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Here it is: it’s the post edition of the Spot and yet we are supposed to be in the post quarantine mode. Apparently, not. If one of the many have gotten their wish about “Opening America” while getting increased distance of anti-social distancing, anti physical distancing, not wearing masks, no gloves on, not taking the advice of these doctors and scientists, still blaming the democrats of taking always folks freedoms and liberties, 45 acting stupid as usual, GOP in Wisconsin are messing up, Michigan under scrutiny because a black lawmaker went to work with armed black men, plus the hunt against Black Men are still at large, and oh many morons still say the sacreglious phrase of “Happy Memorial Day” WHICH IS NOT! Allow me to scratch my head again.


Roland Martin Unfiltered: Black Man beaten in Race Attack in Iowa.

So we just found out about the “gaffe” that Joe Biden said in regards to those whom are Black Conservatives and in his words: “You Aint Black!” Well you know what, if the So-Called woke black folks whom back 45 is actually a thing well how would you explain what 45 did in terms of taking down a portrait of Barack Obama in the White House BREAKING A TRADITION that goes back 40 years?!

So it seems that our so-called President is now labeling Churches as “essential.” REALLY? And now he wants to governors of the country to open them up to bring the normalcy back together. If they don’t do it, he will. IN WHICH HE CAN’T! What will this prove? And by the way, many churches are saying no regardless!

It seems that Republicans want the citizens to rush back for more stuff all trying to get the country reopened. Wait, what has stopped them before with all the harsh disagreements?

Black folks, should Sam’s Club be boycotted after this assault on a 68 year old woman and her son at 43 years old? And her son is MY AGE!

Roland Martin Unfiltered: Police Brutality on Woman and her son in Sam’s Club.

So educators, and those whom are home schooling: How’s that Virtual Education coming along? You all need balance!

In Milwaukee, there was an officer that is being charged with a crime. For all of my Milwaukee folks who didn’t back Tom Barrett: would you back him up for this officer to be fired?

So 45 believes that voting by mail is not right, eh? What about the Poll Workers who operate the sites? You know they have to vote ahead of time!

Every Church MUST LEARN, how to do Zoom, WebEx, Tithe Online, Coordinate Meetings onilne or Audio Phone Conference just to keep up and also WORSHIP! Why is that so hard? Oh wait not everyone is “technically inclined.”

Does it feel real good to acknowledge your anniversary on the actual day of your Graduation Ceremony? Me: Tech School – 20 years. High School next month: 25.

Speaking of Grad Anniversaries: For the reunion buffs, if your Class Reunion would be cancelled for another 5 years or so due to the Coronavirus, you know you can do Zoom Video Conferencing or Facebook Messenger Rooms right?

Are folks still updating their resumes and portfolios and SKILLS to the resumes?

What jams from 1995 are folks listening to in 2020 with all this Quarantine Aftermath gripping us with pain and pestilence?

It’s good to see that the Class of 2020 is getting their due during the virus outbreak. Regardless of the outcome, they should be celebrated. Right? I mean we see it online, does that mean something?

Again: this needs to be asked and harshly questioned: when it comes to Memorial Day, why our younger folks are saying “Happy Memorial Day” like everyone is clueless? DUH! Memorial Day is not for the cheering to be happy, it’s for the deceased who lost their lives in the World Wars and it’s a day of remembrance! Y’all can stop this mess! Should those ask the dumb question need to be punched in the throat?

About 25 years ago, when folks used to ask dumb questions, it usually resounds when it’s not really a dumb question. (No question is a dumb question) My question can it be revived differently?

You need to know that BLACK PEOPLE started Memorial Day. Right? May 1st, 1865.

Memorial Day 2020 will be different because usually Baseball would be on and cracking. But what will take place of the National Pastime?

For all the movies and shows that came out in 1990, which reunion show or movie was the best one so far?

For all the music that came out in 1990 (way before internet radio) who and what was cracking the most that will make most artist today to run for the hills and hide?

