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So we had the Easter meal, the Worship Service, April Fool’s Day, and still making the run to Pentecost Sunday wearing red. And yes like many others, I’m still scratching my head. Oh, yes it’s time to ask the questions that lingered the brain on my head like crazy.

So ALL of you church haters at it again with those memes, huh? If you hate Church so much with those trying to do good in all, why do you talk about it? And it shouldn’t pertain to you because you’re not there!

Should the Black United Methodist Men form their own super groups in their communities? Milwaukee might have one soon. Wait for it.

It’s funny though, when all the keyboard gangsters talk smack, why aren’t they are defending themselves in person?

The Wisconsin Badgers Football team have a moniker of last year: “Nobody Cares. Work Harder!” Should that be an everyday moniker?

Have you voted in the primary and spring elections so far?

Can Christians be woke too? Especially Black Christians whom are woke with the truth of black Jesus?!

How many of us really heard about our children and teens cry out about the school shootings and actually doing something about it?

Why aren’t the black students in Parkland not getting enough commentary about to the shootings? It’s always with Emma Gonzales and David Hogg. And plus black students talk about this scenario everyday!

Hey Milwaukee, how you like that thing called “The Hop?” Let’s be honest, it’s new. And hated. But it will be a while to get used to it. Trust me! Streetcars are not Trolleys.

Are the teachers who work for the pay getting played out for those like to deduct?

Who liked WrestleMania?

Many are asking, why do the WWE fans get so vocal the day after WrestleMania?

Can Ronda Rousey be more legit with the WWE? WrestleMania 31 was just the sample! 34 was the full meal.

Black women: it seems some of you (via twitter) got offended with the language of BET’s Mancave. Now why are you watching the show, again?

Not a fan of Roseanne, but why are folks having their feelings about it? Let me help out: if you don’t like a program that is “piss poor comedy” and it disagrees with your level of consciousness, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

And by the way, so many folks questioning on Blackish, because of an episode got pulled? Oh, it relates to the anthem.

How do you like Black Lightning being renewed for it’s second season?

Why is The Quad on BET cancelled?!

The 30 year old BMO Harris Bradley Center is going to be dust soon. Paving the way for the New Arena. What do you remember when the Bradley Center was hyped?

Is it necessary to get a Master’s degree, like right now?

For the jobs right now, where’s the info about the Bachelors Degree required jobs? I’m asking that again and again.

Milwaukee: when will African World Festival actually return? Like seriously? We know Garfield Days, and other African-related stuff happening around the city, but what about this though?!

It seems that Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on movies recently. So after 35 years, why Black Panther?

Wisconsin – FINALLY Paul Ryan of the so-called “Cheesehead Revolution” will step down as Speaker of the House as of January 2019. But……what about Scott Walker? His job needs to be removed THIS YEAR! And Reince Preibus: he’s long gone!

MLK has been dead for 50 years: what are we doing wrong, Americans?!

Yes, this year the Packers will turn 100. So haters, you won how many titles again? And how many of your so-called teams benefited from the Green Bay in the last century?! #PackerNationKeepsIt100

Why can’t many kids today write cursive?

Who will replace MPS Superintendent Dr. Driver by the time July comes in Milwaukee?

Where are the introverted jobs? Only for those of us who don’t want to talk as much!

And the last question of the story is this: Is the Blue Wave really gonna hit Trump like a bad habit in the fall? And will Mark Zuckerberg get on the case for real about the data for us Facebook users? And by the way, that is coming in a future blog planned later on. Stay tuned!

Yesterday in Milwaukee, our long waited talk about the Milwaukee Streetcar is over. The vehicle came in from Pennsylvania via a truck and it was parked downtown near the Post Office at around 11:30am . And yes, the interest “per se” was building due to a fight that lasted for over 2 decades in an idea to connect means of transportation in the city. It really started with former Mayor John Norquist.

Just to think, as of the newslinks, it’s been 60 years this month of March since a Streetcar last appeared in Milwaukee, and it’s here. Many of us under 60 years old only saw Milwaukee Streetcars in museums, books, displays of the past when Milwaukee was coming up. And yes after that, the buses came in for MCTS.

Now after all the debate, after all the madness, after all the protesting, after all the ideas that Potawatomi Hotel & Casino would pay for the first year and nicknamed the vehicle “The Hop” if you will, and many others: even my “letter” to the City of Milwaukee Common Council of making that big decision on this blog of the need of jobs in the city, NOW IT’S HERE! Lock it up with an iron clad and let it operate. And speaking of that, The Streetcar needs folks to work!

Now since it’s here, word is that the testing will continue for the rest of the year to make sure that it’s in place starting in April. We just can’t ride the thing out of the gate. And yes of course the naysayers will have their continued say. But like many things: it will all come around in time. In my view.

The Streetcar or The Hop may seem controversial, but like the book by Eric Bischoff which it titled promptly to a point: “Controversy Creates Cash.”

So let’s give this thing a chance. After all, is this a country of opportunity? Plus this should be some sort of small victory in Wisconsin after the blown coverage of the High Speed Rail being faulted by Scott Walker.

Follow the continued momentum via the streetcar website:

There will be more commentary to come.

It’s time for a Three Way Dance. Finally I’ll get to talk about that black dude that showed up at 45’s rally in Arizona. Remember that recall in Milwaukee against Tom Barrett? And for my non-churched folks who think churches aren’t doing jack for the hurricane victims, think again.

First Dance: Ok, who is this Michael The Blackman?

I’ll bet many of us were asking that recently. If many were brave enough to catch a clip about this dude showing up at a 45land Rally in Arizona holding a sign says “Blacks for Trump” I’m asking who let this dude in the building? Did ol Donnie paid him to show up? I’m looking at this footage with the surrounding of all those white folks mostly and the thing is why is that black dude in the crowd?!

Speaking of that, I peeped this dude’s website recently. He’s got a website that is so controversial like it’s crazy. Anyone seen this? It’s called On his site, he’s got all of this “self-proclaimed” bible theories about religion and other mess that it’s flat out ridiculous. He believes (according to his website) that the Cherokee Indians were like the KKK and tie them with the Democrats. Another in the head line that he believes that Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican which he was NOT! He also believes that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had some controversial angles, and many other pro Republican type scenarios for support. Even posing with the likes of Sean Hannity and the Tea Party. Many others were just flat out ridiculous! Oh he’s been backing the Red Party since 1994. He’s got other names like Maurice Symonette and had been in a cult previously. Let me save my vision here.This guy is nuts. I’m sorry. After looking at his “website” for who he is I’ll bet the words “messed up in the head” comes to mind. And it does! And you wonder why that is. And I hate to say that his Bible Game is totally messed up!

