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As the day comes for the Dads, we know that many will celebrate the men that gives us love. We also realize that Father’s Day for the church side is going to be less than Mother’s Day in which we know already. Plus yes there will be women that will moan and complain about the father’s not being there for the kids, not doing nothing for the kids, community, etc. And yes, even the fathers whom are missed in death will be everyday reminded that their ongoing spirit still lingers on. And we have to face the wacky events. And I’m scratching my head again.

Ok, ladies. Let’s be real. Why will some of you will complain about the fathers of your kids this Father’s Day?

Will all the men wear some sort of blue like the baseball teams on Sunday? It’s to recognize prostate cancer awareness.

So after 60 years in the game, IHOP or the International House of Pancakes, will be now known as the International House of……..Burgers?!! Seriously?! Will Pancakes be still selling?

Black folks: June is Black Music Month as we know. Are we educating the masses who love our music in all?

So far the hype of the Milwaukee Streetcar is gaining steam. Plus you realize it’s only 5 months away until it fully debuts, right?

Right now on the election watch here in Wisconsin, August 14th will arrive before you know it. Still voting, right?

Milwaukee: Summerfest will be here. You ready? I got tips!

Why is 45 having issues with Canada? Particularly with the Prime Minister?!

The Brewers still own the NL Central so far. Is it real yet for the Craig’s Crushers?

They say that one of the introverts’ nightmares is job fairs. Career fairs, etc. Is the prophecy true? Do we Introverts need our OWN job fairs?

For the All Black American Legion Posts in Milwaukee/Wisconsin: why do you NOT have any Sons, Auxiliary or Legion Riders Groups? I need answers!

It’s been 20 years since James Byrd, Jr was murdered. By racists in Texas dragging him to his death. Did we forget this, America?

The Milwaukee Bucks’ new home will be opening in a couple of months. Who took the tour so far?

Here in Milwaukee: the Milwaukee Police Department is rocked with pain of the death of Officer Charles Irvine, Jr. We all know what happened yet again and I know many of us are still mixed by the feelings overall by the Police: Racism, Brutality, etc. We all know. Even harassment. Even the unacceptable stuff of the moniker copied of “Blue Lives Matter.” We know it. After Officer Irvine is remembered at his funeral on June 16th, what will the attitudes of us and the Police change for the better?

Sidenote: Reference the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Player Sterling Brown after he was tased 18 times by the MPD.
CALLOUT: For us in the United Methodist Church, specifically in the Black UMC’s and BMCR: Why are we being attacked? Seriously ask this question at the Annual Conferences! Let them know how you feel.

This needs to be asked: why there are not hordes of Harleys in Milwaukee that do parades for Juneteenth Day? Yeah, I’m asking this that needs real answers!

Anthony Bourdain passed on due to suicide. Why did he go that way?! Man! And also Kate Spade went the same.

Here in Milwaukee: what will it take for the MPS Alumni to continue the “machine of reaching out” to the former students? Besides social media? And what will it take for the Alumni of all High Schools to be FURTHER engaged?

Is there a real reason why many will celebrate Juneteenth Day and or the 4th of July in the Black Community more or less?

In two months: Harley-Davidson will be 115 years old. Black Community: WE NEED TO BE READY WITH THE IRON ELITE – BLACK BIKER JAMS! Can we do this? Last time, we were late, but on time! White folks, do not get upset about a black biker jam in Milwaukee. You know what you said 5 years ago on Facebook!

Milwaukee: who will be the best Sheriff for the County? Richard Schmidt or Earnell Lucas? Make your choice on August 14th.

Of all the field of Wisconsin Democrats for Governor: I think that Mahlon Mitchell is the underdog. Can this underdog be the man? And oh, Wisconsin never had a black governor in its 170 year history!

Why is Sheriff David Clarke still talking on Twitter? Oops, I’m sorry FORMER SHERIFF David Clarke!

Is the time for Scott Walker up? Is this is the end?

For the Fourth of July, should many design a shirt that has “The Struggle Continues” draped in Red, White and Blue? You designers need to be ready now.

So I’m reading about this extended warranty about CarShield. I like many others are tired to pay high costs in car repairs in all. Is this CarShield thing a real good deal to have? I need answers. Real answers!

For my Pride Readers: How is your Pride month doing? Now for those wondering, Stephen’s Spot on this WordPress does NOT discriminate against anyone based on race, creed, class, sexual orientations, etc.

