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A long time ago, Milwaukee used to have streetcars that ran up to about 1958. Then as we know the Busses took over a lot of years due to the interest. With so much in between with politics and other karma of bad blood, the idea of rail continued to be of an idea. Yes, the idea seemed controversial and it seemed to butt heads, and it seemed opinionated, the future of rail in Milwaukee seemed to be of a sharp interest. After 25+ plus years of storing the cash and hyper-political battles, and the FAILURE of securing a High-Speed Rail that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison, this Streetcar won! And personally, to me is because of JOBS! That’s it!

So I hope this so-called controversial project for many becomes very interesting to be marketable and donate some of these dollars back into the community like education and other needs. And plus one of my late grandmothers had a thought about this when she was living. At first, was the rail on Sherman Boulevard. Too much protesting way back! Then she thought, they should be built by the lake! And look where we at!

All of my life I looked at Streetcars in books and museums. Now after all of this, I can ride one!

2018 marked the 60th Anniversary of the last streetcar operated in Milwaukee. For the first time this year, we’ve seen test results after test results. We’ve seen and heard about how this would benefit the area of downtown that was habited for a long time. And of course, we also noticed that the problem or the ongoing trolling about how the streetcar would be disastrous in all with dumb confusion. Personally, it’s an attack. That’s all there is. Whenever anything new comes about, it’s likely that it will be tested and analyzed. However, in all of this, it would have the perks to improve the mobility of support in Milwaukee.

Some may call it a controversial thing, but usually, controversy creates cash.  And the first weekend proved that the ridership was a genuine interest. I took the opportunity to ride the so-called boondoggle that many despised on November 2nd, and let me tell you, the streetcar is not that bad. No problems, not too much.  It was just right. And even though the route seemed long, it wasn’t that bad at all. From the Intermodel Station to the Milwaukee County’s Burns Commons Area, the whole 2.1 miles was just a way to get out and explore the city. Yet many feel “jaded” about the streetcar being a disaster, speaking for folks who live the burbs or here in the city, but I did say that many need jobs right?

So I say this: give this a chance. Of course, there might be the naysayers being negative in all, but give it a chance. No one didn’t force us to give the County Buses a chance and we rode those! Just saying.


Breaking news out of Milwaukee:

He resigned first. Then rescinded. And today August 31st, 2017 the announcement came this afternoon that Sheriff David Clarke announced his resignation and will officially be gone as of 11:59pm.

As proof, here is his letter as described from the County.

Milwaukee County, rejoice! He will be gone!

For most of us in Milwaukee County, Sheriff David Clarke had overstep too many times. We know what they are. And apparently we know it’s not just him parading around in the cowboys hat or being a supporter of #45.  This recent act in the Milwaukee County Jail in which another prisoner was deceased and also there an act of villainy in which the water in the prisoner’s cell was turned off completely. This is an act of that miscarriage. I’m telling this because it’s happened before. Go back to 2016. Please.

This recent act has had the county and the city buzzing.  The prisoner, Terrill Thomas was the inmate that had lot of attention of this situation including black media of News One. And not only that, our own black media was all over this.

What was the real reason why Terill Thomas was given no fluids during his prison stay?!

I am asking that for those of us that again, voted up for Clarke are we satisfied with his job now? After him going on Fox News and most recently on Milwaukee​ Black Radio that in attempt to hid his real cover per se, I must ask again is Sheriff David Clarke worthy enough for his job? 

Let’s be honest, yes we watched over and over about the inmate’s news about him not getting any water of any reason, and the mixed emotions of prisoners in the County Jail not getting enough protection or treatment per se in 2016, the words are already on the wall. Let’s be honest again: Clarke is not right. And many have asked Walker to remove him from the Sheriff’s chair immediately. But of course, Walker says that it’s up to the Milwaukee County Voters to make that decision.

