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I read this article on the Rethink Church website back in 2011. It was about Lil’ Jon who was featured on Celebrity Apprentice in which he donated to the cause of the United Methodist Children’s Services in Atlanta. Usually lots of folks who disregard rappers with the lyrics and record sales but for this, it’s very important than getting a deal at the studio. Now I read the article on the website, and usually like everyone else the comments were positive, except one: All had to do with a judgement factor just because of the content the Lil’ Jon used in his songs. And judgment day is coming?

Let me say this as a 4th Generation member of my United Methodist Church: That’s a load of B.S.

So you mean to tell me that a rap artist like Lil’ Jon can’t give back to his hometown, and those like let’s say the Gospel group The Sheards can? Give me a break. I think most Christians need to stop hating! Even if they are United Methodist Related. I’m going there! Because all I see is just false judgment on someone that wants to give back bigger than music in a nice way, but here comes along with some or someone related like this “Julie” person in the article who wants to pass judgment. Newsflash: No one is not God. And even though that the teachings of John Wesley still have to be reached in a good sense, we still have to be resourceful about the teachings and lessons of Jesus Christ! Can I get a witness up in here?

Screw the freaking preaching. I’m here to prosper.

Currently Master P, with his son Lil’ Romeo and daughter Cymphonique, appears in the ICDC College commercials   Hold up, wait a minute. There was a time when Master P used explicit lyrics in his music, and still he gave back! The No Limit Soldiers still remain on point. Where was the outrage from that? Here in Milwaukee, Local DJ Homer Blow uses his explicit liberties on his internet show,, but did you know that he give back every year in June, in reference with hosting his Annual Birthday Party for the Kids? That’s right non-black Milwaukeeans and non-believers! Homer Blow gives back. Now I haven’t been to a Birthday Party for the Kids Event, but I see what he’s doing. Even if it’s doing stage shows at African World Festival for local talent. And because of his knowledge, and experience in Radio, WNOV is back on the air in Milwaukee.

Plus, more recently: Jay-Z. Now I want the so-called Illuminati folks to stop yapping for one single minute. Already, he invested in the Brooklyn Nets Basketball Team, and now, his “Roc Nation” label has expanded to the sports area. Already some players like Victor Cruz, and Robinson Cano have jumped aboard. Plus also I know some have been blowing up online about this question about the jobs he may have. Go ahead. Ask him. Ask his folks. Ask the representatives. Google it. Go online. Plus also, I dare to ask: Even though he uses explicit language which is well documented, BUT he’s doing some positive stuff other than making music. Speaking of which, can some imagine if some well-known Milwaukee DJ’s could invest in drafting Brandon Jennings, Randall Cobb, or Rickie Weeks to a local urban Milwaukee label? By the way the Milwaukee Bucks are playoff bound.

So I don’t what the deal is. I mean dang, just because someone that used to or currently uses explicit language but does good for the people, I don’t judge. Just like in the bible in which it says: according to Matthew 7:1 – Judge NOT lest ye be Judged!

Remember that bible-thumping folks! No matter if you are Rethinking Church, or just making a useless comment that is one sided. Now put that in a Sunday Sermon or a Bible Study.

If anyone knows what the Martin Family is going through, in terms of understanding of losing someone to gun violence, seek Bill Cosby. That’s right. Bill Cosby. It was about 15 years ago that Bill lost his son Ennis Cosby to gun violence. Now I’m assuming that this case of the Trayvon Martin murder is not going away like trying to wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or the next Drake Single. Or if Bobbi Kristina will indeed get her acting skills on. Or we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting. Just like when our Troops go overseas and help other countries, but don’t help the causes at home as much. Which is not always true at times. Heck, my late great-grandmother lived up to her 100’s in her lifetime, and didn’t wait for nothing! Even if it was talking about having a Black President.

During my off time, I had to listen to one of my local radio stations, online. If you said, yes. On and on, it was about Homer Blow expressing his frustration over the fact yet again that there are those who support the Trayvon Martin cases, but NOT supporting cases at home. Not to repeat what he said but in the context of Blow that if you support Trayvon Martin, (expletitve) YOU!  He also put up a profile pic on his Facebook Page, of a young 26 year old, Lauren A. Donelson, who was gunned down in Milwaukee recently, it brings back to the question yet again why we don’t support our problems turned solutions at home? Technically,  this is the same as those asking why we have to celebrate Black History Month annually in February. We should know right? Don’t say it’s racist or segregated. Why we have to fill out the Census form every 10 years. – which a constitutional law in the United States by the way.I can go on and on.  Or why can’t Wisconsin have High Speed Rail and having the Republicans like Scott Walker wanted to drop it like a bad habit. Fear of boondoggles? Really? Wow Wisconsin Taxpayers and Republican supporters. Lighten up! And you’re wondering about those 250,000 jobs? Really?!

