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It’s time for that three way dance. That dance I’ll go on a three way in sense of not foxtrotting, nor cha-chaing. With the subjects at hand, I’ll get in the action promptly as usual.

This past Monday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel unveiled the jobs numbers in which Scott Walker claimed that the state gain within the past two years. Keep in mind that he was and is still pressing on the idea of getting 250,000 private sector jobs in the Badger State. And we know that is not working! He claims on the site in which he comments: “Wisconsin has seen its best two-year job growth in a decade.” I call Bull on that. During those two years, after Doyle left office, Wisconsin started to lose jobs, not gaining.

Here is a sample from the story:

To examine the decade, we’ll use the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, a thorough jobs count that economists, state and federal jobs officials and the Walker administration agree is the most accurate source. The figures, based on reports from more than 90% of public and private employers, are gathered by the state, then adjusted and published by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The latest state-by-state figures through 2012 came out in mid-2013, prompting Walker to highlight the state’s improvement from 44th in job-creation to 33rd among the states.

Walker’s new campaign claim isn’t specific to private-sector jobs or all jobs, so we’ll examine both the private world and the broader employment picture, including government jobs, though we note that Walker’s 250,000 promise was for the private side only.

We went back to 2002 to get enough data to measure the changes in the last decade, so the baseline was the final year of Republican Gov. Scott McCallum’s brief tenure. The 2003-2010 figures belong to the era of Walker’s predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

The most important number is 62,082 — that’s how many more private-sector jobs existed at the end of December 2012 compared to the end of December 2010 — the first two years of the Walker era. Walker was sworn in Jan. 3, 2011.

Is it the best two-year period in the last decade?

Wisconsin actually lost ground at times in the decade, most notably in 2008 and 2009 amid the worst effects of the prolonged national downturn dubbed the Great Recession. From the end of 2007 to the end of 2009, the private job tally in Wisconsin fell by a whopping 175,000 — a drop of 7 percent.

Doyle, we found, can’t claim a better two-year period than Walker’s 62,082 gain in private-sector jobs.

But there is a two-year period that tops that — December 2009 to December 2011, when the private jobs count jumped by 63,458.

That period encompasses Doyle’s final year in office and Walker’s first, both of which came after the official end of the recession in mid-2009.

The state’s employment turnaround began in 2010, Doyle’s final year, when the count jumped by more than 33,600, mirroring national gains. It has continued under Walker, though at a slightly slower pace in raw numbers. By comparison, the gains in Walker’s first two years were 29,800 and 32,282, respectively.

What about the broader job count, including both the private and public sectors?

We found two earlier periods that top Walker’s two-year mark on the combined total of private and public-sector jobs. The Walker-era total was 53,564. Before the recession, from the end of 2003 to the end of 2005 — in Doyle’s era — the job count grew by 58,062. The other total that topped 2011-12 was post-recession, in the Doyle-Walker period of 2010 and 2011.

The bottom line here: Walker’s campaign claim falls short.

Well it seems all that talk about getting the so-called Private Sector Jobs of 250,000 is just imaginary. Really it is. As of right now, like the article said: the job count was around around 62,000-plus. Meaning that the total is just 1/4 or a quarter of his 250,000 objective. I said it before and I’ll say it again: HE WILL NEVER GET to 250,000! Period. If Walker wanted 250,000 in a different manner, the state would be booming like it’s Jim Doyle’s Last Term. – Which has more jobs raking in than Walker’s imaginary turn. Hey walker backers: Wanna see how many jobs are popping up the right way? Reference President Obama. Just saying. He’s putting in more jobs than Walker! Speaking of that, let’s review EXACTLY how many jobs the current administration made since 2009 and 2012 courtesy of

Jobs chart

Now let’s see.  It was around what? 5.6 Million. And Walker had 62,000+ in his first two. Do the ratio, students.  And according to in the first quarter of 2013, when Obama got in the chair (YET AGAIN), the job numbers were at 1,564,000. And Walker?!!!! Hmmm…….It just hit me on the head: I think Scott Walker needs to have is a little “Barack Obama” in him in terms of getting the jobs!

Now: Let’s talk Al Jazeera America. No really. Let’s do it.