Which brings me to this: Earnell Lucas. A former MPD Officer of 25 years of experience​ plus a former MLB Security Supervisor now wants to run against Clarke. Plus he is already getting noticed that he could be the man that can take on Clarke in 2018. 

So yes, this is what I think that Clarke should​ go to the unemployment line. And Milwaukee County: time to come correct. 

And that is my rant.

Can I just vent a little? Sheriff David Clarke’s freaking head needs examination!

Yeah I said it!

I hate to say it Milwaukee County, but what were we thinking in which this dude got in again. Now I know the sympathizers might come and say, “oh at least he’s telling the truth…..” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look at this video footage:

You see this BS? Seriously?!!

You talk about Sub-human creeps?

In the video, he also said that about police brutality: ‘There is no police brutality in America’. He also said that the President is playing the race game, in his regarding the subject of #BlackLivesMatter. Oh, he also claimed like after January 2017, when he claims that the “nightmare” will disappear.

I call the B.S. Card on this one!

Sheriff David Clarke, the second black sheriff in Milwaukee County is nothing more than a misguided dude. I’m sorry he is. I thought he was “voteable”, but I was wrong. I feel that those whom voted for him the most probably got more votes in the outline suburbs surrounding Milwaukee than in the Metro Area of Milwaukee! And those of us in the Black Community IN Milwaukee probably got the worst mistake by accepting that in voting for him by being a black man in office. Is that the reason? I’ll never forget the acceptance speech after he won. And I’ll never forget what the late Annette “Polly” Williams said that she voted for Clarke because he’s a black man, whom also supported the Sheriff’s vote to stay in office. She said that on her own radio segment in Milwaukee awhile back. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey man, she was a black woman voting for a black man, and served her district well in her tenure”. I get that. That was her viewpoint. But  I also realized that others like Polly probably felt the same way in Milwaukee’s Black Community. With all due respect to her and her legacy, and have nothing against that. But right now, I hope that folks are beginning to wake up with the truth stating that the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History is not really out for black folks!

And also, why wouldn’t Sheriff Clarke wouldn’t go on black talk shows like Roland Martin’s to talk about #BlackLivesMatter? Just like all the Bill O’Reily fanatics, the Rush Limbaughs, Ann Coulters, Glenn Becks, and others of that so-called right wing media mess of The Blaze and Fox News, that talk a lot of their game being anti-black this and that, to not having a sit down convo with someone like Roland who pulls no punches in talking about the real deal about the purpose or goal of saying and displaying #BlackLivesMatter. But they won’t! They are scared to death of black media folks who want to challenge them on their commentary! And lately, Sheriff Clarke said this tweet about the movement joining up with ISIS:


Really, Sheriff Clarke? The Black Lives Matter movement will join up with ISIS?!!! How stupid and pathetic of this high ranking COUNTY OFFICIAL thinking that this would happen?!!!! Yo, if anyone voted up for him last year, or endorsed him in your Milwaukee radio spots last year, you should have thought twice! Polly Williams has turned over in her grave like crazy right now. SMH! I have to ask this Milwaukee County: Is electing Sheriff David Clarke (yet again) plus what he said here, a real conclusion that really will get Milwaukee’s long shot of jobs?  I’ll say it: No. Not a chance. This is an embarrassment!

In regards to President Obama’s stance on the Black Lives Matter movement: it got a boost. Last week as we all know, The President did indeed nodded that there are issues that the African-American community faces each day that goes unnoticed. In the interview, he said this from the article of the Washington Post:

Sometimes, like any of these loose organizations, some people pop off and say dumb things but … on the other hand though, it started being lifted up as ‘these folks are opposed to police, they’re opposed to cops and all lives matter,’ so the notion was that somehow saying black lives matter was reverse racism or suggesting that other people’s lives don’t matter or police officers lives don’t matter,” Obama said. “And whenever we get bogged down in that kind of discussion, we know where that goes, that’s just down the old trap.”