CALLOUT: Generation X, are we still winning with our ways that many before us thought it was deemed a waste? Even during the pandemic? Yeah, way before you Millennials and Generation Z folks.

For the men and women of the Armed Forces during the Pandemic, you good?

For the men and women of the Medical Game during this Pandemic, you good?

For the families of the Men and Women who lost a loved one during war, or a Veteran that kept telling his or her stories over and over again that passed on to the other side, are we good? We need to be. Hard but still.

When The Last Dance appeared 10 times for each part, did that really shocked those that Jordan was that mean dude that many couldn’t stand? But they liked him anyway?

Oh this needed to be said: in The Last Dance, Michael Jordan kind of “heckled” some Packers fans in 1998 after they lost the Super Bowl on the plane. He was like: “Hey Cheeseheads, how about those BRONCOS?!” Oh, yeah everyone hated the Pack. Someone should tell Michael not to come from Green Bay! At the time, the Packers were the 12 Time NFL Champions. 12 Times! And Jordan was on his 5th. Don’t come for Green Bay! Why you asked? And keep reminding the Chicago Bears that they haven’t won anything big since Ronald Reagan was President. One time Superbowl Champions my butt! Yeah, tell that story!

Oh let me see, when it comes to white privilage, there’s always this:

Roland Martin Unfiltered: Woman Accosts Black Cop

Does that count as being bigoted or working the fake “Slave Patrol” that is going on? Especially hunting down black men/women?

Just In: More White Privilege. Press Play:

Roland Martin Unfiltered: Central Park Karen gets FIRED!

For all you folks that accuse African-Americans threating white women that this one, expect a termination. Should that be enforced in all companies? And your face is in public.

JUST IN TODAY: This is so UNACCEPTABLE! For all those who love the cops, flagging the Blue Lives Matter Mantra of backing the cops, and seeing this hellacious act of police brutality over in Minnesota, what and where is YOUR REACTION when you see this? Your voices are silent and scared and just cowardly! This was a black male, George Floyd was arrested and one of the cops had his knee on his neck FACE DOWN! George Floyd had 8 minutes of his 46 years of life to live and died at the scene. All this since Memorial Day. By the way this will be discussed in the My Take blog coming up.

The Telegraph – George Floyd Death Scene, 2020. ****WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE****

This may be off topic, but there are talks and ideas that should be that blacks should take up arms. As in Guns, as in protection. There is a organization, NAAGA which stands for, National African American Gun Association. And it is growing! NRA is failing at the seams. After not acknowledging Philando Castile, Ahmaud Aubery, and most recently, Kenneth Walker. Should all blacks carry arms like the white counterparts which happens all the time? And oh should blacks embrace the 2nd Amendment and make it their own?

PLUS: Where is Wisconsin (especially Black Wisconsin) is in this?!

*Sidenote from the NAAGA Chapters Site:


No chapters yet.  If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, contact us at

Report on NAAGA – National African American Gun Association; Courtesy of CBS This Morning

What the heck is this? TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM?!

And the last question before we once again pay homage to our fallen military and veterans: Since when did Gov. Tony Evers had this thing regarding being like Hitler? That so-called White Privilege is heating up like a bully. You know who are the real Hitlers: Look at Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald.

Never forget the fallen!

While many of us were taking the day off from work and school, the infamous Memorial Day Holiday returned as well as the “unofficial”start of the 2019 summer season. You know that is when many will start to travel alot? Yeah that one. This is also the same Memorial Day when many of us in the black community will remind the country that it was black folks that made the holiday. Long history of that missed! And also, it appears that the sacrilegious saying again of “Happy Memorial Day” is dumb as a you know what.

But however, I’m scratching my head again.

Stop Saying Happy Memorial Day!

Like last year and this year and the year before that AND THE YEAR BEFORE THAT: WHY THE HELL ARE WE SAYING HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY?!! It’s not for the living! Stop it, new generation folks!

