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Collage of The Milwaukee Version of the Trayvon Martin Rally

Collage of The Milwaukee Version of the Trayvon Martin Rally in Wisconsin

It’s my part 6 of my commentary of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman angle. Yes, many of us who were out on Saturday had a chance to rally outside of our Federal Courthouses in unity to let the U.S. Government know about review and maybe discard the Stand Your Ground Laws.  Or anything Stand Your Ground Related. Now many are still harboring about that the case wasn’t race related per say, and “and there’s no real racism.” Or that hot topic: “I am colorblind.” Well let me say, that once have you been in the shoes of those who have been discriminated, or if you experienced racism in another form, then you really can’t say that it’s old and done with. Speaking of George Zimmerman: I know many have seen this letter online via Facebook.  A Facebook User named Alex Fraser posted his commentary about the aftermath of the trial:

Dear George Zimmerman,

For the rest of your life you are now going to feel what its like to be a black man in America.

You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons. You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside of your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose to not see that.

People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane some days that you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day, put on firm look and push through life.

I bet you never thought that by shooting a black male you’d end up inheriting all of his struggles.

Enjoy your “freedom.”


A black male who could’ve been Trayvon Martin

Based on this, and you probably had to comment – yep it’s like dealing with a moving target. Morely like placing someone in the footsteps and say, this is what it looks like. In terms of dealing with blood on the hands. Now for those who have well: gotten over it, or telling those to get over it, I challenge those to rethink that statement. I challenge those to rethink period! The only we’ll truly be over it, is death. As in if we all die. No humanity. None. That’s when I think racism will eventually die out. Yes, the human race will continue to march on as usual as we want, but those who might be reading this in the next 20 years or more, I know that the utopia is on ice, but you BETTER understand what got you to build that utopia like this.  I was watching the Ed Show on MSNBC. And it was a question that was posted in which was asked: “Should there be a race relations class in every public school?” And most folks voted yes on the poll. I’m going to ask this a step further in asking (in paraphrasing) – Should there be a race relations class in every school? – Public, Private, Charter, Home Schools, Alternative Schools and etc. And I mean ALL SCHOOLS! All of you teachers, educators, alumni, or those that are educated related, I challenge you to take that notion to your education cirruculms and tell why this is. Not just in the wake of Trayvon Martin, but also in the wake of other similar examples that dealt with this same exact issue. In other words the schools, churches, workplaces, colleges/universities, and many other public, private, organizations that need to interject! No more hiding on this one.

Now also, President Barack Obama has asked the question of where do we take this? The main thing in my view is to keep telling our stories. Keep telling our lessons. Yes, there is a group of players coming up that don’t really see this. But I hope that the new players realize that what got them there, they have to understand that it wasn’t easy. Look at the history. Look at the archives. And that should not be forgotten, nor gotten over. This is not something that should not be kept in Pandora’s Box. I have shared my story. Many times. And I know that many have already begun, or thinking about beginning to talk. Even the President himself had to show up in front of the cameras, and the briefing room and tell his story of how he was profiled. I can’t imagine the international community hearing about this, and probably asking the president: “Mr. Obama? was it true?” This is the leader of the free world telling the folks in all countries about his commentary about locked cars, or when he was applying for State Senator, college professors, or maybe a student at Harvard, he was profiled! Many of us in the black community or some probably had said that he should have done this in his first term, or should have shown up for the State of the Black Union Address in 2008. (Summon the haterade for Tavis Smiley)  But he said it. And I don’t think he wasn’t pressured harshly. And those felt that the President was the wrong choice of talking about it. It should be the parents and families. Well let me comment: The President is a parent also. Is he not? And what is this about him being pushed? If the President was pushed to make a statement about this matter, then he had to be pushed for a reason. Think about it, when was the last time those reading this blog or others who had to be pushed for a reason? This is like saying your Easter speech back in the day and if you didn’t, spankings happen. Anybody can relate.  And the pushing part had to come from us, black community. I think back when we had to learn to hold our leaders accountable in such. Um…..does that ring a bell? Or maybe the FLOTUS had a part in that for a good reason.

