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Well as we know, the 2018 season of the Milwaukee Brewers has ended. As you’re reading this they didn’t beat the LA Dodgers but they beat them 4 games to 3 in a Best of 7 for the NL Pennant. Flaws were a concern, as well as positives. Plainly speaking the season wasn’t a total embarrassment. However that speaking, the team like 2011 had a “Strange Brew of Confidence” of actually making a name for themselves and for the city. So with that, I present to the squad this blog letter.

Dear Milwaukee Brewers:

It’s me, Stephen. And I’m potentially observing you.

Call this: “Strange Brew of Confidence, part II.”

First, let me say as a “Fan Observer in training” and I can cosign with the rest of the Brewer Nation these two words: Thank You. Thank you for all the highlights and best moments that you ground all this time and getting this far. Thanks for that!


I for one kind of got in late. Forgive me on this. Yes, I’ve been observing. The reason why I observe the squad because I think I wanted to see how the season would go. No, I’m not a die hard, and by the way, Die-Hard Fans GO HARD! They stay loyal every day like The Pack Daddy on Packer Sunday Football Games! Yes, the idealistic was captured and was presented to us in a “Brewer Fashion”.

Oh yes, the season was fun. Fun seeing Eric Thames being that home run guy that everyone wanted to see. Or the rise of Christian Yelich as a player in the making. Or Jesus Aguliar making nods on camera after smashing homers. The rise was coming.

On the flipside was this ongoing saga of Josh Hader and the discovery of racist tweets discovered after the All-Star Game. In which we were all puzzled about the standing ovation after the discovery. And let this be known that yes, Josh Hader WAS WRONG! And yes many of us, or should I say Baseball Fans also had to ask, is it wrong to support Josh Hader after what he said, in the VERY SAME WEEK that Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the Hall of Fame status of the WWE after what he said years ago of someone non-white who would date his daughter? This remains to be a hot button topic, but there is no denying his pitching ability for strikeouts.

Speaking of that: Jeremy Jeffress. I’ve been studying him. However, he needs to concentrate on his game in executing the finish! Gotta work on him. Just needs to be sharp with the strikeouts!

Also since we are thinking this, I’m going to say it. Eric Thames must come back. Now we all know that he had an injury that kept him out most of the games. However, I think that if he were playing against Dodgers in the NLCS in all of the game series, in my estimation: the Brewers (NOT THE DODGERS) would be in the World Series facing the Red Sox right now. Just my thing to say. But the same October 20th date in which the Crew was eliminated, is the same date that the 1982 Wallbangers lost Game 7 to the St. Louis Cardinals. And I was 5 years old then. But anyway, I think what I said had nothing to do with Eric in all, but just to think if he were playing though, the Brew Crew would be World Series Bound. I’m just saying in my view.

Other than that, after the stunt of Manny Machado did on Jesus Aguliar, I’m glad that the Brewers did not get him! I’ll be not surprised if Boston beats him. On the flip switch in all, the rise of Jesus will indeed continue. He has to be sharp! Others like Ryan Braun who has been on the squad for a while is still getting his reps. Now I need to comment about Christian Yelich. He’s a good player. Had that cycle going in all. He’s really good. But I want Christian to be better than he was this year. And the others like Eric Kratz, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, Orlando Arcia, Manny Pina, Brandon Woodruff, Corey Knebel, Travis Shaw, Corbin Burnes, and a host of others are all good, but still NEED TO BE MORE SHARP if making a run to the postseason for 2019, while staying on top the NL Central.


Finally, I need to comment on these words: DefendMKE. Actually, I really like the concept of it. I say save that #DefendMKE for next year and beyond. I don’t want it to be just for the Brewers game only. I want that to be a way of life. EVERYDAY! Because every day, there is always the negative about the city that we know. Crime. Segregation. Racism. Not enough jobs. You know it. It’s not just the job of the Brewers to “DefendMKE”, it’s the job of EVERY citizen who works, plays, volunteers, contributes, and mainly has to do the honorable thing by really standing up for the city no matter what. We know it’s a hard, medium-sized climate here. And it’s on the rise in some areas. But the ideal about Defending Wisconsin’s largest city may be controversial for some (who may have moved out) but the fact of the remaining citizens here, we need to really defend this town in a new way to prove that we have to deal with right now. So I say this: EVERY Milwaukeean (and Milwaukeeans at heart) should properly adopt #DefendMKE in a way that needs to be done.  Maybe change it up like #DefendMilwaukeeNow or #DefendBrewCity or, I don’t know. As long it’s cool with Major League Baseball.