Class of 2018, congrats. Now what? Expect a blog letter!

During the Pridefest weekend in Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson had the “Ride with Pride“. You know Harley attracts all kinds of folks, right? Even the LGBTQIA folks.

Should the Milwaukee Police Department go back and hand out Baseball Cards like they did back in the 80’s? Way before you Millennials and Gen Z folks.

Final overall question before I ask about the Dads: Has the Golden State Warriors whom just now won a back to back championship over the Cavs is considered a “Dynasty?” If you win more Championships in lets say 4 years in a row, then you can call yourself a Dynasty. Not yet, Dub Nation! Even though you got stock of weapons. Just saying.

Now: this is for all the fathers. Ladies chill out. Don’t say a word!

How many Fathers didn’t have a father go to, became a father to go to?

What is the main reason why Father’s Day is so less than Mother’s Day when it comes to church?

My father mattered. Anyone else’s father mattered when they were living? How do we continue to legacy on the real tip without having the hassle of breaking traditions? And knowing each other besides going to Reunions and FUNERALS?! That seems to be the theme for generations. It’s time to break the cycle! Seriously.

For the first time fathers: how will you really support the toughest job of backing your son or daughter?

Since when Target had the “Baby Daddy” cards out? Did I miss it? Nah, Pass.

For the seasoned vets of fathers: you know the game. Is there a father to be that you are training right now to be a great dad?

For us who don’t have children and are men and not fathers: How can we support the kids in the community with the families that need the extra assistance? Always remember, it takes a village!

For us the families that never had an experience of growing up without a father, how have our Uncles, Grandfathers, Older Cousins whom are Dads, still play a role in getting that ultimate objective in life?

I dare to ask: why there are moms “now just blaring the thought” of seeing Father’s Day Cards for Mothers? Like in 2011 in Walgreens!

For the fathers whom are behind prison bars: I know that this is a hard question to ask, but do you really have the heart to see your kids?

For the fathers that have been missing for over 20 plus years from your kids, why did you leave them?!

For the fathers that have been reformed and out of jail, was the lessons learned for the better?

For the fathers that are legendary, are you inspiring the next era to step up?

For the fathers that are still in the fight and hard working, are you quitting or not? Do you still have the fortitude?

And for the families of fathers that keep it real: what is next?

On the real tip though, listen up:

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who read my blog.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are changing lives.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are staying in the fight!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers whom are missed and remembered EVERYDAY!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are reclaiming their time. RECLAIM YOUR TIME DADS!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who aren’t always living foul!

To the non-Fathers that take care of folks on the fly, (like Godfathers) even though that this day is not really for you, but you act upon on being a father in general!

Lastly, even though it’s Father’s Day, don’t single out the Mothers that support. Please don’t. All Fathers Matter! And the Mothers (especially today’s MOTHERS) need to recognize it. Mothers you had your day last month. But today: Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s start this right now.

2017 has gotten off to a start in which many are not happy with Kim Burrell. If those who haven’t heard of her, she’s been in the news about her commentary about the gay folks being tricked into being gay. We’re going in this today! And the reasons behind it. And yes, Church folks, whether you like it or not, this issue of being silent and not saying anything but THANK YOU JESUS or Hallelujah must be put out the pasture. And I’m saying this as a Active Church Member! We need to stop being afraid of this! Enough of this hidden mess.

Before any of this starts, let’s review again about this speech Kim Burrell made in her church:



And I’m sure many got the hot seat about her stance on “hating Gays” and all that false statements. Oh wait speaking of that, listen to this:


Ok here is what I don’t understand. When a church-like person/Gospel Singer like Kim Burrell talked about the TRUTH in which many think it’s a hateful speech, even in 2017 which A year don’t matter: why are all these folks are scared to death to admit it that it’s part of the truth that they don’t want to mess with, but rather curl hide for that matter?!

Oh I’m sure many in the media and yes Ellen’s show probably saw the clip of the sermon that Kim spoken on, but never fully FULLY heard the entire speech, and the full length of the speech! Whoever has the full sermon online, POST THAT! PLEASE!

My take on this, and this is my first take of 2017, is this: maybe for those who called out Kim Burrell needs to look in themselves and ask WHY she said that. What was up with the line of she stated that those in homosexual lives or somewhat that it was delusional, or tricked per se in getting into the life style? Oh, you don’t want to talk about that! And yes I’ll agree to a point of what Janelle Monae said about the same line that white folks always say about “we all bleed the same color” comment. BUT many of us who bleed that color red, have different blood types, and different blood cells that aren’t all equal with that!

