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We all know that the month of October is an awareness of three concerns: Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and Bully Awareness. Everytime we flip the calendar to the 10th month of Halloween we tend to remind ourselves that the issues and concerns of these items are still out there to be informed and also summarized. We get it. Hopefully. But in the recent acts of Sexual Assault discovered by Harvey Weinstein and many others whom did the act, many women are speaking out on the issue that many know very well. As they should. And even a black woman, Tarana Burke whom was a victim of Sexual Assault years ago formed the slogan “Me Too” 10 years ago is now continuing her message of the concerns and lessons she endured. And by the way for you Caucasian hashtaggers , you must know that the Me Too thing actually started by Tarana Burke, a black woman so don’t assumed you “just now” invented it.

Now I’m going to talk about a male’s point of view of being assaulted sexually and bullied. About three years ago, I attended my church’s Love Is event in the subject that dealth with domestic violence in relationships. One of the panelist was by the name of , from the Alma Center in Milwaukee. He was at the time gave a discussion about Domestic Violence from a Man’s Point of View. He talked about the subject called the Manbox. It was about in purpose about in certain times Men don’t get all emotional like women. Like crying. Or instead having you not cry to make sure you’re not weak. Or you have to hit women just because….When I was in the 9th grade at John Marshall High School, apparently I was in a school fight with another freshman at the time. The year was 1991 and it was in December, a week after my 15th birthday hard to believe. We were suspended for about two days since certain words were on repeat. When we were reinstated, a conversation was instilled about being ribbed on shouldn’t lead to fights. Even though that was so-called neutral, but I remember when my mother said that I was at a point where I was provoked. To the then VP of the school. So yes, I was provoked. And folks had to trip about who won the fight. So Ive been more defensive minded since my teen years which expands to this day! It seems that all this goes back to upbringings. Broken homes. The father was not at home or mother was always tripping. Or lack of self-esteem. Or when the pranks or the class clown thing will get his or hers a beat down after all the crap. Most of my MPS years I dealt with bullies. Even those on a sexual assault level that had almost gropped me back in Middle School! And the dude was “messing around.” Plus a female did that almost in the 9th grade as I was walking to class. And I’m like, no she didn’t! It seems like fun and games but it’s a freaking crime! This is not a joke. None. And for you females think it’s a joke and funny that a dude like me went through that, sorry it’s not funny. It’s not.

Why am I telling you this? Many must be like: really?! And what does all of this have to do with bulling and sexual assault? It kind of hit me: When you bully someone, it’s like sexual assault. You’re bullying someone that doesn’t want to be toyed with. Nor ribbed on. If you want that, you’re asking for trouble! Serious trouble. And you best believe that many who have been in that position, will speak out, blog it, or whatever in getting that message that it’s not cool!

If you are in high school or middle school (and I know you’ve been reading my blogs) and had this done to you, get a grown up to talk to. With all this going on with the Cyber bulling on Social Media, and the Sexting on smartphones and those that you can’t stand in a negative fashion in person, it’s time to not talk about it but also defend yourself! It’s time. Stop letting these fools and stupid dumb girls who bully you or sexually assault you to get away with murder! Men, we too have to stand up and declare that this is DEAD WRONG! Many of us Men probably had been gropped, or bullied or both at a time long ago, and many of us didn’t have answers. Now many of us whom have kids, or around kids we best believe that we have to do the protection thing more serious now.

And I should point out that there are “grown bullies” we have to deal with. Like Donald Trump. Yes I’m putting him in this. They are also called haters, racists, sextists, pacifists, all that and very evil. We have to put up with them everyday at work, church, the mall, the club, college rooms, and many other places of establishment. Even when you are looking for a job. And I know because I remember what I went through with the reaction of The Milwaukee Urban League did with me was very bully like from Betty Speed. She was indeed a bully attacking me for my content of my character and education in getting my degree from UW-Stout. Oh heck yes. So many times in Milwaukee I had to DEFEND my education from UW-Stout in a way that I have to tell the truth of what I was doing and having a balance. Manpower, Spherion, and other folks and goons both black and white all hating on a black man like me getting a college degree, by using Distance Education! Talk about being bullied.

