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Before we Americans throw down on the turkey, yeah there will be political drama at the dinner table. There will be many other factors in which we will ask the question, what are we thankful for in all. It’s also a Thanksgiving that yet the truth will bust out that some of our Ingenious Native American Folks will not partake in the holiday due to the national day of mourning. If you’re not familiar with it, research! Even you might watch football and the ongoing traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ushering the Christmas Season.

But likewise….I’m scratching my head again.

Milwaukee, how’s that streetcar thing doing? Overall, please. No Hop Haters from those who DON’T live in Milwaukee!

So it seems now that the People’s Flag and the Milwaukee Arts Board have to get back in talking about the ongoing idea of getting a new flag. We’ve all have seen it like everyday. But many will agree that the People’s Flag Folks HAVE NOT talked to the whole Milwaukee Community. Why?!

They say that the voting never mattered in the Governor’s race in Wisconsin, mainly Milwaukee. Ummmm, did anyone see the totals while yet folks complained?

Can you be a real church member and bring a level of consciousness that many might fear and still be loyal? Not talking about money in all.

Can the Wisconsin Badgers think big and quietly usher in better talent to run pistol plays? Be advised, Big Ten.

Black Woke Folks: we need to stop all this talk about getting us not to vote. And what is the reason why? Back off! Jeez!

Mostly, in that Georgia Election, the reason why Stacy Abrams lost was due to voter suppression, and I dare say: Racism. Agree or disagree?

Remember when the WWE or the WWF Survivor Series was ON Thanksgiving Day?

What will it take to get the Green Bay Packers to get red hot AGAIN?

You know that Country music has two African-American singers that are killing the scene right now. Like Kane Brown and Jimmie Allen. Heard of them? And Country Music is part of Black History!

Who still goes to the clubs and bars after the big meal on Thanksgiving to shake off the pounds?

How about those Milwaukee Bucks though?

And why did Andrew Gillum lose in Florida again, to really someone who is deemed racist?

Since November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, how really those who love our Military actually SUPPORT our Military? And how many of us really love our Veterans SUPPORT OUR VETS?!! Don’t start illing of not being a fake patriot.

When will Milwaukee EVER get their Holiday Parade…..err Christmas Parade BACK? Come on Harley-Davidson, Northwestern Mutual, Kohls, etc!

This is very disturbing: Why a fight in the Milwaukee Courthouse?

It seems that this portrait in Baraboo sparked an outrage. Of course. But what was the real reason again? Let me guess: that blasted Nazi salute and of course that got Wisconsin in a bad light yet again.

I asked this question last time and I’ll ask it again: The Hallmark Christmas Show is back. Who’s still watching them?!

No offense to the Christmas decors but, why does Thanksgiving get suddenly skipped? I’m mean HELLO! Turkey Day is missing!

This is interesting: Sagittarius Season BEGINS on Thanksgiving Day. Sags: what are we thankful for 9th house rulers?

Remember when Thanksgiving shows actually was reclaiming their time?

Men, has #movember really sunk in? After all that no shave, November thing?

International Men’s Day had come and gone. Why is this day not formally recognized again? And why are the whiny feminists of the world, still treat as this day being sexist?

Speaking of Feminism: why target Kleenex for Mansize tissues again?

Wait a minute: there is a Football Game out the Nintendo Switch? Not Madden! But how do many like the MFL? As in the Mutant Football League? Rated M but this might attract those in the think tanks to actually MAKE A FOOTBALL GAME for the Switch! Madden, or make an “NFL 2K” Sports game. I’m calling this!

Men (and women),  can we remind ourselves not to complain about International Men’s Day on International Women’s Day next year in 2019?!!!

When Thanksgiving Day is here: is it Macy’s, Football and Food? or is it Macy’s, Food then FOOTBALL?

When Thanksgiving is over, and for many of us who do not work on a Friday, why is it necessary for those who work on Thanksgiving have to start the Black Friday sales all early?

Speaking of Black Friday: NO SHOPPING FOR ME! But who will be the idiot of the moment when engaging in others for stuff on sale in a violent physical bloodbath? It’s bound to happen. You know it!

Speaking of Small Business Saturday: Who will actually shop locally? No national stuff!

Speaking of Cyber Monday: Best online deals right now. Who has it?

Speaking of Giving Tuesday: Who will donate? To Schools, Organizations, Alumni, Church Groups, Fraternity, Sorority, Legion, etc?

I don’t get it. Since the victory of the recent Wisconsin midterm election, there might be some folks from the black community might call out the new administration of not being diverse enough. My question is: why aren’t many who are complaining (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) not applying?!!

Will Creed II be a hit?

In the last 100 seasons, how many games the Packers won on Thanksgiving? I know, I know. They got archives.

Yes, there was a time that the Native Americans were slaughtered outside after a church service on a Sunday, and years later it was dubbed as the National Day of Mourning. A real question: do many today know that part of the history?

Who might fill up the table that once was occupied by those who passed on?

Who will fill up the table and set a new tone for the big dinner?

And the last question before: how REALLY thankful are you? Like really?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Expect a “Be Thankful” Traditional Blog

Long time ago, I usually say that “August Really Sucks.” I think I say this because that’s when you get the feeling of school is coming. The 2018-19 year is about to start up. BUT….with all what’s going on with Trump messing up the game, a black Milwaukee Radio Station Segment gone, more of the Becky’s of calling the cops being crazy, Harley-Davidson turning 115 in all: I’m scratching my head again.

Did we really need the Hallmark Christmas Movies in July?

Schools of America: Are you ready for the classrooms?

For all the fans of “Shut up and dribble”: Do you hate LeBron James now? After he opened a school in the area Akron, Ohio?! Hmmmm……what about it?!

Are many folks ready for Roland Martin’s new show on September 4th? Spoiler Alert, you need the internet!

