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Oh yeah, it’s time for my editorials. I need to editorialize my opinion about the Republican candidate Herman Cain. The same Herman Cain who believes that Racism doesn’t exist anymore or doesn’t hold anyone back. Yes, this is the guy, who owns Godfather’s Pizza, is the same guy that believes that “racism” is null and void in America. I’m like “REALLY?!!!” I challenge Herman Cain, as conservative as he is,  to come to Milwaukee. Now why I’m bring in Milwaukee in this? Milwaukee is labeled to some as “the most segregated city in the United States.” I challenge him to view this because when you are in a segregated city, and yes, you would expect alot of “black vs white” sort of speak in various ways. And you could be other ethnicity and have segregation as well. Even if you applied for a job, and found out years later that one of the reasons that the phone call didn’t come in: is because of racism. Last year around this time, I was one of the 390 African-Americans living in the Badger State, that was denied of employment through Dresser Waukesha because of my race. Google the story. And even though that didn’t make major headlines, but it was a story about another reason that racism exists. I’ll be those in the “conservative base” should know that as well. Especially Herman Cain. As old as he is, he should know. And those living in Milwaukee and like to post their liberties on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website do the same on Eugene Kane or James Causey’s stories, should also without having the heads in the sand.

Plus, you heard about it too many times: “Wisconsin is the worst state for Black People”. Don’t get me wrong, it is good at times. The Badger State has more African-Americans in prison than any other state in the union. More than Illinois, California, and a few other states.  I’m glad that he’s being called out on this subject. For real he is. Now, some of the folks are saying that “yeah he owns a franchise, cut him some slack”. Ok, I’ll cut him some slack on that, but for real, the only reason I think that he’s mentioning about the “non-racism angle talk” because of the base that he is paying attention to. Sort of like the rookie Governor, Scott Walker will say anything to get elected: 250,000 jobs, no high speed rail, busting up Unions for collective bargaining, Concealed Carry Weapons, etc. And get this, since this past couple of days have been about wishing to recall him, I think it’s going to happen for real. The recall process will be in full effect on November 15th, 2011, and I’ll bet most of the Badger Faithful will be sigining those John Hancocks to get this on the ballot to admit the truth that Scott Walker was bad in the beginning, and bad now. Want more proof? Look at the record from his days as Milwaukee County Executive. The most he did in Milwaukee County, is doing the same currently.

Oh, now back to Herman Cain. He’s also being called out by the likes of all people: Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Goldie Taylor, and Harry Belafonte! Now for Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, they have been “critical” of the President of not being able help the poor. But they have commented in which that Herman Cain in their words should “Get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming.” You read that right. Harry Belafonte also commented that “Herman Cain Is A ‘Totally False’ ‘Bad Apple’ In The Black Community”. Harry Belafonte has been around longer than most of us, and helped those LONGER than Herman Cain. Just saying. I know he’s Old School and has alot of knowledge to share. That I’ll give him my respect. And as for Goldie Taylor, she commented about Herman Cain morely via a video clip from MSNBC:

For this guy, Herman Cain, to tell you the truth, not VERY much of my interest. The only way I think that Herman Cain would get my respect, for example, is to be a “break away candidate” from the Republican party base, the Koch Brothers, and somewhat link up a way to help the Democrats and Independents. And to give an positive (not negative, Benedict Arnold style) impact to the African-American community and other communities. That’s right, I said it!  But in my opinion, he’s doing the opposite of what I wrote previously. That is not helping. In order for him “to be for real”, he has to act like it. That’s what having this President job is. You hear alot of the youth these days say that “you gotta be real”.  If not, we used to have a saying in the 90’s that “we’ll kick you to the curb”.  Straight up. In 2008, yes I voted for Barack Obama for two reasons: One – Enthusiastic. And two – Vision. My opinion of Enthusiasm of the can do American Spirit that we can still make it happen although most think wouldn’t be possible for other reasons. And Vision of giving the country to get a new sense of philosophy in terms of beliefs. And no, I didn’t include the words “because he’s black.”
There has been talk about “The Black Experience”. In what ways may I ask? I heard this many times before from folks who are just as old as Herman Cain, and little older and the black experience that I researched had more in depth that I cannot imagine. I have an uncle who once told me that back when he working for P&H Mining in Milwaukee, it was OK for the other workers who are non-black to call those who are black the N-word. I kid you not. There were times I had the elders telling me about a time in Milwaukee that you couldn’t go past the 16th Street Bridge to the South Side just because you’re black. That’s one of the reasons why Father Groppi got involved to integrate. God rest his soul. Or there were times I heard and have been told that there were times that you are in your car, riding on the freeway, or in the street, always watch out for the Police or the County Sheriff because of the “Driving While Black” mentality. I don’t care if it’s in the suburbs. Or in you are in a store, etc. In regarding the President, during his community organizer days or teaching days in Chicago,  maybe he had an exposure to “The Black Experience”. I said maybe.  Or that reminds me, of the  “you’re not black enough” quotes days. They told this mess to Halle Berry long time ago, and until 2002, won an Oscar Award! I wonder if the Pizza man dig that research like that? Matter of fact, during the Civil Rights Movement, why didn’t the Pizza Guy took part in that, while Martin Luther King, Jr and company commanded the ship? Was he scared? Maybe. Was that an insult of what he’s saying now?  probably. Obviously in my opinion, Herman Cain is out of bounds when it comes to this.  And also about his comments about African-Americans being brainwashed when voting issues come up, which in my humble opinion is not all true. That’s like having a comparison to say….”All blacks think alike.”  I have two words to say: Wrong Answer. And I’ll share this, I’m not one of the African-Americans in this country that are being brainwashed. I vote for the real concerns, mind you.

So yeah, in my opinion, Herman Cain is alot like James T. Harris from 2008. Yeah, he can say what he wants. But do I have to agree with him, just because they’re African-American and I’m African-American?  No.


Dear America:

We are one day removed, and 10 years removed from “the worst smackdown in American History”. We all have those moments and memories of what we were doing when the planes hit the original World Trade Center. Speaking of which, I remember being in the 8th Grade, when I had the opportunity to visit New York and having the chance to visit the World Trade Center as well as the Chrysler/Empire State Buildings. Keep in mind, I was 14 years old and it was in 1991. 20 years ago. But I did had a thought of visiting the NYC again one day and getting a chance to visit the towers as usual. But those terrorist attacks changed everything, but like every American (or should I say determined, hopeful, optimistic American) I will not be like those who refuse to stay home. I will visit the NYC and visit the World Trade, even though it may not be the same towers I viewed in 1991.

Now to change features. I am viewing the online version of Time Magazine, which was titled: “Beyond 9/11”. And I’m looking at the pictures and video clips of those who witnessed and/or survived that tragic Tuesday. But there was one group of folks that weren’t shown: African-Americans. One of my Milwaukee News Columnists, James Causey pointed that out that there weren’t any blacks shown in the magazine! Utter Nonsense! I want to ask, why weren’t there any blacks featured? Really Time Magazine? I mean the Black Race wanted to share some insight of the experiences also. Believe me, I’m going there!

They should have sampled a page out of MSNBC. Brian Williams interviewed a Trinidad born Citizen named Genelle Guzman-McMillan, who later became a U.S Citizen in 1998. She is labeled as the “last survivor of 9/11”. I happened to see that interview online yesterday, and even though that she didn’t felt talking about her story of being trapped in the rubble, but she had a story to tell. I often wondered about other blacks who didn’t have the chance to voice out their stories and lived to tell about it. Yes, 9/11 effected EVERYONE in various ways. There was a Marine who went to Ground Zero. You may have heard of him. Jason Thomas. In his story, Jason tells Ebony Magazine about his experience about putting on his uniform and going to the site and helping those who may have been trapped or assist those in need in the rubble. I dig up the story and I’m like: why didn’t Time Magazine didn’t research him? And for the record, Jason is black, not white as thought in the World Trade Center movie.