Second Dance: Milwaukee, I told you so!

That so-called recall against Mayor Tom Barrett by the “Save Our City Milwaukee Can’t Wait” group. The same group that had the Allen Jansen dude that lead the campaign and had also Darryl Farmer (aka King Rick) from the Black Panthers to be a Treasurer in all. Yeah that group. They according to this blog update had about 10,000 signatures to capture to get the recall, but however according the rules of the Election Commission, they were supposed to get at least 50,000 signatures within the 60 day deadline. Well guess what: THEY FAILED!!!!!

There was no substance in this recall. NONE. I didn’t see them around the city when the festivals were happening. I didn’t see them at the parks, the neighborhood block parties, churches, Summerfest. NONE AT ALL. Where were they? Now rumors has it that they were based in the Bay View Area. But if that’s the case, that was a mistake. If they were just based from that or their intent to get it out in all, they fumbled the ball. I mean seriously, where were the base? And that’s why local recalls just flop. If they were mad serious, that recall thing were to be out in full force, but NOPE! Not a chance. One of the major keys of this so-called recall was the Milwaukee Streetcar. By the way, the streetcar idea is still rolling. And recently, our “GOP Friends” in Madison had kind of goofed up with the Transporation Infanstrcutre Financial Area. One of our freeways near the Northside of Milwaukee is still under constrction and is behind! NOT COOL, Wisconsin GOP! And also they wouldn’t offer any pull per se with the Milwaukee Streetcar with additional funds. So why the hate about the Milwaukee Streetcar you ask? POLITICS. You know what, google the Kenosha Streetcar. Really do that. And the thing is there is no hate about the Kenosha Streetcar, but hate on the Milwaukee Streetcar. Can anyone say hypocrites in politics? Most definitely, it is! And I must add, a democrat here in Milwaukee has a hate on this as well. Find him. Hint: he’s an Alderman.

And part of that is, the hate of them is on Milwaukee. The city is the leading engine for the whole state depending on the economics. Mostly that. So we got some lawmakers and Political GOP Hypocrites in our state that favor one thing and spread hypocritcal issues on many which includes minorities. This includes Scott Walker! Yep, I said it! Can anyone say “continued ideals for white supremacy?”

Even us as African Americans whom are at the 6-8 percent living in Wisconsin. Heard that before!

Third and last card: Stop sleeping on UMCOR!

For many of us who are still think that the American Red Cross is the only thing that is helpful, (not to disrespect them) don’t assume that. If you have not heard of UMCOR before I assume that:

A) You’re not United Methodist and don’t know jack about it.

B)You are United Methodist that just heard about it by googling

C) You think that ALL Churches don’t always donate to the cause based on lopsided opinions or experience. or;

D)All of the Above or

E)Any of the choices.

For those who are wondering, what is this UMCOR? What is it? UMCOR stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief. This organization is a church organization that has been in the game of support since 1940. It started out as a refugee support during the Second World War. The United Methodist Church has this reputation that when disaster strikes in any part of the world, The UMC is on point with UMCOR. If you don’t know what it is, click on the link to learn about it.

Now why I am talking about UMCOR? Why not the others? Well let me say this: UMCOR is part of my denomination, the United Methodist Church. And every United Methodist Church should know about UMCOR in a connectional sense of support. This is not just local support, but this is world wide support. There are United Methodist Churches in the globe that has this direct connection with UMCOR. And many are asking, well why haven’t I heard this before? Ummmmm…..many of you need to read the answers above! Now the next question is, what kinds of support or supplies does UMCOR do? What about the donations?

As far as support: from the website it states:

UMCOR helps annual conferences…

  • Prepare for disasters. UMCOR works cooperatively with annual conferences in the event of an emergency and to prepare for emergencies. We work through the disaster response coordinator to provide training in all aspects of disaster response. Call your conference office to find out who is your disaster response coordinator.
  • Respond to disasters. UMCOR always responds to emergencies at the invitation of and through the affected Annual Conference. In addition to providing training, UMCOR offers technical assistance and support through a highly trained network of staff, consultants, and experienced volunteers to help annual conferences respond to all phases of a disaster.
  • Recover from disasters. UMCOR can send emergency grants immediately to fund start-up relief activities. UMCOR also supports long-term recovery ministries through the provision of grants, planning, technical assistance, and training, and helps coordinate volunteers. All requests for assistance are received through the conference disaster coordinator.

For training: According to the website, UMCOR offers a wide range of disaster readiness and response training. See our list of training programs and calendar for more information.

*As an example, UMCOR hosted a Disaster Training session in the Caribbean last year in 2016. Read about this of what they went through.

For the financial donation: UMCOR uses 100% of the proceeds given to the needs mostly.

Types of Supplies: UMCOR assembles Relief Supply Kids for the most needed – Cleaning, Hygiene and School Kits. Check it out here.

So guess what? UMCOR is the real deal. Like I said, you probably have donated to the American Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army or many other organizations that many know. Nothing wrong with that. But the fact of matter is UMCOR is being slept on. And it’s a church organization that is on the move since 1940. I highly suggest that every UNITED METHODIST CHURCH need to have the info on UMCOR in your church bulletins, announcements, Social Media Pages, and others about this. And for you non-members or former church goers that got mad and expressing your liberties like crazy online like Facebook, look: you have had your message clear. But don’t EVER overshadow the thought that you got churches that are doing this through connections with overall objectives. And I should remind you: that not all are about the money, or being “highly christian” and lowly on you. We are not perfect. And neither are you. So let that sink in. And this is not Joel Osteen stuff here! Just to pass along.

Hate to say it, but it is the truth!

Give back!

Breaking news out of Milwaukee this morning: Call it the Three Way Dance – The Milwaukee Streetcar Edition. However, my last dance card will not be pretty.

For many many years and months of concern and hope, the Milwaukee Streetcar Debate reached to a breaking point. In a vote of the Milwaukee Common Council of 10 – 5, the Streetcar still lives. BUT: there is one stipulation that was noted from the Common Council President Michael Murphy.

In the meeting, yes there was positives. Even coming from Alderman Nik Kovac (whom I’ve known since Middle School), has been the positive vocal point of the Streetcar Project. Alderman Terry Witkowski of the South Side was at first undecided previously, but the idea sparked for him to support the Streetcar as well. He also noted that there are some in his district had memo that the Streetcar may not work due to the district he oversees. But overall, Alderman Witkowski did say that the streetcar would benefit all of Milwaukee via downtown. The meeting of the Streetcar lasted for about over an hour with the pros and cons. Even the commentary cons of Alderman Bob Donovan, Joe Davis, Tony Zilenski (who favored the Streetcar but due to the stipulation of the signatures) Joe Dudzik, Jim Bohl, and Robert Puente.