And then when I had to go to Alumni functions for UW-Stout in Milwaukee,I felt that I need to “apologize” for not coming to the campus during my 4 years. But wait a minute: Something told me to say this. “Stephen, stop apologizing! Stop it right now. Yes you could have gone on Stout’s campus and completed your degree, but YOU opted to complete it by using Distance Education and getting it done in Milwaukee! You did it your way. Not their way!” End of story.

I know that the previous part had nothing to do with bulling or sexual assault. But partially it does matter in a sense that it will not hinder me to not fall for the “Okie Doke” that might spell Doom for me. They didn’t knew “jack squat” of my objective and goals. None. And that is so sad even in today’s era. Just like bullying.

Yep: Bullies suck! Just like those doing sexual assulting they will get caught and learn! Game over.


Can’t believe it. It has been 10 years since I’ve done this:




Yep, that’s me graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout exactly a decade this week in 2006. The dude in the middle shaking the Chancellor’s hand of Charles Sorenson.

May 13th, 2006 will be long remembered for me as making it to a point where I couldn’t reach. It was Mother’s Day weekend at the time, and yes mama was happy. How did I get here and there? I’m going to a point in this story that I haven’t done: There were some faults and concerns that some thought I had to skip campus classes or having a concern that the program of Industrial Management with the tool of Distance Education has not been a concern! So as a heads up, I’m going to be unapologetic on this notion. Be advised. This is not a drill.

First: I already got the knowledge of two-way teleconferencing way back in 1995 as a High School Senior here in Milwaukee. For your new readers it’s called “Skyping”. But Skype was not around between 2002 – 2006. And Social Media wasn’t a thought until after 2006.

Plus the start of this goes back to 2001, after being laid off from UW-Milwaukee as a press operator. Then later on in the year I took some courses at MATC to build up more in my attempted education. In between one of my former church members told me about Stout as a thought of attending. Another was one of my former MATC Graphic Arts teachers told me about Stout in a choice between that, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Platteville. In November of 2001,  I went to a college fair at MATC to visit the various UW colleges and universities. And the last college I visited to discussed was UW-Stout. I applied to UW-Stout in 2002 and got accepted in September of that year. The program was Industrial Management by using Distance Education in Milwaukee.

Second: As I previously described, I took the Distance Education Classes here in Milwaukee at my old Tech College. The rooms I was in looked liked this:




Every week we had our live interactions with the teachers and students from Menomonie, Waukesha, Madison and Stout. Hey haters, you see this?


This is what I had to go through EVERY WEEK! Did I survive? You bet the so-called pensions, absent minded, retirement funded nose up the par,  and stock attitudes.


Third: Online Classes. Back in the day, the Distance Education tools were young. About 2-4 years young. But every Sunday at 11:59pm, the assignments have to be due via the Learn At Stout Website. Even we had to fax our homework. No matter it was Summer, Fall, or Spring.

Fourth: One of my Capstone Classes, we had to Phone up. Once a week, we all had to phone in the Strategic Management. We previewed our assignments, went over folks houses to complete our assignments, emails and still got good grades. As a GROUP!

With the homework assignments, I studied them EVERYDAY! Even on Sundays in Church! No lie. So, I was one of those workaholics that grinded.

Speaking of haters: This is where I have to get real. I will be unapologetic in speaking and keeping it 100. And will hold nothing back with the following uncut commentary.

Plus names will be mentioned.

