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For many of us, it’s the last leg for President Barack Obama and Family. He will always be a type of President that many will talk about for years to come.

HOWEVER: there are those who felt that he didn’t do enough or should have been more on the Black Community over the Gays, Women, and many others. Of course, we can talk about the times that the Republicans REFUSED to have the vote in, the ACA, jobs, and world issues. And of course we can talk about the many many times that some goober talked about “YOU LIE” and many other hate angles. Oh, including that Mitch McConnell said that he would be a one term president. We know that bullet was dodged.

So today, being that it’s the day that we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. And the hopes that many WILL learn besides the dream. King wasn’t always about I Have A Dream. More on that later. With today being for MLK, I’m shifting the focus on the past 8 years that America Had it’s Black President for real and for the yahoos, racists, haters, sellouts, and wackos who felt he didn’t deserve it: YES HE DID!

Who thought that the 8 years was so positive for Obama?

Did the Republicans really succeed badly when they decided to go against Obama?

Why did the “Blue Dog” Democrats had sold out?

They say that Obama was a socialist. REALLY?!

When was the day that Obama had to really defend himself?

Many of you must have forgotten that Barack got a Nobel Peace Prize, right?

Oh for the forgotten doors: Why so much has been asked what he had done? Another reason why Americans have some short memory spans. And I’m not talking about the older folks. Younger folks don’t remember much either. SAD!

So the soon-to-be President Donald Trump had Barack to produce his Birth Certificate and many had followed. You do realize that was a dumb move, right?

Why did Fox News feared Barack’s middle name “Hussein”?

Oh when the time that Osama Bin Laden was killed, were you  or anyone else cheering along with the President’s decision then?

For you: the Tea Party jack offs: Why so racist? Like really!

Has EVERY COLLEGE really had to dig deep about the degrees and jobs that Obama made a declaration to check on?

Has EVERY ORGANIZATION of Debt, or Credit Checks, really assigned themselves well after a few changes when OBAMA made that declaration?

Oh let’s talk education again: specifically community colleges. Have many of us realized that Community Colleges cannot be slept on? Also like science fairs for the kids?

For all you conspirators and jack offs: why making all this mess about him wanting to be killed?

For all you Michelle Obama haters: yeah those kept those so called “ape in heels”, or “she should act more First Lady Like” or like Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said something about her having a big butt, or others making ridiculous comments about her outfits or just her in general  that weren’t as lady like: Do you ALL realize that you sounded so stupid after making those remarks, and many of you probably don’t have jobs now?

For all you Sasha and Malia Haters: you know that ignorance is a mitch, right?!

And folks, were we so overboarded when Sasha wasn’t at her father’s last speech?

And also: that time when Malia was at Lollapalooza in Chicago and yes she was being a normal carefree teen at 18. But did we really OVERREACT that much?  Yes, Malia will learn accountability as she grows up. 18 doesn’t mean much that well per se.

What about Malia taking a year off before starting college? Should all High School Graduates follow that same procedure?

Did the losers like John McCain and Mitt Romney actually learned their lessons after losing to Barack in 2008 and 2012?

Did Black Entertainment really rocked when Obama was in office?

Did Hip Hop really rocked when Obama was in office? So many Obama references in rap songs like crazy.

For all of the black media: BET, TVOne, Podcasts, Social Media sites, Newspapers, Radio Shows, Magazines, Blogs, Articles, and more: was all that appreciated of the JOLT of Confidence by our work to archive for the Obama-Biden Crew?

For all of the black businesses that printed up Obama T-shirts, hats, buttons, sweaters, jackets, in all: Can we do more of that even after Obama is not in office?

For all the black supporters that backed Obama since DAY ONE: did we really back him up other than hearing the speeches?

For all the black churches that invited Obama to speak: was it good?

For all of the Joe Biden haters: have you disregarded him too much?

Joe Biden was the huge F-ing deal as VP. Agree or Disagree?

Yes, Barack and Joe had the bromance thing going. We know. But others are asking why and how. Really?

Obamacare was the jolt for healthcare. Why are those wanting to kill it for those who want to be insured, get checked, pay less, etc?

For those whom are major confused: Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing! Why is that so hard?