For those who favored: Alderrwoman Coggs, and Aldermen Kovac, Witkowski, Hamilton, Wade, Bauman, Murphy, Perez, and Stamper.

Lastly, the CC President himself did indeed noted his support of the Streetcar. He also noted that the even though the project would be taking a risk, but also noted (and it’s real talk) that in his words: “there is a risk in everything in life.” So technically he was point of taking challenges even they seem to be “controversial” or in this case, daring. However on the other end, for those who feel that they needed to say against the project (even though the thoughts in my view are “Conflicted”) he also fairly said that those with the petitions would be welcomed. So with that, the official (and hopefully THE LAST) vote will be extended until February 10th, 2015. The vote was noted with a 10 – 5 decision. But with the stipulation of the signatures, it stood as of 9-6 overall with 8-7 in favoring the signature requests. So it came close with the backing of the Streetcar by the council, but the final vote was put on pause.

Now since that’s on ice until Black History Month, here is something else to note: Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!

Apparently there was a true backing of the Milwaukee Streetcar Dilemma in the eyes of Bob Donovan and others: Americans for Prosperity. A Koch Brothers funding group, who has backers in Milwaukee of all places has been the culprit of these referendums, obstruct and cancel plans that have been planted to stop the Streetcar. For all those who are signing those referendums, I know you have a right to say what’s up, BUT I must warn those pretty much:

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!

Personally what these so-called Americans of Prosperity folks are just doing the work that want to keep stuff held back. That’s all they do. Keeping folks poor in all. And yes they are Koch Funded that helped the likes of Scott Walker per say to get the chair in Madison. Matter of fact that group has been responsible for “cheating” for the last four and half years in terms of getting the High Speed Rail and the KRM defunded and money to be left alone and went out of the state. Oh yeah, they have been “cheating” just to fund their money to deflate anything that does not like them. Oh, I hope the black community in Milwaukee is paying attention, closely! Especially those who like to say, #TEAMSHUTITDOWN on Facebook. And those referendums that your crew on FB probably got circulated via the net, all that came from the Americans For Prosperity.


Well since the cat has been let out of the bag in regarding the Streetcar in this sense, The “proponents” per say need to further the cause of the real deal by February 10th. The proponents need to be “reproofers” and to go onto the “Stop The Milwaukee Streetcar” Facebook Page and reproof the folks who are misguided, uninformed, poisoned with thoughts, and just need to get the dose of reality of what is the real truth with this project! The same goes for other Facebook pages, other social media platforms, radio, TV, blog or bloggers, and EVEN the Americans For Prosperity themselves that what they are spreading is just false mess! For 25 years, Milwaukee has been talking about this project over and over again. And the use of future transportation has been thoroughly commented. Sometimes BUSES aren’t the answer at all times. And I mentioned in my previous blog that some employers don’t allow employees to take buses! They don’t! The next time when you look at a job description either online or in print, read it very carefully. If it states on the description that the job does not require applicants or employees to take public transportation, that says it. Again, I’m not saying all jobs have this, only some. I’m making this clear because of my experience back a decade ago. Has there been some changes in the last 10 years? Yes and No.

So in summary, here is the rundown via the Shepherd Express:

    • The final vote on Feb. 10. This will likely pass. When you remove Tony Zielinski’s vote for the project and then to reconsider, it received 9 of 15 votes in support, giving the streetcar more than enough votes for it to pass at the next meeting. Significantly, Common Council President Michael Murphy voted in favor after opposing the project in the past. That carries a lot of weight and says something about how important this project is to the future of the city. (And, no, I don’t think it’s the “second coming.”)
    • Opponents need to come up with 31,000 signatures in the next few weeks. Right-wing radio will be fanning the flames to help out this effort and the petition drive will be well financed. I’m going to assume that Nate Hamilton’s radio ad will continue running as well. One wrinkle for opponents is that they need 31,000 city voters. Suburban residents won’t be able to sign.
    • If the Common Council passes the project and the petition drive is successful, I assume that the city will go ahead full steam to begin launching the actual project so that it’ll be difficult to kill and people will have gotten used to it. (Then again, that didn’t work out so well for the high-speed rail project, which Walker killed even after Doyle was signing contracts right and left to try to lock in that project.)
  • The Joint Review Board needs to give its final approval. I was unfamiliar with this body until this morning, and it seems like a few council members—except for the streetcar opponents—were fuzzy on it, too. According to state statutes, the JRB gives the final approval to any TIF or TID project. (Here’s the state fact sheet on it as well as the city’s fact sheet.) It’s made up of the local taxing authorities as well as one member of the public. Why did the opposing alders mention the JRB this morning? If you look closely, you’ll see that the JRB doesn’t have to be the final word on any TIF or TID project. A majority of the JRB can request that the information the city submits for JRB review be reviewed for errors. And who would do that review? The state Department of Revenue.

So, in my prediction, the Streetcar will roll for approval and the jobs with it. Get the resumes out!

Finally just today, this one of the worst comments coming out of the mouth of Milwaukee Alderman Joe Dudzik. This Alderman, well according to WTMJ 620 AM, he commented that blacks in Milwaukee will be in his words via the Streetcar:

“There’s going to be a couple of assaults, maybe a rape, or a shooting on one of these streetcars,” Dudzik told WTMJ’s Wisconsin’s Afternoon News.  “The [millennials] that claim they’re going to be riding this thing are going to be nowhere to be seen.” 

He also claimed that his comments were not racial, but having to review the previous stuff with Northridge and the Grand Avenue Mall.

What did the Mayor say for this?

The Mayor’s office responded to Dudzik’s comments with a statement:  “There have been a lot of irresponsible statements about the Streetcar and this is one of the worst.”

