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Its been a while for a Three Way Dance! And it’s a must NEEDED Dance. With all what is going on with many factors of concern it’s clearly that many folks in conscious are just being grabbed left and right. Oh did I mention that we’ve been here before. Of course! However if many are just late to the dance, or just in general don’t know or just didn’t know until the day actually comes. And they complain about not knowing or whatever. But for this though, I got dance cards on deck.

First Dance: The Leaky Tapes from the White House. Oh we all just woke up to this. Press play:

The Leaky Tape: Nixon and Reagan in 1971.

Show of hands right now: who didn’t know that this was a racial charged remark? And getting to the truth about Reagan and Nixon? Oh, that’s right many of us weren’t born in 1971 and didn’t know this. But there is one thing we all knew: They had racial angles! Nixon probably did but Reagan?! Really? The same “America is a Shiny Beacon on the hill” Ronald Reagan? The same Ronald Reagan that everyone probably voted up in the 1980’s with the same moniker of “Let’s Make America Great Again?” Guess who sampled that material? This Ronald Reagan that many watched to approve the MLK Holiday, gave Michael Jackson an commemorative award in the 1980’s at the height of Thriller, and he along with his wife Nancy had the Just Say No slogan on lock when Generation X were just kids? YEAH HIM! If many of you are Ronald Reagan Fans still backing the words of him during in his 8 years in office and you’re just now looking at this footage from 1971 there is one question to be asked? Are you shocked by this? And if you’re black, your perception has not changed about this man even after he left office. Want more proof? Let Roland Martin Unfiltered enlighten you:

Now many probably will be asking is how will Reagan’s family react to this? Their children, and grandchildren and many other in the Reagan Family Tree will react to this remark from 1971? Oh you know they will, but yet that was their father. Let them address that. But yeah MANY OF US knew this all this time. We’ve been knew it. But it’s others just chiming in on this youtube channels to not vote for Reagan in 2020.

CALLOUT- FYI: Reagan died in 2005, and Nixon passed away in 1994.

Even though that they had those angles, there are those today that would NOT forgive the actions that the Reagan and Nixon Administrations had done in their 4 to 8 years in office. Many will never forgive Reagan with the 80’s drug era that effected the country, including the areas of the POOR! Again, we known this angle for LONG TIME! If those whom are relatively new to the news, they are just learning. But for those of us relearning the story, we know it very well. It has not changed!

Second Dance: The #DemDebates Overall.

We’ve seen the Democratic Debates in the previous weeks and I must say that it’s all about bragging rights. It’s about the bragging rights that only ONE might emerge the candidate to take on 45 or the “Bad Trumpy Boy” in the 2020 Election. And yes we know who ever wins the prize will become president. We know this. But the debates as we know is like a firing squad. Or in this case there all on the same team, but WHO REALLY WANTS it more in order to make the case please-able to the voters? And yet many are looking at Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders (whom is Independent) and many others who feel that they can carry the party. Right now to me, it’s between Biden and I think Harris. I’m calling it right now because that I know it’s what the media is talking about. But however, when it comes to be the front runner, it’s probably Joe Biden. Of course I’m saying him. Nevermind the so-called gaffs about his opinions and viewpoints in regards the Crime Bill or any other that fact of the matter that harbors. So far it’s like a preliminary tryout for the football team. You have your veteran players, your mid-carders and those who have walked on the field to see what they can do. Don’t believe me? Ask the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team. They know walkons. And like the pros, they will be evaluated and see who makes the cut to the main roster. But in this instance, it’ll be narrowed down to that one candidate and that strong running mate. Nah, this is like the WWE Royal Rumble in which it’s every man and every woman for him or herself. That’s all it is. The winner left standing will be that one contender left to fight the champion. Which is of course is Trump. Ooops, I mean 45. We all seen the aftermath of the Democratic Debates and yet it’s not pretty. It hasn’t been. But the fact of that matter is someone is going to go big and might be a surprise pick to get on the ballot and to have a strong connection with the voters. Even to the Black Voters that are woke and conscious! BUT ALAS! Who ever that is, must be strong in all AVENUES! Not the usual groups that is always catered!