I have to bring up at least “two haters” that were just rude at the time: First, if you work for the Milwaukee Urban League, and worked with a woman named Betty J. Speed, you want to put away your work assignments and pay attention. And if the CEO of the Urban League is available, tell him or her to come to a private computer because, what I’m about to say may not  be suitable for anyone that is a devoted member, and/or worker. Pay attention. This is real and not a smear campaign.

Back in October of 2004, I came to the Urban League looking for work around my distance education college schedules with the University and the outcome was not great. Not at all. The ending result of the help was disastrous. I explained my interest in working in the printing area in which at the time was my strongest. I felt I could still go along with it. But for her, she mocked me in a unethical professional manner. By the way, she was Black. Her attitude was mean stricken, and not nice. She accused me of having this so-called “behavior problem” in which she had the behavior problem towards me out of frustration. She also said something about no one will give a da*n about me, and the last thing she said was so hateful:

You better not come back here if you can’t find a job.

Yes she did! Those exact words,”You better not come back here if you can’t find a job” was the most discouraging, and most unethical sentences that coming from a black woman like her was just disgusting! And even struck  a nerve with my education. That was personal. I was being attacked.

Another hater to highlight was Manpower. I had a interview with this white woman named Brook. This lady had the gaul to ask about my earnings of how I’m getting money, how I’m taking my classes and other personal endeavors. She assumed that she wasn’t accusing me of anything in her words, but the fact is she stepped over the line! All because of my education, work history, and many other factors that wasn’t so professional.

What did I do in these situations? I wrote a letter of complaint! I got on my computer in May of 2005, and I wrote the hardest complaint letter to the point. I was very upset, and felt that I needed to say something to defend myself. And I was in my final year with Stout’s Distance Education area with Industrial Management on the point.

Did I received responses back? You bet I did.

For the Urban League, I wanted to grab the attention of the Urban League President in regarding the incident. But it was picked up later on. When Betty Speed answered my Cell Phone: My reaction was like this to start: “You gotta a lot of nerve calling me on my cell phone!” And in between I told to her over the cell phone: “Shut up! I’m Talking!” and “Excuse me! I’m Talking!” I went in on her like white on rice! Everything she told me, mocked me, saying no one will care, and thing is, I struck back hard! And about the thing with my education, she said back in 2004 that some employers that may have this assumption that I would leave to go back to Stout at the time. HELLO! I was a DISTANCE EDUCATION student studying my classes in the City! I explained at the time, but the thing is, forgive me to say this: she was stubborn and to quote Roland Martin, “stuck on stupid”. Didn’t know about my upbringing, ideas to commence, nothing. I also hit her on this comment that she said the most: “You better not come here if you can’t find a job.” And then she had to comment “we want you to come back….” SERIOUSLY?! Yeah right.You talk about “behavior problems?” “Stuck on stupid”. Pay attention, Milwaukee! And this was a jobs advisor for an organization that helps black folks and alike to find work in the community?! How really STUPID! I told her after an heated argument, (and trust me it was heated), that I will no longer use their services or her any more. The Milwaukee Urban League maybe an assist to needs to the community for a long time, but for me, in that incident was a slap in the face. She tried also to say that she tipped her hat to me in some sort of empathy of what I was trying to accomplish. But I was not feeling it from her. Nope. Not so sorry! And plus, in regarding attire, there were no signs of that. None!

You always hear about, “oh its the crabs in a bucket mentality”. Guess what? What I had encountered here, was an example of a crabs in a bucket mentality. Even your own people, specifically black folks would try to shake your hand and stab you in the back! Although there are those of African-American I do reach out to, but for this: NOT SO SORRY!

For Manpower, the branch manager was a white woman named Cathy Wagner. Folks, like Betty Speed, I too went in on her in a heated exchange in regarding what her employee Brook had told me. I also told her about the “Red Flags”comment, and she had no idea what I was talking about. I repeated the question. It was stupid of her not to get a real comment over the phone. And she said that my resume at the time didn’t have a history. I told her in a demanding voice to TURN THE PAPER OVER! Oh she was scared and terrified and noticed my work history. And education. Plus she talked about all “what are you doing for the Memorial Day weekend” questions. That had NOTHING to do with the matter at the time. NOTHING!

