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Yes. I know. It’s the day after the Midterm Elections and yes majority of the Red Squad from hades got not only the House and the Senate, but it’s all about one thing: getting at Obama. All of this was just a ploy of them to get back at all those executive decisions that the President made in all. And the Republicans themselves had to say all that jazz to say no to the nation’s first black president from the very start. And partially, those in the Democratic Party who ran in the midterms, and went away from Obama for support, you are NOT real Democrats! That’s what you get. Oh, Republicans don’t make a fan of yours! And to those that didn’t vote, oh I got some words for you!

Dear Democrats, and those who didn’t vote:

It’s me Stephen, a black blogger from Milwaukee. You know the city.

First for the Democrats: are you happy now? Are you really happy now? You shouldn’t be. After that drumming from the elephants that most are despised got you again in a Election Midterm! What is up with you?!!! I’m a Democratic fan in all, but this loss is just another example of you losing in elections like this. But also I have to ask this question: Why did some of you or many of you had to run in the midterms and also ran away from the support of the President of the United States? Some of you probably admit that not liking Obama is one thing, but running away from his support in favoring some of you who ran like cowards per say, got you out of a job to those that most in America don’t like. The Republican Party. I had to be like, why would the blue squad who all for the ACA, the jobs, additional Civil Rights, and many others that Obama proposed and got done so far, many of you had to run scared! And you call yourselves “DEMOCRATS?” Really?!!! Mary Burke didnt run away, but yes she lost. More on that later. Just today, I got a mailing from the Obama’s group, Organizing for Action. And in the envelope, it was a bumper sticker that read this:

Change Only Happens When You Organize

I looked at that today, and I had to wonder if any Democrat that lost ever had to read that message? Or in this case to remind those the only way you aren’t going to get anything done if you don’t organize. For those Democrats that lost big and even in Obama’s Illinois State, ask yourself that question in the mirror, did you really made that decision of running and not getting the POTUS Support? Really?! Now let me comment of the voting factor. If you voted up yesterday, or ahead of time like I did, you can have the hand patted on the back. But for those who didn’t feel that voting wasn’t all that important or it’s just a waste of time out of you going to the club getting your boogie on, or your hair done, or worrying about playing your video games or still being “socially active” on Social Media and not doing a darn thing of getting your communities better in all, you are at fault! I mean I could blame the blue squad and Wisconsin Democratic Leader Mike Tate for not stepping up in all, but for the voters (or those so-called non voters) that refuse to cast a ballot, don’t you realized that there were those who fought and died for your right to vote?

Take a look at Wisconsin. Yes. Scott Walker beat a woman. Mary Burke got beat by a guy who still has a proud moment of a High School Diploma, dropping out of Marquette University, whom probably wasn’t that likable at Marquette anyway. She also got beat by a guy who ran an campaign of getting 250,000 jobs but only came up with 133,000 plus jobs netted in the state. She also got beat by a guy who thought having a rail system was a boondoggle between Milwaukee and Madison, and also she got beat by a guy who would like to privatize schools, take money away from the large cities to the small towns and above all else, the next time if those want to go on unemployment or food stamps, make sure you got your urine samples ready! Make sure your benefits change is straight under this guy. That swift action of slash and burn 2.0 is coming. Plus also Mary Burke got beat by a guy that may have an idea in the next two years to get the chair the White House. If that were to happen: GOD HELP WISCONSIN! Why Wisconsin? Ask those in the 50% that think that Walker is a good guy in which many trust. To be honest, I don’t trust Walker since his days in Milwaukee as a County Executive cutting bus routes, raising bus fares, and cutting out the poor folks stuff that don’t have access to health, food banks or even getting to work.

Thank you non-voters for wasting your excuses of keeping Walker for the next four years. Most of us tried to warn you! But, nah, you had to be one of the 2/3 per say in the state or county that didn’t vote. This what happens. Now many of you are already complaining about all these law changes and these extreme demands out of Walker and also those who feel that the Republicans are holding safe zones by which they stand for. They’re not! And for those who are Independents that sided with Walker in all, no disrespect but what was you thinking? Now there are many of us who are disappointed in all the canvassing, campaigns, GOTV, and many others  including voting of the Democratic side that just failed. But for the next two years, I think the momentum and the engagement of this loss, should rebuild the next players to be, to make the Democratic Party (and yes this includes the Wisconsin Democratic Party) a valuable player in the game of Midterms, Governing, and yes events. But in between that, they need to change the culture! Do you get me Democrats? It’s time for you in the blue squad and the blue squad to be, you all need to change the culture for strong players. Reference the quote above.

Yes, for us in Wisconsin who felt disappointed that Mary Burke got beat, we know. But I think that partially the main source of her loss was the plagiarism thing for her jobs plan. That one thing got the Walker folks talking that jazz for their win. Just saying. All of that came close to the Election Day. Yes, Mary Burke (unlike Walker) has a college degree, educated and also her family made the Trek Bikes well known. Speaking of that, not to ask in all, why aren’t any Trek Bike factories or shops in the metro Milwaukee area? Um….Hello?! Just asking. And yes, this was the same Mary Burke who tapped into the black vote in Milwaukee. Plus appearing on WNOV more times than any of the Republican reps period. Oh, just to ask, how many times Scott Walker got on the black radio in Milwaukee during his tour of trying to get re-elected? Oh I forgot, ZERO! Now there might have been some black republican “surrogates” of the Wisconsin Republican Party might have chimed in on black radio or the black newspapers, but none of the appearance of Walker himself.

For all you Walker folks, yeah your boy got his third win. But if I were a real Walker supporter, in which I am not, and never will, I would hold him accountable of everything he does. No matter if it’s showing off his High School Diploma or getting those new bills done with Voter ID. Yes Walker folks, Scott is on watch. And even the detractors are closely looking of him and any other Republican known in this era.



P.S. – Next blog will focus on the mentality of non-voters plus racism. I kid you not. I will go deep.


Three way dance time! – The Halloween Edition.

First Happy Halloween to those like the holiday as is: FUN!  Also it’s the weekend to celebrate All the Saints that has gone before us, Dia de los Muertos, and also to set our clocks back an hour plus changing our batteries in our smoke detectors. Plus, It’s harvest time!

Ok, Wisconsin: we got a few days before the November 4th Election of Scott Walker and Mary Burke. According to the latest MU Poll via their website:

MILWAUKEE – A new Marquette Law School Poll finds Republican Gov. Scott Walker leading Democratic challenger Mary Burke 50 percent to 43 percent among likely voters in the Wisconsin governor’s race. Another 3 percent say that they are undecided or that they do not know whom they will support, while 1 percent say that they will vote for someone else. Likely voters are those who say that they are certain to vote in the November election.

Among registered voters in the poll, Walker receives 46 percent and Burke 45 percent, with 4 percent undecided and 1 percent saying that they will vote for someone else.

The poll interviewed 1,409 registered voters, including 1,164 likely voters, by landline and cell phone Oct. 23-26. For the full sample of 1,409 registered voters, the margin of error is +/- 2.7 percentage points. The margin of error for the sample of 1,164 likely voters is +/- 3.0 percentage points. This is the final Marquette Law School Poll before the Nov. 4 election.

The previous Marquette Law School Poll, conducted Oct. 9-12, found the race tied among likely voters, with the candidates holding 47 percent each, while 48 percent of registered voters supported Walker to Burke’s 45 percent support.


I’m going to say that  even though Walker has a “preleminary so-called” lead, Burke can still catch up and take a lead going into Election Day. Also from the website in regarding turnout:

Turnout differences
“Shifting turnout intentions have provided most of the dynamics of the race this fall,” said Marquette Law School Poll director Charles Franklin. “While the results among all registered voters have varied between a tie and a 3-point Walker edge, the likely-voter results have ranged from a 2-point Burke advantage to the current 7-point Walker lead.”

In the current poll, 93 percent of Republicans say that they are certain to vote, while 82 percent of Democrats and 75 percent of independents say the same. Two weeks ago 82 percent of Republicans, and 80 percent of both Democrats and independents, said that they were certain to vote. By comparison, in the final Marquette Law School Poll before the 2012 gubernatorial recall election, 92 percent of Republicans, 77 percent of Democrats and 84 percent of independents said that they were certain to vote.

In August, 82 percent of Democrats said they were certain to vote while 77 percent of Republicans said so. In early September this reversed, with 80 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Democrats saying they were certain to vote. Late in September, 80 percent of Republicans and 77 percent of Democrats said they were certain to vote. Independent intentions held steady in August and September between 67 and 69 percent.