See, this is what I’m talking about. I know I may be tripping of not having blacks featured, but I am! James Causey had it right. Where are the blacks?  Don’t judge me, Milwaukee! I see you reading this. I’m not calling Time Magazine racist. But I think Time Magazine made a false call of NOT including Americans of color in the article of telling their story in the incident 10 years ago. So as an American of Color as I am: I want to see and HEAR my people talk about their experiences to be recorded. Not just missed off the pages. So despite of the unity of United We Stand, Time Magazine needs to check itself for real and not just missed the boat to get the ball rolling. So yeah, God Bless America.


Stephen’s  Spot

It’s 2011, and we think that things change right? Not exactly. My home city of Milwaukee has a slogan: “a great place on a great lake”. Well, the problem with that is not so great when it’s deemed as a segregated city. For those on the outside of Milwaukee, yes, it does have a problem with race. Recently today, I viewed a column on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and one of the reporters, James Causey (who is an alum of my high school) hit the nail on the head (or in the cheese) when those logged in on the JSOnline website to Eugene Kane’s Mayfair Story, approximately 400 (YEP 400) comments directed were coming from that well, see things that are racist. The Mayfair story if you were wondering, is about the recent melee at our Mayfair Mall on January 2nd.

With those comments flooding in like crazy, it’s no wonder that Milwaukee as good as it is, has heads behind the masks when it comes to being as a segregated city. Want more proof? Take a look at last year in 2010. Bradford Beach. This is one of our city’s best beaches. Many folks last year came out after a melee in-sued by a couple of (in Eugene Kane’s words) knuckleheads. And when the story made the JSOnline website, Over 500+ comments came from everywhere and mostly it was folks who still see black folks today as a prime enemy. And folks who probably never been in the inner city, or worked with African-Americans in Milwaukee or any part of the state, and still assumes that Eugene Kane is a “Race-Baiter”. I don’t care about those having 93QFM with the radios turned up. Big deal.

By the way, have those dissed Eugene Kane actually met him?

Lot of you reading this are probably asking: “Is Milwaukee really like this? I thought you guys were nice and all. But I had NO idea that it’s a racist/segregated city”. This is beyond Laverne and Shirley. And The Fonz. The Breweries, The Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, Green Bay Packers, etc. Look at the history. Statistics, Crime, Race Relations on the job, etc. Those will tell you. But it should not hinder you about living here nor visiting here. If stuff like this happens in Milwaukee, it could happen anywhere. Maybe in your town or state.

Last year, I was a” hater victim of race” when there was a settlement case involving me and 390+ African Americans were denied of a company to get in – Dresser Waukesha. I was one of those who turned in a resume at a job fair in 2006, and never got a call back nor a letter response in the mail. Until August of 2010 came, I got this form in the mail along with a statement that the reason I didn’t get hired nor trained with  Dresser Waukesha (see the file Waukesha_Third_Amended_Complaint)  is because I happen to be African-American. So I filled out the form and mailed it. When October came, I went to my house and there was a check from the Reed vs Dresser Settlement, and I was awarded over $5000.00. And just recently, I was awarded over $200.00 additionally. And other African-Americans in the case probably got the same amount equally.

See what I’m getting at? Yep. I was disrespected in the Milwaukee area because of my race. And I’m sure that there are others that read this on the Journal Sentinel’s website said something like, “oh they’re crying out racism over a job they didn’t get”. They don’t know (I can’t say the word) about the horror we went through. So they don’t get it. And they never will get it. This is on-going thing here.

There are some or most who say that “blacks need to take responsibility of what they present, show, display and act”. For once, I agree. HOWEVER: Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and others have to do the same! Everyone is held accountable for all actions. Don’t just say black folks. If the blacks need to be accountable, your ethnic group needs to be accountable. If the black family needs to be accountable, then YOUR family needs to be accountable. Until Milwaukee, and the rest of America figures that out,  the road stands still.