On the Stephen’s Spot Twitter page and as well as the Stephen’s Spot Facebook Page, I made the references at the Brewers as a Dark Horse team. I kept saying “Dark Horses” a lot for a reason.  And I’m like….that’s them. They are the Dark Horses into the Postseason. No one I think never saw them coming and expecting them to be in the race this far. No one. I didn’t see it coming. But then again, they earned the right to be Dark Horses. And also in the ongoing hashtagging of #ThisCrewThisOctober #TakeBackTheNLCentral #TakeTheNLCS in all, it was just about hyping up the Crew for the postseason. Hey, this was the hometown Brewers here.

Oh did I mention that there were other “Brewer Fever” things like this we know that was floating around?


Or this one in which a local Milwaukee Rap Group made a song about Christian Yelich:


Or this sign outside of City Hall?


Or the question which logo was the best? – We know it’s the long loving Ball and Glove shaped like the MB.


And yes, our Milwaukee County Transit thing was on point:


In conclusion: 2018 Milwaukee Brewers Organization in all, you’ve had a good season. Many of us who are not baseball fans had probably missed out. But if given the energy and opportunity for next season, get the doors open. Let us see what we need to do in order to get this interesting. Let us see what is needed and interested for us. After all, it’s been 48 years since the debut. It’s been 61 years since Milwaukee had a World Series Championship. And yes it’s been a long minute that this team, this Brewers Company can break out of the funk of being a “lovable team” into a “powerhouse of opportunity” to get a championship. NL, maybe. A World Series? Still on the radar.

Brewers, your championship is coming.



P.S. – Still remain a Dark Horse!

Well, it has been a minute that I have written a scratch blog, but as I sat back and listened to all the mess in regarding 45, Brett Kavanaugh, the Midterms, and more stories of women getting raped and others, it’s clear that this came at the right time. There is no question about it.

But yes, I’m scratching my head again.

Males: we know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But during September, did we wore light blue for Prostate Cancer Awareness? And oh, why don’t we see no “Fight like a Boy” gear or stickers with the light blue ribbon?!

When it comes to Introverts and yes I’m one of the many, why that is still a problem for many WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND?! Ask your kinfolk, church folks, co-workers, teachers, etc.

25 years ago, I was so hooked on the Wisconsin Badgers Football team. How has that team really paved way for the next squads that did Rose Bowl wins? Even for the school, and the state? Plus that 1993 squad was the first I saw winning something, ever!

It seems that the Brett Kavanaugh saga is just starting to unravel. All these back stories coming out. And just today, a key Republican Susan Collins just supported to get him on the bench of the Supreme Court. Women I need to ask, you really back this crap? And many feel that the decision “raped” every single American today! Screwed up! If only just only that the more votes should have happened in November of 2016………oh wait!

45 just made a comment about the concern about the sake of the nation’s boys. Really?! What brought this on? Like seriously.

In the local midterms of Wisconsin, if Scott Walker were to win in November, it would be his last. Should Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes just make that happen like under 30 days? Like November 6th?

For all the so-called Woke Conscious folks: Can you please lay down your weapons for once and actually VOTE THE F UP?!

How will the 2018-19 Wisconsin Badgers do without those whom cowardly left the squad?! Come on, man!

Oh, it seems that Halloween is upon us. Let me guess, which demons should we exercise right now? Even if his name is…… guessed it. Same with females.

For all of the movies lately, why Venom?

For all of my Introverted folks: whatever you do, please do not be a Summer Program Developer in your community! It’s not for us being semi-communicative. Is there a way that there are Developer Programs that INTROVERTED folks can come to? No matter if it’s for a church, or community organization? I need answers! And plus it’s a problem if you have no training or apprenticeships! Or should I say ONGOING Training or Apprenticeships?

Since it’s already Autumn, what has or will be an “Autumn Suprise” coming up? And everyone will be talking about it. Just wait.

I should ask: what’s up with those Brewers? In a good way? Postseason wise.

Why is the United Methodist Church talking about the One Church Plan stuff, and not enough of it is being presented to the Black Methodist Community? Like Black Milwaukee?!

While many of you are laughing about this, the Milwaukee Streetcar (aka The Hop) is debuting on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Which is like 2 days after Halloween. And 20 days before Thanksgiving. And many of the FB laughable are still making jokes. Hmmm…..we’ll see who has the last laugh. Won’t we?