Wisconsinites: August 14th is coming up real fast. So you made your marks yet? Who’s betting on Mahlon Mitchell to go all the way?

For the listeners and fans of WNOV: what happens now after “The Forum?”

Milwaukee: Black Arts Fest MKE debuts. Will it be successful and the anticipation be in the staple of the City of Festivals? Just to think that 5 years ago, African World Festival happened. And unceremoniously: for the last time.

Is the Wisconsin State Fair still hyped?

Is the NFL Preseason still good to watch? And justly, not many will not watch the NFL in regarding Colin Kaepernick.

This fall: it will be my 25 years that I backed Bucky. When they got hot and went to the Rose Bowl in 1994 and won the game. (Rose Bowl with Barry Alvarez winning it all) But my question is, can these Football Badgers of now in 2018-19, go for the big one?

What about the new name for the New Bucks Arena? Now known as the Fiserv.Forum?

Alright this needs to be asked: what was the gall purpose of those Black Pastors IN the 45 Wacky White House meeting up with Trump? And what was Milwaukee Bishop Darrell Hines doing there?!!! Was it really about Prison Reform?! And speaking of that, Darrell Scott said that Trump is the “The most blackest president ever.” EXCUSE ME?!!! And having the balls to diss Obama?

Milwaukee: we will have some guests coming to town in later weeks for Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary. Yeah, our every 5 year anniversary is coming yet again. But the question is: will EVERY neighborhood and community in Milwaukee be ready for this? And also will the Black Community be represented? You know it was almost left out IF the Iron Elite Black Biker Jam had not happened! As well as also the MLK Jr Drive Area had not happened either!

For you Bird Scooters Fans: yes you know that already that the City of Milwaukee had began to declare the Bird Scooters to be illegal to operate. In parts of the operating of the scooters didn’t comply under the State of Wisconsin’s DOT Laws. Yes, the city had to comply with the rules in terms of the state. Chapter 340 Paragraph 35. It’s clearly states that. For you Bird Scooter fans: didn’t you read that part before leaving the scooters around? Just asking!

For the Alumni on ALL levels: you ready to donate back to the old high schools and colleges?

For the teachers: you ready to get back to the grading papers?

For the Administrators: what about that idea of facilitating new ideas in the schools and colleges?

For you Parents: will you be willing to visit the schools not just because of the games or graduation?!

Will many folks NOT be jealous about taking pics of their kids going to school on the first day on Social Media?

When it comes to the black churches, why are they are REALLY dying out? What is the REAL Reason?

Jerry Springer has been on TV nearly 28 years. And how?

It’s funny though, we see and read about all those comments about the “misfits” can’t mount to nothing. Hmmmm……what if they did? And provide that evidence?

When will the Wisconsin State Fair have an African-American Career Expo? It had it once before!

Milwaukeeans: Century City I area will be getting it’s first tenant: GoodCity Brewing. It’s not Amazon, but can it generate jobs for the area?

Class of 2019: are you ready to get this semester over with? Especially if you are a Senior!

For all those going into school/colleges for the first time, you must be nervous. We all been there. But will you make sure that your first year is a learning experience?

For all those who are still in it at school/college: can you maintain the pressure?

Final question here: How will all of our leaders continue to adapt the ways of the 45 moronic orange head, while many of us have to go through crap everyday dealing with all the mess that most of the GOP do spew out? In other words, HOW LONG?!


Oh, is it Independence Day? The day of the 1776 that many were “partying?” Oh yes, it’s July 4th. The 242nd Anniversary of the Independence. And yes like before, we can celebrate in all. Plus I dare say to comment this: The Struggle Continues!

Why do I keep saying, The Struggle Continues? I keep it as a reminder that no matter what happens in life and in our daily lives, the struggle of the ideas, objectives, faith, financial, manhood, womanhood, your sexual preference, voting ideas, marital status, and other things we hold dear like a musket still continues with this struggle. Even being black and conscious about our black-selves is a struggle EVERYDAY.

Black folks: we know that already that a day like this may or may not favor us likewise. When this day of Independence was established as we know, our people was not partying like everyone else. Others may ask why, we know that SLAVERY and BONDAGE were a factor of us not celebrating the fireworks. It took 89 years, (that’s right 89 years) for us to have our share of freedom when Juneteenth Day was created. For you the non-black audience this is part of history that many (and MANY) slept over. We get caught up in the hype and we forget that there were cracks in the ground that didn’t get covered. Think about this, the next 4th of July Holiday will be in 2019. The same 2019 when we will summarize the last slaves arrived from Africa in 1619. We’re talking on the real: 400 years. We will be saying 400 years alot next year. But when that happens, we’ll recognize it and surely it will be summarized that will make 45’s hair snap out! We can talk about the use of Patriotism in the country. But for us Black folks here me when I say this: We are Patriots too! When someone on our social media folks says that black people aren’t patriots, they are lying. We are patriots due to the speaking out of Police Brutality. We are patriots speaking out on our Black Lives Matter every time! We speakout on the hate on us being denied of jobs, homes, assistance of medical and finance, where to shop, having our say of education, voting, innocent lives getting killed, and many others with the moniker “Amerikkka” in all in the addressing the thought and issues and concerns about this country that really affects us! We have to address it! And the reason being because is if anyone is not going to address our issues, we have to do it. That is OUR patriotic duty as citizens to upkeep the words that Dr. King once said as an example: “Be true what you say on paper!” That is just not being patriotic in our way, but it’s also being held accountable for the things and issues that get put out there! Yeah, we have a patriotism in our own right. And you don’t necessarily have to wave the Red, White and Blue all the time. The real patriotism is in your heart and your viewpoints. I just had to say that.