Let’s be real!

We all remember a time or two that we’ve been (stop me if you heard this one) hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, fooled, lied to, cheated on, or been cheated on, been casted out, or my favorite, ostricized all because of a lifestyle, a change, a preference, or any other concern. Think about all those times in school, your church, your jobs, that time you had to be someone’s stepping stone in a Fraternity or Sorority, or just a way to fit in like everyone else of not getting picked on. I would think that there are some who probably got tricked in being in the lifestyle that Kim Burrell talked about. Oh, let’s go there. And for the record, who said that she wanted the Gays to be dead in 2017 anyway? Folks just love to stir up false narratives! Especially those on Fake News who well…post it on Social Media. As they say: The devil is a liar!

So how do we solve this matter?

That will take a long matter to solve. We know this. And it’s not going to take a magic bullet to think that it’s going away in one fatal swoop. The fact of the matter is, many or some don’t want to have this. They would  rather remain silent about this and it might ruin another era or Generation that many want to suceed or be better. Well let me say this: in regarding the church per se about the talk about homosexuality or the negative effects about the LGBT, let’s talk. Both sides need to talk. You can shout back and forth online or by texting all you want, but you really need to talk about this matter! If the most or some of the LGBT per se are about the issues that concerns them, and they all get assembled in full force, why NOT about Black issues or Black Concerns like the killings, or maybe to help improve the BLACK CHURCH? I don’t see much of the LGBT’s per se out there backing the support of Black issues that they need to tap into. Of course that there are those whom are Gay or Lesbian or Transgender whom are on the supportive front about the issues of Black Concerns. Yes we can talk about Baynard Rustin whom was a cog in the part of the March on Washington in which we all know that Martin Luther King was apart of. WE KNOW!

CALLOUT: But where are the new Baynard Rustin’s in the Black Community, or the in the Black Church right now?

But in between, for you the free-thinking, Lesbian, Gay, Multi-Conscious, and many those who think that what Kim Burrell said was harsh: maybe you need to review with those in asking why the spirit of homosexuality can be at times deceptive or tricky. Maybe alot of you don’t like what she said, but just actually LISTEN what she had to really say. And vice versa. Many of you probably under 40 don’t really care about church-like lessons that are everyday values to summarize, BUT if I were you and I’m just saying now: just try to LISTEN UP! 

And many of us that what Bill Cosby said was harsh back in 2004 about the black community didn’t hold up their end of the deal after “I Have A Dream” but many realized, he was telling the truth in his point of view.

 Message sent!

Well Wisconsin: its done. Were on the list of Marriage Equality.  That means that Love Is Love, Marriage is on the even plane and yes, it does involve the group of the LGBT’s, Gays and Lesbians finally getting a ban lifted and getting married in their courthouses, having those pics taken and by the time this blog is done, the hits just kept coming. And of all of this: Milwaukee’s PrideFest Celebration at our own Summerfest Grounds have been boosted.

Ok,  so…….how did we get here? Why was it lifted, and how did it got banned in the first place?

Well, it all began in the year of 2006. By the way, that’s the same year I got out of UW-Stout with my B.S. Degree. Anyway, the Legislature at the time, voted for a measure of the same sex marriage  use would not be active nor granted in the state of Wisconsin. Well, here is another angle from the stories of MSNBC:

In 2006, Wisconsin voters easily approved an anti-gay amendment to the state constitution, banning marriage equality in the state.



And a line from the Wisconsin Referrendum:

The text of the adopted amendment, which became Article XIII, Section 13 of the state constitution, reads:

“ Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state.[2]

Henceforth, the state wanted to make sure it stays between one man and one woman.  We all know this.

For 8 years, it’s been debated, challenged, protested and many others. When June 6th, 2014, came that streak was broken. Many here in the state either on TV, the internet, Social Media, were all geared to the breaking news either the reaction was positive or negative. All had to see what was the news that was breaking. A federal judge ruled that the Same Sex Marriage Ban was unconstitutional, and it was overturned in a matter of minutes.

Think of this June 6th, 2014 was “Wisconsin Goes on the Marriage Equality List Day”.  On the same day in which our troops way back 70 years ago landed on Normandy Beach.

