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We the citizens of Wisconsinites have good news and bad news from August 14th.

Some of the good news was somewhat surprising that winners like Earnell Lucas won the seat to become a fresh new Sheriff of Milwaukee County, thus making the acting Sheriff Dr. Richard Schmidt finishing his term until the beginning of January 2019. Here’s the thing, Earnell was laser focused in my opinion last year to make a run for sheriff. Should have been when David Clarke was still in power. But last year, after his famous ride was rising up, David Clarke was on his way out of the picture supporting his boy Donald Trump. And yes we had a year of a somewhat relief of a breather when acting sheriff Richard Schmidt took over the remaining term of the job until his parts of his education or somewhat doctorates degree was questioned. Plus also the thought in relation to domestic disputes of following laws in a recent commentary. But that was the tip of the iceberg. Between that and now recently, Earnell Lucas pinned the thought of erasing a bad memory of David Clarke out of the picture by defeating the person that left him the post, Dr. Richard Schimidt. Well, guess what? After a year and a half – it seems that the goal is completed. And again after Dr. Schmidt gets done once and for all with retirement, the era of Future Sheriff Earnell Lucas will begin with a fresh start and a fresh opportunity to hopefully restore the idea of respect for the Sheriff’s Office that David Clarke in my view DISRESPECTED politically! He goofed up! Most of his 15 years, Clarke Slipped up. Being all that. So with that, Earnell Lucas, an MPS Alum of Rufus King High School, actually got the idea through of all folks: the late great Eric Von.

But that was the good news.

Now here comes the bad news that I think is majority mixed for the Democratic Side. I’ve said this on numerous occasions that I was using the phrase “Bet on Mahlon Mitchell.” And the thing is he was gaining his traction in which would have viewed the voters in terms of looking at a different candidate than the likes of Kathleen Vinehout or better yet, Tony Evers. Well as we knew at the end of Tuesday night that Tony Evers won the majority of the State of Wisconsin taking 67 out of the 72 Counties. And to add also, Tony Evers had the momentum swing since last year. Unlike those who used different platforms in the beginning, Evers Supporters were playing like ninjas and actually build their game without any loud noises in the background. And used that momentum to their advantage. Part of this, that Evers never came to Milwaukee. Also, they say that the Educators were in Evers’ support, BUT NOT EVERY EDUCATOR backed Evers! This was like in my view: Since Evers got picked, already many are saying we just gave Scott Walker 4 more years. The game is over right there. If this would have been Mahlon Mitchell it would have been a lot more different than it is now. Just my point of view. Another reason Evers won is name recognition.

So now, it’s Tony Evers being the Democratic front-runner along with potential Lt. Governor Candidate, Mandela Barnes going against Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. By the way, I’ve met Mandela on several occasions and yes we are alums of the same high school of John Marshall in Milwaukee.

And some see this I hate to say again: partially, Walker wins another 4 years. I hate to say it. And part of it I think that part would not energize the base of Democrats in Milwaukee. Mainly in the parts of the Black Community, that is part of the base! For all the fans of the Tony Evers that is just now realizing this, I hate to say that part of this, its the truth. It’s the absolute truth that a neighborhood in the Lincoln Creek Area or the Halyard Park Area may not be as viewable for the areas like Outagamie or Sussex. And having Tony Evers signs all around. I think the only way that Evers/Barnes would have to be gainfully successful is to be more engaged than Walker. Keep in mind, Scott Walker has been playing career politician since 1993. The very same 1993 that I was in High School. And we know that in the same 1993 he dropped out of Marquette Univerity to go into politics. And around 2002 as many in Milwaukee realize that he was the County Executive and one of the bad things he did was killing off some Bus Routes and raising Bus Fares for many who had to get to work, school or leisure. I remember basically that moment because I rode the bus a lot. I didn’t have a car to get around Milwaukee until 2005. That was dumb on Walker. Real stupid. When he became Governor as he is now, so far: Education has been slashed of money, Unions was picked apart harshly, The High Speed Rail that would have connected Milwaukee to Madison and to be apart of the midwest region to connect never happened and the contract that agreed was breached and the company Talgo sued the state. Plus he thought that the money was expensive. And there were so-called Wisconsinites between Waukesha and Jefferson County didn’t want to see black folks from Milwaukee  per se on the train. When you think about it: RACISM! SEGREGATION! I went there. Oh, there was chance that the Hard Rock Cafe Casino was supposed to come here where the Dairyland Race Park is currently in Kenosha, but guess what HE TURNED THAT DOWN! Probably didn’t like the idea of being in competition of Potawatomi Bingo Casino. Like the High Speed Rail, the Casino would have created JOBS! And Walker during his campaign talked about 250,000 jobs. Right now, the job creation number is no where near 250,000. None! And this guy wants to be Govenor again with a High School Diploma hanging in his closet.