Frederick Douglass even questioned that when he asked, “What to the slave is the 4th of July? Martin Luther King even ask that question more than just “I Have A Dream”. Rosa Parks even asked about that question when hanging a banner about those being lynched. Malcolm X was questioning that very often about the formality of Black Excellence/Nationalism being questioned along with peace and freedom. And many countless others said the same thing whom were and are African-American and having the balls to do it. In his last 4th of July as President, Barack Obama commented about “imperfections in our union”. And he was right. And still there are imperfections today that still need to be tackled right now.

Currently, we are still speaking out. Even Rep. Maxine Waters of California still criticized the antics of Donald Trump. Yes, Auntie Maxine is speaking the truth like it or not. And many can hate all they want. Even some Democrats need to shut up and listen of what’s really going on. And oh, they and others want to her to stop talking that jazz and having civility. You want to talk about civility?! And all that talk about her inciting violence? What a joke! The real joke is the 45 acts of stupidity. The real joke of seeing that stars and stripes side by side with the North Korean Flag which almost make me puke. The real joke is hating on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for the criticisms about this American made product that is Milwaukee Born being some of the jobs being shipped overseas and of course some of the employees probably favored Trump. Plus would this act stains the 115th Anniversary? And even rolling back the ideas that Barack Obama placed regarding the Affordable Care Act, College Admissions and others were classified as a joke for Trump. And all that so-called “Make America Great Again” stuff is nothing more that a fake revolution to bring to light. It’s a farce! Even separating families at the border for no apparent reason. And black folks we know the feeling of separation as many times explained how our people were on auction blocks being sold into slavery. And generations in the future are putting the links together to assemble our family trees.

Why I am saying this on a day like today? Why many are saying, “Stephen this is our country’s birthday. Leave it alone”. WHY?! Come on, now! I am like a Patriot that is addressing the concerns that many are afraid to touch just like everyone else. And no I’m not hating the Vets like many of you. My father served in the Vietnam War, an UNPOPULAR WAR mind you that was hated by many. This year would have reflected 50 years since he came home from Vietnam and when he got back, he like many others were disrespected by being called “baby killers” from the same folks who probably then waved the flag for support. Even though that the Vietnam Vets that I know and knew served in the was that wasn’t all that, they still served, period! And now 50 years later, they are just getting their just due for service. Well, I need to ask where was that love for them 50 year ago when they returned? I’m just asking and saying at the same time.

Despite of all this, yes we are lucky to have this time. But however we also recognize that it has not been easy. We have to grind every time to get to our objectives and goals. We can still be bold of our Independence but we still have alot of work to do. Even with this crazy So-called President that many right are realizing that Hillary might have been a better choice. There are many of us have been saying it. But……like Roland Martin says on Twitter: #WeTriedToTellYa!

So with all that, we still got work to do. We still got to weed out the wickedness that plagues us very badly. What that means is we got to do better. Like former VP Joe Biden once said that America is a better country that this. We can be better and will be better. Not just with a catch phrase. But with the actions behind it.

Well, as they say: The Struggle Continues!




The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue

As the day comes for the Dads, we know that many will celebrate the men that gives us love. We also realize that Father’s Day for the church side is going to be less than Mother’s Day in which we know already. Plus yes there will be women that will moan and complain about the father’s not being there for the kids, not doing nothing for the kids, community, etc. And yes, even the fathers whom are missed in death will be everyday reminded that their ongoing spirit still lingers on. And we have to face the wacky events. And I’m scratching my head again.

Ok, ladies. Let’s be real. Why will some of you will complain about the fathers of your kids this Father’s Day?

Will all the men wear some sort of blue like the baseball teams on Sunday? It’s to recognize prostate cancer awareness.

So after 60 years in the game, IHOP or the International House of Pancakes, will be now known as the International House of……..Burgers?!! Seriously?! Will Pancakes be still selling?

Black folks: June is Black Music Month as we know. Are we educating the masses who love our music in all?

So far the hype of the Milwaukee Streetcar is gaining steam. Plus you realize it’s only 5 months away until it fully debuts, right?

Right now on the election watch here in Wisconsin, August 14th will arrive before you know it. Still voting, right?

Milwaukee: Summerfest will be here. You ready? I got tips!

Why is 45 having issues with Canada? Particularly with the Prime Minister?!

The Brewers still own the NL Central so far. Is it real yet for the Craig’s Crushers?

They say that one of the introverts’ nightmares is job fairs. Career fairs, etc. Is the prophecy true? Do we Introverts need our OWN job fairs?

For the All Black American Legion Posts in Milwaukee/Wisconsin: why do you NOT have any Sons, Auxiliary or Legion Riders Groups? I need answers!

It’s been 20 years since James Byrd, Jr was murdered. By racists in Texas dragging him to his death. Did we forget this, America?

The Milwaukee Bucks’ new home will be opening in a couple of months. Who took the tour so far?

Here in Milwaukee: the Milwaukee Police Department is rocked with pain of the death of Officer Charles Irvine, Jr. We all know what happened yet again and I know many of us are still mixed by the feelings overall by the Police: Racism, Brutality, etc. We all know. Even harassment. Even the unacceptable stuff of the moniker copied of “Blue Lives Matter.” We know it. After Officer Irvine is remembered at his funeral on June 16th, what will the attitudes of us and the Police change for the better?

Sidenote: Reference the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Player Sterling Brown after he was tased 18 times by the MPD.
CALLOUT: For us in the United Methodist Church, specifically in the Black UMC’s and BMCR: Why are we being attacked? Seriously ask this question at the Annual Conferences! Let them know how you feel.

This needs to be asked: why there are not hordes of Harleys in Milwaukee that do parades for Juneteenth Day? Yeah, I’m asking this that needs real answers!

Anthony Bourdain passed on due to suicide. Why did he go that way?! Man! And also Kate Spade went the same.

Here in Milwaukee: what will it take for the MPS Alumni to continue the “machine of reaching out” to the former students? Besides social media? And what will it take for the Alumni of all High Schools to be FURTHER engaged?