Obviously, it’s time to face reality and just call it like this: Everybody is different. In regarding to supporting Trayvon Martin tributes over the local problems, everyone is not going to support the local stuff all the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are those who do support national causes and local causes. Would I support the NAACP nationally, and support Milwaukee’s Career and Youth Development? Of course. Or if I attend a concert let’s say….Jay-Z’s hip-hop Concert.Nothing wrong with that. And going to an act that is Milwaukee owned for the urban music scene. No problem. But I don’t want no one telling me that I should support the local talent! If I were to support local talent per say, I would do it. Just saying. Hello! Can I get a witness?  I mean there is nothing wrong supporting music in general depending your position. Every year I listen to Mr. Machine which is by the group called The Chefs. But most of you don’t know that some of the band members were related to me by blood, and they used to open up for well known acts like B.B. King, James Brown and Tina Turner. This is not one of those “you’re lying things”. NO this is real! Just to let you know that!

Possibly, this talk about “getting behind nationally and not supporting locally” is going to be talked about again. And again. And again. It’s nothing new.  I don’t think no one should judge anyone of the causes like Trayvon Martin supporting stuff. Even though it’s a sensitive topic per say, but it shouldn’t be a bother of anyone snapping off at the mouth. I do realize that there are those who are passionate about their communities. The keyword is passionate. It’s all about having love above and beyond for a cause that will make noise for realization. And thus, even though is not very passionate about the Trayvon Martin tributes nationally (ala Michael Baisden) but when thing happen locally like the death of  Lauren A. Donelson, the young 26-year-old that was killed in Milwaukee recently by gun fire , it’s another plateau of passion to get behind our communities. Like the line from Boyz N’ The Hood when Tre’s friend Ricky was killed, and Furious was telling him that he’s sorry about his friend, but he (Tre) was his concern. I see that. And I know.

Dear America:

Bascially by now, we’ve all been glueing to our TV’s and computers about the statuses of the Trayvon Martin tributes. It still hits home to most of us who have, or are around young African-American teens. The thing that kind of got to me was about that not everyone is a fan of this. That’s understandable. But I hear comments like: I get it. Trayvon Martin RIP in all. And I also hear comments like that should be a Florida issue. Not a other state issue. Especially a Milwaukee issue. It really kind of sickens me that we have this Aura of thinking that we shouldn’t be concerned at all. I for one have to be concerned. I kept thinking about the word BALANCE. Trayvon’s murder has sparked another example about having those talks about the epidemics of young black males being murdered. I can relate that when the summer comes in July, it will mark 10 years for one of my relative’s passing.

Do I still look at the funeral bulletin? Yes I do. Do I go to the grave site and reflect? Yes I do. Do I focus on what I have to do? Absolutely. I hope that ANY old school person who want to comment about life stuff more that has to understand that. What they and us have to realize that “without death, there can’t be life. ” If I caught anyone offguard by saying that, sorry. But in essence that is real talk. No matter how you splice it. It is.

The big argument about this was on this week. Now, I like listening to Blowradio, and hearing the comments of Homer Blow. But I have to add that with all the hoopla about Trayvon, he also talked about why we don’t ever investigate the Milwaukee murders of Yolanda “LaLa” Brown, JeTannue Clayborn, Jasmine Owens, the missing updates of Alexis Patterson, or many others. I think what he was emphasizing was we get behind the Trayvon Martin tributes, but ignore our own who has passed on. And I can hear like, why wasn’t the attackers of these weren’t caught in all? And he concluded, “that’s exactly my point.” By the way, Yolanda “La La” Brown was a local R&B Singer in Milwaukee that died at 21 in 2007.

Well you know what, I think it all goes back to all that STOP SNITCHING mess. Oh yeah, I’m going there! The stop snitching movement needs to be dead. It needs to be put in a casket and die! That is one of the main reasons I think that the murders like La La Brown and her boyfriend, JeTannue Clayborn, (aka Koo Laid) don’t get solved. I didn’t hear that nor see that on besides this. If those who stood behind the “Stop Snitching movement”, need to start snitching and get some answers. That is one of the things that is holding this back. Homer Blow, as good as he is, needs to understand that. I’m just saying.

So there is nothing wrong supporting a movement that doesn’t involve those locally. Maybe that movement can be supportive by initiating a call to action campaign by reeducating US about the use to get this movement going.