I need to ask this: does the African-American Community receives an honor on Memorial Day when many of our black servicemen died or KIA in battle? Even while serving when the country didn’t give them love previously?

The month of May is Military Appreciation Month, right? So which military member of any branch should be given love each day that HASN’T been appreciated?

Who’s ready for Rambo? Coming in September!

As the field of candidates grows for 2020, which of them really has a shot of getting after 45?

Well they tried, the 2018-2019 Milwaukee Bucks season was ended by the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals. So overall, how did the Deer do with a Central Division Title Win and a budding future?

HOLD UP: Is AEW Wrestling “REALLY THAT SERIOUS” wanting to go after WWE? On the heels of the Double or Nothing Pay Per View? By the way if I’m AEW in all, don’t go greedy in all taking out Vince. Just saying! Be your own brand and your OWN stuff.

Stop the press: who did not know that Assassin’s Creed III was out on the Nintendo Switch?! Anyone surprised?

Question: Are the Milwaukee Black Panthers really serious about disrupting the summer festivals just to protest the concerns of the city? Come on now.

Last year, Wolfenstein II was that combat game for the Nintendo Switch. So….which war game is next for the console?

For the old school gaming crowd: who has the Blast! Controllers with the HDMI plug ins? Why I’m asking this? It’s for the Atari folks at heart.

For the next month of June: Black Music Month, Pride Month, a Month set aside for Fathers, Juneteenth Day, Flag Day, The First Day of Summer………and oh, you know us men have to realize that it’s also Men’s Health Month? Wear light blue, gents!

Why many STILL ask those whom are single and no kids: “what’s wrong?” The real question is, why does it matter to you? Here’s some advice: Get your life! Switch your lanes!

Why many ask those whom are introverted that are “anti-social?!” Knowing its not the people, it’s really the connection.

North American Challenge: How many residents of #Toronto, Canada do not know anything about #Milwaukee? I’m not talking about sports here. Place your bets. Either American dollars or Canadian Dollars.

Hold up: Noah’s Ark is turning 40 years old in the Wisconsin Dells. Who’s parting while riding Black Anaconda or Raja or whatever waterslide they have?

It’s all over: Who still hasn’t seen Game Of Thrones?

For its 100th year, can the American Legion go to the inner city schools/events to assist them about black history war figures? Along with the Auxiliary, Riders and Sons? This is a serious question here. Not knocking the suburbs. I really need to see the African-American Legion posts at work on this!

How do we like the Deer District, Milwaukee?

Is the new Chevy Blazer that serious to sell?

Wisconsin: we turned 171 years old this week. How is the montage connection of Governor Tony Evers is doing after a year not dealing with Scott Walker?

How will Juneteenth Day 2019 turn up? Even in the year of the return?

Black Men/Women: when we are stopped by the police or had been stopped by the police, do we feel a sense of concern like they are going to get us? And could this be one of the reasons why an interest in Police work is not out of the question?

Old Town Road

Seriously folks, is Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” really that disrespectful to country music? Even though black folks made the genre in the first place? Happy early Black Music Month.

And the Final question: Has EVERY American understood this? Be honest. I know we love our troops and veterans in all, but keep it real!

Image result for memorial day veterans day armed forces day

While many of us were taking the day off from work and school, the infamous Memorial Day Holiday returned as well as the “unofficial”start of the summer season. You know that is when many will start to travel alot? Yeah that one. This is also the same Memorial Day when many of us in the black community will remind the country that it was black folks that made the holiday. Long history of that missed! And also, it appears that the sacreligous saying of “Happy Memorial Day” is dumb. But however, I’m scratching my head again.

Like last year and this year and the year before that: WHY ARE WE SAYING HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY?!! It’s not for the living!

I need to ask this: does the African-American Community gets to be honored on Memorial Day when many of our black servicemen died or KIA in battle? Even while serving when the country didn’t give them love?

The month of May is Military Appreciation Month, which military member should be given love each day?