Is there a real reason why many will celebrate Juneteenth Day and or the 4th of July in the Black Community more or less?

In two months: Harley-Davidson will be 115 years old. Black Community: WE NEED TO BE READY WITH THE IRON ELITE – BLACK BIKER JAMS! Can we do this? Last time, we were late, but on time! White folks, do not get upset about a black biker jam in Milwaukee. You know what you said 5 years ago on Facebook!

Milwaukee: who will be the best Sheriff for the County? Richard Schmidt or Earnell Lucas? Make your choice on August 14th.

Of all the field of Wisconsin Democrats for Governor: I think that Mahlon Mitchell is the underdog. Can this underdog be the man? And oh, Wisconsin never had a black governor in its 170 year history!

Why is Sheriff David Clarke still talking on Twitter? Oops, I’m sorry FORMER SHERIFF David Clarke!

Is the time for Scott Walker up? Is this is the end?

For the Fourth of July, should many design a shirt that has “The Struggle Continues” draped in Red, White and Blue? You designers need to be ready now.

So I’m reading about this extended warranty about CarShield. I like many others are tired to pay high costs in car repairs in all. Is this CarShield thing a real good deal to have? I need answers. Real answers!

For my Pride Readers: How is your Pride month doing? Now for those wondering, Stephen’s Spot on this WordPress does NOT discriminate against anyone based on race, creed, class, sexual orientations, etc.

Class of 2018, congrats. Now what? Expect a blog letter!

During the Pridefest weekend in Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson had the “Ride with Pride“. You know Harley attracts all kinds of folks, right? Even the LGBTQIA folks.

Should the Milwaukee Police Department go back and hand out Baseball Cards like they did back in the 80’s? Way before you Millennials and Gen Z folks.

Final overall question before I ask about the Dads: Has the Golden State Warriors whom just now won a back to back championship over the Cavs is considered a “Dynasty?” If you win more Championships in lets say 4 years in a row, then you can call yourself a Dynasty. Not yet, Dub Nation! Even though you got stock of weapons. Just saying.

Now: this is for all the fathers. Ladies chill out. Don’t say a word!

How many Fathers didn’t have a father go to, became a father to go to?

What is the main reason why Father’s Day is so less than Mother’s Day when it comes to church?

My father mattered. Anyone else’s father mattered when they were living? How do we continue to legacy on the real tip without having the hassle of breaking traditions? And knowing each other besides going to Reunions and FUNERALS?! That seems to be the theme for generations. It’s time to break the cycle! Seriously.

For the first time fathers: how will you really support the toughest job of backing your son or daughter?

Since when Target had the “Baby Daddy” cards out? Did I miss it? Nah, Pass.

For the seasoned vets of fathers: you know the game. Is there a father to be that you are training right now to be a great dad?

For us who don’t have children and are men and not fathers: How can we support the kids in the community with the families that need the extra assistance? Always remember, it takes a village!

For us the families that never had an experience of growing up without a father, how have our Uncles, Grandfathers, Older Cousins whom are Dads, still play a role in getting that ultimate objective in life?

I dare to ask: why there are moms “now just blaring the thought” of seeing Father’s Day Cards for Mothers? Like in 2011 in Walgreens!

For the fathers whom are behind prison bars: I know that this is a hard question to ask, but do you really have the heart to see your kids?

For the fathers that have been missing for over 20 plus years from your kids, why did you leave them?!

For the fathers that have been reformed and out of jail, was the lessons learned for the better?

For the fathers that are legendary, are you inspiring the next era to step up?

For the fathers that are still in the fight and hard working, are you quitting or not? Do you still have the fortitude?

And for the families of fathers that keep it real: what is next?

On the real tip though, listen up:

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who read my blog.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are changing lives.

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are staying in the fight!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers whom are missed and remembered EVERYDAY!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are reclaiming their time. RECLAIM YOUR TIME DADS!

Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who aren’t always living foul!

To the non-Fathers that take care of folks on the fly, (like Godfathers) even though that this day is not really for you, but you act upon on being a father in general!

Lastly, even though it’s Father’s Day, don’t single out the Mothers that support. Please don’t. All Fathers Matter! And the Mothers (especially today’s MOTHERS) need to recognize it. Mothers you had your day last month. But today: Happy Father’s Day!

Usually I don’t do this, but recently the New York Times did a visit to the Brew City and gave a review about our city’s well known sites. Of course, whenever a visitor does come to the city, the well known sites are on the list. But however, there a couple of sites that WEREN’T on the list. And I know very well which ones that should be on the list of sites. For all the readers of the NY TImes that did read the Milwaukee Review and to the writer, you might want to reivew this also.

Dear readers of the New York Times:

It’s me, Stephen. I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

By now, many of you probably had read an article about our city of Milwaukee. In terms of where to go, where to eat, and where to shop, entertain, and more. And I’m sure the well known areas of Milwaukee that were listed in your article were very presentable. Such as Leon’s, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum, Pfister Hotel, and many others that help made Milwaukee Famous. Yes you mention about Polish Fest and Irish Fest. But you failed to mentioned, Mexican Fiesta, Festa Italiana, and a hidden jewel: African World Festival. – Just to remind you that Milwaukee does have black people. Just saying!

One other thing about this: you failed to mentioned this company: Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

How does a writer from NY Times forget about Harley? For instance, when the company had its 110th Anniversary this past summer, it rolled out the red carpet for all the bikers near and far to view. The best part of visiting Harley-Davidson is one, you have to checkout the Harley-Davidson Museum. For those who are the Motorcycle Fanatics. And while the visit, you might want to checkout the restaurants of Cafe Racer and Motor for the lunch and dinner, and if possible, feel free to spend your money at the Museum’s gift shop.  Another spot to visit: La Perla. It’s on Milwaukee’s south-side near 5th and National that serves Mexican Food. We also have the Iron Horse Hotel. (Heard of this?!) It’s not just for visits, but for stay and dine in. You probably may have read about this years back. Yes, it’s a hotel for Bikers. But with those who don’t have a motorcycle can stay, and yes it’s pet friendly.