Obama went on to suggest that organizers of Black Lives Matter — which he declared a “social media movement” — do value all lives and do support good law enforcement. But he added, repeating a line he has used often when discussing issues of race and policing, that concerns about policing and profiling in minority communities are real and valid.

“I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else’s lives matter … rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African American community that’s not happening in other communities,” Obama said. “And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.

And guess what, ladies and gentlemen: we are still addressing the legitimate issues! It doesn’t matter what year or era it is. Even if it’s Police Brutality! I’ve seen scenes of police videos in Milwaukee of the Police Department punching a black woman in the back of a squad car. Even a California Highway Patrolman punching a black woman on the ground in broad daylight! Remember in Milwaukee in 2004 when Frank Jude Jr was beaten up by the police way back? That happened. Tell me I’m wrong! Beatings. Brutalities. And Sheriff David Clarke thinks it’s been handled in the 60’s and it’s gone? Obviously, he had forgot about Rodney King!

It is no wonder that the head of the County Sheriff himself needed to be examined. And to those that voted him into office yet again, your heads need to be examined! It’s coming like a evil Halloween smile on a Jack-O-Lantern.


Oh, and Happy Halloween by the way.

I’m sure many in America had heard about Milwaukee Bucks Player John Henson was in the spotlight of a recent racial profiling incident in Whitefish Bay. Yes, he was racially profiled. For those of us who didn’t know or probably want a review, let’s refresh the message he sent from his Instagram:

John Henson's Instagram post. (Screencap via

Oh yes. He was definitely racial profiled. Don’t get mad Greater Milwaukee Area and Suburbs because we are known for this. So people yet to believe that John Henson was or is the enemy here? Honestly believe that? This is what some or many in the black community has been preaching about in which that they don’t want us, but still want OUR money! I was listening to WNOV yesterday, and one of the topics on the show was indeed about being racially profiled. No matter if it was on the job, or in the store. And  no matter how any way we slice it back and forth, everyone has a story to tell how the listening audience/callers explained how they were profiled. John Henson is getting his crash course of how to deal with racial profiling in the Greater Milwaukee Area, and like many others who have gone though it, it’s sad.

What’s even more sad that there are those who will say, “Oh he could have just driven a different car, or a friend’s truck and he couldn’t have been profiled.” Or maybe, “He shouldn’t had on a hoodie, because you know that the last time someone wore a hoodie, the guy was killed. And he was black.”  Don’t be surprised. Then again, some might be surprised anyway with sleepy minds.

CALLOUT: Can I just say two words: WAKE UP!!!!!

What happened to John Henson in Whitefish Bay, can happen in any city, county, state, or different part of the United States. Even the world countries that blacks are feared and hated the most! If this can happen in a Milwaukee Suburb, this could happen in oh I don’t know: Atlanta. Chicago. Seattle. Los Angeles. The Carolinas. Texas. California. New York. Jersey. Washington DC. London. Switzerland. Toronto. Paris. Moscow. Tokyo. Korea.

Do you realize that it can happen anywhere besides America?

Don’t just say, “well I’m leaving Milwaukee because of the racism here is crazy”. Well guess what relocating citizens, you can move where you want, but there is racism EVERYWHERE! Even in your new digs in Santa Fe, New Mexico or Phoenix Arizona. Or yes again, even Atlanta! OPEN YOUR FREAKING EYES!

I have expressed alot about race on my blog. And there was a time I didn’t want to offend those who felt want to be shared nothing but positive news. BUT…….after being followed at one time in a store in which someone thought that I was some gang member look a like, or a white lady in freaking Kmart (which is no more on Mayfair Road) had clutched her purse and assume that I’ll get to her. But my mother said to her, “you don’t have to be afraid of him. He can protect you.” Listen white folks, this was my black mother saying this. Just to indicate that not all black folks don’t appear to be like criminals or thugs, or your personal favorites: N*GGAS!

