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I was going to write about the BET’s new show, Mancave and putting my spin on it. But I’m putting that on hold until I write this blog story regarding this subject: March For Our Lives.

I like everyone else, looked at the footages of our young folks in D.C. and locally here in Milwaukee protesting and having their say about the recent shootings that effected their schools and the relationship of their classmates. This wasn’t just an American issue, it was also worldwide. It was estimated in DC that over 800,000 plus came out to this rally/march to hear and to protest a substance that has been lingered for so long. Many of us, including me had lost someone we know personally to gun violence. I lost a cousin to gun violence in the summer of 2002 when Milwaukee was facing one of the worst summers at the time. My cousin was just 21 years old. A young black man going to college. And owned an upcoming Ice Cream Parlor. He was gunned down all because there were other folks wanting his car with the spinning rims on the side. He was killed near 47th and Locust and crashed his car near the corner of 47th and Center Streets not too far from Washington High School. All in Milwaukee. My family like many other families that lost loved ones were in horror about losing a young black male to gun violence. Weeks after my cousin’s death, the perps were tracked down and were caught for the crime. Previously, they were serving time.

But that was a personal matter. I know that the connection wasn’t all school related, but the relation of having someone close to you being killed is understandable. Now why am I putting this out on a day like today? Everyone again, has a story. But for this “March for our lives” event to voice our concerns of the recent tragedies in schools this needs NO relation. At all. NONE!

While I was looking at the young teens and some under 13 years old they seem to have a idea. An objective. These young players and girls have a momentum that would rocket them to the next level. They are the Z Generation from what I hear. And this Z Team is not pulling any punches when it comes to the things or ideas they are seeking to help curb Gun Control.

CALLOUT: And I need to say this: for all of you gun nuts who think that this March For Our Lives group is going to take away your firearms or pew pew pistols, they are not. NO ONE IS NOT TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! President Obama didn’t take them away and I’m surprised no one took away his Skeet Shooting Rifle! It’s kind of funny that many would believe that. But your firearms are still in your house.

Some of the speakers did spoke out on their “so far” experience. A few of them spoke were black. And some have expressed about not being at the age to give out activism like remarks. But adults, let us remind ourselves that the well known activists we know and read about, started their activism speeches as young as 5 years old. Don’t tell me that you overshot that. Folks like MLK and Rev. Al Sharpton done that. And even though that MLK is dead for nearly 50 years, and Al Sharpton is still living, their activism are lingered in memory and archived for the future. Grown folks, stop playing! It’s been done before. And it just happened again today! Those like Naomi Wadler who is only 11 years old. A 5th Grader speaking out for those whom are African-American girls that don’t make the front pages of newspapers in the nation. Nor the evening news on TV. And she’s from Alexandria, Virginia who lead a walkout via her Elementary School. The black girls she referenced were ranging from – Courtlin Arrington, Hadiya Pendleton and Taiyania Thompson just to name a few.

She also referenced very same City of Chicago that everyone talks about in a question “What about the black-on-black crime?” “What about Chicago?”  For black boys: same thing. As an example, Trevon Bosley gave his remarks by stating that “Everyday shootings are everyday problems!”  And the keyword is “everyday.”

Now we know that the “suspect supporter” of the lobbyists has the letters “NRA” on them. It’s seems that the NRA has been THE suspect. Why? I think we adults whom have back them and the 2nd Amendment allow this to happen! Of course that the 2nd Amendment has the right to bear arms or having a gun. We know this. BUT when was the last time that NRA has ever backed a thing called responsibility? I never heard the NRA fans like Dana Loesch or that black dude what’s his name, Colion Noir is it? (dude is selling out) never talked about the responsibility of the firearms their members and lobbyists must understood. They never spoke about Philando Castile’s murder in Minnesota nor recently, Stephon Clark’s murder by the Sacramento Police in his grandparent’s backyard! Where you at, NRA? Backing up Trump?! Don’t be surprised if the Gen Z Crew turns that age to vote, get involved in politics/activism and vote out all those who held down that red wall of pain that many fought for so long to take down! Be warned, NRA. They coming. And those who back them, you might be in the wave of truth of getting out of way. Again, these kids now are NOT PLAYING! And they are teaching us and reminding us of our accountable actions!

