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I’m going to bust out some questions that really have my head scratching. Some fun, mostly serious. Usually I do this around the end of the year, but this is a warm up in which in December, next month you will see a different turn out.

  • I know it just ended, but why do folks on FB (in a negative sense) spelled Halloween like this: “Holloween”?
  • Has Sheriff David Clarke really put himself over his head about Police Brutality being over? And being scared of black media like Roland Martin on TVOne?
  • Do we really need Paul Ryan to head the Speaker of the House?
  • Anyone from your past STILL has a crush on you and don’t know it?
  • We know (mostly in Milwaukee) Sheriff David Clarke and is almost related conservative commentary. So why the phrase, “Black Lies Matter?”
  • Speaking of which, do people really think that Black Lives Matter is out to kill cops?
  • Take a wild guess: Still, despite of the suggestion of Louis Farrakhan from the “Justice or Else” Rally, are you really going to do Christmas shopping and tell your kids that “I picked out those gifts, instead of Santa Claus?”
  • Veteran’s Day is coming up. Whose lighting the houses green?
  • Will us Sagittarians be really ready after the Scorpios give up the Zodiac Baton? And rule the 9th house as any Sag should?
  • Why did the Christmas stuff came out SO EARLY in the stores? Right after Halloween?
  • For those who like to sabotage High School Class Reunions, or any Reunion: WHAT IS YOUR BEEF?!!!!!
  • For all those who say “We can’t find anyone in the black community” in relation to jobs, where and what are you digging?
  • For the Church Haters out there: Are you really believing that ALL CHURCH MEMBERS AND BISHOPS, MINISTERS, are all the same team to take your money and be pimpish?
  • For all you BGLO/Divine 9’rs out there, DO YOU REALLY invite Iota Phi Theta to your functions, or you just leave them off your plans to attend? Just don’t say, “well we attempt to contact everybody to come…….” TRY HARDER! I mean it with love.
  • Will you, the average voter are assuming that after President Obama leaves office in 2017, still believe that the “nightmare” will be over?
  • Will the Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl, WITHOUT Jordy Nelson and prove to have 14 NFL Straps?
  • For all you Conscious folks out there, always posting those memes on Facebook, and Instagram. Are you really serious about the things you say and believe, or what?
  • Why do folks on Facebook have to post a “photoshop” photo of President Obama and Michelle in a Pimp and Prostitute look? Are they really this dumb?
  • For those who are looking for a man, (especially Single Black Women looking for love) why at times do you have to say all men ain’t you know what? And having this bitter generalization attitude? Not every man you generalize is not your father who left you at 13 or earlier!
  • Not to pick on the Italians, but why was a young gymnast from your country had to say something about painting her skin dark to win gym matches? REALLY?!!!
  • Here is a question: black folks I need to ask, when facing all the problems in the cities, northern cities per say: Why move to Atlanta? Does the ATL have problems like oh……….Milwaukee? Or any other city that deals with high unemployment, racism,black violence,  discrimination against Blacks, etc. No matter where you go, there are problems EVERYWHERE! Especially in states where Slavery started. Just saying.
  • Can those who have Drones flying around, actually get jobs with big bucks?
  • Can Rachel Dolazal and Raven-Symone be really traded?
  • Speaking of Halloween, most religious folks think it’s the devil’s holiday. Do they realize that has connections to All Saint’s Day, that is a religious occasion? And oh, by the way, not to knock on anything or anyone, the devil does not take a holiday. Even if it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, your baby’s birthday, or 9/11. I’M JUST SAYING!!! Be on watch!
  • And the last question: why are our kids whom are 7 to 11 years old, in Milwaukee are getting robbed for these Hoverboards? And the thing is they probably robbed them for some drug money. Or because they are poor for not having food, and didn’t mean to do it. Think about it.

There will be more to come. Just wait for it toward the end of the year.


To the residents of Charleston, South Carolina and to the members of Emanuel AME Church, sympathies and prayers are being sent! This incident has not only shocked your community, but also, any community in America that identifies with the incident shares your pain, your concern, your deaths and also your deep understanding of the struggle of African-Americans seeking refuge without the use of violence in this country!