Did anyone of us got lucky when we can finally take pictures IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

Why do republicans as much want to erase everything that Obama did like he never existed? Hate does come into play.

CALLOUT: For all of my conscious, hotep, and sometimes not connectable black people: what was it that Obama wanted to do for us?

CALLOUT: For all of my conscious, hotep, and sometimes not connectable black people: what was it that Obama should have done for us besides well, being President of the United States?

CALLOUT: For all of my conscious, hotep, and sometimes not connectable black people: did we really partied that much in these 8 years?

CALLOUT: For all of my conscious, hotep, and sometimes not connectable black people that didn’t do enough: why are we mad now that Donald Trump is going in? EXPLAIN! Put down the Hidden Colors and Dr. Umar Johnson speeches for a moment. Just explain why.

CALLOUT: For all of my conscious, hotep, and sometimes not connectable black people that didn’t vote (as well as everyone else): REALLY?

For all the international folks, can you really remind us that Obama was the best thing that America had since Kennedy or Bill Clinton?

CALLOUT: For the international folks that hated Obama. Called him a monkey and all that mess, you realize that your racism is just as deadly as America, right? And you know who you are. Don’t front!

For the racists: You really think that Black Lives Matter was linked with Obama all this time?

About that 60% approval rating though. Really? Yeah really though.

For all the gun freaks: were you really that scared that Barack was coming for your Guns way after the gun issues were handed out? Oh, he Skeet Shooted at Camp David with a rifle. Hmmmm………..

For the misinformed that were way too misinformed about Obama: when will you get your facts straight? Besides him where he was born, got his education, his teachings, his first jobs, etc!

For the doubters: have you underestimated Obama by a slight margin?  Or should I say a big margin?

Who is getting Obama’s book when it comes out in the near future?

Anyone is still or will continue to donate to OFA and/or My Brother’s Keeper? And the female groups?

Did GM rocked the house after the bail out for jobs? Plus the jobs that bounced back to positive digits?

What group of folks are still hating on Community Organizers? Don’t front!

Will this President inspire those to run for office, especially of color?

Will the Obama-Biden Crew continue to be a force that no one can NEVER EVER overstep or deny

And the last question. After 8 years, one term in Illinois: Will you miss “the hell “out of President Barack Hussein Obama II? Admit the guilt.

I’m assuming that today in America, that the country celebrated another Dr. King Holiday. You do realize that it’s been 30 years since 1986 that the first Dr. King Holiday was even lifted off the ground. This wasn’t by highlight, it took a lot of dedicated unsung and well known folks that got this done, and it’s here once again.

This year I’ve done my own reflecting on why this day matters as much as every holiday matters on the calendar. First, we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a Republican, or whatever. Second we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a communist or some evil guy. Third, for those WHOM ARE NOT BLACK: can we PLEASE stop with the one liners from the speeches! The same ol’ you know what. And with that, can any of you go back and re-read the ENTIRE SPEECH of “I Have A Dream?” And also re-read all those other speeches that many of you probably didn’t read? Like Beyond Vietnam, Where Do We Go From Here? and many others? Dr. King wasn’t about the dream only. But there were many, many, many components that the speeches and words went along with action. Ooops, did I say “action?” And that goes for the extros and intros.

Many like today, we’ve reread about the speeches and how to re-give back to the communities. Which is fine. Now, if we are all about that TODAY, what about tomorrow? I know, we all go back to work and school. But in the middle of all of this, what can be done to continue to do the humanity thing while we are at the stores waiting for Straight Outta Compton on DVD? Yeah I said it! About getting the deals if your team didn’t make the playoffs. I’ll confess about the Packers later on. What about that app, that gadget, that dabbing stuff, Robin Jeans, or them shoes you peaking on Facebook, or matter of fact, worrying about the individual whom is always in the background not saying a word of hello, or being too loud and obnoxious? Or always trolling like stupid brat on Facebook about small stuff like bandwagon fan perps. I know I’m not the only guilt party that might do this. Let’s be real!