And I know that many of you had read about me being discriminated from Dresser Waukeha about a couple of years ago. Not because I’m from Milwaukee, it’s because they felt like, “We’re not going to hire this black man, were going to hire more white applicants.” And it started with 6 African-American Applicants who filed a lawsuit and also when that lawsuit got around, there were other applicants who probably filed an application, or handed in a resume online for a job opportunity and never got a call back, and then a letter or form comes to your house  and stated that you were discriminated because of your race, then yes it’s real! And we weren’t crying because of a non-job offer. It was because we were Racially Discriminated! In the end we got our reward money of $5,000.00 each in 2010. It was deserving and a teachable moment. This goes to show all of us that many companies can’t be trusted when they display the jobs that are somewhat needed. And when it comes to “minorities and women wanted” per say, it’s a waste of your time. I heard it on The Forum’s segment on WNOV and many are waking up that there are certain companies that don’t want those who don’t look like them. Or have the same type of mentality like them. And there many reasons why there are those in the Black Community that are doing the alternative besides moving. Try opening their own businesses. Hiring their own employees they seek. And that’s how many of the businesses might lose due to these incidents. I’m JUST SAYING! And many might ask why we didn’t get them. Not because of the resumes or the online profiles: it’s because of their ignorance!

I know this is might be a “offensive holding warning” to those who want that human race factor. BUT……..if the human race really matters, why racial profiling against African-Americans, Black folks who started the Human Race Factor are still out like the jury?

Yes, John Henson got discriminated. All because he wanted to buy a watch. Plus the store owner of Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers apologized and he accepted it. But the memory of that will be etched in his mind that the thought of being discriminated will never be erased. And that goes for anyone that is African-Decent. Even me!

The struggle continues!

In a recent 21-10 decision, the Wisconsin State Senate has passed a funding bill that will effect the ongoing process to build a new arena in Downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I’m referring to the new Bucks playhouse. Not just for the team, but also for the future concerts, events and maybe a future WWE Pay-Per-View. The Reaction of the news were mixed. Some should say that the owners of the team should have paid for the full tab instead of the tax payers. WAIT A MINUTE: remember how Miller Park got started? Same thing. Taxpayers. Probably the same taxpayers who first complained and partially will like the investment. I think the same thing will happen here.

Now there was a talk of Seattle or Las Vegas in taking the team, (in which NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dismissed it)if Milwaukee had done the deal to fail. BUT this first hurdle of the State, probably sent a signal to those cities that Milwaukee actually got something done. BUT this is a first hurdle. Now if the second, third or a fourth deal is done offically, the start of the construction could start in the fall, between October and November.

So yes, Bucks fans. The deer is staying thus far.

It hasn’t been like this since I was a toddler. For the first time in about 36 years, the Milwaukee Transit System is on a 3 day strke. But before I dive into this, let me assure the MCTS audience that I had and have workers and bus drivers in my family that driven and worked on buses for the MCTS for many many years. With this strike, it has hit hard on the workers, the poor and most of all, our 11 day festival of Summerfest in which the routes are effected with men, women and children riding to the midgate to enjoy the shows and activities. But as many know, the reasons behind it due to the budget side of work, fair wages, salary, breaks and many other Union-like factors. For this, I present this blog letter to all of the Milwaukee County Transit System Bus Drivers, Mechanics, Office Personal, and supporters who rely on the buses every single day!

Dear Milwaukee County Transit System:

It’s me Stephen. A former bus rider, now driver, and a Milwaukee Black Blogger that is a supporter.


I feel every single one of you that that is going through this strike. I feel everyone that rely on the services to get to school, appointments, events, or any other use of transportation that gets the need and want for the services of the citizens of the Bus. There is no excuse of why there no talking between the Union and the Bus Company’s higher representatives in order to get a resolution, an official resolution, in order to get this deal on the table, and discussion, and most of all an all around deal that this make sense.