In a letter that sent to me in May 2005, she offered her “apology”. Which was not so real! It was really weak, fake and not so sincere. She also claimed that Brook was trying to counsel me about the document and others in corrections. But I was NOT convinced. And I responded in a follow up letter stating that I will never return to use Manpower’s Services no more. This was their Kilbourn Office in Downtown Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Center building to be exact. And the same with the Urban League in October of 2005, a year after I went in for job seeking.

Yes, my blood was boiling at them! So much.

Since then, I have not talked to anyone who has a working history with these organizations and companies. And also, when they come up on Facebook or any part of social media for example, I just don’t pay attention to them. I don’t look at their jobs, events, activities, NONE of the above. And if were to get an invite to an Urban League Event, or a Manpower job offer,  I just simply decline. Now many of you are probably saying, “what will it take for you to get back on one page?” I can’t answer that. If some of you whom are currently working for these organizations, active as stakeholders, active as donors, or received community awards based in service, I’m not blaming you. I’m blaming the experience that your former or current colleagues, or supporters had put out on me.

I know that I might get on the commentary board and explain my grievance liberties, but what I have explained here, on this blog,  I will NOT apologize. And I won’t apologize to the Stout Alums or the so-called old traditional folks about my one day visit on the Commencement Day in 2006. Nope! Sorry. I am done apologizing! Other Stout Alums whom graduated after me, with being Distance Education Students graduating, did the same thing. With this, I am not ashamed! No reason to be. I am becoming awake with being unapologetic with no explanations of this. Never will. Even it concerns my previous education with UW-Stout which I don’t sleep nor forget! So technically being now a former Distance Education student of the school is like being unapologetic. The most important thing I did is getting the degree. Bar none. Are you listening? And I hope that those whom are currently in the programs using Distance Education will never be ashamed of not going on campus! Just come on out with it. And when they graduate, they will prove a point. Just like it has been done before.

After Stout, I landed with some closely related seasonal jobs with UPS, and later on currently with my church, which I’m still active. I also applied as a Election Inspector, and if this keeps up, this fall will be 10 years on the spot with the City of Milwaukee. I am a Executive Alumni Board Member for my former High School for five years serving, and also a newly Executive Board Member for a Scholarship Coalition named after a prominent Civil Rights Leader here in Milwaukee. And this scholarship coalition, assisted me with 5 of 6 Scholarships while taking the Distance Education courses with UW-Stout. And also, I earned a Unsung Hero Community Award from the NorthWest Side CDC in 2014. As for the jobs, I still search for jobs through networking of Stout’s Career Link page, the Wisconsin Job Centers, Facebook, LinkedIn, those I know personally, and even some former employers that know me since my younger days and family connections.

And I’m still in the hunt of getting my chance more out of my degree. I’m not giving up. I don’t quit that easily. Better be watchful, simply what I’m saying is there will be an uprising for those whom have been attacked and doubted. And I’m telling this to those whom have been offended by those whom I like to call “grown bullies” in the workplace or community.

Plus, I had attended Milwaukee Area UW-Stout Alumni Events from networking meetings at the Harley-Davidson Museum, Miss Katie’s Diner, Killawatt Restaurant, The Rumpus Room and Milwaukee Brewers games at Miller Park. All sponsored by the UW-Stout Alumni Association. And the sole purpose to meet and get to know Stout Alums here in Milwaukee. Basically, it was a goal that I needed to do, and I did that. Plus I went to Stout related Campus visits to WCTC in Pewaukee.

So yes, I AM A STOUT ALUM!!!!

And still I go to these events. And one point or two, I donated to the University! Plus for those who doubt the “not so much” talkative, introverted, still workable and rising, single Black Men like me: WAKE UP! Even if you’re black yourself. Hate to say it.