Is the Fiserv Forum really ready for the new era of Milwaukee Sports and Entertainment? Will the Bradley Center be missed like already, The Marcus Amphitheater at Summerfest?

For my black British folks, I know that October is your month of Celebrating Black History. And yes there were or are Hackers that tried to shut your page down in a racist manner. Man, check those fools! STAY WOKE! Why? The hackers are just scared of the truth about black culture, black existence, and black excellence in all areas! And yet they hack the pages in order to have this fear. Again: As we Black Americans would say, STAY WOKE! Any questions?

Why this quote means well? “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”

When we say “It’s Harvest Time” we really mean to say, it’s time to take in the plants. Agree?

Why is Columbus Day is still celebrated in America, KNOWINGLY Columbus was really a thief?! Can’t stand the holiday! And usually bad luck for me gets around Columbus Day. Not with it!

With the blue wave still intact, can it withstand the October Surprise?

How will Black Lightning favor for Season 2?

I’m sure many are not job shaming Geoffrey Owens now since he is no longer bagging groceries for Trader Joe’s, right? Ever since that boost from Tyler Perry giving him a shot on The Haves and the Have Nots.

This needs to be asked: why isn’t the WWE promoting Prostate Cancer Awareness in September? We know Childhood Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness. But yes the Men’s Health Awareness must be included. I’m just saying, WWE!

Wishful thinking: should the franchise of Revenge of the Nerds be rebooted? Nah, keep the originals!

Since the Packers are in their 100th Season, has it been a slow start? But hey, they’ve started slow and got hot when it’s stone cold. Prove me wrong.

Millennials, your favorite latte season is back. Oh, you know we still say Fall or Autumn, right?

And the last thing to ask: now since Bill Cosby is in jail, and many of the folks non black usually goes free, and you know many ask: why is still the Justice system is BROKEN?! Many because of unfair treatments?!

Now I know that the Milwaukee Brewers are having a heck of a season. They are. And reached 50 plus wins in the NL Central. Oh yeah it’s positive vibes.

But that’s the good news. The bad? Josh Hader. If anyone paid attention to the recent All Star Game in which the National Team lost, there was a report about Josh Hader using racial terms, or messages on all things: Twitter. There was messages of “White Power” and hating gays and many others. Seriously. And he was 17 years old. A teenager. When I saw the footage about him making that appearance to the mound, and the fans making the standing ovation, that to me is a problem. How can any fans in Baseball, especially majority white, give a guy like Josh Hader a standing ovation after his racist remarks? This looks very bad and disturbing. Especially for the Milwaukee Brewers Organization.

Many are saying, “he was 17 years old”. And saying this on social media. Of course, that the old heads kept saying that be careful what you post. Even I said this! Josh Hader is getting that lesson right now even in the City of Milwaukee that we all know that it’s segregated. Do majority of the white folks who come to Miller Park or any other comes to Milwaukee Special Events knows about the segregated checkered past? They better. Now I know that I’m getting a reaction of like “yes we know”. But we don’t know enough. Have I’ve been discriminated against my black skin in Wisconsin? Yes. I’ve explained it over and over again about being hated on for a job offer through Dresser Waukesha 8 years ago. It will be 8 years next month in August when I got that letter from Tallahassee, Florida about black folks not being hired by the company due to it’s checkered past of racism in the Greater Milwaukee Area. This is one of the reasons why I don’t usually respond to job postings as much because of this matter. Of course many companies will say, “we don’t discriminate against anyone based on race, creed, class, gender, etc.” But do many companies actually feel this way? Let’s be honest, not all of them. But there are those whom are jealous about a applicant that they just looked up on LinkedIn or Facebook who had all the credentials and being passed over all because he or she was black or highly educated. That’s why we have folks like Scott Walker and Donald Trump whom have all that White Privilege and I dare say, racist angles in office. And majority of the voters put them in office. And I’ll bet many who put them in office, don’t want a guy like Mahlon Mitchell per se in the race to be the next Wisconsin Governor. To me, I’m still betting on Mahlon to get a chance to steal this shocker to get the chair in Madison. But that’s another story.

Long time ago in Church, my older sister once said about being careful what you say during a Youth Moment segment. Even she also said if it was in the second grade. By looking at the racist tweet from age 17, Josh Hader had to be in high school as either a junior or senior. Go figure.