Where do we go from here? – that ‘s the question that Dr. King said. Now in 2013, in the same year of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, I Have A Dream, the Assassinations of JFK and  Medgar Evers, the Birmingham Church that killed the 4 little girls, and the address of Civil Rights.

Where do we go from here? in 2013 in which the voting rights act section 4 was struck down by the supreme court, having this claim about no real racism which is false, some of the communications in the African-American Community like Warren Ballentine, Michael Baisden, and here in Milwaukee, 1290 WMCS is out. But in a twist, the voices are still out there like Sherwin Hughes on WNOV. Earl Ingram has new show online called “The People’s Forum” in which you listen live at Also, yes there is Homer Blow and  And plus I failed to mentioned: The Earl Hall Show on blog talk radio.  (keep calm, he’s a family member of mine).

Where do we go from here? In a segregated city like Milwaukee and a state like  Wisconsin, that is behind on jobs, transportation, having a forced ultrasound, education slashing, Act 10 being put on a table like a bad rash, and having the Democratic party finding a new candidate to take on Scott Walker at his own game. It might happen. And on Black on Black Crime. Why did the Right Wing Media had to cringe? When the George Zimmerman Trial as we know went Not Guilty, they had to come out with “well there’s black and black crime……” They had to act like what happened to Trayvon Martin was just a myth. The Right Wing better realize that Trayvon was the one that didn’t have that right to stood his ground because of Zimmerman. Oh and the mindset of some or many is just stupid. Let’s say if one of them per say was shot. And wasn’t doing anything wrong.  *****HELLO****** I’m just saying. Yeah, I know its the right wing. A party that can’t get on board with realistic issues like this. The reason they kept saying “black on black crime” so much just to play defense on George Zimmerman. That’s just them saying in a related sense of having black friends. My take: STOP THAT MESS!

Partially, I don’t want the mentality of this new found goal to last 3 weeks or less. And yes it’s a new mentality. Senator John McCain has now called for a review of the Stand Your Ground Law. If you haven’t heard already. That’s a way to get the ball rolling. But also it has to be more to get the conversation going in a sense to get out of the boats! Speaking of trying to get out of the boats, I paid attention to Real Milwaukee this morning. Yeah, that show. I haven’t watched Real Milwaukee in a while because ever since WNOV came back, my listening pleasures have been via Milwaukee Black Talk Radio. (Plus Tony Clark is no longer with the show.) The guest on Real Milwaukee to comment and talk about President Obama’s viewpoint was Eugene Kane. Yes he still writes commentary for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and as a local columnist. Kane was very straight to the point. Bar none. A point in the segment that host Cassandra McSheapard had an suggestion about “be black for a day”. In sense of walking in those shoes of what it’s like to be in the shoes or footprints of those who have had gone through the storm and is willing to talk about it. But we know not everyone is going to try. I looked at the Real Milwaukee Facebook Page today, and as to my suspicion, there were the mostly negative comments: ranging from Obama was being a divider, stop the race cards, and had the nerve to quote Frederick Douglass. Mainly, Real Milwaukee folks who chime in on their Facebook Page had to be, yep you guessed it. Hint: it’s not black! And these are the same folks who probably feel (In the Greater Milwaukee Area) that it’s no real racism, Al Sharpton is still soft-balling with Jesse Jackson, had to bring up MLK and the quotes and thinking he’s a Republican! And had to address a crime that President Obama didn’t talk about, and so on, and so on, and so on. Let me enlighten the white audience on this. Not all of them, but the selected few who don’t understand, nor listen:  First: WE ARE NOT in a colorblind society! I don’t know where that came from nor I don’t care. I don’t see that Utopia yet being built. Second, yes most you have Dr. King on the mind and yes he was a great orator of justice. But I have to say, when was the last time you EVER done something positive beside reading “I Have a Dream?” In other words: what have you done to maintain King’s Dream? Plus he wasn’t no republican! Third: we know that the President is a busy man. We get it. Plus also he has alot on his plate. And no he’s not a Race Baiter in Chief that’s trying to divide the country. That’s most of you doing it! Oooooooh time to learn right now! As far as Al Sharpton soft balling with Jesse Jackson: Look, I may not agree with their stances of commentary, but when the Trayvon Martin case broke out all over America, they weren’t the first on the scene. Social Media started that news thing and like everyone else, we followed and picked up.