One correction in your article about the brewery tours: Miller does this. Pabst has not. But the Pabst Mansion does offer the tours on Wisconsin Avenue. The mansion has good setups around the Holidays, especially Christmas. Another spot to go, and this is for my African-American crowd: You need to go to Bronzeville and check out Growing Power Market on MLK drive. You have heard of Will Allen, and years ago he was honored by President Barack Obama for his work in Agriculture. Also for the African American crowd in a cultural sense: Even though we don’t have a African American Community Center, (which is up and coming) but we have a Wisconsin Black Historical Society in which houses many different exhibits of Milwaukee’s Black History that is well known. Plus also, hidden. And as far as the arts in the city, you know Summerfest, our 11 day festival.

On rare occasion: The US Bank Building does have tours on the Observation Deck but that might be ideal on the list. As far as food, heard of Kopps? Yes even thought at one time, it was under scrutiny, but the food, especially the burgers are good. I can go on and on. Hold up. we do have some arts and entertainment sites of the Riverside Theater, the Milwaukee Theater, and also the Hyatt Hotel. What is unique about this hotel is the revolving area near the top. You have to take a visit for that one.

So in conclusion, yes the City is some areas is behind. And usually I bust out with the “tail end sentences”.  But in some ways, it is trying to move forward. Maybe if the next visit does come might involve a new streetcar, and a upgrade from MZ Transportation to be in the 21st Century to add along with the visitations from other cities.

So technically yes, the sites and areas are sufficient for visits as previously reported. But like everything else: there is more than usual to check out.



First: take a look at this pic.

This was just coming in this week. After many years of speculation, complaints, ideas, blocking and concerns, the Bronzeville District in Milwaukee, where mostly of the history of the area of African-American connections, would finally get a Community Center landed in the Black Community. Also there is another angle in which a private school wants bids on the building of the school of St. Marcus. Already, the Milwaukee Public Schools has been scanning and making decisions based on some of the buildings that have been vacant for the past several years.  This week on WNOV, and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  it was reported that this matter of the building received a 8-0 vote, and several other alderman were on board in reflecting the unanimous vote. Plus also, even a private donor has put up 2 Million Dollars of the individual’s money (ALL 2 Million of it) to contribute to the building of the Community Center. This is a breakthrough news mostly because it’s been a talk about over 5 and a half years for a Community Center to be developed in the BLACK community!

Of course also, there was competition coming from St. Marcus in which they wanted the building to be converted to a private school for their 900 students in the same area. The bad news for them: they lost the votes, and were late to the decision making. According to MPS, they wanted the building to be a community center and that should be that. Period!

With all due respect to St. Marcus, there is another building they could use to expand, and it’s right next to the Black Holocaust Museum. The old Garfield Elementary School. Or the former Lee Elementary School which is not far from Malcolm X Academy Building. And speaking of the Black Holocaust Museum, word on the wires and on black talk radio, that might be on it’s way back being open again! The museum that the late James Cameron founded on his experiences of racism and discrimination, might be reborn. Currently it’s available in a virtual sense online, but for this, is another attempt of a revived breakthrough.

If it all goes well, this could be another main source for blacks to go in terms of health, voting, driver’s license renewal, jobs, workshops, business, the arts and others to gain more of not only the Bronzeville Community, and the Black Community.  This has been a long time coming. And it should have came sooner than later. The reason why I say this, as I was listening to WNOV this morning and about the 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson. Previously I said in the blogs that the African-American Community ALMOST was not included in the festivities. Not being pictured on the cover or added to the programs. And yes, with the suggestion of Annette Polly Williams in making flyers, so the black businesses could be added to the stops or hangouts for the guest Harley riders. Or should I say, the black bikers. If there were a Community Center that were up in the Bronzeville District, that would get more attraction in my view. Especially for those in the Bronzeville District. Oh, it would have been WAY BETTER than having Dollar Tree in the area. I’ll bet that the visiting Harley Riders, probably visited other community centers in the Milwaukee Area, such as the Serb Hall, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, LGBT, Polish and others, but what about the black community? For those bikers who don’t know, or those who are just curious, you might have seen all of Milwaukee, BUT this area! So in the next five years, I predict that the Milwaukee Bronzeville area will be upgraded in which a Community Center and many others will come and see what that area is about. Not just being part of black Milwaukee, but part of Milwaukee that should have been looked at positively. In sense by then, maybe the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson would be interjected with IronElite Black Biker Jams in Bronzeville.

EXTRA FOOTAGE: Read the articles courtesy of the Milwaukee Courier and the Milwaukee Community Journal in regarding the former Malcolm X Academy.

In Milwaukee, the 110th Anniversary of the Founding of Harley-Davidson took place. No question that it’s was a sight to see in this era of Milwaukee’s side of biker heaven. Even though I have no HOG, or Buell Sport Bike, I will dab in on my commentary.  So here it goes.

Dear Harley-Davidson Motor Company:

It’s me, Stephen. You know that black blogging guy out of Milwaukee?

Happy Anniversary! Another blessing in which another successful anniversary in which was a successful one.

This past weekend, yes you have rolled out the red carpet for the stars, and also the bikers themselves by having the HOGs if you will revving up the Engines in the Brew City. That to me is tremendous. Tremendous of the fact that this machine that IS American born is still alive. Morely to add: Milwaukee Born! Many of the bikers I think who are not from Milwaukee but often to visit to see that yes, Milwaukee’s local dollars will rise up.