Yes, I have Milwaukee County Transit System REALATED folks in my family, that are or were Bus Operators, Tankers, and Mechanics that worked for the company for quite sometime. My late uncle, rode the bus on routes of the 80 and the 12, and even the MCTS Seasonal Trolley that earned income. Sadly, my uncle died in January 1999 at the Fond Du Lac Station in Milwaukee and it was a big shock to all of us in the family. His funeral was at my old church building back then, and the honorable Pall Bearers at the time were indeed the MCTS Drivers who knew my Uncle on the job. My family at the time THANKED them for their support, and also assistance in our bereavement. If you were apart of my uncle’s tribute back in 1999 at the time of his passing and remembrance, I say this as a family member: THANK YOU! I have another uncle, who has lymphoma. And there were times I hear about him going to work  and making the cash. And even though his health may not be up to par, but he is not going to let his disorder of health stop him for getting to and from work as a mechanic for the MCTS.I have older cousins, who previously worked as Bus Operators knew the game very well.

Sorry I had to get like that. But you never know why things like this happen!

But when I thought about them, this is why I respect the drivers of what they do. As far as the Streetcar thing, different angle. But this is not about the Streetcar. This is about the Buses.

For those who are bus drivers, and mechanics, and other employees of the MCTS, that got harassed, beaten up, cursed at, facing the stress of customers, work, complaints, and many other concerned factors, I FULLY UNDERSTAND! I get it’s not easy. I work as a church secretary and I get those. But for you all, I have many things to say, but I have this: Hold On.

For you drivers that have been out all night with the picket signs: HOLD ON!

For the office workers who have to put up the papers and complaints: HOLD ON!

For the Mechanics that have to spend all the time fixing up the buses that many have to ride and drive, even during the strike: HOLD ON!

For all of us who know folks that need rides to the Schools, Doctors, Church, Dentists, Summerfest,the club, Fourth of July Fireworks, or any other use to get to work: I say this to all: HOLD ON!

For those in the Upper Management, that had to make day to day decisions, that is hard: HOLD ON!

For those who are in the 998 ATU Union: HOLD ON!

Not only HOLD ON, but KEEP PRESSING! Until the strike ends this week by the 4th of July.



P.S. for more info on the Transit Strike, check out the MCTS website, and the FAQ’s of the Transit Strike, reference this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

I will admit and folks know this: I am a Gladiator Fan. If you don’t know what is, I like watching and tweeting my reactions to Scandal every Thursday.  Now, for those who say, “Oh House of Cards is better than Scandal”. The House of Cards show to me is the jury is still out. With all due respect to Kevin Spacey of course.  But yes, in the 3 seasons that this show is a hit. This one of the hottest shows that is blowing up big time. When you have a show like this that is burning up the ABC Network, it is making the rounds.

Now, there are those who complain and comment about not liking the show. Not everyone is a Gladiator Fan. I get it. Now you got those who say “Oh I don’t watch Scandal, because I feel as a black woman like her shouldn’t sleep with a white republican president. And I happen to be black myself.” What?!!!!! Or comments like, “you all better get saved because watching Scandal with all that adultery will get you into hell. With that Olivia Pope getting busy with Fitz.” Or  comments like “So, you like Scandal and you’re a church going person? Wow I’m praying for you to get out of that mess.” Just to add: SMH.

Ok: Now since the Anti-Scandal Police is in effect, you all need to chill. I’ll bet you guys are the same ones who one day will watch something positive on Lifetime or TBN, but still, (not to play devil’s advocate), some of you or many of you in that group will take a small peek at Scandal. That will be like someone who has a their own business per say, you on the other hand might say, “Oh don’t do this. They’ll cheat you out of your money like the church!” But partially, you might join that bandwagon after realizing that your current finances aren’t going well. I’m just saying. I’ll ask this again: is your company (corporate, self, online, non profit, private, public, mom and pop shop) are about money too? Just don’t say the church! Even the church has to realize it needs money to maintain buildings, the utilities, lawn, security and many others that many homeowners and apartment dwellers go through every day! Matter of fact, all companies need money to operate just like your homes, insurance, and vehicles! Now, despite of the opinions of others, either closely related or just met, I don’t let the opposed thoughts get to me.  Matter of fact my Pastor, and once at age 18, my living uncles once said to me not to let ANY OPPOSITIONS stand in my way. Nor let anything stand in my way. I’m not. Yeah I’m saying this as a black man in America. Or those who like say ‘Merica.

