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Well I thought I wouldn’t do this, but it’s time to do an rant on the spot. And that rant is about the Leftists or some of the Democrats has this “dislike” of three potential ideal picks in the next run to get the seat back. I’m talking about Sen. Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. All three are very potential in having the idea in the eyes of others to run for President for 2020, but the latter of matter is that many in the “Leftist” rank think that they are not potential enough. Mainly still stuck on the Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton angle. And for those whom are not known for this, Bernie is an Independent Candidate that ran as a Democrat. But I don’t understand why are the senators of Harris, Booker and Patrick are getting this “dislike” and somewhat hate from the same party group that they are supporting. For Senator Harris, look: I really like her. She’s got a poise on her. And according to the stories, the angles of her being supportive of Black Lives Matter, and an experience with being a prosecutor in California. So what’s the matter with those I ask? Like really? The hate on Cory Booker, relates to the ties to Wall Street, and this “not so nice” relation to Big Pharma. And as former governor Deval Patrick is concerned: he works for Bain Capital as a managing director. And yes, even Cory Booker at one time defended Bain Capital while realizing that notion when both parties were facing the same examples of financial concerns on Wall Street.

But I have to ask, why are we the African-American base of the Democratic Party have to go through this “permission list” of whom to pick of the whole contenders? Can we make our own picks?

The whole thing in this predicament, is almost like, “oh we shouldn’t pick them because of the angles of being a prosecutor or with Black Lives Matter is flat out ridiculous. Really it is. It’s shameful that the progressives wouldn’t dive in on it. Why not progressives?!!! Let’s be real! These picked out of the black side of the DNC are interesting and should be on the pulse of the 2020 Election. And should be. But oh……no.

If I have to be a betting man I would pick a Kamala Harris/Cory Booker ticket for 2020. Just my opinion. No Progressive or Leftist opinions necessary!


Don’t be fooled by the title. I did say that I will give my comments of the DNC. I will have to admit, that the event had more “life” in my estimation than the RNC did in Tampa. Life as in more minorities. Life as in more music based on stage, and on the 1’s and 2’s. Life as in more in which has to be explained: Bring the truth and playing defense.

First, to analyze my critiques, the speeches were flowing freely in defense of the President. But I have to highlight the major speeches and some minors in which stood out. The speeches of Gov. Deval Patrick telling the Democrats to get a backbone of what they believed in. Having the FLOTUS telling the crowd how the presidency revealed her husband’s personal side. Sandra Fluke showed up and spoke out in public about her recent encounters from her choice to choose. Sister Simone Campbell, a nun from Nuns of the Bus (yes a NUN) showing up and telling the crowd that she, like every person of faith should “support the 100%” in terms of faith and expressing the love of Christ. What does that have to do with the DNC and they’re attempt to make case for Obama to remain in the chair for another 4 years.? Nothing much, but having that built “American Can Do Spirit” and being there for one another in tough times should be vital.

When the former President, Bill Clinton came on the stage at the DNC, I will say this here! I will say this who reads this. I will say this who might comment. And by the way, I haven’t done much commenting, but I will IF I get a chance. I will say this that even some Republicans might understand. I will say this that yes even Democrats must realize and as well as Independents. Bill Clinton, the 42nd President is the truth! Let me say that again: Bill Clinton is the truth. Most of what he had said in his almost 50 minute speech, was  mostly the truth in which it had to be said. Most of the lines, well let me sample:

On jobs: it was a ratio of 42 million to 21 million in term of total jobs so far in between the two parties. In which the Democrats currenlty lead.

On healthcare: Congressman Paul Ryan believed that the president took away the proposed “716 million dollars”.  Not true says the former president. That 700 million dollar amount was actually saved than spent.

On the debt: We know the debt. The  money is out of control. I know folks. From the speech: “Don’t you ever forget when you hear them talking about this that Republican economic policies quadrupled the national debt before I took office, in the 12 years before I took office  — and doubled the debt in the eight years after I left, because it defied arithmetic. “

Yep. According to most historical sources, the Republicans mostly raised the debt over the years while the Democrats held the debt under. I have to say that after listening to the speech portion of the debt, I think the issue of figures was the key element in which Bill had to exemptfly. And why not. All this time it was all about on how the debt was increased on Obama’s watch. Many tend to forget, that towards the end of Bush’s time, the debt was sharply worse. Also, I had to bring up another line from the speech in terms of fixing things: “No president — no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years.” He had to admit, he and the Presidents before him couldn’t undo the ripple effect (both democrat and republican sides) in hoping to turn the country around. Sometimes it may take more than just 4 years for a country to get it back to normalcy. When Clinton was in the house, remember this: He balanced the budget evenly towards his second term. With a stimulus! And also about jobs, Mitt Romney wants to bank on 12 Million. When Clinton was running the show, he had 20 Million. I know for a fact, I lived in the 90’s. Learn it young bloggers. One thing about Bill Clinton I want to make, he knows! It’s just like being the king in the neighborhood that knows everything. And yes this is the same Bill Clinton that had the scandal that lead to the impeachment. But guess what, most folks (in a nostalgic way) STILL like him. Had to put that in there.

