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Well, it’s Milwaukee Day. The unofficial holiday to somewhat celebrate as an extension of the city’s original birthday with pride, but however yes it’s a day to celebrate us Brew City folks. Now, yes we do got problems of Lead Water, Segregation, Jobs, and a way just to be economically sound. Yes, this is our day of April 14th, as we once again for about the 10th time, recognize 414 Day. And despite of the positives and negatives, we know by now: I’m scratching my head again. And this time, it’s for the locals.

So how does one celebrate Milwaukee Day, or 414 Day, anyway?

MILESTONE: Oh, 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Milwaukee Day. It started with a joke. Now with that joke in the rear view, again how does one celebrate and what will be for the next 10 years of future Milwaukee Days and beyond?

City Hall with the 414 Flag

Many probably wondered about the 2020 DNC Convention coming to Milwaukee next year. BUT, if Milwaukee can hold over 50,000 folks every 5 years for Harley-Davidson’s Birthday, why not this?

At this year’s State of the City Address, the Mayor stated that “Milwaukee is fighting back.” Well many will ask, what are we fighting back with?

Is the Milwaukee Streetcar or The Hop holding up well? I don’t see any haters talking. They must be quiet.

This past election for the State of Wisconsin: Milwaukee was the deciding factor to get Gov. Tony Evers the chair. YES! But what happened this year after the April 2019 election? That need a real scratching on the head!

If you haven’t heard by now, one of our former Malls, Northridge might be dust soon, UNLESS if the Chinese Investors realtors or any step up and actually take charge. Already that ‘s money wasted. Where’s the results?

Northridge Mall back in 2013. Closed.

When you think about Milwaukee famed artists: Tank, Eric Benet, and Al Jarrreau, you know that two of them were and are MPS Alums, right? That’s Milwaukee Public Schools!

Speaking of Facebook: If you follow the Page 414 Milwaukee Mil Town, you might be brought back to yesteryear when the City was totally different. And actually stood for something other than being a bland city. Take a look if you don’t mind. And ask yourself, “Was Milwaukee like this?!” WOW!

This needs no asking: Which Milwaukee neighborhood that many already knows, has the best outings, on point, real progressive, and actually gives back by stating of giving back? I say the Riverwest.

Oh this needs to be asked: Over the years, Milwaukee was and is known as the City of Festivals. And yet we had a City of Festivals Parade, a Milwaukee Christmas Parade and also The Great Circus Parade. If you can get one of these Parades back, what will it be?

This needs to be asked by some or a few, which neighborhoods in Milwaukee should be on the rise, on the comeback, and waiting to be recoginized to represent? I’ll say: Bay View, Bronzeville and my neighborhood I know personally: Lincoln Creek. And I say Lincoln Creek because I was raised in the neighborhood back in day when folks knew your name and where you live! It’s has to be represented even more NOW!

With the lasting memory of the BMO Bradley Center is this:

How will the Fiserv Fourm do this?

Of all the men and women who are buried at Forest Home Cemetery, this cemetery is where the souls of Byron Kilbourn, the Founders of Pabst, Miller, Harley-Davidson and among others are resting in peace. Which of them not mentioned in that cemetery were black folks that made an impact on the city’s past?

What’s your museum? The MAM or the MPM?

Milwaukee Art Museum – Milwaukee, WI

By the way: That’s the Milwaukee Art Museum and Milwaukee Public Museum.

Milwaukee Public Museum – Milwaukee, WI

What’s your Historical Society? The Milwaukee County Historical Society or the Wisconsin Black Historical Society?

What’s your movie that was filmed here? Blues Brothers, Public Enemies, Transformers, Mr. 3000, or Major League?

What’s your TV show that was based here? We know Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley as usual. But what about another show or something else?

Remember when Alice Cooper from the first Wayne’s World Movie talked about Milwaukee’s meanings and three socialist mayors? Oh, for you triggered folks, Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George H. Walker were all DEMOCRATIC Socialists. Stop running. And each of them had their little towns: JuneauTown(Easttown), KilbournTown(Westtown), and Walker’s Point.

Where would we be when local bands are discovered by a Milwaukee Festival like Summerfest?

Milwaukee County Stadium – We know.

Miller Park – We know.

But after the name change at the same ball park, what will American Family Insurance do?

Speaking of American Family Insurance: They along with TM Partners, and the Milwaukee Brewers are extending the play of continuing the July 3rd Fireworks traditon on the Lakefront. We all know that U.S. Bank is no longer sponsoring this. But seriously, AmFam? What was the reason behind this?

You know that the Core DJ’s started in Milwaukee, right? The CEO is a MPS Alum.

Of all the Milwaukee High Schools, which high school has the active ALUMNI?

Of all the Milwaukee Colleges, which College/University has the active ALUMNI?

Of all the Milwaukee Companies, which Company has the ACTIVE EMPLOYMENT that many should know and apply to?

Of all the Milwaukee Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities: Which of them are CURRENTLY ACTIVE for anyone to join or donate or support?

From the Bascillia of St. Josephat to St. Mark’s AME Church, what other churches are well known and on the rise to be known to do something different?