And last but not least: For all the Schools that claim that the Alumni needs to be at all the functions, you need to know something.

For quite sometime on WordPress, I have highlighted several times about the need for Alumni to join their Alumni Associations. No matter if it’s High School or College. We all know that many of us give back to our schools that our kids go to currently, but what about the schools we went to? And what about the Schools that are still out there that need the Alumni to stay informed? See this is what I’m talking about. I get information from my old high school, tech college and university mainly because I would like to know what’s going on since I graduated. And yet of course we get those donations in the mail to help contribute to the cause. Some or many of us do this, and yet many of us don’t. Say amen! And also many of us probably hear about a recent fight at our old high school and come up in arms in argument about the bad stuff on social media, and not offering a solution to get the problems solved. But that is another story. What ties in all of this is a recent problem: my high school alma mater recently advertised a flapjack fundraiser in regarding the school’s football team. Many of us in the Alumni had seen the advertisement a couple of day BEFORE the start of the fundraiser. The advertisement was labeled for July 27th, many of us got it on the 23rd. Which was WAAAAAY LATE! Later on in the day, we received a notification indicating that “the breakfast was a success, but no support from the Alumni Association.” Now personally that felt like an attack on the organization. But here’s the thing, I responded like this on the Milwaukee Marshall Alumni FB Page:

“Glad this was a great success. I really wanted to come, but I had to attend a meeting in Germantown with my church. Now I can’t speak for every Alum but I can say that only a few knew about this in the past week. I’m suggesting as a idea (I hope I don’t get in trouble here) make sure that this is advertised ahead of time. Like in a week/month advance. Many of us have different schedules with jobs and families and also many of us are not in the state. But I really wanted to attend. Plus you mentioned about submitting a donation. Even though this has passed, can we still donate? If possible reference the name of the individual that we can submit the donations to. Even though many of us knew about this and missed it, but still would like to contribute.”

See this is how I responded in a calm manner. I didn’t get pissed. Look what I just wrote. Yes, I’m glad the Milwaukee Marshall Football Fundraiser was good, and it was a successful event. But yet in their estimation the Alumni should have been there to come out. HOWEVER, I need the schools to understand something. We in the Alumni are not just former students. We are parents, grandparents, taking care of our kids, caregivers, travel, going to work, commute in and out of state, and many other schedule concerns and duties we endure EVERYDAY! We are human. We’re not Superman or Wonder Woman. We have schedules like you do in order to stay on task! Why am I saying this? I’m commenting this to be truthful. We all have a schedule. Heck, I told my church this. My father once said when I was in college, that “nobody knows your schedule but you”. He was right. And I’m here to tell those whom have been offended by these “you should have been there”speeches that many of you know your schedule. I don’t know the schedule of many but know of some. I know my own schedule based on what I do everyday. And I tell them. Many of us also that we have to know that we are not always going to show up to everything all the time. Now to the schools: LISTEN UP! You need to understand this. Don’t get angry or pissed that the Alumni doesn’t show up and get a revenge edge on us. That’ll look bad on the organization and also that will reflect on you. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. If you want to really get the Alumni involved, you need to come to our meetings, have the discussions to reach out on OUR Social Media platforms, etc. How many of you teachers, administrators, coaches, or many others have ever been invited to an Alumni Association Meeting within the past year? Or the past two years? Or have talked to an alum at a recent event for them to come back and visit? Don’t speak all at once! If you haven’t done any of this, then that’s on YOU! Don’t blame the Alumni Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, Acting Board members, or anyone that donated, contributed, supported or even identifies very well about being an alum of giving back. Don’t go there! Do you understand what I’m saying here? I want all schools to hear this, especially my own. Yes, all the schools should connect with the Alumni and vice-versa. Not too many are doing this. But to call them out like this in a dumb manner is just that: DUMB! If you have information that the Alumni can be notified of in various formats, let us know AHEAD OF TIME! And if we can’t make it to a fundraiser or an open house that features money, let us donate. Can that be done?