If those paid attention to the newscasts of the live shows and recorded pre information of the anchors, plus also there is a Milwaukee Connection with Al Jazeera America by the name of Sarah Hoye. Remember that name Milwaukee? Back in the day, for those who don’t know, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel used to have a weekly publication called “MKE”. It was a publication in which that displayed stories through the younger citizens and reporters of Milwaukee. Some worked for the Journal. And yes, Sarah Hoye was one of them. Al Jazeera America, or in twitterland its called “@ajam”, is geared to news that is alternative to Fox News, The Blaze (which is Glenn Beck Ridden) and mostly MSNBC. Al Jazeera America is also gearing their news that is less celebrity coverage, less of the coverage that overshadowing, but also is enhancing the news that most don’t usually get to see. Nor when the media forgot to cover in a home sense. Since the station launched yesterday, as of today, yes it’s got pretty good reviews. But likewise, there are those who had to put their liberties of hate. What do I mean by that: go to the Al Jazeera America page on Twitter and all the literal Bull about them being so propagandist towards Muslims favorable of the channel, and a new commentary about former VP Al Gore selling Current TV to Al Jazeera America in which most remember that it was the same station that broadcasted 9/11 from the other side. But that was “AL JAZEERA!” not AL JAZEERA AMERICA! And the Twitter folks who say, “America is sleeping with the enemy.” All because of the launch of Al Jazeera America.

I have to comment: #AMERICANSPLEASE!

I’ll bet they are the same Americans who all “gung ho” with guns, hate blacks, can’t trust Muslims, or other ethnics. Or in this case, can’t relate what most Americans feel that its a colorblind society. Yeah I said it! Every tweet that came in on Twitter about the hate on Al Jazeera America, I had to laugh. Yeah I’m laughing at these yahoos that think Glenn Beck is the answer-man. We know where his mind is: WACKED UP! They say that The Blaze is for real Americans? I put that on my “yeah right” list. The Blaze is no where near where Al Jazeera America, nor MSNBC is. I’m a “real American” that doesn’t watch nor pay attention to Right Wing Crap like The Blaze and Fox News.  Those who went in on AL Jazeera America are just making noise without thought! And if those on Twitter had to gumption to make themselves foolish, oh yeah, they have been exposed. Just shut up and watch. If you don’t like it, don’t talk, email, Facebook, Tweet, or anything else that! Just change the freaking channel! How hard is that?!!!! Or better yet, in the words of some facebook/twitter folks, I may sound harsh, but I’m going to say it: #deleteyourself!

Will Al Jazeera America make it? Only time will tell. But yes, I’ll still watch the MSNBC’s like Tamron Hall, Karen Finney, PoliticsNation, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Ed Schultz. And soon to be TVOne’s News One Now with Roland Martin. Don’t call me a fan of “AJAM” yet! Give me time folks.  Plus would I watch some of the News and or specials on Al Jazeera America  and give it a comment on my own? Don’t be surprised if I do.

And finally: Republicans. Do me a favor. Can the Elephants, or the party that claimed that Lincoln freed the slaves do me one tiny favor: SIT DOWN and SHUT UP! Now about Obamacare:  they can vote up to take down Obamacare all they want, but the fact remains it’s deadlocked. Not happening! These dudes in the Republican Controlled congress voted 40 times to try to declare an end to Obamacare. Just a FYI: Obamacare starts October 1st or later. And this party will not bury it! If they don’t do that way, the issue of a Government Shutdown might happen in which the red squad were big losers when Clinton was running the show. Hmmmmm………Republicans: you want this again? Like 1995? Just a reminder: 2014 is around the corner and some of you will lose your seats! Go ahead. You think that will solve dumping Obama? And that impeachment idea? Impeach him for what?!!!! All because of healthcare, equal pay, Jobs (in which Congress failed to pass) Sunny the newest member of the Obama dog crew with Bo? Guess what? Not going to happen. Not will happen!  Just face facts, Republicans, Obamacare is coming, and I’ll bet that the fear of the President and Impeachment will not get moved out . You want an impeachment? Impeach John Boenher. Impeach Mitch McConnell. Impeach Ted Cruz. Impeach Scott Walker. Impeach Eric Cantor. Impeach Paul Ryan. (Yeah, Wisconsin I said it!) Impeach Clarence Thomas. Impeach Scalia, and Impeach every single Tea Party Member, or those wannabes that are all talk about having Voter ID’s, redistricting the voting areas, being all christian and still kill, cutting off medicaid, slashing education, helping the Koch Brothers, or putting America in debt on two wars that most are still paying for! And that most is us Tax Payers. Wise up, Americans. There’s your impeachment ideas! And impeaching Obama is not nor ever will be an option.