Now what is my take on this? I’m going to say this and I’m going to be real about it. Frankly, I don’t care. Let the LGBT folks have their platform. Let them have it. No matter what stance you take in terms of this subject. Yes, there are those who feel that it’s against the rules of the Almighty. Many are getting those “what has happened to this state with the ban lifted” speech. Yeah, I know. Of course that will come up! I have a family member that served in the Vietnam War. And he said that the best friends he had in the Military were Gay. He was cool with them. And they was cool with him. Plus he’s my father that served 2 years in the U.S. Army. And he was real about it. I’ll bet many of you of the spotters, had family members that served probably had service members who were Gay or Lesbian, and probably got along under the same flag, same U.S. Armed Forces of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Furthermore, I know this debate is still in progress, now since Wisconsin had been on this so-called “Open for Business” track, well since the ban had been lifted with the courthouses been open all night and all day, now that’s OPEN FOR BUSINESS!




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First Three Way Dance of 2014!

I’m going in on this dance. This is the first dance of a three way of 2014. Nothing but the three topics, and one story. So for now, I’m focusing on Dumb Fraternities, oh and Bieber fans, start crying! And Sherri Shepherd’s remarks about her church upbringing in which involves the LGBT folks. Trust me, what I’m about to write is my own perspective. Same as last year.

Dumb Fraternities. Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t Fraternities are supposed to help uplift the community like sororities? I mean really? If that’s the case, then what is up with this Fraternity in Arizona with Tau Kappa Epsilon? Oh those want to know. They want to go off and have a hate-fest on Martin Luther King Day. Let me ask what is up with these fraternities making a mockery of things they don’t understand. I’m not saying all of them. But even in state in which one time didn’t accept the holiday, Arizona and they want to exploit this hatred. Now according to the updated commentary, the Fraternity has been terminated from Arizona State University. I want all those Frats need to take notes from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in regarding the Martin Luther King Holiday. If any watched the Arsenio Hall Show, on MLK DAY, a step team named Step By Step did a step show in honor of Dr. King. If any has forgotten, Dr. King was a member of that Fraternity. When Step By Step did their thing, it was out of respect and I know many of the other 8 of the Divine Nine had to pay attention to the dance. And I KNOW many or some are thinking, that Arsenio needs more of the Divine 9 Steppers to represent. So all of you Kappas, Omegas, Sigmas, Deltas, AKAs, Zetas, SGRhos, and Iotas better step your games up and represent! I’m just saying. Now for this dumb Fraternity who had to go Instagram out of disrespect of MLK is just that. Haters. And to add, uneducated. And did I mentioned they looked like this:

Fraternity Expelled for Racist MLK Party

Can anyone say dumb and stupid? And uneducated?

LOL!!!!!! Justin Bieber got caught. I hate to say this, but HE HAD IT COMING! For all the Bieber fans, have you learned anything yet? Have you? If not, you all better get into church and pray! What does a 19 year old singer like him is doing drag racing in Florida anyway? And plus, he had the nerve to compare himself to Michael Jackson?!!!!! What is this Canadian born dude is thinking? Bieberfolks: Hear me out and hear me well. Aint no way in Hades that Justin Bieber, your boy will NEVER EVER be Michael Jackson! NEVER!!!!! He can stand ontop of vehicles all he wants, but the last time Michael did that, he was coordinated. And walked away not guilty in 2005. So I don’t know, nor care about his stunt trying ontop of cars in regarding his case. Now I know that I shouldn’t be saying this but, what was up with him smiling infront of a mugshot camera? I mean DUDE YOU GOT ARRESTED! And you are wearing a orange jumpsuit with it! Most criminals when they get booked up they don’t usually smile. And I know that there are those who probably saying or have said “Oh, he was just got caught up in the moment.” Or “They arrested him against him because he’s Justin Bieber.” NOT! When a famous person gets caught, or arrested, they are not super human. That glamour and many other things will not be able to save them. They better repent! I mean we know that Lenten Season is coming up and there will be lots of fasting.

Sherri Shepherd: What she said was nothing new. Now many of the LGBT groups have probably got caught off guard of what she said in regarding her church upbringing, and the disgregard of the lifestyle. Many church going folks have been saying the same thing for years. So what’s the haps, folks? Oh, about what she said courtesty of EOnline:

You grow up being a Christian and you have grown up believing homosexuality is a sin, you’re going to hell if you’re a homosexual. This is something that they teach in churches, literally. So it’s something that I grew up believing. And being on the show has really forced me to go, ‘What are your beliefs, Sherri? What is God saying? It says one thing in the Bible and you have these people in your life and how does this apply to you, Sherri?