If any of the African-American players on the Brewers whom like Eric Thames, Lorenzo Cain, or Keon Braxton said some messages of hate on Social Media, they will be GONE! Out of the picture or banned! And many will be asking why that is. For Josh Hader, he will be getting the full “Ethnic Sensitivity Treatment Classes” on respecting cultures in all. It’s kind of interesting, that the Milwaukee Brewers in August are having a theme night event called African-American Heritage Night on August 3rd, in commemorating the Negro League Tribute to the Milwaukee Bears, whom at one time were apart of the city’s history that was long forgotten. When I saw the comments on Facebook, there were some “jerk offs” had to ask about, when is Polish American Night happening, or making some meaningless jokes about black culture. I’m not kidding. And many don’t realize that the problem in Major League Baseball is the diversity that not enough black folks are engaged with the game. Unlike Football or Basketball. Wait until football season starts either NCAA or yes the NFL. Just wait. And also that Heritage Night is day before of the newly Black Arts Fest MKE will be debuted at Summerfest after a 5 year absence of no African World Festival in the city.

Another thing comes to mind that the same week that Josh Hader’s racist tweets had surfaced, guess what? Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame in the same week! For those whom may have forgotten, Hulk Hogan was suspended for three years from the company’s Hall of Fame Status due to the fact that he was caught using the N word in regarding the thought of someone who would date his daughter Brooke. And oh, the firestorm had started. Forget about Hollywood Hulk Hogan with the nWo Heel Turn, this was Hulk Hogan or Terry Bolea using the N word and getting caught red handed out for that. When he was reinstated after three years, last week yes he wanted to make things right, but not every black WWE Superstar ranging from The New Day to Titus O’Neill didn’t somewhat approve of him being back. Except for Mark Henry whom is a newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer.

But the fact of the matter is, Hogan had to get right with himself about what he said. Maybe, just maybe that Josh Hader should do the same. And oh, it will not take a week. But the sting still remains in regarding to talk about race in all angles even in sports and entertainment. The jury on both is still out. As well as accountability.

Usually around this time, I want to tell the 2017 Graduation Classes Congrats. That will come in the next two blogs. But right now, a three way dance is looking and it’s about the stuff that my homecity is going through.

First Dance: Milwaukee Youth, Stop all this mess!

On Facebook today through one of my local DJs page, there was a shared footage about two teenage girls were about to engage in a fight. They duked out. Then the teenage boys later on got in and fought the girls on the spot. This footage I saw where a bunch of girls and boys jumped into a fight, by taking it to the extreme is nothing but more trouble brewing. Of course we can talk about Juneteenth Day about the jubilation of us black folks being all Melanin Proud and free. We can. I’m going to start a #MelaninManic hashtag. But what I saw on this footage on Facebook is nothing to be proud of. It’s not! We see this stuff everyday when the news comes on and oh “Milwaukee School Students fighting again. I’m pulling my child out of the school system!” You can pull your child out of MPS for example, but there will be more problems and concerns. Right now, MPS is on Summer Vacation to about August 14th. But when I saw this footage about the boys jumping in and taking their liberties I have to ask this, where are these dudes fathers at? I know that Father’s Day came and went, but these BOYS need their FATHERS! And I know many go in on the boys being no good because of their father’s behavior from years ago before all of this happens. Of course I can blame them, and partially the Mother’s can be at fault too! Where did the upbringing went too? Broken homes! There it is. If that were me in that mess, I would be spanked at home. Punishments. NO TV, NO INTERNET,  NO VIDEO GAMES, NO FACEBOOK. NONE!  And no, there are NO EXCUSES! Your actions will spell it out for you. Ok so the young black males put their liberties on the black girls because either they thought it was funny, or maybe one of the girls jumped their sister or cousin and they went in even further. That right there, is also dumb. The thing is, these fights that you the younger folks that want to be highly successful later on, things like this will be RECORDED and many will wonder why should I hire this person, when this person was a teen beating up girls in a useless fight? And oh, you get mad and get passed up on a job interview. I know many us grown folks had been there, but there are of us having this convo about “What can I do to help these kids?” My question as a “Melanin Grown Black King”, what haven’t we tried yet? When I attended the 46th NCJ-Black Methodist for Church Renewal’s Convention last year in Milwaukee, we had a group discussion about the concerns of our communities, and one of the concerns was brought up about was about talking with our young people. That’s true! WE NEED TO TALK TO OUR YOUNG FOLKS! Not just on the computer, or in a video game chatroom. Face to face. Women to Girls, Men to Boys, and I dare say, Women to Boys and Men to Girls. Yes I said this! Grown folks, we need to stop being “friends” to our young folks. Mothers and Fathers, stop being friends with your kids and start being REAL FREAKING PARENTS! Many of you aren’t real parents because your parents were better than you! And you didn’t listen. Well, you say that these kids are getting crazy, but when I see these kids messing up, your parental game is messed up. YES I said it! Get it right! Don’t kill the messenger!