You know what, I’m calling out the B.S. out of the mouth of Alderman Joe Dudzik. His comments about blacks messing the Streetcar with Rape and Violence is very stupid. No it’s BEYOND STUPID! This is just as dumb and immoral as Joe Davis saying the Streetcar is racist. I do have a question though: Has Alderman Joe Dudzik ever been beaten by a black person before he became an Alderman? When was the last time Dudzik was ever defeated and felt soft, snobish, weak minded and racist against those of African-American? Since when, High School?!!! He claims he’s not making it racial, but he is by opening his mouth! If you live in his district, PUT HIM IN CHECK! Was he ever aware that the MCTS had rapings, fights, shootings on the buses?! Has he?! He, like Joe Davis better wake the “F” UP! Plus also he was wrong about the Northridge Mall closing up due to blacks. According to one of my favorite black Milwaukee radio stations, and I’m glad the “The Forum” brought this up, due to the fact that real reason why Northridge is really closed was due to a rumor that a black man way back when caused a violent shenanigan against a white patron previously. Go ask Jesse Anderson, a white dude in JAIL! Who also killed his wife many moons ago. That’s the real main reason why Northridge Mall is closed up now! Put that in the archives all because he killed his wife and blame it on a so-called black guy!  If Alderman Joe Dudzik is up for re-election, he better not get reelected! He need to be fired and recalled for his commentary and yet to apologize to every single African-American he offended with his comments! He might lose alot of “Black Friends.” Just a warning! How does he know what might happen when violence on a Streetcar would occur? As I mentioned from my previous blog, the MCTS had shootings, stabbings, fights and etc. Carjackings. Has any Taxis in Milwaukee had been shot up before? I definitely want to know.

Put a petition together to get him fired! 

And plus, to those who are on the “Stop the Milwaukee Streetcar” Facebook Page or any other Anti-Milwaukee Streetcar Social Media site: do you condone this?! Put down your burgers, fries, sodas, beers, coffees, pizzas, and other eats/drinks and put this fool of an Alderman in serious check! Now you know why Milwaukee is a segregated city? This is not just about the Milwaukee Streetcar idea. Again, this is where “Race in Milwaukee” needs to be talked about and clarified and put on the table. Now for those who say “I have alot of black friends”, to  “I’m not a racist, or that repeating feeling of “I don’t care if you’re purple, red, green, and etc……We’re all the same.” REALLY?! I call B.S. on that also! And don’t even bust out with the MLK speech with the favorite of not about color but about character. Half of you probably believed that notion also have broken that belief with your actions, and your so-called lessons that you obviously proposed or learned! Just admit it! And I don’t care if it’s 2015!

I’ll bet these are the same folks who fear having their boots shaken when going into Milwaukee for a spot visit, work, or just to relive the “good ole’ days” per say, they are the same folks who have this fear of getting shot, assaulted or raped in the city. Well I got news for them: where you are, I might get caught dead for being strange in the nice neighborhoods. Or being called that scary N*gger and getting arrested for some alleged B.S. that went down. Or being accused of any other thing that they feared since something was taught being afraid and racist of black folks! I’m putting this out there to be real!

Like Dr. King once said: “Where do we go from here?” Ponder that hard.

And other than that: check out the statistics thus far from Urban Milwaukee in regarding the Yay’s and Nay’s of the Streetcar.

Mark it down. January 21st will be D-Day for the Milwaukee Common Council in which they will vote Yea or Nay in regarding the Milwaukee Streetcar Project. Yes, it’s still a hot potato in which many might rock it or drop it. I think those who rock it, in a sense could lead to additional opportunities to jobs in which the city has been preaching forever! And those who like to “drop it” in terms of it being racist, a thing of waste, and also as I put it in my last blog, “Conflicted Viewpoints” among those who are angry and  protesting in disgust. However, my viewpoint is for one thing, and one thing only: Employment Opportunities to the next level. Not just about the routes, times, or highly concerned options. The main focus IS JOBS! PERIOD! So for that, I present this blog letter to the council.

And if those who are apart of the Milwaukee Common Council that uses WordPress, share this before voting!

Dear Milwaukee Common Council:

It’s me Stephen. Obviously, I’m a black blogger in the city by hobby.

It’s seems that you have a big decision to make in terms of the Milwaukee Streetcar Project. But before you make your decision of cost, structure, construction, and many other factors of human emotion and misguided dialogue: hear me on this of why it should matter to the additional construction ideas in Milwaukee. I often blog about Milwaukee being as a “tail-end”city. What I mean by that is, it’s always behind. And most recently, it’s also stuck in the word of “Can’t”. Twice as most of you are aware, we came so close with the previous projects that would have linked our City with Madison with High Speed Rail and not to forget another one: The KRM Commuter rail that would have linked Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee to get to those unreachable places for those looking for work. Of course! We also have problems with the violence, with potholes, housing, and many other factors that needs attention. Even yes, addressing the ongoing saga of the death of Dontre Hamilton, in which his brother Nate used a platform on WNOV to speak out against the Milwaukee Streetcar in relation to get justice. And additionally with the saga of the Republican-like organizations of Citizens for Responsible Government and this recent United For Milwaukee forged by Alderman Davis and Donovan. These I think are factors of examples of just trying to keep Milwaukee held back.

I’m sure you’ve heard and/or stood on the platform of all this.

But now, here is my only reason of the project: Four letters here – J-O-B-S! I like many others have been saying and commenting and blogging about the need of jobs in the City. I’m coming at this from a general standpoint. We need more “improved and never seen before can do jobs” in Milwaukee! I feel that it’s high time that this city needs to start playing more poker of new things that seemed daring to compete. I’m not just talking about against other cities, but we really need to step our game up for the future. Recently, the Mayor said that he’s betting on the future. And I hope all 15 of you are betting on the future as well. Yes, we still live in a segregated climate where mostly of my ethnicity of African-Americans are somewhat considered a suspect to death! Yes, we have other factors that might believe that Milwaukee is a wrong choice for jobs when it comes to skills, experience, residence (especially for those who are black job seekers) and many other factors combined. And I’m sure many of you, recently viewed the news out of California in their debut of the Bullet Train for their state. They stuck with their idea (along with Wisconsin’s part of the HSR money) built it, and it’s fully operational to get from Point A to Point B. They dared, they built it, and it’s arrived.

For all 15 of you and this Streetcar thing, yes I know many of you don’t like the idea. And there are those who favor the plan that it should move forward. And there are those who are undecided. I believe it should move forward to get something started. You see, I’m a job seeker for better employment, with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from UW-Stout, and I think this project with my college background skills should favor and interest me. I studied Occupational Safety/Loss Control, Strategic Management, Engineering Economy, Project Management, Statistics, Product Inventory and Control, just to name a few. And I feel it should be an investment not just the talk of wasteful government spending as the detractors put it. And definitely not controversial.

Clearly, I feel this should be a new investment to get this city going. And if  it’s not the investment of whatever, then Common Council: what is YOUR plan for the absence of the project? I don’t want to hear the same plans that have been burned out for the last 15 – 20+ years! I want to see NEW PLANS, NEW IDEAS, NO CONTROVERSIAL OVERALL EMPLOYMENT CAREER PLANS for this City! And unlike Alderman Joe Davis, it should NOT be racist or immoral but should effect those who are citizens of color looking for work.

