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Its been a long minute since that I written a double take on anything. But in the recent events of a triple homicide and also just today, 45 is up to some go back where you came from  remarks to OUR 4 US Congresswomen that are all minorities, was one of the disgusting and vile commentary out this man’s mouth! So yes, we are mad as hell! And as I speak on this date being hot, guess what? The heat is on.

First take: An innocent mother loses her life. Many of us in the community  had heard of the triple homicide that occurred in the city of Milwaukee in late June. The area was near 85th and Grantosa which is not far from my sister’s residence that this senseless murder happened. When word got out that the victims were dead by one shooters, one of the victims was a daughter of my Lay Minister from his first marriage. The victim was named Sonya Collins. And according to the reports, she was killed due to the fact that she was trying to protect her children. And the attacker, Oshonti Cannady at age 21 did the job not only on Sonya, but also on two other women at the scene. After that part of the week was dismal, many of us my church was just talking about the incident that was still fresh in our minds. But I kept thinking about the family and MANILY the father of the daughter that I know that had to be extremely hurt over the senseless loss of her daughter. Here’s the thing, Sonya was just 41 years old. She was a mother that once again was trying to protect her children. Her babies! As any mother (excuse me, REAL MOTHER) would do in any situation by standing and protecting her kids! And all that ended in a senseless manner. Oh yes, duirng the week at Church, yes we were talking about it. And yet many of us recalled how many on the congregation lost their loved ones in a senseless manner in the past. Me, I lost 2 cousins in 2002 and 2010. Both in the Summertime. In the months of July and August. We were rocked with grief and anguish. One of my cousins was just 21 years old that started his own business of a Ice Cream Parlor in the inner city of Milwaukee. And going to school to UW – Milwaukee. What lead to the killing at the time was his car. My cousin was driving a 1996 Chevy Lumina that he bought with his own money. And with that, a set of rims that was purchased. These were the rims that many were being targeted for killings and crimes. Unfortunately for my cousin, he was being chased at least 3 times for his car. In the early morning of late July in that year. Here it was a young black male, from a good family, educated, had a job of his own, and yes we do talk about the endangered species when it comes to our African-American Males! Weeks later in my church then, the attacker of my cousin was caught and was sentenced to more that 10 years in prison. And all of this was because of some car rims that many wanted in a criminal manner. In all GETTING CAR RIMS! 

My other cousin was a mother, whom was stabbed to death by her alleged boyfriend in August of 2010. And was so shocking for my youngest cousin, she saw the stabbing in a closet with grief and shock. This is one of my father’s nieces. And usually when we get together for family outings or meetings, it usually involves a Funeral. Am I alone that goes through this? When family members most gather for funerals to say goodbye to a member that was known or not known well? But many of us in the family are trying to change the concept in which gathering at funerals are not the always norm everytime. But getting to my cousin that was stabbed in 2010, we also felt the concern that her children will have to live with their Aunt and Uncle without their mother being around everyday. Weeks later, my cousin’s attacker was found and caught in the state of Illinois and was sentenced for the murder. All of this was 9 years ago in the hot summer of Milwaukee. 

Getting back of course: When I explained all this in church in early July, I told my Lay Member and as well as my UMM Men’s Church member (who also lost his nephew in the same day as Sonya Collins)  that the attackers are just “running and hiding.” But eventually will get caught. I made a prediction that they will get caught and will not get far. I made a prediction about this and held nothing back based on I know. Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, on July 13th, 2019 in the same day that Sonya Collins was laid to rest, her attacker was caught and captured. Sonya was murdered in late June. I said either a couple of weeks or a month that the capture would happen. I asked the family and the church this question: “What did I tell you?” I told them this would happen. Now since the capture that has happened let the true justice, and I mean “TRUE JUSTICE”  must commence and come into play. I got another say on this: I thinking that the sentencing part of this, Oshonti will probably get at 10 years to life in prison. Why I am saying all this on this blog full of nice things? Guess what, I’ve mentioned this before and yes this all comes to those like, we need to take back our neighborhoods, our cities, or Black Lives Matter. Oh of course that many will scream out the question of “What about black on black crime?” This example was and is still in the crawl of most white folks asking when a black male/female gets killed by white folks with badges and guns or by senseless attackers. And of course in our black community we always say that we need to do better for our people in all, but some of us get reality checked ourselves that incidents like this complex every single time. Sometimes we ask about “why blacks don’t celebrate the 4th of July” when we see or read about bodies in the street? And usually that about police brutality. But when one of our own do this, we kind of run and hide from the question. I’m speaking the truth to power. When this happens in all we need to hold ourselves very accountable in terms of US being killed by others. As for these murders, we can go to the government and continue to regulate and try to regulate NEW Laws, but many we need to do it ourselves! It starts with US!

Second Take: take a look of this mess from today. We’ve all seen it while working on the job.

Oh, and see this also:

Did anyone believe the B.S. and I mean the B.S. coming out of this so-called President’s mouth? This is supposed to be the leader of the free world that supposed to set an example of positive. But many should not be surprised that this fool of the leader had to call out 4 of our US Congresswomen of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlab, Ayanna Pressley, and yes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. All 4 of them had the message to “go back to where they came from”. And also this is sending shock-waves not just in the United States, but also the world. 3 of 4 Congresswomen are U.S. Citizens but Omar is an immigrant that became a citizen 19 years ago. So yes, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a U.S. Citizen!

“The newly assembled Squad” had a response in regarding 45 dumbfound remarks:

I need to ask, this why do we say to folks, “go back where you came from?” And second, why are we saying this in 2019?! This is all about the one thing that many are beginning to understand that #whitefear is in the minds of those who want to keep the United States of America all under the white rule. Under the White Supremacy that many of us non-whites are sick and tired of. What they are really saying that we should be running this country, not many of the minorities.

Let me be clear to the idiotic bigots that want this to happen. You are indeed playing yourselves!