Second Dance: A family gets kicked out for being too loud, at a Brewers Game.

Right now, the Milwaukee Brewers are in the top rankings in the National League Central Division. They are playing good baseball as of late with Eric Thames smacking homeruns.

But that’s not what this is about. Most recently, a hispanic family was at a Brewers game, and they were enjoying their team playing. But the scene changed when some white baseball fans flipped off the kids. Sad! What’s even worst than that, they were escorted out of the Ball Park all because they were “cheering too loud”. Keep in mind, they were kids! Young folks whom were cheering for their favorite team! I’ve gone to Baseball Games, Basketball Games, Football Games, even WWE Wrestling Matches and children were cheering loud at those events. I didn’t front nor told them to hush up. Many are looking at this being an angle of racism. If that’s the case, the Milwaukee Brewers need to address that. Seriously. In a Facebook post, the mother of the boys expressed the concern, and yes she had to go there.

Now let me get this straight. So kids or fans of baseball can’t cheer at their favorite teams? This ain’t no rocket science. This is just them having a good time . Period. For those “fans” who like to flip off with racism at a bunch of kids at a ballpark, a dome, a soccer field, a whatever field, you plainly SUCK! And mixing that with racism is just that: stupid. And of course when kids see that they might get traumaized and they might be effected with all the situation at hand. AGAIN, they are children! They didn’t deserve that and neither the family! NONE. Stuff like this is very inexcusable and it’s not fair. No excuses!

The last dance on the card: Sheriff David Clarke is not resigning.

As I stated in the last couple of blogs, many of us had been rejoicnig that Sheriff David Clarke was on his way out. Oh we were happy to think that this man, would have gone to join #45’s Cabinet for Homeland Security. But recently: Sheriff Clarke recinded his application. He didn’t take the job. What was the reason? He didnt like The Donnie? Or 45? Many are saying that outside of Wisconsin that Clarke is unfit to lead that operation in the DHS. Heck he’s unfit with his politics in Milwaukee County as SHERIFF! Richard Artison can beat Clarke in a foot race and still win. But the fact of the matter is, since now David Clarke is staying put, he will get beat by his 2018 opponent. The person I’m betting on is Earnell Lucas. Get used to say that name because I think that he’ll be the man to lead Milwaukee County Sheriff’s chair for a new clean slate. Yes we can research all we want and still think Clarke is the best for your Clarke/Republican fans. But the fact of the matter is, when he was out campaigning for the 45 Donnie who is VERY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT, he sold his soul. Flat out. And many of us in the Milwaukee County know it. Even you live in the outline areas in the County know it too! Yeah, your fault. I will admit that I thought that David Clarke was considered to be “Votable”, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. And he will get his day to get voted out. And you real voters whom thought that Clarke was wrong and is still wrong, 2018 better be your chance!

End of rant, and the bar is closed.

In a recent 21-10 decision, the Wisconsin State Senate has passed a funding bill that will effect the ongoing process to build a new arena in Downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I’m referring to the new Bucks playhouse. Not just for the team, but also for the future concerts, events and maybe a future WWE Pay-Per-View. The Reaction of the news were mixed. Some should say that the owners of the team should have paid for the full tab instead of the tax payers. WAIT A MINUTE: remember how Miller Park got started? Same thing. Taxpayers. Probably the same taxpayers who first complained and partially will like the investment. I think the same thing will happen here.

Now there was a talk of Seattle or Las Vegas in taking the team, (in which NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dismissed it)if Milwaukee had done the deal to fail. BUT this first hurdle of the State, probably sent a signal to those cities that Milwaukee actually got something done. BUT this is a first hurdle. Now if the second, third or a fourth deal is done offically, the start of the construction could start in the fall, between October and November.

So yes, Bucks fans. The deer is staying thus far.