Thirteen percent of registered voters said they had already voted either by absentee or in-person early voting, including 11 percent of Republicans, 16 percent of Democrats and 12 percent of independents.

The keyword in all of this: Turnout. That is the momentum going into this election. Many of you probably have early voted which ends today, and hopefully that might be an extra momentum going into November 4th. Even though that Walker has that “preliminary” edge which many dont agree, that might change for the Burke crew, if many turn out at the polls! And this includes voters that you need to drag out of bed or the clubs, etc.


Second Dance: Voter Intimidation.

I want to address this because I feel that it’s an important concern. Listening to the radio today, via WNOV of course, there was talk about those feeling intimidated and about a thought that Scott Walker wants those to stay at home so he can take the votes up for another four years. That to me ts a scare tactic and has no place for this. Everyone IN Wisconsin, not the usual 50% per say needs to come out and vote. There were talks about Scott Walker’s new politics might effect those getting public assistance of Unemployment Benefits might have those to take a urine test before getting that extra change per say. And many others that does require urine! Speaking of intimidation in all, why do folks from the 262 area had to text into a radio segment in all, had to be all explicit of that notion?


They are scared. The same folks who probably got even more scared that President Obama this week was coming to Milwaukee to stump for Mary Burke, but the area the President was visiting making the stump was North Division High School. He came to the Hood! The same HOOD that got him 99% of the votes during his re-election. And I’ll bet the Conservatives were just shaking in their boots! Again, I want ALL Wisconsinites who feel that indimiation will play a factor in this election in favor of Scott Walker getting a term out of fear, don’t EVER let that get to you!  Just like the milita folks who want all those who feel that the democratic voters in the black community need to be “on watch” in all. And also, if there is informaiton that seems to be strange that someone gave out without checking the real facts, they need to get checked! Research the real stories through the GAB, City of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin for the real sources.

Those who do intimidation are doing nothing but hating themselves and hating the fact there are those who feel staying home is the best move and not vote.

So when November 4th comes between 7am – 8pm: Don’t let NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE scare you in not voting! Represent!


Final thing on the card: Halloween!

I want to address those who are christians. I’m one too. Yes, the holiday of Halloween is upon us. And many that you know are out Trick-or-Treating, having Costume Parties at the clubs or homes, telling ghost stories, or watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Or Blade, or any other show that is dedicated to the spriit and FUN of Halloween. Or Halloween related. One of my firends on Facebook posted a question about the folks who are brothers and sisters in Christ, asked is it OK for Christitans to have a Halloween Party, or trick-or-treating and many others. Most on the page said no, due to Halloween to be all evil and etc. Since I am a member of the United Methodist Church, I came across of this question online:

Does The United Methodist Church have a position about Halloween?

Simple question right?

From the website it clearly states via the commentary as follows:

The United Methodist Church does not have an official statement or position regarding Halloween. Church members are free to make their own decisions about participating in Halloween activities.

Many local churches offer safe alternatives to traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating. Others turn the focus to more on giving than receiving. Collecting for UNICEF or giving Fair Trade chocolateare ideas for using the occasion to “treat” or give to others.


When I thought about this question, I had to go into the think tank about my Halloween Parties from my chruch back in the day. Mainly when I was growing up. Am I not the only one had been to  church Halloween parties in the past? I know I’m not the only one! Back in my day, there was bobbing for apples, hit the piata or in this case hit the pumpkins above so the candy can fall out. We had food and punch, races, face paints, and even a “haunted house”. Plus musical chairs, one of my living uncles and older cousins played old school hip hop and pop music way back before Ariana Grande  or Chris Brown was heard of. We’re talking like mid 80’s here. And I was in elementary school and Michael Jackson was in his Thriller era. And it was fun! Even in costumes it was so fun to enjoy! Of course my church had “hallelujah parties” in between after church years later, but the idea of having a Halloween Party was just that:  FUN!

So for my Christian Brothers and Sisters who are in this so-called struggle of Halloween, I get it. It’s all evil in between. But no one, and I feel that no one in the church doesn’t talk about the good side of Halloween as in having fun without any drama! I challenge all Christian Churches to have at least once a year, Halloween Parties or Halloween harvest parties. Yes you can do this! Especially those in the black churches! Don’t just think about the negatives of it, do the positives.

So with that: I’ll quote the late Edgar Allen Poe: “Suddenly, I heard a tapping, as is someone is gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door………..”

Plus also, if I’m not mistaken, Christianity has some ties with Halloween in some sorts. Very true I might add. Via the source of Wikipedia that needs attention:

Today’s Halloween customs are also thought to have been influenced by Christian dogma and practices derived from it. Halloween falls on the evening before theChristian holy days of All Hallows’ Day (also known as All Saints’ or Hallowmas) on 1 November and All Souls’ Day on 2 November, thus giving the holiday on 31 October the full name of All Hallows’ Eve (meaning the evening before All Hallows’ Day).[63] Since the time of the primitive Church,[64] major feasts in the Christian Church (such asChristmas, Easter and Pentecost) had vigils which began the night before, as did the feast of All Hallows’.[65] These three days are collectively referred to as Allhallowtideand are a time for honoring the saints and praying for the recently departed souls who have yet to reach Heaven. All Saints was introduced in the year 609, but was originally celebrated on 13 May.[66] In 835, it was switched to 1 November (the same date as Samhain) at the behest of Pope Gregory IV.[66] Some suggest this was due to Celtic influence, while others suggest it was a Germanic idea.[66] It is also suggested that the change was made on the “practical grounds that Rome in summer could not accommodate the great number of pilgrims who flocked to it”, and perhaps because of public health considerations regarding Roman Fever – a disease that claimed a number of lives during the sultry summers of the region.[67]

On All Hallows’ Eve, Christians in some parts of the world visit graveyards to pray and place flowers and candles on the graves of their loved ones.[68]

By the end of the 12th century they had become holy days of obligation across Europe and involved such traditions as ringingchurch bells for the souls in purgatory. In addition, “it was customary for criers dressed in black to parade the streets, ringing a bell of mournful sound and calling on all good Christians to remember the poor souls.”[69] “Souling”, the custom of baking and sharing soul cakes for all christened souls,[70] has been suggested as the origin of trick-or-treating.[71] The custom dates back at least as far as the 15th century[72] and was found in parts of England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy.[53] Groups of poor people, often children, would go door-to-door during Allhallowtide, collecting soul cakes, in exchange for praying for the dead, especially the souls of the givers’ friends and relatives.[73][74][72] Shakespeare mentions the practice in his comedyThe Two Gentlemen of Verona (1593).[75] The custom of wearing costumes has been explicated by Prince Sorie Conteh, who wrote: “It was traditionally believed that the souls of the departed wandered the earth until All Saints’ Day, and All Hallows’ Eve provided one last chance for the dead to gain vengeance on their enemies before moving to the next world. In order to avoid being recognized by any soul that might be seeking such vengeance, people would don masks or costumes to disguise their identities”.[76] In the Middle Ages, churches displayed the relics of martyred saints and those parishes that were too poor to have relics let parishioners dress up as the saints instead,[77] a practice that some Christians continue in Halloween celebrations today.[78] folklorist Kingsley Palmer, in addition to others, has suggested that the carved jack-o’-lantern, a popular symbol of Halloween, originally represented the souls of the dead.[79][1] On Halloween, in medieval Europe, “fires [were] lit to guide these souls on their way and deflect them from haunting honest Christian folk.”[80] In addition, households inAustria, England, Ireland often had “candles burning in every room to guide the souls back to visit their earthly homes”. These were known as “soul lights”.[81][82][83] Many Christians in continental Europe, especially in France, acknowledged “a belief that once a year, on Hallowe’en, the dead of the churchyards rose for one wild, hideous carnival,” known as the danse macabre, which has been commonly depicted in church decoration, especially on the walls of cathedrals, monasteries, and cemeteries.[84] Christopher Allmand and Rosamond McKitterick write in The New Cambridge Medieval History that “Christians were moved by the sight of the Infant Jesus playing on his mother’s knee; their hearts were touched by the Pietà; and patron saints reassured them by their presence. But, all the while, the danse macabre urged them not to forget the end of all earthly things.”[85] This danse macabre, which was enacted by “Christian village children [who] celebrated the vigil of All Saints” in the 16th Century, has been suggested as the predecessor of modern day costume parties on this same day.[86][87]