Recently up until the days and weeks before the start of the celebration, there was almost a concern. A concern about the African-American Community being left out of the celebration with nothing on the program. I read the Harley Bikers Guide courtesy of Visit Milwaukee, in which almost every organization or company had sponsored the event, but I didn’t see ANY representation of the African American Community that either was on the cover, nor in the ads! Come on, now! Just a thought that African-Americans do ride motorcycles, and are apart of the biker culture and network.  But until recently, the organization of the MLK Street Jam folks have added a line up, vendors, and live music for the 110th. Orginally, “The MLK Street Jam BBQ” was the name in the Black Community and yes 5 years ago, it was a listing among the Brady Street, and other Street Jams for the Harley Riders and non riders alike.

I was listening to WNOV last Monday about the concern, and about the concern of the black bikers not having a connection for the 110th in which the black community, I think I may have heard that, in means of where to go, and having black businesses to engage the support of the event. Personally that almost hurt. Did some businesses or connections from H-D or Visit Milwaukee, ever talked to the Milwaukee black community, or those along MLK Jr. Drive about hosting a spot for the 110th Anniversary ahead of time? Did anyone who is African-American that works for H-D in the Greater Milwaukee Area asked those in the black community or inform of the 110th events beforehand? That is a question I want to know.

Before the weekend was over, one of my favorite radio stations, Jammin 98.3 and afternoon host, Earl Stokes announced this:

I had to say: THANK GOD!!!! Also most of the credit goes to the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership.

Also the story of the Black Biker Jam was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and also Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News.

And by the way, if anyone thinks this is offensive or racist: GET THE BLANK OUT OF HERE! We can’t tell our stories as black folks?

And for the record, yes even the white folks and other ethnics showed up and visited the exhibits. Plus, Willie G. himself made a visit. And there were no complaints! And unlike other biker events, there was no Country Music or Rock Music, and no Kid Rock. But there was plenty of stepping music, R&B Music and Hip Hop. Even doing the Wobble! Just like at the R&B dance and Hip Hop spots. And to add: Giveaways! I got $10.00 gift card, plus a IronElite Patch. Where to put the patch? I’ll get a vest or a leather jacket.

Knowingly, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles attracts anyone! No matter the background or status. Or Ethnic. And yes Women bikers are on the rise. And yes every group or individual  has a story to tell of why they, he or she, had a interest to jump on the back of a HOG. I’ve seen the videos of the Black Bikers (aka the IronElite), and women bikers which handled them well. Just saying. But in regarding this on a another angle: I want to see Harley-Davidson reach out to more to minorities! I want the company, or those black HD riders tied to the company, to help draft a Greater Milwaukee Black HD Riders Club. Or a Milwaukee IronElite Black Bikers Club. Not just to embrace more than themselves, but what about the community? What about Social Responsibility? Matter of fact, ALL BIKERS need to enhance Social Responsibility! How many bikers ever showed up to the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington? Other than Rolling Thunder, 9/11, or Strugis? Or Atlanta, or Florida? Come on now! Don’t speak up at once! I thought H-D didn’t matter and I’m just asking.

The Harley-Davidson Museum was cluttered with motorcycles during the 110th Anniversary.

The Harley-Davidson Museum was cluttered with motorcycles during the 110th Anniversary. (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

So in the next 5 years: the black community has to come out more for Harley-Davidson related events, and vice versa. And if a possible Milwaukee Harley-Davidson IronElite Black Biker Group is formed: I see some causes to jump into. Pay attention IronElite folks:

  • Education – We know the concerns of education that the black community faces of dropouts, etc.
  • Health – The concerns of cancer, diabetes, etc. Black community related.
  • Jobs – Black unemployment is at 12% nationally. Here in Milwaukee is near 50%. Need to start an Milwaukee HD IronElite Black Biker Club employment group. Have donations, and sell merchandise. (I.E. IronElite Shirts, patches, etc.)
  • Community Concerns/Call to action: We know what it is: Block clubs, Security, Awareness, Crime, Supporting Black Businesses, local churches and other non-profits.
  • I know this is cheesy (not Wisconsin related) but start an IronElite Supporters Group, for those who don’t ride motorcycles, but want to support!

All related to the black community.

On a side note: The women bikers here in Wisconsin had a Breast Cancer Awareness event over the weekend that was important. Some have beaten breast cancer and still empowering others to remain aware of the disease.

An IronElite Vendor site was on display selling T-Shirts and also displaying the history of the Group (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

An IronElite Vendor site was on display selling T-Shirts and also displaying the history of the Group (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

For the record, the highlight of the event, was the Harley parade. I haven’t been to one in 10 years, and if you haven’t seen it, check out the highlights from Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News Website. Plus also, all around Milwaukee, especially in the downtown area near the H-D museum, there was sea of chrome everywhere! Even on the 6th Street Viaduct. A sea of Bikes! If you are a rider that enjoyed the parade, the events, or activities, and I don’t care if you got married at the H-D Museum. Or saw Common or Lupe Fiasco, or had a chance to see Chance the Rapper, or Katey Sagal. DJ Devast8, Kid Cut up or others in the rock catagory, were you happy? were you satisfied of the performances?

Those of us went to the free street festivals in Harley’s honor: were we pleased with the turnout? Or the last minute block party street jams, or radio events Harley related?

The IronElite Black Biker Jam had folks doing the Wobble and other R&B Related moves. (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

The IronElite Black Biker Jam had folks doing the Wobble and other R&B Related moves. (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

If you have enjoyed yourself, give yourself a hand!  And be blessed. No matter if you’re in Wisconsin, or from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Brazil, England, California, Canada, Iceland, Wales, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, part of the Women Bikers, Harlistas Group (Latin HD Bikers) those served in the Military or Veterans that served, and yes the IronElite, Thank You for coming. And many others who had to come in on a Honda, Yahmaha, or a Can-Am Spider, why crash the party? But I hope you got respect. Anyway, to all bikers, thanks for coming and do it again in 2018, which will be the 115th Anniversary of the company’s founding. You know the city. Same place.