In another remark that many like me can understand:

I always tell people, ‘I may not agree with your lifestyle. I may not agree with your lifestyle, but I love you, ; “You may not agree with my lifestyle, but you love me.

And on the homosexuality tip:

Some people say it’s a choice. I don’t say it’s a choice. If you tell me, ‘Sherri, I was born gay.’ OK. I’m not gonna argue with you, because I can’t tell you how you feel and what’s going on inside. I’m trying to make it up to heaven by the skin of my teeth…So if you tell me you’re born [gay], I’m not gonna argue with you. And I absolutely respect you for that. I just ask that people respect how I feel, respect how you feel and we can have a great dialogue. And then afterwards, let’s go get a drink.

So what is my take on this? Again it’s nothing new. Plus also the Bible is still the number one book in the world. I hate to say this, but it is. Others may not feel that way BUT it is. Many of the church doctrines have brought this up being that Homosexuality is a sin. Has the United Methodist Church brought this up previously? Yes. Remember last year when I mentioned a pastor that was “defrocked” of his position, because he did a service for his son and another person who was a gay. His position was on ice, but however he joined a church (United Methodist mind you) that was open to all who are LGBT. Now for those who wanna know: where does it say that in the laws of the UMC? I want those who haven’t done this is to look in the Book of Discipline. Or you can go to the United Methodist Church website. It states it right there.  Plus I think that those who are “millennial” or any other generation who has lost touch need to have refresher course of understanding of what this is! Don’t just leave the church or any church without a firm understanding or definition of what it defines!

And if those have an issue with it, (IN THE CHURCH) take it up. Discuss it. I don’t care if it’s between a member and a pastor. Or in a meeting. Now I’m not advocating any changes. I’m sure that many of the LGBT sympathizers who attend church every Sunday aren’t advocating any changes either. Bring it up in your meetings, your joys and concerns sections. Now I know that: Children are listening to this. This is kind of hard at times and yes we grown folks have to be real.

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I was on the net today in really, of the Melissa Harris-Perry Webpage on MSNBC’s site. Her featured letter was addressing the issue concerning the angle of Hot 97’s DJ, Mr. Cee. I’m sure of us have been paying attention about him sharing his testimony about his recent arrest and also his admittance of his encounter with a transgender individual. As I was listening to the conversation online, yes he was in pain. He was in pain from all of the lies and turmoil that has been surrounding him. I’ll be honest, it was open. It was on point. And yes, it’s was real for him to do this. If those don’t know what’s up, here’s is the entire interview of what took place.

BUT BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: This interview may contain some adult themes. Be advised. 

What you just heard was just about 30 minutes of Mr. Cee utilizing his confession, and also having doubts of not returning to work. In a way, he did accept his 12:00pm time slot show. Also, as I was looking at the comments on Melissa-Harris Perry’s page about this story, yes, the comments had to ring out. Now many had support of him. But there were questions or statements about not bringing God into this. Why is so many continuing to say: “don’t bring God into this.” Or “Jesus needs to be out of the conversation.” It’s time to admit this, and I’ll say it here. IN EVERY CONVERSATION: no matter what it is, God is in every story conversation. Many are saying how so? I don’t believe no Gods, no Jesuses or any thing that’s all holy. No need for the church to get involved. NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a church with four walls and a sanctuary to clean out or to make a confession of concern. Let’s just say, God was using Mr. Cee in his testimony in terms of coming out of his confession. God was using Mr. Cee to go to that station with the odds of this Transgender/Arrest angle to tell the truth. No matter what. If the “cleansing” portion of the interview was his confession or his “come to Jesus Meeting”, then I would infer that was his need of setting the record straight. No matter how private or public it maybe. It’s not easy for anyone to tell secrets or those like that to remain in the Pandora’s box. But God willing that Mr. Cee doesn’t have to worry about this matter.