Dear Milwaukee Brewers/Fans/and Milwaukee:

Even though that the Brewers are not in the World Series, and had made the postseason, got the 96 wins, there is one thing still to say: Thank you! Why I am saying thank you to the Brewers Fans/and Milwaukee? Even though I haven’t tapped into the Brewers as most of you, but I can say that I am pleased that the Brew Crew had made it this far to try to get something started. During the period between 1983-2007 in all, there was NOTHING to cheer for with this team in my view. Nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong in all that yes, the Brewers represent the WI as the lone MLB team, but here’s something you should realize that rebuilding takes time. It takes time overall because of the structure, team, management and mostly fans that generate that support that the Brewers evolved. But when in 2008, when the Brewers won the NL Wild Card Championship that to me was a small start to do something. Sort of like the Green Bay Packers who were in the Wild Card playoffs years ago. And the same category, they both lost the first round. But for the Packers, they rebounded and went straight to the Super Bowl. The Brewers, almost had the World Series in the grasp, but until the St. Louis Cardinals came along and routed them out.

Even though that this was a “disappointed season”, but in a way it was a good season. No, I didn’t go to the games at Miller Park, or as Nyjer Morgan would say, “The Keg”. But after reading the stats, games and pennnant races, it was almost clear that the Brewers were a candidate to be one of those teams to beat. This year, when they became the 2011 NL Central Divison Champions, this was something that the city had been hungry for since 1982. When the Brewers/Cardinals last clashed, in  1982 I was only 5 years old when that happened. And I don’t remember that game at all. Look, I was 5 years old! So to the “long term” Brewers Fans, I don’t remember that. I’ll remember 2011 as the year of the Beastmode. But not the year of Harvey’s Wallbangers.

So let me say that Milwaukee, even though that we have some differences in Segregation, high unemployment, teen pregnacy, and others, the Brewers woke up the Brew City with the Beastmode Mentality. Like Nyjer Morgan said that “beastmode is not just for the field, it’s a way of life” via his Facebook page.  So Milwaukee, we need to be in beastmode in all things!  Use the beastmode mentality to get all the unemployed to be employed. Tell the teen girls not to have a baby at 14. Go to work, school, church with a game-day attitude.  And for God’s sake: We need to get real about racism, and segregation in this city! See Beastmode is not just for sports. It’s for everyday life!

So Njyer, Prince, Ryan, Casey, Yovanni, Doug Melvin, Rickie, Mark Attansio, Ron Roenicke, Johnathan Lucroy, and many others in the Milwaukee Brewers Crew, Thank you all for a great season. And I would expect more “beastmodes” to maintain in the future. Am I disappointed that the season is a waste? No. Just like every other team that has been in this position before, it’s just like saying again, you now know what you have to do.  The Brewers are at times a misunderstood team. Not because of the region, or being in Milwaukee. It’s because in my opinion that they are a good organization but not a visible organization. I will say this though, they will get their championship. But I don’t see that coming in another 29 years.


Stephen’s Spot



The U.S. Bank Building in Downtown Milwaukee, formally known as the First Wisconsin, Firstar Building, flashes the letters GO MB in support of the Milwaukee Brewers Postseason. The letters GO MB faced west, towards Miller Park.

The State of Wisconsin had a good Whirlwind of Victories last week. In terms of the Milwaukee Brewers, the Wisconsin Badgers and the CURRENT Superbowl Champs, Green Bay Packers. But before I talk about the “Whirlwind,” I have to talk about the Brewers. Yes, the 2011 NL Central Division Champion Milwaukee Brewers. I said this last year that I won’t be talking about them unless they start winning. I guess the prophecy came true this season. The Milwaukee Brewers right now, are on some strange brew of motivation that was similar since 1982. Now when the Milwaukee Brewers were in a big game like the World Series at the time, I was only 5 years old when they made it that far, which they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. And yes, the years went by, and the Crew weren’t the stuff in Major League Baseball. There were times that I tried (and yes Lord I did try) to watch Baseball, but it went for other teams like the Yankees, Marlins and Red Sox. All of the Big League Market teams. But for Milwaukee, it was just a matter of no chance. Not enough talent and energy to make me say, “I want to see the Brew Crew make things happen.”