You talk about Scandals?! I’ll give you some Scandals:

  • Here in Wisconsin we have over 20,000+ emails copied and displayed when Scott Walker was on company time as Milwaukee County Executive. And many of us know already that you can’t campaign for a higher seat while doing work in the County. That is out of bounds. Plus there were some racists messages along with it.
  • Also in Wisconsin, he recently passed, but the late Tom Ament was caught in a scandal like dilemma in concern of pensions of the workers at the time. That was forcing him out as County Executive via special election.
  • Again, even the ministry game has scandals. Say AMEN! You heard about folks from Bishops, Ministers, and those in the church getting with bloody murder. And getting caught. How many times I hear and read about Priests having sex with young boys and some girls and having to tell that same story like, I don’t know: 20+ years later?
  • Former Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee was in a sex scandal in concerning former worker, Marilyn Figueroa. Mostly that was a Sexual Harassment angle per say.
  • Even the Military had sex scandals. Just saying.
  • Before Ex-Packer Darren Sharper got into recent trouble, remember ex-Green Bay Packer Mark Chmura? He got into trouble with a 17  year old Catholic Memorial Student at the time of child incitement and sexual assault. And was married also!

For the black side of things:

  • Does the name Rev. Henry Lyons ring a bell?  It should if you’re from Milwaukee. But after 1997 he’s in a different state, and still preaching the word.
  • Anita Hill – does that name ring a bell? Ask Clarence Thomas.
  • When Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their pair of Oscars in 2002, many thought their wins under either sexual or being the bad guy per say, was a asterisk. Personally, their roles did got them the Oscars and their characters in a different light examined their perspectives.
  • One of the Milwaukee Suburbs in Butler – their police department was under investigation of a scandal that involved sexually content. Oh you didn’t know?

And in the other side of things:

  • Umm, there were scandals in biblical times. Remember one of the 10 Commandments of Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery? What do you think that leads to? So don’t tell me with that notion!

Folks, there have been “Scandals” in this world for a long time. This is nothing new. Like those who hate religion, the military, different races, etc. There have been scandals that have been well documented, recorded, summarized and archived. We know this. So I begin to ask, why we are tripping about a show featuring Kerry Washington being in a angle of adultery, with a white republican president who happens to be married? And it’s FICTIONAL!!!!!!! Oh, I see all of this here, but what about the “scandal angle” on The Haves and the Have Nots with Candice Young and John Cryer? Candice is a young “up and coming” black female attorney that uses the blackmail seduction powers against a powerful judge, and the Judge is caught between that and his Marriage, and is White. And we trip on that? Good Lord!

Scandals is not just about sex. It’s also about betrayal, confrontation, rumors, he say she say, even in family scandals. Probably many of us know someone who is hiding secrets about sexual abuse from that uncle, that father, that mother, or that sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin persay and it’s been hidden for decades. For years! And when the truth comes out in regarding that, yes all hell will break loose. Yes, I did say the words: Hell and break loose. And you began to wonder is this the still SAME FAMILY that took me in all these years or born in? Really?!!  We all know about friends right? This also includes those who thought were cool and so real way back, but now over the years after we went to high school or college, are they still the best buddies? Be careful! Some folks will change on you like a thief in the night. Last year when I wrote some blogs after the Trayvon Martin murder trial, that opened up more wounds in folks I have never seen! Especially on Social Media. There are those that you used to talk to, believed that Trayvon Martin was accountable of his murder and believed that George Zimmerman was just “standing his ground”. Oh, how is George Zimmerman doing? – Being a Moving Target. I told you GZ fans! After he was found Not Guilty, many of the fans had to defend him, and his stance on having a gun. If he is found in a fight, a real fight somebody is going to pick up the tab. And there are those who feel that oh, Slavery is over, and we’re in a post racial society, some blacks and some whites believe that uplifting black pride will lead to racism. And you don’t talk to them after that thinking it’s all rubbish and gibberish commentary. Like we’re supposed to get over it and move on. I must say that there are “Scandals” we have gotten over. And there are those we can’t move forward because it’s a ongoing issue!

