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I know that this is getting old in all, but what does it take to ACTUALLY get some one to go out and hook up? Check this, I am a single African-American male,living in the city of Milwaukee,  have a job, no kids, and just living the single life that I do want to keep for the rest of my days. What that means is – I plan and will possibly stay single. Now I know that might be a damper on the female species but guess what, that’s my bed and I plan on lying in it. What brought this out was, I was looking at these videos on World Star HipHop’s website about one girl talking about having a man and going to the strip clubs, and the females on their end being the big losers in their relationships. Others have chimed in, and expressed their viewpoints in terms of men going to strip clubs, keeping them happy with the sex angle and more.

I need to ask this. Is this is what the whole relationship game is today? I mean seriously. Is this what the game is about, now? I’m confused. Another angle is related to black women. Let me paraphrase: Single Black Women. Those who are in that 70% group that are still single, looking for Mr. Right, those who say there are no good men around, and try to have that just kick it with me attitude. Or a “Ride or Die” moniker. I don’t what to call it. Again, confusion. I think I know one of the reasons why brothers like me are not chasing women is because of too many expectations out of us. Gotta have this, gotta have that. I feel like it’s the 90’s again. And plus I’m not a skirt chaser. Don’t get me wrong, you Black Women in the 70% group seem to have this independent mindset. I’m independent myself, but it may resort to asking too much; Sort of like of a job resume. For example, if someone looks at it for a new york minute, and perhaps might see a flaw of so many skills, chances are your employment development thing may not pass through. You have to trim it down and to simplify the bottom line. Or just highlight a few things that you, the  “single black women seeking men” are looking for. (I said a few things!)  In high-sight 20/20, maybe that is one of the problems of seeking a dude at a club on a Friday night. Or after-work. And we talk about the interracial thing, the gay thing, prison and many other things that plagues your opinions. But what about those who have never had the chance to run the field? The overlooked? Where are they? Those never had been thought about in a while. Those who never had a prom date, nor made homecoming king. And those you NEVER thought of. And check this out: You don’t usually see them in the clubs or bars as much. You partially see them in church, or at the library. Or just out shopping. Or just at a park. Or doing a volunteer thing at a local center. Hmmmmm: I think I fall into this. Matter of fact I do. But like every other person, I’m more of a alternative mix. Or maybe semi-traditional standards. And for the record, I do go out. As an example, I go to the movies 90% of the time while the 10% rests in a group.

Ain’t no way in Hades, I would not be a catch. (Maybe) Because like I said I don’t know what the real deal is when it comes to relationships today. I just don’t. (shaking my head) When I look at clips like these and others, and trust me, when I say  in my opinion, “that is a reason why I’m still single and planning on being single for life”.  Unless there might be a truce involved. And by the way, I’m 34 Years Old. Don’t be surprised and shocked to say, “OMG!!!! You’re 34 and single. LOL”. I will say this: Being blessed and single is best thing to happen to me in my adulthood so far. I say that without any hesitation. I am not one of the desperate dudes living in the Midwest (particularity Milwaukee) to proclaim as “relationship ready”. To be straightforward, I’m not ready at all. Simply because there are better things I have to do in order be strong. Like President Clinton said in 2008 in support of Barack Obama:  “America cannot be strong abroad unless we are strong at home.”  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  And plus don’t pray for me to get married up with kids in all. I don’t need it. Don’t want it. Don’t care about it. I have better things to pray for like health, financial, good jobs, good opportunities for me to handle. That’s it. UNLESS, again if a “truce” is involved.

I know that this maybe disappointing of you reading this. Some of you are going to be like “This dude on WordPress is tripping about relationships, doing good things in all and like being single. But I understand that people have to make their own choices. Not because he’s black and 34”. It’s just the way it is. I am like a free spirit. I beat my own drum, and march to my own rhythm. And I will not STOP until the beat is gone!

What do I have worry about? Putting God First. Supporting the Family, Alumni Associations, Friends, President Obama’s re-election for 2012, jobs, Wisconsin Recalls against Scott Walker, the economy, non-profits, health, and many other things that most folks pass over. Including helping the African-American Community! See what I’m getting at? Hate to say it, strange but true. Like the Sagittarius, (as I am) honesty is the best policy.

Oh the GOP is just full of it. Michelle Bachmann and her GOP/Tea Party Compatriots, had recently revealed that President Obama is failing the African-American Community in regarding jobs. Really? is that what this all about? When was the last time that ANY MEMBER of the GOP ever reached out to African-Americans for jobs in the last decade or so? Explain that to me. When was the last time that ANY president before Obama (and I mean BEFORE Obama) had reached out to African-Americans and having the ability to have them to seek out and complete missions for jobs? NONE. Except for Bill Clinton, in my view. Remember the bull market that struck 20,000 points?  Remember that?Hope so. Obviously, this is nothing new. Even Newt Gingrich should know better. Now for those who are thinking, this is not making a racial statement at all. Yes, the President should be out there making job possibilities and getting them to the African-American families and community. Just like everyone else. But when you really think about the barriers, this to me is nothing more that mere sham just to make us the average viewer look crazy.

After all that, it’s apparent another example of trying to make President Obama look to be a”one term president”. Why wasn’t Bush a “One Term President”? Hello Conservative base! That was your boy which I didn’t voted for. Just remember that President Obama is the President of the United States. Not just the Black Community. Here in the Milwaukee Area, there was an ad that was put out for unemployed black construction workers by Senator Lena Taylor via Facebook. Some folks got all upset for NO Reason just because a black politician trying to reach out to the African-American community. Why did she post it you asked? Just to help out. And maybe she would know how to reach out and have connections! Don’t be curious non-blacks.

Yo: do I think that President Obama should look out for the Black Community in terms of work? Yes.

Do I think that the GOP was full of it when it was lashed out? Absolutely.

Is this a prime example of responsibility on every American in this country? Always.