The Second Milwaukee Streetcar arrived this month, and in June, the Open House begins. Is June 8th still on your calendar, Milwaukee?

Starbucks was closed for one day after Memorial Day. You know what it means?

Has anyone really adapted to the full blown downside of Tinder?

If Call of Duty is not Nintendo Switch material, can Wolfenstein II be that combat game to become the best ever?

Next month is June: Black Music Month, Pride Month, Month set aside for Fathers, Juneteenth, The First Day of Summer………oh, you know us men realize that it’s also Men’s Health Month? Wear light blue!

It’s really apparent that the celebration of the United Methodist Church’s 50 is catching on. But after the celebration is one and done, what’s really next?

Why many ask those whom are single and no kids: “what’s wrong?”

Why many ask those whom are introverted that are “anti-social?!” Knowing its not the people, it’s really the connection.

Hold up: Noah’s Ark got a new water slide in Wisconsin. Hint it’s a snake ride. Not as you think. Wanna know?

Can the American Legion go to the inner city schools/events to assist them about black history war figures? Along with the Auxiliary, Riders and Sons? This is a serious question here. Not knocking the suburbs.

So many people think that the NFL is being unfair (still unfair) about Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling. Many have said that it’s unfair for him that he’s not signed to a team. NOW the NFL has made a rule that if a player doesn’t rise before the anthem, the team will be penalized 15 yards. There was a time that the NFL players were in the locker room while the anthem is played. Like 2009. My question is, why did 45 had to bust out saying that those who didn’t recite the anthem shouldn’t be in the country?!

Oh my God! Roseanne’s reboot and reruns has been cancelled due to a racist tweet to one of former members of the Obama/Biden Crew: Former Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett. For you Roseanne fans: so who’s the snowflake now?

Wisconsin: we turned 170 years old this week. What about the 8% of African-Americans living in the state for opportunities?

Additional School Shootings in Santa Fe, Texas and also after a High School Graduation in Atlanta, Georgia. Now I need to ask yet again after the “March for our Lives”, why are we are NOT getting the message?!

Was this a great decision by Mayor Tom Barrett by NOT running for Governor in Wisconsin in 2018?

I’ve seen Graduations of older folks in their 90’s graduating from College. You know it’s not too late, right?

How will Juneteenth Day 2018 turn up?

This is an interesting article: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a story about skills being important as degrees. Should this an idea to get folks back to work in a new way? And I know this needs to be asked: if you have a Bachelor’s Degree and you’ve been working low wages for a while well after college, and you want a newer BETTER JOB, why is this being blocked for those whom have a 4 year degree?

MSNBC had a Town Hall Meeting about Everyday Racism in America. Mainly with the now concerns of racism at Starbucks, Yale, etc. Was White America as well as any other naysayer American was paying attention?

Black Men: when we are stopped by the police or had been stopped by the police, do we feel a sense of concern like they are going to get us? And could this be one of the reasons why an interest in Police work is not out of the question?

And the Final question: Has EVERY American get this?

Image result for memorial day veterans day armed forces day

Coming in June: two things to write about – A Traditional Stephen’s Spot Blog about Graduations. And MEN – I have a serious blog to write about Men’s Health and you need to listen, er read what I have to say. Especially Black Men! Blood Pressures and Diabetes.



Fold 3 Flag

Folded Flag – by Stephen’s Spot Photography



By now, we’re back at work. Back in school. Back to the part where it’s the now the “unofficial start” of summer. We know that Memorial Day has past and many of us paid respects to those that did the job for us by serving in uniform.

Whether they were killed in action, or like my father whom had passed on while a veteran, no matter they had served in any of the 5 branches, served in conflicts or peacetime, they all served. Period. Even if we don’t like it that much.

But, I’m scratching my head again.
CALLOUT: Yo, why are we saying the words: “Happy Memorial Day?”

Wisconsin, you realized we turned another year of Statehood, right? Been around since 1848.

You also realized that Memorial Day started with black folks, right?