In 1963, four little girls in Alabama were killed under racial implications of being black. Just yesterday, and in 2015, 8 members of the Emmanuel AME Church and it’s Pastor, Clementa Pinckney, a long time State Senator Democrat of South Carolina, and Pastor of the AME Church, were killed during a prayer meeting at the historic black church. The pastor also pushed for an idea to put body cameras on police officers in his native state. And mostly to them, the pastor wasn’t just this pastor of a church, he was a figure that many looked to, influence, recognized, and also related to the issues that many know all too well.

Now there are those who are cynical, those who have those historic hatred about churches, about the money, about Sister So and So with the “Fashion Show” dress on, or Brother Usher always messing with the members in the back for more money in the collection plate, or there are those who feel about Jesus (whom was black) or the ongoing hypocritical minded of them seeing this attitude, and having the youth not participate in certain activities that the older church members seemed disliked, put that away for a minute. Tone it down! Or this case put it on pause. Those things that I just described, can also happen in your workplaces, malls, your favorite club to get your dance on, a Juneteenth Day festival, a family reunion, a class reunion, or any other place or activity that can have folks being all so drone minded of being one-sided about one thing that many don’t really know, or not enough knowledge. Even if it’s your neighborhood, or on that thing called Facebook! So it’s just not just the church only! I think we need to check ourselves that anything or anywhere, there might be and are hypocritical minded folks who are just being hypocritical about anything that does not pertain to them! Let’s be clear and be honest: there are hypocritical folks everywhere and just don’t assume it’s always the church! I don’t care how conscious us citizens can be. Or even how smart we are. But when an unexpected hate crime onslaught on nine innocent folks who were just praying during a bible study, or for whatever they were praying for, what does that mean? And also that talk about Gun Control will likely continue!

And I’m speaking as a METHODIST MEMBER. Even though I’m United Methodist, but the Methodism connections of AME, CME and Free Methodist, needs to be on one accord of who we are and what we should be about! 

This is not the time who say or comment, “Oh those hypocrite christians got what they deserved to be killed!” We don’t know them! We don’t know what they did in the workplace, their old schools, their activities in the community, their upbringings, or whatever. We don’t know them! And we don’t know if they weren’t hypocritical. But we can understand the pain that they suffered under a bullet in that mass shooting. So the shooter Dylann Roof who should be in college getting a job, goes into the bible meeting, with guns loaded says that “you raped our women and taking over our country. You have to go.” Then the shooting started. My question is what was this mixed up minded 21 year old white dude thinking about? That he had to say that he had to do it. Do it for what? White Supremacy?!

By the way, if any Facebook user has this dude as a friend, its better to unfriend him now.

Note to the descendant traits of White Supremacy, even though you didn’t start the fire, you could have a way to use a way to put it out! 

From my understanding about the Emanuel AME Church, it’s not just a church building. PAY ATTENTION!

  • This has historical meaning and connections in confronting the horrors of slavery and racism. It was burned down, and rebuilt after 1865. One of the founders, Denmark Vesey led a slavery revolt in 1822.
  • It is the third oldest AME church in the world.
  • It was significant with the Underground Railroad.
  • The congregation had underground services at the time between 1834 and 1865 during the time when black congregations were outlawed.
  • Famous black figures of Martin Luther King, Corretta Scott King, Roy Watkins, and Booker T. Washington have either preached, lead marches, or any other civil right activity in part of the life of the church. Even those who wanted to run for president, also stopped by the church.

Like any other black church in America, this also was under targets of violence that made the list. A list that many black churches does not want to be on. And it wasn’t just on black churches, it was an attack on the black community. And most recently, a Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee, was interrupted by gunfire, during choir rehearsal. I tell you, it’s senseless and crazy at it seems!

Now I know many have seen the prayer circles that were shown on TV and the internet. I know many had to bust out the “What are they Praying for?” speeches. Don’t go in on that. This is not the time! Believe me, it’s not the time!

This weekend is Juneteenth Day, and as well as Father’s Day it’s going to be sad for the families. It’s going to be sad not to see Pastor Clementa Pinckney with his family, and not seeing his daughters coming to him to say “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!”

At the end of the day, after all of this is over, like Milwaukee Assistant Pastor (and Milwaukee Marshall Alum) Dana World-Patterson said at my church’s Love Is event: “You see something, say something and do something!” Enough of the so-called no snitching rules. No matter what era it happens to be.

