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Oh yes. I have to talk this. Really I have too.

I’m sure that many in America already knows about the deal that was signed when Foxconn, a Taiwan company that landed a deal that would boost Wisconsin’s job numbers concerning employment. We all know that when Scott Walker boasted a plan to have the 250,000 jobs to happen, actually DID NOT WORK. I told you so, Wisconsin. The same words, I told you so rang out so many times I can’t event count. And this was about 6 years ago. Now with the jobs for Foxconn according the sources that it would attract about 13,000 jobs. And it’s going to come to the area of Racine or Kenosha Counties. And just like Amazon, they will NOT come to the Milwaukee Metro Area. And the fact is that yes, when Foxconn inked the deal there had some concerns about also about the taxation part. This deal per se might cost us taxpayers to be on the hook for the next 15 years. How is this deal is going to be beneficial for taxpayers like me for the next couple of years?! Like really, Madison. Plus, Foxconn has been in bad blood in the last couple of years. To the residents of Pennsylvania, we have read about your dilemma about the plant that hasn’t been built. And many of us in Wisconsin are fully aware about it the promises that you were to be given, but didn’t work. And the result was bad broken politics. We get it.

I’ll bet many probably thought, really Wisconsin?! Have you been screwed up already? Oh and other thing, many think that this would seal up Scott Walker’s deal as a way to get reelected for 2018.

Now since the Foxconn company is coming to the state, what will become of us whom don’t have transportation to get to the jobs? We know that Amazon can’t do it alone, but many of us don’t have a jeep, a truck, a car, or a Go-Kart to get to Foxconn every day? Think about it. And what will the state black residents have a say in this?

Oh wait! We had an idea that was seemed very VERY interesting. It was a High Speed Rail Train that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison. You do remember that we HAD over 800 million dollars stacked up for the Talgo Trains and the jobs? Is all that memory coming back? And what did our glorious Governor Numb Nuts did with that money and the jobs and the trains? He gave it all away! The state got sued due to a breach of contact and it was THE biggest blunder ever! Wisconsin, you should have kept the trains. But you failed to follow the advice of Scott Walker. And those like Robin Vos and Alberta Darling. And did I mention that part of which of that dumb decision was geared towards racism? Let that sink in! After 6 years. That was also to help integrate the region. And many were worried that black folks would go to Jefferson County for coffee and donuts. Really?! And to do the math, Wisconsin’s black population is around 8%.

Oh, now that there is talk about using a Canadian Railway track to combine the Twin Cities, Milwaukee and Chicago for a Intercity Rail Route with Amtrak. That seems like an idea, but how is THIS is going to get paid? And the thing is, you got this Foxconn plant coming up, and they need some kind of transportation for Freight and also what about those who don’t drive, that live in far places, how are they are going to get to work? You see what I’m saying? Yeah let that REALLY sink in! And now Walker wants a train! So hypocritical.

Our Republican state hood “friends” really messed up. They realized it. Talgo at the time could have benefited ALOT of jobs. I visited the Talgo plant 5 years ago in the black community in the 2700 block at Townsend Street area, and wanted to see the HSR trains up close. They were good. With all the digital stuff and everything. Plus they worked hard on them! Our people. And the State shamefully gave it all up. All because they thought the tax payers would be on the hook for the vehicles. Or the personal favorite: boondoggles! “No one will ever ride it.” Um………you really think that Badger State? Better change your tune and repent. I hear mostly about the value of the trains on Black Radio like WNOV than 620 WTMJ or 1130 WISN. And let remind our Republican fans, not many in the state doesn’t have their own transportation! And Foxconn wants in. We’re unprepared. Matter of fact were unprepared in getting some of the highways and roads done. Which was LOOOONG talked about for years! Let that also sink in! Why you asked? Too many dang politics messing up. And dang is not a bad word.

At least the Milwaukee Streetcar is still on point.

All of this in my view needs the reexamination of what we really want to have in the state. And of course there will be questions. Like already as I speak, Foxconn is already being talked about but it should be talked about more in the areas of Milwaukee’s north side that can get more insight about what is going on. Especially when the state’s transportation system is on one leg losing to political standpoints so many times over!