Usually I don’t do this, but I have to call out my city right now. And if anyone feels that that what I am about to say based on a “governmental sensitive attitude” mainly it’s the truth. And I know from past experience.

I have a message Milwaukee: I am a PROUD ALUM of John Marshall High School. BAR NONE!

I am 1995 graduate of the school and PROUDLY I instill the Columbia Blue and Scarlet in me wherever I go.  I am the first and youngest member of the Alumni Board of the Directors and serve as Treasurer of the organization from the 1990’s decade.

I graduated from the same school where George Tillman Jr, Emily Pollard, Mike Gousha, Barbara Duffy and even a well known columnist here in the city also earned their stripes of achievement. Even well knowns like Mona Sutphen who worked under administrations of President Clinton and Obama.

Those right there, are proud things per say. But that is not the real story.

The real story is this. Apparently my Alma Mater 90’s folks had been accused and I dare say “thwarted” about a potential all class reunion that would have taken place, but in the eyes of those of a neighborhood association, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department, Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Parks had a concern about my alma mater’s gathering which would have been on a Second Saturday in August. Not to go into detail, the sensitive folks of these groups had it wrong about what kind of “reunion” was it supposed to be. The event was advertised on Facebook, and the sensitive folks had to react negatively about the words of “getting the hook up” in all with illegal alcohol  and many other concerns. The legality of this was and is NOT TRUE! Since then, the event was taken down on Facebook and there was an option of getting additional permits of presence of law enforcement and others.

This was supposed to be an Family Friendly event, bring your food, water and many others. And I really wanted to get the Alumni Association involved with this event. YES, the Alumni Association. And I was supposed to take pictures of the alums and guests to take place. Apparently, that was a non-factor to those of the parks, the neighborhood association, police or the sheriff. How do these folks know that the so-called illegal activity was supposed to happen?!!! Oh, I get it.  I really do.

Here it is!

This is one example of Milwaukee’s issues of addressing the concern of Segregation. I’m calling it what it is. Milwaukee is one of the major Segregated Cities in the United States and those individuals who threw a darn monkey wrench in a positive event just to save their own hides and jobs. REALLY?!!!

And don’t get me started about: “Oh, we pay our taxes, and we want to be safe from all the crime and drama.” SHUT UP!

Just Shut Up!

First, as a Black Resident, I pay taxes too. And I was brought up to help to keep neighborhoods safe. I hope the “Cooper Park Neighborhood Folks” can understand that. So technically as a native of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, I pay my fair share! Don’t get me started. And as far as the Milwaukee Police and Sheriff Department is concerned: I think they should have done a better job of finding out the real situation behind this. I don’t fault my Alma Mater folks on this. And I’m keeping cool on this. My advice to the Sheriff and Police, this “investigation” of my Alma Mater’s potential High School Reunion Picnic was out of bounds. I’m not on the planning committee, but I can say I knew the real deal support  of this event! It is appalling of what happened. And partially, I fault bad judgment. I don’t fault the deputies or officers as bad folks overall. It’s the bad judgment and miscommunication how it was interpreted. It’s sort of like gossip, or he say, she say, or they say. EVERYONE knows this! Even the folks who you go to work with encounters the same thing. And yes, the church knows as well. And we also know that words can get twisted or misused. My pastor once said you have to correct folks. Even if they have a badge.

It’s real sad there are folks, who feel that black people or any type of folks can’t have a good time these days. Always got to be negative. A real good time with all the negativity going on that might be making the 9:00pm news slot. That I call a thing that goes like this: Shameful.

Many in my 90’s Alumni Marshall Eagles are very productive in the areas of occupation, entrepreneurship, give back to the city in various ways of volunteering, owning their organizations, members of well known groups of service, financial, and many other occupations and jobs that they grasps since leaving Marshall well over and almost 20 years ago combined! And not only that, we were raised with family values!

So what’s the problem?

In regarding this in all: it is not over. My folks from High School will rise up and show out. And yes, those who don’t like it, will face the music of the truth. No matter what! Milwaukee, don’t underestimate the Alumni that soars with excellence! Even if you are a hater of the Mighty Eagles, don’t front on excellence!