Even the so-called president whom made the statement is playing himself with these remarks. And yet, you got many folks like him are nodding in agreement. “Go back where you came from” is nothing more than a racist code word by stating that “we don’t want you”. Or “You can’t be us because you aren’t one of us.” or “You’re not our type.” Or many other warning signs of fear that many of the 45 Supporters don’t even want to condemn the so-called president of the remarks he’s stated! Let’s be real: 45 or Trump doesn’t give a rat’s carcass about no minorities in the majority that doesn’t agree with him.

LOOK HERE! THESE ARE #FACTS! And many of us whom are born here in the United States aren’t going back to bow down to the conformity of others that doesn’t make sense! It didn’t make sense back then, or when it started and it sure is hell doesn’t make sense NOW! All this “Go back to where you came from” is dumb!

And oh, here is a flashback: Remember when Obama was in office? Remember when the right wing fans about telling him or commenting about him going back to Kenya? His father was Kenyan Born. Oh yes conservatives and Tea Party Baggers you should remember! And that includes this birther crap (take our country back) that wanted to see if he’s a Citizen, or a Christian (even though he went to Rev. Jerimiah Wright’s Church in Chicago) , or even all of this stuff that didn’t make sense that Obama should do during his 8 years in the chair. This “all going back” crap has been heard so many times from Black folks, Latino Folks, and many others that the so-called 45 President labeled the countries “Sh*tHole Countries”. Some of those so-called “Sh*thole Countries” are laughing the crap out of us. They are. And in fact, I don’t blame them! And when 2020 gets here and if this So-Called President gets reelected, you know that the joke will be on us United States Citizens. Matter of fact, the joke was on us since November of 2016 that many voted him over Hilary, who had EXPERIENCE! But no, the so-called “silent majority” in this country is dumb. The same silent majority that voted up for 45 and those whom are actively wearing those #MAGA hats has racial ties, believe it or not. THINK ABOUT IT!

I’ll bet many years ago used it as a weapon to make the minorities inferior because they didn’t fit the system. Oh really? There have been many times the American Flag was used as a weapon against those whom have been label inferior in this country as a symbol of oppression. That is true. Even though it looks good “on display” as I said in the past. But of course that the flag had oppression viewpoints on how it was presented to scare or to make those less than worthless. Yes I’m talking about black folks that were fighting to get a seat at the table. And were still fighting TODAY to get that chance.

CALLOUT! For all the folks whom assumed that black folks ran their course: NEWSFLASH! the folks have NOT ran their course. We’ve only just begun again.

This is why every 4th of July and every Juneteenth Day, as much as everyday I say these words: “THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES”. And this example is one of them!

Three Way Dance Time: It’s the First of December, but were still reeling from Thanksgiving Weekend from the food and pumpkin pie. This dance, I’ll comment about Ferguson more, the updated backlash against Sasha and Malia, and plus Facebook got me flagged which was in my opinion that shouldn’t been so dirty. And no, I didn’t post no naked pics or anything that is racist or sexist towards anyone that is a equally a human being.

(Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

First take: Ferguson. We’ve seen the protests. We’ve seen and watched the decision of former Police Officer Darren Wilson not to be indicted on the shooting death of Michael Brown. Yes, I’ve said former because over the weekend, he resigned. And he’s a potential target. Just like Zimmerman. We’ve seen the flames that torched the buildings and squad cars. We’ve see them all, even more of the protesting in the streets. We’ve seen it all on MSNBC, CNN, and the dreadful spin of Fox News. We’ve seen it. And yes when the folks protest they expect anger in the streets to get a point across. We’ve seen the protests on Black Friday that had those lying on the floor in a mall in St. Louis. And no, for the record I didn’t spend a penny out of my pocket to spend on Black Friday. Learned that lesson from a long time ago.

But in the recent events, centered the NFL again, and no it’s not just the Packers beating the Patriots at Lambeau. It’s really around the St. Louis Rams and the five players that came out in their intros with the Hands Up Don’t Shoot gesture. And the “Conservative-like media” and the likes of Morning Joe, that had to get shocked and mad over these football players doing the silent protest! Earlier in the year, in the NFL Preseason game between the Packers and Raiders, one of the running backs of the Silver and Black, Maurice Jones-Drew scores a Touchdown run and after that, he did the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Gesture. Where was the outrage in that? And this was directly after Michael Brown was shot. Athletes of back in the day (whom were black)  were not just winning ball games, breaking records, and setting new tones for the victors. They were also making statements for keeping that black pride, and also solidarity of support of those who were killed. I wasn’t around when this happened, but we all know about the Black Power Salute of the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico. John Carlos and Tommie Smith were two African Americans that won as we know. When they got their medals, they took their shoes off, stepped on the podium and when the National Anthem was played, they bowed their heads and had their fists in the air. But also, according to the story, they received death threats for their gesture. Think about this, 1968 is same year that Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. The “Original” Civil Rights Movement ended in the same year.  James Brown released the song “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” around the same time when Tommie Smith and John Carlos got their medals. When you think of all of those things, some of that I think parralles today, but in a different sense. What I mean by a different sense, many today don’t want to get all revolutionary and such and to start up a scene. I’ve said this many times. And I also asked this question, where are the NEW civil rights leaders at? Some might say Puff Daddy or Jay Z, but no. They might not go for it! They (like others) might “donate” but won’t join the fight that got them there when they were alot younger back in the day! See this is why this era needs to get with the program when things like this happen. And those in the conservative like media, white media, and those I dare say in the progressive, liberal sides of Morning Joe persay needs to get out of the bubble and actually HEAR and SEE what is taking place with the like of Ferguson! It’s not just Ferguson, Milwaukee, Chicago, South Central LA, New York, Ohio or whatever that we see or read about young blacks males getting killed by the cops or neighborhood watch folks. It’s really an ongoing fault in the cog of the Justice System unfairly against Blacks in this country! The struggle continues!