In parts of Britain, these customs came under attack during the Reformation as some Protestants berated purgatory as a “popish” doctrine incompatible with the notion of predestination. Thus, for someNonconformist Protestants, the theology of All Hallows’ Eve was redefined; without the doctrine of purgatory, “the returning souls cannot be journeying from Purgatory on their way to Heaven, as Catholics frequently believe and assert. Instead, the so-called ghosts are thought to be in actuality evil spirits. As such they are threatening.”[82] Other Protestants maintained belief in an intermediate state, known as Hades (Bosom of Abraham),[88] and continued to observe the original customs, especially souling, candlelit processions and the ringing of church bells in memory of the dead.[89][63] With regard to the evil spirits, on Halloween, “barns and homes were blessed to protect people and livestock from the effect of witches, who were believed to accompany the malignant spirits as they traveled the earth.”[80] In the 19th century, in some rural parts of England, families gathered on hills on the night of All Hallows’ Eve. One held a bunch of burning straw on a pitchfork while the rest knelt around him in a circle, praying for the souls of relatives and friends until the flames went out. This was known as teen’lay, derived either from the Old English tendan (meaning to kindle) or a word related to Old Irish tenlach (meaning hearth).[90] The rising popularity of Guy Fawkes Night (5 November) from 1605 onward, saw many Halloween traditions appropriated by that holiday instead, and Halloween’s popularity waned in Britain, with the noteworthy exception of Scotland.[91] There and in Ireland, they had been celebrating Samhain and Halloween since at least the early Middle Ages, and the Scottish kirk took a more pragmatic approach to Halloween, seeing it as important to the life cycle and rites of passage of communities and thus ensuring its survival in the country.[91]

In France, some Christian families, on the night of All Hallows’ Eve, prayed beside the graves of their loved ones, setting down dishes full of milk for them.[81] On Halloween, in Italy, some families left a large meal out for ghosts of their passed relatives, before they departed for church services.[92] In Spain, on this night, special pastries are baked, known as “bones of the holy” (Spanish: Huesos de Santo) and put them on the graves of the churchyard, a practice that continues to this day.[93]


So with that: and I mean this with love and peace: Happy Halloween to ALL!

Last time on this blog: Normally, this is still election season in which you’ll see primaries and general bids for the picks to be. And many will indeed go to the polls. Check this, I am a Election Inspector for the City of Milwaukee that has been in the game for 8 years. From those who are good and yes that had folks yelled in my face! No matter if it’s a full day or a half day. For this also, it’s part II: the General State Version Election. 

For this: here it comes again – The Stephen’s Spot Rules returns. My tips, and my rules of the voting game in Wisconsin – PART II!

First thing: When the day comes, the polls will be open from 7am – 8pm. Now there is a forecast of a high voter turnout of 80%. Give or take. However regarding this, already many of you or some probably voted early either by mail or in person at your City Hall Areas. But for you last minute voters: yes like the last time, you can still vote up on the day of Election Day. And word is that Milwaukee will be the key for this State Election.

Second Thing. When going, make sure you are at the right (and I mean THE RIGHT) polling place! If you’re not sure, the Election Inspectors (and or the Chief Inspectors) will help you to find the correct place to vote up. And if you are at the right spot, walk in to the rooms and when you come to the tables, state your name and address. And if your name is listed in the books, sign your name in the book to verify, and the EI’s will give you a ballot and a number.

By the way: NO ID’S NECESSARY! Only state your name and address to the EI’s (via the state law). And plus If I were a real voter, use this to your advantage and thank the U.S. Supreme Court for blocking this rule!

Third thing: Now since you have your ballot, look at it carefully. The categories and names you’ll see are the winners from the August 12th Election. For this ballot coming up it’s a non- partisan ballot – meaning for this is that it’s a two sided ballot that you can only vote for your chosen party. If you pick a Democratic contender, you have to select the democratic candidate in the categories. If you pick Republican, same thing. Constitutional or sometimes Independent, same thing. ONLY PICK ONE CANDIDATE IN EACH CATEGORY!  On the other side, you’ll see 5 questions for a referendum in which you the voter will have to answer. More on that later on. After that has been done, you take your ballot and insert into the machine and you will receive your I Voted Sticker.

NOTE: Now there might be barriers. So listen up if you might encounter them. 

If you show up at the polls, and if you state your name, and if your name is NOT in the books: chances are the EI’s might ask you the question: “When was the last time you voted?” The reason being if you haven’t voted in Wisconsin in the last 5 years per say, you need to re-register on site. When you re-register: fill out the forms provided, with your current name, address, city, state and zip. And of course you have to certify that you are of age, no felonies, no convictions, lived at your residence for 28 days, etc. Plus also when providing your info: you could also use your Wisconsin Drivers License or State ID Number or your last 4 digits of your Social to register. Plus other listings of Proof of Residence like a Utility Bill, your Government License, College Students that have an official letter from their College or University, and many others. Don’t worry, the Polling Places will have a listing of what you need to register or re-register. Also, if you recently moved to a new place and your name is again not in the books, you might have to check your old polling area to see if your name is in those books. Or if the districts have been changed, it is best to notify either the Election Commission or any of the polling sites have those red books that you’ll see with the EI’s and Chiefs. And just a positive note: for those that use the internet, go to the GAB website, and when you see the MyVote link, click on that and sign in on the site to get your polling place, ballot status, etc.

If your name has changed due to misspelling or if you got married, or changed it for religious reasons, or if your neighbor near you who was a voter for amount of years that recently passed, the EI’s will have a Correction Form with them in which you the voter will verify the changes either in address, name, or deceased.

If you are a convicted felon: PAY ATTENTION ON THIS!

If you’re name is on paper and if you are still finishing your parole, you can’t vote. HOWEVER, if you’re name is off paper, yes you can vote.

About 2 years ago: the state warned us about “Tweeting Ballots”. Here’s what I know. If you snap a picture of your ballot that is a sample or unmarked, it’s valid. HOWEVER if it’s already snapped and you made your choices to show it off, you’re asking for jail time and/or pay a fine. Votes should be private all the way. Even in the era of social media. So Facebookers, Twitter folks, Googlers in all, don’t even try it. However, you can snap a pic of your I Voted Sticker!

Plus: for those who will work during the voting hours, you can get some time off the clock so you can go vote. Tell your bosses ahead of time and get your I Voted Sticker as proof!

When marking the ballots of your choice, and after you insert it into the machine, you might hear an rejected error sound. What do you do? The EI’s or Chief Inspectors will inspect the print out and it could be an overvote, or a cross party voted error. In this situation, the voter (you) will have to revote your picks per say. The EI’s will give you another ballot and you have to make your choices again. And when marking the votes, don’t darken the lines so heavily! Draw the lines lightly. And when you put the ballot in the machine (if it all goes well) then you get your sticker. Just a heads up: you only get 3 tries. If you fail all three times, its done. But if you get it right on the second or last try, you’re safe. So it’s best to get the ballots right on the first try!

If your name is in the book, and if you have the word Absentee near it, the EI’s will tell you that it’s noted and will ask if you used it previously. If you did, that counts as a vote for that day. But: if you haven’t used it but still wanted to use the regular ballots, what the EI’s and Chief Inspectors will do in this situation is take your Absentee Ballot, and exchange it for a regular ballot. Plus you might sign your name in the books. The absentee ballots will be soiled or in this case they’ll rip it up. For the POR’s you might to provide additional info like a WI DL Number to verify.

And also in some circumstances: having a witness could be a vital factor of proof.

For the handicapped: it is vital that they receive the real deal voting as much as every other voter.

Also: if the ending of the voting hours around 8pm occurs, and if you’re in line: you can still vote! Remember, everyone’s right of voting counts.

Now since the finals are in November and whoever wins that will be declared the victor.


ALSO there are 5 referendums on the Ballot. And I know that this might be a challenge for those who might be confusing. But I think you just have to read the questions. BUT ON HERE: I’m going to dissect the questions per say to those who might an problem per say. It could happen. So here goes, via the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

QUESTION 1: “Creation of a Transportation Fund. Shall section 9 (2) of article IV and section 11 of article VIII of the constitution be created to require that revenues generated by use of the state transportation system be deposited into a transportation fund administered by a department of transportation for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin’s transportation systems and to prohibit any transfers or lapses from this fund?” YES ___ NO ____

My view – In other words: do you feel that the Wisconsin DOT per say, should establish a transportation fund that can be only be used for funding for transportation uses only (i.e. roads, bridges, trains, etc.), and NOT for any other non-transportation project?



My view – In other words: should us human beings or citizens only be for the constitutional rights and not companies and political contributions?