Most folks (particularly Caucasians on JSOnline) kept bringing up Bill Cosby in Milwaukee. Yes, I heard what Cosby said. No need to bring it up. He once said a bone chilling comment for the city in 2004: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Just remember he said MILWAUKEE. Not Black Milwaukee. Not White Milwaukee. Not Hispanic Milwaukee. Not Asian Milwaukee. Not German Milwaukee. Not Irish Milwaukee. Not Arab Milwaukee.  Just Milwaukee. – And the same can be for the State of Wisconsin and it’s problems of not moving forward with a potential High Speed Rail  project that would have benefited the needs of our economy. Bill Cosby also decreed that he’s not coming back to Milwaukee every year just to re-baptize the whole city! Do you hear me, Brew City?  Leaders like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders are not going to reappear! So in regarding this, it’s either put up or shut up.

This may be a new year. But for situations like this; the more things change, the more things stays the same.

Time to get work, Milwaukee.

The first Decade of the 2010’s was a harsh one. But also in other ways a good start for the year. I had a chance to get  a new schedule job change, volunteer and work for my Alumni Folks, help my church to “Rethink”, won my case of my Saxophone and getting an unexpected check from Reed vs Dresser Settlement Claims. And like every other year, 2010 and I had some losses. Tough losses.

The Good:

Rethink Church. Especially my church.

Juneteenth Day in Wisconsin became a State Holiday. It’ s real now, not even Scott Walker or the haters can’t touch it.

Milwaukee’s African World Festival returns with a one day festival in August. – Which is my “Favorite Comeback Event of the year”. After being out of the spotlight for two years financially.

Alumni Check ins: Had a chance to return to my High School Reunion, College and University Alumni Functions and workshops. Big ups to Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School Class of 1990-2000 Reunions, the Milwaukee Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Stout Alumni Associations.

Eugene Kane and James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least they tell some good news.

Wisconsin Badgers Football. 2010 Big Ten Champs.

Wisconsin establishments are now Smoke Free! So I can go to a club and be healthy at the same time. The haters on the other hand don’t think it’s an idea. What’cha been smoking?

Brandon Jennings had a good season with the Bucks.

The Green Bay Packers with or without Aaron Rodgers. And with Clay Matthews!

Milwaukee had received 2 WWE Smackdown Events at the Bradley Center in the year.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikyla Harris became the new Supervisor of Milwaukee’s District 2 area replacing Toni Clark.

For me: I had some good pointers in 2010 in which was personal. My saxophone that I owned for 21 years,  was under siege by a local music shop which they thought it was stolen, but there was no proof of that of being stolen. However it was returned to me no charge. And in October, I was awarded a check over 5 grand with the Reed vs Dresser Settlement Case which had a problem of hiring, training  and taking in Wisconsin African-American Applicants. For all you companies out there, you better be careful of not hiring blacks because it might bite you big!

Health Care Reform! – Good.  And so the haters began to complain.

Shani Davis winning the Gold Medal in Speed-skating – AGAIN!

Mo’Nique winning an Oscar Award. – Don’t Hate!

New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl.

Brett Favre’s Streak of 297 games – Over. And was looking at 2 losses against the Packers.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – IS OVER! Let them serve openly.

Keith Olbermann for attacking the Tea Party, the Shirley Sherrod Case, and the question “Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?”

Bill Maher – enough said.

In Music: No I didn’t listen to Justin Bieber and other folks. I listened to Cypress Hill, Diddy Dirty Money, Eminem, The Roots, Toni Braxton, Ice Cube, Michael Jackson’s new joint, Faith Evans, and a bunch of Old School stuff that took me back in the day before Lil Wayne’s and TI’s prison terms.

Windows Phone 7

In Movies: Iron Man 2, The A-Team, The Karate Kid (2010 Version), Machete, Get Him to The Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Faster – which has a Milwaukee connection. And for the record: NO SOCIAL NETWORK!

NBA Jam made a comeback. And Call of Duty: Black Ops was a hit!

On TV: Real Milwaukee – that show is hilarious! WWE, Real Time, True Blood, Entourage, Countdown, The Rachel Maddow Show, & The Ed Show.

I also met new folks on Facebook, a local Black fraternity, and sent over 2,000 tweets on twitter.

The NAACP for standing up to the Tea Party and telling them to repudiate (not refudiate) their racist elements.

Milwaukee gained new stations in HD – A country music station, and a retro station that shows nothing but old school shows.