Send sympathy to the victims of these names as recorded by Yahoo:

• Cynthia Hurd, 54, a manager with the Charleston County Public Library system.
• Ethel Lance, 70,
a retiree who recently worked as a church janitor
• Rev. Clementa Pinckney, 41,
a South Carolina state senator and pastor at the church
• Susie Jackson, 87,
a longtime member of the church
• Depayne Middleton Doctor, 49,
former Charleston County community development director
• Sharonda Coleman-Singleton,
a church pastor, speech therapist and a high school girls’ track coach
• Myra Thompson, 59,
a pastor at the church
• Rev. Daniel Simmons, Sr., 74,
another pastor at the church
• Tywanza Sanders, 26,
a 2014 graduate of Allen University, where Pinckney was also an alum

And in addition: Emanuel AME Church has a Paypal Account in which you can donate. Yeah I know that those don’t like money with churches. But at a time like this, they could use something additional financial offering out of respect.

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I’m about to blow up. Not really. Word around the streets that First Lady Michelle Obama is slated to speak at a high school graduation in Kansas. Sounds good, right? However there are those in the state per say that the first lady shouldn’t speak there at all. And plus there is an outcry of those ranging from the parents to the students, and citizen have filed some petition to prevent her speaking. And also to raise an event that most know in regarding race. Of course, race will always be a hot button topic in American Conversations as it has been for the last 237 years. Now on to the letter:

Dear Citizens of Kansas, and those like them in terms of not liking Michelle Obama speak:

It’s me Stephen, and I’m a black blogger from Wisconsin.


Your attitude of not including the first lady to speak at a high school graduation is nothing more than a mere sham of hate. Ok, so from the wires, The First Lady would be a good choice at being a guest speaker. I mean why wouldn’t she? Just because she’s black and grown?

Now many of you or some of you feel that she might reveal a period of American History that is not deemed for deaf ears. This year in addition to your High School’s Graduation Ceremony, it also will mark an anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education which is now about 60 years old. And that also is in Kansas.

Frankly, this whole thing is nothing more than a sham per say. I read that one of parents felt that she doesn’t know the students. And another comment that it’s oh, she dosen’t know our kids. Well they’re right. Maybe the FLOTUS wants to meet the graduates of the class of 2014 and offers them some congrats, advice and having some backbone of getting started in this thing called the Real World! And the kids who will be receiving the diplomas in the Topeka Kansas high school will get robbed all because they hate Michelle Obama. Excuses, Excuses!

If the FLOTUS goes to another school and talks to the Graduates of 2014 that might be best for that school. But for the Topeka folks, robbery and ignorance. And many might say that the FLOTUS will outshine my son or daughter. REALLY?!

Maybe IF and IF when the FLOTUS does speak in Kansas, she’ll outshine the students. But the students in my opinion will get a shine also in terms of them bringing home a high school diploma. Many of them probably might outshine others in their family who never had a high school diploma to bring home!

So Kansas folks, I know many of you want Michelle Obama to speak. But for that 2,000 of them that don’t want her to speak, I know why racism is partially a conversation. And it’s not coming from her!




If anyone had the chance to watch the Ed Show, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson a retired US Army Colonel, opened up about the endorsement choice of Colin Powell choosing once again President Barack Obama to retain the presidency. What the Col. said was straight off the cuff and clear to the point. The Retired Army Colonel spoke and slam his party, the Republican Party of their use of racism in regarding John Snunu’s words of picking Obama from the General. Obviously, it’s been said all this time. And I’ve been saying it. It’s not the plan, it’s the man. When Bush and Cheney left, Obama picked up the mess and continued to make progress and attempt to continue to plea his case. But on DAY ONE, when the President took office, the Republicans side made sure that they were to block everything possible to make sure Obama fails. That was part of it. However the Ret. Col. Wilkerson made claim on his case for another reason as I described previously. Justified it maybe, it was just another claim of Snunu thinking that Colin Powell picked Obama because he’s black. Question! Has anyone heard Colin Powell said that in his pick for Obama? No! Had anyone heard Colin Powell mentioned this back in 2008? Absolutely not. So what’s the deal?!

Colin Powell is one of the best generals that America had in history. Subsequently also, black history. And also, he is his own man. If he wants to endorse someone from a different party, while staying base as a moderate Republican, then that is his own decision. End of story!