My view – In other words: should the state get more federal money to assist the needs of the Badgercare Customers for health coverage? Specifically for those who need it?



My view – In other words: do you want, or would you like to see the state of Wisconsin increase the Minimum Wage from $7.25 to $10.10? 



My view – In other words: do you want Milwaukee County to give the power of Management and Administrative work to a County Administrator than the County Executive? (i.e. do you want Milwaukee County to give County Administrator Joe Schmoe the Management Administrative jobs than County Executive Chris Abele?)


Now just a friendly warning, I am NOT making any voter to answer yes or no. That’s up to you as a voter to decide. 

So again Wisconsin folks, I know we’re polarized with politics. But one thing for sure, we all have a right to vote for whomever we want to steer the offices. Even if you don’t like the viewpoints of Scott Walker. Or whatever. And if those feel that this election in November don’t mean nothing to sit at home, worrying about your paycheck, or your hairstyle, or your new CD with the banging beats, or your new Gun Permit CCW License that you got, those things might make your voting opposition even worse even if you don’t vote.

By the way, for those who you know very well that got those Lyft Cars, or Uber Cars and you know them that uses their vehicles for going from point A to point B and being paid for it, use that.

For all you Wisconsin Uber and Lyft Drivers: if you have any Election Day Driving specials going on like “I’ll Uber you to the polls”, or “Lyfting you to the polls” specials, start advertising that NOW! I don’t care how much you charge, just help those who can’t get to the polls on their own. 

So in conclusion: Get OUT and Vote Up on November 4th!

Another Episode of the Three Way Dance. Where I take three different dance cards of some sorts of different areas of enjoyment or seriousness. For this, it’s all about the Ebola Virus, Raven-Symone’s comment of being colorless and a local comment of Wisconsin’s Governor Race between Scott Walker and Mary Burke. It’s time to go in!

First Take: I want to talk about this whole thing of Ebola. We’ve been watching the news and reading about it online about this deadly virus that killing many in Africa. For those who are effected by the virus either in Africa or America, prayers are sent. Now after reading more about the disease or virus that is a continued plague, I have to ask this, mainly in America of those who are “freaking out”, since Ebola is freaking us out like crazy to get to the doctors, why are we not freaking out when some of us we know gets Cancer of any kind, HIV, STD, AIDS, and I dare say Diabetes?! Where is the freaking out of that notion? And where is the freaking out of the notion of Flu Shots?!!  Now in the past in regarding flu shots, especially around the Fall Season, we’ve been told to “get a flu shot”. HERE IS MY QUESTION: And I’m speculating here and it’s not an opinionated piece. And if you’re a real doctor or nurse in the medical game I would like this to be answered in your knowledge: In regarding flu shots themselves, is it mandatory to get one, or is it optional? Let’s look at the word “mandatory” in meaning that it must be done, usually by law. I haven’t read any laws or restrictions that guarantees of getting a flu shot. Never read one. Again, if you are in the medical game, point me in a direction or a site, or a reference that backs this up. We know it’s mandatory to get checked every year, and it’s mandatory to get our teeth checked every six months! But where is the mandatory written for flu shots?! As far as optional is concerned, it’s basically by choice. Either you get it or you don’t. There are some folks that I know that don’t get flu shots and they stay away from folks who have deadly flus that pop up like a pimple on prom night. Just want to know. Plain and simple.

As far as Ebola again, look Americans. We know it’s here. And yes we had doctors that went to Africa to help fight the cure and came back affected with the virus. And we read about the NBC Cameraman that died in lieu of the virus took place. And also there is an individual that is clinging on to life right now in Texas, that is being watched constantly due to the virus. Whom is now just recently died.  Mainly it’s coming from the air, and we need to be prepared for the next outcome. So don’t’ act like it’s a modern day of the red plague!

Second Take: Raven-Symone.

I know the anti-Negropeans folks are out in full force. Oh, you didn’t know? I know that many in the African-American Community aren’t taking Raven-Symone seriously about her comment on Oprah’s Where are they now? show.

That was the clip was setting off the firestorm. Matter of fact, I’ve heard some black folks say this most of the time, in terms of rejecting their black side and try to get to that Human side per say. But how in the living you know what are you going to get to that human side without acknowledging your side  of being black? I kind of calling that shaming. Really I do. I’m going there. I heard these song lyrics on stat like: “Black is beautiful” and “Say it Loud, I’m black and I’m proud!” I know I’m not the only one heard those lyrics. In a church sermon one day, I heard my pastor talking about those who are acting as “house negros” that do alot more sucking up than those who don’t. Even some black Christians too. Believe me I know. Me, as a black man, African-American call it what you want, I do interact with different folks, but I don’t EVER FORGET what got me to the dance in the first place! What that means is I don’t hide, nor turn down my black side. Yes, we all are supposed to be on that “Human Race thing”, but don’t forget what got you in the human race in the first place of your origin of ethnicity. I’m just saying. For Raven, yeah she may have had her say, and she’s a bright young woman, who once lighten the room as Olivia on the Cosby Show, and “That’s So Raven”. I get it. But I don’t think she realized that there are those whom are young fans of her’s of African Decent, have probably asked the question based on her commentary. So, is it was feeling ashamed or just non acknowledgement?

And plus why do at times that black folks (as least some) don’t want to acknowledge to be black or had to cringe when to talk about the ethnicity when they were born with? Zoe Salanda commented this years ago about her cringing when talking about her ethnicity. WHAT?!!!! This is the same actress who wants to play Nina Simone in a movie, and previously played Columbiana, a younger Lt. Uhura, and many other roles. But this “in cringing being black” must be real silly! I think that it’s time that yes to explore the humanity side, BUT NEVER EVER FORGET: what got you in the humanity side first: Black folks who feel this way, you gonna learn today! This goes for my Gen-X folks, the Gen Y’s and Millennial folks: you’re in this too! No hiding. No cringing! Stop being ashamed!

Third Take: A Bump in the Wisconsin’s preliminary polls for Governor. Plus also a mixed bag. 

Well, it seems that the Mary Burke – Scott Walker race is setting up. Preliminary wise. According to the preliminary polls previously, (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Walker lead Burke in a 49% – 46% lead among likely voters. For the preliminary polls in August during we were all summered out, Walker lead Burke 47% – 41% among registered voters, while at the same time, Burke herself taken the lead with a 48% – 46% among likely voters at the time.

After the so-called “plagerismgate” of Mary Burke’s Jobs Plan, the Walker folks took a 5% addition over the Burke camp. Really?! All because of the sampling of Job ideas from other Democrats?

Now we’ve all seen the first debate between Walker and Burke. And by the way, the second debate will be in Milwaukee. The very same Milwaukee that Scott Walker didn’t mention in his State of the State Speech. The same Milwaukee that Walker doesn’t particularly like that much. Yeah I said it! During the debate, Walker got stumped. Really he got stumped by a woman! In that first debate, Walker dodged all bullets pertaining to the now blocked-Voter ID option for November 4th, and mostly as we all know: the amount of jobs he wanted of 250,000. If you are a Walker fan, I’ve told you once, and I’ve told you again, he will not get that far and according to the latest numbers: it’s about 130,000 jobs already pumped into the state. And Walker is near the end of  his first term. So where’s the 250,000 jobs again?! NO WHERE! And plus, did I mention that Talgo is gone from the state? And the results of that, you guessed it.

Now we also know that Mary Burke won the first debate. That’s good. BUT Mary must get at Walker for a round 2. Don’t just settle for Round 1 and that’s it. Plus that debate got Mary’s 5 points back to get even with Walker.

Haven’t done this in a while, but I think it’s time for me to get back to do these “I told you so” things about the Badger State Politics per say.

Plagiarism in Politics, broken campaign promises. Oh and these “Militia-like threats” in Poll Watching.

More recently in the current Wisconsin Politics, there was an act of plagiarism that took place between Mary Burke, and the current Governor Scott Walker. The Walker folks recently spotted a flaw in the Burke campaign in relation to the jobs idea to get the state further up. They claimed on their part that Mary Burke stole ideas from other democrats in order to get her jobs plan idea to show. Mainly also since then, the person, Eric Schnurer whom Mary picked as her Campaign Consultant, was fired from his post in this recent story. And yes the Walker folks went all ham on Burke for this. Even sometime after that, Scott Walker himself commented his “I say I believe” speech that Mary Burke can’t be trusted.

Oh, wait a minute!