Then came Vice President Joe Biden. Or in the words of Bill Maher from 2008, “Joey the shark.” Joe Biden had one strict advice, in his words: “Never bet against the American people!” In terms of the Automobile Industry, and many others. Knowing the VP he still has beliefs that America can mount a comeback after getting knocked down, or slowed down as usual. He also commented how he advised the President in making the order to get Osama Bin Laden. And of course he had to bring out the moniker, “Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive!” Another point.

Then the speech that most have been waiting for: The President’s speech itself was a sell in order for his case of objectives in order to steer towards the next four years IF he wins the second term. Now for those who felt that he had to bring it, he had too. The words of him ringing out and it is a constant reminder: “I’m not just a candidate, I’m the president!” – Most say that the line should be on a T-Shirt. I agree. Print that up. Don’t forget to include the words – Made in America.  That also was a huge sell. It was real talk. It was a good look and many others. And it was said with full conviction. Make that pure conviction to the haters! Never forget the love moments with Michelle, and telling his daughters that they still have to go to school. He’s being a real parent and family man. Despite of many times tried, I’ll agree that the Republicans shook him. But they did not shatter him. They may disagreed or blocked ideals that the President laid out, but he kept going. No matter what. He had to recite Abraham Lincoln on his struggles when taking power: “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere to go.” He also acknowledged the troops of their service as usual. And UNLIKE Mitt Romney, he did include Afghanistan, in terms of the draw down to 2014. One of his promises as we know, ending the war in Iraq, which in the eyes of Mitt and Paul was a “mistake.” Let me tell you, going into Iraq in the first place was the worst move for the military. Most of the focus should have been and currently is on Afghanistan/Pakistan in which all of the terrorism started against America. Another promise: ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Making an attempt to get the left over cash that left the country in debt PREVIOUSLY, in order to cut down on the National Debt and do some in his words “nation building at home”. Plus to produce more jobs.

Along with the A-listers like Kerry Washington and others, the DNC had something to do with the music. If any paid attention, DJ Cassidy was on the turntables mixing music from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many others that were approved by him. The name of the group he started is called “DJ’s for Obama” in which some DJ’s come together for a cause in order to help Obama to retain his presidency. Matter of fact, DJ Cassidy was the first DJ to do the President’s Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball in 2009. My reaction, it was like more of thinking outside of the box. Sort of like the United Methodist Church doing the Rethink Church thing. I can’t imagine if any DJ who is politically challenged, would take their time out to rally up with political contenders.  I wouldn’t be surprised if future DJ’s would do the same if per say, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin would invite a well known DJ or DJ’s  from Milwaukee mixing music in a political urban sense. It could happen! If this idea is a way to get the DJ club audience involved in politics, it should be a bold move.

DJ Cassidy Keeps DNC Rockin’: Obama’s Spin Master Behind the Scenes

Attention Obama for America-Wisconsin folks: Put out a request or interest to have a “DJ’s for Obama” group here in Wisconsin. No matter if it’s in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or other places. Just saying. 

I would say that the DNC had “life” at their convention. And it was in living color. No pun intended. Now since the conventions are over. Mostly the road rallies have started, but like everyone else, I’m waiting for the debates to see which candidate has another “sell” to present.

Coming up in my next blog: For the undecided voters, I’m going to go non-partisan on how to research for the candidate of your choosing. 

Favored Washington Post Tweet

This is tweet that I wrote that was favored by the Washington Post from the DNC event. Yes, I’m shocked. And plus you never know what you write the most of positive reasons might be looked at a comment or news story.

I was giving my editorial about Gov. Deval Patrick’s comment of the Democrats needing a backbone. Well they should. I wrote for those who want to know:

“Gov. Deval Patrick told the crowd to grow a backbone of what they believe in. Talk about needing a booster shot! #DNC2012

Be on the lookout for my commentaries, and plus: DJing. If you haven’t heard or read about it, there was DJing at the DNC also. If you thought Vote or Die was a cause for hip hop fans with politics, this takes the cake.