Ideas: Give back to your Alumni. Give back to your non-profits. Give back to voting drives. Give back to important causes of health, vision, dental, foods, shelter, church fundraisers, scholarships, and plus ANTI-Violence. Even Anti-Anything that is against race, creed, class, gender, religion, as we all know very, very, well. Even Anti – Black Lives that have always, currently and still will Matter. Yes, I just went there.

So what about it folks? Are we talking? Are we hashtaging? OR are we doing?

Speaking of the struggle: that still continues, I’m assuming that many have viewed this footage of this actress:


Yep. You heard it from Jada Pinkett Smith. Whom made a statement about not attending this year’s Oscars. For those who are somewhat against that: know this. It’s her right and prerogative  for not attending the show that usually don’t show moments that features more of the African-Americans not winning the Oscar Trophy. Now there has been this so-called “butt hurt” comments in which it she is saying this out of line, out of context and whole other stuff. Really? In the year of 2016? ON MLK DAY? Maybe the issue here is bigger than Jada. Bigger than Will. Bigger than Spike Lee. And bigger than the original Aunt Viv Janet Hubert explaining her liberties at Jada. Yeah, I heard what she said. Plus still have those bitter feelings about Will not becoming a star that he is now. Look, I’ve heard that commentary stuff since the second half of 1993! When there was a switch of actresses playing Aunt Viv.

What this really is, is nothing more of talented folks being passed up. Another reason why the NAACP Image Awards will be coming on. And like before, this will be featured of showing us, US as in Black folks being acknowledged. It’s been done before, like it’s not the first rodeo! Maybe if the execs per say actually watch the Image Awards, in which it will come out in Black History Month, per say, they probably won’t care. We know already that they won’t care about so and so who’s black and being this actor or actress or director or producer being recognized! We know! But what if they did, they might be like, “How did we miss this talent?” More on that later.

In conclusion, this is not to take away anyone’s ideas of Dr. King’s playbooks to actually say a speech. It’s more of actually ACT AND SERVE besides hearing and seeing I Have A Dream. Just to think that I’m 39 years old. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll repeat that again: 39. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll ask this on a fly:

How many 39 year olds TODAY that are active and leading (either from the front or the back) are in the struggle for civil rights?

How many 39 year olds today that are leading or supporting our communities in various areas?

How many 39 year olds today that are giving back to notable causes that can help empower those to be the best of  their ability no matter what they have in them?

How many 39 year olds TODAY Right now in the year of 2016 that are and will and not so maybe to take those to the polling places to vote, or to help those to register to vote at the polls? Come on now!

How many of my Brothers and Sisters in the Introvert Universe are 39 years old and making the difference that it’s fine to be introverts and using that gift as a voice and activism to say or comment that many of our extrovert brothers and sisters don’t see?

And also, how many of the 39 year olds today that are willing to pass generational stories of struggle and sacrifice to those of the 29 year olds, the 19 year old, or maybe a 9 year old that was given to them from 49, 59, 69, 0r 89 year olds? Whom mostly of the 50’s and 60’s and up still were alive when Dr. King was making moves?

We need this folks. No matter what you have in you.

So in conclusion again:  when this day of MLK is over. When all the recorded speeches have been stored. When the songs of Lift Every Voice and Sing and We Shall Overcome are sung for the last time today, when all the artwork or special art displays of King will be temporary stored until Black History Month, or any other Month: What’s next?

Indeed. We must continue to learn. The struggle continues!



Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did anyone did anything positive on #MLKday?

Did anyone helped those in need on #MLKday?

Did anyone had given a chance to tell those why #MLKday was made up in the first place, besides getting a day off from school and mostly Federal Workplaces?

I knew it! I know that many probably sat at home probably thought what was the purpose of being at home on a Martin Luther King Holiday. I stated this on Facebook and on Instagram, that it took alot of important people to get this holiday on the map. And just who were these important people? We know one, Corretta Scott King. But whom else? Straight from Wikipedia:

The idea of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a holiday was promoted by labor unions in contract negotiations. After King’s death, United States RepresentativeJohn Conyers (a Democrat from Michigan) and United States SenatorEdward Brooke (a Republican from Massachusetts) introduced a bill in Congress to make King’s birthday a national holiday. The bill first came to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1979. However, it fell five votes short of the number needed for passage. Two of the main arguments mentioned by opponents were that a paid holiday for federal employees would be too expensive, and that a holiday to honor a private citizen would be contrary to longstanding tradition (King had never held public office). Only two other people have national holidays in the United States honoring them: George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

Soon after, the King Center turned to support from the corporate community and the general public. The success of this strategy was cemented when musicianStevie Wonder released the single “Happy Birthday” to popularize the campaign in 1980 and hosted the Rally for Peace Press Conference in 1981. Six million signatures were collected for a petition to Congress to pass the law, termed by a 2006 article in The Nation as “the largest petition in favor of an issue in U.S. history.”