What most folks realized in the four years that Walker has been in office, he can’t be trusted either! Oh, let me count the ways why:

1) The ongoing phrase of putting 250,000 private sector jobs by his first term. – I told you Walker folks then and I’m tell you now. That was not going to happen. I told you.

2) Slashing folks off of BadgerCare, especially those who are really needy for some sort of healthcare. And still being anti-Obamacare.

3) Act 10 and Collective Bargaining. 

4) Education money was slashed.

5) Voter ID – don’t get me started on that.

And the most obvious: Refusing to accept over $800 million dollars to construct a High Speed Rail route which would have linked Milwaukee and Madison. And the jobs were almost in ink, but was thrown away by Walker, his administration, and also his so-called fans who thought it was a boondoggle that would not work. Really? And also that project, could have been a lifesaver for not only jobs, but also for getting to those hard to reach areas in getting to the jobs. I said this alot and I’m still saying it: Not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t have a Driver’s License nor a vehicle!

Now that was just a sample that Walker himself can’t be trusted. Heck, I didn’t trust him when he was County Executive of Milwaukee County. Cutting bus routes, raising bus fares. And he came in after the late Tom Ament was existed due to the Pensions Scandal.

This political bull of the stories that rocked Plagiarism like a bad habit, I think and will assume that the Walker folks need to watch what they say because according to the Journal Sentinel, Walker kind of “stole some ideas” per say from other Republicans that got him competing. Oh, what are they you asked? Let’s see:

The “Wisconsin Comeback,” a phrase frequently used by Walker in his re-election campaign manager, comes from the “American comeback” campaign of the Republican Governors Association. The phrase is used by a few other GOP governors such as Sam Brownback,” who has talked in his re-election campaign about the “Kansas comeback.”

And here’s another:

In his successful 2010 race for governor, Walker used a theme of brown bag lunches to emphasize his frugality. That reprised a campaign theme of former U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, an Ohio Republican.

So what does that tell?

If done legally, sampling the words or phrases from other politicians, isn’t bad as long as it’s been done legally with reference. Back in school when we written papers or documents and used words quoted from famous writers of people, the teachers always told us to give the authors credit. Give them credit for sources. I mean that goes for anything. When I cite articles for my blog stories, I give the author or the publisher credit because that is the rule of law regardless.

How is this plagiarism talk is supposed to get people the jobs, health-care, education, infrastructure to better transportation, safety, and many other needy factors that mostly concerns the public? And those who are anti-Mary Burke with this plagiarism talk, is that the ONLY reason why you think Walker will win?

And just recently: there has been groups forming in Wisconsin. To clarify, this is what the “groups” have posted on Twitter:


Oh so these dumb idiots want to show up with guns and to make a threat to those in the African-American/Democratic Areas to vote on November 4th? These fools are so dumb! Having those guns, eh? Is that going to solve the problem? Really? Oh, now you want to get guns? Now you want to get those scared? You want to play this game?!!!!


I want to address the Wisconsin Black folks here. If you saw this post on Twitter, or any other platform, these fools are just looking for a fight. That’s all they are. These fools (like many others) don’t want you vote. Don’t want you to show up with your registration, your ID’s or any other right to cast your ballot in which our ancestors fought and died for in order to express and choose our vote respectfully. If you go to the polls, GO! When you go to the polls – GO! Don’t let these so-called militias scare you out of your right to validate your picks to vote!

As far as these so-called militias: they are asking for trouble! That’s all they are. And plus, if the real Governor himself Scott Walker were a real man, or a real citizen of leadership in his “I mean what I say” speeches, then he should condemn these groups and tell them to stand down. PERIOD! All you Republicans fans in Wisconsin, you Tea baggers Badgers who like guns in all: do you condone this? Coming from those who say “I got a lot of black friends” in all. Your black friends might be in danger in the Democratic areas of the Milwaukee area that you are friends with! Also: where is Sheriff David Clarke in this? Uh-huh Where’s the Sheriff in this? Is he and the County Sheriff Department is aware of this?! They should. We know the MPD might be in effect, and don’t be surprised if AG Eric Holder would be in effect also.

This stunt that these militias are asking for will backfire. Everybody all over town will have their names, address, credit history, criminal records, Social Media Pages, and pics to be on the lookout. Even if you are fans of black Wisconsin media. We got the names!

So for the 25th time: I told you so!

Oh I got a four way stop for y’all! And I’m about to go in my way.

First: For all of us Milwaukeeans in the greater area that have a love/hate thing for Scott Walker.

We know the issues and concerns. But the biggest concern and the biggest story that hit was from the New Republic, and it concerned the well being of Scott Walker, and most of us living in Milwaukee with the whole case of segregation, the issues of polarized politics and many other concerns that would make those interested to freak out on Facebook. More on that later. If those in Milwaukee or any in the “WOW” counties of you know who you are, you might want review the New Republic’s article on the Toxic Racial Politics of Scott Walker. Oh, if you’re a Walker fan (which I’m NOT!) you will be moved with the truth that many here in Milwaukee or the Greater Milwaukee Area has been saying for years and even when Scott Walker was just trying to sneak up his way to the top of the Wisconsin food chain.  The author, Alec MacGillis highlighted many issues to the point that the Greater Milwaukee continues to face. The Voting areas, the ongoing talk of Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes and their disdain of blacks, Gwen Moore and other “majority white and less black issues” that the state continues to grasp. If those believe that it’s all smoke and mirrors or just a bunch of hooey, then you’re sadly mistaken. From the article about Walker’s beginnings, yes he was a PK, a preacher’s kid if you will. And yes he had those in his classrooms, hallways, and doorways that he talked smack against those weren’t on his side of the viewpoints.And he had the nerve to say to compare himself to Martin Luther King just because he’s a preacher’s son? Really Walker folks?  If Dr. King were alive, he would school Scott Walker in the radical and revolutionary game. And even Dr. King wouldn’t like the things Walker did or currently doing to the state right now anyway. Also in the article that had some or most of the “conservative Wisconsin regime” reacting like crazy, remember those racist emails that many downloaded from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? Well from the excerpt it went like this: But what was most striking was the casual racism of many of the conversations. One anonymous e-mail, forwarded by Walker’s then–chief of staff, went like this:

“THE NIGHTMARE … ‘I can handle being a black, disabled, one armed, drug-addicted Jewish homosexual … but please, oh dear God, don’t make me a Democrat.’ ”

Another compares welfare recipients to dogs:

They are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r [sic] Daddys [sic] are.”This message was forwarded around by Walker’s then–deputy chief of staff, who remarked that it was “hilarious” and “so true.”

Last year, Walker also fired two aides after reporters exposed offensive comments they had made on social media. His campaign’s deputy finance director, for instance, sent out tweets that included references to “half-breeds” and one in which she vowed to “choke that illegal mex cleaning in the library.”

Does that refresh some reviews?

Many here in Southeast believe that the whole area is not segregated politically. Actually it is. Based on this demographic from 2012 as a reference from history. And yes, we’ve seen this in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Look at this from this angle:

A Guide to Scott Walker's Hyperpolarized Home Base




















This has been the talk thus far. Now normally you would think that, “oh this is a map, big deal”. But look at it closely. Look at the Metro Milwaukee Area in comparison with the Counties of Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington. Those are the “WOW” counties in which it’s Republican fueled. Those same counties by the majority have been filling up Scott Walker’s pockets with all the propaganda per say with the cuts to medics, educational aspects and I dare say the High Speed Rail  that would have rolled through Waukesha. Now for you in these counties, this is what you get.

Everyone in Wisconsin should darn well know about this. And the legalities behind the fuel of those of like Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling. For me, I don’t listen to  their spin and bubbles because most of what they say don’t mean a thing to me in my viewpoints. None. They think they know the black community, but they really don’t know squat in the black community. When was the last time Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling ever visited North Division High School in person full of black students? Nope! Never seen it.

Now since the ongoing case of the John Doe situation is currently in progress, it’s not closed or resolved like Walker wants it to be. It’s still open and it still being under view. And this is not going away. If he were to be beaten by Mary Burke in November, I would laugh. Speaking of Mary Burke, she’s been in the black news in Milwaukee lately for her campaign trail. And she’s been to black talk radio more than Walker, plus recently went to Juneteenth Day to make an appearance. Mary Burke is tapping into the black vote. In which that Walker is not.

The Second Stop on the list: Iraq.