And I hope that it should sink in for this vote next week after or maybe on the King Holiday.

So this is where I stand: I support the idea of the Milwaukee Streetcar for a new improved, fresh out of the box employment plans for the future. This is my reason and my reason only. There are other reasons, but I choose this reason to get things started. It doesn’t matter if it’s downtown or midtown, or uptown, this city as medium as is, needs something to think about. And do! This is my opinion and statement.






While what is left of Sagittarius Season, I’ll draw the bows and arrows and aim for another three way dance. Plus a bonus. This dance is all about the unexpected ratchetness of VH1’s Sorority Sisters, An update of the Milwaukee Streetcar and a final installment that I’ll dig up that is true, but I’m saving it. Not gossip or juicy. 

Take one: Sorority Sisters on VH1

First, I must ask this question. How many of those you know who are apart of the Divine 9 that watched the VH1 Premiere of Sorority Sisters? I have to say this. That show should be burned beyond recognition! I mean really. Why would this show, this REALITY SHOW be on VH1 of all places? And having these chicks representing of the AKA’s, Deltas, Sigma Gamma Rho’s and Zeta’s in the limelight that well, opposes the standards of the organizations? I mean really? I would rather see the Packers lose a unexpected game than watch VH1’s Sorority Sisters! (oh, by the way the Packers did lose against Buffalo. But it was ONE Game!) Anyway about this Sorority Sisters show, I know darn well that the D9 members that I know, don’t take this lightly. I know many probably watched the show and probably have an assumption that “this how all of the Sororities in the NPHC act like being all stuck up and selfish. Just like the girls on TV”. The D9 female members that I know personally through family, church, alumni in between really give back to the community through service and the ability to carry out their organizations’ objectives. Thats what’s up. For these actresses who either portray or act upon as a representative of their sororities, they are now being talked about. Of course. What you expect? They got a reality show! Now you might have seen this on Facebook, or any other Social Media platform, that there is a petition to get the Sorority Sisters show canceled based on the content that was shown on TV. Already, some ads that sponsor the show are being pulled until the show is completely gone. Anyone uses Carmex? You know the stuff that helps to pop your cold sores off your skin? Yep the same one. And just for those for an FYI, the company is based in my homestate of Wisconsin, in the Milwaukee area. Yes, that one! And already, Roland Martin himself has taken his liberties about the show to the forefront and commented that the show is no good. Just an FYI also, Roland (aka Uncle RoRo) is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Other famous Divine 9 names probably voiced their disapproval about the show’s overall content as being badly reflective of their organizations. However there are those who might trip on hating that, but still watch the shows of Love and Hip Hop or the Real Housewives of whatever. If that’s the other objective, then our priorities must be re-examined and to really ask, what do we really want in a show? I mean the real stuff. Time to ponder, black folks! (and folks alike).

Second take: The Milwaukee Streetcar

Already the Milwaukee Streetcar was put on the city’s hot potato list. And a decision should have been made already to go along with this. BUT: according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Urban Milwaukee website, the streetcar talk with the Common Council has been on hold until either January or February of next year. But as I was reading the story on the JS, there was talk about with the Streetcar and among other things: Racism and Violence. Yes, the last time I checked Milwaukee is still a segregated city in the country. From the JS also there was some divide about the project between Alderman Joe Davis and Alderwoman Milele Coggs:

Ald. Milele A. Coggs ripped into Ald. Joe Davis Tuesday after Davis during a heated Common Council debate characterized the downtown Milwaukee streetcar proposal as immoral and racist. “As I sat here listing to the comments, I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” Coggs told the council, which had already voted to delay consideration of the project until January and had begun to debate whether to delay streetcar’s proposed financing measures.

One of those measures would prevent opponents to the project from holding a binding referendum asking Milwaukee’s residents if they support the $124 million streetcar plan.

Streetcar opponents, such as Alds. Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik, have said a project as controversial and as costly as the streetcar all but demands a referendum.

“We are getting ready to wipe out from the public any say,” Davis said, echoing their sentiments. He called the proposal “immoral.”

The initial stage of the streetcar would connect downtown Milwaukee to the upper east side, with a spur extending to the lakefront.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the streetcar would create jobs, spur development and attract young and talented people to the city.

But the “millennials” the mayor hopes to attract, Davis said, are not the unemployed African-Americans that live in his north side district.

“Are they part of the ‘millennials?’ ” he said. “Or are they just thugs.”

Davis evoked the April 30th shooting of Dontre Hamilton.

“If a kid can get shot 14 times down here in Red Arrow Park downtown — and this is from young kids who have actually weighed in with me on the project — if that can happen, what will happen when they try to ride the streetcar downtown?”

Both Davis and Donovan have said they will challenge Barrett in the 2016 mayoral race.

Coggs, who spoke after Davis, bristled at the implication that those who supported the streetcar project are indifferent to the needs of Milwaukee’s African-American community or to the plight of the poor and disenfranchised.

“Instead of so much posturing, instead of so much name calling, instead of so much characterization of those who choose to support and not support the streetcar, we should discuss this on the merits,” she said.

“It is not that you care about the community or poverty or police brutality — or you care about the streetcar.

“It is not one or the other.”

“Milwaukee has a lot of work to do in a million different areas, but just because we have that work to do doesn’t mean we should miss the economic opportunity for growth that we have in front of us,” Coggs said.

Ultimately, the council voted to delay until January 21st not just the streetcar proposal, but to also delay until January the measures that would fund its construction and operation.

“We fully expected the delay,” Barrett said in an interview following the vote.

“No surprises at all,” he said.

The mayor said he would spend the next several weeks presenting the streetcar proposal to business and community leaders.

Alright: enough of the bickering. Since when the death of Dontre Hamilton per say has gotten into the discussion about the Streetcar project? That right there is another monster to deal with! Speaking of violence on public transportation, I’ve read about shootings that effected Milwaukee County Transit Busses years back. Try 10 years ago. I remember shootings on buses very well. Which partially made me switched my transportation needs to behind the wheel. Keep in mind, Milwaukee that this was about or over 10 years ago! I think Alderman Davis needs to get that commentary reexamined. Violence can effect no matter what transportation is needed. And also I remember when the MCTS had these things called Transit Security Guards from Wackenhut. Do they still work? And what about these Transit Security Cameras? Remember those? Do they still work? I’m just asking!

Over the course of my commentary, my support of the Streetcar is only one thing and one thing only: JOBS! Is that what we Milwaukeeans have been preaching about getting here so bad? HELLO!

