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In my continuing story of the Wisconsin Rail Project stoppage, I read some of the editorials on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website today. It appears that there are some or most who feel that High Speed Rail will never work in the Badger State. Obviously that is true. Only because it has never tried! What is the deal, Wisconsin?! Dang, I have never seen so many lack of self-confidence, closed-minded folks in my life. I don’t care what color you are. Maybe I should move to Illinois  just to keep pace with the rest of the 21st Century and write a book entitled: Boondoggles! Why Wisconsin will never catch up with America. (Don’t be sorry if I wrote the book!)

I don’t see Illinois, nor NY, California and Washington State calling this a Boondoggle. Why is this? They get it! SIMPLE. They are going to have more access to jobs, infrastructural ideals, tourism, business, and recreational stuff. And where will Wisconsin be? Don’t ask.

However, this has been answered too many times. “Oh it’s a boondoggle, it will never work.” Gimme a Break. Let me tell you a story: When I was in college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, I took a course in Organizational Leadership. And there was a subject about good behavior in leadership as well as bad leadership. Also here’s is thought I truly remember: measurement drives behavior. When you have a leader that is good, everyone follows that leader that makes them feel great, feel inspired. However, the opposite, not very bright. and kind of lets the team down. Wisconsin has had good Governors and bad Governors on both sides. And I think potentially, Scott Walker is approaching to be that Governor tends to be good, but have more “bad reputations”. Take a look at his records of jobs, transportation, and county senior centers. All of those he cut. And with the recent act of stupidity with Talgo, the jobs are automatically cut and the company will move out. Even Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson can never figure that out on Countdown!

I think the “Tea Party Voters” or Scott Walker’s Voters will regret November 2nd. That’s right I said it! Despite of Jim Doyle’s failures and his success stories he wasn’t that bad. Take a guy like Scott Walker who never finished college and has to make a decree of 250,000 jobs, while cutting at least 5,000 or more going into his first term is extremely dangerous.

Now I want to ask the Charlie Sykes Fans, the Mark Belling, James T. Harris, Vicki McKenna Fans one simple question: What should go there in the old A.O. Smith/Tower Automotive plant area?!! And also, why are these republican conservative fans stating that Talgo is racist?  When was the last time that they researched Dresser Waukesha that had a settlement case reviewed and finished because they refused to hire African-Americans in Wisconsin. I don’t see James T. Harris answering that! He needs to get off that Conservative Charlie Sykes Base and come on out. Disappointing. Even The Milwaukee Drum needs to be on his case. Where was Mark Belling on this? Or how come Charlie Sykes didn’t comment that on Sunday Insight? And where was Scott Walker on this issue? NOWHERE!

Getting back to my story, Wisconsin must get rid of this boondoggle attitude. This is one of the things that consumes this state and us as residents. It’s time that Wisconsinites need to find Jesus. Not Aaron Rodgers. Not Brandon Jennings. Not J.J. Watt. Not Ryan Braun. Not any of the Milwaukee Admirals, or the Milwaukee Wave Players. Don’t even think about calling 1290WMCS with Earl Ingram , or V100 with Bailey Coleman or Reggie Brown. Or going on Real Milwaukee with Cassandra McShepard or Tony Clark. Or appearing on TV with Mike Gousha. Or meeting with Mayor Tom Barrett, Russ Feingold, Barbara Toles, Spencer Coggs, or any Coggs family member, Or Jim Sensenbrenner, Jim Doyle, Tommy Thompson, and Paul Ryan, or Sean from Real World Boston who is now a republican candidate for Wisconsin, or Bango the Buck, Bernie Brewer, Willie G, or going to battle with me. Wisconsin Needs JESUS to straighten up! Not the Tea Party, nor Progressive Parties.

Yes, Wisconsin and High Speed Rail Systems can work, ONLY if Wisconsin can have the will and attitude to forge it. Obviously those who oppose High Speed Rail in a boondoggle manner, are just scared punks. Or this reminds me of those who want things to stay the same, and those who want to change. Those who want things to stay and pass it along to the next generation, usually are going to die! That’s right Rail Haters of the Badger State or boondoggle lovers. You continue to say “it will never work” and you’ll die with “it will never work” on your tombstones. Hate to say it. And Scott Walker will be right there with you going six feet under. Did I mention that your children are looking that this? If this is the way you are teaching your kids, (that I may have to tell them to just say no on the street), you are doing a horrible job with this lacking self-confidence with the negativity. And those who want to change, usually come to a point where the old stuff isn’t working, the new stuff has to come in. I’ll admit: change is hard, but it’s needy for the better.

This is why I believe Wisconsin is a tail-end state. And will continue to be a tail-end state of getting behind. Sort of like education. Most here don’t have a College Degree (like Scott Walker) while a few of us have Associates, Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s Degrees. That’s right a few. Also like where do the young black talent hang out? Young enough to be employed, in college, or in the real world in the struggle. Again and again, I read and hear about the Brain-Drain effect. That I’m starting to believe. If this does not teach us, (us as in Wisconsinites) to change and to attract younger talent, it will be like a thing of the past or haunt-able. And you can’t blame them. The failure is YOURS! Your “Boondoggle Attitude/It Will Not Work Philosophy” will be on your deathbeds. Did I mention that Milwaukee has a hard time trying to get Hip-Hop Noticed?

Bill Cosby was here in Milwaukee in 2004 when he said these words: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Well, Wisconsin, we are a state that have been put on notice too many times. We did it to ourselves, and no one to blame but ourselves.

In regarding High Speed Rail, this would have been a good opportunity for the state to invest. However, there are those who are just short-sighted and anti-social  to understand. Especially if a new governor like Scott Walker coming into the fold, that believes that same objective. SHAMEFUL!

Rail will never work in Wisconsin, huh? That’s not just a laugh. It’s a problem with attitude, and politics. Which is Beyond Shameful.