Ronald Reagan and Coretta Scott King at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day signing ceremony

At the White HouseRose Garden on November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill, proposed by Representative Katie Hall of Indiana, creating a federal holiday to honor King. It was observed for the first time on January 20, 1986.

The bill established the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission to oversee observance of the holiday, and Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife, was made a member of this commission for life by President George H. W. Bush in May 1989.

Does this answer some of the questions? I hope so. Even though this holiday had taken some hits and misses from those who felt that an MLK Holiday wasn’t up to the likes of Washington or Lincoln’s Birthday, however a proposed and now formally holiday is for the observance and celebration. Now many are asking, why didn’t they just made January 15th as the MLK holiday? I mean Lincoln’s Birthday is February 12th, and Washington’s Birthday is February 22nd. But they are BIRTHDAYS!!! NOT HOLIDAYS! Every third January of each year, we celebrate the holiday sense of MLK and what his stance of justice, peace, and I dare say, his radicalism and revolutionary memories and lessons still lingers for us to grasp. Now why I’m putting revolutionary and radicalism in this blog? Many who feel that the word of radical is a bad word or a something worse. Uh……..It can mean something good too. Jesus Christ was a radical. Oh, check this: there are those who feel that they should be afraid of black folks. There are those of us who are athletic: had a good game, go on TV and boast like crazy to get a measure of revenge. Like Richard Sherman. You have probably heard what he had done. Yes, he got the last word. And it was directed toward a player that instigated him. And even though he had thus far accolades of him getting out of Compton California, going to Stanford with great grades, joining a well known black fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma, a talented American Football Player he still got called out being a n*gger. Folks wanting to hang him or in this case, being shot. Richard was telling the truth. A truth that was “unraveled” than raveled.  I believe him more than Michael Crabtree. And yes, he had to apologize for his remarks after the game was long dead. But the debate continues.

English: Photograph of President Ronald Reagan...

English: Photograph of President Ronald Reagan and the Signing Ceremony for Martin Luther King Holiday Legislation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check this: I was on Roland Martin’s Facebook Like Page, on January 5th. Yeah the same day that the Packers lost. And he posted many commentaries of Dr. King being Radical and Revolutionary. Many of those folks who were probably caught off guard and misinformed, got mad at Roland because they thought was just garbage. The fact of the matter is BLACK FOLKS WHO DON’T KNOW, Dr. King in a sense was a radical. He was Revolutionary. The same guy who spoke about I Have A Dream, born in a “high” church Baptist family in Atlanta, a alum of Morehouse College and Boston University, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity of the Black Greek Letter Organization, had a radical side of him that many of those back then labeled King as “the most dangerous man in America”.  Oh why was he was considered “dangerous?” There were concerns about America being involved in wars that had no business doing. Reference the speech, Beyond Vietnam. King protested that war. He felt that every single bomb that was dropped on Vietnam,  it was symbolic of something bad happening in America. It’s like that America was (and is in some sense today) committing crimes and getting away with murder. Think about it. Now there are those who say, “Oh America is the greatest country in the world, and the blacks are upset about race. Why can’t they get over it?.” Oh here we go. Many of you probably have said this same thing. Not just on King Day, but days leading up to King Day. Many of you will be saying this in what’s that month that most hate? That month that we should be talking about our black history like, everyday? Oh, what is that month? Yes! February. The month to celebrate the achievements and HISTORY of black folks. And I said this in a earlier blog posting and I’m saying it here, many of the U.S. Citizens will not care about it. And the ones will care, will celebrate anyway.