Give it up! The more they talk, fill in the blank.

Let me give a shout out to the New York Times for posting this article: How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?

Alot of you outside of the state must be really asking the question, “what is going on there?” ” Why are you all so like this?” Not to make a mockery of anything but we ask ourselves this everyday. In relation to what has been happening within the past year under the current administration, and those feel that this a civil war among those favoring left and right, and those who feel that being behind is the best thing going, then Wisconsin, I need to say this as a resident: WE NEED TO CHANGE OURSELVES NOW!!!!! Find a church to get saved and get saved now.

Politically, the events within the past year have really ravaged this state. All beginning with the installation of Walker, and the tearing down the hardworking traditions, and important reminders that this state once stood for. Remember our slogan: FORWARD. Not Backward.

Now since the country knows about us, there might be something that we have to understand: At times we shake hands and stab each other in the back. I hate to be a picky citizen, but this is real talk. And the recent politics of taking away rights is showing. I also know that those involved in unions and agree with Walker of stripping most of collective bargaining is stupid. Yes, I said it. As a former union member myself,  I have to say that is the most unethical strategy on the planet! How can some in the state (or those in the 39% households) call themselves “union members” and agree on stripping most of the collective bargaining rights? I don’t get that. That should be shameful in my view. And as far as education, don’t get me started! For BadgerCare and the status of the poor, again don’t get me started!

Here in Milwaukee, I think we felt dissed when Scott Walker said that “we don’t want the state to be like Milwaukee”. Really?! You know I think that he needs to retract that statement. Oh yes, I’m going there! Let’s not forget that Scott Walker was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. Most of what he did then, effects the state now. The same when Tommy Thompson once said “stick it to Milwaukee”. So this tells me that the state wants to distance itself from Milwaukee? Despite of the unemployment rate in all? Most of that effects African-Americans? It doesn’t matter if you follow the liberal side or the conservative side. You know there is a consciousness surrounding the aspects of it. But when those think that in a sense, it’s becoming apparent that those fear Milwaukee in terms of this matter. Whether is likeable or not, Wisconsin NEEDS Milwaukee and Milwaukee NEEDS Wisconsin, in order to succeed.

Oh speaking of going slow or being behind. That IS NOT the Wisconsin Way. Labeling things that are boondoggles IS NOT THE WISCONSIN WAY! Stripping rights away due to gender, race, creed, class, education, preference in all IS NOT THE WISCONSIN WAY! Let’s say that you got a table that you put your food on every Sunday dinner. And the questions have to come out of asking why. In a demeanor sense. Most of us need to remind ourselves that if hadn’t been for those that BUILT the table, none of us wouldn’t be using it today in terms of traditions. That is what the unions reminds me of in terms of Wisconsin in keep that tradition alive. Not shoving it into the trash like yesterday’s garbage. Or a thing of the past. How is this teaching our kids in terms of respecting tradition?

Some say that Wisconsin needs a revival. Or in this case one of those “come to Jesus meetings”. Scott Walker and his administration, including Reggie Newson needs a “come to Jesus meeting” in terms of the so-called slogan “Open for Business”.  PLEASE ON THAT. I was listening to a Radio report provided by WUWM here in Milwaukee, and it was concerning  Talgo. Technically as well known the company was supposed to be apart of the future High Speed Rail project with Milwaukee and Madison. But after the deal was signed, Walker came in and scrapped it. Wasting away not only $800+ Million Dollars, but also in my estimation an opportunity to get passed up all because of the politics labeling things that are wouldn’t work. Or in another sense: boondoggles. And a waste of jobs. So technically the Administration doesn’t care about a lick about new opportunities that most feel that don’t work along with the fans of support. What a drag. All because of politics.  And after what has happened to Talgo so far, what will THAT say about Wisconsin in terms of business? Most I think would be linked to “Scott Walker’s toxic politics” in terms of what business does Wisconsin wants and not what it needs. So I’m assuming that building a new McDonalds in Milwaukee or Green Bay may be acceptable than investing in a factory to be restored for trains, or airplane parts in Grant County? – COME ON WISCONSIN!

Now I mentioned on a previous blog that yes, Jim Doyle made setbacks during his term. But why wasn’t he recalled? Answer that, Conservatives. Just saying. And Milwaukee, if Mayor Tom Barrett is that bad, then why wasn’t HE recalled? Hmmmm, ponder that!

