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Usually I don’t do this, but I’ll try anything. Yesterday, we celebrated another MLK holiday. Full of speeches, breakfasts, parades, gatherings and also paying homage to King in various fashion. But mostly, we usually put away the stuff and forget. We usually have the photo-ops working and also – FORGET! But now, I’m scratching my head again. Even the first MLK Day under #45.

You realize that the cities like Atlanta and Milwaukee celebrate the King Holiday the most, right?

Remember the song, “By the time I get to Arizona” by Public Enemy? The very same song that was in protest against Arizona NOT recognizing MLK Day? (Reference John McCain)

Why has America labeled King as the “bobble head nice figure” when in fact he really was radical and revolutionized CHANGE?

MAJOR QUESTION: why do many us Americans recite that one line of “I Have A Dream” and NOT read the entire speech?

Was the FBI really jealous of King’s success and actually trying to go after him?

Remember when McDonald’s had MLK Commercials?

How many college students wrote about King and got scholarships?

How many former college students remembered writing about King and remembered the value of those scholarships?

Who remembers the hip hop songs that were Martin Luther King influenced? Hint: go back to the 80’s joints.

CALLOUT: Why do certain members of a political party, (Republican Related) always has to label King a Republican in which his father was a Republican? King was NOT affiliated with a political party. But did supported JFK for President.

Were there any other books that were King influenced that was revolutionary and radical?

Are folks still mad of having a King Holiday? You know which ones!

How many INTERNATIONAL Cities looked at the King Holiday?

You do realize that this April 4th, will be the 50th year since King’s Assassination? NOT HIS BIRTH!

The WWE has been saluting MLK for 25 years through Monday Night Raw. Did you know this?

Why do certain folks, whom like MLK Speeches, can’t DO the work like MLK?

Why did #45 made the King Holiday a national day of service while he’s not being truthful on his part?!

How is it that when the kids speak about King, the adults listen. Why is that?

For those who did the work like King like last year, have they done it this year to influence more folks to do great things?

Was Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity really in the house celebrating King in which he was a member of the organization?

Did the rest of the Divine 9 celebrated King in some sort of service acts?

And lastly: will Dr. King’s only Granddaughter be a new beacon to bring a new era of ideas to change the game?

Oh the irony of young folks. I’m sure that many woke up this morning to our computers to see a proof of debauchery that once again we dont have no sense! And for once is those who think they know it all. Henceforth,  this letter is for those that like to put up an image of MLK doing gang signs and having this so-called Freedom to Twerk Party.

Dear Moronic Idiots that defaced MLK’s Image on a Twerk Flyer:

It’s me, Stephen. Oh by now, I’m a black blogger that is ready to blow up from Milwaukee:


So the ongoing debachery of defacing MLK is still in session. Oh, you had to bust out again about a Twerk Party that had his image somewhat doing a gang sign with a young female to the right. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this:


Wait a minute, there’s more. Remember this one from last year:


Or what about this from last year:

What about this one:


For those who feel that this is cute: SHUT UP!!!! RIGHT NOW!

Personally this is like more on a attack on the King Family. More like on an attack on Dr. King himself. I say that because this era of “I don’t cares and Kanye Shrugs” are just that: Ignorant. No disrespect. Many of you probably never knew who or what Dr. King stood for. Many of you are probably have NO IDEA what you have gotten yourselves into. I’ll bet when King Day comes, you probably are going to sit at home probably thinking what is this day is supposed to be about. Just to let you know if the common sense kicks in, that it took alot of important folks to get a King Day on the calendar! Even his late wife Corretta Scott King was the banner of getting that done! She like many others in King’s circle had to fight hard. President Ronald Reagan signed the idea into recogntion in 1983, plus later on it was a national holiday. Years later while trying to run for President in 2008, Arizona Senator John McCain admit that the thought was wrong of not recognizing the holiday. And others try to bust through the wall in getting a King Day Holiday ON THE MAP! The King Holiday is supposed to be a reminder of what America must do to be a better nation. The King Holiday is a reminder of what we AMERICANS are supposed to learn to get along instead of coming up suspicions of young black men going around in hoodies looking suspicious or getting denied through voting ranks because of color!

You want a real MLK DAY Weekend Club thing: First get rid of the images that portray him like a Gangbanger. This also upset Dr. Bernice King, who commented that the image of her late father is being portrayed as a gangster, per say of today’s era.

Here is her commentary courtesy of Fox 5 in Atlanta. Read up if you’re one of the debauchery folks:

When FOX 5 News showed Dr. Bernice King images of her father being used in club and event promotions, she shook her head in disbelief.

Images being circulated online depict her father, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, in promotions allegedly for ‘twerk’ parties for a teen club in Michigan. FOX 5 was unable to find the image directly on the group’s Facebook page, but outraged people had already started to comment to the group. One of the widely circulated flyers depicts an enhanced Rev. King wearing a large gold chain, making hand gestures under the headline ‘Freedom 2 Twerk’.

“I feel like we have failed to reach these (groups),” Dr. King told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes in an exclusive interview.

“This imagery thing is just appalling, and it’s almost embarrassing,” Dr. King remarked. “For me, as his daughter, it’s like ‘wow’, I lost a father who sacrificed everything for them to live a much more dignified and respectful life, and for it to come to this makes me sad,” King concluded.

King told FOX 5 she was not upset about people celebrating her father’s life, but she had serious concerns about the use of her father’s imagery to suggest he would endorse such a style of celebration.