Just recently, another U.S. company is about to join the line to China in terms of shipping jobs overseas. On The Ed Show, as well as The Last Word on MSNBC, the company Sensata Technologies (part of  Sensata’s Corporation and Bain Capital) plans to close up shop and move to China. The plant is in Freeport, Illinois which the city itself is 20 miles south of the Wisconsin Border, and 25 miles west of Rockford. And it’s a town of 25, 638 according to the 2010 Census.

Coming of the heels of the second debate, in which Mitt Romney debated about being against China in terms of the jobs, that should be a recount. Technically it should in the way Outsourcing jobs have been a Red Flag as of late. I can relate to this story through a personal story, in terms of a friend of mine who had a computer job here in the Milwaukee Area, but that job was shipped to India, and leaving him and those like him unemployed. Those of you going through the pain with Sensata, I feel you! Whomever those believe that it’s full of BS or full of crap that these people lost their jobs due to Outsourcing overseas, I hate to say this but that is a result of a  brain problem of “Romneyism” or “Romnesia”. Speaking of which, that Romnesia thing that President Obama spoke about reminds me of what I heard in a church sermon in September. Matter of fact here it is via Twitter on a Sunday Morning:

What you just saw, it’s real talk. It tells you that at times WE FORGET some miscues of important stuff. Admit it we do. The miscues in terms of the truth instead of what folks say on media,and I dare say the guy down the street. Note to the Romney Crew: How come you don’t address this in person? Just as I thought. They are not going to address this because I think they are scared punks! I’m not holding this back. The Romney folks are scared punks in terms of not being real! Just like Tagg Romney with the rigging of the voting machines in Ohio. Don’t worry, Eric Holder I believe should be on the case. And technically: Since when the name Tagg became a name for boys anyway?! Tagg, Tripp, Bristol, Piper. Sounds like a air strike!

Now don’t trip about how Barack got his name. It really means blessing, or blessed by God. And yes, he was named after his dad who was Kenyan BORN! Now don’t at all trip about the birthplace of Hawaii of the 44th President. And speaking of which, what is wrong being from Kenya anyway? And to add, Muslim? Some Americans are hard-headed of things like this. For me, I do have Muslim/African friends that I do respect and say hello too.

So above, I attached a link (and other links)  from The Ed Show in which gave some info about the closing in terms that the regular news outlets of (cough FOX) wouldn’t comment on. Technically this is an issue because either it might happen to someone you know, or maybe it already did. I think those who can relate to those who have lost jobs to overseas decisions need to tell them we know how you feel. It’s frustrating that you can’t go to a job that you applied for and  bring home to a family with financial ideas. Shameful.

We know that the Foreign Policy debate is coming up for the Presidential election. Will Obama go after Romney in terms of this matter IF possible in the debate? I think he should. Now I know it shouldn’t be a concern in part of the Election, but IT IS a vital concern for those effected by this, and also what about those who have the question, could this happen to me? For those who trip or sleep on this, DON’T!

And if this continues to happen, when you see jobs going overseas, and the Republican fans are PO’d and moaning about the 23 Million folks out of work and put the blame on the President. That’s one debate  thing in their opinion. But what if its backfires like its doing with Sensata? What will the Republican fans say now? Maybe those Republicans in congress should have passed that jobs bill in order IN ORDER to keep the opportunity to work! But however we all know how that ended. With a no. Plus I know that this has been mentioned of a American company in-sourced back to America. Remember when the President announced that MasterLock, Milwaukee’s MasterLock in my hometown, was previously in China, had been returned to America. Recently, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin debated with Former Gov. Tommy Thompson about jobs and one thing is agreeable that we Americans should “promote more Made in America products.” (By the way, I’m betting on Tammy to win the U.S. Senate Seat)

However, let me ask this: do you want this? Is this is we want to pay for? Really? Better think before November 6th! And to you undecided voters, you need to pay attention too because THIS CAN EFFECT YOU TOO!

Don’t Sleep: This is just my opinion.


In lieu of things here in the badger still being politically decisive, here’s a picture that definitely needs a ounce of respect. Especially for those in the Black Community. You may have seen this on Facebook or any other blog, or a TV news outlet, but it is a needed notice. I take that back. This was NOT in a TV news outlet anywhere in the country!  I wonder why.