Now for the 5 players of the St. Louis Rams, (and I’m not a fan by the way), the players of  Jared Cook, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin. But, here is thought:  are they Americans, too? Do they have a right to free expression, or free speech? They have the right! I don’t care if the St. Louis Police Association, Charles Barkley,  or freaking Mike Ditka believes they were embarrassed or wrong. NO THEY WEREN’T! I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the black Green Bay Packers of Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Mike Neal, Richard Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, or even Micah Hyde, or Davante Adams would have came out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field or at an community anti-violence event in Milwaukee and d0 a “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture in support of those who have been shot for no apparent reasoning! And I know if that were to happen, many in Packer land might not wear a jersey of these players, or have a poster hung in the bar or in your kid’s rooms be taken down all because of a silent gesture of protest. This is not just about winning ball games, scoring touchdowns, or racking up stats. It’s not! It shouldn’t be about when things hear about folks getting shot or killed there are those who say “Let’s go to a ball game!” Wrong answer. Yes, you can go to a ball game, but when you go home…….will that same person be there in a good way sharing a beer or nachos in a nice way be the same person at the dinner table, or helping the kids homework afterschool? Or taking that person to church for a Worship Service on a Sunday Morning? Just asking!

Futhermore this NFL Hands Up Gesture might go for about 2 weeks!


Second take: Sasha and Malia getting dissed.

Can we qrown folks stop messing with Sasha and Malia?! This GOP Staff Person. We all heard this right? But before I get even further, review this:



And after that, she made this apology:


Yes. She apologized. But her days as a GOP Staffer was gone. Fired. The unemployment line has a new member by the name of Elizabeth Lauthen. Hey Elizabeth how does it feel to be in that line of disrepectful folks having the fortitude per say to go after young black female teens that are apart of the first family? Really? And to do it on Facebook?!! Seroiusly?!! Talking crap about Barack and Michelle is one thing, but the children, NO! Just a future warning here don’t be surprised if Sasha and Malia run for office in their later years. If they like amongst others who felt disrespected growing up by bigoted/stuck up adults who pretend they are all about the people, and all about this and that. But when this comes out, are they still that same person. My mother once said to me, you have to monitor yourself. Real talk. This is also a reminder that when you talk about folks in a mean way such as this, they might turn around and take away somethings that mean to you. Oh, lets say like penions, retirement funds, Union stuff, needs of transport, burial expenses, social security, your health needs. Does any of that stuff sound familiar? I’ve heard this in my Milwaukee Black Radio Market, and I’m saying it here, those boys and girls that are targets now, they might be your even worst enemy when rocking the canes, walkers, living it up in the retirement homes about to die! And you might wonder, why they are doing this? What did we do to cause this?! Some might say, “back in 2014 you were talking smack about us about our pants sagging, our hair, our music, our way of dancing, always texting on the phone, always on Facebook, etc. You disrespcted us!” Some of you might be like, that might not happen. But what if it did? I know I might be speaking gibberish on things that might not occur, but it might occur! Whitney Houston once said that the children are our future. Well are they?

This latest stunt is nothing new. Sasha and Malia have been targets of Glenn Beck and many others in the Right Wing-Fox News-Rush Limbaugh dialouge of all things. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now. All of this, is just even more hate against the first black president and his family. But to attack on young black girls? Where are those who defended the Bush Twins when they were drunk? Hello?!!! Nobody don’t want to comment that? When the President said that leave the children out of this back in his running days, he meant that! End of Story. But I think that needs to comeback even more for the sake of Sasha and Malia. And many others who feel the exact same way.

Watch your words. If it’s archived in the next 20 years or more, and if that comes back in a future Throwback Thursday, don’t be shocked!


Third take: How many of us ever got “flagged” by Facebook? Even if it’s something you haven’t really done intentional. Well, this past weekend, I tried to upload a video on Facebook for my High School Alumni and then it was removed. And get this they claimed that it was all some copyright violation notice. Here is the note by the way:

facebook note

This is got to be the worst note. Stupid. And get this, I wrote a note to Facebook recently and I want this to happen: I want Facebook to look over the video that was attempted to upload. Here is the thing, the pictures I used were from a recently Alumni Holiday Gathering in Downtown Milwaukee. They were my pictures that I took personally! I put the pictures onto the program called Flipagram along with a choice of music that I chosen for it called “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. In which I paid for! I paid a $1.29 from Google Play for that one song to be used for a slide show. And then when I attempted to put that onto my Alumni Facebook Group, it was rejected due to some copyright notice. This bugs the HELL out of me!  In response, I written to Facebook in this matter personally the next day. This is what I written to them:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in response to the “Alleged Violation” Message that was informed to me on November 28th, 2014 about a video I tried to upload onto one of the Facebook Group Pages. The video that was deleted or removed by you was made by me on Flipagram for my High School Alumni Group. The pictures that I selected came from my own collection in terms of my own choosing. They were NOT made for any violations that you, the company proposed and approved.

The audio portion: again, I used that my own collection through Flipagram in which I attempted to use for the video. And thusly, I paid for the song through Google Play with my own money and it was legal without any problems. I know about Copyright uses and the responsibilities behind them. And I understand the sources of making sure that it stays protected of the recent Digital laws. But I feel that my video that I wanted to show SHOULD NOT HAVE been removed because of this. And plus I uploaded Flipagram Videos before, with their 30 second previews of the songs, and I had NO problems or concerns on Facebook. I had no warning messages received based on the latter of concern.  In regarding this situation, and with your Copyright rules and regulations, what Flipagram music and videos are appropriate for Facebook, and what is not appropriate? As a customer, I demand a right to know!

I am enclosing this letter, along with the email message you sent me to clarify my story.