The Bad:

I need to put this on the top of the list: Ron Johnson and Scott Walker. And my opinion, Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold shouldn’t have lost under the so-called Wisconsin Tea Party folks!

The Tea Party. And not to forget the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, and those wished that it was the American Revolution all over again.

Michael Steele.



The Fox 6 Milwaukee Blog site. I’ll  miss that the most.

The blizzard on the East Coast. Hey, we Midwesterner folks know that all too well.

Folks rushing to the stores to buy the Ipad. It’s not that serious!

Andrew Breitbart and his “stories” of Shirley Sherrod footages with the NAACP.

Sarah Palin.

Alveda King. – She needs a reality check of her famous uncle!

Glenn Beck.

Charlie Sykes and any right wing news hack in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Brewers – don’t hate. If they start winning more,  they will be on my good list.

Atlanta Hawks Player Josh Smith of his comment about Milwaukee in general.

Black owned restaurants in Milwaukee of Stella’s, The Bayou, and Manna House all forced to close up shop. This is one example of why the black (and I mean BLACK) businesses is in need of constant support.

When will Nintendo Wii and EA Sports ever get it with Madden?

Brass Bell Music in Glendale, WI. See my For me post.

Dresser Waukesha for not hiring and training African-Americans in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin and the “boondoggle/It will never work/brain-drain syndrome” – and letting go 810 Million Dollars of High Speed Rail and the jobs. That was a waste.  And Talgo is moving out in 2012 leaving a maintenance base. Wow Scott Walker, and Wisconsin Tax-Payers. Thank you morons for making sure that the state stays behind. Disgusted.

A bar in Wisconsin that refused blacks as patrons. Don’t that send us back even more?!

Haiti Earthquake.

BP Oil Spill.

The flood in Milwaukee that the city didn’t had in over 100 years. Crazy. And remember that sinkhole!

Milwaukee is ranked 4th as poorest in the nation, and it’s still segregated. And the crazy JSOnline folks who spend too much time on the columns of Eugene Kane and others still don’t understand. Are they too broke to work or go to school? My God!

Milwaukee is number 1! ( in Drinking).

Crazy and UGLY!!!!:

What is up with Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach and folks of all colors can’t get along? And again, there are those in Milwaukee who see the blacks as thugs? When will I get my chance? When?!  And when will Milwaukee will get out of the 1975/1980’s “all day everyday” syndrome?

Conan O’Brien leaves the Tonight Show and re-enters Jay Leno. Meanwhile months later, Conan goes to TBS.

Back in the spring, when the Milwaukee Bucks were in the playoffs, the term “Fear The Deer” became a reality when a heard of deer crashed a bar in Menomonie during the game.

I became a “hater victim” on Youtube.  If you want to know, well it was about this jobber named superstr5 or whatever his name was, thought I was lying about going to a wrestling match in 1996.  Hello, I got the ticket stub at home to prove this! Let this be a warning to everyone: I’m not here to get cracked on. If you got a bone to pick on, pick on somebody else. One thing for sure, I did reported the incident on youtube. AND I MEAN on YOUTUBE!

The High Speed Rail Project was first halted by Gov. Jim Doyle, then was the setup by Scott Walker to scrap it.  Again: A Waste.

On the lighter side of things time to reflect on those we lost:

Teena Marie – you younger bucks better recognize real music instead of being a pretty face.

Laurie Bembenek

Leslie Neilsen

Lena Horne

Gary Coleman

Barbara Billingsby

George Steinbrenner

Rue McClanahan

Dixie Carter

Teddy Pendergrass

Locally where I’m at: I lost those who were close –

Forrest Rash

Rev. Jodie Joiner

Ethel Richards

Dorothy McGuin

and two I felt were family: Sabrina Junior who was my cousin was murdered in August.  This was a disgusting act of violence that effected my family, my younger cousins who will not see their mother again. And my family had the family dog we called “boo-bear” had be put to sleep because of age illness. We were blessed to have her as a dog. We took her in our home, fed her, played with her and just took her in as family. We thanked God for her 14 years (98 dog years) she has given us.

2010 was a rough start.  But I think 2011 will be an improvement of better beginnings, healing, and outcomes.