If we haven’t learned anything, we are sleeping at the wheel. WAKE UP!


It’s been out for a year, and I believe that Real Milwaukee is good show. Yes, the show has been “keeping it real” since 2010, and has become a hit every  morning before going to work. Fun stuff in all. But now, I’m having a sense that Real Milwaukee is somewhat losing it’s realness in terms of the  issues at hand. Hold up a second, I thought this show was supposed to Keep It Real! No disrespect to Katrina Cravy, but I expected more out of this show.  Back in February, when the collective barganing issues have surfaced the state, there was discussion about those in the 30’s age group who don’t understand about  the use of unions and the fairness between them as employees and taxpayers. Personally, I think that Real Milwaukee, namely Nicole Koglin should have asked those in the 30’s age group who actually get it! That was the first mistake in my opinion. I know some union folks in my age group actually understand unions’ process of communciation and negotiations between parties of the two groups. There wasn’t enough TALK in between that. And until I think that  happens, it should be a viable understanding of why it is, instead of having those who don’t belong to a union and hash about being in a private  sector job. Speaking of that, my father once told me “a job is a job”. Plain and simple.

Another topic is about poverty levels.

Recently, Milwaukee had a rating of poverty with being as number 4. And those I think are just asking why that is.  There are those who think that it’s all smoke and mirrors, lack of education, lack opportunities of jobs,  and it’s a non-belief issue thing. When that topic arose on Real Milwaukee, there was  a phone message that was called into to the studio indicating that Real Milwaukee once again, missed the boat by being out of touch. I thought,  I’m begining to ask, “how could Real Milwaukee missed this one?” Maybe “Real Milwaukee” needs to get out of the “Brown Deer Bubble” and go to the places  in which those effected by the poverty levels and ask the questions. We should know. Those that report the news should know better. I think the show is afriaid to go to the areas of Milwaukee, and actually have a “Real Talk” with those having it hard to feed, clothe, and keeping the utilities activated! And those defending their smoke and mirrors  statement, they need to go get a job in all need, and get a reality check or in this case, walk in their shoes. Can Cassandra McShepard or Rob Haswell do that? I’m just saying!

Do you know what real show I pay attention to the most each work day? I’ll tell you. It’s That’s Homer Blow’s internet radio show that comes every Monday – Friday around 1:00pm CST in Milwaukee, online. Plus, for those outside of Milwaukee and don’t know, Homer Blow once worked for WNOV for a number of years.  I should warn those that is completely Uncensored and Uncut. And they talk about the fun stuff of pranks at times, but when it comes to issues concerning the community, the crew of Homer Blow, Nnatumba Ba Nnasty, Gigalo Jackson and others really let loose! They put their liberties or explicit dialogue in everything they talk about ranging from jobs, religion, relationships, local hip-hop, problems in the families, etc. They go deep. Once again, unlike Real Milwaukee. And they have been on the air for 3 years, longer than Real Milwaukee. One segment was featured having Mayor Tom Barrett, and also young black teens and adults talking about their viewpoint of Milwaukee, and the problems/solutions. This is in regard to the Wisconsin State Fair Incident which took place this past summer. It was a good dialogue of the interaction. But the main point of the dialogue was having Mayor Barrett telling the young folks in these words that “We need you. You are the future of this city.” No lie. In other words, real talk . Plus also on Tuesdays, the show does have a Women’s Panel segment in which the females like Virgo Brown, let loose on their girl talk in a different angle. All uncensored by they way. And guess what, unlike Real Milwaukee, keeps it real to the next level. The title is really called “Keepin’ it Real, The Next Level.” And plus, on Thursday Nights, they have a “Thursday Throwback” segment in which the topics similar above are displayed based on point of view. Again, all uncensored and uncut.

