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In the recent events of the verdict, yes the issue of race still lingers. The verdict in which had sent George Zimmerman scot free is not only indicated rage and sadness, but also revisiting the thoughts of when Emmett Til, and Medgar Evers were killed. Both of their murders were taken to court and their results were not guilty. In the recent event regarding Trayvon Martin getting killed and a mostly white jury who some say just killed Trayvon yet again, this is a grave example of why I said in my last blog about justice needs to listen. Justice may have listen to George Zimmerman and those who favor him, but it has NOT and never will listen to Trayvon Martin. To hear a guy like Robert Zimmerman to go viral about Trayvon Martin deserved to be killed, is just pathetic. I’ve listened to the response. And I feel, as a African American Male is a load of B.S. Yeah I’m saying it!

On Twitter, there were many reactions of disbelief. For me, I said this:


That was my first reaction. I kid you not. Over on the other side, most of my Facebook connections expressed the same outrage, and some had to say that justice was served. Goldie Taylor’s reaction on Twitter, (MSNBC’s own) was simply this: “Open Season”. What does that mean for those who don’t understand? It means that those who have guns per say, can have the right to shoot and kill someone who are unarmed! At any time. At any place.  Even if they don’t have nothing! Even also if it involves young black men! Back in the 90’s I’ve heard the proverbial message of “black males are the endangered species”. I am an endangered species. Why? Majority of the black men you hear and see are either in jail or lying six feet under, or cremated, or in a crypt at a local cemetery. Am I fearful? Not really. But just being cautious. I kid no one. Many of this in the last few days have had us thinking and had me thinking, with all this castle doctrines, and all this stand your ground doctrines, this make me want to get a bulletproof vest. Or a get a desert eagle. A vest? Yes. A gun? No. I would rather get ninja stars, or a bow and arrow just get defensive. I would use martial arts or extreme pro wrestling to get my defense on. That’s just me. Speaking of getting off with guns, that didn’t work for Marissa Alexander. Remember her? Remember when she used her gun, her REGISTERED GUN, and fired it into the air and guess what? She is now getting 20 years behind bars for it. And this is a black woman. She didn’t shoot anyone. No one was hurt. But went to jail all because shooting bullets in the air in the state of Florida. Almost like a warning shot. Remember when I said that Justice needs to listen?

Get this, soon to be day analyst Roland Martin openly expressed his concerns via Twitter and Facebook while attending the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Washington DC.

And to add also, Casey Anthony killed her daughter Cailyee Anthony and was not charged. Talk about crazy freaking laws. If Casey Anthony were to be black per say, guess what would happen to her? Yep right in the slammer. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Like many cities in the United States, yes Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin’s Madison have had or will have rallies in honor of Trayvon and those affected locally.  Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this as well via video.

Many are comparing this to Rosewood in 1929. Anyone know about that? You should. Many those who reside in Florida should know. And yes it’s a relation history against blacks. Do the research. Many of the things that happened years ago is being revisited in a new twist. But this twist is far more deadlier than before. And I think this is where voting comes in to step up. I’m serious. We need to vote up BIG TIME! No more sitting back and letting the big elections always being the top stuff. Every election cycle is huge. Simply because, every vote counts no matter what. When 2014 gets here, and believe me it will be here before you know it, enough sitting at home thinking it won’t mean nothing. This has to mean something. This has to mean something that is bigger that hanging out on a Saturday night. Bigger than clubbing. Bigger than snagging up that man or that woman all because he dress so nice or rides that looks so good. Or hanging out in that group. Or like some  “Joe Schomos” that like to troll around on let say the Facebook Pages or Twitter Pages or Regular pages of Roland Martin or Melissa Harris-Perry. All they are doing is just asking for more ammunition. My advice for those who are on the pages without hating, if they get offensive: BLOCK AND REPORT! No one should be harassed on these social sites just for a punchline. No matter what age, or race they happen to be. Better get started. That’s all you have to do. Block those fools and report them. And if banning them is an option, I say ban them. Get their names, email, usernames, or check this, get them at their jobs! And if they are on youtube saying F**ck Trayvon, track them! I’m just saying. Yeah I know about them expressing that Freedom of Speech thing, but it’s about responsibility in which don’t possess.

This morning on WNOV in Milwaukee (yes, I listen to Sherwin Hughes) and on the panel he had Former State Representative Annette Polly Williams, columnist Eugene Kane and Milwaukee’s NAACP President James Hall. One of the things I picked up from the panel discussion, was  the verdict of votes, and strangely, a caller chimed in on the program and expressed that he cuts his lawn by using a gun. Plus if he saw young black boys in the area of his residence, he would pull what George Zimmerman did and shoot them. The caller was white. You mean to tell me that a person who cuts their lawn with a gun?! And admittedly that he would use it to kill unarmed folks? Seriously?! Remind me to stay out of that neighborhood. And as far as the verdict vote, I am not shocked there are those who favor the decision. Sheriff David Clarke, State Senator Chris Larson,  and Mayor Tom Barrett out of nowhere, all favored the verdict of Not Guilty. I don’t know if its wise of them to express that, but now, since it’s out there, they might have a backlash in term of elections. Even though they are Democrats and may not appeal to the Black Community based on their stances, but they really have to pay attention to the Black Communities of Milwaukee and Wisconsin alike, in regarding the issue of Trayvon Martin as well as others that have similar stances like Trayvon Martin. If they don’t pay attention, well we know where and how to vote. I’m just saying! If our leaders, civil organizations, Fraternity and Sorority folks, or any folk in the non-profits don’t have the guts to speak out against things like this, when the next election cycle comes, they are gone! VOTE THEM OUT! Get them out of office. If they can’t support that or address that as an issue of concern, then they have NO RIGHT, to be behind the desk or infront of folks addressing the community or the public! Remember that when going into 2014, and BEYOND!