But there was some good news out of the county. Milwaukee County Chairperson Marina Dimitrijevic whom proposed an idea between the Streetcar and the Coulture Projects. According to the Journal Sentinel she states in her commentary:

The Couture developer has agreed to hire 40% of workers from within Milwaukee County and contract with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises for 25% of this development. The city of Milwaukee has committed $400,000 as part of the proposed East Michigan tax incremental district toward much-needed workforce development. Recently, an additional $100,000 has been promised at the county level from the developer matched at $100,000 by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Development Board, making the total investment in preparing our workforce more than a half-million dollars. These city-county resources will connect job seekers with employers, build workers’ skills and strengthen our local talent pipeline.

Construction and operation of the Milwaukee streetcar also will provide training and economic growth. It will complement our bus system by feeding into the larger system and attracting riders. This will result in an overall expansion of transit services in Milwaukee County. A 2008 report on the Portland, Ore., streetcar explains that more than $3 billion in new development has taken place within two blocks of fixed streetcar routes.

Furthermore, according to Urban Milwaukee, she expressed this commentary along with the Barrett Visionary Development Group:

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic today announced $200,000 in additional funding for workforce development. The Barrett Visionary Development Group has promised $100,000 that has been matched by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board. This new $200,000, led by the county, takes the overall workforce investment combined from the Couture and Streetcar projects to half a million dollars.

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic said: “This city-county partnership will help touch more than 500 workers, providing the necessary job training skills needed to connect with open positions in our growing economy while building our talent pipeline.”

Rick Barrett, of Barrett Visionary Development, has proposed the 44-story, $144 million Couture development with more public access at the site of the under-used Downtown Transit Center. He has agreed to hire 40 percent of workers from within Milwaukee County and contract with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises for 25 percent of this development.

Earl Buford, President of the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment  Board said: “The investment of half a million dollars from the city and county together will be used for evaluation, assessment, recruitment workshops, and career pathway/training programs translating into real jobs on these projects.”

According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, the City of Milwaukee’s Streetcar Project will bring a new mode of transportation for people to connect with their jobs, their homes, and their entertainment destinations.  USDOT said construction work related to the Streetcar Project infrastructure will bring approximately 350 new jobs.  The Streetcar Project calls for certification that will ensure under-represented populations have access to career pathways with family sustaining wages, benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Dimitrijevic thanked Rick Barrett for his contribution to the city and county’s efforts to develop and strengthen our shared workforce. Rick Barrett added: “As a lifelong Milwaukeean, I am excited to help take us to the next level. I am happy to partner with the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board to provide additional resources to train workers and develop our diverse workforce.”

So what’s the fuss again? Like I said, if its a result of getting more jobs here in the city, then I’m all for it. You got two major projects that seemed controversial, but at the same time it might spur up jobs here in Milwaukee that are in of need. I wonder who or what antagonist are against this? And you got the USDOT in the back pocket in this? Who would NOT be against this? Even for family related sustaining jobs that most have been preaching and saying over and over again about since day one! I don’t hear or see this on Facebook!

Third on the card: Oh, Milwaukee had a week of wearing black in church and also a protest on a interstate.

This past week in Milwaukee, like many others across the United States in black churches, many of us wore black in solidarity of the #BlackLivesMatter conduct. Also, the gathering took place yet again at Red Arrow Park in which was the same site where Dontre Hamilton was killed by the hand and the gun of Former Police Officer Christopher Manney. This time the faith community: no matter if it was Christian, Jew, Musilim, and plus the ACLU of Wisconsin all came out. Even the Mayor himself made an appearance. Plus the brother of Dontre Hamilton, Nathaniel spoke to the crowd about his late brother and the misuse of the justice of his sibling encountered being shot 14 times. We all heard the story. Plus also after the rally, many started to march to the Milwaukee County Courthouse and to leave messages for County DA to let him (John Chisholm) know that the case involving the murder of Dontre Hamilton must not be ignored! Later on in the week on a Friday, check this out via WISN Channel 12:

Yep, what you’re looking at is a group of protesters taking I-43 hostage in the black community of Milwaukee. At one time, for those who are unfamiliar with this area, this was part of the original Bronzeville area before the freeway got opened up and kind of messed up the neighborhood for decades to come. But on this day, several protesters whom shown up to took the I-43 hostage per say, were arrested, but the message behind the protest was not silenced! And the reaction of this had to be some haters behind the screen. Folks had to say “oh it’s a mob scene!” Really? This was NO mob scene. This reminds me after the George Zimmerman verdict came in and after the non-guilty verdict, there were folks in protest if I recalled, there were protesters then shutting down a freeway in Houston, Texas! New York did the same thing a couple of month ago, and now it’s Milwaukee’s turn. Milwaukee can now join the lists of cities that had these non-violent freeway protests against the murders of unarmed (UNARMED) black men! Even though many might call this cray-cray in a sense, but it is a protest to get the folks talking! And it has to start and continue. No matter what or who thinks! Even if it’s Sheriff or the Chief of Police. Folks need to listen. Even if those live in the suburbs!  Also in the same week, several of my Milwaukee County Supervisors also expressed their liberties in session while showing the shirts of the words, #ICANTBREATHE. Yes America, you should know the name and reasons why Dontre Hamilton’s name is out like Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other unarmed black men (and to paraphrase Unarmed black women) were shot to death unexpectedly.

Final thing on the card: A mystery. 

What should go on the last card? Christmas, no no that’s too easy. Maybe about Bill Cosby and these ridiculous crap about him being a rapist? No no. However I’m saving that for my end of the year blog under scatching my head all this time segment. Sheriff David Clarke and him going on Fox News? Not yet. Wait until the same blog by New Year’s Eve.

Oh, wait, just wait. I GOT IT!

Already, my Stephen’s Spot thing, is expanding. Since December 1st, I’ve been expanding another skill of mine to work. Photography. For those who are on Facebook, I made a page called “Stephen’s Spot Photography” in which I take photos around Milwaukee in which I think might be good at random. Now, usually I don’t write this, but this is the first time I am expanding my work outside of WordPress. So, if you or those in the city ever get a chance, check out my public page of “Stephen’s Spot Photography” on Facebook. With the page, I’ll take pics (by using a Nikon) to go to any public related spot to snap nice photos of community related events. Either at my old high school, a nearby spot at Lake Michigan, or anywhere my camera touches. Even I might do mystery stuff in which like “where’s the Nikon now?” I’m going to have fun with this! So while the page is under development, you can still visit it via Facebook.


For those of us in America always complaining about our roads and bridges being not done or broken up with potholes, or having a project of transportation concerns that might interfere with the roads, stop the badgering. The reason I say this because it was just a thought that every city and state needs their own separate account in concerning roads and bridges only. With that being said, I unleash another blog letter.