We know about this country do we, Americans? The last time we went into this was when George W. Bush was ruining the country into ground on a freaking credit card. I want to say this and I’ll say it here: America has no business in Iraq’s backyard. In terms of the war over there. Now recently the President has sent about 300 Military Advisers over to the U.S. Embassy to provide support. But none of them are not going to be involved in the ongoing war between the Sunnis and Shiites. Or the ISIS factor. Frankly, yes it was a tight spot for the president to be in, but Obama knows that he does not want to be a repeat of what happened with Bush’s controls. Many are now just questioning about whether do I send my son or daughter to Iraq this time. Um, didn’t we asked that question like over 10 years ago when the U.S. should have focused more on Afghanistan/Pakistan in getting Bin Laden than Saddam Hussein? And the risk of losing more than 4,000 plus of our American Troops to do that? If you are a infinite follower of George W. Bush and support that, shameful. That even got the folks like Dick Cheney and Rand Paul talking. Oh we’ve seen the debate right?

After that commentary I thought I would never say this, one of the GOP’s of Rand Paul had the balls to tell Dick Cheney that he, George W. Bush, Condi Rice, and many others in the Bush 43 Administration were wrong about going into Iraq. With all the crap that the GOP is bleeding out to the American and to President Obama, this statement about Rand Paul makes sense of not invading a country that should have remained untapped in begin with.  Don’t get me on the GOP Train of favoritism. Oh no. At least this guy out of Kentucky is admitting the fact, Cheney was wrong. My question is, why can’t the other GOP folks admit the truth about the war in Iraq and ADMIT the fault of it on the part of the United States invading it? That is what I want to know! And again, I’m not a fan nor a supporter of the GOP. And that goes double for not being a fan of the so-called Tea Party. Now I know that many are going to say, “Bush is not in charge anymore. Why are folks and you talking about him after about 5 years he’s been out of office?” Well, it’s the truth! Everyone in the GOP Camp keeps talking about that President Obama should be impeached in all. I have to ask: IMPEACHED FOR WHAT?!! Just because he’s black? The main reason for that is because of ignorance and racism against this man since the day he sat foot in office after beating Sen. John McCain and the escalation of hate after Mitt Romney got whooped in 2012.

Even Senator Harry Reid agrees. In terms of the proverbial, “thanks but no thanks” mentality. The Bush 43 regime was blunderous at best, but it’s up to the Obama Crew to fix the mess.


Third stop: Wisconsin’s Gay Marriage is temporarily “halted.”

Here in the Badger State, folks of the LGBT were lined up outside of courthouses and statehouses to get married legally after the ban was lifted. And plus the ban ended a 8 year streak being unconstitutional. It was getting good for awhile, BUT……….Wisconsin’s AG JB Van Hollen had to whine like a wuss yet again to the federal judge of his appeal in the then-definition of the marriage law between a man and a woman. So there has been a temporary stop in which the idea is paused due to the resolution from 2006. Oh, even Walker is not saying anything, but he’s backing the word and resolution based on it. But SURPRISINGLY: RoJo or Senator Ron Johnson commented in his words, that if the voters wanted the Marriage Equality thing, he would not touch it, but leave it to the voters to decide. Ok, here’s the actual quote from the Journal Sentinel:

I’m a pretty traditional guy,” Johnson said. “I’m almost 60 years old. I think marriage is between a man and a woman. But again if the voters decide that they want gay marriage, I’m not going to oppose it.

I know that many are saying “that’s what he was put in office for! I see why we took out Feingold for him.” Really Wisconsin? Don’t fool yourself. Let me remind those who may have forgotten. Remember the Patriot Act after 9/11 when many in the senate and house voted up for the idea for the government to tap our phones in all to screen the terrorism acts? Many have voted up for it, BUT……………..Russ Feingold didn’t. Because he knew that would be a problem, and you “so-called Wisconsinites” voted him out for RoJo! Yep. He tried to tell you, but nope that Tea Party Mentality was just that: dumb. Now imagine if Russ Feingold were to back Marriage Equality now even more in a sense of passion per say, then this wouldn’t be a factor. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if the official resolution of this matter does indeed pass for those who want the idea of Marriage Equality to continue. I said before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care. If the folks of the LGBT want to marry equally on their thing without all this harm to world domination, then hey. I’ll bet that the haters of it probably are going to be well in doubt of not getting that extra cash in the state. And speaking of that, if the state houses were to have that continually, there better be more jobs popping up, and also more notaries. And yes, proof of marriage via photography.

And finally on the stop: This is a mystery but I’ll dive in on the “private way of  the All Aboard Wisconsin Rail Idea.

Here is the thing that most of us Wisconsin folks probably don’t know. The talk of rail is still here. And we all know about the situation regarding Talgo, and the debauchery of the folks thought it was a boondoggle and wouldn’t ride it. But what most didn’t realize in the eyes of those voters that was a set up of additional segregation. Now for those who wanting to know where I’m getting this from, pay attention to Milwaukee Black Talk Radio, like WNOV. The commentary that is on there will not be heard on the dial of Mark Belling, Vicki McKenna, or Charlie Sykes. But Sherwin Hughes will talk about it. And many others who call in or have special guests will chime in and the guests who chime in on it know the deep reasoning behind the segregation. No matter if it’s activist, senators, congress representatives, journalists, police officers and veterans all of African decent. That’s just something to think about.

Just recently, on Facebook and many others like Madison’s Newspapers, I’ve been reading about an idea of resurrecting passenger rail. Oh, you didn’t know? From their webpage , there was a proposal talk about having a passenger service from Madison to Chicago and the idea of using rails already in use for that project. However just to be clear this is just talk of ideas. When would it be available? That remains to be seen.  From the excerpts of the article, it states:

Goyke and Mike McCoy, president of All Aboard Wisconsin, said details of the operation — including route, costs and potential ridership — have not been formulated.

Donna Brown-Martin, who oversees railroads and harbors for the state Department of Transportation, said she has not been contacted by anyone involved with plans for passenger rail service from Madison to Chicago.

Any plan to use a state-owned rail line would need to be approved by the state and the railroad that leases the line from the state.

The state of Wisconsin owns a rail line operated by Wisconsin & Southern Railroad that runs through McFarland, Stoughton, Edgerton, Janesville, Walworth and to the southeast to the Illinois border.

Wisconsin is served by two passenger Amtrak routes, neither of which includes a stop in Madison. The Hiawatha train runs between Chicago and Milwaukee, while the Empire Builder is a long-distance train operating one round trip a day between Chicago, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

Its closest stops to Madison are in Columbus, Portage and Wisconsin Dells.

Goyke’s invitation drew excitement from business and political leaders Wednesday.

Madison Ald. Scott Resnick, 8th District, said he plans to take part in the informational train trip and wants to know more about costs, what type of participation might be needed from the city, the exact route and plans for a Madison train station.


Seems like an idea, eh?

If this idea were to pursue as an alternative in order to get moving, then it seems a good thought. BUT ALSO, that good thought must include Milwaukee, more jobs, and also to connect to where the jobs are. Let me remind those who are various clueless of having cars: NOT EVERYONE IN WISCONSIN DOES NOT HAVE A CAR!!!! Be clear. WNOV talks about this all the time, and to those in Madison need to know this! It’s the truth. I see it and read about it here in the economic engine all the time. There was a point in my life I took buses to work and school in Milwaukee alot. But when it comes places where the buses can’t go, yes I learned to drive. But I’m speaking about those in the areas who couldn’t afford a car had to take buses to get to work. I’m speaking this also from experience. And if those in the background can see that, then it would be a challenge to accept, change, and pursue.



First take: Black Hockey Player gets a Racist reaction

Hey America: How’s that Post Racial society thing working  for ya!!?

If’ we indeed live in a post racial society and some what gotten over the case of Donald Sterling’s racial rant of not bringing blacks to “His NBA Games” then we haven’t learned nothing much. Even with it. Just today via the wires, there was a report about a black hockey player that got a win for the Montreal Canadiens but……the reaction from a pro-Boston Bruins fan base had to unleash their racist view points on a black dude. For those in Boston, I have one question: REALLY? All of last year many of us Americans were all BOSTON STRONG after the Marathon Bombing, and your Red Sox won another World Series in all, but why on earth YOUR so-called fan  base had to sling racial overtones to P.K. Subban? This dude won a game in a series with his crew and you all had to go N*gger on Twitter!

Here are the edited comments:

– That stupid n***** doesn’t belong in hockey #whitesonly


– PK Subban = F****** N*****

– F*** PK Subban. F****** n*****. Wish he got sold

– subban is the definition of a n*****

– Someone needs to smack PK subban across his big n***** lips. #scumbag

– SUBBAN IS A F****** PORCH M*****

– F*** that stupid m***** #subban

– F*** you subban you f****** lucky ass n*****!