Many of us in the Baby Boomers, Gen X and yes you Millennial folks, we’ll be in those nursing stations getting someone to wash our butts as we get older and relieve our sickness and diseases to cure our bodies. OK subject off. Not good. But you know what I’m saying.

From David Hogg to Emma Gonzalez and many in between, they were the premiered speakers and survivors and we grown folks had to listen to them. That’s what they wanted. They wanted to speak and they did. But the surprising speaker of all of them was just 8 years old. And she has a legacy to maintain for the next era of the name King. Yes, Yolanda Renee King – MLK’s and Coretta’s only Grand Daughter, Niece of Rev. Bernice King and Dexter King, and daughter of MLK III came out and spoke that she has a dream that enough is enough!

This is King’s Granddaughter speaking. Now I know that she’s only a preteen in elementary school. But after her speaking part of going to be a great generation, there is no telling, she is just beginning to spread her future activism. But I hope that she not only does that, but also maintains the namesake of her family to restore!

Now I want to address all this mess about are the Parkland High School Students are being exploited for all this protesting. My question is, who is exploiting them? Who?

All the grown folks who say that, shut up! They to me are addressing a concern about the violence in the schools recently. There was violence of guns in the Milwaukee Public Schools not too long ago. Were the current students of MPS being exploited about that? When many of us were in high school in the 90’s or 80’s, now as ALUMNI were we exploited with high school violence in our schools not caring?! Yes I went there. And many of us never used the letters “NRA” back then. Unlike now. I don’t think nor believe that the students are being exploited. Seriously, who’s exploiting them?! Who?! One thing about all of this, folks want to stir up stuff that is not true. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t be doing the marching or speaking out period. And their parents would NOT allow them to attend. But wait a minute: this is a country with freedom of expression right? So that means that our young folks can’t speak about the concerns that they witnessed? Many of us grown folks are perpetrating. And many are doing that by the keyboards who think they know it all, but don’t do the homework. Yes grown people I’m talking about us! Or many of us that want to rant with no proof.

Final say: even though that this march is a one day affair of open expression of our youth, it shouldn’t stop today! This needs to be an everyday subject! Everyday! Not just every March 24th, take a photo, say/hear the speeches, performances and go home. I want all the schools to really take heed about what is happening here. And yes this does include the parents! And also the communities, the fraternities, the sororities, the churches, neighborhoods, and many other groups, clubs and organizations that really cares about the safety and well being of our (and I mean OUR) kids! If you don’t have children like me and you’re just looking at this March and rally, I say back up the kids in your churches and community centers/organizations. Women: back up the girls. And as far as the Men (whether you have kids or not) we need to back up our Sons, Nephews, Cousins, Grandsons, Godsons, and young wards/male students who look up to us as head pillars in the community and go to the schools everyday, while we work the clock! Women: same thing if you have sons and no daughters. Men, vice versa with daughters.

I have a message to the Generation Z crew that were active today: I hear you. We all hear you. Let’s do the work to get you started. After all, you are the next players to lead.

This is not a good start to the month of October.

For this, I know it’s the beginning of seeing the Halloween Decorations outside the houses full of ghosts and goblins. Maybe devils, and witches and black cats. Even someone like werewolves. Or Headless Horsemen. Or technically dressing up in pink or purple in which the month of October is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness.

But as the month was about to begin, ANOTHER COLLEGE SHOOTING! This time in the state of Oregon in an area of Douglas County in a college of Umpqua Community College. And by now, it’s all because of wasting out or shooting up those whom believe in God in three persons. Or those whom happen to be Christians. Now, there were 9 folks in that college were shot ALL BECAUSE of their beliefs in Christianity. I know that It’s not one of the countries where that act of violence takes place. We know the countries and regions. But with all of this started with a question about someone’s religious practice and the shooter who was asking that, said in a comment that “you all are going to meet God real quick.” Then as we know: gun shots rang out. Killing the students and one Administrator on a college campus! REALLY!

