff. Have the African Americans and other cultures gather for their festivals, but I never heard not one Milwaukeean. NOT ONE MILWAUKEEAN having an All-Milwaukee Fest. Do you hear me, Milwaukee? When was the last time that Milwaukee had an “All-Milwaukee City of Festival Fest” where folks from various cultures can come together and just chill? Wait a minute, we have that, it’s called SUMMERFEST!!!!! I’ve seen all folks gather for that, and I hear no one say, “Hey black folks, come to Summerfest with the Irish and Germans and do the humpty dance.” Or hey, Black Folks, let’s gather at Morse*Marshall and have a culturized career MPS Day to talk to our kids about being a good citizen and commenting about broadcasting and journalism (which Marshall was well known) do you understand what I’m saying? Because if you do, then get started.

Real Talk!