They keep it real more than 1290WMCS, V100,Majic 102.5, Jammin 98.3(which I still have love for the stations)  and even they keep it real more than Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, Jeff Wagner and James T. Harris (who once said “Sir, I’m begging you” infront of Sen. John McCain in 2008). Overall, yes, Real Milwaukee can be fun in all. Nothing wrong with being nostalgic, or exploring places in the Milwaukee area that are reasonable. No question. But I’m beginning to think that it’s losing it’s “realness” in terms of the issues of the community.  But goes all the way, and pulls no punches faster than Nicole, Cassandra, Katrina and Rob. Plus Tony Clark. I’m just saying. One show is in the  morning during the day time hours being terrestial, but the other is online and non-teresstial, with open direct dialogue. Do the math.

More recently, the City of Milwaukee has now released or soon release voting ballots in different languages for those who can’t speak the english language. And apparently, those in Milwaukee from what I’ve heard, has a problem with it. Really? I want to address this with the so-called Milwaukeeeans or Wisconsinites who think this is a problem. When I read stuff like this, it kind of makes me disapointed, sad and angry all at the same time. This is nothing more than a stab of prejudice of those that if you migrate to America, you have to learn to speak English. Talk about stingy. I say this because it’s time to give a reality check. I was on the Real Milwaukee Facebook Page and one person commented that english is not the offical language of America. The Native American language is. After all the Native Americans were the first to come to this hemisphere way before everybody else. Let’s be clear! Now the question is asking about the dollars being spent to produce these ballots with the spanish language on it and the same ol’ “if you don’t learn english, you move back to your native land speech.” Really? Are we that pathetic?


Me personally, I don’t have a problem of voting ballots being bilingual. I don’t. I mean I see many differnet English/Spanish documents, signs, brochures, and hear many english/spanish recordings of information over the telephone. So what’s the big deal? I’m just saying in general, part of this in the arguement is nothing more of you should be like this and not having that. Or in this instance, I can hear this now: “This is another example of why Milwaukee is a Segregated City.” Question, what does THAT have to do with this? How many of you living outside of Milwaukee have both english/spanish signs, documents, and recordings that really give those to help out? I’m just saying. 10 years ago, I took a Spanish course in College in which was a requirement for adding on to my College Degree. And yes, it was hard. But I have learn down the line to be bilingual in different things anyway. What’s so segregated or un-American about that? Nothing! So I don’t know what the big deal is. If it’s a requirement for those coming to America to learn Basic English, I get that. However, I detest those who say that if you don’t learn english, you go back to the native country. And that I like to say is “borderline utter nonsense”!

Coming up next on my WordPress blog: Is the local news show Real Milwaukee losing it’s “realness?” I’m going into detail of why I think the fun show is somewhat losing it when it comes to being “Real”.

That’s right. I need to ask this question. Where are the New Civil Rights Leaders in the Black Community? In the wake of needing black leaders to step up, it’s a rightful thing to ask. I was watching a clip from Real Milwaukee in which Sheriff David Clarke was featured as a guest host. If you must know, it’s was related to the State Fair incidents or melees. Sheriff Clarke stated that partially that there are NOT enough black leaders in the community step to take action. Yes, he mentioned Bill Cosby when he made here to Milwaukee in 2004 to promote his campaign to tell African-Americans to be responsible in the community. With all the respect to Bill Cosby, but Sheriff Clarke felt that Bill Cosby shouldn’t show up and telling us to grip the solutions of the African-American Community. Note to the Sheriff: Talk to Eugene Kane and tell him because he was the one invited Cosby here in the first place.