It’s time to step up and let the country know that we Wisconsinites want to be open to all businesses and ideas without the toxic politics. Should that be the Wisconsin Way? If not, I don’t know what is.

I have love for the badger state. I do. But like Frederick Douglass once said that “a true patriot is a lover for his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it sins!” And the I rebuke the actions, (negative actions) of those who feel this way!

Dear Wisconsin:

Remember last year when the then soon to be Governor Walker didn’t want to the High Speed Rail money nor the high speed rail to run between Madison and Milwaukee? Remember all of that? Now it comes to part after a year later, the now Rookie Governor made a terrible mistake by NOT accepting the rail money to build the High Speed Rail. Matter of fact, he should of left it alone. But no, thanks to his backwards thinking, and that talk about run away government spending, the State of Wisconsin will foot the bill of more than 84 Million Dollars  for years to come. Plus more.

Really Wisconsinites? Are we that short sighted? Other states have told us, even the states that bet against us that this should have been kept to invest here! Now after all of this, and I still need the Right Wing Manics to ask this: What about the jobs? Since then, the rail cash has dissapeard to other states like Illinois and California and yes, we had to get laughed at like educational dropouts without any reason to drop out. And I thought the Collective Barganing Rights elimination thing was just as bad.

Lots of you are probably asking why this? “Oh we made our decision by not taking the rail money”, and I’m gonna stop right there. First of all, I wasn’t one of the Tea Party Manics who wanted Walker to “Obey the will of the voters”. That was his fan base. And since there was talk about provding jobs, at least 250,000 of them, it appears that is not going to happen!

So I’m asking this as a Wisconsin Resident of 35 years (by the way, the birthday was December 5th) , What’s up? Where are all the Charlie Sykes folks at? The Vicki McKennas, the Mark Bellings, oh, I should say the James T. Harris folks at? Huh?!!! Where are you? I guess that all that talk really some of you quiet huh? All of that should have got you questioning like of what next?

Like I said 13 times this year: I told you so! And I think those who had been saying this also in this year in another form of shape have said the same thing. And from what I’ve heard about the Walker Recall, right now, it’s about 300,000+ signatures. And for those who kept saying that teachers are being paid too much, you really need a reality check that everyone is in the struggle. I have family and community folks who are retired educators and can tell more about this more than the average “tea partier/republican fan”. Oh believe me, I know.

Lots of folks that used to live in Wisconsin are departing all because of this. And some of you thought that Jim Doyle was bad. Walker, even worse. Don’t forget, he was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. And what he did then, affects now. If only Tom Barrett would have gotten the governor’s chair in Madison, none of this, would’ve taken place.

In conclusion, when the year of 2011 is closing up shop, don’t expect me to put Walker in the bad list and the unions in the good list for obvious reasons.


Stephen’s Spot

Yep. Wisconsin: what did I tell you? I told you so! They say that “elections has consequences”. We know what they are. Don’t trip or fool yourself because the nation, or better yet the world is watching what’s going on in the ill-badger state. Why I’m saying ill? Four words: Rookie Governor Scott Walker. I can name others in three words: Attacking the unions. Or let me get these words out of the way in four: No High Speed Rail. And just to think, that I’m happy that the now infamous “Wisconsin 14” – aka Wisconsin Democratic Senators led by the likes of Lena Taylor and Spencer Coggs, did something that most were afraid to do: put country BEFORE party. Or this case: put the citizens before government! And also: RECALL? You (the citizens of the other side)  want to recall the Wisconsin 14 just because they skipped their jobs? Well OK, the average person would be fired or suspended for missing work. But  you know what? In a sense, they are doing their job! Even if it’s in a undisclosed location! I think those who are doing and promoting these Recalls against the 14, are just mere jealous that  they are getting the attention than someone in NY (No offense, New York).

Now to comment those who think that they should be fired just for leaving the job, that’s your opinion. I think the “Wisconsin 14” should be commended for taking a huge sacrifice for their work in protest. They did it peacefully, and unselfishly pulled a huge upset in derailing a vote for Scott Walker. To you “Walker Manics”, yeah, you high paid big business, shipping jobs overseas, Koch Brothers Fans loving, boondoggle calling High Speed Rail, unethical values of so-called Americans, how does it feel to have a “slight derailment” ? Are you the fans who rightfully asked “where are the jobs?” like John Boehner?

