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The State of Wisconsin had a good Whirlwind of Victories last week. In terms of the Milwaukee Brewers, the Wisconsin Badgers and the CURRENT Superbowl Champs, Green Bay Packers. But before I talk about the “Whirlwind,” I have to talk about the Brewers. Yes, the 2011 NL Central Division Champion Milwaukee Brewers. I said this last year that I won’t be talking about them unless they start winning. I guess the prophecy came true this season. The Milwaukee Brewers right now, are on some strange brew of motivation that was similar since 1982. Now when the Milwaukee Brewers were in a big game like the World Series at the time, I was only 5 years old when they made it that far, which they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. And yes, the years went by, and the Crew weren’t the stuff in Major League Baseball. There were times that I tried (and yes Lord I did try) to watch Baseball, but it went for other teams like the Yankees, Marlins and Red Sox. All of the Big League Market teams. But for Milwaukee, it was just a matter of no chance. Not enough talent and energy to make me say, “I want to see the Brew Crew make things happen.”

So OK, new Management, new players, a different scenery of Miller Park, and most of all a city that most of America seem to forgotten in the Midwest. You may have heard that the Green Bay Packers are the State’s unifier, but to fairly say now the Milwaukee Brewers have become and still are, the City’s unifier. We all know that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States, but for team like the Brewers with this new “strange brew of confidence”, can definitely unify a city that has high problems of Unemployment for African-Americans, Teen pregnancy, harsh winters (just kidding) and other ways to mend the fences of the city. And yes Milwaukee Sports Fans, we can get into “beastmode” in all things! Maybe Milwaukee can use the “beastmode” to get African-Americans in the city to be recruited for jobs without discrimination, tell the teens to get off of the pregnancy trip at 14 years old to get thinking about education and a real future. And sure as heck to tell us to go “beastmode” against segregation! We can wait for Nyjer Morgan or “Tony Plush”  to do this all we want. Or Prince Fielder, or Ryan Braun, Or Rickie Weeks or any of the Brew Crew to do this all we want as well, but we citizens have to build on it! So yeah, I’m putting on the Blue and Gold now. And the last time I wore anything like this was….20 years ago, in middle school that is.

This past weekend, the whole state for the first time has been wrapped up in a “Wisconsin Whirlwind of Victories” that has unprecedentedly put Wisconsin, a state that earlier had to go to battle against Scott Walker (which is still moving along)  to a state that revives in sportsmanship. The Badgers welcomed the rookies of Nebraska into the Big Ten with a 48-17 win. Learn the game, Cornhuskers. And on Sunday, while the Brewers were going 2-0 in the NLDS over the Arizona D-Backs, the Packers took care of business against the Denver Broncos which makes the Packers and the Detroit Lions unbeaten at 4-0. Just to the think about it, the Packers and Lions are making the NFC North serious. Not the Bears, nor the Vikings. But it was good weekend. I have to say that even though the Packers got the motor running earlier in the year, the Brewers rejuvenated their juice to get the oil changed which led them to a NL Central Title. Technically, the WI is on point. And even though that Whirlwind has died down a bit, the ideal thought has got the Badger State talking on the sports level.