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To all of us who work really hard to punch the clock for our jobs, and come home with the blood, sweat and tears of our occupation: Happy Labor Day. The day in which that the real workers (and I mean REAL WORKERS) are honored by doing everyday stuff. Also Happy Labor Day to the volunteers. Those who don’t get to work for money but also get the chance to work for free by showing up, and committing to least an hour or more per week, or day to help out a cause.

But to those who are fake, you don’t deserve a labor day at all. PERIOD.  Coming off the heels of my last blog about Online Public Yellow Pages being a company of scams and deceptions, I have to simply ask why do companies like this have to stick around and mess up folks lives and businesses? I also asked the question of why can’t these companies be real? Now a days, there are companies popping up left and right. Regular and Self. We see them, but how do we tell the difference? It’s what you know more than what we don’t know. It’s like I rather deal with the devil that I know, than the devil that I don’t know. Now what’s up with me talking about devils and knowing them? Well to quote the old adage once again it’s best to know what you know more that what you don’t know. For these “Yellow Pages”, It’s apparent that I should have more know about them in general before gathering thoughts of interest. However I’m glad that I had the chance to explore more of the research because it enabled me to play detective on other sites that know this company very well.

This also reminds me of the Credit Card companies, who go onto  College Campuses and persuade college students to sign up for credit cards in which that the banks think they are over 18 and or 25 just to have their own cash for free. BUT WAIT!!!!! It’s not free! You still have to pay the money back to the bank where the card was coordinated from, and if you don’t, the account will get turned over to collection agencies which would put a black eye on your credit reports. To those who about to be apart of the class of 2016, you may want to pay attention to this and to avoid this with all costs! But also wait: what was limitations of setting up the account with having a  job? These idiotic fake punks will not address that.  They wont because, I think they are afraid and evil. If I were signing up to have folks who want a card, they need to have a job. No exceptions. Yeah I may sound harsh, but guess what, that’s how I should be real in terms of this.

But yeah, Happy UN-Labor Day to the fake workers. This reminds me of a TLC song, “Case of the Fake People”. Look it up. Those who want to scam for the hard earned money from individuals and organizations but never giving a d*mn of things to those are “stuck up and hell bent” all because of the almighty dollar. Why four letter d word? Let me say that when you d*mn something or someone, you’re condemning. I heard that in a church sermon around the same time when Rev. Jeremiah Wright, President Obama’s ex-minister used the phrase that shocked those who didn’t understand and oh, they thought he “hated America”. Most of what Rev. Wright said was the backbone truth about America and the running interference with other countries, bombings, and inheriting slavery.

But anyway, back to the story: They say that money is the root of all evil, only if you let it to be evil. I think companies and organizations like the Online Public Yellow Pages need to be shut down! The chick/jezebel/hood rat Stacey Wray needs to be investigated. She may have some warrants or a bad job record. Oh yeah, I’m going there. Like I said, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THAT COMPANY OR HER!

Note: Reference these articles for this scam: Fraudulent Yellow Page Listing Scam – Beware It’s Back!  and Throwing the Book at Business Directory Scams.

Plus this one: FTC Stops Fake ‘Yellow Pages’ Scam; Foreign Operation Targeted Small Businesses and Nonprofits in United States and Other Countries.

I think the Obama Administration should give a “Executive Order” to shut down and close all companies who follow these scams and deceptions of feeding off the workers and organizations and need to be put in jail! I think the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC who know the companies based on records should infiltrate, examine and close down the companies PERMANENTLY! If you can’t make an excuse to live the American Dream or the international dream (if you live internationally) then you don’t have a say-so to work properly! More like those who use Social Media improperly! Oh wait, for some who are about ask, why this? You know that they might pop up again. That’s debatable. But as long as they need to well known about the rules and regulations, then it will stick. Time to enforce some laws, y’all! Put it up on White House List of ideas under that “we the people” website.