Now I’m not alone in this. First of all, instead of me writing on my Facebook Wall or their help pages, I did the one thing that few do nowadays: write a letter. Whenever you or anyone you know feel that something is wrong or needs to be clarified for ANY MANNER, write a letter. Make sure it’s clear and concise and straight to the point. And also make sure you got proof to back you up just in case. Either a picture, or now a link to a website that you know it’s good and clear to bring this up. And I’m sending a “friendly warning” to the company right now that if they do not respond in at least 30 days from the day of the letter or their notice, I will have no choice but to file a complaint against the company. I’ve done it before with other companies and businesses with the Better Business Bureau. I got my facts and proof to set this up! Beware, Facebook Company. I like you, but I have to come after you like a deadly animal.

When I was on Facebook sometime after, I visited their help pages, and in that same section where it was talked about videos being pulled from the site due to copyright violation of alleged, I’m not the only one. I’ve read about those who tried to upload videos of tributes, and many others with music like country or others. And they got the warnings also! Like I said in the note, I posted videos on Facebook before and I didn’t get flagged or warned. What is this?! A complaint is coming to them. Plus also, I do respect the rights of music in a digital rights stance, but I never stole the music or manipulated the music being copied or other concerns. Matter of fact: here is the link of the slideshow that I did for my High School Alumni that Facebook wouldn’t show.

And that goes for any company. I usually put companies on notice in which that the Better Business Bureau is involved.

Four Way stop time. This is where I go four stories in one blog. Let’s get it.

First: The GOP is accountable for the Shutdown.

Just admit it. It’s not all the Democrats fault. It’s on John Bohener. Period. It’s on Eric Cantor, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the other 80+ Representatives in the Congress who are holding America hostage all because of this HealthCare Bill. So technically, they believe that the President should dump his health bill to reopen the government?  I have to say, this 113th lead republican congress just don’t want Obama succeed to finish off this HealthCare Bill. Many said that the website glitch would be a problem, HOWEVER when you crash a website with so many folks on it, it’s a good thing! It’s a good thing because it’s a deal that most folks are really interested. Also, why would I say this? I say this that there are folks who are concerned about have adequate and AFFORDABLE HeathCare Insurance. Not many aren’t going to Aetna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, or maybe Humana or Assuarnt Health. I’m just speaking the truth. This Obamacare thing might be something that most are looking for. Or it could be for something that most have been searching for something different. But no, the majority in the Republican-Led Congress with the sprinkle of Tea Party leech juice (YEAH I SAID IT!)  feels that it’s going to bring America down. Really?! How is this is supposed to bring America down, all because of the ACA? That doesn’t make any sense. But here’s some thought though, all those health ideas that got inserted into the ACA, really came from the Republicans. Remember “RomneyCare”? Hmmmm……..Why would the Republicans in sense of thought don’t want the HealthCare thing in which they started, don’t want it to be implemented with President Obama’s legacy of the ACA? I want to know! Matter of fact, this is no surprise. Go back to 2008 or 2009 when the Red Squad all had this agreement that whenever anything Obama tries to pass, they’ll block it or will not approve. That has been their priority. But we are seeing it for what it really is. Racism at best. Now for those who think it’s all smoke and mirrors, wake up! This is another angle of racism in which most don’t want to touch. But it’s out there. Even the President knows or is aware. But knowingly, its not going to make the 44th President resign. Oh, no! Not a chance. Yes, the Obama-Biden Crew may have been slowed down, but they are not stopped. Just remember after George W. Bush made the mess, it’s up to Obama in trying to make the house clean. We see it. But do Rush Limbaugh or any other Right Wing Maniacs see that? Nope! Does the Tea Party reference that? Prove that to me.

Oh check this, the issue with this also it’s affecting the Military. No Travel Expenses, No Death and Burial Insurance. Why? Let me guess: the GOP Shutdown and the hate of the ACA. Recently in the last couple of days some of our troops were killed in Afghanistan and couldn’t get the expenses to get a decent burial with Military honors. Really Republicans and Tea Party? Reference The Ed Show and PoliticsNation. As a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and extended relative of veterans and active duty military personnel, I find this shameful and pathetic. And most of all: VERY-UNAMERICAN! Just remember, that 2014 is a couple of ticks away. Who’s ready to get the ballots out?


Oh let me go here. The Detroit Lions cannot win at Lambeau. Matter of fact how many times is that, 23? Since 1991, this is the “owning” in which that part of the 90’s mystique still resonates at Lambeau. Yes, there were those who say on the Lions side of things felt that the Packers got lucky after that 22-9 victory without Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson. If those don’t’ know that yes, Calvin Johnson has been beaten in Lambeau before. So, what’s the deal? Reggie Bush, got a first education of being stopped by the Packers Defense. IN LAMBEAU!  We Packer Backer/Packer Obsever Fans know about the House of Horrors. There was a time when the Packers couldn’t get a win in Philadelphia. Got one. Actually two when you count the NFL Playoffs in route to SuperBowl 45. Second, beating Dallas at Lambeau, And the one I do remember the most: Beating Tampa Bay in Florida when a guy named Warren Sapp was still playing against Brett Favre. But Detroit: The last time they beat the Packers in Lambeau was in the 90’s, but it was in the “then Don Majkowski era”. After that, when Brett Favre took over, you know the story.  But shifting gears, yes, I will say Detroit is showing something, but we’ll see in a NFC North thing with the Bears and Vikings. And as far as Dominic Raiola: Has anyone seen this? Dude had to jaw jack at the UW-Madison band of making fun of the tuba players and trumpet players. Some say that was hate speech. Wait a minute, this is the UW-Madison Marching Band were talking about. The band that does amazing shows at Camp Randall Stadium and one of THE BEST Bands in the Big Ten. Yeah I said it! As a former band school person myself, I can relate being made fun off from those who don’t have a clue about being in a marching band. Oh yeah I know. And for a guy like Raiola is a nobody. He needs to stay on his game than worrying about the UW-Band doing the Jump Around at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, Lambeau needs to TURN UP when the UW-Band does the Jump Around. And have more DJ’s to represent. DJ’s as in Urban DJ’s from Milwaukee that needs to make a trek to do a live DJ set at the stadium. Love the Packers, just saying. But this Raiola guy, let me tell the UW-Band this as some advice in which you are sent out to do: Keep Playing! Keep marching! Don’t let the haters like Dominic Raiola stop you all because he couldn’t get a win in Lambeau Field. Keep playing and marching so those who want to hear and see, can hear and see! Keep playing and marching for those who can’t walk or run. Keep playing and marching not just Lambeau, play for all of Wisconsin! Even play in Milwaukee. (yeah I said it!) For the Lions, in the words of Michael Blackstone: “Try Again (insert expletive language here)!