“My father would have worked to elevate them, to connect with them, and bring them into the movement,” King said. spoke with a man who has direct knowledge of this group’s activities. He says “no disrespect” was even intended with the flyer or event. The man, who wished not to be identified, says this event is spearheaded by teens who are working to have a positive influence in the community, and reach out to a group surrounded by violence in the streets every day. He says the flyer was a way to reach the audience through “gospel rap” and was meant to support a positive message.

Read more:
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Wait a minute: I’m looking at that last line of the story- was a way to reach the audience through gospel rap and was meant to support a positive message. 


If that were the case, then why put this debauchery on the flyer?!!! Makes no sense. But the one thing that made sense is that the up coming event was cancelled.


To those in the future, I’m assuming that you’re probably thinking “Oh, I’m attacking the folks who made up these flyers. And getting all sensitive and acting like that MLK was my homeboy.” Let me tell you something, I’m attacking the fools who haven’t learn a real lesson. Second, I don’t have to be sensitive about MLK in general. Heck, I won Scholarships in honor of MLK! I have registered new voters, gave back and being active with my old high school alumni association to help the current students, donated to my church annually.

Oh I got something to say to those who think the church is all about the money – in my next blog. 

Which leads to my second point. GET ACTIVE! You folks better vote up this Mid term Election year. Oh, I’m assuming that many of you won’t vote because the issues may not matter to you. When the year progresses, and if you don’t vote,  don’t complain! Where are the clubs on this? HELLO?!! Many would come out for the drinks and twerking but don’t come out for important needs for civil rights?!! In the words of those on Facebook, miss me with that! Dr. King in his day would go to the pool halls and basketball courts to get folks active in the struggle for civil rights! Real Talk!

I asked this question last year, and I’m going to keep asking: What have you done to help maintain Dr. King’s Dream? Besides listening to I Have A Dream too many times. Dr. King was more than “I Have A Dream”. And yes, it was one of his best speeches. BUT WHAT YOU DONE to maintain it?






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The 25th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King Day Celebration has came and went. Most of us who work in federal – related workplaces and some school districts had the day off. Now I know that there are some who feel that having a day of in honor of King shouldn’t happen. Well let me debate this. First, I respect that those who bring this up every year. And second, I can hear this now: “Our Children should be taught more on this in school”. My question is what is being taught at home about MLK? That’s right I said it. I’m calling out all those folks who commented this! Since Dr. King’s death, it was Coretta Scott King’s vision to have a holiday or a day to commemorate the values and dedication of this man. She had support and brilliance and it took about 18 years up until 1986. Now for those who were born in 1986, you are old as this holiday. The same amount of years that Oprah had her show on TV. For those of us who are in our 30’s (like me) we were about 9 or 10 years old in the 80’s when this happened. Just as a reminder, that President Reagan didn’t support the thought to have a King Day in America, but he signed a bill for it to make it an observance. Most of the states held on to this Holiday, and states like Arizona had to come in late because of John McCain’s viewpoints. Now, I know why Arizona didn’t support this! – But after what happened in Tucson with Gabrielle Giffords, now it makes you wonder. What would Dr. King think about this?

Knowingly, that this “Federal Holiday” is not just a day off, but it can be a day on. Go to a shelter, or fix food for those who can’t fix it themselves. Go to a youth center and have a King Holiday Video Game Session, or a Hoopfest. Talk or listen to someone who was around when King was alive and was moved by his messages. If I had a chance to listen what the man said in his prime, that would be a given. Recently on the internet, I found a footage about Nichelle Nichols, who as we know played Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. And she was thinking about leaving the show after the first season. This kind of got Gene Roddenberry worried about what he was trying to accomplish. He told her to think it over that weekend. During her pondering, she attended an NAACP fundraiser, and one of the guests was beckoning to her that her biggest fan wants to meet her. That biggest fan was Martin Luther King Jr. King was a trekkie! He commented about the job she was doing as playing the character. Plus he did say that this was the show that he allows his children to watch along with his wife. But when Nichelle told Dr. King about her leaving the show, he said “You Can’t!” He asked “don’t you see what your doing here, and what this man is trying to do here?” He also said that “It is so important that you’re on the show, showing the future because little girls can look on that show and see themselves. You’re part of history and this is your responsibility even though it might not have been your career choice”. – taken from Jet Magazine.

Dr. King not only made an impact on Civil Rights, but also in the Entertainment business. And the platform that he was marching for, Nichelle was doing on Star Trek. And she stayed ever since that discussion. As far as the holiday is concerned, look. This has been a long time coming, and we got this! But I should also believe that it shouldn’t be a sham of disappointment just because the children aren’t learning this in school. We need to bring back the old REAL talk! The old school conversation stories of how families learned about black history by tales of busting down doors and to allow African-American Males (I use that term loosely) like me to walk through. Dr. King was one of those leaders. Lot of you don’t know about five years ago, I was faced with scrutiny about getting my B.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout here in Wisconsin. I faced it from those who “thought” I had to go onto the Stout campus and work on my degree. I am now one of the few African-Americans that did it though Distance Education and to prove a point that it can be done. When I held that degree in my hands, I thought about all those folks in Milwaukee from the Urban League, Manpower, and even those some close to me thinking I had to do this in a traditional manner. They were all wrong! It didn’t matter what color they were, they were proven wrong. I’m telling the UW-Stout Alumni Association about this. Possibly. And I did thought about Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and any other person who was told “no, you can’t do it!” “It’s impossible”. Well, I am one of the few African American men that worked on a Bachelor’s Degree by using Distance Education that made it possible.

Now to those who have this question about school hanging over your heads, my question is what are you doing to learn about MLK, AT HOME?! All education doesn’t start in the classroom. It starts at home! You can hate the holiday all you want. You can hate Black History Month all you want. But, just respect the thought they are here for a reason. Pass it on.