  • How does it feel to have our local teachers, firefighters, police, street sweepers, medical, municipal workers, and more protesting against the decisions that this “rookie governor” has made? Madison hasn’t had noise like this since the Badgers WON a rose bowl.
  • How does it feel to have young teens, and young children have to look and listen of our democracy in Wisconsin politics in action KNOWINGLY, they will remember?
  • How does it feel to have MSNBC host Ed Schultz to come to Madison for a week, and talk to those who lives RIGHT NOW are being threatened by the rookie governor?
  • How does it feel to have Faith-Based organizations like the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church weighing in of this so-called take over and knowing pastors state wide that their ministries in the pulpit maybe over?
  • How does it feel to see college students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison after all the book lessons, now having a chance to test of what they were taught in those study halls, college classrooms, dorm-rooms, fraternity and sorority groups, and many other political or community service areas on campus (AND OFF CAMPUS)?
  • How does it feel to have Rev. Jesse Jackson coming to Madison and cheering on the protesters and stating that this is “a Martin Luther King Moment?” – I mean this is Black History Month.
  • How does it feel that this party of  compassionate Americans can finally say “Enough is Enough against this so-called new Tea-Bagging Elected moronic jobbers? That’s right I said it.

How does it feel?

Doesn’t feel very good doesn’t it? It kind of hurts doesn’t it? It’s turning to sour grapes, and the taste is beginning to turn bitter. Yes WalkerManics this is what happens when keeping it real, (like the rookie governor) goes to far. If Scott Walker were to be a real politician of the people, he has to LISTEN to the people. Not you people. The people of the state that might tell him to hang on a second, not cool. Alot of you had to put up with rhetoric of Jim Doyle during his 8 years and you refused Russ Feingold to move forward, and not giving Tom Barrett a chance. We should be a better state than this, and well you made it even worse, by getting on the Brown Bag/Tea Party Movement of the now “rookie governor” and making it look messy. Paul Ryan once commented that Wisconsin’s view of the protests “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days” In his view of a riot.  Really Paul? Obviously, your home state is split down the center and morely the rookie governor is at fault because of the sound bites of boondoggles.

Since I’m going back to resume my Black History Month Segments, Barbara Jordan, once commented during her tenure in congress that “Let us heed the voice of the people and recognize their common sense. If we do not, we not only blaspheme our political heritage, we ignore the common ties that bind all Americans.” Martin Luther King, Jr once stated before his assassination in Memphis,  about blacks straighten up their backs and “realizing that a man cannot ride your back unless it is bent.”

To those in my home state protesting, continue to straighten the backs of justice. Continue to straighten the backs of those who are crooked with mindsets and objectives. Continue to straighten the backs of those that you need to lookout the most: And most of you have them right now. The next players in training,  I’m referring to your kids, your retirement, and anything else you want to hold dear.


In my continuing story of the Wisconsin Rail Project stoppage, I read some of the editorials on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website today. It appears that there are some or most who feel that High Speed Rail will never work in the Badger State. Obviously that is true. Only because it has never tried! What is the deal, Wisconsin?! Dang, I have never seen so many lack of self-confidence, closed-minded folks in my life. I don’t care what color you are. Maybe I should move to Illinois  just to keep pace with the rest of the 21st Century and write a book entitled: Boondoggles! Why Wisconsin will never catch up with America. (Don’t be sorry if I wrote the book!)

I don’t see Illinois, nor NY, California and Washington State calling this a Boondoggle. Why is this? They get it! SIMPLE. They are going to have more access to jobs, infrastructural ideals, tourism, business, and recreational stuff. And where will Wisconsin be? Don’t ask.

However, this has been answered too many times. “Oh it’s a boondoggle, it will never work.” Gimme a Break. Let me tell you a story: When I was in college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, I took a course in Organizational Leadership. And there was a subject about good behavior in leadership as well as bad leadership. Also here’s is thought I truly remember: measurement drives behavior. When you have a leader that is good, everyone follows that leader that makes them feel great, feel inspired. However, the opposite, not very bright. and kind of lets the team down. Wisconsin has had good Governors and bad Governors on both sides. And I think potentially, Scott Walker is approaching to be that Governor tends to be good, but have more “bad reputations”. Take a look at his records of jobs, transportation, and county senior centers. All of those he cut. And with the recent act of stupidity with Talgo, the jobs are automatically cut and the company will move out. Even Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson can never figure that out on Countdown!