But seriously, where are the NEW Civil Rights Leaders? It was a similar question that even MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor asked on Twitter: “Question: Are there any real civil rights leaders left? Who, if anyone, makes your list and why? (honest question).” Now we can call on the Rev. Jesse Jacksons, the Rev. Al Sharptons, the Minister Louis Farrakans, the Sistah Souljahs, all we want to. BUT: where are the New Civil Rights Leaders at? Where are the civil rights leaders that can take action right now against the faults of the Tea Party? Where are the Civil Rights Leaders that can take action with voting drives, recall elections against politicians, and even helping unemployed African-Americans get help with jobs without being discriminated? You don’t have to be in your 30’s and 40’s just to join as a Civil Rights Member. Everyone is talking about again, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1963 “I Have A Dream” Speech he gave in Washington, DC. Even with the anniversary, the statue is also an added bonus to help us to think. And for the record, I don’t why everyone in AMERICA is tripping over the fact the statue was made in China. Note to America: you know that the Statue of Liberty was made in France, right? So what’s the deal? If you so called “real-Americans” really care about designing and buying American, get up, get out and TAKE YOUR PLACE! Stop the constant bickering like a red-headed step child, and just do it already! How hard can that be? Don’t wait until the next day at work or school, just to get your shine on.

Now back to this: It reminds me of what Chris Rock said years ago about needing a leader. You remember what he said. “We need a leader that can move me.” But the question is, who’s going to step up for real and take it to the next level? We had Martin Luther King, Jr. But he’s not going to reappear every time when his anniversary of birth, death and I have a Dream comes. I know that Martin Luther King, III is in effect, but even he can’t bring back his famous father to help the cause. The same with Malcolm X. His daughters are in effect, but even they can’t bring back his physical form on the day of his death, birth, and the hear/see him about “by any means necessary”. This is a constant reminder that we (the African- American Community) need to look within ourselves and ask who wants in? You can be 26 years old and start to apply yourself (and I mean APPLY YOURSELF) to stand up for civil rights. Dr. King did this at this age. All of you 26 years old black folks, research, facebook, twitter, that!

If you are really tired of those who say, they are not standing up for us in Hip-Hop: Stand. Where are the “Hip-Hop Civil Rights Leaders” at? You heard me. If you are really tired of those who say that there are not enough jobs for black folks to apply because of racism, sexism, bigotry, or gender, STAND UP! Don’t just sit in the E-Z chair looking at the paper or the internet reading about the constant problems in the African-American Community. Get your skills on. Visit the problems arising. Have a common cause to get to the ball rolling and the gears moving. We heard constantly also that our mothers and fathers aren’t going to be around that long to help us to get our butts in gear. When they pass away, we need to step up BIG TIME! When the folks currently involved in civil rights pass on, who will be the folks to step up? Jesse Jackson, Jr.? Another member of the King/Farris Families? Malcolm X’s extended family? Rosa Parks’ family, Maybe, you don’t have to be from a civil rights family to be a civil rights leader. There are those who can start a new revolution of Civil Rights, that are from a “non-well known family” that could help the cause.

Time to think. We got all this enthusiasm, and shared problems in our community. But the question is, where are we going to do with it?


Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. I have to say that today, March 9th, 2011, the 14th Anniversary of the death of Notorious B.I.G. has not been good. The Wisconsin Republicans Senators voted to move the Union Busting Bill through with a vote of 18-1, illegally!  As a Wisconsinite, I am embarrassed.  Totally Embarrassed.   And I thought being booted off your friends list on Facebook was bad. (I got something to say about that. Particularly those who add on for a while then, take off 3 months later.)For those who wanted Scott Walker in office, you made your vote happen on November 2nd. But if you are a fan of Scott Walker and don’t like his politics of this subject, you need to remove that Republican Card from the wallets and purses right now! Again, this is an outrage. It is a slap in the face of the working class, it is a slap in the face of the future, and it is a slap in the face of those who have built this thing for workers who want to have working rights. Just as a reminder, that Wisconsin started this union thing. And now, it’s becoming a thing of the past. There was a comment long ago on Milwaukee’s Real Milwaukee show on how Nicole Koglin, said that those in my age group (in our 30’s) don’t understand the union stuff. Let me comment this, and I don’t care if it makes the RSS feeds. There are those in my age group THAT DO understand this! I got friends from high school that are involved in Unions, and yes they are in their 30’s! Obviously, Nicole (as good as she is) needs to learn why these things exist and must have a reason to have it. It’s been around for over 50 years. I think education needs to resurrect here.

