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I haven’t done a double take in a long while. For this, I’m bringing a comeback for it. While I was preparing my story commentary of Selma’s 50th Anniversary that took place, these incidents of Anti-African American Justice had really sparked new concerns of old. And for the record: #BLACKLIVESMATTER. If #ALLLIVESMATTER really mattered, to whom that  say this, why still my race of folks of blacks are still targets of hate? Better check ourselves on that “Human Race” tip. I’m just saying.

First: For all the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, you all need to stop this mess. Everyone from near and far is talking about you and this racist chant that was recorded on the bus over the weekend. For those who feel of what was said, here it is once again.

Racist much?

Since this happened as usual: Oklahoma University President has already not only addressed the Student Body, but also, the Fraternity House has been closed and the members have been officially removed from the campus. Plus also, rapper Waka Flocka Flame, stated that he will not perform at the university since this matter started! Also there were some prospects that wanted to attend the University previously, also stated that they will not go to Oklahoma in regarding this matter as well. Oh, yes Boomer Sooners, the school is on watch, BY EVERYONE! According to historical stories and snippets, the SAE Fraternity has been doing these “racist acts” for years. Decades! And no one tried to called them out previously? Really?!! If this has been going on for so long, as it has been reported before, why not one person, has not tried to step up and exposed their acts?!  I know it’s been talked about, but still why have no one stopped it then?

On another WordPress blog, I recently read a story about a former member of the Fraternity that joined over 10 years ago, and yes like many other former members had denounced this act personally. And check this, it was a black man who was one of the last black members joined was speaking out. This man’s story has been blowing up and as of right now, many of the comments have reached at 123. Read the title, “There will never be another Black SAE.” It has been so mind blowing!

I want to say to William, if he’s reading this, thank you for speaking out. Your Fraternity will learn hard from this incident. And God is able! No matter what the folks had said about your story, and I’m assumimg that it’s mostly sympathies. And yes you made a choice in going for SAE. And also I’m assuming that other fraternities might ask you to come out for there parities or functions. But for right now: focus on God, your family, your job, and yes your son! Handle that first! And also like many others, even me will be in prayer. And I’m saying this as a black man and a non-greek person.

From The Root Website, (actually USA Today) another African-American Alum of the University, a past member of SAE’s Colorado’s Chapter, also commented that the Fraternity wanted to embrace diversity, but in his words, “it went off the rails.” So I’m assuming the thought that the “brotherhoods” of these fraternities are now becoming in questioning of what is a true objective. Now, long time ago on this blog, I have emphasized my support and future interest of the NPHC Fraternities. Nothing wrong with that. However I know I would be one of the few or many that might ask them: what is their purpose of the brotherhood? Matter of fact, what is the true purpose of the Fraternity? And also, do you STILL uphold your beliefs, purposes or objectives beyond college graduation? In other words, are you still real as you say you are?

Knowingly, this might be asked if many men (either college men or grown men) might be asking if an interest will pop up. I am saying this now! Oh, I know that many might say, don’t bring it up at a meeting. But in these recent events, that might be a question to ask because you might want to know partially in going. I’m just saying. If I were to go to a Fraternity Meeting of a NPHC or another Fraternity in the making, I’ll ask that question point blank. Furthermore, if the SAE in Oklahoma University would be investigated (which it will be) , don’t assume also that ALL of them will be investigated. They will. And even further, expect EVERY FRAT to be carefully watched on how they conduct themselves! Even the Black Frats. And also ALL Sororities! Everyone of these groups, no matter well known, or just knowing, will be on the pulse. Just wait. And speaking of the sorority that was all in the cheering mood with SAE, what were you thinking?

Also, in regarding the song that was chanted, there are skeptics that Hip Hop Music was to blame for this. WHAT?!! How is Hip Hop Music has been thrown into this? Oh, because of the N*gger word right? For the White Media Related folks, and those who like Morning Joe, stop the pain! For many many years, Rap Music has been a proverbial punching bag in the eyes of many due to sagging pants, the shoes that most had to get, the hair styles, or just having a Tupac/Biggie Smalls moment per say to act like them. Or the gold chains, or other forms that is selling big now in the eyes of the fans or consumers that presents. Don’t forget, rap brought a new revolution of activism that many seemed to forgot and must be very understood by many. And personally, saying the word N*gger was not in the start of the music genre! The N-bomb was well started WAY BEFORE RAP MUSIC! In the era of slavery and Jim Crow, the word was used alot, by slavemasters. And the same slavemasters probably were founders or early members of SAE also! So for those who kept putting up the Confederate Flag without any education behind it at a College University, you all better learn today! So now since the house got closed up, and black folks who got disappointed by the actions of “their brotherhood”,  what’s next? While pondering that, we just reflected 50 years of Selma.

Second take: I’m sure many in America is now having their eyes on Wisconsin again. Not the dumb Right the Work Bill that was predictably passed, I’m talking about the news surrounding the death of Tony Robinson who got killed by the Madison Police Officer Matt Kenney. Many of us in the Badger State have been protesting like crazy as usual in the act against a young black male of 19 years of age. Usually, being 19 is not considered an adult, but more like a teenager in my view. But the eyes of those who just want to be real about it, they are “considered” as adults.

For those that don’t already know, Madison is like the Liberal fortress of the whole state of Wisconsin. And yes, it’s well know for Wisconsin Badger Games for both Basketball and Football. And it’s the heart of the UW-School system for the whole state. Like I said, the only time(s) that I visited Madison, it was in high school performing with the Very Special Arts group at Camp Randall and yes it was during Badger Football games. This was in 1993 and 1994. And plus, like any other city, Madison does have issues with reality of racism.
For the last couple of days, I have sat back and like many had to review Tony’s life and yes he had his run in with the law with Armed Robbery. And jumping in and out of cars per say. And there were those who had to go onto Social Media and “thanking” the Madison Police Department for getting the thugs off the streets. HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE! So a 19 year old dude gets killed by the Madison PD, and he’s considered a thug? If those in Wisconsin or in the “white related media” are disillusioned  that Tony Robinson was a 19 year old black thug, guess what? You don’t know jack about him! Not one time you never knew the real him that tried to make a difference after high school. I don’t know jack about him. And don’t put all the Wisconsin Black Residents in the same basket and having the assumption we’re all thugs and gangsters that like to stir up trouble. And I’m assuming that there were protestors that supported Officer Matt Kenney and had “Blue Lives Matter” on the signs.

Stop copying and stop playing!

Like I said in the beginning, if #AllLivesMatter really mattered, why is my race of black folks getting shot or mocked are targets of hate? When it comes to this subject? And it’s a subject that is long questioned and examined. This is like a rerun in which Dontre Hamilton got killed all over again in Milwaukee.

And furthermore, I got family members that are cops and I don’t see them going around in protest!

So let me end this: Many in Milwaukee can relate of what is Madison is feeling. And it’s not just a Milwaukee-Madison thing. It’s happening everywhere when a black male (or black female) gets killed by the police, or some watch person, they get on paid leave, or found not guilty and either they get back on the job, quit, or just run away to be killed. I hate to say that Matt Kenney is on watch. He’s on watch. His name is added to the list like Christopher Manney, Darren Wilson, and others who got away scot free after killing unarmed black males.

And truly, do All Lives “Really” Matter?

Plus: Shout out to the 608! Wake the city!!!!!