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Even though that the United States is days removed from the Election, I like many others are pleased that President Barack Obama is STILL the President of the United States. I am also pleased that most of us who gave him the 332 votes over Mitt Romney’s 206 votes can simply give him additional working time to hear his ideas and input to get this country, the United States of America, moving forward. Just as a reminder, it was “Minority Rules” that jolted the First African-American President to repeat as the number 1 guy in the country.

But sadly……. Not every one is happy. I’m not just talking about the Republicans, who once again that their ideas of gathering followers to overtake the White House, did not work! Period. This also includes Mitch McConnell’s comment of denying Mr. Obama a second term. Well Mr. McConnell, you were wrong! The folks, like myself and others have spoken with our ballots on Election Day, and the Obama Crew is still in charge. He like others in Congress better compromise to make fair equal deals to think about those who really need those jobs, those Meds, housing, and many others that most Americans are having a hard time with currently.

Now to the average citizens who like Social Media so much and like to paint this “hate” on the President, you all better pay attention. And I must say that your tweets, your Facebook pages/pics/comments, your Instagram pics, your Google Plus stuff, your MySpace, TweetDeck, Youtube,  or any other “anti-Obama” thing in terms of going after him for hateful reasons on social media, and even the blogs I should point out, is going to catch up with with you. I don’t care if you made a joke about it. Like that punk 18 year old of a rich guy just said. The Secret Service IS NOT playing around in terms of things like this. If they see it, they will get YOU. They are dead serious when it comes to protect the President. On any given day.  You guys don’t speak for me as a citizen of the nation. But you are speaking for those who will have no life, no goals, no education, no reason to hate but to hate!

In plain English: YOU ALL SUCK!

In the words of some intentional folks: Pathetic Americans.

I’m sure that your Mommies and Daddies are so proud of you. And if you’re younger, or in college, are you still that “good student” that your teachers claimed to be? Or that great employee that your employers look to? After what you put on the social media stuff, your chances of getting into college or the military may NOT be very promising. Or better yet, how about that good paying job to get after graduation? Uh-Huh, I have to go there. This is not a game. You want to go to jail? You want to go to Federal Prison, or be held in contempt in all? FINE. Be my guest! Don’t say I did not warn you.

When George W. Bush was running the country, I never made any “go after him on hurtful things” because of the fact not only he was the President, but this guy as controversial as he was, he had a family. The same with Bill Clinton. And I have to watch my words even closely with the current President. Now getting back, so you guys are assuming that we African-Americans should be just in the back and guys like you are supposed to be ALWAYS up front just guarding the gate. Well let me tell you. Yes, we guarded the gate but we took the gate back to move forward. We BUILT the gate also. You say you want your country back. Well back from whom? I want America to move forward with better chances of me looking for a job as well as an investment. I hear all this talk about Obama supporters supposed to have this “free phone” and a Chevy Volt. For me, I have a prepaid cell phone from AT&T, and drive a Pontiac Grand Prix. And they were bought and paid for! What’s your reaction to that? Oh, nothing. And plus, I work and volunteer. Plus I am an African American single male that  is NOT ashamed of giving back. I was brought up on that!

And here’s a surprise, I volunteered with the Obama Re-Election Campaign in terms of giving back. Again NOT ASHAMED!

I’ll bet you’re the same folks who like to hide behind the keyboards, with the porn sites tuned up, Facebooking/Video Game playing all day not having a job, having this thing of being hardcore. I’ve seen ECW Wrestlers hardcore! I’ve seen MMA fighters, Mike Tyson, and even the late great Reggie White being HARDCORE! You the Haters of the 44th President are just that. Haters.

Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

And I’m assuming that in the next couple of years, there might be talks and say “Oh we were just joking. I was expressing my Freedom Of Speech.” Well let tell you about that Freedom Of Speech thing. Yeah it’s in the American DNA, but having the power to use that Freedom of Speech is a Responsibility. Lots of the idiots who expressed their hate against President Obama online, are hiding behind the Freedom of Speech like pathetic cowards who don’t work, (or partially work) or don’t go to school to be educated,(or in school)  re-educated, or just trying NOT to help (and assist) the community, country and I dare say the globe. EVEN VOTE. It’s Americans like THEM are dragging this country down, and making the world laughing at us. Hell, the world in other countries love Obama more than America. And I’ll bet many are asking why. Don’t forget, America maybe has the moniker of the land of the free, be what you want in all. BUT it still has a race problem. There was survey conducted that 51% of those living here in state side, admit having the haterism against Blacks. Does that tell you anything? Just like the white chick Ann Coulter who thought the country doesn’t have any real racism anymore, or asking where are the racist? Well Ann, have you paid attention to the twitter feeds after Obama won? There are your “racists”. Try that, Jezebel! I should point out that when they type things that are “closely racist”, what kind of  a person does that make them? In the minds of others, a racist, a bigot, or just plain nasty. Thank You! Word of advice: watch your words. And I’ll bet most of them are having the statements of “I have alot of  black friends”. Well if they do, do they say or intimidate them with the rhetoric? Maybe Denise Helms should thought about that instead of Facebooking or Twittering her mess out of her mouth! And she says that she doesn’t hate other races. Excuse me? Does she know what the N word really means? Better get educated chick!

But don’t worry, the U.S. Secret Service is always on the case. And they don’t mess around. Even in cyberspace.

Back to the haters again: I’ll bet you wanted Romney to win to restore that “take back the country” thing. Or in this case to dethrone Obama for the greater good of non-ethnics like you wanted to “keep the white in the white house”. Just a reminder to you uneducated buffoons, that Blacks built the white house. Look it up! Google it. Facebook it. Or matter fact, if you’re smart enough to go online, why don’t you go to your libraries or bookstore and get “The Black History of the White House.”  Yeah, do that! If you’re not scared. Oh, I’ve heard and read this on other platforms that this is just the beginning. Well, that fight started way before Obama got the chair in the White House.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep saying it until Obama’s last day as President: If you don’t like Obama, DON’T TALK (comment, Facebook  Tweet, Instagram, flash a racist pic) about him! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! And that goes for any other person of ethnicity or gender that wants to be President!


And by the way: Obama haters, you have been called out to be accountable!

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