This is what happens when you don’t vote. The black community knows this very well: If you don’t vote, you don’t count! Period. I know that for the next election there will be more voting in 2012,  but what just happened in tonight, proves it! This is also what happens when you just sit around and do nothing. So voters, we need to turnout better than this. As for the Wisconsin 14, they were described by the ex-RNC president Michael Steele as “whimps”. Shut up, Michael Steele! The Wisconsin 14 are not cowards. They are not whimps. They are not wussies.  They maybe outlaws but also courageous. The Recall comments are just now getting to the heads of voters. Will I be recalling, you bet your next blog. I’m saying this because I come from folks who have worked with unions. No matter which one. I used to be apart of the Teamsters Local 344, and I know that African-Americans the most in Wisconsin would suffer the most. In case you’re wondering, Wisconsin does have black people, and most of them do live in the Milwaukee area. At least 41% of us do work. Particularly in the Education areas. And I know first hand that this will not die out quickly. Matter of fact, remember when former House Rep Alan Grayson, that Republicans want you to “die quickly?”  That comment has resurrected. This is embarassing. This is an attempt to bust Unions, and also in my estimation, a SLAP IN THE FACE against every working person (past and present) who has fought hard to get working rights on the map. And for those who say “I’m glad they pass this thing” there might be consequences of backing that up. My opinion, of course.

Like I said in my previous blogs, the people know that the Rookie Governor Scott Walker is known for this. When he was the Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years, he made uncessary cuts that are needy. Transit, Health, the poor, and also Unions. I think the rest of the state should have done was to research the part of him that was not well known. Again, Wisconsin: I TOLD YOU SO! All of that” Brown Bag Tea Party Movement” stuff will be nothing more than a consequence of stripping collective bargaining rights. Elections have consequences. And those who made the decision, will have consequences. They will have consequences that will pay. Big Time.

For Wisconsin: bold prediction – Wisconsin WILL be a blue state in 2012. In the past couple of weeks, President Obama has been quiet about what’s going on with the unions. And for the recalls: even though that Scott Walker can’t be recalled unless he has a year under his belt. BUT those who have been in longer, they CAN be recalled. The dragon has been sleeping, but now it has been awaken.  And……..IF Tom Barrett would have been governor instead of Walker, this would not be going on right now. So again, this is what happens when your voice isn’t heard!

As a resident, I am ashamed. But now, when the ballot boxes comes, I can’t wait to smackdown my vote. Or as it now: vote up.

I’m addressing this in reaction to the disturbance at Wauwatosa’s Mayfair Mall on the first Sunday of 2011. I often say that even thought that this year has got started, but they’re are still the same ol’ stuff we have to put up with everyday. This past Sunday as everyone in Milwaukee knows, Mayfair Mall was hit again with young folks messing around. Knocking over mannequins in Boston Store, shooting outside of Macy’s. What is up with these kids? For real. I mean we can’t go the malls where we can shop in peace no more?! So that means that we can’t go right? WRONG.

The only way to combat this reaction is to simply go back and shop. Stand up!  That’s all. Even the hosts of Real Milwaukee, a TV show in the 414 commented that if you are going to take back the mall, shop. By the way, the term “flash mob” is quite new to me. There were times that Capitol Court, Northridge Mall and The Grand (Grand Avenue Mall) were all cleaned and cool. But then came the thugs. Some of us in our 30’s now remember when we acted crazy. Admit it! I couldn’t go to the malls back then because mother wouldn’t allow. We were giving these malls crazy looks, and almost messed it up. But now, we see some of these teens doing their thing and malls like Mayfair are scrounging like crazy to beef up security. Some of us made a decree to never shop there again all because of some idiotic knuckleheads. Does Bradford Beach sound familiar?

Now the Bayshore Town Center already put into play about their time differentials for young teens for the weekend, and now, Mayfair has done the same by extending their PGR hours after 3pm on Sundays. Great! Mayfair was hit in the past when Barbershop came out on the big screen, and many young teens at the time were just acting up. What’s a theater to do? Enforce more restrictions to guarantee safety.

So to us who been there and done it, we need to tell our youth of now, that stuff like this will not be tolerated! If they mess up at Mayfair(or any other mall), they let us down. And when they let us down, we fail. I’m talking to my African-American folks here. And other folks too.  Get tough on them! Either if you are a parent or not, it’s OUR responsibility!

