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Yesterday in Milwaukee, our long waited talk about the Milwaukee Streetcar is over. The vehicle came in from Pennsylvania via a truck and it was parked downtown near the Post Office at around 11:30am . And yes, the interest “per se” was building due to a fight that lasted for over 2 decades in an idea to connect means of transportation in the city. It really started with former Mayor John Norquist.

Just to think, as of the newslinks, it’s been 60 years this month of March since a Streetcar last appeared in Milwaukee, and it’s here. Many of us under 60 years old only saw Milwaukee Streetcars in museums, books, displays of the past when Milwaukee was coming up. And yes after that, the buses came in for MCTS.

Now after all the debate, after all the madness, after all the protesting, after all the ideas that Potawatomi Hotel & Casino would pay for the first year and nicknamed the vehicle “The Hop” if you will, and many others: even my “letter” to the City of Milwaukee Common Council of making that big decision on this blog of the need of jobs in the city, NOW IT’S HERE! Lock it up with an iron clad and let it operate. And speaking of that, The Streetcar needs folks to work!

Now since it’s here, word is that the testing will continue for the rest of the year to make sure that it’s in place starting in April. We just can’t ride the thing out of the gate. And yes of course the naysayers will have their continued say. But like many things: it will all come around in time. In my view.

The Streetcar or The Hop may seem controversial, but like the book by Eric Bischoff which it titled promptly to a point: “Controversy Creates Cash.”

So let’s give this thing a chance. After all, is this a country of opportunity? Plus this should be some sort of small victory in Wisconsin after the blown coverage of the High Speed Rail being faulted by Scott Walker.

Follow the continued momentum via the streetcar website:

There will be more commentary to come.


For the last couple of years or so, the City of Milwaukee, the brew city as everyone knows, that the debate about having a streetcar system has been passed around like a hot potato. It’s been a topic since Mayor John Norquist has been in effect, and also in the last couple of weeks of hot button topics and personal opinions, the StreetCar (not the Trolley thing) project has been put on the table yet again. In the more recent months before the start of the Christmas season, there has been alot of talk about the 833 Building and the potential building of the Couture site near the lakefront. The Couture is slated to be near or at the site of the Milwaukee County Downtown Transit Center near Lincoln Memorial Drive. There was a rendering of the building in which from an artist perspective of different sites of walkways, pathways, intermodal-like stations, and many others. Plus also, this idea has endured the idea of a potential StreetCar project within that area in terms of a route. All of that in my opinion is seeming to pick up of interest. The MAIN thing I am concerned with the Streetcar Project is one thing and one thing only: JOBS!

I don’t care if any Milwaukeean is an antagonist or feel that the Streetcar may not get to the farther side of the city in terms of jobs. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel TODAY published a story about potential jobs for the upcoming year of 2015. Pay attention, job seekers and media. I don’t know what types of jobs will be available in the upcoming year, but if it has something to do with the Northwestern Mutual Tower Project, the Couture Building Project, and or the 833 Building, or maybe the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, this does count in my view. Plus also, if it goes all well, why not include the Streetcar? I know that many and Alderman Joe Davis, and even Robert Donovan and many others are opposing it due to luxury, or something that many feel may not ride or being too much spending. On not getting to where the jobs are per say. With all due respect to them, and those who support the opposition, I say this and this only: BUILD THE DARN THING!

Why do I feel this way? I want all those to pay attention. Antagonists, Black Milwaukee, Millennials, Gen X’ers who don’t drive, Baby Boomers, Downtown Milwaukee Workers and Residents, and others to listen up! Here is my GENERAL reason. Over the last couple of years from blogging on MyFoxMilwaukee to now, I have highlighted that Milwaukee and/or Wisconsin is a tail-end city and state. Right? Over the course of the years, I have commented about being behind in transportation, and many other things as well. Mainly with transportation. I talked about the KRM terminal route that would have linked Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee, but apparently is that working? No. Why? Due to politics. And most recently, we had a thing called the High Speed Rail Project that would have linked Madison and Milwaukee for not only transportation, but also for getting to where the jobs are. Similar to my opinion, to the KRM Route. Did that worked out? NO! Why? Again politics. And those who felt that having a HSR train was a boondoggle, obviously don’t know the facts or just want to keep it segregated. Speaking of that: on the ballot from last month, remember when the question about the Transportation Fund? In which the state should go get it’s own Transpiration account for infrastructure only which leads to roads and bridges repair, and many other factors? Let’s see: How did we voted on that? According to the Milwaukee Election Commission, the results ended in which 77.45% of us Milwaukee folks voted Yes. And 22.55% voted no. So many of us who voted yes, to have this Transportation Account thing, for the use of Transportation related issues, there is your answer. And I don’t think that it’s not really all segregated. In lieu of all this, there might be funds or income in your accounts right now in a business stand point that you can’t use. Why? its reserved of a particular use and use only for that objective! Does that make sense? I studied this when the question came out and understood it towards the end.

State Referendum Question 1 Vote For 1

Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . 122,161   77.45  

No. . . . . . . . . . . . . 35,578     22.55

Next week, on December 16th, which is about 9 days before you unwrap those mystery gifts and talk about Jesus’ birth. The Common Council will decide to see if the Streetcar project would move forward to approve.  And also before that happens,  there is a support page per say on the Urban Milwaukee Website in which you the citizen can voice your opinion. Basically, you fill out the form in all, and write a message in supporting the idea of having this project to move forward officially. And in fairness, concerns as well and etc.