– Once again, Subban stop being a n*****

There were also Tweets in support of Subban or at least tweets that were in support of class and civility. Check some of those out below.

– N***** was trending in Boston because P.K. Subban scored… It’s a rare moment in my life to be ashamed to be a Bruins fan.

– I bet the Bruins fans calling P.K. Subban a n***** on Twitter have no idea his brother plays for their minor league team.

– the hashtag #N***** is trending in Boston after Subban’s goal. Do they tweet this after a David Ortiz HR? f*** off Boston, be better.

– N***** trending in Boston- #NHL another sport with issues


Yo, that was stupid and disrespectful. Oh, I know many have said “well Black people say the N-word all the time……” But this story is not about blacks saying it. It’s you all! I don’t care how liberal your city is. That doesn’t matter. Matter of fact this story about a black hockey player getting racist heat is nothing new. Many others had went though it previously:

Herb Carninge –

As a black man playing hockey in the 1940s and 1950s, Carnegie endured his share of racism. In one famous 1938 incident, Conn Smythe, the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, watched Carnegie play as a member of the Toronto Young Rangers. He is alleged to have said either that he would accept Carnegie on the team if he were white or that he would pay $10,000 to anyone who could turn Carnegie white.

In Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey, author Cecil Harris noted that “some doubt has arisen” as to whether Smythe did indeed utter this remark. According to Harris, Carnegie and others believe that racism played an important part in keeping him out of the NHL. Others interviewed point to his decision to refuse the Rangers offer to play in their organization. (Wikipedia)

Willie O’ Ree back in his hockey days endured it as well-

“Fans would yell, ‘Go back to the South’ and ‘How come you’re not picking cotton?’ Things like that. It didn’t bother me. I just wanted to be a hockey player, and if they couldn’t accept that fact, that was their problem, not mine.” (Wikipedia) 

Mike Grier been through it since he was a  child in all cities: BOSTON!

Like O’Ree, Grier said the racism he encountered while playing youth hockey was not enough to stop him from achieving his dreams.

“It never really affected me,’’ Grier recalls. “I never saw myself as anything except just another hockey player.’’ (

And in another example: Wayne Simmonds had a banana thrown at him during a preseason game in 2011:

“It was unfortunate that this incident happened but I am above this sort of stuff. This is something that is out of my control. Moving forward, this incident is something I will no longer comment on so I can just focus on playing hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers,” Simmonds said. (Sporting News)

So I beg to ask those who are non-black and hate blacks, why the hate against my culture? Especially if those who are trying to be the best Hockey Player and are of African-Decent? I’ll bet that you are just still feel that we black folks in hockey shouldn’t  be winning in “your sport”.  Guess what, it’s becoming not just your sport anymore! And I think all of that hatred towards blacks  playing hockey is just a mere smokescreen of ignorance. And about that P.K. Suppan that was hated on, didn’t he win a gold medal in the Winter Games this past year? And how many of the So-Called Americans EVER HAD ASKED  any black hockey player to represent the US? I can answer that with a big fan NONE!

Boston, I don’t know what your haps are against blacks. Didn’t you hated Bill Russell or Robert Parrish that way?

Second Take: Burke vs Walker

The hype between Mary Burke and Scott Walker is truly heating up. And according to the “preliminary” percentages, It’s almost a dead heat between the two.  This week the Wisconsin GOP is gathering in Milwaukee for their annual convention, and the one thing they probably have on their mind the most, is to have Wisconsin secede from the Union. They can’t be that dumb now can they? If it gets shot down, I’ll be surprised. For those who wanted to know about the jobs: it was reported that Scott Walker’s jobs tracking is about 106,000. That is 144,000 less of what he campaigned on in 2010 in getting that so-called 250,000 jobs. I said it on the real, Walker will not match that high for jobs and it’s not working! Plus also the legs of failures are still going for Walker. Wisconsin is STILL at the bottom when it comes to jobs. Yes, it has risen a little but still on the bottom. Recently this week, the Spanish Train Maker Talgo has decided to pull out of Milwaukee once and for all and it’s trains will likely be sold to a different state. And THAT was Scott Walker’s fault for letting it go with his political gain.  Many of you outside of Wisconsin have probably asked: “How could Wisconsin flush down 800 million dollars for a project that could have benefited your community with jobs and growth?!!!” “And what is up with your Punk Governor doing that? Does he care about black people in your state?” Many of us think about these questions everyday. Even since Scott Walker was County Executive in Milwaukee. Here’s a fact, there was a time Walker was a Democrat, but like those before him, he switched sides. And we know about him dropping out of Marquette. What a loser. Really, Wisconsin? Not one time, Scott Walker has NOT set foot on a black platform to address the issues that concern Wisconsinites of African Decent!

Now many have asked about Mary Burke. Mary unlike Walker is becoming more apparent to view and summarize. And also unlike Walker, Mary Burke has been on WNOV 860 AM more than three times addressing the black audience. She is trying to tap into the Black Vote, which should be key for the 2014 Election. Now, yes Mary has been in contact with black officials including Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Here is a good question: And I know many in Wisconsin have asked why wasn’t she around when Obama visited Waukesha? For the record of her, she met with the President previously before the event, and of course she had to go to LaCrosse for another event of her campaign. I don’t know why folks gotta act like that.

As far as Mary’s plans to help the state, she had laid out good ideas:

Even Gwen Moore had chimed in this commentary:

Plus she addresses more of the issues via her website:

Even though it’s been a about almost a year, so far Mary has been up on her game . Now we all know that the major test will be against Walker. But I wouldn’t be surprised if many in Wisconsin will realize that the person elected in 2010 is not right for 2014. And the hype about the state being “open for business” will clear show better than bragging tag line just to get famous.

Four Way stop time. This is where I go four stories in one blog. Let’s get it.

First: The GOP is accountable for the Shutdown.

Just admit it. It’s not all the Democrats fault. It’s on John Bohener. Period. It’s on Eric Cantor, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the other 80+ Representatives in the Congress who are holding America hostage all because of this HealthCare Bill. So technically, they believe that the President should dump his health bill to reopen the government?  I have to say, this 113th lead republican congress just don’t want Obama succeed to finish off this HealthCare Bill. Many said that the website glitch would be a problem, HOWEVER when you crash a website with so many folks on it, it’s a good thing! It’s a good thing because it’s a deal that most folks are really interested. Also, why would I say this? I say this that there are folks who are concerned about have adequate and AFFORDABLE HeathCare Insurance. Not many aren’t going to Aetna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, or maybe Humana or Assuarnt Health. I’m just speaking the truth. This Obamacare thing might be something that most are looking for. Or it could be for something that most have been searching for something different. But no, the majority in the Republican-Led Congress with the sprinkle of Tea Party leech juice (YEAH I SAID IT!)  feels that it’s going to bring America down. Really?! How is this is supposed to bring America down, all because of the ACA? That doesn’t make any sense. But here’s some thought though, all those health ideas that got inserted into the ACA, really came from the Republicans. Remember “RomneyCare”? Hmmmm……..Why would the Republicans in sense of thought don’t want the HealthCare thing in which they started, don’t want it to be implemented with President Obama’s legacy of the ACA? I want to know! Matter of fact, this is no surprise. Go back to 2008 or 2009 when the Red Squad all had this agreement that whenever anything Obama tries to pass, they’ll block it or will not approve. That has been their priority. But we are seeing it for what it really is. Racism at best. Now for those who think it’s all smoke and mirrors, wake up! This is another angle of racism in which most don’t want to touch. But it’s out there. Even the President knows or is aware. But knowingly, its not going to make the 44th President resign. Oh, no! Not a chance. Yes, the Obama-Biden Crew may have been slowed down, but they are not stopped. Just remember after George W. Bush made the mess, it’s up to Obama in trying to make the house clean. We see it. But do Rush Limbaugh or any other Right Wing Maniacs see that? Nope! Does the Tea Party reference that? Prove that to me.

Oh check this, the issue with this also it’s affecting the Military. No Travel Expenses, No Death and Burial Insurance. Why? Let me guess: the GOP Shutdown and the hate of the ACA. Recently in the last couple of days some of our troops were killed in Afghanistan and couldn’t get the expenses to get a decent burial with Military honors. Really Republicans and Tea Party? Reference The Ed Show and PoliticsNation. As a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and extended relative of veterans and active duty military personnel, I find this shameful and pathetic. And most of all: VERY-UNAMERICAN! Just remember, that 2014 is a couple of ticks away. Who’s ready to get the ballots out?