I think the “Tea Party Voters” or Scott Walker’s Voters will regret November 2nd. That’s right I said it! Despite of Jim Doyle’s failures and his success stories he wasn’t that bad. Take a guy like Scott Walker who never finished college and has to make a decree of 250,000 jobs, while cutting at least 5,000 or more going into his first term is extremely dangerous.

Now I want to ask the Charlie Sykes Fans, the Mark Belling, James T. Harris, Vicki McKenna Fans one simple question: What should go there in the old A.O. Smith/Tower Automotive plant area?!! And also, why are these republican conservative fans stating that Talgo is racist?  When was the last time that they researched Dresser Waukesha that had a settlement case reviewed and finished because they refused to hire African-Americans in Wisconsin. I don’t see James T. Harris answering that! He needs to get off that Conservative Charlie Sykes Base and come on out. Disappointing. Even The Milwaukee Drum needs to be on his case. Where was Mark Belling on this? Or how come Charlie Sykes didn’t comment that on Sunday Insight? And where was Scott Walker on this issue? NOWHERE!

Getting back to my story, Wisconsin must get rid of this boondoggle attitude. This is one of the things that consumes this state and us as residents. It’s time that Wisconsinites need to find Jesus. Not Aaron Rodgers. Not Brandon Jennings. Not J.J. Watt. Not Ryan Braun. Not any of the Milwaukee Admirals, or the Milwaukee Wave Players. Don’t even think about calling 1290WMCS with Earl Ingram , or V100 with Bailey Coleman or Reggie Brown. Or going on Real Milwaukee with Cassandra McShepard or Tony Clark. Or appearing on TV with Mike Gousha. Or meeting with Mayor Tom Barrett, Russ Feingold, Barbara Toles, Spencer Coggs, or any Coggs family member, Or Jim Sensenbrenner, Jim Doyle, Tommy Thompson, and Paul Ryan, or Sean from Real World Boston who is now a republican candidate for Wisconsin, or Bango the Buck, Bernie Brewer, Willie G, or going to battle with me. Wisconsin Needs JESUS to straighten up! Not the Tea Party, nor Progressive Parties.

Yes, Wisconsin and High Speed Rail Systems can work, ONLY if Wisconsin can have the will and attitude to forge it. Obviously those who oppose High Speed Rail in a boondoggle manner, are just scared punks. Or this reminds me of those who want things to stay the same, and those who want to change. Those who want things to stay and pass it along to the next generation, usually are going to die! That’s right Rail Haters of the Badger State or boondoggle lovers. You continue to say “it will never work” and you’ll die with “it will never work” on your tombstones. Hate to say it. And Scott Walker will be right there with you going six feet under. Did I mention that your children are looking that this? If this is the way you are teaching your kids, (that I may have to tell them to just say no on the street), you are doing a horrible job with this lacking self-confidence with the negativity. And those who want to change, usually come to a point where the old stuff isn’t working, the new stuff has to come in. I’ll admit: change is hard, but it’s needy for the better.

This is why I believe Wisconsin is a tail-end state. And will continue to be a tail-end state of getting behind. Sort of like education. Most here don’t have a College Degree (like Scott Walker) while a few of us have Associates, Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s Degrees. That’s right a few. Also like where do the young black talent hang out? Young enough to be employed, in college, or in the real world in the struggle. Again and again, I read and hear about the Brain-Drain effect. That I’m starting to believe. If this does not teach us, (us as in Wisconsinites) to change and to attract younger talent, it will be like a thing of the past or haunt-able. And you can’t blame them. The failure is YOURS! Your “Boondoggle Attitude/It Will Not Work Philosophy” will be on your deathbeds. Did I mention that Milwaukee has a hard time trying to get Hip-Hop Noticed?

Bill Cosby was here in Milwaukee in 2004 when he said these words: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Well, Wisconsin, we are a state that have been put on notice too many times. We did it to ourselves, and no one to blame but ourselves.

In regarding High Speed Rail, this would have been a good opportunity for the state to invest. However, there are those who are just short-sighted and anti-social  to understand. Especially if a new governor like Scott Walker coming into the fold, that believes that same objective. SHAMEFUL!

Rail will never work in Wisconsin, huh? That’s not just a laugh. It’s a problem with attitude, and politics. Which is Beyond Shameful.


Congratulations, Wisconsin.

Let me say that one more time.

Congratulations, Wisconsin………………………….. For being shameful!