On Facebook and Instagram: many of you did this, why are you putting up pics of MLK, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, and other famous African-Americans whom DID NOT SERVE?! Especially on Memorial Day.  Just curious……

For those whom are still stuck: why do we confuse Veterans Day and Memorial Day so much?

You realize that Armed Forces Day gets skipped over alot, and many don’t realize that it gets celebrated in May of our current Armed Forces Members?

Do many African-Americans families go to Memorial Day tributes at cemeteries and parades outside of the big cities?

Where are the black Gold Star families in Milwaukee that lost those whom served previously? As well as those who lost loved ones when they were recognized as Veterans?

Like many in America, there’s always going to be concerns about shootings around the Memorial Day Weekend. And the real reason because…..?

Instead of hating on those who don’t get any acknowledgement on Memorial Day, like those who fought in the community, could they’re be an idea of drafting a “Community Memorial Day” state or city holiday?

Instead of hating the idea of a certain Community or Civil Rights or Abolitionists doesn’t get a recognition on Memorial Day, can there be a “National Civil Rights Memorial Day?”

I said this last year: why isnt there an African-American Rolling Thunder Event for Juneteenth Day? You know like the one in D.C. every year?

During any Rolling Thunder Event of Motorcycles: was there a black Marine, or a black Airman, a black Sailor, a black Coast Guard Member or a black Soilder saluting in DC?

Where there any black American Legion Members or Sons, or Auxiliary, or Legion Riders out yesterday?

How many of those felt when the Tuskegee Airmen got recognized in DC during the Memorial Day Concert?

Did ANY African-Americans knowingly got recognized on Memorial Day when presenting names or having their names displayed?

Off topic question: Why is there a theater in Texas not having men to come out to see the upcoming Wonder Woman Movie? MEN: go to the theaters to see Wonder Woman that will welcome us dudes that like the DC Woman Character. And also keep going to that theater so the other theaters will lose male customers!

Second off-topic question: What will it take to resist the negative acts of #45, the negative acts of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and negative mindset of Sheriff David Clarke?

Third off-topic question: Can the DNC really resist this summer?

OK last one: how many of us will always pass the knowledge, tell the stories, learn the lessons of those whom have passed on and either they were killed in action or died years later as Veterans? If we don’t tell the stories, who will?

The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue



Hopefully, I know were just getting past the Memorial Day weekend. We all hope that we had a good holiday break with the Barbecues, Baseball Games and those days off. But it’s not really about that. It’s really about those who are at rest who fought for those freedoms we endure everyday. Just a word of thought, Memorial Day is for those who have fought and died, not really for those who are living the stories! We all know that May is Military Appreciation Month. Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day. We know this! Know the difference. 

Now today, as we all know already, we lost a legend in the black community. We lost a legend in the black poetry game. And yes we lost for those who want to keep it like this: A great American. Even a black queen!  We lost Dr. Maya Angelou. For 86 years, she has taught us with her poetry, her activism, her wise words for life and most of all, she has taught us well beyond life. She ran her race well.

Back in High School in the early 90’s, Bill Clinton was inaugurated to be the 42nd President of the United States. And yes he got sworn in 1993. And I remember the inauguration biblically. No I wasn’t there, but millions of us were watching as well. One of the highlights I do remember was Maya Angelou’s poem: “On The Pulse Of Morning.” Now most us Gen X, and Baby Boomers remember that. Even most of the Greatest Generation recalled that poem. For you Gen Y and Millenials folks, either you weren’t around or you were way to young to know this. When she read that poem, it was one of her best speeches. No question. I’m not taking anything away from “Still I Rise”, and “I know why the cage bird sings”. They were and still are the top pieces of literature of her craft. But the On The Pulse of Morning poem had all those symbolisms of Dry Tokens, Rocks, Trees, Rivers, and many other symbolic uses. What was the dry tokens in the poem? Bones. Look it up.