Oh let me go here. The Detroit Lions cannot win at Lambeau. Matter of fact how many times is that, 23? Since 1991, this is the “owning” in which that part of the 90’s mystique still resonates at Lambeau. Yes, there were those who say on the Lions side of things felt that the Packers got lucky after that 22-9 victory without Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson. If those don’t’ know that yes, Calvin Johnson has been beaten in Lambeau before. So, what’s the deal? Reggie Bush, got a first education of being stopped by the Packers Defense. IN LAMBEAU!  We Packer Backer/Packer Obsever Fans know about the House of Horrors. There was a time when the Packers couldn’t get a win in Philadelphia. Got one. Actually two when you count the NFL Playoffs in route to SuperBowl 45. Second, beating Dallas at Lambeau, And the one I do remember the most: Beating Tampa Bay in Florida when a guy named Warren Sapp was still playing against Brett Favre. But Detroit: The last time they beat the Packers in Lambeau was in the 90’s, but it was in the “then Don Majkowski era”. After that, when Brett Favre took over, you know the story.  But shifting gears, yes, I will say Detroit is showing something, but we’ll see in a NFC North thing with the Bears and Vikings. And as far as Dominic Raiola: Has anyone seen this? Dude had to jaw jack at the UW-Madison band of making fun of the tuba players and trumpet players. Some say that was hate speech. Wait a minute, this is the UW-Madison Marching Band were talking about. The band that does amazing shows at Camp Randall Stadium and one of THE BEST Bands in the Big Ten. Yeah I said it! As a former band school person myself, I can relate being made fun off from those who don’t have a clue about being in a marching band. Oh yeah I know. And for a guy like Raiola is a nobody. He needs to stay on his game than worrying about the UW-Band doing the Jump Around at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, Lambeau needs to TURN UP when the UW-Band does the Jump Around. And have more DJ’s to represent. DJ’s as in Urban DJ’s from Milwaukee that needs to make a trek to do a live DJ set at the stadium. Love the Packers, just saying. But this Raiola guy, let me tell the UW-Band this as some advice in which you are sent out to do: Keep Playing! Keep marching! Don’t let the haters like Dominic Raiola stop you all because he couldn’t get a win in Lambeau Field. Keep playing and marching so those who want to hear and see, can hear and see! Keep playing and marching for those who can’t walk or run. Keep playing and marching not just Lambeau, play for all of Wisconsin! Even play in Milwaukee. (yeah I said it!) For the Lions, in the words of Michael Blackstone: “Try Again (insert expletive language here)!

Third: Who’s Mary Burke, and why she wants the Governor’s Chair in Madison?

If those in Wisconsin like me woke up today with this news, we should know:

Mary Burke for Wisconsin

For many months, the Wisconsin Democrats had been searching for a competitor to try to unseat Scott Walker for the next State election. Which is next year. And the name Mary Burke was circulating around the brainstorming of the Demos. Clearly before, the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t and probably don’t still have a strong competitor to run against Walker in the next election for the state. Even in the black Milwaukee media has said the same thing. Reference WNOV. How many times have I heard Sherwin Hughes say this? Alot. I’ll be honest, picking a strong competitor to beat Scott Walker may not be an easy thing, but however it must be challenged. In her ad what you have just seen, yes she talks about her upbringings of 4 generations. And her ties with Trek Bicycles which is Wisconsin Born. And she highlighted the jobs she brought to the state, concerns and many Wisconsin families across the board. Now this is my question: What about the black community, and the largest city of Milwaukee? I’m going there also. I have to. I got love for the other cities, BUT Milwaukee is my home! We got issues here in the brew city that Mary Burke has to understand. Unemployment, AIDS, Dropout, Crime, Education, Transportation issues to jobs, Health and Wellness. Many of these issues is still a concern in the Black Community. Wisconsin’s heart maybe in Madison, but the “economic engine” itself is in Milwaukee. In other words, you got to go through Milwaukee to get to Madison in voting. Challenge my statement, Wisconsinites. Go for it. That’s not just me saying it. WNOV is saying the same thing. If Mary Burke has a chance, which most likely she will, she has to convince the Milwaukee Audience, in my view of why she would be a better competitor for the Governor’s Chair. She has to convince the Blacks Residents in Milwaukee why she should have our back in regarding black male unemployment, jobs, Health, education, and also the revolving door of Segregation. Uh-oh! I did say the S-word? Segregation is not just a Milwaukee issue. But it’s also Wisconsin’s Issue. Think about it. The Badger State has 6% of residents who are African Decent. That is a fact. There are less black folks here in the whole state at that rate. Most of that percentage is in the larger areas like the Southeast. Reference Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha. But the main concern: IF and this is a BIG IF: If Mary Burke is to be a real candidate per say, she needs to also to make Milwaukee a must visit! Then if she is successful, she could possibly be a strong contender to beat Walker at his own game. However, there has been another name that hasn’t been thought about, but could be an Idea. And I’m really stumped that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has not picked this name. I’ll give a hint here: Who in Wisconsin, besides Jim Doyle has beaten Scott Walker? If you say no one, check this: Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Yep, the same Gwen Moore that beat Scott Walker in a State Assembly race years ago in 1990. Yep, she is another competitor in which some think could be another competitor to defeat Walker. But her name is not being circulated. Except on WNOV. However it was Polly Williams’ thought that Gwen Moore should run for Governor.  And by the way, Gwen Moore is black, FYI. Don’t get it twisted. She could be open to represent. Now why do I think that she would be a far better candidate over Mary Burke? Congresswoman Moore has been experienced in Wisconsin politics. She is a Racine resident. Went to Milwaukee’s North Division High School , got a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University (unlike Walker who dropped out!) received a certificate from Harvard University in 2005, volunteered for VISTA, founded the Cream City Community Development Credit Union for low-income residents, worked for the City of Milwaukee in the position of a neighborhood development strategist, and the State of Wisconsin for Employment Relations and Health Services. Plus WHEDA.  Plus she was a single parent on welfare but was able to rise up from the ashes to be the first African-American Woman to be elected to Congress from Wisconsin.

Um…….does this sound an idea to be a potential future Governor?

Plus also, way before Scott Walker dumped BadgerCare, Gwen Moore was a key part of making BadgerCare in the first place. So Democrats of Wisconsin, I know Mary Burke is a prime choice to challenge Walker, but hey, if Gwen Moore is open to get the job, just saying. – And by the way, look for another of my “blog letters” to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. And trust me, I want it to be thoroughly “THOROUGHLY” read!

Fourth: WNOV is Upgraded – An hour for Polly Williams, the Forum is 3 hours and you will another voice in the Afternoons.

This week began a brand new era in the history of WNOV. And I do mean a “Brand New Era”. In the previous days, the station was announcing a change. No it wasn’t going country, probably more talk and probably more music. Frankly, it was additional talk. Beginning this week, The Forum was upgraded from 2 hours to Three Hours, from Tuesdays – Fridays. Yes, you will hear 3 hours of Sherwin Hughes behind the mic. And for Mondays, his Forum show will stay at the 2 hour format. Why is that? Annette Polly Williams has a one hour show called “The Polly Williams Show” that will go for one hour. Just to clarify: The Forum on Mondays will go from 9:00am – 11:00am. Polly Williams will be on from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Plus, The Forum on Tuesdays – Fridays will be on air for 3 hours from 9:00am – 12:00pm. All the times are in the Central Time Zone. Now, what about the afternoons? WNOV had to go into the 1290 WMCS playbook to get “Keeping It Real with Al Sharpton”. His radio show is national as we know, which is about three hours between the 1:00pm – 4:00pm hour between Monday – Friday. So in reference, it’s almost that WNOV is upgrading to give the black audience in Milwaukee more talk of the issues that need to be addressed. Not just in Milwaukee, but those in Madison, Green Bay and many others that you don’t necessarily hear about concerning the black community. To those in the rest of Wisconsin. WNOV is the now the ONLY Black Owned Radio Station in the state. After 1290 WMCS went off the air to Elvis, and now Martini Radio, there was void in the Black Communications side of Milwaukee. But since then, WNOV had risen up to be the last standing dragon of Milwaukee Black Radio in the Badger State. Who knows, maybe another familiar voice might join the fray of addressing black issues in Milwaukee, and in Wisconsin.

Now for those want to know: WNOV stands for Wisconsin’s Negro Only Voice. Now that moniker is living up to the hype.