Just because they are Christians?!

And the dude that killed them, turned the weapons on himself and he died before surrendering to the authorities. Stop me if you heard this one before in a similar fashion. The dude that did the damage, was probably one of those students, who was “shy”, didn’t have any friends, had trouble to be social, didn’t have a girlfriend, or probably grew up in a family that was sheltered. Or whatever enviroment he grew up in, there is no way in hell dudes like him didn’t deserve to shoot up those folks in a freaking college all because of their religious preference of Christians.

CALLOUT: So now folks who ask are Christians get killed on American soil ? REALLY?!!!!

And for the record: #YesImAChristian. Under the umbrella of the United Methodist Church. For 25 years as a confirmed member. And I don’t use that as a weapon against those to drive down the throats. But I use my actions of service to create that positive motive. Want to know, ask me! And plus, I’m not one of those who use the hypocritical mindset on darn near everything!!!!!!!!! I don’t!

CALLOUT: Take notes non-Christians and former goers. Be warned, I see non-church going folks act fools as well! By the way, I will go in on my next about this same subject!

And don’t come at me on any platform (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) like “oh they deserved to die like that.” REALLY?!! Similar to the Emanuel AME Church Shooting, we didn’t know their names! We didn’t know what they liked and disliked. Their favorite ball teams, or workplaces, or what they want to do when leaving college or promotions. WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT!

President Obama boastfully and frustrate fully commented about the mass shootings. Say what you want about Obama. And don’t come out about him and Chicago. This story is not about Chicago! This is about a community college in freaking Oregon. The same Oregon that had one guy shooting up a theater in Portland during a Batman Movie. Wanna go there? Check the books from 2012. And according to the President, this is like the 15th mass shooting this year alone! And still the debate of Gun Control in the hands of those who got this mental illness really needs to be examined promptly!

As far as him talking about our thoughts and prayers are not enough. I’ll go on a limb here: he’s got a point. Now he didn’t say that prayers don’t work. He said that it’s not enough. Long time ago, one of my deceased church members once said in church that “when are we are going to get up off our knees and start doing something?” This was about over 10 years ago. And yes there are those like to see or comment responses of prayers on a receipt of paper that it actually worked. Like, really? Are we really going there like in 2015? Seriously that’s like asking about if you really worked 15 hours in one day for a school. Oh, and show me the proof! I said years ago, on the Spot Blog here, that some prayers can’t be scripted. They can’t. The prayers that I go though can’t be scripted because they deserve not to be written on paper all to see. And I also said that you will never see them on Facebook or anywhere else in the Social Media Atmosphere! Nope. Don’t think so.

And yes, in the coming days, President Obama will go to Oregon to pay respects. And many or some will not like the idea. Too bad antagonists! Then after he leaves Oregon, and goes back to Washington to do work, and someone with mental illness will have a firearm or several weapons to use to kill, HERE WE GO AGAIN! And we’ll be asking the questions like, what is going to take to get it straight about those with guns and mental illness per say to get this studied and tapped into real discussions?

Frankly, I don’t care what side of the aisle anyone is on. I don’t if you are FOR the Guns or AGAINST the guns. But knowing this, accountability is so needed when going to the issues of guns! Even if the issue of guns is on the campus of schools and colleges in this country!

Back in the day, when you interrupted someone while speaking, that is a sign of disrespect. Or in this case, if it was in a respectable place, you might either get warned or thrown out. What recently happened with First Lady Michelle Obama, in being heckled is nothing more a disrespect. If we are all caught up, she was speaking at a private fundraiser in which a a representative heckled her. That representative was a Gay Rights Advocate, Ellen Sturtz of GetEQUAL. Her heckling was in regarding the President to sign an executive order to prevent anti-discrimination.

Now let’s review, what did Michelle Obama say?