And profoundly it’s a symbolic reminder of acceptance, barriers to be mended, new ideas to be planted, focused, previewed and summarized. It’s a plan of having this focus to act. That to me is a pulse. And in the poem it reminds us of everyday reminders, everyday missions, everyday wins and losses, and everyday reminders that the world needs to listen and hear. Those everyday reminders in that poem maybe just words, but those words are telling us that there is work to be done, and not to forget the past for no reason. Even if it’s wars, and dare say Slavery!

Maya Angelou had over 30 Honorary Degrees. And no she didn’t went to college. I know that someone might say, “oh she didn’t went to college but got over 30 honorary degrees?!!  Really? And I’m stuck in this college about to drop out with the mindset of not knowing the real stuff to get a degree.” Now I not advocating folks to drop out here. Finish your college game with the degrees coming up. Finish that stuff! Don’t be like those who say, “I wish I would have gone back and finish.” Well go back and FINISH! Just a suggestion.

Furthermore, she was active! Active as a poet, active in civil rights, active as a professor, active in film, producing, and yes dancer. The keyword in the sentence: ACTIVE! And I’ll bet she was one of those in her generation that did more that one thing and not just one thing and thats it. Learn it young bucks!

Many today right now in 2014, probably might be asking this question or making statements like: “Who was Maya Angelou?”  “I don’t know who she was”. Or here is thought, “What has she done for me and why should I care?!” Don’t be shocked if you see or hear these sentences. Don’t be. If those of us who have those who say those words or sentences, you better tell them! Don’t wait until they’re all so-grown and out of the house and acting like they’re all that. They’re not. That will be like saying folks who believe that going to church is like giving away your money in all. And all that God, Jesus, stuff is just junk! And saying also that religion is foul and the members of the church don’t give a darn about what going on outside of the walls. We know that’s false because there are folks of the cloth knows what’s up. For example: Take a look at your kids’ classrooms, the boardrooms, your place of employment, the voting registration areas, medical, counselors of all professions, the movement of anti-discrimination, anti-violence, the club, your favorite DJ who couldn’t get more music to play for the crowd, the bartender behind the bar giving advice on family. Or your favorite Barber giving you a cut and some job leads outside your element. What about that  Non-Believers?! Answer that! And like those who make the statements, there might be those who will not care about the work of Maya Angelou. Probably will not want that around them. In Milwaukee recently, we had a “Ceasefire Week” which was a reflection of getting the guns off the streets. There were about 300 guns collected, but what happened after that? 18 shootings and this is supposed to drop the guns? Really?!

I know what I just said is not relevant to Maya Angelou’s work or legacy. But what I’m trying to say is that even though it’s not that understandable as of yet, it takes years to understand the gist and objectives of one’s work. It’s not just about reading the words, or looking them up on Google, the words have to have meanings! Those meanings in which everyone should understand fully! Yes, we know about Dr. King and the infamous “I Have A Dream” Speech. We know the words when he mentioned his four little children growing up in the world where they may not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. We know and many of you probably still got that on storage. How many of those who highlighted that section so many times out of storage, and never had the thought to view or hear the entire speech?  And I know that can be the same with Maya Angelou’s poems or words of advice. I’m just saying. So with this in the coming days of Dr. Maya’s home-going, there will be tributes, honors, paintings, words from her on video, her first and last words on social media, and I’ll bet her funeral will not be showcased in a spectacle. It should be respectful. And after all the tributes and all the words of expression, will we still reflect the lessons of Maya Angelou? Will the schools incorporate her work in the classrooms, or in the college classes, (IF THEY ACCEPT MORE OF BLACK STUDIES) or will ordinary folks of everyday duties will just forget and go back to the reality mode like it didn’t happen?

Also in the next coming days will we even care? And I’m not just saying that to black folks. Matter of fact, this is for the black folks. And many others who feel this way. Will we or won’t we?

Dr. Maya Angelou had educated us all. From her generation, to the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and hopefully some Millennial folks. She was like that grandmother that you should not skip over. That teacher that had to educate you over and over. That senior citizen, that did it, the right way.