So OK, new Management, new players, a different scenery of Miller Park, and most of all a city that most of America seem to forgotten in the Midwest. You may have heard that the Green Bay Packers are the State’s unifier, but to fairly say now the Milwaukee Brewers have become and still are, the City’s unifier. We all know that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States, but for team like the Brewers with this new “strange brew of confidence”, can definitely unify a city that has high problems of Unemployment for African-Americans, Teen pregnancy, harsh winters (just kidding) and other ways to mend the fences of the city. And yes Milwaukee Sports Fans, we can get into “beastmode” in all things! Maybe Milwaukee can use the “beastmode” to get African-Americans in the city to be recruited for jobs without discrimination, tell the teens to get off of the pregnancy trip at 14 years old to get thinking about education and a real future. And sure as heck to tell us to go “beastmode” against segregation! We can wait for Nyjer Morgan or “Tony Plush”  to do this all we want. Or Prince Fielder, or Ryan Braun, Or Rickie Weeks or any of the Brew Crew to do this all we want as well, but we citizens have to build on it! So yeah, I’m putting on the Blue and Gold now. And the last time I wore anything like this was….20 years ago, in middle school that is.

This past weekend, the whole state for the first time has been wrapped up in a “Wisconsin Whirlwind of Victories” that has unprecedentedly put Wisconsin, a state that earlier had to go to battle against Scott Walker (which is still moving along)  to a state that revives in sportsmanship. The Badgers welcomed the rookies of Nebraska into the Big Ten with a 48-17 win. Learn the game, Cornhuskers. And on Sunday, while the Brewers were going 2-0 in the NLDS over the Arizona D-Backs, the Packers took care of business against the Denver Broncos which makes the Packers and the Detroit Lions unbeaten at 4-0. Just to the think about it, the Packers and Lions are making the NFC North serious. Not the Bears, nor the Vikings. But it was good weekend. I have to say that even though the Packers got the motor running earlier in the year, the Brewers rejuvenated their juice to get the oil changed which led them to a NL Central Title. Technically, the WI is on point. And even though that Whirlwind has died down a bit, the ideal thought has got the Badger State talking on the sports level.

I want to address all of the African-American Women who fall in the 70%. Those who say that there are no good black men around. Those who say that all Men ain’t well, you know the word. Those who are still asking that same old question of why they can’t find a good man for your reasons. Those that are……never mind.  This is a followup blog to “Oh, Wait: Is this what Relationships are like now? Really?!!” blog I wrote in September. I’ve been on the WordPress thing about expressing my reasons why I’m still single and having a ball at it. No question. I like my single status. And no, I’m not saving myself for women like you who keep pursuing the same question of “why I can’t find a good man”. I hate to be harsh on that, but on the flipside, I’m being real. Even though that I am single approaching the age of 35, while still being a straightforward Sagittarius of speaking my viewpoints. And I’ll bet that alot of you are asking these questions right now:

  • “Why are you single, Stephen?”
  • “You’re this good guy. Who works hard. And no one has snagged you up?”
  • “OMG, you’re almost 35, and no girlfriend/ladyfriend? Dang, dude! Where you’ve been hiding?”
  • “What do you do everyday?”
  • “When are you are actually going out for real?” I’m just saying, I mean when is it going to happen?
  • “If you were seeking someone to hang out, What are you looking for in a female?”

I can answer these questions just to be real. And to give you, the African-American Female audience some insight.

One, the reason I’m single because I chose that road to walk. “I Walk Alone” as Saliva would say. Saliva is a rock group by the way. I mean, most my age or the same predicament can relate, but I’m single because I chose my decision to focus on me. Now to those who are wondering: what does that mean? I’m a working kind of person. Real busy. I don’t focus on the seeing the females as much because I chose not to do it! No, I’m not going towards the gay angle (I don’t swing my bat that way),not assuming the interracial angle, and also plus here is something that most of you Single African-American Women would cheer for: I haven’t been in jail! I don’t have a criminal history, never had unprotected sex, have goals to achieve in life and like alot of you, I believe in getting more education in college (or beyond college), and having the ability to establish positive outcomes. And above all else, it’s my right!

The Second question. Yes, I’m a good person. I’m not a perfect person. Never have been. But like every American I strive to be the best. EVER. It’s a thing of confidence. And again no one hasn’t snagged me up because, well they all tried and failed. And some had a thought of me being laughable. Usually I put the question on ice just for me to think about without giving in right away. I’m a patient person. You know the slogan: Patience is a virtue. And get this: I maybe straightforward of not being ready like the guy down the street, but I am honest. Right now, I would be rather be friends with Females than getting real close. I’m not considered to be “relationship ready right now”. If I was, different story. Who knows? Like President Clinton once said the same about “America can’t be strong abroad, unless we are strong at home.” I take this seriously. No matter where I go.

