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Did this once, will do it again.

Ready. Set. Go!


They say stay woke, right? Well….



Black folks: why does the American Flag is labeled as a “Symbol of Oppression?” Asking for a friend!

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Ummm. Yeah, when are the godly MEN and the godly WOMEN are ACTUALLY going to hook up? Like seriously?


Ain’t this the real truth? Ask those who are “woke and conscious”. Just saying.


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Should this sink in for all my single brothers in the game? And actually NOT LOOKING?

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But the real question is, what is the REAL problem with this single thing?


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BRUH! Really? Now for the “melanin powered conscious folks”, are you really putting this on notice?


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Can anyone relate to this at Walmart? Be honest!


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If you black Friday shoppers planning to do this after Thanksgiving, then explain why you can’t do this on a Sunday morning for a church. Anyone?


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Who ACTUALLY believes this? Call them out!


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CALLOUT: We heard the announcement of being free since June 19th, 1865. Tell me also why we in the black community still haven’t been fully free since. (Except for 1970)Anyone want to clarify? Be TRUTHFULLY honest. If we fully haven’t gained our 1776 INDEPENDENCE, then we’re still in the struggle for that 1865 FREEDOM!


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Yeah, that thing anyone to clarify? Us introverted folks know to well.


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Just like folks being all up in your business. Like really?


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Do many realize the real truth of being introverted? Let that sink in.


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You know they got belts out, right? Think about it.


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For you confused folks on the fly: What is the real solution to this “tithing” problem? Too many these negative church memes will not save your mind.


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I told you that this movie came out years ago. For you black queens out there, you had watched this with your black kings, right?


I thought “Hotep” means peace. Since when it became a weapon of choice against?


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We black men do more than that. Ever heard of working or getting those degrees? Let that sink in. At least some of us are doing this besides drinking up that 40 ounces in a club every Saturday, or not being so well “lazy”of what’s going on.


And the last thing to say:

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Oh, I got a question to ask: for all you Eric Thames Haters, you thought that he was on that stuff. Those steroids. He was tested negative. And many of you are now starting to like him. Really?! Many of you have that hypocritical thoughts. So I dare to ask: You still like him, huh? Don’t get mad at the messenger!



More “meme counter thoughts” to come.








This scratching my head blog will be something that I really want to do. Many of us has or had seen these memes and many or some have posted these memes as a joke or to mess with the FB friends minds. Oh like many didn’t know. So guess what, I’m scratching my head again and getting in some heads. Oh I would do this on Facebook, but WordPress is so¬†very simple!



I’ll bet many like really? Should I call the Pastor about this? Really? And coming from those also who act foolish almost¬†everyday at work?



Seriously, really?! Who should we thank? No REALLY?!!!



Who got some FB friends that need to be deleted, blocked or unfriended all buying the “racist” mess out of those Trump rallies? And the fights?



Oh really? Should we be afraid of these Easter Suits coming? Stop tripping! This ain’t new!



Black Pride is not scary nor racist! Why are some scared to hear the reason?



And many think and believe that the churches are the only ones that have those hypocrites. Get this, when was the last time you see hypocrites at work or at the hangouts?


I hear this all the time, “I don’t go to church because of the money”. Well what does that say about those companies that are about money? I.E. the big box stores? Or the games, or that Satellite or Cable Box company that many consume every month?


Oh Obama haters…..we all know that Nancy Reagan passed on. And you know that First Ladies attend the Funerals of the First Ladies. Other Presidents before Obama haven’t attended a first lady funeral. Why the haps on this?!!!



I ask this, why are there are those whom are NOT LECTURED enough about tithing? And part of that is on those whom diss the church on the lack of not telling enough? Matter of fact, do those tithe the clubs or the extra stuff at stores? Or that online thing or the other side hustles?



Um….Every year, get up early to go to the stores and get the deals, but can’t do the same for the Worship Services?



Attention Ministers and Pastors: you may or might have some folks whom might be called “free thinkers” and they somewhat know about everything in church about the church. Can you do a sermon about this title more?


This scratching meme’s is just a start. Oh, but guess what? I got more coming! Stay tuned for more. Minds and hair follicles may never be the same!