Knowing this, it’s my 10th Year as a Stout Grad. Very happy for this and thankful. And I know it’s the University’s 125th Anniversary. But I will never forget what I went through in getting this degree and stamp my name in Stout’s History. Specifically with Distance Education. And I had other bloggers from My Fox Milwaukee (mostly white folks) telling me that “just say you got your degree from Stout.” Even though that was part of the story, but that doesn’t tell the ENTIRE story!

They say Distance Education doesn’t work? Calling out the sleepers and doubters! Ask those who know the lingo everyday. Ask those who have to teach them to themselves without the teachers or students with them. Go ahead and challenge this former Pioneer Student like me who had to go through the cracks to get this degree. And I hate to bust the bubble of those who don’t know, UW-Stout’s Distance Education goes back to 1906. It’s been around for over a century when the instructors used recordings onto phonographs or vinyls to hear the lessons of the classroom lectures. Yes that was then, now it’s the advancement of computers via Social Media, Smartphones, Apps, and many other devices that are still in the game and waiting to be in the game.

I said this years ago and I’m saying it here: this is not my mother’s education. This is not my father’s education. Nor my sister’s education. This is no old school education in house! This was my education, my investment in the UW-School System. This didn’t happen with UW-Milwaukee. Nor UW-Madison. Nor Marquette. Nor UW-Stevens Point. or any UW-School not on my to pick. This happened with a school is now based in “Polytechnical Innovation.” And that school is UW-Stout.





Here is a Retro Blog I wrote about Distance Education in 2007 on the old My Fox Milwaukee Blog Site. My viewpoint of this was to educate to those who felt about the use of Distance Ed. I was faced a lot of criticism about this, even from organizations like the Milwaukee Urban League and Manpower. I proved that it can work, without attending campus. It wasn’t sacrilegious, it was a point that had to proven. Even I had those close to me thought almost the same way.  But they were all wrong.
Back in January, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a story about Distance Education at UW-Milwaukee. I read about, or in this case summarized how the instructors and students interacted with each other by using online courses, and I think video conferencing for working on their course work. As I was reading the article, I can understand from both sides that some wanted the courses because of work, and others wanted to use the “old-school” method of going into a class room with a teacher upfront.

For those of you checked out my profile, I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management via Distance Education from UW-Stout. I earned the degree in May of 2006. I get this question all the time: How did you do it? or What was it like? Alright. Pay attention, and read on because I am going to lend my four year summary of being a distance education student. And also, if some of you bloggers out there have companies that are looking for entry-level, recent graduates, you may need to pay attention also about school my experience also because I am looking for full-time work! The areas I am searching are entry-level work in Customer Service, Engineering, Financial Accounting, Internet, Safety, Entertainment, Graphic Arts, Sports Teams, Administrative Assistance, and Government -either state, federal, city, or county.

The story begins when I was laid off from working as a Offset Press Operator at UW-Milwaukee. I remember telling my mother about what happened in all. But the thing that got me, was going back to school. So a couple months later, I enrolled at MATC by taking extra liberal arts courses. Previously, I earned a Associates Degree in Printing and Publishing in May of 2000. So after a couple of months getting back into college mode, I started to look for universities around Wisconsin. I looked at UW-Milwaukee (of course), UW-Platteville, and the school I recently attended, UW-Stout. I also remember talking to a my former graphic arts teacher, Anne Steinberg about my potential education plans. I told her about Platteville and Milwaukee, but she recommended Stout. The school had connections with MATC with the associates degrees programs like printing. I also noticed that Stout is in a town of Menomonie, Wisconsin. Which is about 4 hours northwest of Milwaukee. So there was another option. Taking the courses through online and video conferencing.