Knowledge is power if you want it.

Well, I can’t say that I Told You So, Wisconsin. But even though that it maybe wishful thinking coming June 5th, but I’m not going to jump the gun UNTIL the votes have been checked. Currently the State is having the early voting/absentee all over. Including Milwaukee. It seems to me that 2010 should be and only be a distant memory of a bad nightmare. For this, it’s about redemption or like having that last chance to say, “We’re here. Everything else is you know what.” During the first debate, I know that Walker was trying to well “breeze his way” past the wire. But when it came to the unemployment rates in Milwaukee, that really got to Walker. Now you’re probably assuming that it was all Tom Barrett fault citywise. But the guilty has to be equated with County Views of Scott Walker. If I do the math correctly, Scott Walker served as County Executive between 2002 – 2011. Tom Barrett: 2004 – Present. So I have to say based on yearwise, Scott Walker, yet again deserves the blame of the 34%  unemployment in Milwaukee County. Yes I know that the County of Milwaukee has been to career fairs looking for workers in the city. On the flipside the debt in Milwaukee grew upto 85% during Walker’s tenure. So I ask the Walker supporters: what’s up with that?!!!  Hmmmm, Talk to me! And don’t assume that shouldn’t be seen like those mysterious emails insuring that the internal investigations that broke recently. Especially those that broke the rules when Walker was campaigning on “county time”.

If Walker survives the Recall, most of the things that established Wisconsin will be changed. Voting  privilages, not showing up to court equal convictions, or any other things that makes wonders like “what has this state has become?” In regarding to do business: earlier in a previous blog what will that say in terms of Talgo, would say about Wisconsin? Oh, I hear like: “Wisconsin is open for business, but not that business”. There was lots of talk about Super Steel should got onboard with the then-high speed rail project. Now I don’t have a problem with Super Steel, but if Super Steel weren’t so stuck up about being the first in line with the rail thing, why didn’t THEY step up and simply just signed the dotted line instead of Talgo? One thing about American companies in which that in respect they do step up in terms of tough times. But in regarding Super Steel and Talgo, why wasn’t there a joint agreement with the both companies for High Speed Rail with the state? Also, Talgo stepped up in America for over a decade. WHERE WAS SUPER STEEL THEN? What about it, conservative supporters? Where the talk about that? Obviously that has never been heard. Again, talking loud and saying nothing.  And by the way, where are the Independents?  You count too!

Based on in the past year, it’s no wonder that Wisconsin is in the mix for the election year. Technically they are calling this Recall Election the most important election than the upcoming Presidential Election. Speaking of Recalls, word around the Social Media outlets that Recalls are a bad idea. I question why. What’s the real reason? Money? Waste? What? Obviously I feel those concerned should have a right to exercise their voice despite of other opinions. California went through it. One of the Dakotas went through it. But WHY NOT WISCONSIN? Many of us forget that this is a part of process of democracy. It’s part of freedom of expression. Just this past week, was Memorial Day, in which those lying in the crypts or graves in Arlington National Cemetery, or Woods National Cemetery, or any Memorial Park, Cemetery or Monument that served in the Armed Forces fought and died to give US citizens those rights! Oh yes, Freedom is not free. And the right of free expression must come at a responsibility. But even though those that don’t assume the recall thing is an idea, think about those who didn’t have a voice and died! Think about those who didn’t have the will, DIED! I can hear soilders or veterans talk that “I had to give up my rights to defend YOU. And this the thanks I get?” Speeches. They care. Now I’m not a Vet. But if I were, I would be spreading that like wildfire. Many folks might look me like I’m crazy. To every Armed Forces Member out there doing their thing: Thank you! Keep taking names and doing it for America’s Freedoms.

But in all of this: We Americans have a right to express approval and disapproval at times. Even in recalls. Like it or not.

Obviously, despite of the internal “polls” I think that won’t effect the real deal. That real deal is June 5th.