I had to bring up this “don’t put God in this” thing on this story because, folks at times don’t want to be all religious. Many don’t realize that there are connections. Or parallels into objectives like this one. We see it all the time. 12 years ago when the World Trade Center was attacked, many were asking: “Where was God that day?” I’ll tell you this. God was working with the firefighters, the policemen, the construction workers, the medics, American Red Cross, and many others in need of help. Those locating their loved ones trapped in the rubble and also those who wanted to comfort from all the drama and pain that was transpired. The same with those who were affected with the Boston Marathon Bombing, and most recently with the Colorado Flooding. Now those maybe National Disasters, in which those are common. But what does that have to do with Mr. Cee’s recent confession? Did he have support while on the show? Yes he did. Ebro wanted him to stay despite of his concern.

Also: this has to be a statement and I’ll make it plain. The Hip Hop world, must not shy away from this. Remember when Harry Belafonte was going towards the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce about “social responsibility”?  And many had the negativity of them doing charities? Well let me tell you as a fan of Hip-Hop since Run DMC made their rhymes of Reading Rainbow back in the 80’s and such:  No more hiding. And STOP TRIPPING! It’s OK to keep track of your endorsements, your connections, your stacks of hits, or many others in the game, but with an issue such as this needs no money. That does not matter. All you have to do is see the responsibility, and take it. Now many not want to do it. But it is an responsibility in a social sense. And this goes for the Local DJ’s here in Milwaukee also. I got love for them, but they better come with a sense of Social Responsibility!

But we know that they won’t come out for this. As long they have fans of all allies ranging from the LGBT to straight, religious, alternative, and many others, this is one responsibility, that needs attention!

Many are still saying, “don’t bring God into this.” Well, the almighty God in another way, has been involved.


Just yesterday, another person of the sports world came out of the closet sort of speak, and revealed himself to the world as a Gay man. Now lots of folks are just now hearing about Jason Collins. The almost 6 foot 11, or 7 footer NBA Player that recently came out. Well, let me just say this. If he wants to be an open person of the LGBT community, then by all means let him. Let him have the opportunity to be open as he wants. I don’t care. And I’m saying this as a everyday person who is black, volunteers, works, and also goes to church every sunday. He already has mad respect from President Obama, Kobe Bryant and several other sports figures. Even a former Green Bay Packers Safety, LeRoy Butler. Now he’s already getting hate from those who oppose it. We know. It’s already been displayed. It was on ESPN at first that Chris Broussard, commented that today on OTL. Open to be a rebellion to God? Really?

Many of us who are probably “righteous” right now, were probably rebellious to God in many ways. The folks who probably went to church for years with families, some of them lost that belief because the messages in the churches way back didn’t reach them. However, that is a different story. But this story about Jason Collins coming out gay, per say, is his platform. Now I’m assuming for those who are against this, are probably bashing him and probably asking (in a Christian  sense of his rebuking against the work and lessons of religion? Now for the bible folks: I have a biblical question. What does the lesson of Matthew 7:1 say about judging others? Remember that? Well since I’m leading the lesson, the scripture says in the King James Version that “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”. Or in a regular sense: Don’t judge folks! We probably don’t know his story of why making a Gay Decision of Jason Collins had taken place. Until today.

Sports Illustrated displayed a story about the full reasons why Jason Collins had done this. Like many I’m assuming, he had his share of dating women, and those close to him had thought of a different angle of his preference. But in the end, he made his choice. Even though his choice of “going Gay” may not sit well with others in a sense, but that his pick. I’m not saying that is a bad decision. But if that is a decision for him (and him only), like The Beatles used to say: “Let it be.” Now he’s not the only player this year that came out, does the name Brittney Griner ring a bell? Yep, the female Basketball Player from Baylor who can dunk a basketball like Lisa Leslie (and yes she can dunk) came out as a new member of the LGBT. Again, not hating. Let her have the moment.  Even if folks like Broussard disagrees.

Now to switch gears: What about the children? Uh-oh. I can hear this now from concern parents who have kids by saying this: “So they came out. But what about our kids who look up to them as role models? Um…Hello! Lessons need to be learned here!” We get it. I think those who say that in a sense of context, probably don’t want to be educated or in this case, “re-educated” about the choice given. Just like talking about sex. Remember when Salt-N-Pepa had a song about it? Don’t lie! Some of you probably got that stored up in tapes or CD collections. So I think that the re-education of this portion needs to examined to fullest. Just saying.

I know that Chris Broussard has his viewpoints and is entitled to them. He has that right. BUT as far as judging others, it’s time for reality check. I’m just saying! So this discussion as an example is not new. It’s just another story that keeps the conversation going.