I have already began the familiarity of the new style of distance education. It’s a hustle each day like clockwork. You check your work, contact your instructor, chat with your classmates and get your assignments done in a week. Sometimes in one day depending on your classes. Overall for me it was a hustle, because you do not want to miss anything each time you log on. Plus, there was a chance for me to have a balance between work and study.And this was done mostly through emails, and part of video conferencing.

Speaking of that. The Video Conferencing portion of my degree was like a real classroom. I was with students whom had experiences with their fields of employment. I met them who worked at Modine, Saks, MATC, GE, a hospital, factory, and one from Arthur Anderson! I kid you not! I came into the class with some experience in printing and bindery skills. Also the class format was set at MATC, WCTC, Madison’s MATC and the primary school, UW-Stout. If you ever had gone into a video conference room, it is set with a wall screen, microphones on tables, a control panel that a technician checks out in prior to class time, live cameras – (word of warning don’t cheat!) and additional monitors around the room. This was at MATC’s Downtown Campus in the Student Center.

I had this exposed to me before, as a high school senior at Marshall High School back in 1995. And it was published as the first time that a U.S. High School met a British Technical College via Video Conference hookup. The school’s name was called Hugh Christie Tech School. If I remember, video conferencing was at one time published in the Journal Sentinel Jump section back in March of ’95 (I got the article, by the way).

About the classwork, usually the instructor have the assignments posted online in prior before class time. Either in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. We go over the work, take quizzes, have class discussions, do the assigned work, the homework is collected by the technician and mailed to the instructor at Stout during the following week, and is handed back by a week later. And plus, I didn’t have to attend the campus according to the Industrial Management Program standards. The classes I took ranged from Technical Writing, Engineering Economy, Management Quality, Leadership, Quality Tools, Occupational Safety/Loss Control, Project Management, Training in Human Resources, Strategic Management, and Financial Accounting just to name a few.

After look back at this, I realized that this was hard work. And in another sense, a gamble. Part of the reason of the gamble because although I kept this ship going, I had told some companies and organizations that didn’t take this as a regular option, in a negative sense. From the Milwaukee Urban League to Manpower, to Spherion, they somewhat that an assumption that I couldn’t get a job because I was taking classes differently, and would not get me a chance because of my commitment to education. Maybe because of their “behavior problems” at me. This was back in 2004, and I was going through a struggling time of finding work. In reality, I wanted to work and I felt frustrated and angry at them. Some of them got real personal about my income, education, and work ethic. But I let my distance education do the talking and I kept my focus on my school work continuously in 2005. I remember telling them that if they wanted to learn about me, they should talk to those who know me besides my former supervisors: my church family! And I am a 4th Generation United Methodist Church member too.

By 2006, I was on my way to the promised land. May 13th of that year will always be the date that I set foot on campus with my family and neighbor. That was the spring commencement. When my name was called, and I walked across the stage, that was a feeling that I did something. Not only I graduated, but I finished my degree by using distance education, in which only a few accomplish. Also, I did additional classwork at MATC to transfer courses to the University every semester. That was also like winning the WWE Championship, and also grasping the common goal of realizing potential. And I remember telling my church the next day about the graduation ceremony that took place at Stout and finishing my major. Plus, it was a mother’s day gift for mom.

So to close, Let this be a lesson to you future UW Students or any college students that are thinking about this style of study. Don’t be afraid to take an opportunity to try. There will be individuals or groups of people that would attack you from all sides, angles and attempt to break you, and hurt your feelings. Just keep focused on what you started and finished it. And don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if it to your program advisers. I had to do that alot, – kudos to Wendy Dittmann. And the final advice, stay driven to excellence, your beliefs, confidence and faith. Plus, get as many scholarships, grants as you can, while staying over the 2.0 GPA Limit. If you keep this up, better chances you would develop your opportunity for your passion.