Face it folks. This issue is not going away. No matter where you are. It will not cease. Yes I know that football season is on the rise. And I know that the issue of Baseball is still effect. And the issue of NSA leaks, Jay-Z’s Album of Magna Carta Holy Grail, and future elections. BUT this matter, regarding black males and the issue of the stand your ground laws, and the “what nots”, this will not be moved. The late Winston Churchill once said about the bulldog in his tenure. He commented that “The nose of the Bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.” Well we in the African American Community need to take a page out of the Churchill playbook and breathe and not let go in our issues, our concerns and our objectives. Even if it concerns our black males being endangered. Me being a black male in my mid-30’s on the same angle. There were talks that race was not an issue. I say it was to an extent. Was Trayvon was profiled being suspicious? Absolutely. And I’ll bet 5 of the 6 jurors had to put that in play for George Zimmerman to walk off. Partially, that’s not surprising. We’ve read about this before. Remember what I said earlier about Emmett Til and Medgar Evers getting killed and the trials of their murders were at the final result of Not Guilty. Plus the murder of Jordan Davis in the same state of Florida was on the pulse in he was killed all because his music was too loud. And the dude that did the job will be going to trial in September. If he does get off after the verdict, no surprising. But if he Michael Dunn receives the guilty verdict, I would be surprised intent of being shocked.

Part three of my commentary comes later on this week.

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Last time I did a “Three Way Dance” it was around Governor Scott Walker, a family legacy, and another issue that is mostly concerned. But now, I’m taking a step further. I’m going to highlight three things that should be subjected.

First Take: Kids Cussing. I was listening to and it was centered around kids using explicit language. Hands in the air: who have on this blog or any other blog, facebook posting, Instagram Pictures, or any other listings that deals with Kids Cussing? Or how many on the blog, had heard of kids cussing up a storm? Keep your hands up. Also, how many on here had ever stopped a kid cussing? I know the hands have to go up on this one. If those are who didn’t have the hands up, not to judge, but why not? Check this, if you go on Youtube and type in “Kids Cussing”, don’t laugh. Or in this case, I wouldn’t be typing LMBO acronyms on your Social Media pages as of yet. What I don’t understand is this: why are these kids in the video clip, cussing? Now you’re probably thinking, those are not my kids. But if they were yours, the spankings would be handed out. Oh I’m sorry, some of “today’s parents” don’t spank their kids. The bible does say spare the rod. Yes, when I was 2 years old I said the S word and got my butt handed to me. But yes: I was 2 YEARS OLD! I didn’t know that the S word was a cuss word, or one of those words that you can’t say. Now many are just like, “well they are just little, they don’t know.” And my personal favorite, “kids say the darndest things”. I call B.S. on the current Parents who allow this to happen! And those who just back away and don’t say nothing. But seriously, these kids  are supposed to be the future. Just like Whitney Houston said in her greatest hit: The greatest love of all. We know the song, right? And if they are really the future, it’s time to get at them NOW! And not only that, these so-called parents out here who allow this to happen like twerking, need to be called out of their B.S. and have that Come to Jesus Meeting. Some say that the now kids’ bad attitude are pointed at one Generation: Gen X. Well guess what, when I was coming up, I’ve heard folks older than me cussing. From Elementary school to High School. And some were Baby Boomers. I’ve also heard that if the child is acting up in appropriately, guess who’s the setting the pattern? And no it’s not just society. It’s the parents. So technically, if we want the kids of now to change, the change of us adults and parents need to change. And that change needs to start, NOW! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a youtube search “Kids Cussing” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Second Take: An 11 year old boy in San Antonio, sang the National Anthem, and was dressed in a Mariachi outfit. And during the song, the folks on Twitter had to get the hating. Hold up, why would ANYONE who want to talk smack about a 11 year old Mexican American boy who dressed in a mariachi outfit and sings the National Anthem. Those tweets of hate make me want to puke! SERIOUSLY AMERICANS?!!! We boo at 11 year olds now? And the boy is from San Antonio! Look it up. And I thought the Cheerios commercial outrage with the biracial family was bad. And speaking of which, are we that proud? And I’ll bet these are the same so-called Americans that like to be against everybody that can’t hang with voting, looking for a job, and more like looking for an excuse. But to hate on an 11-year-old, just because he sang the national anthem, that was pathetic! On and the 4th of July is around the corner. Pathetic. As I was looking at the tumblr website, and the amount of hate on this boy, I was just shaking my head. And it wasn’t just white folks hating. Black folks were hating also. And I’ll bet they probably removed those tweets after they got exposed. And check this, when the young man, Sebastian de la Cruz was on America’s Got Talent, he was hated on there also. All because, he looked Mexican. But he is American born. Wow!!! And I dare ask again, where that Post-Racial America again? Or that Ann Coulter quote about asking where are the real racists? Um, HELLO! Like Ice Cube said Check yourself before you wreck yourself. And I’ll bet those who had the Twitter hate on this young man, are wrecking themselves like crazy. Just a reference, I think he did a good job and did nothing wrong. Now to the haters: can you sing the National Anthem better?!

