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That’s right. I need to ask this question. Where are the New Civil Rights Leaders in the Black Community? In the wake of needing black leaders to step up, it’s a rightful thing to ask. I was watching a clip from Real Milwaukee in which Sheriff David Clarke was featured as a guest host. If you must know, it’s was related to the State Fair incidents or melees. Sheriff Clarke stated that partially that there are NOT enough black leaders in the community step to take action. Yes, he mentioned Bill Cosby when he made here to Milwaukee in 2004 to promote his campaign to tell African-Americans to be responsible in the community. With all the respect to Bill Cosby, but Sheriff Clarke felt that Bill Cosby shouldn’t show up and telling us to grip the solutions of the African-American Community. Note to the Sheriff: Talk to Eugene Kane and tell him because he was the one invited Cosby here in the first place.

But seriously, where are the NEW Civil Rights Leaders? It was a similar question that even MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor asked on Twitter: “Question: Are there any real civil rights leaders left? Who, if anyone, makes your list and why? (honest question).” Now we can call on the Rev. Jesse Jacksons, the Rev. Al Sharptons, the Minister Louis Farrakans, the Sistah Souljahs, all we want to. BUT: where are the New Civil Rights Leaders at? Where are the civil rights leaders that can take action right now against the faults of the Tea Party? Where are the Civil Rights Leaders that can take action with voting drives, recall elections against politicians, and even helping unemployed African-Americans get help with jobs without being discriminated? You don’t have to be in your 30’s and 40’s just to join as a Civil Rights Member. Everyone is talking about again, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1963 “I Have A Dream” Speech he gave in Washington, DC. Even with the anniversary, the statue is also an added bonus to help us to think. And for the record, I don’t why everyone in AMERICA is tripping over the fact the statue was made in China. Note to America: you know that the Statue of Liberty was made in France, right? So what’s the deal? If you so called “real-Americans” really care about designing and buying American, get up, get out and TAKE YOUR PLACE! Stop the constant bickering like a red-headed step child, and just do it already! How hard can that be? Don’t wait until the next day at work or school, just to get your shine on.

Now back to this: It reminds me of what Chris Rock said years ago about needing a leader. You remember what he said. “We need a leader that can move me.” But the question is, who’s going to step up for real and take it to the next level? We had Martin Luther King, Jr. But he’s not going to reappear every time when his anniversary of birth, death and I have a Dream comes. I know that Martin Luther King, III is in effect, but even he can’t bring back his famous father to help the cause. The same with Malcolm X. His daughters are in effect, but even they can’t bring back his physical form on the day of his death, birth, and the hear/see him about “by any means necessary”. This is a constant reminder that we (the African- American Community) need to look within ourselves and ask who wants in? You can be 26 years old and start to apply yourself (and I mean APPLY YOURSELF) to stand up for civil rights. Dr. King did this at this age. All of you 26 years old black folks, research, facebook, twitter, that!

If you are really tired of those who say, they are not standing up for us in Hip-Hop: Stand. Where are the “Hip-Hop Civil Rights Leaders” at? You heard me. If you are really tired of those who say that there are not enough jobs for black folks to apply because of racism, sexism, bigotry, or gender, STAND UP! Don’t just sit in the E-Z chair looking at the paper or the internet reading about the constant problems in the African-American Community. Get your skills on. Visit the problems arising. Have a common cause to get to the ball rolling and the gears moving. We heard constantly also that our mothers and fathers aren’t going to be around that long to help us to get our butts in gear. When they pass away, we need to step up BIG TIME! When the folks currently involved in civil rights pass on, who will be the folks to step up? Jesse Jackson, Jr.? Another member of the King/Farris Families? Malcolm X’s extended family? Rosa Parks’ family, Maybe, you don’t have to be from a civil rights family to be a civil rights leader. There are those who can start a new revolution of Civil Rights, that are from a “non-well known family” that could help the cause.

Time to think. We got all this enthusiasm, and shared problems in our community. But the question is, where are we going to do with it?