Just today that the Feds, Secretary Ray LaHood, and the Obama Administration will pull the 810 Million from the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, and will be redistributed to other states like Illinois, California and Florida. Plus other states too. But the low blow burner of all of this, is that Wisconsin will get $2 Million to upgrade the Hiawatha  Amtrak Rail Line from Illinois to Wisconsin.

I know that in my 34 years of life, I  have never seen this coming. I thought I would be able to at least to have a chance to see and experience High Speed Rail in my own state. Apparently, something told me that this would not be a deciding factor. And I think I know why that is. Personally, I know who is the blame for this and I’m going down the list to see who I feel would put the blame on.

First, I blame Scott Walker. Simply because he’s the one that originally wanted to have a rail system impletemented in the first place, during his earlier career jobs. But thanks to his “backwards” thinking in all, along with the “will of the voters” he’s going to regret this day the most, by buying into the bureaucratic talk of fear, and just negativity. He says he’s about the state is “open for business”, but what now about the state that closed a business?!

I also blame Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson. The man who really wanted this to happen since the 1990’s, and since Scott Walker wanted to be governor so bad, he back peddled the thought of using the rail money for roads instead.

Third, I hate to say it Jim Doyle. He made an error of halting the project during the campaign, and leaving it up to Scott Walker. And yes, he wanted to move the state in the 21st Century-esque vision. But apparently the lowest move I think, was leaving it up to the Governor-Elect. And additionally the Tea Party of Wisconsin that don’t get it at all.

Fourth – I hate to say this. The people of Wisconsin, along with the attitiudes of boondongles. This is what happens when you mix your own attitudes and stubborness remarks. What is this about this state that can’t do nothing and making an assumption that it’s a boondongle, or it will never work? For the first time in my 34 years, I am about to say the words that I thought I would never say. I am ashamed, suprised and concerned as a resident. Very concerned. This would have been a great deal if the so-called people wouldn’t just act so scared and petrified over the talk about having High Speed Rail. I don’t see Illinois, California, Minnesota, or any other state complaining about this. Simply because THEY GET IT! They have more deals than Wisconsin and Ohio, but my question is…what is Wisconsin’s problem? What is Wisconsin’s problem of getting to attract new businesses or new products to the residents? I don’t know what it is. Just another “boondongle mentality attitude” ? Already the state is behind on other things like High Speed Rail. Such as fashion, and I dare say Hip-Hop. That’s right I said it!

Remember when Scott Walker said that “Wisconsin is open for business?” He lied. Walker has been a liar since 2002 and all you have to do, is refer to the things he took away in Milwaukee County that are transporatable: Think about the Milwaukee County Transit System. Cutting bus routes and raising bus fares.  And the scary part? He got paid. The senior centers (or some) cutting them or closing them, and getting the paycheck.  Also I did mention that he never finished college? Never got that degree? Talk about being uneducated. See that’s the problem, Wisconsin. You see things that are uneducated at times while remaining stubborn. Alot of us are probably going to die here by not changing for the better. And we can’t blame nobody but ourselves. Or should I say that “boondoggle attitude”! And yes, Talgo will go to another state despite of the deciding factors of our potential new leadership. SHAMEFUL!

If the Milwaukee-Madison High Speed Rail were to return to Wisconsin, and it would be affordable, would it ride? So I hope that the uneducated crazies in the Badger State, can enjoy their tainted victory. Because that’s all it was. Tainted.

Ok here goes. I’m going to unleash of what I feel about this potential project for our State. If you must know, the state is Wisconsin, and recently, most of us elected Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate, and for the Govenror’s chair: Scott Walker. The first priority of the so-called Governor elect is to kill the rail project that he feels that it’s “run away government spending”. No one will ride it. I say: Really? This is the same guy who couldn’t cut his way up to Marquette University and graduate with  a bachelor’s degree over 20 years ago. As Milwaukee County Executive, yes, he was somewhat good in the beginning by helping out, but something changed later in 2002: Scott Walker dumped the ideas of transportation by eliminating some of the bus routes, raising bus fares, and closing some county related senior centers. Although he had cut taxes in his proposals in all, but some had to raised. This is the same guy who absorbed the negative energy from the so-called Tea Party when Michelle Malkin was here several months ago talking about “taking back America”. I ask Wisconsin again: is this the real deal of getting our state back in motion again? Is Scott Walker really responsible of getting us state residents to “Believe in Wisconsin Again?” & “Wisconsin is open for business?” Yes, I believe in Wisconsin too, but I don’t believe in Wisconsin of lagging behind with the rest of the country. – Which is not businesslike.