Speaking part of that getting over statement, It will never be gotten over. I’m sorry to say this to those who feel this way. It aint over until the day that we are pushing up daises in the cemetery. Reaching the end. No more suffering. No more pain. But the struggle will still continue for those who are coming into this world. And starting to grow up in the world. I said it before, and I’m saying it again: I don’t see no Utopias! So all that “I’m colorblind stuff”: throw it out. Speaking of that also, I hope those who promote those so-called Twerk Freedom Parties learned their lessons. Even the promoters of the places that have learned also. Yes, if those have forgotten, in Flint Michigan, there was supposed to be a dance party over the MLK weekend. But it turned out to be a thought of a “Freedom 2 Twerk” jam with MLK having a likeness looking like a thug with a black turtleneck, gold chain and flashing the westside hand sign. Plus also a black chick was on the right with a jacket on. Uh, Dr. King was a married man. DUH!!!  If those haven’t heard also, the owner of the place where the Twerk party was supposed to be at, had to be notified with approval of the event. When the owner of the hall or rental place saw the ad: he immediately PULLED the plug. So if I were a owner of Aria Hall in Milwaukee per say, I would pull the plug of all the so-called parties without my approval! They will be banished. In a positive light, the owner of the hall decided to put up a REAL MLK Celebration for the kids in Flint, Michigan and it will circle the live and work of Dr. King annually. I wish that EVERY PROMOTER AND OWNER of these so-called MLK Weekend Freedom Parties should not get all twerked up and drunk about a man like Dr. King. If were living, he would not be happy with it. Nor be happy with us black folks going to jail more than college, being highly unemployed, poor, having outrageous criminal records, and not only that, he would not be satisfied with white folks or any folks of any ethnicity who opposed mostly against President Barack Obama. If he were hearing that, or watching the ruckus of the Tea Party, the birthers, or any other so-called American who opposes Obama, he would led a march, and having to tell those like, give this man the respect that you have shown the past 43 white presidents who have served this office, this White House, this nation and world. And also, give this man a chance not only he’s the first African-American President, but a leader, and a parent. He may not have the style of Kennedy, or Bush. Or Clinton, or any other president in history, but he is the president, and we need to respect that notion! – That’s what I think he would say IF he had not been shot in Memphis, and many others.

And to our international folks: mainly Russia. What were you thinking?! Of all the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook, why this:

I had to break away from my American Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and see this? Really Russia?!!

Now according to your sources, this is supposed to resemble a chair art? From the 1960’s? Now with all due to respect to art and race, this is a bit too far. Also from my understanding the black model is not really live. But I’m firm believer in symbolism. Symbolism for this, that goes wrong. There are my black folks in America who had to look at this on our Social Media pages, and most were in disgust. We had a man in this country that we’re celebrating who if were living, this person would shake his head in shame. And stating that this is not what he envisioned! I’m talking about the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now yes we Americans can be alot of sensitive when the issue of race happens. But I also realize that racism is not just American grown. It’s international birthed! I’m not calling your country or the person displayed racist. But in this era, there are those who feel that things look kind of strange, they will call you out. America has been called out over 237 times. We know. I know this pop art thing is your thing and I based on the history, I get it. But I’m telling you, you got to watch that stuff.  Like many of you calling out Obama, and having this notion of drones per say.

And in speaking of that; SHUT UP JOSHUA BLACK! – Oh I got something to say about him next!

Plus also, this was BEYOND TACKY. Now if those 18 and up are into Porn. Yes, Porn. You may have seen this on their Twitter page:

And what does this have to do with MLK?!! REALLY!

I’ll bet yet again it’s just some major B.S. of the Porn Industry trying to cash in. Or was it? Later on, like the person who sat on the black girl chair, the company apologized for this uneducated tweet. Had to be someone  who was dumb and stupid. Yeah I said it! Practice safe sex, people. No glove. No love. Plus also, why is the porn industry have some race problems anyway? I’m just saying!


So America, and the world: please learn the lessons of Dr. King. Please learn the lessons that in order to get to the The Dream, you got to go through the nightmare. As strange as it sounds, it is real talk. Many of us are going though the nightmares right now and don’t even know it. Many of us are creating nightmares and don’t even know it. And many of us are still trying to get out of a nightmare in order to properly DREAM!

“Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice, everywhere.”  

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

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Oh the irony of young folks. I’m sure that many woke up this morning to our computers to see a proof of debauchery that once again we dont have no sense! And for once is those who think they know it all. Henceforth,  this letter is for those that like to put up an image of MLK doing gang signs and having this so-called Freedom to Twerk Party.

Dear Moronic Idiots that defaced MLK’s Image on a Twerk Flyer:

It’s me, Stephen. Oh by now, I’m a black blogger that is ready to blow up from Milwaukee:


So the ongoing debachery of defacing MLK is still in session. Oh, you had to bust out again about a Twerk Party that had his image somewhat doing a gang sign with a young female to the right. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this:


Wait a minute, there’s more. Remember this one from last year:


Or what about this from last year:

What about this one:


For those who feel that this is cute: SHUT UP!!!! RIGHT NOW!

Personally this is like more on a attack on the King Family. More like on an attack on Dr. King himself. I say that because this era of “I don’t cares and Kanye Shrugs” are just that: Ignorant. No disrespect. Many of you probably never knew who or what Dr. King stood for. Many of you are probably have NO IDEA what you have gotten yourselves into. I’ll bet when King Day comes, you probably are going to sit at home probably thinking what is this day is supposed to be about. Just to let you know if the common sense kicks in, that it took alot of important folks to get a King Day on the calendar! Even his late wife Corretta Scott King was the banner of getting that done! She like many others in King’s circle had to fight hard. President Ronald Reagan signed the idea into recogntion in 1983, plus later on it was a national holiday. Years later while trying to run for President in 2008, Arizona Senator John McCain admit that the thought was wrong of not recognizing the holiday. And others try to bust through the wall in getting a King Day Holiday ON THE MAP! The King Holiday is supposed to be a reminder of what America must do to be a better nation. The King Holiday is a reminder of what we AMERICANS are supposed to learn to get along instead of coming up suspicions of young black men going around in hoodies looking suspicious or getting denied through voting ranks because of color!

You want a real MLK DAY Weekend Club thing: First get rid of the images that portray him like a Gangbanger. This also upset Dr. Bernice King, who commented that the image of her late father is being portrayed as a gangster, per say of today’s era.

Here is her commentary courtesy of Fox 5 in Atlanta. Read up if you’re one of the debauchery folks:

When FOX 5 News showed Dr. Bernice King images of her father being used in club and event promotions, she shook her head in disbelief.

Images being circulated online depict her father, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, in promotions allegedly for ‘twerk’ parties for a teen club in Michigan. FOX 5 was unable to find the image directly on the group’s Facebook page, but outraged people had already started to comment to the group. One of the widely circulated flyers depicts an enhanced Rev. King wearing a large gold chain, making hand gestures under the headline ‘Freedom 2 Twerk’.

“I feel like we have failed to reach these (groups),” Dr. King told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes in an exclusive interview.

“This imagery thing is just appalling, and it’s almost embarrassing,” Dr. King remarked. “For me, as his daughter, it’s like ‘wow’, I lost a father who sacrificed everything for them to live a much more dignified and respectful life, and for it to come to this makes me sad,” King concluded.

King told FOX 5 she was not upset about people celebrating her father’s life, but she had serious concerns about the use of her father’s imagery to suggest he would endorse such a style of celebration.

“My father would have worked to elevate them, to connect with them, and bring them into the movement,” King said. spoke with a man who has direct knowledge of this group’s activities. He says “no disrespect” was even intended with the flyer or event. The man, who wished not to be identified, says this event is spearheaded by teens who are working to have a positive influence in the community, and reach out to a group surrounded by violence in the streets every day. He says the flyer was a way to reach the audience through “gospel rap” and was meant to support a positive message.

Read more:
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Wait a minute: I’m looking at that last line of the story- was a way to reach the audience through gospel rap and was meant to support a positive message. 


If that were the case, then why put this debauchery on the flyer?!!! Makes no sense. But the one thing that made sense is that the up coming event was cancelled.