Third Take: June 12th marked the 50th Anniversary of the death of Medgar Evers. If those who never heard of Medgar Evers, go and study now. Go google his name, his causes, legacy and purpose. And no he is not featured on Lil’ Wayne’s rap tracks. Now the question is, why would America would pay homage to a man like Medgar Evers? There are Americans TODAY that don’t even know, nor don’t care about the causes he’s done. Yes, he was a member of the NAACP, but also served in the Military. He was a veteran in WWII. Research. However his name nor his work should not be discarded from history of what he provided and left behind. Also, he was just 37 years old when he was killed in 1963. Those of us who are 37 today, or about to be 37, we have a chance. No matter who you are. Myrlie Evers-Williams was on MSNBC with Al Sharpton and the discussion was yes was centered around Medgar Evers, but the other part, was a spark for the infamous March on Washington. She also commented about Jim Crow being alive in a Brooks Brothers suit. I will admit, Jim Crow has been reformed as Jim Crow Jr, in a twist. She also highlighted issues of voter suppression, and the current threats.

Look at some of the racist things that are still happening in America,” she said. “For instance when President Obama was reelected there was rioting at the University of Mississippi because of that. There are still deaths that take place. We look at those things that have happened to keep people from voting.

These negatives are not as pronounced as they were in the 50′s and 60′s because we don’t have people in the streets marching today,” she said. “But that’s serious.

And to those who say, there’s no real racism, might want to take a second look. In his absence, Myrlie Evers-Williams has taken up the role to spread her message and movement in her own right to make sure her late husband’s work is still in progress. Similiar in which Coretta Scott-King did after her husband was Assassinated. Al Sharpton commented earlier that segregation has not disappeared. Well, he’s right. Take a look at Milwaukee. I said many times that the city is the most segregated in the United States. And it’s not just black and white. Other folks of other ethnicities can be segregated also. And I know it’s 2013, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. There are at least 50% of African Americans in the city are unemployed, and the 4th poorest in the nation. And the issues concerning African-Americans in Milwaukee are far well ignored! As far as Wisconsin, as many of you already know: dead last when it comes to economics and jobs. And we have a governor who parades around in a letterman jacket with a high school diploma that was voted twice. Many in the state who voted for Walker are the primary reason why he’s in office, plus those who believe in the 250,000 private sector jobs talk might be far delusioned.  For blacks in Wisconsin, the state is the worst to house many African-Americans in the prisons! Yeah the quote Wisconsin is the Worst State for Black People is riding high even more. And also, the state turned down the project for High Speed Rail in which would have linked Milwaukee and Madison together. But Scott Walker said no, and the supporters said no. But what the “supporters” don’t understand that idea, also escalated the segregation effect that still lingers. Forget the quotes of “wasting government spending” or it’s a boondoggle mess. It’s really keeping the folks of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans or any Americans of color out of Jefferson County!  Not to pick on Jefferson County or and rural area of Wisconsin, just saying. Segregation at its finest. That will make your head spin. And just recently the Wisconsin legislature (republican) has passed a bill in which women in Wisconsin now has to be forced, FORCED to have ultrasounds before thinking abortions as well. And we know if that reaches Walker’s desk, yes he will sign it. But will Tonette Walker be forced to those ultrasounds? Will Alberta Darling be forced? I mean they are Wisconsin Women. I’m just saying. Oh and I’m assuming that Mary Lazich is proud of her argument? She is the main reason why it’s a hot topic in the Badger State. And no it’s not a theatrical outcry!

Now I know what I just partially said has nothing to do with Medgar Evers. But if it did, in a twist he would be all over that. Martin Luther King, Jr would be all over that. JFK, RFK and even Malcolm X and those who were assassinated in trying to tell the truth would be all over that just like Civil Rights, The Killing of Trayvon Martin, Derek Williams, Ernest Lacy, NAACP, The Urban League, Anti-voter suppression, and many other high ploughed issues that most are afraid to go after. They might do it for about 2 weeks. But after that, nothing. Some of today’s folks are saying enough marching. I say keep marching! Keep marching until it means a reason. Then take the militant approach. Just commenting.

Yep another three dance in the books. There will be more.