About the rails: Of all the obejctives in his agenda, the now-Governor Elect want to kill the train project. He like many others in this state feel it’s a “boondoggle” in terms of it would not work, and no one will ride it in all. I have a question about that so called statement. How are you going to kill a project nor an idea that hasn’t been tried yet? HOW?!!!!!! Those who make statements like that, are just jumping the gun. Making assumptions of what those should hear than experience. And also it’s breathing laziness and bad behavior. Wow Wisconsin!

Already, Wisconsin is getting some national and regional attention about this project and we’re already getting laughed at, cussed at, and also dissed about our so-called Governor Elect and his so-called “People of Wisconsin” of dissing the Federal dollars for the rail project. That also tells us that we Wisconsinites are just petrified of making things anew. Sort of like fashion and hip hop music – which are locally related that is.

There was a time that Wisconsinites dreamed big. Faced opposition. Faced negativity, red tape and also willing to move FORWARD. Take 1996 for example: This was about saving the Milwaukee Brewers. Remember that? I remembered if the Brewers hadn’t built the stadium, Miller Park, they would move out of Milwaukee and relocate to another team name. What was the words that the fans chanted? Oh….what was that? I know that my memory has some cloudy effects: Wait, wait, wait! I know. Build it now!

Remember that Wisconsin? BUILD IT NOW!

The same motivation that carried when the against George Petak.  -BUILD IT NOW!

The same motiviation that carried for folks who wanted to have jobs working for TGI Fridays in the stadium. Remember that?! – BUILD IT NOW!

The same motivation for trying to get Milwaukee on the map for tourist attractions in all – BUILD IT NOW!

In my almost 34 years as a resident of this great state, I’ve seen setbacks, false starts, and now “boondongles”.  As a resident I feel to compelled to say this, “I’m Ashamed”. I’m totally ashamed of the folks who are an example of lagging behind. Wisconsin at times was a “daring state”. Daring to be different. Daring to change. But apparently, that has to be a thing of the past. On the flip side, at times we dared in some areas for tourists and interests. Now to question those who might question me: Are you going to ride the “Madison-Milwaukee” train if it becomes built in all? The answer: of course. Just to get a chance to leave my GT Pontiac Grand Prix at home so I can visit the state capital in a day or so. What’s wrong with that? And what’s wrong with the scenario of actually taking alternative transporation to Madison? What about using it to go to UW-Stout, my alma mater (distance education), Minneapolis, etc. What’s wrong with that?! NOTHING!

I’m sure about well who’s going to pay about 30 bucks a ticket round trip? – I ask is there going to be discounts, specials, what?!!! Hook a brother up!

At least for once, Congresswoman Gwen Moore is still in the house on this issue. She feels that this Talgo/Rail Project thing would boost Wisconsin’s employment opportunities. Specifcally here in Milwaukee where it’s ranked number 4 on being a poorest city. – On that, you can put the blame on the democrats all you want. But the republicans like Scott Walker, Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, and others would share the blame too. That’s right I said it!

If Scott Walker were to be a real politican, here’s what I want to see. I want to see him, Gwen Moore, Ray LaHood, Tom Barrett, President Obama, Jim Doyle, Tommy Thompson, Frank Busalacchi, Russ Feingold (I know he was defeated in all) getting together along with this project – with the public. Since Scott Walker was all about that the people of Wisconsin don’t want this project to commence, I say he needs to listen to those who want to see this happen. He should talk to those who have been laid off, fired from work, those who are still seeking employment, making ends meet, those who are in college studying engineering, those who really feel that this rail project should happen HERE! Talk to those in the African American Community also! Talk to those who currently have a job now with Talgo and how it benefits their families. With all do respect to NY, Florida, and Illinois they’re all good states. But we need to hype up our own state. Look at it this way, if Wisconsin can save Harley-Davidson, we can save this. I never thought I say this, but put in the Republicans who WANT TO SEE HIGH SPEED RAILS BUILT in America. Including Wisconsin! There, I said it!

However, if we don’t continue this to happen, this would be a prime example of why Wisconsin can’t move FORWARD with the rest of America. Which in the eyes of the other states, would be shameful that Wisconsin can’t get it done. And those would share the blame would goes towards everybody in the state. Including Scott Walker.