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You know where I’m going with this. It’s about a week before the Midterm Election, Black conservatives sucking up to 45, literally. Obama tried to tell you. And oh, you still have those Halloween Blackfaces on? It’s time to take it off! But then again, I am scratching my head though while many are getting spooked!

So the so-called rise of the Black Conservatives has finally found 45 to like him. Oh, wait a minute, haven’t they sold their souls yet? You can believe what you want, but if you want to side with a man that has hate on Puerto Rico, building the wall, withdrawing peacekeeping sides with the world, calling the African Nations S-hole countries, hating on the Veterans, and still assuming that he built the economy to be strong than crediting Obama, then go ahead, BUT you will be checked!

How is the Streetcar coming along, Milwaukee? You got one week left to ride it.

Is this midterm election is the last election for Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

For those whom “are so Woke”, are you really voting on November 6th? Or just waiting to go early vote? Or just to busy being falsely conscious? Your move.

For all those who have on Blackface and acting like idiots, do you read the history on why it degrades blacks?!

Has Megyn Kelly really learned her lesson about her racial past? After being booted from NBC?

Speaking of Blackfaces, remember this haunting reminder from Facebook and it was from a BLACK WOMAN, like 2 years ago?


Why is Trick-Or-Treating is on the last Sunday in October in Milwaukee?

Oh, I see that many don’t like Alex Hornibrook’s current performance for the Badgers. They are wanting to see someone else QB’ing in Madison. Well, for you arm-chair folks, it was just announced that Alex had a concussion and had to go through the protocol and was not listed on the injury list. Is it really Jack Coan’s time?

How about the Brewers though? Even though it’s not World Series bound.

Oh, hold up, wait a minute: The Bucks are playing good Basketball though! What about it?

Speaking of the World Series: Hey Dodgers, tell me how does that “L” feel? The Boston Red Sox exposed you for whom you really are. And oh, did Manny Machado stuck out last?

Wisconsin: I’ve heard Michael Moore talked about Precinct Delegates on the first day of that 45 Inauguration. Does the State have precinct delegates in all in order to get citizens to vote?

I know that the Christmas Decorations is coming up real fast. And yes Thanksgiving is next on the Autumn Harvest Menu. BUT…..Halloween should reclaim its time. AGREE?

candle creepy dark decoration

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This needs to be asked over and over again when trick or treating happens, what is the deal of NOT doing it in YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS?! And also, why doesn’t Milwaukee have Trick or Treating AT NIGHT?!

Is Michael Jackson’s Thriller the only “Halloween Themed” Song ever? Just asking.

For you the Anti-Tech crowd: Yeah you! If you’re so Anti-Tech, why some of you have emails?! I’m just asking!

On the last Wisconsin Midterm Referendum, which is on the ballot for November 6th; Will many of the pot smoking marijuana fans actually vote for it to be enacted? Well, what about it?!

For the “Anti-Jesus” crowd, since when did Jesus become the bad guy? Yeah, I’m asking that question!

Does every family, group or outing program have a Dark Horse Mentality?

Who is a real Dark Horse? Like really?

ATTENTION ALL Christians and other so-so religious and not very religious, if you hate Halloween so much, you do realize it means “Holy Evening”, right? Do your homework! Not that commercialized version. You know what it is! And the proper word is “All Hallows Eve.” The eve of Saints who have passed on. Go back to class!
CALLOUT: I know I’ve asked this before: why are there not any Black Authors that are Introverts that do not have books out that deal with us black folks that are introverted? I feel that this idea needs to come forward in helping us! We can read the other books on introversion, but what about black introversion concerning us black people? Start writing and researching!

Since when the Black Republicans like the word: Brexit? Really?! Yeah for you just now getting on the Kanye West Bandwagon.

On the side tip, the one dude that was mailing pipebombs to the opposition of 45 is a piece of work. Oh, what was his reason again? Just a dang COWARD!

Now I know that the Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh was the latest target of the shooting that killed 11 people with one of the 11 being around 97 years old. SERIOUSLY! What is happening here?! Don’t tell me that this not new! And for you non-religious folks talking smack on religion in all, this is not the time! Keep your mouth shut! We never knew them, their likes, interests in all. Shut your traps.

Is the “Blue Wave” effect still in effect and will be in effect ON November 6th?

Can Introverts be Dark Horses? Asking for a friend….nah just asking in general.

For this, I need to ask: Who in the hell is Candace Owens?!

Last week in Milwaukee on a Friday afternoon: Barack Obama showed up and showed out for the Democratic Party and did not disappoint. Was Barack’s appearance enough to get the folks OUT TO VOTE?!

Should the WWE Network App show live broadcasts of Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live and NXT?

And the LAST question before Halloween strikes; Matter of fact it already struck. Will this election be a haunting lesson of not voting, or should have been voting?

Happy Halloween!

Really Americans?!!!! Really?!

I had to interrupt my Sagittarius Season thing for this?!!!

The greatest holiday of all time (of all time)  is coming up next Wednesday. Yes, Christmas. And many around the world is or might be getting the goodies in which might be best. Can’t say the greatest, but best for now.