Third: Who’s Mary Burke, and why she wants the Governor’s Chair in Madison?

If those in Wisconsin like me woke up today with this news, we should know:

Mary Burke for Wisconsin

For many months, the Wisconsin Democrats had been searching for a competitor to try to unseat Scott Walker for the next State election. Which is next year. And the name Mary Burke was circulating around the brainstorming of the Demos. Clearly before, the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t and probably don’t still have a strong competitor to run against Walker in the next election for the state. Even in the black Milwaukee media has said the same thing. Reference WNOV. How many times have I heard Sherwin Hughes say this? Alot. I’ll be honest, picking a strong competitor to beat Scott Walker may not be an easy thing, but however it must be challenged. In her ad what you have just seen, yes she talks about her upbringings of 4 generations. And her ties with Trek Bicycles which is Wisconsin Born. And she highlighted the jobs she brought to the state, concerns and many Wisconsin families across the board. Now this is my question: What about the black community, and the largest city of Milwaukee? I’m going there also. I have to. I got love for the other cities, BUT Milwaukee is my home! We got issues here in the brew city that Mary Burke has to understand. Unemployment, AIDS, Dropout, Crime, Education, Transportation issues to jobs, Health and Wellness. Many of these issues is still a concern in the Black Community. Wisconsin’s heart maybe in Madison, but the “economic engine” itself is in Milwaukee. In other words, you got to go through Milwaukee to get to Madison in voting. Challenge my statement, Wisconsinites. Go for it. That’s not just me saying it. WNOV is saying the same thing. If Mary Burke has a chance, which most likely she will, she has to convince the Milwaukee Audience, in my view of why she would be a better competitor for the Governor’s Chair. She has to convince the Blacks Residents in Milwaukee why she should have our back in regarding black male unemployment, jobs, Health, education, and also the revolving door of Segregation. Uh-oh! I did say the S-word? Segregation is not just a Milwaukee issue. But it’s also Wisconsin’s Issue. Think about it. The Badger State has 6% of residents who are African Decent. That is a fact. There are less black folks here in the whole state at that rate. Most of that percentage is in the larger areas like the Southeast. Reference Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha. But the main concern: IF and this is a BIG IF: If Mary Burke is to be a real candidate per say, she needs to also to make Milwaukee a must visit! Then if she is successful, she could possibly be a strong contender to beat Walker at his own game. However, there has been another name that hasn’t been thought about, but could be an Idea. And I’m really stumped that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has not picked this name. I’ll give a hint here: Who in Wisconsin, besides Jim Doyle has beaten Scott Walker? If you say no one, check this: Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Yep, the same Gwen Moore that beat Scott Walker in a State Assembly race years ago in 1990. Yep, she is another competitor in which some think could be another competitor to defeat Walker. But her name is not being circulated. Except on WNOV. However it was Polly Williams’ thought that Gwen Moore should run for Governor.  And by the way, Gwen Moore is black, FYI. Don’t get it twisted. She could be open to represent. Now why do I think that she would be a far better candidate over Mary Burke? Congresswoman Moore has been experienced in Wisconsin politics. She is a Racine resident. Went to Milwaukee’s North Division High School , got a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University (unlike Walker who dropped out!) received a certificate from Harvard University in 2005, volunteered for VISTA, founded the Cream City Community Development Credit Union for low-income residents, worked for the City of Milwaukee in the position of a neighborhood development strategist, and the State of Wisconsin for Employment Relations and Health Services. Plus WHEDA.  Plus she was a single parent on welfare but was able to rise up from the ashes to be the first African-American Woman to be elected to Congress from Wisconsin.

Um…….does this sound an idea to be a potential future Governor?

Plus also, way before Scott Walker dumped BadgerCare, Gwen Moore was a key part of making BadgerCare in the first place. So Democrats of Wisconsin, I know Mary Burke is a prime choice to challenge Walker, but hey, if Gwen Moore is open to get the job, just saying. – And by the way, look for another of my “blog letters” to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. And trust me, I want it to be thoroughly “THOROUGHLY” read!

Fourth: WNOV is Upgraded – An hour for Polly Williams, the Forum is 3 hours and you will another voice in the Afternoons.

This week began a brand new era in the history of WNOV. And I do mean a “Brand New Era”. In the previous days, the station was announcing a change. No it wasn’t going country, probably more talk and probably more music. Frankly, it was additional talk. Beginning this week, The Forum was upgraded from 2 hours to Three Hours, from Tuesdays – Fridays. Yes, you will hear 3 hours of Sherwin Hughes behind the mic. And for Mondays, his Forum show will stay at the 2 hour format. Why is that? Annette Polly Williams has a one hour show called “The Polly Williams Show” that will go for one hour. Just to clarify: The Forum on Mondays will go from 9:00am – 11:00am. Polly Williams will be on from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Plus, The Forum on Tuesdays – Fridays will be on air for 3 hours from 9:00am – 12:00pm. All the times are in the Central Time Zone. Now, what about the afternoons? WNOV had to go into the 1290 WMCS playbook to get “Keeping It Real with Al Sharpton”. His radio show is national as we know, which is about three hours between the 1:00pm – 4:00pm hour between Monday – Friday. So in reference, it’s almost that WNOV is upgrading to give the black audience in Milwaukee more talk of the issues that need to be addressed. Not just in Milwaukee, but those in Madison, Green Bay and many others that you don’t necessarily hear about concerning the black community. To those in the rest of Wisconsin. WNOV is the now the ONLY Black Owned Radio Station in the state. After 1290 WMCS went off the air to Elvis, and now Martini Radio, there was void in the Black Communications side of Milwaukee. But since then, WNOV had risen up to be the last standing dragon of Milwaukee Black Radio in the Badger State. Who knows, maybe another familiar voice might join the fray of addressing black issues in Milwaukee, and in Wisconsin.