But anyway, the name of the school is Urban Prep Academy, an all boys school in Chicago that is for African-American male students.  And the school is getting more reviews because of the success that is bringing to the table. Even sending young black males to college.

Read the article: Perfection! Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy Graduates Entire Class (DETAILS)

Also, the school has a website:


Packer fans stand up!

Bears Fans Scream Bear Down!

No matter which team you root for, this old school rivalry is one of the best that the sports has to offer. You may have heard of the Yankees vs Red Sox. The LA Lakers vs The Boston Celtics (ala Bird vs Magic) , Or Team USA vs Team Canada in hockey. But this Sunday, for the 182nd time, these two old school teams, the Packers and the Bears will fight once more, this time it’s for the NFC Championship. The last time this happened, it was in 1941 when the Bears won 33-14. Think about it. 1941. None of us in our thirties, 20’s, forties weren’t even around when that happened. No Facebook. No WordPress. No Blogging. None! Players like Walter Payton (whom of all of Chicago Bears I do respect), The Fridge, Brian Urlacher, Reggie White, Dick Butkus, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Jim McMahon and others weren’t even thought about.

Now, it’s 70 years later, and the same teams will be duking it out again!

Some of my best Packers/Bears moments were majority sided with the Green/Gold:

1994: Halloween Night when the Packers beat the Bears 33-6, when the NFL was going old school with the jerseys.
2007: 37-3 – the score that the Packers beat the Bears that year, even though it a 6-10 season.
2002: 34-21 – Packers won against the Bears outside of Solider Field.
1999: 35-19 – My 23rd Birthday when the Packers beat the Bears IN Chicago. This was also the same year when Walter Payton died, and the Bears won in Green Bay earlier in the season.
2011: 10-3 – A game that was a must win for the Packers to get into the NFL Playoffs at Lambeau Field. Which made the series 1-1.

Now, I’m going to make a bold prediction. Both defenses will be on deck for this. Both offenses will on deck and we all know Devin Hester. But for Green Bay to WIN in Chicago, against the Bears, I think the Packers on offense will have to blindside the defense. No question, the Chicago Defense is good. They blitz with that Tampa 2. And they are very good by stripping or poking the ball out of the offense. The basics of holding and locking the ball for the Packers will be key and also making the defense look weak and tired. Including getting the ball to Wide Receivers and/Running Backs when the defense is caught off guard for points. In the game against Atlanta, when John Kuhn scored the touchdown, they used a play called the “Elephant Package” with B.J. Raji on offense. They haven’t done this in a while and probably do so in this NFC Championship Game. On Defense, the Packers are good with Blitzes as well. And key players I think will make a big difference against the Chicago Offense, will come to Clay Mathews, Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, and maybe……NICK COLLINS! I’m thinking Nick Collins will have his revenge in Solider Field after an racial altercation against some rude fans of the Bears. For Nick Collins, he needs to just play his game. Don’t worry about the fans booing his name or whatever. Here’s an example. If Jay Cutler throws a pass to let’s say – Johnny Knox. And out of nowhere, Nick Collins comes up with an interception and runs it in for a touchdown, that might be a game changer for him. Or if a gang tackling move on Chester Taylor from the Packers linebackers would cause problems if the ball gets stripped out by A.J. Hawk and laterals to Nick Collins for a Touchdown. And if Tramon Williams runs a marathon interception or a “Devin Hester-isque” Touchdown run, the Packers would have a momentum change to gain the win and/or points lead.

If the Packers survive the Solider Field madness, with the George Halas Trophy, that on paper might rub the Bears even more openly on the Old School Rivalry. (And it would be same if the Bears win) And I also think the score would be close. The last two games were decided by 3 points and by a touchdown. So for this, I think it will end by least by a touchdown by giving the Packers a punched ticked to the Superbowl. Technically, I think Aaron Rodgers will be revived again for this upgraded-Old School Rival game. He has too. But hey, it will be great game for the two oldest teams that started the NFL. This game I think hasn’t got the attention of the other contests, (or fans) but now, after all this Bears-Packers stuff being talked about, it will be a hot ticket just to get to see another historic game.