Police Motorcycles, and yes, Fire Motorcycles made an Harley Appearance (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

Police Motorcycles, and yes, Fire Motorcycles made an Harley Appearance (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

There was a question that was raised on Facebook recently, in a “Your from Milwaukee” group posting about Harley-Davidson doesn’t do nothing for the Hood! That was what transpired. Knowing yes, Harley-Davidson has supported causes for the MDA and many others for years. But the hood? Never seen it. Ok it maybe sponsored African World Festival years back. And this year, the same.

Maybe Harley-Davidson needs to have Inner City Session on jobs, or outreach. Or have a parade to route along MLK Drive or Sherman Boulevard to Milwaukee’s Washington Park for a fellowship. I heard that portion on WNOV. In addition, that might get those of African Decent to get engaged of riding a Harley, or matter of fact, maybe constructing or to design the next generation of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. To the future designers not yet born, or just coming up: I want a Harley-Davidson that is energy efficient, way less expensive, have an automatic gear shift, and geared safety features. Here’s an Idea: have or invite the well known black pastors from the area to do “biker blessings or anoint services”. And it doesn’t have to be in church! I hope that someone or somebody is paying attention to this from Harley-Davidson and getting some ideas! If they don’t pick up, we the black community well, you know that goes. Plus, add the IronElite Campaign to Juneteenth Day and African World Festival in Milwaukee! And other black events in the city if possible.

Black Milwaukee: In the words of Rep. John Lewis: “Get in the way!” “Make some noise!” (To paraphrase: Get in Harley-Davidson’s way and make some noise!)

So H-D: keep revving the engines for the machines. And the future. Who knows, there might be more folks in the future might just want to ride.



Back in 2008, Harley-Davidson was celebrating 105 years of its product. Here is my commentary from the old MyFox Milwaukee Blogs from way back in dealing with stereotypes and race behind the Motorcycle.


I saw the news footage this past Sunday about more of the coverage of Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary. Mainly, the block parties. But the coverage that caught my eye, was summarizing the Martin Luther King Street Party, plus the viewpoints of African-Americans and Motorcycles. Or the “Motorcycles and Race” subject. No question, I’ll give my opinion about it, and I’ll be coming in peace on this. From my personal standpoint, I don’t think, nor believe, that there is nothing wrong with African-Americans riding on a Motorcycle, or getting involved in the Motorcycle Culture. Nothing at all. I see it all the time with any brand, make, style, or design. I see the different groups riding together, and just doing their thing, sort of speak. I’ve had family members that rode on motorcycles. My father and one of my living uncles in Texas, rode Hondas, the V-45 Magna brand, and the Nighthawks. And by the way, they didn’t have Harleys back when yours truly was just in elementary school in the 80’s!

There is no secret that there are black biker groups around. I know about the emergence of women motorcycle riders, but also the emergence of African-American Women are now tapping into the cycle riding. This reminds me of an article I read in last year’s Ebony Magazine. And if you didn’t know, Queen Latifah was on the cover with a bobber Motorcycle.

Ebony Magazine 2007 Queen Latifah

The featured article had summarized about the emergence of black motorcycle groups or the culture. It was called National Bikers Roundup. Anyone heard of this? – For extension of the Roundup, click on the name. As I was summarizing the article, “Speed & steel sexy: black bikers: the rides and the history”    the story recognizes the history, objectives and overall embracement of the event, and motorcycles. Don’t let the title fool you. I also read in the article that sometimes, black motorcycle clubs go overlooked. Partially it’s segregated at times. But now they are getting recognized. I also read that the all types of motorcycles: Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Choppers, and of course Harley-Davidson, are shown as if it was an auto show. Customized, and or pimped out. The article also states about the socialization that the black bikers get together and talk about their motorcycles, price wise and all, plus history of black bikers. Did you know that there was an African-American Woman named Bessie Stringfield, who rode cross-country during the 1930’s, eight times? The article summed it up. Also, another African-American motorcycle rider, the late Benny Hardy, created some of the “Easy Rider” Motorcycles.  He created them, but hardly never received credit for the work. So all those “Easy Rider” Motorcycles that were at the Harley-Davidson Celebrations, were an influence of Benny Hardy’s creation. This is also part of black history that I didn’t about because it was a hidden moment that was not mentioned before. Check the Youtube clip below.

I also read in last week’s Journal about the picture of the black woman model that was in the biker outfit. First I must say that whoever promoted and wrote that article and featured the model, I am impressed! The person who commented on the picture described in words like poise and grace of the model. And added inspirationally. Not only because of the look, but also because of African Americans in general, can now go out and learn how to ride on two wheels. Especially African-American Women. Just for review, here is the link to the picture. And to add, I too think it’s neat! And respectable.


Yes, I will agree that having a motorcycle (no matter which brand) does not dictate Race, Creed, Age, Class, Gender, Religion, Straight or Gay. (Yes I said gay, and that is not a typo!) Also being part of a Motorcycle Club, or part of the Biker Culture that relates to African-Americans should not matter as well. And I hope that the Martin Luther King Neighborhood continues to have Car Shows as well as Motorcycle Shows in order to continue to draw new interests. Especially with Motorcycles in general.

It’s time for a double take. The take in which I take two stories and have one blog thing.