Speaking of Self-Destruction: I want all of the Black folks who have kids and teens now, (and others) to play this video from the 1990’s: It’s entitled “Self-Destruction”.  And it’s real hip hop with a real message. It’s not just to teach them a lesson, but to remind us grown folks of what we were headed if we didn’t change. Some of us grown folks (with kids) need a reality check as a reminder of why it is.

By the way, Real Milwaukee should have played this video.

The first Decade of the 2010’s was a harsh one. But also in other ways a good start for the year. I had a chance to get  a new schedule job change, volunteer and work for my Alumni Folks, help my church to “Rethink”, won my case of my Saxophone and getting an unexpected check from Reed vs Dresser Settlement Claims. And like every other year, 2010 and I had some losses. Tough losses.

The Good:

Rethink Church. Especially my church.

Juneteenth Day in Wisconsin became a State Holiday. It’ s real now, not even Scott Walker or the haters can’t touch it.

Milwaukee’s African World Festival returns with a one day festival in August. – Which is my “Favorite Comeback Event of the year”. After being out of the spotlight for two years financially.

Alumni Check ins: Had a chance to return to my High School Reunion, College and University Alumni Functions and workshops. Big ups to Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School Class of 1990-2000 Reunions, the Milwaukee Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Stout Alumni Associations.

Eugene Kane and James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least they tell some good news.

Wisconsin Badgers Football. 2010 Big Ten Champs.

Wisconsin establishments are now Smoke Free! So I can go to a club and be healthy at the same time. The haters on the other hand don’t think it’s an idea. What’cha been smoking?

Brandon Jennings had a good season with the Bucks.

The Green Bay Packers with or without Aaron Rodgers. And with Clay Matthews!

Milwaukee had received 2 WWE Smackdown Events at the Bradley Center in the year.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikyla Harris became the new Supervisor of Milwaukee’s District 2 area replacing Toni Clark.

For me: I had some good pointers in 2010 in which was personal. My saxophone that I owned for 21 years,  was under siege by a local music shop which they thought it was stolen, but there was no proof of that of being stolen. However it was returned to me no charge. And in October, I was awarded a check over 5 grand with the Reed vs Dresser Settlement Case which had a problem of hiring, training  and taking in Wisconsin African-American Applicants. For all you companies out there, you better be careful of not hiring blacks because it might bite you big!

Health Care Reform! – Good.  And so the haters began to complain.

Shani Davis winning the Gold Medal in Speed-skating – AGAIN!

Mo’Nique winning an Oscar Award. – Don’t Hate!

New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl.

Brett Favre’s Streak of 297 games – Over. And was looking at 2 losses against the Packers.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – IS OVER! Let them serve openly.

Keith Olbermann for attacking the Tea Party, the Shirley Sherrod Case, and the question “Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?”

Bill Maher – enough said.

In Music: No I didn’t listen to Justin Bieber and other folks. I listened to Cypress Hill, Diddy Dirty Money, Eminem, The Roots, Toni Braxton, Ice Cube, Michael Jackson’s new joint, Faith Evans, and a bunch of Old School stuff that took me back in the day before Lil Wayne’s and TI’s prison terms.

Windows Phone 7

In Movies: Iron Man 2, The A-Team, The Karate Kid (2010 Version), Machete, Get Him to The Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Faster – which has a Milwaukee connection. And for the record: NO SOCIAL NETWORK!

NBA Jam made a comeback. And Call of Duty: Black Ops was a hit!

On TV: Real Milwaukee – that show is hilarious! WWE, Real Time, True Blood, Entourage, Countdown, The Rachel Maddow Show, & The Ed Show.

I also met new folks on Facebook, a local Black fraternity, and sent over 2,000 tweets on twitter.

The NAACP for standing up to the Tea Party and telling them to repudiate (not refudiate) their racist elements.

Milwaukee gained new stations in HD – A country music station, and a retro station that shows nothing but old school shows.