The third question. Yes, I’m approaching the ripe age of 35. The same age that I can run for political office, per say. No I’m actually running, but having a girlfriend to hang out with has never crossed my mind. I’m more of a loner. Or a lone wolf in a pack. I like serenity, peace and freedom. Technically, where I have been hiding you ask? I’m not actually hiding nor retreating. I don’t have to hide to be not noticed! Really, it’s just a matter of laying low and not being on someone’s radar list. But, I would say that maybe at one point someone probably told me that I was the one, but not the true candidate. I’m keeping it real!

The fourth question. I work! I work a total of 48 hours every two weeks everyday. So, yes I do have a job. And away from the office, I help citizens to fill out voting ballots, volunteer with my High School Alumni Associations, as well keeping tabs on my college/university Alumni Groups and outings. And for fun stuff, I go to movies, festivals, special events all by myself. It maybe lonesome, but I enjoy the freedom to explore things on my own. And I am brave enough to do it.  And I attend church every Sunday. United Methodist that is.

The Fifth Question. That I can’t say. Like I said, I’m focusing on me. I can’t predict a vision to see in a crystal ball or the constant nagging of my family/friends of making me seek a wife. REALLY?!  Had to put that in there.(*rolling eyes and shaking my head*) I don’t have a time clock in my brain, or a stopwatch. Yes, I heard about when reaching 35 without a girl or a ladyfriend in all, would damage my reputation, my livelihood, my upbringings, lessons from my parents and etc. But, I’m here to tell you that I’m not worried! I may have been discouraged, or tempted, or teased, or at one time, “warned.” But I have faith and confidence to withstand these barriers and just stay focused on what is important right now. And having a focus on a seeking a female is NOT A PRIMARY CONCERN! It is not a cancer! I have respect for black women, but I believe and feel that you have to understand (you in that 70%) that I’m NOT the cure to your cancer regarding this. Once again, I’m being honest and straight forward. Like the Sagittarius/Chinese Dragon I am. Yes, those are my signs. Fire signs that is. The cure to all cancers in my view, would rest in the hands of the almighty. I’ve been told years ago to be true to yourself. Now if those in the feminine crowd (of any race) can’t honor or respect that, they are not the ones I’m seeking. I’m not a skirt chaser. I don’t chase after women like a crazed maniac, and be a relentless person of no morals regarding this. I wasn’t raised to do that. No matter which group of folks they are. I know some are tired of hearing this, but “I’m just saying; in general.” I don’t do these things. Technically, it’s a waste. This is where upbringings come in, and a truce! This is not an issue, more like an ideology.

The Sixth Question. If I was looking for that chick to hang out with, it would be this: Mature, Hardworking, Independent, able to support, have a good head on her shoulders, kindness, strong and having a will to be successful. Now I’ve heard that most African-American Men fear strong black women. Here is something that I should know: I grew up in a family mixed in with strong black women! I’m used to that. Believe me. Ranging from Ministers, Teachers, Business Owners, Administrative Workers, etc. So that doesn’t scare me. Instead of scaring me of African-American women being strong, here’s something else: It gives me hope to rise up my bootstraps. I’m saying this, because it’s all about being well raised, coached, advised and being aware of stepping out to make that decision. So, yeah I’m well grounded as much. The only way I think that those in the 70%, or any percentage would ride “this train, (as in me) is to have that ticket punched authentically to get aboard. Not phony. Just saying.

Overall, I think I may have unleashed something here. But in essence, I decided to open a playbook and let loose like a quarterback scrambling for yardage. Sort of like Aaron Rodgers. Yes, I follow the Green Bay Packers and I am from Wisconsin! And I do belt moves. Or just going into “Beast Mode” like Nyjer Morgan of the Milwaukee Brewers. But to just keeping it at 100, this is what it is. I know that the competition is gunning hard out there, and it’s bleak. But maybe if the “competition” weren’t so bleak, I wouldn’t got passed up to be the homecoming king or prom king in High School! Or overlooked in a bar or a club. I’ve been overlooked too many times. I’m not crying about it.  I wasn’t raised to mack, nor act as a pimp or player. The reason is…. I don’t those things. What was the line from Thriller? “I am not like other guys”. Case in point: this is why I’m still and probably remain to be single. Unless, if a truce arises, I am still defending “this” title of me being single. – Belt Move!