What is up with the right wingers stuff about Santa is white? Yes, when I was growing up I’ve seen White Santas. No question. But however, as a I got older, I’ve seen black Santas. Yes, you right wing folks in all shapes, I’ve seen Santa Claus with white skin and black skin. I see where this is going. Another divisional useless political stuff out of of all people Megyn Kelly of Fox News thinking 100% that Santa is a white dude. Heck, Santa could be black and sneak in the back door on Christmas Eve and deliver presents. Should I believe Megan Kelly’s rhetoric on Fox News? Oh, wait I don’t.

This whole story, has started from a 29 year old black woman, named Aisha Harris. She wrote the story on the Slate website, “Santa Claus should not be a white man anymore.” That is the blog! She states in her commentary and very well written that Santa should be a penguin! She writes:

And so I propose that America abandon Santa-as-fat-old-white-man and create a new symbol of Christmas cheer. From here on out, Santa Claus should be a penguin.

That’s right: a penguin.

Why, you ask? For one thing, making Santa Claus an animal rather than an old white male could spare millions of nonwhite kids the insecurity and shame that I remember from childhood. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Santa is one of the first iconic figures foisted upon you: He exists as an incredibly powerful image in the imaginations of children across the country (and beyond, of course). That this genial, jolly man can only be seen as white—and consequently, that a Santa of any other hue is merely a  “joke” or a chance to trudge out racist stereotypes—helps perpetuate the whole “white-as-default” notion endemic to American culture (and, of course, not just American culture).

And more she states:

Plus, people love penguins. There are blogs dedicated entirely to their cuteness. They’re boxofficegold. Most importantly, they’re never scary (in contrast to, say, polar bears and reindeer). Most kids love Santa—because he brings them presents. But human Santa can be terrifying—or at least unsettling.

Later this commentary:

Of course, since we created Santa, we can certainly change him however we’d like—and we have, many times over. Like the holiday itself, Santa has long since been extracted from his religious roots, even if the name St. Nicholas still gets thrown around. Our current design takes inspiration from multiple sources, including Washington Irving’s 1809 description of St. Nick “riding jollily among the tree tops, or over the roofs of the houses, now and then drawing forth magnificent presents from his breeches pockets, and dropping them down the chimnies of his favourites.” When Clement Clarke Moore published “A Visit from St. Nicholas” in 1823, the old man was described and illustrated as a “plump” but elfin figure. Since then, Santa has been redesigned and re-appropriated to push everything from soda to war.

That’s sounds a bit jolly? Doesn’t it?

Oh, and by some of the commentary, she’s been labeled as a racist.

I ask again: REALLY AMERICANS?!!!!

Many of you so-called AMERICANS who commented on this story, don’t even know what a racist is until you become one. Oh, I’m going there today!

Many of us who grew up knows this too well. We know. Aisha Harris in her commentary is not speaking this on racial issues. Many like her, including myself have seen more white Santas than black Santas. Many of us can relate to seeing accustom with being around or dressing up as black Santas. Hey, here’s a shocker: I was a black Santa! Really, I was in a High School Concert many years ago. And this was in the 90’s and no there weren’t no declarations of keeping Santa white. This accusations of Fox News thinking it’s a target of things like this, they are a target! Matter of fact they’ve been a target since George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. And still the bullseye has not changed. They are the same folks who probably jumped for joy when trapping Martin Bashir with his Sarah Palin comment, and announced his resignation from MSNBC. Part of what Martin said about Sarah is the TRUTH!

But hey, isn’t that what the Right Wingers do per say?

This Christmas season, and I’m saying this to everyone who will be celebrating Christmas: We know Santa. But we better know Jesus! And I’m saying this because it’s a constant reminder of what this holiday should be about. Oh, and note to those who get offended by saying “Merry Christmas” don’t be. I’ve been saying Merry Christmas since I came out the womb 37 years ago. And decorate my residence with “CHRISTMAS” stuff all over it. And to those who have a problem saying “Happy Holidays”. Guess what, Holiday is actually (and I learned it in church) Holy-Day.  So yes, Christmas is a Holy Day. And that Merry Xmas thing, there was a time I got hammered on Social Media about this. But unlike that person (whom I’ll remain nameless) I did some sleuthing, that according to the greeks, they displayed Xmas. And the letter X represents the unknown. Now many might call this disrespectful, but no, it’s not. It’s not stamping out, or  X’ing out Jesus! Once again, X represents the unknown! Not everyone, not even me know when Jesus was “actually” BORN! Many say December 25th. Even though it’s Christmas Day. But still, the real birth of Jesus on that actual day remains a mystery. Get it? Got it? Good.

So Happy “HOLY DAYS” peoples, and make sure that even though Santa might come and go, Santa no matter black or white of appearance or accustomed to maybe asking your kids about what they want for Christmas, and of course Santa might be checking out the naughty and nice folks.

But remember this, I’ve seen this in 1985 in church, and I’m saying this in 2013: Jesus is the reason, for the Season.