CALLOUT: With all the Segregation problems of Milwaukee’s checkered past, why does it seem to be not normal for those that moved out? Same with violence?

Which Radio stations in Milwaukee that we miss the most? I say Hot 102. Which is now online.

Of all the radio stations in Milwaukee that do Hip-Hop and R&B, which tops the most?

For a while, Milwaukee used to have two black Radio Stations that were neck and neck: 860 WNOV and 1290 WMCS. Remember them? Sure we do. However, 860 is still alive. But still kept on the pulse of Black Milwaukee.

Of all the newspapers: we know about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But what about that Shepherd Express, Milwaukee Courier, Milwaukee Times, Community Journal, El Conqusistator, etc?

Lets see: Ask this, which local bloggers are way popular now, and also which bloggers are on the rise to be noticed in Milwaukee? Regardless of their experience, gifted and talented, etc?

Which Milwaukee Photographer is on the rise right now that you never heard of?

Remember when Harry Kemp was the man with the camera at Milwaukee’s black events?

Of all the Milwaukee news stations: Channel 4, Channel 6, Channel 12 and Channel 58 are all in different categories, BUT…..which one takes the crown?

Which hospital has the best care in Milwaukee that you trust personally?

Which Milwaukeean right now needs a job plan that wants to impact folks very differently?

Remember that Milwaukee commercial that used to have a quote: “If you’re going to make it Milwaukee, you got to know Milwaukee?”

Is Midwest Express Airlines making a comeback?

Back in the day, remember when Channel 18 actually had a news segment and a news show at 9:00pm?

Which Milwaukeeans are the Dark Horses that you need to look out for?

Which Milwaukeeans are the Introverts that make their money like everybody else due to them being not as vocal but working?

This needs to be asked: which Milwaukeeans in the city that is making an impact that many don’t know that will know?

What’s this? Milwaukee’s MPTV station channel 10 is popular in the country? How this happen?

Of all the Black Activists in Milwaukee: who’s next to be heard?

Of all the activism in Milwaukee: ranging from environmental, to LGBT in all, who’s next to be leading?

Of all the poets, and musicians in Milwaukee: who’s next to step up?

Is Harley-Davidson still relevant in Milwaukee right now, after 115 years concerning employment?

Is Miller Brewery still relevant? Same with Harley, and Pabst? AND JOBS?

Who’s rocks the best Barbershop in the City?

Who was and is the most recognizable actor/actress/directors out of Milwaukee? We know Charlotte Rae and Gene Wilder. Who else? Also include John Ridley and George Tillman, Jr.

You know Milwaukee made bowling famous, right?

When Gimbels, Schuster’s, and Boston Store were happening, it was on like Gangbusters. Which of these stores would you bring back?

Which State senators who is Milwaukee born is really making waves in a category that no one is talking about?

What’s your mansion in Milwaukee: Pabst Mansion or the Schuster Mansion?

Are many still rocking the Flag? I’m talking about the Sunrise over the Lake that looks like the O. You know which one!

Which athlete made an impact on Milwaukee sports the most and least and the same as of now?

Which drug stores from the past that need to make a Milwaukee comeback? I say Pill and Puff!

Is the Old/Current Milwaukee Flag can still be relevant no matter anyone’s absent minded opinion?

Pro Wrestling and Milwaukee go hand and hand. And when is “Da Crusher” statue will be done?

I asked this years ago with rock music and black musicians: who was and were the well known Black Artists from Milwaukee that were and or are made an impact onto Rock Music? We know R&B, Blues, Soul, Rap, and Hip-Hop.

And the final question before this Milwaukee Day ends of 2019: What will you take from this #414Day to the next #414Day? Besides the unexpected snow?

Bonus Question: How about those Bucks? In the Playoffs? And have the best record in the league thus far? And is the “Fear The Deer” Mentality really working for the better? Look out, NBA. The Deer is not messing around! And the first win though: Came on April 14th vs the 313 of Detroit And April 14th is aka Milwaukee Day.

And may I add:

Let me go by saying this: Happy Milwaukee Day!

It’s the usual April 14th, or in this case, 4/14 in symbolizing the area code of the city. It all started with a group of guys who just have love for the city. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Basically even in a segregated climate, and in a harsh related those who dislike the cold weather during the cold months, (not year round) basically there was some celebrated related events and activities that took place after work.

However, for this Milwaukee Day, not many as we know wasn’t celebrated by all.

Violence becoming overwhelming: On 4-14, Milwaukee Day, which Milwaukee should be celebrated?