So……we are stuck in the rock and a hard place in this time of things being challenged and showing receipts. But between now and November 6th, ask yourself that question: where does Wisconsin go from here?

Where does Wisconsin go from here after all this matter is cleared?

Where does Wisconsin go from here when it’s African American citizens are being constant questioned about about their names, civilized activities, and many other concerns that are not being addressed?

Where does Wisconsin go from here overall?

I’ll save those questions after the 12 weeks are done.

Long time ago, I usually say that “August Really Sucks.” I think I say this because that’s when you get the feeling of school is coming. The 2018-19 year is about to start up. BUT….with all what’s going on with Trump messing up the game, a black Milwaukee Radio Station Segment gone, more of the Becky’s of calling the cops being crazy, Harley-Davidson turning 115 in all: I’m scratching my head again.

Did we really need the Hallmark Christmas Movies in July?

Schools of America: Are you ready for the classrooms?

For all the fans of “Shut up and dribble”: Do you hate LeBron James now? After he opened a school in the area Akron, Ohio?! Hmmmm……what about it?!

Are many folks ready for Roland Martin’s new show on September 4th? Spoiler Alert, you need the internet!

Wisconsinites: August 14th is coming up real fast. So you made your marks yet? Who’s betting on Mahlon Mitchell to go all the way?

For the listeners and fans of WNOV: what happens now after “The Forum?”

Milwaukee: Black Arts Fest MKE debuts. Will it be successful and the anticipation be in the staple of the City of Festivals? Just to think that 5 years ago, African World Festival happened. And unceremoniously: for the last time.

Is the Wisconsin State Fair still hyped?

Is the NFL Preseason still good to watch? And justly, not many will not watch the NFL in regarding Colin Kaepernick.

This fall: it will be my 25 years that I backed Bucky. When they got hot and went to the Rose Bowl in 1994 and won the game. (Rose Bowl with Barry Alvarez winning it all) But my question is, can these Football Badgers of now in 2018-19, go for the big one?

What about the new name for the New Bucks Arena? Now known as the Fiserv.Forum?

Alright this needs to be asked: what was the gall purpose of those Black Pastors IN the 45 Wacky White House meeting up with Trump? And what was Milwaukee Bishop Darrell Hines doing there?!!! Was it really about Prison Reform?! And speaking of that, Darrell Scott said that Trump is the “The most blackest president ever.” EXCUSE ME?!!! And having the balls to diss Obama?

Milwaukee: we will have some guests coming to town in later weeks for Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary. Yeah, our every 5 year anniversary is coming yet again. But the question is: will EVERY neighborhood and community in Milwaukee be ready for this? And also will the Black Community be represented? You know it was almost left out IF the Iron Elite Black Biker Jam had not happened! As well as also the MLK Jr Drive Area had not happened either!

For you Bird Scooters Fans: yes you know that already that the City of Milwaukee had began to declare the Bird Scooters to be illegal to operate. In parts of the operating of the scooters didn’t comply under the State of Wisconsin’s DOT Laws. Yes, the city had to comply with the rules in terms of the state. Chapter 340 Paragraph 35. It’s clearly states that. For you Bird Scooter fans: didn’t you read that part before leaving the scooters around? Just asking!

For the Alumni on ALL levels: you ready to donate back to the old high schools and colleges?

For the teachers: you ready to get back to the grading papers?

For the Administrators: what about that idea of facilitating new ideas in the schools and colleges?

For you Parents: will you be willing to visit the schools not just because of the games or graduation?!

Will many folks NOT be jealous about taking pics of their kids going to school on the first day on Social Media?

When it comes to the black churches, why are they are REALLY dying out? What is the REAL Reason?

Jerry Springer has been on TV nearly 28 years. And how?

It’s funny though, we see and read about all those comments about the “misfits” can’t mount to nothing. Hmmmm……what if they did? And provide that evidence?

When will the Wisconsin State Fair have an African-American Career Expo? It had it once before!

Milwaukeeans: Century City I area will be getting it’s first tenant: GoodCity Brewing. It’s not Amazon, but can it generate jobs for the area?

Class of 2019: are you ready to get this semester over with? Especially if you are a Senior!

For all those going into school/colleges for the first time, you must be nervous. We all been there. But will you make sure that your first year is a learning experience?