Dear U.S. Citizens and those who always complain about roads. Even if you’re a Milwaukee citizen:

It’s me Stephen.  You should know I’m this black blogger from the Midwest in Milwaukee.


Yeah, hear this. For about 5+ years I have heard about the ongoing ramble of the deterioration roads and bridges. And even Potholes. I get it. I’m sick and tired of the whiny complaining folks about roads and bridges. Look here, yes I drive on the same roads and bridges as you do. And no I don’t complain. Why? Morely the roads and or bridges will find a path to get fixed. Yes, I read about the stories about the deterioration of the streets especially from recent snow storms. Even here in Wisconsin it’s like religion. We get snow and it get plowed off the streets. But yes, we get those godawful potholes that we drive over with our vehicles and scream expletives for not getting it fixed up. Well folks of America and Wisconsin, expect that to happen and expect that to get fixed up as usual.

For the money side of things, just yesterday, President Obama had launched a new TIGER of things to help repair, fix and maintain our Infrastructure. This is for all the right wingers like Scott Walker always butting heads about roads and bridges. This is for anyone opposes who feels streetcars are just a waste. Even if your name is Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, (I’ll go on her in minute) and anyone who feels this strongly.  Read the remarks of the President while talking Roads and Bridges in his stay in Minnesota.

For the outline of this, here is the rundown via The White House:

  • Supporting High-Value Transportation Projects Across the Country. The highly competitive TIGER program supports a range of projects, including roads, bridges, transit, rail, and ports, and offers one of the few Federal funding sources for game-changing projects that integrate different modes of transportation. The TIGER program invests in projects that will have a significant impact on the nation or a region, and Federal funds are used to make such projects possible and leverage additional funding from private sector partners, States, local governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and transit agencies.
  • Encouraging Improved Job Access and Increased Economic Opportunity. In an effort to expand economic opportunities for all Americans, the 2014 TIGER program will place an emphasis on projects that support reliable, safe, and affordable transportation options that improve connections for urban, suburban, and rural communities. While continuing to support projects of all types, a priority will be placed in this 6th round of applications on projects that make it easier for Americans to get to jobs, school, and other opportunities, promote neighborhood revitalization and business expansion, and reconnect neighborhoods that are unnaturally divided by physical barriers such as highways and railroads.
  • Prioritizing Transformative Projects. Successful projects in the highly competitive process will be those with the potential to improve economic competitiveness and create jobs, improve the condition of existing transportation systems, improve quality of life by increasing transportation options, improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and encourage resiliency, and/or improve the safety of our transportation systems.
  • $35 Million to Help Communities Design Economic Development Plans. In addition to supporting capital grants, Congress provided the U.S. Department of Transportation with the flexibility to use up to $35 million of the 2014 TIGER funds for planning grants for the first time since 2010. These funds can be used to support the planning of innovative transportation solutions, as well as regional transportation planning, freight and port planning, housing and land use development, and resiliency efforts that improve efficiency and sustainable community development.

Also The White House has additional info in regarding this option, and a proposal idea from the President:

  • Proposing a $302 billion, Four Year Transportation Reauthorization Bill, Providing States, Local Governments, and Construction Workers with Certainty. The President’s proposal for a $302 billion, four year transportation reauthorization will not only allow States and local units of government to effectively plan their project pipelines, supporting millions of good paying jobs over the next several years, but also will enable more transformative transportation projects that improve our global competitiveness.
    • $63 billion to fill the funding gap in the Highway Trust Fund. The proposal will meet our nation’s essential highway, bridge, and transit needs in the near term by providing $63 billion to address the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund for four years. 
    • Prioritizing “Fix-it-First” investments. The proposal will include policies and reforms to prioritize investments for much needed repairs and to improve the safety of highways and bridges, subways and bus services, with particular attention to improving roads and bridges in rural and tribal areas.
  • Matching Transportation Infrastructure Investments to the Current and Future Needs of American Communities. Bringing a one-time infusion of investment into our transportation infrastructure programs would enable projects that address the diverse needs of American communities today.  
    • $206 billion to invest in our nation’s highway system and road safety. The proposal will increase the amount of highway funds by 22 percent annually, for a total of about $199 billion over the four years. The proposal would also provide more than $7 billion to improve safety for all users of our highways and roads.
    • $72 billion to invest in transit systems and expand transportation options. The proposal increases average transit spending by nearly 70 percent annually, for a total program of $72 billion over four years, which will enable the expansion of new projects (e.g., light rail, street cars, bus rapid transit, etc.) in suburbs, fast-growing cities, small towns, and aging rural communities, while still maintaining existing transit systems. 
    • $19 billion in dedicated funding for rail programs. The proposal also includes nearly $5 of billion annually for high performance and passenger rail programs with a focus on improving the connections between key regional city pairs and high traffic corridors throughout the country. 
    • $9 billion in competitive funding to spur innovation. The proposal will make permanent and provide $5 billion over four years, an increase of more than 100 percent, for the highly successfully TIGER competitive grant program and propose $4 billion of competitively awarded funding over four years to incentivize innovation and local policy reforms to encourage better performance, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in our transportation systems.
    • Encouraging coordination and local decision making. The proposal includes policy reforms to incentivize improved regional coordination and strengthen local decision making in allocating Federal funding so that local communities can better realize their vision for improved mobility.
  • Expanding Economic Growth, Jobs, and Opportunity. The President is dedicated to enhancing opportunity for all Americans and our businesses by investing in transportation projects that better connect communities to centers of employment, education, and services.
    • More than $2.6 billion and policy reforms to support the creation of ladders of opportunity. The proposal will include policy reforms to enhance existing highway and transit programs that help to create ladders of opportunity. Within the overall transit spending, the proposal provides $2.2 billion for a new bus rapid transit program for rapidly growing regions. It also includes $400 million to enhance the size, diversity, and skills of our nation’s construction workforce, while providing support for local hiring efforts and encouraging States to use their On-the-Job training funds more effectively.
    • $10 billion for a new freight program to strengthening America’s exports and trade. Recognizing the importance of efficient and reliable freight networks to support trade and economic growth, the President’s proposal will also create a new $10 billion multimodal freight grant program – in partnership with State and local officials and private sector and labor representatives – for rail, highway, and port projects that address the greatest needs for the efficient movement of goods across the country and abroad.
  • More Bang-for-the-Buck by Boosting Efficiency and Taxpayers Return on Our Transportation Investments. In a time of tight fiscal and budgetary constraints, the President’s proposal includes a number of measures to ensure that the American public is getting most out of Federal transportation infrastructure investments that lead to better outcomes for all Americans.
    • Improving project delivery and the Federal permitting and regulatory review process. The proposal will further advance and introduce new reforms to the project delivery system through a range of activities that institutionalize best practices and insights from the President’s previous Executive Orders and Presidential Memorandums to cut project timelines in half for major infrastructure projects by modernizing the Federal government’s infrastructure permitting and regulatory review process.
    • Building more resilient communities. Building on the Sandy Task Force recommendations, the proposal will also encourage more resilient designs for highway, transit, and rail infrastructure, and smarter transportation planning to reduce fuel use and conserve energy.
    • Encouraging and incentivizing cost effective investments. The proposal will strengthen the performance incentives to maintain safety and conditions of good repair, and expand research and technology activities in order to improve the productivity of our transportation systems, thereby increasing taxpayer return on investment.
    • $4 billion to attract private investment in transportation infrastructure. The proposal calls for continued funding of $1 billion in annual credit subsidy for the successful TIFIA loan program that, similar to other Administration proposals such as capitalizing a National Infrastructure Bank, creating American Fast Forward bonds, or enacting Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) reforms, will facilitate increased private investment in transportation infrastructure while protecting taxpayer interests.