So all this hate against a TV show, that is blowing up the ABC Network, I think it’s way beyond stupid. Until those who talk smack about Scandals, obviously they haven’t been in one. And until you or anyone that has been in a scandal then you can talk!

And that, is my rant.

I’m sure many in the country has been asking: What’s up with Wisconsin now?

Not much as usual on this end, except the weather, and having a Milwaukee Bucks rookie making waves. Plus also gearing up for spring training with the Brewers.

BUT: as many of you know by now, Scott Walker is back in the news.

Remember those things that we’ve been hearing about him having those secret email messages about doing work on company county time, and the denials of it. Remember all of that? Remember about the smoking gun that came blazing out of the Walker camp of denial? Remember how us Wisconsinites had to beat our drums and protested like hell in the capital of Madison, even in the rotunda, even on tractors all trying to get this “Governor” out of the chair in Madison?

Well we tried. And partially failed. The reason why said partially failed because the main reason, Walker is still working. And the Republicans in the State still have the majority. And the Democrats on the other side are trying to get a plan to get of using the 2014 vote to get their power stroke back on track.

The extra red alert of all of this pain of emails: there were 27,000 plus email messages that was taking place when Walker was gunning for the chair. According to the rules of government and I’ve heard this before: that was going against the rules. Not using political or acknowledging political stances while working on county time. Those of us had or currently have those working in government know all that to well. Apparently, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Reindfleich should know that. Partially, if Kelly wasn’t that well, “dumb” of what she did, then probably she would have not done that. Does this make sense?

Well now the governor has given his commentary and feels that its all behind him. It’s doesn’t mean nothing. In the eyes of the Wisconsin Democrats, One Wisconsin Now and many others, this was something that was brewing for a while, but those didn’t want to hear it. Well its time to confess! Again were in midterm election mode. And again if Walker goes out of Wisconsin with this email trail behind following him in which he cannot escape, THEN GUESS WHAT? There is no escape. That would adding embarrassment onto the citizens and the state! This is coming from a guy who promised to campaign on a imaginary goal of getting 250,000 jobs by his first term. The same guy who threw away 800 million dollars for high speed rail that would connect Milwaukee and Madison and additionally with other cities and towns for jobs. But did that happen? No! And a hidden thing in all this? More segregation! Don’t lie Wisconsin! And additionally of slashing those off of Badgercare, and Act 10 concerning Collective Bargaining. Plus slashing education. I’ll bet Mayor Tom Barrett had to be looking at those emails and be like, “I had to lose to this man in all of this?”

When I was a teen at Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School, in the Band mind you, we used to go down to Northwestern University for their annual band day shows. This was in the 90’s by the way. We had met with some band students from Illinois, and they were asking us where were from and we said Wisconsin. Their comment: “Oh that’s the Dahmer State!” They kept saying that over and over again. Plus also Jeffery Dahmer was killing and consuming young boys at the time as a serial killer. Well now, Wisconsin can be known as the Worst Walker state. And his work of “damaging the Badger State” thus far, proves it.