Alright. Now what’s up with this so-called lie concerning the President with Benghazi? This lie about the right wing media’s assumption that the White House knew it was going to happen? And the hypeness of this making it like it was a scandal? Really? First my heart bleeds for those who were killed. No person shouldn’t have to go through that.  Even on the 11th Anniversary of the incident. During the second debate, the President was on point in his stance in conjunction on what happened, and to have Mitt Romney making it a “political issue” as usual just trying to get ratings. That was a slap in the face. And now it’s a month after the attack, and the Right Wing Media likes to play scandal stuff to make a butt joke of the scenario. Even on Twitter, I see hashtags of #ImpeachObama. Excuse me, but Impeach him for what?!!!!! For being black?!! Or Mixed?!! Come on!  All because most thought he “lied”? Most of the Republican folks are giving him the heat. Some are not – One of them is a Romney Supporter. Does the name Condolezza Rice ring a bell? She, like some others in her party is refusing to comment on the stance of Libya and did comment that those who work must finish the job investigating. And plus, Condolezza knows this stuff very well and had to bring the real talk truth on that channel of Fox News. So apparently, the President got back up not only from his administration, but also from those like Condolezza who again knows that predicament. Oh what? The Right Wingers are going to call out Condoleezza  Rice for her stance with the President? Sort of like that “email” got circulated through Social Media. Remember when Bush thought there were WMD’s in Iraq when the troops were in battle, and didn’t see a lick of them? Well who was lying on that notion?

Like the President said, those that committed the murders in Benghazi will be in his words: “brought to justice”. The same with Osama Bin Laden. And for the record, we know that the Seal Team Six made the hit on Bin Laden. But who gave the order? Come on Right Wingers, who gave the order to take out Osama? and plus, who advised the order to made it happen? Let me answer that: Obama gave the order. And it required an advisement from Joe Biden. Yeah, Bin Laden was on Bill Clinton’s Radar, then it was on Bush’s radar (blindly) but when it came on Obama’s radar, the game was over. Period! Why did I say blindly on Bush? I think it spoke for itself of concentrating more on Saddam Hussein, than Bin Laden. And Iraq WAS NOT a target! Really it was near the Afghan/Pakistan area where most of that 9/11 planning got started up! I don’t hear nothing like that coming out of Bush’s mouth. Nor Mitt Romney’s mouth!  Oh, and where was this coming from the so-called right wing fans that wanted wars? *crickets* *crickets*

I can see this now. It’s election day. Obama wins the event. And that so-called bogus 2016 Obama’s America Movie will be a flop in sales. That dude who made the movie has got issues on his own from his former employer, who worked at a college! Watch out.

I’m about to take a Olympic Break, and talk about local politics and the quote: “vote for someone that looks like you”. Guess what, Wisconsin? We vote again on August 14th, which is the Primary Election before the General Election. Apparently, the quote that State Senator Elizabeth Coggs spoke out in terms of what in parts the voters should go for in terms of I think is interest. Now before I get the hot seat, personally this is nothing new. Folks have been voting for folks that had an interest in similarities like them  for a long time. Technically, I will further implore in my view, that the statement given State Senator Elizabeth Coggs, is not racially motivated to separate. Lot of folks in the African-American Community voted for Barack Obama back in 2008, and yours truly was one of them. HOWEVER here is something you don’t’ know: and I want the Wisconsin Caucasian audience to read this loosely, as well as my African-American Brothers and Sisters. No matter which political side you are on. I as an African-American male born and raised in Wisconsin didn’t vote for Obama because of his black skin, or mixed skin, or color skin. I voted for him basically because of two things: His enthusiasm and vision for America’s future and objectives. Mainly for his enthusiasm and vision. That’s it. For once, I didn’t mention nor implored or commented about his skin color. Now I don’t know what Sandy Pasch or Mandela Barnes and others thought that the comment was well, “racist.”
Even the thought of Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikyla Harris would jump into this. I should point out the candidates are all Wisconsin Democrats. Partially, in a point it’s true that most will vote for someone that identifies with their beliefs. How many of you will vote for Romney per say and comment that “he identifies with me?” Admit it. How many of you will vote for the remaining candidates that you can look like or lean to? How many of you voted for Walker (uh oh) in terms of being fed up with the so-called government take over? And liking the fact of union busting, war on women, derailing infrastructural ideas, taking away the funds of not providing educational stuff, healthcare and many other things that well most of you did believe in? I’m just saying, Tell me I’m lying!