Now for those want to know: WNOV stands for Wisconsin’s Negro Only Voice. Now that moniker is living up to the hype.

My Take: Colin Powell’s factor on Obama

Going back into my old MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs from way back when, I wrote this blog about Gen. Colin Powell endorsing the then-Sen. Barack Obama to be President. Now this was my first of a series in tales why I felt it was vital for him to make the endorsement, just like recently today.

Oct 19, 2008 | 12:47 PM

Category: Political

Like many of you, or some of you, there was another endorsement that was given to Sen. Barack Obama. His name? General Colin Powell. Yep, the retired General had officially given the props and nod to the Senator in which for his pick to become the next president. Now , I know that there are going to be alot of the naysayers who probably would break out their blogs, comments, viewpoints, and any other thing that might say, and I know this:

  • “Yeah, I saw that interview and the only reason Gen. Powell is backing Barack because he’s black. It is obvious?”  Duh!
  • “Well whoopee do! Another brother endorses another brother. So what? The Republicans and Sen. McCain will have a field day with him. Watch.”
  • “That explains it! Of course he’ll endorse him because he can be a crutch to Obama in gaining that experience. Big deal.”

OK. Enough preliminary sarcasm! As I watching the Meet the Press interview, before going to church this morning, I think Gen. Powell was real of what he had to say. Yes, he did analyzed both Sen. McCain and Obama, in his view was beneficial to lead the U.S. in the next four years, but the part of the General’s commentary was reflected on McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, William Ayers, and overall tone of the McCain/Palin ticket. For the description of Sen. Barack Obama, Gen. Powell described him as a “transformational figure”, in which his view of being a new generational figure that might have some ingredients of making an additional element of being a potential candidate for the presidency. And he was very clear about one thing: He’s not backing up Sen. John McCain because of their long 25 year relationship, and not backing up Sen. Obama because of his skin tone. Or in most cases, black.

On his view of Gov. Sarah Palin: Gen. Powell commented that thusly that she is not ready to be President in sense of judgment. Now there might be disagreements with that statement but, I’ll bet alot of those on the outside would say, “I’ve been saying that from the very beginning. Yes, Gov. Palin has her style and swagger in all, but did she say during the VP Debates that she’s been on the presidential campaign for 5 weeks? I question that.”

On his view of William Ayers: This has been, in my view, old and overblown. The General commented the Senator’s view of the ex-radical, in which from him, asking: “Sen. McCain says he a washed-up old terrorist—then why does he keep talking about him?”

And the General also commented that Obama on numerous occasions, condemned the acts the William Ayers did during the 60’s at the time of Radical Protests was inflicting the country. Plus the comments about that William Ayrers made in which he reviewed about “not bombing enough” – that was again in reference to the Vietnam War Protests.  To the General, I think that is a non-issue to further derail Sen. Obama.

On his view of John McCain/GOP:
General Powell commented that he’s troubled by the actions of his own party. Why wouldn’t he be? I know that some might jump on him in all, but as far as he sees it, it’s not just the actions of words or displays, it’s the overall setup in which that was generated. It reminds me of the use of power in which can be at times powerful, but also at times could be worked against you. Like those Robocalls, in which I think is nothing more than a distraction to think that “oh, Sen. Obama is not a good fit for a president because of his “association” with being a Muslim and hanging around Terrorists.” Gen. Powell commented that as inappropriate, while Sen. McCain thinks of it as a logical sense. At the closing part of the 30 minute interview, the retired General talked about Muslims. He heard from his Republican party about the comments about Sen. Obama being a Muslim which raised a red flag. But the General talked about a solider who was American born, died during Iraqi Freedom and was a Muslim. Plus, his viewpoints of Muslims in general:

“Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no. That’s not America. Is there something wrong with a seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing he or she could be president? Yet I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion that he is a Muslim and might have an association with terrorists. This is not the way we should be doing it in America. I feel particularly strong about this because of a picture I saw in a magazine. It was a photo essay about troops who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And one picture at the tail end of this photo essay, was of a mother at Arlington Cemetery and she had her head on the headstone of her son’s grave. And as the picture focused in, you could see the writing on the headstone, and it gave his awards – Purple Heart, Bronze Star – showed that he died in Iraq, gave his date of birth, date of death, he was 20 years old. And then at the very top of the head stone, it didn’t have a Christian cross. It didn’t have a Star of David. It has a crescent and star of the Islamic faith. And his name was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan. And he was an American. He was born in New Jersey. He was fourteen years old at the time of 9/11, and he waited until he could serve his country and he gave his life.”

When I thought about this statement, it makes me wonder the goodness in those who make their mark as good citizens of this country. Even as those of Muslim faith like this individual, who was during his peak into adulthood, risked his life in defending America’s freedoms. Despite of his religious background. If Sen. John McCain talked about “Country First”, which there’s nothing wrong with that, he should take a look, maybe a second look, this soldier’s life. And Sarah Palin. And Michele Bachmann who once criticized Sen. Obama as “Very Anti-American”. – Oh really! What does it take being  “a real American” these days?

Summarizing the thought, despite of whatever, I feel that the retired General was on point. His comments and viewpoints were accurate. And despite of his Republican and Conservative Views, like James T. Harris, he’s made his choice to pick of his endorsement or in this case his own pick as a potential Presidential choice. Like any other person, yes we have we have our own preferences. But I think what Gen. Powell said and hypothesized, stood out on his own beliefs.