Technically we’ve been talking about it, BUT…..where is the result? I say DON’T STOP SNITCHING. For the Trayvon Martin case, I think his attacker, George Zimmerman will be sentenced. No question. I think the use of Hoodies will continue. And on a personal note, I wear hoodies alot and I don’t get those looks about being a dealer of violence. I think it’s upsurd an stupid. I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits go to jail for major stuff. Does Bernie Madoff ring a bell?



Stephen’s Spot

It’s been out for a year, and I believe that Real Milwaukee is good show. Yes, the show has been “keeping it real” since 2010, and has become a hit every  morning before going to work. Fun stuff in all. But now, I’m having a sense that Real Milwaukee is somewhat losing it’s realness in terms of the  issues at hand. Hold up a second, I thought this show was supposed to Keep It Real! No disrespect to Katrina Cravy, but I expected more out of this show.  Back in February, when the collective barganing issues have surfaced the state, there was discussion about those in the 30’s age group who don’t understand about  the use of unions and the fairness between them as employees and taxpayers. Personally, I think that Real Milwaukee, namely Nicole Koglin should have asked those in the 30’s age group who actually get it! That was the first mistake in my opinion. I know some union folks in my age group actually understand unions’ process of communciation and negotiations between parties of the two groups. There wasn’t enough TALK in between that. And until I think that  happens, it should be a viable understanding of why it is, instead of having those who don’t belong to a union and hash about being in a private  sector job. Speaking of that, my father once told me “a job is a job”. Plain and simple.

Another topic is about poverty levels.

Recently, Milwaukee had a rating of poverty with being as number 4. And those I think are just asking why that is.  There are those who think that it’s all smoke and mirrors, lack of education, lack opportunities of jobs,  and it’s a non-belief issue thing. When that topic arose on Real Milwaukee, there was  a phone message that was called into to the studio indicating that Real Milwaukee once again, missed the boat by being out of touch. I thought,  I’m begining to ask, “how could Real Milwaukee missed this one?” Maybe “Real Milwaukee” needs to get out of the “Brown Deer Bubble” and go to the places  in which those effected by the poverty levels and ask the questions. We should know. Those that report the news should know better. I think the show is afriaid to go to the areas of Milwaukee, and actually have a “Real Talk” with those having it hard to feed, clothe, and keeping the utilities activated! And those defending their smoke and mirrors  statement, they need to go get a job in all need, and get a reality check or in this case, walk in their shoes. Can Cassandra McShepard or Rob Haswell do that? I’m just saying!

Do you know what real show I pay attention to the most each work day? I’ll tell you. It’s That’s Homer Blow’s internet radio show that comes every Monday – Friday around 1:00pm CST in Milwaukee, online. Plus, for those outside of Milwaukee and don’t know, Homer Blow once worked for WNOV for a number of years.  I should warn those that is completely Uncensored and Uncut. And they talk about the fun stuff of pranks at times, but when it comes to issues concerning the community, the crew of Homer Blow, Nnatumba Ba Nnasty, Gigalo Jackson and others really let loose! They put their liberties or explicit dialogue in everything they talk about ranging from jobs, religion, relationships, local hip-hop, problems in the families, etc. They go deep. Once again, unlike Real Milwaukee. And they have been on the air for 3 years, longer than Real Milwaukee. One segment was featured having Mayor Tom Barrett, and also young black teens and adults talking about their viewpoint of Milwaukee, and the problems/solutions. This is in regard to the Wisconsin State Fair Incident which took place this past summer. It was a good dialogue of the interaction. But the main point of the dialogue was having Mayor Barrett telling the young folks in these words that “We need you. You are the future of this city.” No lie. In other words, real talk . Plus also on Tuesdays, the show does have a Women’s Panel segment in which the females like Virgo Brown, let loose on their girl talk in a different angle. All uncensored by they way. And guess what, unlike Real Milwaukee, keeps it real to the next level. The title is really called “Keepin’ it Real, The Next Level.” And plus, on Thursday Nights, they have a “Thursday Throwback” segment in which the topics similar above are displayed based on point of view. Again, all uncensored and uncut.

They keep it real more than 1290WMCS, V100,Majic 102.5, Jammin 98.3(which I still have love for the stations)  and even they keep it real more than Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, Jeff Wagner and James T. Harris (who once said “Sir, I’m begging you” infront of Sen. John McCain in 2008). Overall, yes, Real Milwaukee can be fun in all. Nothing wrong with being nostalgic, or exploring places in the Milwaukee area that are reasonable. No question. But I’m beginning to think that it’s losing it’s “realness” in terms of the issues of the community.  But goes all the way, and pulls no punches faster than Nicole, Cassandra, Katrina and Rob. Plus Tony Clark. I’m just saying. One show is in the  morning during the day time hours being terrestial, but the other is online and non-teresstial, with open direct dialogue. Do the math.