One thing about that, you just don’t cross the line. Now yes, the Obama are cool with Same-Sex Couples getting married and the whole nine. I dig it. And they dig it also. But I think what the heckler did was not the time nor the place to do it. Michelle Obama was at the fundraiser to talk about Children and the effects of Gun Violence. We know that the President was heckled previously, but he went on a softer approach with his commentary of Free Speech. But the FLOTUS, different story. Which was demonstrated in the video. Now there is notion about Michelle Obama being this or being noted as the “angry black woman” thing. However she wasn’t angry in which her personal stance was with the disciplinary stance. Yes the heckler was escorted out of the place of the fundraiser and yes was confronted by the FLOTUS and to let the person know as those in attendance that she wasn’t going to take that notion from anyone. No matter who was in attendance. But she did her thing and finished the presentation in which she was intended to deliver.



If anyone knows what the Martin Family is going through, in terms of understanding of losing someone to gun violence, seek Bill Cosby. That’s right. Bill Cosby. It was about 15 years ago that Bill lost his son Ennis Cosby to gun violence. Now I’m assuming that this case of the Trayvon Martin murder is not going away like trying to wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or the next Drake Single. Or if Bobbi Kristina will indeed get her acting skills on. Or we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting. Just like when our Troops go overseas and help other countries, but don’t help the causes at home as much. Which is not always true at times. Heck, my late great-grandmother lived up to her 100’s in her lifetime, and didn’t wait for nothing! Even if it was talking about having a Black President.

During my off time, I had to listen to one of my local radio stations, online. If you said, yes. On and on, it was about Homer Blow expressing his frustration over the fact yet again that there are those who support the Trayvon Martin cases, but NOT supporting cases at home. Not to repeat what he said but in the context of Blow that if you support Trayvon Martin, (expletitve) YOU!  He also put up a profile pic on his Facebook Page, of a young 26 year old, Lauren A. Donelson, who was gunned down in Milwaukee recently, it brings back to the question yet again why we don’t support our problems turned solutions at home? Technically,  this is the same as those asking why we have to celebrate Black History Month annually in February. We should know right? Don’t say it’s racist or segregated. Why we have to fill out the Census form every 10 years. – which a constitutional law in the United States by the way.I can go on and on.  Or why can’t Wisconsin have High Speed Rail and having the Republicans like Scott Walker wanted to drop it like a bad habit. Fear of boondoggles? Really? Wow Wisconsin Taxpayers and Republican supporters. Lighten up! And you’re wondering about those 250,000 jobs? Really?!

Obviously, it’s time to face reality and just call it like this: Everybody is different. In regarding to supporting Trayvon Martin tributes over the local problems, everyone is not going to support the local stuff all the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are those who do support national causes and local causes. Would I support the NAACP nationally, and support Milwaukee’s Career and Youth Development? Of course. Or if I attend a concert let’s say….Jay-Z’s hip-hop Concert.Nothing wrong with that. And going to an act that is Milwaukee owned for the urban music scene. No problem. But I don’t want no one telling me that I should support the local talent! If I were to support local talent per say, I would do it. Just saying. Hello! Can I get a witness?  I mean there is nothing wrong supporting music in general depending your position. Every year I listen to Mr. Machine which is by the group called The Chefs. But most of you don’t know that some of the band members were related to me by blood, and they used to open up for well known acts like B.B. King, James Brown and Tina Turner. This is not one of those “you’re lying things”. NO this is real! Just to let you know that!

Possibly, this talk about “getting behind nationally and not supporting locally” is going to be talked about again. And again. And again. It’s nothing new.  I don’t think no one should judge anyone of the causes like Trayvon Martin supporting stuff. Even though it’s a sensitive topic per say, but it shouldn’t be a bother of anyone snapping off at the mouth. I do realize that there are those who are passionate about their communities. The keyword is passionate. It’s all about having love above and beyond for a cause that will make noise for realization. And thus, even though is not very passionate about the Trayvon Martin tributes nationally (ala Michael Baisden) but when thing happen locally like the death of  Lauren A. Donelson, the young 26-year-old that was killed in Milwaukee recently by gun fire , it’s another plateau of passion to get behind our communities. Like the line from Boyz N’ The Hood when Tre’s friend Ricky was killed, and Furious was telling him that he’s sorry about his friend, but he (Tre) was his concern. I see that. And I know.