This is my take. Right or Wrong. Just my thought.

FYI: In case you missed it, there are three clips on Youtube that has three parts of the interview. Just look up: General Colin Powell, and it might have Gen. Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama pts. 1-3

I’m going to go extra innings in terms of the  “politics as usual” – in the words of Jay-Z. Plus I’m going to comment this Rape thing that has been hitting the airwaves. In which Gov. Mitt Romney recently endorsed.  If you recall, I’m talking about the Indiana  Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock who is running for the U.S. Senate Seat against, Democrat Joe Donnelly, and also Libertarian Candidate Andy Horning on November 6th. The comment and topic of Rape has always been a hot button, serious, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE topic in alot of years. Now let’s review what the GOP candidate said in regarding the subject and the use of the almighty.

Um, I have to say that any person who rapes a person for no apparent reason is a MORTAL SIN! Now for those who don’t usually follow the biblcial terms, read this:

25 “But if in the open country a man meets a young woman who is betrothed, and the man seizes her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. 26 But you shall do nothing to the young woman; she has committed no offense punishable by death. For this case is like that of a man attacking and murdering his neighbor, 27 because he met her in the open country, and though the betrothed young woman cried for help there was no one to rescue her.

For those who don’t know that verse, it’s from the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 22.  Now onto another book in the bible. This might get scary for some:

For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped. Half of the city shall go out into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city. – Taken from Zechariah 14: 2

Now why I’m putting this into a blog? What is the point of these verses talking about rape or relations to rape of saying what the GOP Candidate commented? Like I said, Rape is Rape. Even the President said this recently on Jay Leno. Partially, it’s an issue in which most have talked about but still can’t understand. And that goes for the GOP Candidate, who’s have an angle with the so-called Tea Party who probably believe that it’s part of God’s intent to happen. EXCUSE ME! Since when did God intented to make females being raped a good thing? No Female, matter of fact, no person, yes I’m inclding men also, should never be raped to be God intened. No way! I don’t know what was in this man’s mind when he said that. Plus we all know about “hot mics” and “hot commnets”. That right there is dumb move! Oh, and most thought that the Libyan Email was something that the right wing maniacs picked was just a thing to get momentum. Which in my view, wasn’t. I’ll debate that later. If this is the kind of candidate, referring to Richard Mourdock is believing in terms of his viewpoints of rape of what he just said, then folks, he does NOT DESERVE to be in the limelight for a candiacy for any office. Sometimes we know, that words like that can really cost you. I remember what former Wisconsin State Senator Elizabeth Coggs said that “Vote someone that looks like you.” I thought it was voting for someone who has the “same beliefs” as the regular voter. But what it turned out was if she hadn’t said a comment like that persay, she would be still in office right now for the State instead of Nikyla Harris. So yes, you Indiana folks have a decision to make in regarding your GOP candidate if it’s vital to keep or let go based on commentary.

Now: my take on Black Republicans. Oh, I’m going to have a field day on this one. Now what I’m about to say that is my own personal point of view in terms of this blog, and my editorials in regarding the group of blacks, agreeing with Republican ideals. I will agree that everyone has a right to follow what they want to follow in a political stance. It’s in our American Democracy DNA. We know. The news about Stacey Dash really hit the fan in terms of endorsing Mitt Romney to become President. But is Stacey really getting herself on the burner on this one? I mean really, she is endorsing almost most everything that the Republicans despise of the work of the Democrats laid down. Including repealing ObamaCare. Oh  I did mention increasing that Voter Suppression, or having more troops in Iraq and continuing more wars? Stacey likes this idea? Really? Oh check this out: Remember the rapper Shyne? who was rapping for Diddy during his Bad-Boy Entertainment days? Shyne was locked up for over a decade, comes out, works on a new album since forever, but slams Obama and endorses Romney. Oh really? Basically, besides the new joint, what else Shyne has done, LATELY? What has Stacey Dash done LATELY?

Well, OK that’s they’re opinion to endorse. But here’s the thing: Mitt Romney NEVER got any support from the African-American Community, but there are some Africans-Americans would endorse him anyway. Those in that 2%. Sort of reminds me of a radio guy that Milwaukee had: James T. Harris. – Oh God! I’ll never forget 4 years ago around this time that he was in Waukesha, (the most republican county in Wisconsin) when Senator John McCain was in the state, he was commentating to him and uttered the words: “Sir, I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Take it to him!” Too Funny! It was so funny I was rocking my shoes off! And he got pawned by those who thought he was selling out or acting like a “Uncle Tom” or “Sambo”.  Don’t forget, this was 4 years ago at the time of Obama’s run for President for the first time. Matter of fact, some may add Herman Cain, a former candidate of the Republican Party (Thank God) who thought that racism wasn’t real. NEGRO PLEASE! But recently, Armstrong Williams came out on BET’s Don’t Sleep last night in regarding Immigration and the Dream Act. On the panel, he was debating Rosie Perez and Jeff Johnson on the subject. Click on the site:

Don’t Sleep! : Ep. 114 Web Extra

In addition, Rosie was on defense in terms of children, in which Armstrong was not!

Plus don’t me get started on Angela McGlowan in terms of  her viewpoints. (Fox News related) She was recently on BET’s Don’t Sleep about her being beat up. Correction Angela, it’s beaten up. Correct your words! Some have chimed on twitter claimed that she forgotten who she is, but some of the rights may be stricken away by the use of the pen. Not my words, others. Remember she was at a Tea Party rally. Plus, she had the un-most respect of interrupting the show, and host TJ Holmes.

Now, here’s a bombshell question that many of you might ask. Which Republican would Stephen respect? I’m going to answer that right now in two words: Colin Powell. Yep. That’s what I said. I would respect Colin Powell more over Herman Cain, Angela McGlowan, Artur Davis, Armstrong Williams, or any Black Republican or Black Republican Fanatic out there. Even the phony wannabes. If you just woke up this morning, once again Powell endorsed Barack Obama for the repeat of the Presidency. He says that he respects Mitt Romney in all, but with the Foreign Policy Exchange he does NOT agree with him. And he’s facing backlash from one of his friends, Sen. John McCain.

