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There are a lot of observers who think they know what they are talking about, and those that don’t. And apparently there is a guy in Madison, Wisconsin who has been added to the list about when it comes to the flag, the anthem and also the protests. That person is Governor Scott Walker. Who doesn’t know much because due to him being a dropout.

Earlier today, this is what he thinks about the protests of the flag and anthem via the Journal Sentinel:

“My request is simple: stand for the American flag and the national anthem out of respect for those who risk their lives for our freedoms, and then take a stand against domestic violence to keep American families safe,” Walker said. “That’s something we can all agree on, and that just might help the NFL reunite with many of its devoted fans.”

Also in the Madison Times, he mentioned this statement to NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell: ,” but “disrespecting our flag, and the men and women who have fought to protect and defend our country, is not American in the slightest.”

Let me stop right here. First of all, does governor numb nuts actually just heard himself? How is this statement in his case is disrespecting the country in terms of the protests of the injustice? Let me put this like real work in the classroom in which obviously he DROPPED OUT! This is not about the flag. This is not about the anthem and this is not about the armed forces and veterans! I had folks in my family (MY BLACK FAMILY) that fought and served under the same flag that many decorate every American patrotic holiday every year! Since when Scott Walker actually cares about black people anyway? I know I might get less likes on this, but Walker doesn’t seem to care about black folks in the areas he doesn’t care in which folks of color are dying unceremoniously by the police. If his sons were black and were driving in a nice neighborhood and a cop pulls them over with the guns drawn, what will be his reaction? Or trying to get a job with a well known company and getting dissed all because of their skin color. What will be the reaction? Oh getting dissed is a crime huh?

Obviously Walker thinks he knows, but he doesn’t. When was the last time he got to visit or talk to Wisconsin African-Americans about the concerns of the Anthem Protest in which started by former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Oh he’s the same Colin that was born in Milwaukee. The same Colin that torched the Packers twice to get to the SuperBowl. And the same Colin that is trying to get a job in the NFL again in his words of being blackballed by the league. Walker fans, stop being stupid. You and like the current President of 45land are just way out of bounds. You think that the NFL Players are hating on the Anthem and Flag? This is way bigger than this! It’s about injustice against African-Americans that we know very well. Ranging from Racism to Police Brutality. Again, when was the last time Scott Walker mentioned this? When was the last time he reached out to those same black pastors or black supporters who labeled them as being his black friends?! Oh let me go there! That white supremacy is a deadly drug! Oh and course when was the last time he actually helped out IN the Black Community on jobs, healthcare, education, financial and even transportation? It’s ironic that he has a slogan called “Open For Business” while not giving a darn about the black community.

Of course we stand up against Domestic Violence. Duh!!!!! Has he visited The Asha Project in Milwaukee? Which is a black owned organization? We know that the answer is no. But what is he doing about curbing violence against black folks in Wisconsin in which there are approximately 8% African-Americans living in the state!

Everyone who feels Walker is utterly clueless about this subject: kneel. Kneel at the Capitol. Kneel where he makes his functions. Kneel at his house in Wauwatosa. Kneel at the mansion in Dane County. And I dare kneel at his office in the State Capitol. If this dropout needs an education on why all this kneeling is common, and the reasons behind it, take freaking notes!

Even if you still have a high school diploma and no college degree and a dropout!

Grow up, Scott.

I hate to bring this to the Badger State yet again, but it seems that the new Rookie Governor Scott Walker is pushing his liberties of making it harder for most Wisconsinites. Apparently, for those you looking of why, the state of Wisconsin is reaching headlines that the collective bargaining issues of our state’s union groups maybe be under fire with the repair bill that the Governor proposed. This bill from what I understand is to a strip mostly freedoms away from the Unions in order to well, be like the rest of us. I’ve been in Unions before – the Teamsters Local 344, and I admit, that having a chance to being apart of that unit was just a feeling of having some pride. That’s right. Some pride. If it had not been for unions, there would not be any 40 hour work days, 8 hours of work, vacation/sick pay, benefits, and more. HELLO!  I know I’m breaking away from my Black History Month Segments, but the reaction of this “so-called repair bill” was more like fighting for Civil Rights. No, I’m not seeing Martin Luther King, Jr. And I don’t see Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, or any Civil Rights or Abolitionists making waves again. But I do know, that I see those in the streets and in the Rotunda in Wisconsin’s Capitol making their voices heard. I see the Firefighters and Police Officers, School Teachers, College Professors, and even those who clean hotel rooms and Street Sweepers, making a statement that this will not die out. For education, with the UW-System would be a huge loss in my opinion would be tragic. As a former student and Alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, this is a shameful concept of the Governor’s part of stripping, in my view of quality education! Speaking of which, this is why Wisconsin (as nice as it is) has gone to the flood gates with Walker’s Brown Bag/Tea Party Movement (yes, he was endorsed by the Tea Party) in order to reverse and revert things they see. This is not a way for state like Wisconsin to be “Open For Business”. Now the rest of the state, except Milwaukee is feeling the “WTF Moments” of the Union Dilemmas and Public Service situations right now. Why I’m excluding Milwaukee? Well this is for the whole state to understand. Those who know mostly, we (Milwaukee Residents) know how Scott Walker operates. Milwaukee County had to put up with Walker’s Woes for 8 years as a Milwaukee County Executive.  Just for record, he got in when the County was under siege of the Pension Scandal which had former Milwaukee County Executive F. Tom Ament dismissed. Walker  made cuts that were unnecessary in relation to transit by cutting the bus routes and raising bus fares in order for him to make more money. He has cut out or close the areas in Milwaukee that the senior centers and the poor were operative. Let me go back to 2003, according to the Washington Post in regards to Unions:

On a Tuesday afternoon in September 2003, during Scott Walker’s first term as Milwaukee County executive, scores of union workers gathered at the local courthouse to protest layoffs he had ordered as part of an aggressive effort to balance the budget and avoid what he said would otherwise be necessary tax increases.They shouted anti-Walker chants, and union officials and Democratic officeholders took turns denouncing his slash-and-burn approach. The layoffs Walker had announced that summer decimated the county’s public parks staff and also reduced the number of county social workers, corrections officers and janitors. As a result, park bathrooms were shuttered and pools were closed. Trash was piled up so high in the Milwaukee County Courthouse that visitors had to sidestep apple cores and coffee cups, and some judges resorted to cleaning toilets, a local newspaper reported.


Are you understanding this Wisconsin?

This is the same guy that was endorsed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in order to become Governor.

And I hate to say this as a fellow Wisconsinite: I TOLD YOU SO!  I TOLD YOU SO!

If he did the unnecessary cuts in Milwaukee, there is no telling that the state would be the same. Talk about suffrage. Wisconsin, welcome to the Suffrage Movement of the 21st Century. It took 30 years to get Mubarak out of Egypt, in Black History Month. How long will it take for Walker to get out of Madison? If he makes more mistakes like he’s on right now, there will be consequences from those, who should of had Tom Barrett leading the state in Madison.