To those in the future, I’m assuming that you’re probably thinking “Oh, I’m attacking the folks who made up these flyers. And getting all sensitive and acting like that MLK was my homeboy.” Let me tell you something, I’m attacking the fools who haven’t learn a real lesson. Second, I don’t have to be sensitive about MLK in general. Heck, I won Scholarships in honor of MLK! I have registered new voters, gave back and being active with my old high school alumni association to help the current students, donated to my church annually.

Oh I got something to say to those who think the church is all about the money – in my next blog. 

Which leads to my second point. GET ACTIVE! You folks better vote up this Mid term Election year. Oh, I’m assuming that many of you won’t vote because the issues may not matter to you. When the year progresses, and if you don’t vote,  don’t complain! Where are the clubs on this? HELLO?!! Many would come out for the drinks and twerking but don’t come out for important needs for civil rights?!! In the words of those on Facebook, miss me with that! Dr. King in his day would go to the pool halls and basketball courts to get folks active in the struggle for civil rights! Real Talk!

I asked this question last year, and I’m going to keep asking: What have you done to help maintain Dr. King’s Dream? Besides listening to I Have A Dream too many times. Dr. King was more than “I Have A Dream”. And yes, it was one of his best speeches. BUT WHAT YOU DONE to maintain it?






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Now that the Inauguration is over for the Obama Administration, it’s time to get back to work. But before that, I want to go in on my commentary of the use of Family Bibles.

It seems that the use of Family Bibles have been this “clash of incompetence” when it comes to say who can’t do what. Recently today, Dr. Cornell West blasted the President for his Inauguration Day Ceremony in the use of the Bible that the late Dr. King once used during his tenure. Wait a minute. Seriously. A bible? Really?! This is the same Cornell West who was critical of the President in which he claimed that there was not help for the poor. Look. I respect Dr. West, but in regarding the use the King Family Bible, it was reported that the King Family requested that the President used the bible for the Inauguration, via Al Sharpton. Technically, the President had permission to use it and that’s that. Plus he signed the book!

All of this foolishness of who can or can’t, is just that: foolishness. Now I’m not knocking Dr. West because he’s a Professor or a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. I’m knocking him because of the dialogue that has become. The same with Tavis Smiley. Yes, I know he’s a Kappa Alpha Psi member, and has his own show, even he needs to stop hating too.  The reason he dislikes the President all because he never got an invite to the White House. I know these are well educated African-American men, but there is a thing called “getting permission to grant access?” I hear this all the time: I know that other races might go in on blacks because of the success stories, but this is no surprise in which you see 2 guys like Smiley and West go in on the President. Hey, even Dr. King had to content with those who are black against him too. I recall reading the letters from the 60’s in which they are on The King Center Website, and it’s listed all letters and other written documents that the King Family collected well after his Assassination. Even the letter that was written back in 1960 when he declared himself non-partisan. Technically, this was all their show just to say “Oh, I hate the president because he didn’t help the poor and didn’t say the word POOR!” Well he mentioned the word poor in his inauguration address along with the word “GAY”. And for the record, their Fraternity affiliations I do respect the work that the D9 Greeks put on. But I don’t believe their traits should not reflect that. My two cents. Same as if they were Christian.

Is it embarrassing? Most likely. Its just like the cliché in which trying to get ratings. If Dr. West and Tavis Smiley wanted to meet with the President head on, learn the lesson in which to just grant permission! Why is it so hard for folks to do this now a days? Is it stupidity? Yes! Wait I take that back: It’s beyond that! If they want to grant permission to talk to Barack Obama, just do it in a professional manner! It’s very simple. No need to go on TheGrio, Bill Maher, or of all networks like FoxNews to get the beatdown ratings up. Pathetic. Yeah, they might say they “I respect the brother”. No question, but however in order to do that, patience must come from within. Something that Dr. West, Tavis, and I dare say the Black Community Protesting in a gym with the signs up saying “What about the Black Community?” needs to understand.  I want the President to talk about the Black Community Conditions at the table too. Really I want too. But UNLIKE those, I’ll do it in a professional manner!





