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So far, I’m glad that SNL got the message of getting more black folks on the sketch comedies.

I’m sure that many had a chance to view this. And I’m breaking American yet again when I say, I get it. For the 28 reasons skit from Saturday Night Live, I get it. Here’s the reason. Many feel that Black History Month is all about the achievements, and goals for us African-Decent Citizens. Not just African-Americans. However there are those on the outside looking in, who feels that “oh Black History Month is all about the blacks talking slavery!” Excuse me? And there are those who feel that the occasion is about making us black folks concerned and guess what that is coming from some black folk feeling this segregation from other folks of culture. For those who think that Black History Month is all about Slavery, there is no money in the mailbox and you just got punked. This also is a reminder that us black folks need to be engaged in our history more just getting those Air Jordans. Now I have nothing against Air Jordans, BUT if we can know the date of the shoes coming out, and many other things, WHY NOT that consistant reminder of who is Lonnie Johnson, or that yes a black woman was featured on a phonograph record back in the 1920’s was a historical moment? You don’t know? Research!

Oh by the way, this skit in my opinion proves a point. Now many think it’s a bit lazy. But after looking at it a couple times, part of that in a mindset sense, is the truth.

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Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata (Photo credit: benzado)

Congrats, SNL. You have responded.

Since the tail end of 2013, the show was facing scrutiny about not having a black female cast-mate in the last 6 or 7 years. We know Maya Rudolph. But that not all we know. I remember Ellen Cleghorne from the 90’s. But by the time this week comes to an end there will be two words of taking down the notes: Sasheer Zamata.

Oh, and for you notebook writers, as usual write this name down:

Sasheer Zamata.

Got it?

I’ll say it again – SASHEER ZAMATA.

That her name, and comedic stuff is the game.

Now for those who are well think that this is just a easy thing, it’s not. Like I said earlier, SNL has been a void in the last 7 years or so without a black female castmate. And yes, we all heard what Kenan Thompson about SNL not looking hard enough for searching for a black female to do sketch comedy every week on a Saturday Night. But I think that skit that Kerry Washington did really let a fire lit under neath the cushion of the SNL Board of Directors per say and to get with the program. Granted that yes, SNL in it’s 38 years on the air has to maintain a fresh perspective of the change in time and eras. Just to think, that this weekend of that happened on a MLK Holiday Weekend.

So many might say, oh I’m using Martin Luther King Jr in this? Really? In a word, yes. It’s all about equality. It’s about fairness. I mean is this an opportunity country? I’m just saying. And on the flip side, there were some bold radical like and revolutionary moves that got this started up for Sasheer to get this spot on a longest running comedy series since 1975. Plus also, there were 3 writers that were hired and they were all African-American. Oh, I know that In Living Color has not approached that mark. Matter of fact it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, ILC was a cool show. Men on Films in all!

Getting to the meat of all of this, I looked at the show and even though she was in a few skits, but to me she did pretty well. Even though, and black folks we know how we are when someone of our culture gets that one debut we tend to have this notion of like “Oh she should have more skits.” in a critical type fashion. And on that, I was reading some tweets on Twitter about that. Really?!!! One thing to remember that we can be our own worst enemy when things like this comes up! Remember Don’t Sleep on BET? Just a warning, African-Americans! Also remember, this is her first break.

So African-Americans: BE PATIENT! Sasheer’s time is here and let her new career grow not only with talent. But with a grace and gift that the Almighty has blessed her with. Not only that, give her a chance! If those feel she’s been “token”, really you don’t know what you’re talking about. And to the SNL, the cameras are on point!

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I was one of the many African-Americans who probably didn’t watch SNL in a while that did watch. And laughed.

Two words: Kerry Washington.

We know that in the past 39 years of Saturday Night Live, only 4 women of color had been apart of the skits part of the ongoing comedic series. No question there were black males ranging from Garrett Morris (aka Stan, Junior King), Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoh and many others that passed through. Now since Kerry was on the show as a host, SNL better wake up! I’m Just saying.

I think it was a huge content for SNL to have a well known Black Actress like Kerry Washington to jumpstart something that has been in the drought since Maya Rudolph left the show years back.

For those of us who well……missed the mark, take a look of a rundown of Kerry’s skits. By the way, can SNL bring in more black females to represent? Better to “Change the Culture.” Even if it’s a legendary show full of comics.


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Saturday Night Live. This is for them.

The legendary show that has been in the households since 1975, has always been a staple of comedy before going to church. “Well isn’t that special?” says the chruch lady played by Dana Carvey, who also revived his role as George H.W. Bush, and also along with Mike Myers with Wayne’s World. Oh don’t act like you know. And of course, the Adam Sandlers, Kevin Nealons, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Ana Gastyer  and many others have made the laughing folks presentable. Even the late John Belushi, and Wisconsin’s own Chris Farley ( the van down by the river) made folks laugh.