Community Brainstorming – July 28th

I’ll bet that many of folks in Wisconsin, or America that will vote for someone that “looks like them” and admit it. The dollar bills are on the table. Let’s take the bet to Potawatomi Bingo of all places.  The statement made by State Rep. Elizabeth Coggs in my view, is not in any way anti-racial. It’s more like a metaphor of interest of your choice and what you feel. If you like the value of choice schools vote for this candidate. If you want better job connections in the district for better opportunities, make your mark for that candidate. That’s what it is. Interest! Not race. It’s hard for a city like Milwaukee to face this. After all it is one of the most segregated cities in the U.S.  Matter of fact the number 1 segragated city in the US that still lags behind in transportation, jobs, 4th poorest city in the nation and etc. Hmmmm…….what about that to ponder.

Have I voted for white guys? Yes.

Have I voted for black folks? Absolutely.

Have I voted for black folks and/or white folks solely based on race? NO!

Have I voted for black folks and/or white folks solely on interest? Definitely.

If having black repensation is an interest of mine, I’ll go for it. Not because of race, because of ideal values.

No matter what happens on August 14th or after August 14th, this part will die down. But the thought in my view, will continue.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” – President Barack Obama

It’s been only a couple of days. And most of us are beginning to know Trayvon Martin. For those who are behind on the cliff notes, (no pun intended) this was the 17 year old kid in Florida that was killed by the 28-year-oldo George Zimmerman. Personally, this is a sad case of a young man losing his life. Everything from him being black and having a hoodie. The thing that gets me is that why would someone who “looked” suspicious gets killed? And was coming home with Sweet Tea and Skittles. And was talking to his female friend before he was shot? And what was George Zimmerman trying to prove? Just to go after someone like him that wasn’t a threat? There is no doubt that he will be charged and arrested. And just recently that he was expelled from Seminoe State College. Wow. What a waste of dethroning his education by taking out a black teenager. Sometimes, let’s be real: PEOPLE DON’T THINK!!!!

During the recent days, this news of Trayvon’s murder has sparked a debate of race.  Under his breath, the words (F-word and Coon) had added the fuel to the fire. And also, justice. More recently, the New Black Panther Party (which most in the Black Community don’t really follow much) would be on hand to do a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman with a price tag of $10,000 on his head. Yep, you read that right, the New Black Panther Party wants in.

This whole thing about Hoodies is so mystifying. I mean those who think that having a Hoodie on, has this appealing feeling of looking like the Grim Reaper. I have some hoodies in my wardrobe collection, and no, I don’t go out pretend that I’m out to get people violently. Geraldo Rivera commented on Fox News, (UH OH) that Trayvon’s Hoodie was the reason of his death.  Wait a second? Did he just say that? I’m like REALLY?! If that’s not bad enough, of all people Glenn Beck believed that Trayvon was the aggressor. Both Geraldo and Glenn need to “get the BLANK out of here!”  They don’t know jack! What was the reason of their points of view? Oh, never mind. Their right wingned theories are all messed up. I’m sorry. Maybe their respective beilefs should actually get the real sources from the stories instead of their ballistic view points. All this had reminded me of the baggy pants, the Cross Colours  that if you wear those, you would be a target – which was 90’s related.

Speaking of ballistic, my homestate of Wisconsin,  is on the debate watch concerning the Castle Doctrine Law, and having to do with Bo Morrison. He was shot to death in Slinger recently, and it has started to question before executing the action. Technically ever since this law was introduced, it had some mixed views. And still having mixed views. Usually, when you shoot someone, you get fined or go to jail. But in the issue of this law, you don’t – in terms on your property homes. This case is going on as usual, but I think the whole thing needs to be re-examined instead of running off with the .45 Revolver pistol at 2:00am.  It’s shameful that the life of Bo Morrison had to be extinguished at 20 years old over of those who thought was intruding or making a threat! Just my thought.

Am I outraged of this? I should be. I remember back in the 90’s (the 1990’s) that young black males are like the endangered species. You know that when something is on the endangered species list, it tends to be on a decline, mostly on the side of death.  I know that I’m one of those who sit in the community and shake my head like everyone else. Yes (GUILTY),  but I also educate myself because it’s time to be educated even more. I’m just saying!