For all those who are still in it at school/college: can you maintain the pressure?

Final question here: How will all of our leaders continue to adapt the ways of the 45 moronic orange head, while many of us have to go through crap everyday dealing with all the mess that most of the GOP do spew out? In other words, HOW LONG?!

I have been saving a Three Way Dance for quite a while now. And it’s always needed. Matter of fact, it’s still needed. Even if the old blogs will be retired. More on that later. But like the title, it’s time to do a three way because of the situation right now even if you love calling on black folks doing right.

First Dance on the card: What is it about white folks, who call the police on black folks doing positive or civilized activities?

Barbecues, selling water, doing paper routes, cleaning up trash on a freeway, waiting to be serviced on meals, paying for meals, driving while being black, doing inspections and many other things doing WHILE BEING BLACK! What is the problem here? What is the real problem here? It seems to me that there are paranoid idiots out here that don’t know jack about a certain individual or groups that aren’t doing anything negative to get attention. When I was back in high school, one of my former band teachers used to say all the time, “do something constructive with yourselves.” And she was white. And its been about 23 years now.

Hmmm…….this got to be reminded that many of us have been doing constructive like Barbecuing, or whatever ideas that might get those riled up with cell phones calling the cops. Some said on Social Media that whenever a white person whom has the cell phone calling the police, there should be retaliation by saying that “we’ll sue them or put a fine on them for doing things that are constructive.” Yes, black folks can also be constructive and doing activities that don’t harm NO ONE! Somebody is probably saying what kinds of things they do? Open your eyes. Long time ago, when Fox 6 Milwaukee had their blogs going, someone whom was a white blogger at the time talked about or asked why can’t black people do things like dipping Doritos? No seriously! “Dipping Doritos?!” That was the most ungodly dumb question I’ve seen in my life. I know that “no question is a dumb question” means more in 2018 like 1995, but this was a dumb question as is. This whole thing is silly and dumb. And this keeps up, it’s going to be a problem. And I would not be surprised that retaliation of justice will come up. Mark my words. Remember those words about being constructive, or being civil.

Second Dance on the Card: I need to address this – Puerto Rico is part of the U.S.

On Facebook, I was looking at this footage about this white dude in Illinois kept going towards this young lady about her shirt, a Puerto Rican Shirt and stating that she shouldn’t be wearing that in the United States. The young lady’s name, Mia Irizarry recorded the entire footage about this subject and yes review the footage to refresh your memory.

The dude kept going on and on about the whole “she’s not an American thing” by wearing a Puerto Rican shirt and oh, the cop in the background looking at this, does absolutely NOTHING! No movements, no arrests, nothing. It’s almost like he’s standing there and not making any advancements or law and order to cease all this in a manner. Is this what the new normal of law enforcement work is now? Later on the rest of the squad showed up and told the man whom did all the harassment, was told that the park was a public place. Plus Mia was using the park area for a Birthday Party. As I looked at this, and yes there might be someone say that Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. Actually – It’s long mentioned that it was a territory of the U.S. since 1898. We’re talking about to be exact: 120 years. That’s right, 120 years as part of the U.S. The United States as a whole is 242 years old as we know from the holiday of July 4th. And when Puerto Rico became a U.S. Territory in 1898, the U.S. was just 122 years old as it’s own nation. Like many in families, many of us have relatives whom may and are related being Puerto Rican. I too have relatives whom are mixed cousins whom are Puerto Rican. They are my blood relatives, my kinfolk and yes family! And for the record, majority of my family members are black. If someone were to approach them after what Mia experienced there will be an all out protection. Not because they are of Puerto Rican decent, but they are my family members. They are cousins of mine. I would defend them to the fullest. Period! If a drunk dude get at an angle of being hostile, the defense will be up. Oh, just an update here, word is that the officer had be relieved for desk duty and the guy got charged for the hate crime.

Third Dance on the card: Wisconsin’s Democratic Gubernatorial contenders.

Yesterday, the City of Milwaukee, really the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently had the 1st and only Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Debate. Yes it was televised on TV and the Internet plus radio. The 8 contenders: Mike McCabe, Kathleen Vinehout, Josh Pade, Tony Evers, Matt Flynn, Paul Soglin, Kelda Roys, and Mahlon Mitchell. In the 1hour and 30 plus minute mark of the debate, the remaining 8 contenders referenced the various topics including Foxconn, Education, and Justice Reform. Many of the candidates had ideas in all, but one of them stood out the most to me was………Mahlon Mitchell. I’m going to say that Mahlon is becoming a fan favorite because the articulation of his ideas and philosophy really sunk in very well. I would best believe that Mahlon Mitchell is obviously a new fresh choice that would boost the interest of the state.