    So in regarding this, I believe that this will help with the current affairs of the roads and bridges in which it would generate new jobs, keep the taxpayers money safe, provide new and upgrade means of transportation, and most of all getting a chance to upbeat our projected endeavors. Yes I know that there are those who might complain and whine, but hey, if you are on the Right Wing Squad, is this what you wanted? I’m just asking.  So the country could get a 302 Billion dollar deal which means each state would get about at least 6 million per say for this project each. Think 302 billion divided by 50 States. Roughly around in that price range.

Speaking of this, I had to get back to the local side of things: here in Milwaukee as usual we face alot of the potholes and crumbling roads. But one Supervisor had to cross the line of ideas in which its illegal: According the Urban Milwaukee Website, they interviewed Deanna Alexander a Milwaukee County Supervisor about the roads and not enough support of the ongoing idea of having a Milwaukee Streetcar.

Ald. Donovan is absolutely on the right track with his request to reallocate streetcar funding and use it for street repairs and transit,” said Alexander, a member of the County Board’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee and the Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee.

“The streetcar is lacking public support,” Alexander said.  “We would be much more pragmatic to forego a shiny new streetcar plan and instead support what would have a more meaningful impact for our residents: expanding bus transit taking workers to suburban jobs and repairing the roads that are already deteriorating.”

“With limited resources, we’d all be better off with buses that go jobs rather than a streetcar that goes nowhere,” Alexander continued.  “I’ll be happy to talk about a streetcar plan when Milwaukee isn’t busy carrying the burden of being the 3rd highest taxed city in the county and when its residents aren’t calling elected officials begging for access to just-out-of-reach suburban jobs.”

“We have far more urgent needs than a streetcar,” she said. “If it is possible under the law, I urge the Governor, the Mayor, County Executive, and anyone else who can stir this pot for some practical change to take action to give our residents what they want: jobs and  transportation to them, not toys.”

Note to Supervisor Alexander: If you’re reading this, you do realize this is illegal. According to the law of the money that the city currently has for the upcoming Streetcar Project, if you have not done your homework. The money is ONLY for the StreetCar Project. It cannot be allocated. If the city of Milwaukee per say gives away that money to another city or another state, that’s our loss. I’ve heard this many many times, and I have to agree with the Mayor and any other federal financial individual that it is ILLEGAL for this to happen! We have to remember about the proposed idea about having a High Speed Rail that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison. But the person you written to, Governor Scott Walker refused the money to build the line! We lost out on a great opportunity due to him and his fans who feel that no one would ride a rail system. And in increase of his 250,000 jobs.  This includes Ald. Bob Donovan. You say about Jobs, Transportation to them, and not toys. Sometimes you have watch what you say. Those “toys” can be viable solutions to getting those jobs and transportation things. I’ve seen them upclose. Don’t believe me, take a look around on how other cities are doing this and SUPPORTING THEM with ideas with jobs in hand.

Personally, I would like to express that yes I do support the idea of having a Streetcar. And I hope that it comes with one word: JOBS! Now here is something that no one is talking about. If the folks like Scott Walker, Deanna Alexander, Bob Donovan and many other feel that roads and bridges are factor of concern. And those in the city circle can keep the Streetcar Project flowing without any concern, use this for idea and I’m glad it’s on time: Set up an separate account for the financial portion of the City’s Infrastructure that can be used for roads and bridges only. What that means, make a separate account for roads/bridges and leave the streetcar money alone! You can still have infrastructure funding. But make it two. One for Streetcars, the other for bridgework and roadwork.  Can that be done? Plus that idea from Obama might come in at a good time.



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If those who thought the Milwaukee Streetcar was on it’s last legs, guess what? Not “very” so. Even though that the state’s Budget Committee voted a 12-4 (majority Republican) in favor of the so-close demise of it, and have to advise the city government to pay it up, some probably forgot that the project will still go on as planned. Just a FYI that the Federal Money that was saved up for a future Infrastructure project back in the 1990’s. Mayor Tom Barrett already stated to The Business Journal, that the construction, operations, utilities, and finance costs of the Streetcar will move forward. In the meantime, there are some videos to watch why would a modern streetcar, would benefit Milwaukee. Even if you disagree, maybe just maybe (without busting out the calculator and calling it, that so-called word of a boondoggle) hear what some recent individuals have to comment.

If anyone in Milwaukee caught the news this week,  Alderman Bob Donovan is reviving his protest against the Milwaukee Streetcar Project.  In case those forgot, the Streetcar is slated to begin construction this fall in the city. However Bob Donovan also got support from the Americans For Prosperity, an American “Republican-based” Tea Party group in which launched a website called, an online petition website in order for their options to get noticed. Partially if that does happen, the Alderman wants to use the funds for road construction. WHICH IT WON’T in my estimation. The Alderman and those favored the project already knows that the money allocated has to be used for the Streetcar project only! It was ruled favored for it and it’s done. Technically, he’s wasting his time. Yep. I said it. More importantly this Streetcar Project could be a part of a solution of what everyone in Milwaukee is shooting for: Jobs. Better jobs to be exact. And to think, to bypass all the so-called “boondoggles” that folks have been screaming for years. See, this is one other reason why Milwaukee is behind in transportation. And other things.

Americans for Prosperity joins Milwaukee streetcar opposition

In case those want to know what the hub bub is about, check out the The Milwaukee Streetcar website.