The Bad:

I need to put this on the top of the list: Ron Johnson and Scott Walker. And my opinion, Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold shouldn’t have lost under the so-called Wisconsin Tea Party folks!

The Tea Party. And not to forget the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, and those wished that it was the American Revolution all over again.

Michael Steele.



The Fox 6 Milwaukee Blog site. I’ll  miss that the most.

The blizzard on the East Coast. Hey, we Midwesterner folks know that all too well.

Folks rushing to the stores to buy the Ipad. It’s not that serious!

Andrew Breitbart and his “stories” of Shirley Sherrod footages with the NAACP.

Sarah Palin.

Alveda King. – She needs a reality check of her famous uncle!

Glenn Beck.

Charlie Sykes and any right wing news hack in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Brewers – don’t hate. If they start winning more,  they will be on my good list.

Atlanta Hawks Player Josh Smith of his comment about Milwaukee in general.

Black owned restaurants in Milwaukee of Stella’s, The Bayou, and Manna House all forced to close up shop. This is one example of why the black (and I mean BLACK) businesses is in need of constant support.

When will Nintendo Wii and EA Sports ever get it with Madden?

Brass Bell Music in Glendale, WI. See my For me post.

Dresser Waukesha for not hiring and training African-Americans in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin and the “boondoggle/It will never work/brain-drain syndrome” – and letting go 810 Million Dollars of High Speed Rail and the jobs. That was a waste.  And Talgo is moving out in 2012 leaving a maintenance base. Wow Scott Walker, and Wisconsin Tax-Payers. Thank you morons for making sure that the state stays behind. Disgusted.

A bar in Wisconsin that refused blacks as patrons. Don’t that send us back even more?!

Haiti Earthquake.

BP Oil Spill.

The flood in Milwaukee that the city didn’t had in over 100 years. Crazy. And remember that sinkhole!

Milwaukee is ranked 4th as poorest in the nation, and it’s still segregated. And the crazy JSOnline folks who spend too much time on the columns of Eugene Kane and others still don’t understand. Are they too broke to work or go to school? My God!

Milwaukee is number 1! ( in Drinking).

Crazy and UGLY!!!!:

What is up with Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach and folks of all colors can’t get along? And again, there are those in Milwaukee who see the blacks as thugs? When will I get my chance? When?!  And when will Milwaukee will get out of the 1975/1980’s “all day everyday” syndrome?

Conan O’Brien leaves the Tonight Show and re-enters Jay Leno. Meanwhile months later, Conan goes to TBS.

Back in the spring, when the Milwaukee Bucks were in the playoffs, the term “Fear The Deer” became a reality when a heard of deer crashed a bar in Menomonie during the game.

I became a “hater victim” on Youtube.  If you want to know, well it was about this jobber named superstr5 or whatever his name was, thought I was lying about going to a wrestling match in 1996.  Hello, I got the ticket stub at home to prove this! Let this be a warning to everyone: I’m not here to get cracked on. If you got a bone to pick on, pick on somebody else. One thing for sure, I did reported the incident on youtube. AND I MEAN on YOUTUBE!

The High Speed Rail Project was first halted by Gov. Jim Doyle, then was the setup by Scott Walker to scrap it.  Again: A Waste.

On the lighter side of things time to reflect on those we lost:

Teena Marie – you younger bucks better recognize real music instead of being a pretty face.

Laurie Bembenek

Leslie Neilsen

Lena Horne

Gary Coleman

Barbara Billingsby

George Steinbrenner

Rue McClanahan

Dixie Carter

Teddy Pendergrass

Locally where I’m at: I lost those who were close –

Forrest Rash

Rev. Jodie Joiner

Ethel Richards

Dorothy McGuin

and two I felt were family: Sabrina Junior who was my cousin was murdered in August.  This was a disgusting act of violence that effected my family, my younger cousins who will not see their mother again. And my family had the family dog we called “boo-bear” had be put to sleep because of age illness. We were blessed to have her as a dog. We took her in our home, fed her, played with her and just took her in as family. We thanked God for her 14 years (98 dog years) she has given us.

2010 was a rough start.  But I think 2011 will be an improvement of better beginnings, healing, and outcomes.