To learn about UW-Stout, the city of Menomonie (this is one way spelling the name) and the Industrial Management Distance Education Program (now called Management) visit the website and take notes:

The 25th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King Day Celebration has came and went. Most of us who work in federal – related workplaces and some school districts had the day off. Now I know that there are some who feel that having a day of in honor of King shouldn’t happen. Well let me debate this. First, I respect that those who bring this up every year. And second, I can hear this now: “Our Children should be taught more on this in school”. My question is what is being taught at home about MLK? That’s right I said it. I’m calling out all those folks who commented this! Since Dr. King’s death, it was Coretta Scott King’s vision to have a holiday or a day to commemorate the values and dedication of this man. She had support and brilliance and it took about 18 years up until 1986. Now for those who were born in 1986, you are old as this holiday. The same amount of years that Oprah had her show on TV. For those of us who are in our 30’s (like me) we were about 9 or 10 years old in the 80’s when this happened. Just as a reminder, that President Reagan didn’t support the thought to have a King Day in America, but he signed a bill for it to make it an observance. Most of the states held on to this Holiday, and states like Arizona had to come in late because of John McCain’s viewpoints. Now, I know why Arizona didn’t support this! – But after what happened in Tucson with Gabrielle Giffords, now it makes you wonder. What would Dr. King think about this?

Knowingly, that this “Federal Holiday” is not just a day off, but it can be a day on. Go to a shelter, or fix food for those who can’t fix it themselves. Go to a youth center and have a King Holiday Video Game Session, or a Hoopfest. Talk or listen to someone who was around when King was alive and was moved by his messages. If I had a chance to listen what the man said in his prime, that would be a given. Recently on the internet, I found a footage about Nichelle Nichols, who as we know played Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. And she was thinking about leaving the show after the first season. This kind of got Gene Roddenberry worried about what he was trying to accomplish. He told her to think it over that weekend. During her pondering, she attended an NAACP fundraiser, and one of the guests was beckoning to her that her biggest fan wants to meet her. That biggest fan was Martin Luther King Jr. King was a trekkie! He commented about the job she was doing as playing the character. Plus he did say that this was the show that he allows his children to watch along with his wife. But when Nichelle told Dr. King about her leaving the show, he said “You Can’t!” He asked “don’t you see what your doing here, and what this man is trying to do here?” He also said that “It is so important that you’re on the show, showing the future because little girls can look on that show and see themselves. You’re part of history and this is your responsibility even though it might not have been your career choice”. – taken from Jet Magazine.

Dr. King not only made an impact on Civil Rights, but also in the Entertainment business. And the platform that he was marching for, Nichelle was doing on Star Trek. And she stayed ever since that discussion. As far as the holiday is concerned, look. This has been a long time coming, and we got this! But I should also believe that it shouldn’t be a sham of disappointment just because the children aren’t learning this in school. We need to bring back the old REAL talk! The old school conversation stories of how families learned about black history by tales of busting down doors and to allow African-American Males (I use that term loosely) like me to walk through. Dr. King was one of those leaders. Lot of you don’t know about five years ago, I was faced with scrutiny about getting my B.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout here in Wisconsin. I faced it from those who “thought” I had to go onto the Stout campus and work on my degree. I am now one of the few African-Americans that did it though Distance Education and to prove a point that it can be done. When I held that degree in my hands, I thought about all those folks in Milwaukee from the Urban League, Manpower, and even those some close to me thinking I had to do this in a traditional manner. They were all wrong! It didn’t matter what color they were, they were proven wrong. I’m telling the UW-Stout Alumni Association about this. Possibly. And I did thought about Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and any other person who was told “no, you can’t do it!” “It’s impossible”. Well, I am one of the few African American men that worked on a Bachelor’s Degree by using Distance Education that made it possible.

Now to those who have this question about school hanging over your heads, my question is what are you doing to learn about MLK, AT HOME?! All education doesn’t start in the classroom. It starts at home! You can hate the holiday all you want. You can hate Black History Month all you want. But, just respect the thought they are here for a reason. Pass it on.