And yes, he is black. Remember what I said that in one of my “Scratching my head all this time” blogs that Wisconsin turned 170 years old in May, and about the 8% of African Americans living in the state? Plus I also said that Wisconsin in it’s history never had a black governor that led the state. That is a fact. But the question is, and I’m putting this out, is Wisconsin ready for a governor that is African Decent? Can it be done in a state that most of the folks locked up in jail happen to be African-American, which dictate the sentiment of the “Worst State for Black People” moniker? And the high unemployment of those living in the rough neighborhoods of Milwaukee?  This should NOT scare anyone with Wisconsinites. Maybe the rural/suburban folks. But “this convo” has been long discussed in the African-American areas of the state that many in Wisconsin will not go to. Or will not talk about. Does Tony Evers or Kathleen Vinehout go to the inner city area of Milwaukee? Nope! What about the other candidates whom have no Milwaukee ties? None. Oh, they might talk about it from afar, but not in person! And keep in mind that Wisconsin’s African-American Population is hovering around the 8% percent. It’s small. And the majority of the African-American population is in the South East Area of the state. Oh, the current Governor like Walker doesn’t really care about the Milwaukee Area that much.

I’m going to bet that Mahlon would be a “surprise front runner” for this election. And the thing is, here it is back in 2011-12 that he and Tom Barrett were going all over the state competing for the chair in Madison. Then losing to Walker. Now it’s his turn and doing it well with growth. So guess what, I’m betting on Mahlon on August 14th. And plus most recently, his fundraising status was boosted more than the contenders competing. And this was between January and June of this year. And unlike the other Democratic contenders, he didn’t use no loans to help boost his funds. NOPE! Not him! It’s self-funded. Old school self-funded style.

We’ll see after August 14th. In which also that many will cast a ballot of their choosing to take down Scott Walker.



Look at this tweet that I wrote on May 8th, 2012: It’s on! Barrett vs Walker II: The Recall edition. Tuesday, June 5th, 2012. Be there, or Be Square!!! (at the polls that is) #RematchWI

This is what my blogs to Wisconsinites have been about. My perspectives es of what’s on my mind, and what is on the brain from this Wisconsinite. Me of course. Now since that the previous 15 “I told you so’s’ have been blowing up like crazy since last year, it was in my own opinon and judgment that I should present this in a way that I know how.

All of that lead to this: Tom Barrett vs Scott Walker. The Rematch for the Governor’s Chair in Madison. The protests in which captivated the state to let the nation know, and the rest of Wisconsin know that there are mostly those that don’t like what the governor has done: cancelling high speed rail, stopping collective bargaining, slashing public education funds, quietly repealing equal pay for women, and losing jobs within 23,000+ over a year. These are some of the things that are coming to grips for Wisconsin that the path that some may argue that it is working. It’s not. It’s not working. It’s not working ENOUGH. We’ve heard and seen what the Wisconsin 14 have said. We’ve heard what the other guys of the Red team had said of what they felt was right. Which is in my view “from the bubble”. The administration of Scott Walker is NOT in my view right for Wisconsin. They have this vision that Wisconsin is open for business. If that’s the case, explain the losses of jobs to Illinois. Now they are assuming that “it was all Jim Doyle’s fault”.  You know what, this is not about Jim Doyle any more. He’s retired. And that’s also the guy that Scott Walker didn’t beat. Let me repeat that. Scott Walker DIDN’T beat Jim Doyle. And plus even though that Doyle had made some decisions that didn’t set well, but he was never recalled! I assume you know why. Maybe not.

And this caught the attention of Ed Schultz who was the first to report this, when others like Fox News weren’t paying attention. Rachel Maddow reported about the facts of Wisconsin in which unions, yes UNIONS started in Wisconsin. Know this America.  We’re more than a cheese state. Wisconsin also started Distance Education. Take that Milwaukee Urban League, and Manpower for bashing me back in 2004! And guess what, those suckers lost and I won in May of 2006. Right during the weekend of celebrating mothers. I know I shouldn’t be so personal in all on this, but this was my feeling in my gut that I should NOT be a coward of not backing down of something about that I felt it was job to do and finish. I did it for me. I did it for my family. I did it for those who want to believe and I did it for those who never had it, can finally do it! That was a story that will never be wiped away with stupid shenaginans like I’m not worthy to dream.