Like I said,  I know many don’t like this idea. BUT if it matters on a verge of getting jobs here in Milwaukee that many preached so many times, then what’s the hold up? I hear this on Milwaukee black radio, I read this in the newspapers, Social Media, and word of mouth from those of many sources. But like many said before, you need something! Not many are not to go into construction work, but willing to work for construction in many other areas. Same with finance. Same with safety. Same with other forms of occupations. EVEN trying to get to where the jobs are. But in order to do that, start from within. Which means start from Wisconsin Avenue Downtown and work out to the next county line.

If anyone in Milwaukee caught the news this week,  Alderman Bob Donovan is reviving his protest against the Milwaukee Streetcar Project.  In case those forgot, the Streetcar is slated to begin construction this fall in the city. However Bob Donovan also got support from the Americans For Prosperity, an American “Republican-based” Tea Party group in which launched a website called, an online petition website in order for their options to get noticed. Partially if that does happen, the Alderman wants to use the funds for road construction. WHICH IT WON’T in my estimation. The Alderman and those favored the project already knows that the money allocated has to be used for the Streetcar project only! It was ruled favored for it and it’s done. Technically, he’s wasting his time. Yep. I said it. More importantly this Streetcar Project could be a part of a solution of what everyone in Milwaukee is shooting for: Jobs. Better jobs to be exact. And to think, to bypass all the so-called “boondoggles” that folks have been screaming for years. See, this is one other reason why Milwaukee is behind in transportation. And other things.

Americans for Prosperity joins Milwaukee streetcar opposition

In case those want to know what the hub bub is about, check out the The Milwaukee Streetcar website.

I have been reading the news about the Congressional Black Caucus’ Career Fair/Town Hall Meetings, and I have to applaud them for at least taking the time to get something going for the fact that the Black Population in America is facing dire straits of unemployment, trying to get that breakthrough job and many others. If you are a fan or a close member of the Congressional Black Caucus: Bring this “Fire” to Milwaukee!

I’m saying this because the city I’m referring too, needs this fire, badly! Milwaukee is ranked in the higher ranges in which unemployment is terribly high. Most in the percentile of the 50’s nearly 53% among African-American Residents. I remember when the NAACP came here in 2005, they reported that the number given is “unacceptable”. Even for a city like Milwaukee that is really not pleasing. Now you’re probably asking, “Dang when is Milwaukee is going to step up and take charge to get folks working? I mean really? When?” One of the things that could have done to try to fuse it was the High Speed Rail project. That Infrastructure thing could have got more jobs and put that money in pockets and purses. What stopped it? Ask those who voted for Scott Walker. Ask those who are in the Tea Party making a mockery of our Country’s Principles. Oh yeah, I’m going there. Just like Bill Maher once said that if the Founding Fathers were alive, they would have hated their guts!


Now I may not agree with the latter of thought from Rep. Maxine Waters, but she is out there voicing her opinion in which that yes, the President has to step his game up and visit the African-American neighborhoods and meetings to discuss the dilemmas. If he can go to the other communities, WHY NOT the African-American areas? I have to realize that yes Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not the president of the African-Americans. Also, ask those who want to leave things as they are and NOT moving forward to the next level. And ask those who are supporters of Scott Walker this question: What could go in the Central City Area where Talgo WAS SUPPOSED to go? And I’ll bet like Maxine Waters, I would say that the Red Squad of the Badger State DON’T HAVE A PLAN to rebuild and or create jobs. When Walker left for Madison, Milwaukee county was in a heap of mess.



I do hope that the Congressional Black Caucus does make a Brew City Visit. And I hope that one of the members, Congresswoman Gwen Moore can lead that idea of bringing in Local and Well-known companies like a Quad/Graphics, or Harley-Davidson or an outside company looking in can have the abilities to hire African-Americans in the Greater Milwaukee Area. I know that the city has had these type of Job Fairs in the past, BUT this Career Fair needs to be real and clear to the point. Plus I like to see, just like in Miami and Inglewood, a town hall moderation in which to have those who have looked for work, need a skill or just trying to get that first promotion, to come on out and voice their concern. Don’t get me wrong.  There are others who are feeling the pinch too, but I have to realize that I think that the African-American Community needs this fire than they realize before.

Dang it feels good to write that again.

Oh yeah, it does.

This is in regards to the final result of trying to get High Speed Rail for the State of Wisconsin. If you remember, the new rookie Governor Scott Walker rejected almost 800 Million Dollars to link the cities of Madison and Milwaukee together. And he had a some what of an idea, of getting some of the federal rail funds that were already rejected by other states like Florida to upgrade the Amtrak Hiawatha Line linking Milwaukee and Chicago. Most on both sides thought it was good to link a small-medium market city to a gigantic city like Chicago in order to get the rails moving. Well up to today, it seems that link is now dead because the Federal Government will not provide my homestate any federal rail money because of this.  Well, the rookie governor says that “he’s dissapointed”. Really?! Rookie Governor, now you know what those looking for work feel. Now he knows what the folks have felt when they were cheated or passed up because of the lack of jobs in the most biggest county in the state. Again, this rail project that most are getting, should have helped those who are looking for work and feed their families. But on the other, if those in Wisconsin who thought that the rail project were to kill “their way of life” per say, then they are sadly mistaken.

Lost opportunities passed up. See this is what happens when “Elections Have Consequences”. Does that sound familiar? It should. Look what is happening. In my past postings I have described this numerous times in numerous examples of why Wisconsin Matters, the unions and etc. But this time on the High Speed Rail issue, this is what Walker will receive in regarding his idea of upgrading the Hiawatha: Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Just like all the promises will be nothing like new. And I ask again: why is Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin again? If Tom Barrett or matter of fact, Russ Feingold had the governor’s chair, this would not be a past factor.

And likewise, it is a constant reminder that if Wisconsin would have took the money and left it alone without the use of politics and backwards thinking (that’s right I said it!), the state would have been on the mark and on the move with the use of this infrastructure like everyone who is “on the move”.