Write in a letter to begin to say “Dear Mr. President” or “Dear Mr. Obama”. 

This Labor Day will be a chance for me to reflect but also in the recent events it will be bittersweet. But hey, it’s my day too because I WORK! I don’t work as a fake punk that sits around the house and mooch off and also watch the parade go by. I used to be in parades! I worked hard to be in the “parades” that I march in. And like everyone, I too is aiming for the real deal when it comes to have an American Dream on a fair/balanced/equal/accountability LEVEL!

That’s IT!

So let me say, to US REAL workers who don’t pull no scams deceptions, have a productive Labor Day. On a “LEGIT SCALE”. Yeah I said it.


To every business owner or employee everywhere around the world, and in the United States, I have a consumer warning for you: Don’t do business with this company – Online Public Yellow Pages!

This company is based out of New York (allegedly) in trying to trap, harass, cold call any company in an attempt to make your company comply with listings on their behalf. Recently, I have been in their web traps for this and my blood is boiling with emotion. Yeah, I know I work for a church, but still it is boiling!

If you receive any indication of a bill that you didn’t pay, or set up, or anything else, take action to inform (only for the Americans) the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and your State Attorney General’s Office. I know that we Americans have political differences, but this requires no party of being Republican, Democrat, Independent or others. No difference in race, creed, religion, class, or gender.  This should be about “American Unity” in terms of fighting these so called companies that want that American Dream. They don’t care about the American Dream at all. Only to make an American Nightmare.

I have been in this fight with this “Jezebel” Stacey Wray, who assumes is a pre-legal employee. She has been harsh against my church folks, and more with me! Want me to use explicit language on her? I would but, I’ll leave it to God’s hands. She also threaten me with “legal action” of suponeas and showing up to court since my company refused to pay her company in which is scamming folks and organizations. Oh and check this out, contracts. I’ll admit that I was suckered into one of these “contracts”, but I never seen a contract with this company in which I signed or agreed to. How in the hell (yes I said it) do I “sign” something that I didn’t see to verify? Yep, a total scam.

As far as the company itself, word is also that it’s operating somewhere in Canada or according to the Better Business Bureau. Now I’m not calling out the Canadians as bad folks here. I have nothing against the Great White North. But if the company has connections in Canada in regarding the incident that I described, then they need to hold them accountable!

If anyone wants further proof that this company is scamming out of whatever, do your homework: Google. Or read the treads about how they gotten away with stuff that leaves the victims helpless. And to those that got scammed, swindled, tricked and whatever, guess what, I want in! I want in to get companies like this OUT OF BUSINESS! I don’t care if its in Milwaukee! THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS, DO BUSINESS OR MAKE BUSINESS! I think it’s time for us to get a coalition together to crack down on these fake companies to not only fight but also to educate as well. The more we be educated about this matter, the better off we can be prepared. This is an on-going battle. I’m not a lawyer, an attorney, or any member of a watchdog group that protects the real hard working citizens that want equal fairness, compromise and accountability. I know that the groups like the BBB are in effect, as well as ID theft prevention agencies. Speaking of which, they should be having job openings, volunteer openings, classes, workshops and others to get us informed and mobilized. If you are a employer that work or volunteer at these agencies like a BBB, or whatever, please respond on how people can join up.

Why can’t businesses be more real instead of being fake?! Word to the wise, they say watch your back, I also say watch your business!

And to those who like to scam for a living, (no matter where you are in the world) get a real job, PUNKS! We don’t need you here making money of hard working (HARD WORKING) folks who want to earn a living and to WORK TO MAINTAIN AN AMERICAN DREAM or an international dream the right way! I hope to God, you will be all judged harshly! YOU ARE ALL COWARDS trying to be the big man on campus. Or in this case, a #&(****) bully! Like the old saying goes: what goes around, comes around. LEARN IT! – Hear that Stacey Wray?!!!!

For sources: Contact the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and your State Attorney General’s office