As we know, as well as America now knows, the city had a string of shootings and stabbings that increased the homicide rate up the 41. Children and Teens were killed this week, as well as a 41 year old man that was killed, in lieu of doing the right thing! So now we get killed just because we did something nice to help? What is surreal about this that we have citizens now that are just uneducated or untrained that needs to be trained RIGHT! Part of the upbringing has been lost either the younger citizens weren’t listening or rebelling or maybe the grown folks didn’t just talk even further. Now if those thinking that this ONLY happens in Milwaukee, newsflash: it happens EVERYWHERE!  Just check yourselves Americans. No need to go political or having that conscious side to say oh, I’m too this and that! Or to say stop saying all the It’s happens everywhere stuff. Clearly it does happen everywhere! In the words of Mel Gibson’s Character Benjamin Martin from the Patriot, “This battle was over before it began.” Frankly, I remember when Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker was on Arsenio Hall’s Show (the attempted comeback special version that got canned after one season) that even in times of tragedy, we can still celebrate. There was shootings way back when in the city, that events in the Third Ward and a comeback version of African World Festival was still going on! So in essence if the events were to be cancelled due to some Knuckleheads messing up stuff, the idiots would have won. But, they lost! They lost because folks came out and supported the causes that kept the ships going.

Lately, before the shootings in all, there was talk about the future, via the Milwaukee Bucks. We all seen the renderings of the soon-to-be Milwaukee Sports and Entertainment complex area where it would feature the new Bucks Arena, and several areas of food, drinks, sporting hang outs and also housing that would “connect” with the Schiltz Park, Old World Third Street, The Brewery(formally known as the Pabst Complex), Bronzeville and the Wisconsin Center District. Oh, by the way, it might and will feature the infamous Milwaukee Streetcar coming through as well. Just to give an idea, here is “the future”:

Now if it goes well, the Bucks Arena would go North in the area of North 4th/6th Street and Juneau Avenue. The same empty spot where the Park East freeway used to be. The housing would be surrounding features with the sports complex, and plus the BMO Harris Bradley Center would demolished per say to make way for more additional buildings that would include not only housing but also workspace. All of this would take about 10 years to complete. Plus I think that MATC would get more stuff in nearby!

For the Milwaukee Bucks themselves, the team is getting a makeover with the logos and colors. Under review, the Bucks new colors will be Cream City Cream, Great Lakes Blue and Good Land Green. What does that mean to symbolize? The Cream City Cream Color symbolizes the Cream colored buildings that Milwaukee currently has. Almost like Ice Cream. The Blue symbolizes the history with the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan that the State of Wisconsin Harbors, and the Green, symbolizes the longtime Color that the Bucks has been hanging on since 1968.

Logo Unveil Event Photos

With all that is a good plan to get the city towards the future, many probably have already asked: Will this future site save souls? Uh-oh!

In regarding the Milwaukee Day thing: yes it’s day to somewhat recognize the positives and joys per say about the city. But likewise when the Clock strikes Midnight, and its the next day to come, like I always say in times like these: the struggle continues! No matter what day or event it shines.

So yes Milwaukee Day 2015 has come and gone, but the work, struggle, hope, attitude, violence, segregation and many other concerns must be dealt with ALL THE TIME! And likewise, the struggle still continues!

Let me begin this blog with a greeting: Happy 4/14 Day Milwaukee.

For those outside of Milwaukee, the city has this concept of April 14th. Or 4/14. No matter what were doing on this day, it had some Milwaukee relations to it in terms of something meaningful in which the word pride would come to mind. On Instagram, there was #414day #414proud and I’m assuming that might spread out to Facebook or other form of Social Media effects.

Now what do folks do on Milwaukee Day? Well that’s up to those who plan parties and events. Today’s Milwaukee Day for me was on a Sunday, so my butt was in church. Yeah, I had to go. But my church’s worship service was in a Milwaukee County Park. So technically this was the first “Milwaukee Day” Church service for my church in a Milwaukee County Park. Even Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele gave Proclamations on this day in Proclaiming “Milwaukee Day” or “Milwaukee County Day” in this new unofficial holiday for the City and County.

Word is that this day was all about pride for the city. Pride in who we are. And pride in what Milwaukeeans should do. However, when you are proclaimed to be the most segregated city in the nation, and the job opportunities are not appearing to be “fair and well,” you question alot about the pride stuff about the city’s image. Often times on this blog, and previously on the old MyFox Milwaukee Blogs I had to criticize the city. Even though I wasn’t trying to disrespect the city, but I had to come out swinging. And to this day, I will come out swinging. In terms of getting the truth out in terms of folks who don’t want to admit. Yes I will admit, Milwaukee needs work. In education, jobs, infrastructure, economic status and many other barriers and blunders the city needs to get over and collectively resolve! But not being by Lake Michigan isn’t bad either.

In the next couple of weeks and days, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will host 4 parts of the city’s concerns of being competitive, or having plans to get the city back on track with new ideas. Part one was featured today, entitled “A Time To Build”. The next three will focus areas of Ideas, Economic/Racism Barriers, future of entrepreneurship, and etc. Well  that’s the Journal Sentinel’s commentary. It’s benefiting that Part 1 of this dialogue would have to be on “Milwaukee Day”. Or 4/14 Day.

But in the mean time: I dug this up from Soundcloud. Something that has been lost and found in Milwaukee’s Hip Hop Community. Check out the mix-tape from the 80’s. Yes, Milwaukee had underground hip hop recordings of the early sound of the game, unearthed for this “Milwaukee Day” Celebration.