It’s 2011, and we think that things change right? Not exactly. My home city of Milwaukee has a slogan: “a great place on a great lake”. Well, the problem with that is not so great when it’s deemed as a segregated city. For those on the outside of Milwaukee, yes, it does have a problem with race. Recently today, I viewed a column on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and one of the reporters, James Causey (who is an alum of my high school) hit the nail on the head (or in the cheese) when those logged in on the JSOnline website to Eugene Kane’s Mayfair Story, approximately 400 (YEP 400) comments directed were coming from that well, see things that are racist. The Mayfair story if you were wondering, is about the recent melee at our Mayfair Mall on January 2nd.

With those comments flooding in like crazy, it’s no wonder that Milwaukee as good as it is, has heads behind the masks when it comes to being as a segregated city. Want more proof? Take a look at last year in 2010. Bradford Beach. This is one of our city’s best beaches. Many folks last year came out after a melee in-sued by a couple of (in Eugene Kane’s words) knuckleheads. And when the story made the JSOnline website, Over 500+ comments came from everywhere and mostly it was folks who still see black folks today as a prime enemy. And folks who probably never been in the inner city, or worked with African-Americans in Milwaukee or any part of the state, and still assumes that Eugene Kane is a “Race-Baiter”. I don’t care about those having 93QFM with the radios turned up. Big deal.

By the way, have those dissed Eugene Kane actually met him?

Lot of you reading this are probably asking: “Is Milwaukee really like this? I thought you guys were nice and all. But I had NO idea that it’s a racist/segregated city”. This is beyond Laverne and Shirley. And The Fonz. The Breweries, The Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, Green Bay Packers, etc. Look at the history. Statistics, Crime, Race Relations on the job, etc. Those will tell you. But it should not hinder you about living here nor visiting here. If stuff like this happens in Milwaukee, it could happen anywhere. Maybe in your town or state.

Last year, I was a” hater victim of race” when there was a settlement case involving me and 390+ African Americans were denied of a company to get in – Dresser Waukesha. I was one of those who turned in a resume at a job fair in 2006, and never got a call back nor a letter response in the mail. Until August of 2010 came, I got this form in the mail along with a statement that the reason I didn’t get hired nor trained with  Dresser Waukesha (see the file Waukesha_Third_Amended_Complaint)  is because I happen to be African-American. So I filled out the form and mailed it. When October came, I went to my house and there was a check from the Reed vs Dresser Settlement, and I was awarded over $5000.00. And just recently, I was awarded over $200.00 additionally. And other African-Americans in the case probably got the same amount equally.

See what I’m getting at? Yep. I was disrespected in the Milwaukee area because of my race. And I’m sure that there are others that read this on the Journal Sentinel’s website said something like, “oh they’re crying out racism over a job they didn’t get”. They don’t know (I can’t say the word) about the horror we went through. So they don’t get it. And they never will get it. This is on-going thing here.

There are some or most who say that “blacks need to take responsibility of what they present, show, display and act”. For once, I agree. HOWEVER: Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and others have to do the same! Everyone is held accountable for all actions. Don’t just say black folks. If the blacks need to be accountable, your ethnic group needs to be accountable. If the black family needs to be accountable, then YOUR family needs to be accountable. Until Milwaukee, and the rest of America figures that out,  the road stands still.

Most folks (particularly Caucasians on JSOnline) kept bringing up Bill Cosby in Milwaukee. Yes, I heard what Cosby said. No need to bring it up. He once said a bone chilling comment for the city in 2004: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Just remember he said MILWAUKEE. Not Black Milwaukee. Not White Milwaukee. Not Hispanic Milwaukee. Not Asian Milwaukee. Not German Milwaukee. Not Irish Milwaukee. Not Arab Milwaukee.  Just Milwaukee. – And the same can be for the State of Wisconsin and it’s problems of not moving forward with a potential High Speed Rail  project that would have benefited the needs of our economy. Bill Cosby also decreed that he’s not coming back to Milwaukee every year just to re-baptize the whole city! Do you hear me, Brew City?  Leaders like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders are not going to reappear! So in regarding this, it’s either put up or shut up.

This may be a new year. But for situations like this; the more things change, the more things stays the same.

Time to get work, Milwaukee.