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I was going to do a “double take” on a subject and a different perspective. But in the recent events of the liberal news gone wrong, (thought I would never say that) this was a bomb shell that many of us had never saw coming. September 10th was the end of The Forum here in Milwaukee. And who’s the blame on this? Let’s read on.

If many listened to the radio station 1510am Tuesday morning on September 10th, you may have heard the very last of The Forum with Sherwin Hughes. For many of us in the Greater Milwaukee Area that know, listening to him was a different perspective on politics and the current events. Many of us listened to Sherwin before in the days of the Basement Crew on 98.3 and of course, WNOV. Last year as we know, Sherwin’s abrupt end on WNOV was in a Facebook post due to “irreconcilable differences” with him and the Management. That was last July, however between last August until now his show was resurrected with Resistance Radio. Again if many have not listened to Resistance Radio its like progressive radio in which it is. There are many Conservative Radio stations around the state of Wisconsin that cater to many white conservative folks that want it keep it on the right and red. But not many liberal and progressive radio news. This is part of the reason why Real Resistance Radio is now on the air.

So who is next to listen to? Who is next to help bring the real pain of progressive radio of Democratic styles in all to the airwaves ESPECIALLY IN THE BLACK MILWAUKEE COMMUNITY! We know Earl Ingram can. He’s been in the game of fight for the truth for DECADES! But he’s doing on the Baby Boomer side of things. Not a concern. But for Sherwin, it was from in my view point, a Generation X Viewpoint. I said it. I’m Gen X also. Not a Millennial or Gen Z. And the thing is during this past year, he picked up where he left off since leaving WNOV last year. And yet when I listened to his final broadcast behind the mic, he kept referring “the writing on the wall” in terms when would be the time to move forward. Of course when a player tells the press or media that it’s time to retire or quit, of course many of us will feel that impact. Maybe because it’s due to family, health concerns, other assignments or many other factors. It’s kind of interesting also that this announcement came on the week of the anniversary of two things: 9/11 and the passing of Eric Von. I think in Sherwin’s case, it’s about moving to a more free and appreciative angle that he can handle. And also the concerns of the station of Real Resistance Radio was highly examined. And he was very vocal about his stance about the work done. Is Real Resistance Radio the blame here? What about the Democratic Party is facing a mess? Internally? And again, which side is truly A BLAME in this matter? The Right Wing or in this case, The Left Wing Progressives that is now starting to mess up? Think about it! Sherwin briefly described it. Even concerning about the DNC Connectional things that are coming to Milwaukee. He’s been on the WRRD thing for 6 months to one year and was just forgotten he was still there. I know I’m spoiling the sentences that he said in his last Forum Radio Show, but the thing is this: It was noting that it was time to tell the butt naked truth. Now, nothing against Real Resistance Radio, or WNOV or 98.3 or any of the bosses or managers that he worked under. Or even the guests he had. At the end of the day, when it’s all set and done, from an individual stance, we must do what is best for us. We know that in the game of working for the man/woman is not going to be forever. We know this. But I see Sherwin in his next level doing things bigger than the talk radio business. There is always that next level thing we have to understand to walk away. We all will have to take this difficult walk. It’s going to be hard and of course what lies ahead is another question in thought. Homer Blow asks the question all the time: “What’s Next?” We don’t know what’s next yet. No one knows that day or hour. But whatever comes next will come into the light.

This is why I blog the way I do. I pick up on his shows to give my viewpoints here of what’s going on. And to summarize it in a way here that many of you outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Midwest and yet the United States don’t know. We “average bloggers” write what is around us. No matter if it’s health, jobs, a unexpected death, politics, fun stuff, whatever. Even if it’s something we regret in our past that should be a life lessons for those reading in the future. Even church. Somebody say AMEN!

So with Sherwin now out of the radio picture unceremoniously, who’s left to listen to in a black perspective? Again, for 1510am we got Earl Ingram, out in Madison there is a black woman by the name of Brandi Grayson who appears on Talk 92.7 in the state’s capitol. Which is part of the Real Resistance Radio Network. Here in Milwaukee: already Homer Blow via, Michelle Bryant, Keith Parris, Faith Colas, Keyon Jackson-Malone, and Darryll Fortune on WNOV. There’s not too many of us in black talk radio in Milwaukee or in the State.Who is next to join the pack that many ask? Only time will tell. I say for those of us who want to be engaged in black talk radio in the city, I would probably say give these individuals a shot. They may not be the kind you want in talk radio, this is all we have for now.

So like the last time: what were my top 10 Forum moments that I know from memory? Let’s count the ways:

10) The UWM Controversial Poster. This was mostly disturbing.

9) A posting The Forum did on Facebook regarding those who left Milwaukee and thinking what is best for the city. Especially for those who USED TO vote, work, volunteer and play in the city.

8) WRRD 1510 Received an Award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. The station came in third place and it was because of The Forum.

7) Several interviews with Milwaukee/Wisconsin Congressmen, Alder-persons, Senators. All Milwaukee related. And even replaying a footage that Sen. Lena Taylor made an announcement in running for Mayor for 2020.

6) Last year when The Forum was on the scene when former president Barack Obama was in town for campaign of the 2018 election of the state. The same one later on that Tony Evers won.

5) Last year in November, when the acknowledgement of International Men’s Day was mentioned and yes there was a reason why Men should have their day and time to shine. Even though it was short, but it was a mini statement. International Men’s Day in which many forget: it’s November 19th.