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Dear Wisconsin Goers of the State Fair:

I am an African-American male that was born and raised in the state’s largest City and County of Milwaukee. I know that during the first day of the Wisconsin State Fair that you had to see the melee in regarding the youth of my culture messing up the midway, which now requires them under 21 to show ID’s in order to enter the park. I was embarrassed and condemning the actions of the young folks who messed up the midway, and yes, I cannot blame the white man. The failure is those who are responsible for letting them to run rapid in an unsportsmanlike conduct. I do realize that this State Fair has been long running for 160 years. I do hope that it shouldn’t end all because of a shall we say: “knuckleheads”. The same “knuckleheads” who had the gall to go on the air at 1290 WMCS to confess it was all about entertainment. I’ve seen entertainment too. But that was NOT entertainment for any standards. And I think and believe that you (the Caucasian audience) shouldn’t also blame MC Hammer or any old school hip hop artists that tried to make the event on the first night, good as possible.

Now since the State Fair is over, alot of you still blame Blacks for EVERYTHING. Not all African Americans don’t go out and cause a havoc to ruin a good time. Let me tell you about me on some pointers:

  • One I am active in my community.
  • Two: I work everyday.
  • Three: I don’t have a criminal record. Never been convicted.
  • Fourth: Never had a female pregnant or had unprotected sex.
  • Fifth: I do vote in elections, and I have 2 college degrees from one of the famed Wisconsin Technical Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Stout. And I was discriminated against my race one time when I was looking for a job, guess where? Waukesha! The same Waukesha that couldn’t get the votes straight. I was raised with 2 parents (not one) and come from a well-educated, christian/United Methodist Church background. I wasn’t raised to do harm like that, and I don’t do it. Do you hear me, Wisconsin? I hope you do!

For me, I haven’t been to the State Fair in years, since the Ninja Turtles were a hit on TV. But on the last day, August 14th, 2011 I went to the fair and I was pleased to attend and check out some stuff. And no I didn’t check into the State Fair Police, no State Troopers, No West Allis Police, No Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputies, AND most of all; no Milwaukee Police Department for any problems!

To say that “all blacks” are the blame for society’s problems is Utter Nonsense. I read some of the Wisconsin State Fair Facebook comments and they are talking about not having blacks at the fair anymore all because of the melee. Is that racist? I mean the State Fair is near the most segregated city in America, duh!!! Listen badger folks. This State Fair is for ALL citizens of Wisconsin, not just for white folks. And not just for other ethnic folks whom are not black. The State Fair, for a while, didn’t have anything for my culture. NOT A THING! Until years ago when other black artists came to the Fair, to be more diverse. Let tell you what you should know. Wisconsin’s Black population is about 6.15% overall, and the Greater Milwaukee Area houses only 86% in Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit, and Kenosha. What does that mean you ask? Review the population and see it for yourself. How many folks per year does the State Fair invite? And which percentage of that does involve African-Americans? In my view, partially or few. The Wisconsin State Fair has to learn to cater to ALL citizens. Including African-Americans. To shut out my race of folks from the fair all because of the melee would bring nothing but more racism. Where as those who are Caucasians, per say, would not be welcome to Milwaukee’s African American Events like African World Festival or Juneteenth Day. Talk about “a spade is a spade”.  I hate to bring this WordPress! But again, it’s another day on the battlefield. As a matter of fact, all races IMHO had problems or issues. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

I ask this as a resident. Don’t always judge a book by its cover. Tupac Shakur once said that “Only God Can Judge Me”. Not the Caucasian residents of West Allis. Not any resident of any county, city, district, neighborhood, or any voting district that are non-black in this state! I don’t pass judgment on anyone myself. I am no position to do that. Those who caused the melee at the State Fair have done the miscues. Which similar to last year when Mayor Tom Barrett was beaten up by a 20+ something, who happens to be white. I remember reading that and prayed that Mayor Barrett was totally living.

Some of you are waiting for that November 1st date when the rookie Governor’s law becomes legal for concealed carry weapons. I have a question, what if it backfires? Think about it. And who would be the blame? I’m just saying. So again, to the Wisconsin State Fair: I want to thank those who organized the days for their hard work. And I would expect more of the same in the future.

On Wisconsin!

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. – in addition to UWM days, have more UW-Alumni to come out for free date. Like UW-Stout. Just a hunch.