We have seen the mess. We have seen the melee. We have seen the video on Milwaukee’s Fox6 website of the mess of Riverwest Neighborhood, and the Wisconsin State Fair, thus far. But the question now turns to this: what’s next for the youth of Milwaukee? The question should be, what should be next for the youth of Milwaukee? I ask this because ordinary citizens have been asking the same thing. Even those embarrassed by the past melee’s have been asking, allegedly.

I was on the net today and listened to Now you’re asking, what’s that? Does anyone in America know Homer Blow? He used to be a radio personality on WNOV a while back, and now he’s in charge of his radio show which comes on everyday at 1pm CST. But here’s something that everyone should know: The radio show is completely uncut and uncensored with wacky topics, and also SERIOUS issues that hit home in the Greater Milwaukee Area. One of the serious issues the show did touch was indeed the youth of Milwaukee in which those of us know well: the melee at State Fair. Previously there were comments about bad parenting, if you hit your child you go to jail stuff, spankings, etc. Let’s be honest. I’m assuming that many of you have once in the lifetime, have been spanked by your parents. Admit it. Or some had a combination of both spankings and time outs. Be honest. Here’s the kicker. The things that we (me included) went through as kids growing up, these are the things that the so-called parents don’t do to their kids.And you wonder why the kids go out and run rapid with melees, attacks, and trying to make it “an entertainment reaction” for their so-called audience. Who are they trying to impress? Youtube?!

There are those who don’t get it. The streets are letting the kids talking to them instead of the homes. The homes should be the ones telling the kids no means no, always say good this or good that, and a truthful reminder of real talk. – Speaking of “Real Talk”, I’ve been hearing that lately. For those who want to know, Real Talk isn’t just a catch phrase. It’s a motivational thought to seek the common ground. When I say something that most folks can agree with, it usually has an “Amen” for it, but instead I’m saying real talk.

Getting back, when I was listening to Homer’s show today (being uncensored in all) he read a letter from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan about some solutions that was debated about on the show courtesy of the WTMJ 620AM website:

– Revamping the juvenile justice system
– Continuing and increase police overtime
– Immediately beginning the process of filling more than 150 police vacancies
– Strict curfew enforcement
– Late night walks
– “I Pledge Milwaukee” like a similar plan in Philadelphia
– Operation SAFECAM (using surveillance cameras in particular neighborhoods)
– Orphanages
– Boarding schools
– “Drastic and far-reaching changes to MPS”

Most of the things that the Alderman brought forward have some trying truths, but there is one thing that has to be asked: How is this going to make the rules and regulations stick? And plus, since Alderman Donovan had talked this up, in his district, why doesn’t he bring this fortitude to the black communities? In other words, is Alderman Donovan, along with Alderman Dudzik are scared to go to the black communities to address this with black constituents, or with the residents in the black neighborhoods? Really?!! It sounds like that “yeah, we might but no we’ll stay here thing”. I know that they don’t go to other districts in all, but ARE THEY representatives for the City of Milwaukee? That would be like if the republicans would say spit about the needs and wants of the black community from afar, but WILL NOT go into the Black Community itself to talk to the neighbors, businesses and others of the area to get the word out in person! How many in Milwaukee have seen the Milwaukee Police Department in the black neighborhoods, but NOT the Milwaukee County Sheriff (yes I’m picking on them) Department in the black neighborhoods? That has to be addressed more. Another thought from the radio show, they were talking about having leagues that have the police officers coaching the basketball games in Wisconsin’s state capitol of Madison. And plus their crime rate is lower than Milwaukee’s. In speaking of that, there should be more Milwaukee leagues forming up that can be compatible with Madison’s to extend that “there is something to do without getting in trouble by the Milwaukee Police Department”. That way it could have that balance of peace between the citizen and officer. Just my thought.

Another thing to say that in Milwaukee, the MPS school system will start school in September. How many of our youth will be dedicated to afterschool activities and other academic outings without going for trouble? And what will the parents role in this IF they get into trouble? If the youth DO get into trouble or drama, show them the video footage from the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter that kept it 100, about if the kids get in trouble, then the parents will have to join them in jail. I’ve seen the footage and mad props to the mayor for having the spirit to tell it like it is. – and just to be frank, can Milwaukee borrow that?