First, the WWE. As many know in this world, the big news hit the company in which one of the Prime Time Players came out Gay: Fredrick Douglas “Fred” Rosser.  (aka Darren Young). For those who don’t know, he just might became the first African-American wrestler in WWE’s History to make the move to the LGBT crowd. This year, He and Basketball Player Brittany Griner so far are the only ones from the Sports/Entertainment Industry that came out to be apart of the Gay/Lesbian Community. Now I’m going to comment this: Yes, I’ve seen the comments on WWE’s Facebook Page, as well as the WWE’s main page, about Darren getting support from his fellow wrestlers in arms about coming out of the closet. Even Titus O’Neill. Like many others, let Darren have his platform. Let him have it. Now some are asking wait he has a platform. He’s a WWE Superstar in all. BUT this platform being Gay is a different situation. In terms of getting this out of the way, and being able to set forth in his objectives. I say this as a wrestling fan: that will NOT bother me watching WWE Television. Nor buying the pay per views (on DVD), or going to a live event in Milwaukee. Yes I know that there might be some nay-sayers of those who think that having a Gay Wrestler in the WWE is going to get the negativity and asking the on going questions of “what about the children?” Don’t forget, the kids watch this stuff. And I’ll bet the parents who grew up liking Hulk Hogan per say, is watching along with them. This story is not scripted. Now when Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust)  came out in 1995-1996, his character was leaning gay. Remember Chuck and Billy? Sure you do. That was rumored that they had a “gay angle” but they weren’t really gay! Now with this: in regarding Darren Young, this is real. And already, Darren will get the support with the company’s Be A Star Campaign in which the WWE Wrestlers come out of their element of the ring, and tell kids in different states and cities about showing tolerance and respect, while dealing with the pressures of racism and hate. Is Darren getting hate on this? Knowingly. I think those who are getting hate on him, just don’t like the Gay/Lesbian thing. Like Chris Rock said back in 1999, “If you hate gays, you’re going to have a Gay Son!” And my favorite quote, “Who ever you hate, might end up in your family!” – warning to the haters.  But yes, let’s be realistic. This is not a Civil Rights Moment. No where near what Martin Luther King and others went through. This is to me is more a Humanity Rights Issue than a Civil Rights issue. I’m just saying. Plus on the audience side of this, would the WWE get more of the LGBT crowds to watch their programming in regarding Darren Young? That’s a possibility. We’ll see.


Rapper Common will make an appearance at Harley-Davidson's 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee.

Rapper Common will make an appearance at Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee.

Note to those who like my blog, and like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, guess what:  The 110th Anniversary is coming up, and will be called home. Home to Milwaukee. If those that are coming to Milwaukee, let it be known that yes the city will be ready. And yes, your V Twin Engines will be ready. (But don’t disturb the neighbors!) Really when those descend on Milwaukee, which is the home of Harley-Davidson, yes, by now, hopefully everyone coming does know what up for the weekend. And that weekend will be part of the Labor Day Getaway as I call it: August 29th – September 1st. Yes, for those who are coming for the first time, yes you will come to Milwaukee. Which is 90 miles north of Chicago and yes its on the Lake Michigan Shoreline. Many of you also have booked hotels, and/or know about the connections in order to stay. My points of visits: It’s already been mentioned about the H-D Museum, Henry Meier Park (aka Summerfest), and many others. So I’m assuming those know of the connections very well. Plus also if possible: Visit the 37th and Juneau Plant. Which is the main headquarters. And If the company is lucky, they might have the old school shed in which the company started out from. But also know this: I’ve been blogging about Milwaukee in general as being a segregated city. And the majority of the Minority citizens living here: is African American, which is about 50% are unemployed.  And the state of Wisconsin doesn’t have High Speed Rail system that interconnect with the Midwest region. Which has nothing to do with money or location. It’s all about widening the segregation in the state.

But I know this celebration should not hinder you for coming. I know this. And in speaking of Summerfest: Hip Hop’s own Common and Lupe Fiasco are to make an appearance to come to the celebration. Yes, I did say Hip-Hop! The reason why I said this, because I know that Harley-Davidson attracts many of all comers. Including African-Americans. And mad respect to H-D AGAIN for letting the Iron Elite telling their stories of black motorcycle interest. And on the side, yes Milwaukee does have Black Motorcycle Groups. Look them up.

And yes, Milwaukee does have Motorcycle Cycle Establishments geared to African-Americans. And that – is not on “the list”.  But it’s on mine. Throttle Twisters on Center Street is one. And there are others. Plus, also 5 years ago when Harley-Davidson was celebrating 105 years, parts of Martin Luther King Drive were decked out in Black and Orange and had Black Motorcyclists visiting. And speaking of that in a entertainment sense, the music at the Summerfest Grounds for Harley’s Birthday is going to be diverse. Ranging from Rock to Country and yes, Hip Hop, Rap and Dance. Now for those who were on the Harley-Davidson Facebook Page, and took a look at a picture of Common on there, the rap artist, had to express their so-called liberties about him. Let me tell those and those “Facebook Users” who feel that Harley-Davidson sold their soul in inviting black performers or well known blacks to a motorcycle celebration. SHUT UP and SIT DOWN!

Not liking Rap Music is one thing, but I’m here to tell you: not EVERYONE is going to like Trace Atkins or Joan Jett or Katey Sagal singing when the event starts. Yeah, the last time I liked Katey Sagal was in her “Peg Bundy” days.  Now some of the “real bikers” are asking the question like, what does Common, Lupe Fiasco, Chance the Rapper, have in common per say with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles? You do know that there are black motorcyclists fans? Am I right? But with them, let them perform! I think with the addition of Urban Artists like them can somewhat help to bridge the gap in which was and IS a concern that Harley-Davidson has to be aware of! Out of the two rappers that I mentioned: One favored President Obama, and the other didn’t favored Obama. Take a wild guess.

Many of you probably saw a black director, F. Gary Gray on Harley’s Website. Some saying who? He is a black director of Hip Hop Music. He also directed films like Set it off, and Law Abiding Citizen and is a Harley Rider. To those who chimed on the Facebook Wall, DON’T EVEN THINK about coming to my hometown with your attitude! If you don’t like a certain performer who performers Rap Music or Hip Hop Club Music and is invited to the Harley Party, STAY HOME! This celebration is welcome to all from Milwaukee to Madrid. So stop tripping!

And on the side note, Bring your bikes, bring your cameras, your biker network connections. Bring them all!  But check yourselves at the door!