4) Sherwin had this guest on The Forum before, but Shannon Lewendowski a FORMER police officer of the Milwaukee PD and like before, she knew the weaknesses of Milwaukee that every-time she talks about it, the guest usually gets warned about it. But the fact of the matter is, most of what she said was the butt naked truth!

3) See Number 4.

2) The Final Broadcast of the Forum we did not see coming on September 10th. And yet, Sherwin was very expressive in the year overall since the left leaning progressive station was not that VERY keen on Sherwin’s intellect and viewpoints. Especially after realization that sometimes DEMOCRATS can be a mistake in starting up stuff they really can’t hardly finish. And yet, it’s a mess not cleaning up. Many didn’t like it, but it was partially the truth.

And the Number one thing that I’ll remember from The Forum in a resistance side: His comeback show from August of last year of 2018. It was his first since leaving WNOV in July of the same year.

To listen to the last talk show of The Forum on this date of September 10th, 2019, click here and press play. The Forum does have it’s own web page, that you can listen to the last broadcast and also the previous broadcasts of the days from WRRD and WNOV at the same time. It’s all on there. So if any one is looking for them to see if it’s still usable to listen to, it’s on there. All of the 1,000 plus episodes of the broadcasts via Soundcloud.

As far as the now former host is concerned, there is an organization in the city he founded a while back and it’s in a supporting role in regarding the future elections of Milwaukee candidates. Look for “Leaders for a Better Community” and find ways to support and get involved! Oh, and one more thing, if many want to keep up with fans of The Forum, follow along for a member group request on Facebook.

Apparently this is not the way to drop another stunner on Milwaukee Black Talk Radio, but knowing that there will be another one that will renew a idea to let us (and I mean US) have our say!

It seems to be a war on Teachers lately. Matter of fact, awhile. I had to stumble onto an article that I read from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, my hometown newspaper, in which a retired instructor of 32 years was defending his viewpoints of the thought of being a teacher. Check out this article, What happened to respect for teachers? on the site. The person who wrote the article, John Schissler, Jr. really examines his philosophy of knowledge of the educational game. By the way, he taught at my old high school, John Marshall in Milwaukee. The same high school, that gave well known alums like George Tillman, Jr, Barbara Duffy, Mike Gousha, John Fricke, Emily Pollard, Mona Sutphen and others their countless starts in the classrooms before going into their professions.

In his article, he wrote several points that really should be taken to advice in questioning:

How many of you realize that MPS teachers do not get paid vacations (which Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-AM (620) would have you believe)? Each summer, teachers are unemployed for 10 weeks yet are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

How many of you realize that MPS teachers receive only nine-day biweekly checks after working 10 days so that they have some money to carry them over for the holidays and spring breaks? Teachers do notget paid for holiday layoffs.

How many of you know that MPS teachers get only four paid holidays, no Christmas bonuses and not even a lousy turkey for the holidays? Teachers don’t get overtime pay, either – just the lower substitute teacher rate.

How many of you care that, as professionals, MPS educators do not get paid for internships? In addition, after teachers graduate and get a job at MPS, they have to renew their teaching licenses every five years. In order to do that, they must pay for six college credits each time.

Since when have teachers become a drain on the economy? The very people who complain about “those overpaid teachers” and high taxes have no problem dropping $6 for a beer at the ballpark to support millionaires who just play games. Some of these fiscally conservative individuals don’t even mind paying higher taxes to help pay for Miller Park. The only conclusion I can arrive at is that these fans believe ballpark celebrities (far from being heroes) are more deserving than the people who work with and for their children. Let’s level the playing field and give education the same break.

How often have I heard, “These young people are our future”? If that’s the case, when are we going to invest in them? I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this line: “Teachers just don’t get paid enough.” What has changed that our kids have become so unimportant that the first place we cut funding is education?

Finally, what has become of our value system that entertainers and celebrities, who make the big money, are held in higher esteem than teachers, who make the bigger difference?

After reading this with thought, this is real talk! Whether you like it or not. As a son, grandson, grand-nephew and cousin of Milwaukee Public Schools teachers, I hear this story alot. I hear what they go through by talking about it through experience. And to those who say that “logic kills liberals” per say is really misleading the fact that if you can read this, or play that, you better be thanking the man upstairs for teachers that can instruct those to do things. You ought to thank teachers now for getting on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s comments section and say what you feel. But however, those who constantly bash teachers like a bad habit saying that they’re overpaid and get cut less is nothing more than a hypocrite. Oh, yes, I’m about to vent now! I’m not a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools, but I feel their pain punching in the clock for the class rooms in all trying to make it through the day!  It’s also appalling that those constantly bash probably had experiences in the classrooms, or just want to jump on Scott Walker’s Bandwagon or the Republican Side mostly of slashing education. I find that disgraceful. I find that un-American, and truly find that those who repeat the “logic kills liberals” crap is nothing more than a mere troll that wants attention on the playground! I went there. Absolutely Pathetic! Currently, I know teachers that are making it, and they might admit that it wasn’t easy getting there. But they are in the classrooms everyday. And I dare ask what happened to us who used to be in the classrooms all those times, did we really listen or react with the teachers?  Do we ever tell them thank you for those times of give us a chance to shine? REALLY?! Those that don’t care now, better care when the casket drops. And it shouldn’t matter which side of the aisle you support. If the so called quote “logic kills liberals” is a so-called moniker nowadays, what kills conservatives? That’s exactly my point. The stone cold truth of keeping it real.

And again for those of you who are teachers in Milwaukee Public Schools,or anywhere else and making it in the struggle, I feel your pain!