However for the black female side, in the recent events everyone is talking about what Kenan Thompson said about the lack of Black Females not being on SNL. Wanna review? Let’s see courtesy of TV Guide:

“I don’t know. We just haven’t done them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe [Jay Pharaoh] will do it or something, but even he doesn’t really want to do it.” And he also comments this: “It’s just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Speaking of Kenan Thompson, he and Kel Mitchell had black history made when they were the first African-American duo to headline their own show on Nickelodeon, “Kenan and Kel”. Don’t act like you know.

In the history of SNL: only 4 black females were featured on as regulars since the beginning. Who were they you asked? Everyone has mentioned Maya Rudolph (who is mixed)  so many times. Very true. HOWEVER there were many others: Remember Ellen Cleghorne? She was a regular and black on SNL back in the 90’s. Plus before her, Danitra Vance came on during the mid-80’s, and before her, research this name: Yvonne Hudson who was around in the early 80’s, five years after SNL made it’s debut, and then being fired during the show’s midseason timeframe.

But recently, on Roland Martin’s radio show, NewsOne Now, (yep his show is coming up!!!!) three black women of Loni Love, Sommore, and Kym Wheatley had addressed the issue plus also to take a swipe at Kenan Thompson of what he commented about black female comedians not being ready for SNL. They went in on him like crazy. And with real talk!  Here is the recap of the interview that you should have paid attention to:

NewsOne Now Audio Podcast 10:23:13: Breast Cancer’s Impact On Black Women, Wildin’ Out Wednesdays

Note: you may want to click the link and fast forward toward the Widlin’ out Wednesdays portion of the segment.

Partially for summations, they have mentioned that the actors (male actors) to dress as women per say, but the show couldn’t access the authentic black female talent. Roland Martin also addressed the comment of where is SNL is finding the talent. Plus also Sommore, addressed the comment that Kenan should have gone out of New York per say and actually scouted or screened potential black women who can make you laugh. Speaking of which, that to me has been lacking alot lately. Where do folks who work in Radio, Television, or any company go and find folks who would be a top notch candidate for their companies? ESPECIALLY black men and black women? Now I don’t mean to interject race into the angle BUT, it’s already in the conversation. Plus also that’s also like saying, where are the black folks at? It’s just like there aren’t enough black men or black females in Firefighting. It’s a fact folks. Look at Milwaukee.

Back during the Emmy Awards was going on, the names of Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle, Alfrie Woodward, were nominated for their lead roles of TV shows or specials, BUT NONE OF THEM received any Emmy Awards. Kerry Washington, in my view, even though Scandal was and is a new staple of evening drama series, but was robbed for that. Yes I said it! ROBBED. It happened to Diahnn Carroll when she was on Julia before I was born, and Phylicia Rashad when she was on The Cosby Show.  Again, it’s for leading roles!  But not enough to get the Emmy. Plus also I think and believe that Hollywood is afraid of black talent. When you see Scandal, or what Tyler Perry did that got him on the map, they are afraid. Even Kevin Hart! His “Let Me Explain” movie that came out this year, was a hit. And I’ll bet the Hollywood think machine was hiding in the background. Oh yes, black folks can act. And a few have won Emmys for supporting roles and Oscars.  This is way before Halle and Denzel got those lead Oscars in 2002.

Speaking of that, when will Milwaukee have it’s own black TV Station? Yeah I said it!

SNL better learn, y’all!  I don’t mind tuning in once in a while to see what’s up. But in regarding this issue, it’s more like a wake up call.

Take a look at this graph courtesy of Media Matters:


Not to get off topic on another subject, why the recent hate on Melissa Harris-Perry having more minorities on her show? When you do the demographics, which race of folks who are mostly on Sunday Mornings Talk Shows? That would be White men and yes, white women. Which is on the high end, but on a low end, Melissa Harris-Perry’s show get those connections in which none of the other shows wouldn’t touch. In a recent review on the Huffington Post it states:

Six of the seven shows analyzed…have hosted white men at a significantly higher rate than their 31 percent portion of the population. Melissa Harris-Perry provided the greatest diversity among guests, providing a much higher rate of white women and African-American guests than the other programs.

So it’s the diversity thing.  And folks are mad at that? And what does Melissa Harris-Perry’s mother had anything to do with this? I will admit this: I didn’t know that her mother was of Caucasian race. Which means MHP is really mixed. But she is mostly acquainted with her issues and concerns with African-Americans. Sort of like President Barack Obama filled out his Census Form in 2010 and the race section he chose was African-American. And many folks were mad. REALLY?! I had a friend in High School, who I still keep in contact with, is mixed. In middle school, he was around things that were mostly white per say, but when high school came, the angle changed for mostly black. Did that effected me? No. Mainly it was his preference. So I’m not biased nor concerned. He is my classmate from High School who had endured many temptations, and now is fully working for those that had been in his shoes.

Time to learn today, people!