What a day. This is a day that I think will be added to history, or in the words of Ed Schultz, this is one for the archives. Today, us Americans had a chance to view and witness the second inauguration of the Obama Administration. No question it’s every 4 years that this event does come, but also the second time that a Inauguration Day that falls on the third Monday in January. For you non-Americans, we also celebrate this day in honor of Martin Luther King Jr,  who was one of our best Civil Rights and Ministry Leaders of all time. Many of us gathered in DC, or at home, or in the workplace to hear and see the event that most of us encountered. Plus for those who have helped the President to retain his job, such campaigning for Obama For America, this day was also important as well. Of course there were haters who don’t want to be apart of it, but STILL it’s our day to not only to reflect, but also to keep pressing forward.

Now for those who are still wondering: Why this day? Should us Americans should be out feeding folks or remembering how MLK wanted peace and non-violence? I want to say this as an African-American male, even on MLK Day, and after the day is over, we still have alot of work to do. This goes beyond MLK Day, and also this goes on beyond the second Inauguration Day. No question, this day is and was the day of celebration. No I didn’t go to DC even though the tickets were in high demand, but with me being part of the Obama For America folks who helped, no question that Milwaukee or some in Milwaukee will have some sort of Obama For America related event for the campaign workers who put their time in for the 2012 election.  For those of us who like still lean on the messages of Dr. King, we better lean on the WORK of Dr. King. What I mean is, yes “I have a Dream” was an amazing speech 50 years ago. Still many have labeled it as the best. But what have we done in the spirit of that speech? Have some donated to the MLK memorial in DC? What about a MLK Scholarship event? Or anything that has MLK written all over it in terms of giving back? I’m just saying.

Not trying to hate or boast, but I have donated and contributed to MLK scholarship for college students and high school seniors. And furthermore, I used to be a recipient here in Milwaukee where I got the scholarship six times. Real Truth. I remember on Twitter, in which Roland Martin was debating against a person who questioned “what have you done to maintained King’s dream?” He went in on this person like white on rice. I also question to those who approved Voter ID stuff but here’s the kicker: MLK stood up against Voter Suppression! For those who hated unions: MLK stood up for Unions! Look it up conservative fans. And for those who want to know: MLK was not a republican! His father was the MLK that was the republican voter. King himself was non-partisan, but did supported John F. Kennedy during his election. And plus, was a opponent against the Vietnam War. Notwithstanding that notion, in this day, Dr. King still maintains an influence for folks everywhere. Even me. In order to get to the mountaintop, the climbing still continues. Or in this case, I’m in the struggle like everyone else. Today, we are in the struggle for jobs – in which African-Americans are more unemployed and discriminated for a job offer. I know all that too well. The Gay and Lesbian community are coming out, but there are those who still oppose them of their lifestyle. Education – for the side of black women they are more in college than the males. Morely the black males are in prison. The state of Wisconsin has more blacks in prison than in any other state in the union. This is where the quote “Wisconsin is the worst state for black people” came from. And the issue of guns: We know.

As I saw the inauguration, I see a more now determined President Barack Obama. Now usually, the Second Term for the presidents usually don’t go well. But I hope that the President (or the Obama Crew) will continue to establish new ideas, continue to upheld the goals of the previous 4 years, and also to confront and complete the needy concerns of the American public. Even converting his Obama For America Campaign into Organizing for Action. If you haven’t heard, the Organizing for Action group has been created to continue to the progress that was set out to start since 2007. Thank Michelle Obama for that. So in the words of DJ’s for Obama, Our work is not done. Dr. King’s work is not done. I didn’t say the speeches were done. I say the work is not done! On a positive note: this Inauguration Day had more references mostly of African-Americans ranging from the Statue of Freedom being placed by Philip Reid, who was a black slave during the Lincoln era until 1862. Lamar Alexander, a republican Senator of all means quoted Alex Haley, who we should know gave Roots a household name, by stating: “Find the Good, and praise it.” Plus, Myrlie Evers-Williams the widow of the late Medgar Evers, presided the Invocation and is the first woman of color to do so. The Inaugural poem in which Richard Blanco and the Benediction of Rev. Luis Leon pitched in which they were the firsts of the Hispanic Culture to come out and contribute to the event. Also the years of 1963, 1863 and also 1813 were also referenced this very day.

So America, in the words of Arsenio Hall: “Let’s get busy.”