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Sagittarius folks:  STAND UP!

The Bow Arrow Shooting, Centaur Thinking, Thoroughbred Running Sagnation is still in the building. Now again this blog is all about the Sagittarius Army in full force. Not to disrespect the other zodiacs, but it’s the 9th house running the game, of course.

First, Happy Birthday to all of my Sagittarius Readers. Even if you have a day in November or December. Plus also, as of December 5th, it’s number 39 for me. Good news. But the bad news: It’s the end of my 30’s. Yes, it’s a confession that I have to accept.

Yes, I am at the age in which that Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated at 39 years old in 1968. However as part of his age, he was active doing his thing and not sitting down on the sidelines that the parade is going by during the era of Civil Rights. Just a thought: How many 39 year olds TODAY are active in improving their communities? Just asking!

Now,  let’s talk more of December 5th. As usual yes, it’s the day I was born, but however, it’s also a day that one of the best Rock and Roll Artists was also born on that day: Little Richard. The real reason why rock and roll exists. There are other rockers and musicians like Keri Hilson and Michel’le also born on the 5th. Get this: my Birthday Rocks! Actually the “December 5th Rocks” moniker actually can mean anything. It can rock, it can roll, it can relax. Or whatever. The 5th Day of December is also a Day of Confidence. Yes, at times and most of the time, I am a confident guy in all what I do.

December 5th does rock. It rocks just as any other day on the calendar. And also I hope your Sagittarius Birthdays rocked or will rock in your own way of course until December 21st. It’s all about celebrating the life started. Cheesey as it is, but still it’s your day that God has chosen for you!

With all the shootings recently that wrecked our communities with turmoils and violence, and terrorism and black lives being shot and killed by the police, and all this “pre-political” drama about not letting Muslims in the building out of the words of Donald Trump, which was out of bounds, guess what: Still celebrate your birthdays. Celebrate your birthdays for those you missed so badly. Celebrate your day of joy, jovial, peace, with strangers whom probably have the same birthday as you do (ala Birthday Twins). Celebrate your born day, or your (excuse me young bloggers) naked day or birthday suit day in which that you can help another person that is going through the dumps! Tell them that it’s going to be alright. Celebrate for you in all what you do. Not to copy anyone else, but just do you!

So with that, I’m still rocking the 5th of December at 39. No question. And when the rocking is over for another year, I’ll get prepared for the next to begin the…..40’s.

Furthermore: Stay jovial, strong and confident with intelligence, Sagittarians!  Keep those bows and arrows on lock. All day and everyday!





CALLOUT: For all those who are African-American who feels that Rachel Dolezal fits in with the black folks, by trying to be black in all, please stop!

Stop the pain, the hypocritical mindset, the droned out brainwashing, the so-called transracial attitude, the so called having these pretenses of others being black in which they are not, STOP IT!

This is exactly why our community is so messed up!

Basically there are pretenders/wannabes and those who are keeping it 100. I would rather be real than fake in which I believe that Rachel is doing. Ok, so she again, got her degrees, and educational aspects in all, or lack thereof, but to say that she’s black and trying to appease with the NAACP, is crossing the line. Now if she were to tell the truth ahead of time way before this slip up actually happened then there would be none of this. And she says it all started with the age 5 with brown crayons drawing a picture of herself. Well, I hate to say that when you’re 5 years old, you really don’t know much. You were a pre-schooler! Hello! I don’t remember what I did at 5 years old. My parents do. My late grandparents did. God rest their souls. Also, for her she sued Howard University back around 2002, all because of her being white. The scholarships and other educational aspects she was some what offered back then, she complained against them because she was white. And she wants to be identified as being black. SERIOUSLY?!!!

This is more like a blackface in reverse. And many of those who riding with her are just delusional and again, drone minded!

I’m sure many of us probably had to see the Today show in which she was interviewed by Matt Lauer. To me, that was a slap. You got two white folks, on national TV in the morning talking about being black. Don’t forget, she lied about  getting the job and she resigned! Flat out. It’s not about her being white. It’s about being a liar and having a leadership position with the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.

On the weird side of this, there are those who feel that she’s doing the right thing. Namely for some in the black community. I read about on the Huffington Post of what NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar written in which he felt that the black community is better off because of her efforts. SAY WHAT?! Kareem writes this from the article:

Perhaps some of this sensitivity comes from her adoptive black siblings. Whatever the reason, she has been fighting the fight for several years and seemingly doing a first-rate job. Not only has she led her local chapter of the NAACP, she teaches classes related to African-American culture at Eastern Washington University and is chairwoman of a police oversight committee monitoring fairness in police activities. Bottom line: The black community is better off because of her efforts.

Stop right there!

The last line that he said that the black community is better off because of her efforts. REALLY?! When was the last time that Rachel Doelzal ever helped the black community in Milwaukee?! The very same Milwaukee that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dissed back in his day when playing for the Milwaukee Bucks! Lot of you don’t know this. Ask anyone in Milwaukee that knows this story and will give you a second opinion. Nothing against his contribution to the game of basketball, his NBA Titles, or his skyhooks that got him famous. But the thing is, he almost like every other black player who came through Milwaukee to play, had a second opinion of leaving! This is not new. Plus also there have been those of a Keri Hilson, and of all folks, Melissa Harris-Perry had to come to her side of opinion. For the #nerdland side of things, REALLY?! And this is where the word “transracial” comes in and I’m begging to think that it will not exist even more. Word was Michael Jackson was “transracial”, but he was black making all those hits and busting records!

I want those whom are non-black who actually read this, or those who feel that she’s doing a service of being apart of the black experience. First, the black experience is not some sideshow. It’s not some thing that you can’t turn off. It’s not something that makes you feel segregated or being racist or having this assumption of racism. Many of you probably copied or took notes or critique us on our swagger, our upbringing, our joys, the way we dance, step, play instruments or design our clothes. Or a way to be like us in general. In the words of WWE’s Bad News Barrett (or King Barrett) , “I’m afraid I got some bad news!” Guess what, you are not black! Period! No matter how much you copy or sample, or try to get a pass, you will never get the “black experience”. I’m just saying. Not to down anyone, but it’s the flat out truth. I don’t have the white experience, the hispanic experience, the german experience, the french experience, the asian experience, the chinese experience, the japanese experience, the Filipino experience, or any other experience in the world. Even the Native American Experience. I don’t have that those, but black experience, I get and still getting. That I know.

And as far as the Rachel Dolezal viewpoint of dismissing her parents because she feels she’s black, she is wrong on that! Guess what. You’re parents made you and that’s that! No matter how grown you get, you will still be made by your parents!  You can protest, whine and moan, but your mommy and daddy made you and there’s nothing you can do about it! Even if you get a sex change, part of that change will never be altered in which from the very start, was between a man and a woman making a child. Already, Rachel’s parents had called her out on her lies. Her siblings, or other family members probably done the same. Not because she’s white and has African-American siblings. But the true reason of what she is not: Being black in America.

Keep Calm I'm December Guy

Keep Calm I’m December Guy



As most of you know, I’m a December Guy. As in a December Sagittarius/Year of the Dragon 1976/Birthday born person. Kind of took the time off yesterday to celebrate another year being still here! And I screaming with gladness of these words: “THREE-SIX!!!!”

Oh, this is what I was jammin’ to on December 5th. It’s from Alicia Keys’ new album:

In addition: These as well:

From The Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack:

I do like Timbaland’s beats:

So, it was well good in all. Plus if you’re like most folks, you can celebrate your birthday after the original date. For me, I’m still celebrating.