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Dear LA Times; and the readers of the LA Times; and the State of California:

I couldn’t help to say the fact that I happen to read your LA Times Editorial article of us Wisconsinites of trying to Recall our Rookie Governor Scott Walker. But my question is……What does it matter to you? I mean seriously, why would your LA Times Editorial doesn’t want us Badger-maniacs Recall Scott Walker? Obviously, California with all due respect, THIS ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM! OK so you had an issue with one of your former Governors Gary Davis who was recalled to give you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the nod. But like I said, with all do respect, THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Yes, Scott Walker rejected funds to build of what was supposed to be a project of High Speed Rail here in Wisconsin. But mostly overall, he has rejected cowardly our collective bargaining to our unions, and set up one of the worst plans to derail voting privileges in the state. Speaking of Unions, did you know that our state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, weekends off and paid vacations? Maybe NOT! Yes you have heard of us being behind with fast track of transportation, jobs, and far out with unemployment, blacks in prisons more that YOUR state, and also are you still mad that the Wisconsin Badgers Football team BEAT UCLA 3 times? 2 times in the Rose Bowl?!

Look California, this IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!  Stay out. It’s Wisconsin’s fight. Most of us in the state have realized that electing Walker effected all of us badly who work hard, push the clock, everyday! Yes we have it hard here, but we got some good folks who don’t act like Scott Walker like a coward, and having the gall to kill everything in his path. Talk about “borderline utter nonsense.” Our Democratic Party is planning to recall him in November because it’s OUR right as Americans, to fix our leadership in the Governor’s Chair in the state capitol. Oh, did you see our home state jammed packed in Madison who protested against the Budget Repair Bill for a REASON? Our 14 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state like heroes in order to protect and hold off the votes? You may have heard of the quote “putting country before party?” They did. When was the last time YOUR democrats did something like that?! I’m going there!

In conclusion, Walker is Bad. My home-city of Milwaukee, you know the home of Miller Beer, Harley-Davidson and those shows of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, the NL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Wave Soccer, Mr. 3000, Major League, Original home of Bowling, The Blues Brothers (part of the close endings in Milwaukee), Transformers 3, Public Enemies, Marquette University, and the festival that we call Summerfest? Or get this, you know about George Tillman, Jr and Eric Benet right? Guess what? Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! George Tillman, Jr went to my former high named after a Supreme Court Judge, John Marshall. Heather Graham and Gene Wilder – Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! Don’t Hate! Milwaukee knows more about Scott Walker. You are just now reading about him. Milwaukee had 8 years of Walker as a County Executive who did almost the same stuff as he doing as Governor.  So California, Scott Walker IS not Gary Davis, and Gary Davis is no Scott Walker, and yes even our dislike of Scott Walker has reached everyone’s attention, do us Wisconsinites a favor with all do respect in regarding this: BUTT OUT!! Love your state though 🙂

Regards from this Wisconsinite,

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. read a reaction from one of OUR journalists that summarized your editorial