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Did you hear or see the mess coming out of the mouth of Jim Rome lately? This dude just called out every band nation member and declared them as being “dorks”. Really, Jim Rome! Coming from a Sports Commentator! I began to think about this statement and quesiton that is he really commentating bands now! Wrong move dude. Obviously, I think guys like him never seen or been in a Marching Band of anykind just to save face overtime. But guess what Band Nation, as a Band Alumnus, I got something to say as much as the rest.

Dear Marching Band Nation, (and Alumni):

It’s me Stephen. Yes, I’m the black blogger out of the Ill-Mil of Milwaukee.

I have a message for all of the Band Nation folks from Band Alums like me: You are NOT DORKS!

Put that in your mind, you are NOT Dorks!

Yeah, I hear the commentary that Jim Rome said on the news as well as his Twitter Account that he, a Sports Commentator, called you the Band Nation per say, “Dorks.” Let’s review the act of poor commentary, shall we:

“Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?”


Oh, and then he made this swift kick of an apology:

Band nation – I hear you. I was out of line. I apologize. I do not condone bullying of any kind and that was not my intent.

Obviously, there are those who just don’t know what’s up in being or expericing in a Marching Band. Back in the 90’s when I was in the Marshall High School Marching Band in Milwaukee, I never forgotten the pride and feeling to respresent my school, and also the community. I remember getting band awards, and plus a Band Letterman’s Jacket. Yes, 21st Century Band Nation folks: I have a Band Letterman’s Jacket and I’m not making this up. Plus also it was the Marshall Eagles MARCHING Band that got my confidence, my new aligned skills, and plus a new sense of heart! I will admit my marching skills kind of sucked in my Freshmen Year, but between Sophomore and Senior Year, I practiced and I got my skills on with the rest of the Eagles at the time. Don’t forget, this was the 1990’s. And I think those of you in the “Band Nation” were even in diapers, or learning to walk many moons years ago. Or many of you weren’t even alive.

Plus also in my “Band Nation” days, many of the “haters” I encountered called us a bunch of squares. They say we sucked. But when Homecoming and Football Season came, we had our respect. The Milwaukee John Marshall Eagles Band had a mantra of this: T.B.D.B.I.M which meant The Best D**n Band In Milwaukee. We were pushed, disciplined, worked hard, and engaged many in our areas of our skills and craft. Which is still instilled in my music skills today on special occasions. Plus we even had Color Guards, Cheerleaders, and my former Principal marching with us!

Now for those of now, in the Band Nation: whenever someone of anyone feels that you being in the band feels you’re a bunch of dorks running around with instruments, just shut them up. Shut them up with your skills, talents, the hard work of your band directors, you commitment, your knowledge and also bring your A Game! Bring it! Oh, yes folks will lash out at you and call you every name in the book. But don’t you ever let that stop you and continue to represent your school or college as if you own it!

Even the UW Band for UW Madison gets hated on, but hey, they still play. I see other bands from Down South, (HBCU Bands) yes they do get down, but I’ll bet they had their haterism planted and still kept marching. And plus even other bands like our Military, Police, and others who march in parades and special occassions probably heard all the hate, but still they kept marching. Just like anything else, there will be haters. And haters will hate with nothing to complain and criticize. So yes haters, Band folks do matter! Even Alums like me also matter for support and knows all the dedication and hard work you guys put in. And not only that, pure heart of excellence.

Yeah, Jim Rome said sorry. But I think it wasn’t good enough for him to understand of the mantra of being committed to and learn from any type of a marching band overall.

Keep marching!