Basically, this is what I think that those who Stand With Wisconsin believe in. They didn’t back down. They didn’t give in to gather signatures in which most thought was impossible. 1,000,000,000 had gathered, but only 900,000 had been accepted over the 540,000+ required. It didn’t if it was in the cold or during Christmas shopping they got it done. Now since then, its time for Wisconsin to make a decision. If the state wants to retain the reigns of Scott Walker, in my view will be even more disastrous. Tom Barrett did warn us that to hang on to our hats. Did we listen, Wisconsin? If we did, you know what’s up. If you hadn’t, wake up and smell the coffee.  For the opposite, for Tom Barrett to take the reigns for the state will be an attempt to fix and REJOLT Wisconsin in the areas that I have listed.  That is what it is at stake for this Recall Election. If Walker does not win, he will be the third governor to be recalled in the United States. If Mahlon Mitchell wins the Lt. Governor’s race over Rebecca Kleefisch, he will be the FIRST African-American candidate to be elected at that position. Now in my previous blog that Wisconsin had and has candidates of African-American that served on the state level, but not on the Governor’s and Lt. Governor positions.

So Wisconsin: whether we like it or not, this recall thing is no joke. Scott Walker recently said that he doesn’t want the state to be like Milwaukee. Well, that I think is a slap in the face. The state needs Milwaukee, and Milwaukee needs the state. Plain and simple. Sometimes you can’t have one without the other. Like it or not, the state is pretty much divided. Hopefully with all of this, the real healing can begin. May 8th was just a “dress rehearsal”. But June 5th, better be a better performance than 2010.

Well it appears that the Recall efforts are on the way in Wisconsin. May 8th and June 5th. Those are the dates in which it has to be a potential assignment to conquer. And apparently, those dates are fast approching. The whole goal of this is to attempt to right the wrongs sort of speak of the Governor’s desk in Madison. Obviously, this is not just Wisconsin’s fight. It’s all over the country. Just recently the war on women (yes the war on women) has also sparked a negative thought in Wisconsin. Walker recently (in secret) signed into law to repeal equal pay. Against who may I ask? The female residents of Wisconsin.  The GOP, including RNC Chairman Renice Priebus (a Wisconsin native) doesn’t beleive that the whole “War on Women” is real. Well, when you take away a right to choose and others yep, it is a war. Let’s say if the GOP were to make a War on Men, per say,  our rights to choose would be in trouble! Obviously, it’s a shame in 2012 that there are certain rights have to still be fought for. In this fight, a recall is a must win for Wisconsin. Technically it is. The other ways of getting to Walker have only put a chink in the armor, but for this it’s nothing more that a must needed Technical Knockout. Those waiting to get to challenge Walker: Tom Barrett, who recently won re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee. Kathleen Falk,  a former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Vinehout, a state senator and the Secretary of State Dave LaFollette. And yes, already the GOP had planted 6 “fake democrats” in this race as well. Really? On the flip side, the race for Lieutenant Governor’s position will be challenged between Rebecca Kleefich and possibly Mahlon Mitchell. Speaking of which, if possible for a win of Mahlon, he would be the state’s first black Lt. Governor. Wisconsin, since in it’s inception has never had a politician as Governor nor Lt. Governor that was African-American or any other person that was non-Caucasian elected. Yes, African-Americans in Wisconsin had served in the State Government, but not at the Governor/Lt. Governor’s level.

Just on a side note, Scott Walker has revealed a “faith belief” recently. Now you’re asking what for? What has this man’s faith belief have to do with him slashing education, a stop on high speed rail jobs, having a state war on women of equal pay, killing collective bargaining rights, and above all else: creating Concealed Carry Weapons Laws. This is a man of faith? Really? And I thought George W. Bush was crazy. It is no comparison or secret that Scott Walker is a son of a preacher man. But do those who are PK’s like Walker need some common sense? Just asking.

I don’t know about anyone in the home state, but when May 8th and June 5th arrives, most will be ready. And I believe that the lines will be long. And it will be I think like those who stood out in the cold weather, and indoors getting those recall signatures and indicating that they want Walker out of Madison. And I did mention that he has a Criminal Defense Fund? Lord knows he’s feeling the fear because for those who I’ve been saying this too, Mayor Tom Barrett warned us!  He warned us to “hang on to your hats!” Did most of us Wisconsinites listen? Did we believe that notion? This is why I kept saying, I told you so!

Speaking of the recalls, we know that citizens of Wisconsin signed the petitions. But I read that some of the news media who work in the newsrooms signed the petitions also. Even though that they are not seen on camera or behind the desk, but maybe they had their rights to express their beliefs like everyone else. So yes, it was done.