But overall, I know most of you probably are asking why this? Can  people be different? Of course. Do I have to like it? No. If they choose to follow the Republican Ideas in terms of whatever, let them. And this proves that Black folks don’t always agree with each other.  But what happens if  their ideas they support, backfires? Oh, yes. What happens if the things they believe or critique in, doesn’t come up the way they want? What next? Hate to put the spin on this but it needed to be said. Just saying.

Well it appears that the Recall efforts are on the way in Wisconsin. May 8th and June 5th. Those are the dates in which it has to be a potential assignment to conquer. And apparently, those dates are fast approching. The whole goal of this is to attempt to right the wrongs sort of speak of the Governor’s desk in Madison. Obviously, this is not just Wisconsin’s fight. It’s all over the country. Just recently the war on women (yes the war on women) has also sparked a negative thought in Wisconsin. Walker recently (in secret) signed into law to repeal equal pay. Against who may I ask? The female residents of Wisconsin.  The GOP, including RNC Chairman Renice Priebus (a Wisconsin native) doesn’t beleive that the whole “War on Women” is real. Well, when you take away a right to choose and others yep, it is a war. Let’s say if the GOP were to make a War on Men, per say,  our rights to choose would be in trouble! Obviously, it’s a shame in 2012 that there are certain rights have to still be fought for. In this fight, a recall is a must win for Wisconsin. Technically it is. The other ways of getting to Walker have only put a chink in the armor, but for this it’s nothing more that a must needed Technical Knockout. Those waiting to get to challenge Walker: Tom Barrett, who recently won re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee. Kathleen Falk,  a former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Vinehout, a state senator and the Secretary of State Dave LaFollette. And yes, already the GOP had planted 6 “fake democrats” in this race as well. Really? On the flip side, the race for Lieutenant Governor’s position will be challenged between Rebecca Kleefich and possibly Mahlon Mitchell. Speaking of which, if possible for a win of Mahlon, he would be the state’s first black Lt. Governor. Wisconsin, since in it’s inception has never had a politician as Governor nor Lt. Governor that was African-American or any other person that was non-Caucasian elected. Yes, African-Americans in Wisconsin had served in the State Government, but not at the Governor/Lt. Governor’s level.

Just on a side note, Scott Walker has revealed a “faith belief” recently. Now you’re asking what for? What has this man’s faith belief have to do with him slashing education, a stop on high speed rail jobs, having a state war on women of equal pay, killing collective bargaining rights, and above all else: creating Concealed Carry Weapons Laws. This is a man of faith? Really? And I thought George W. Bush was crazy. It is no comparison or secret that Scott Walker is a son of a preacher man. But do those who are PK’s like Walker need some common sense? Just asking.

I don’t know about anyone in the home state, but when May 8th and June 5th arrives, most will be ready. And I believe that the lines will be long. And it will be I think like those who stood out in the cold weather, and indoors getting those recall signatures and indicating that they want Walker out of Madison. And I did mention that he has a Criminal Defense Fund? Lord knows he’s feeling the fear because for those who I’ve been saying this too, Mayor Tom Barrett warned us!  He warned us to “hang on to your hats!” Did most of us Wisconsinites listen? Did we believe that notion? This is why I kept saying, I told you so!

Speaking of the recalls, we know that citizens of Wisconsin signed the petitions. But I read that some of the news media who work in the newsrooms signed the petitions also. Even though that they are not seen on camera or behind the desk, but maybe they had their rights to express their beliefs like everyone else. So yes, it was done.

You may have seen this on Facebook. But if not, ask your Facebook friends.



1. Got Osama bin laden…check

2. unemployment rate 8.5%…check.

3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check

4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no help…check

5. Ended war in Iraq …check

6. DADT repeal…check

7. not one tax hike in 3 years….check

8. Brought out of racism in the Gop…check

9. Still carry 80% of the black vote…check

10.Same wife for 15 years with no extra marital affairs…check

11. Save auto industry and 1.5 million jobs.. check

12. Assisted in ousting Khaddafi…check

13.Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office.

14. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home.

15. STILL fighting for middle class families.

16. reform Affordable healthcare…. check

Despite what the GOP would have you believe the President has been doing these things and more by himself. Obama 2012- Re-post to support> Repost and Re-elect

That’s it. It needs to stop. Over and over again for the last two years it’s has been a nuisance. I’m talking about the ongoing saga of President Obama’s birth certificate. I thought this issue was laid to rest in all, but come on. Those on the GOP right refuse to let the situation go. Including Donald Trump. What is Trump’s beef with the Obama Certificate, does it sell shoes? Really, Donald? I mean this guy went up against the likes of Vince McMahon for Gods sakes. Even to have The Apprentice going out as one of the best shows on NBC. But when he started to talk about the birther thing, and commenting on the likes of the Tea Party, I begin to wonder if this dude really changed?

In the interview with Bill Cosby, by the way he’s on point. He thinks that in a recent comment that Cosby was too harsh in all. For a guy like Bill Cosby whom most Americans I think have to respect, he was just stating his own opinion about he should run or shut up. Just like some certain politicians who want their names on the ballots so bad just to get noticed. Or this case, just to make themselves “famous”. If the birther talk through “The Donald” continues in all, it’s going to be a failure. Period.  He thinks that the Birth Certificate that the State of Hawaii is not really a Birth Certificate. More like a “Official Certificate of Live Birth.” Aren’t these documents are the same? Do they have stamped approvals on them? Come on America! Is this what The Donald has stooped to?  Talk about getting into a trap. That’s what America gets at times. Listen to something you know that may not be true but in the end, it does ring true to the fact that well, you the average reader by example were duped.

This is what our society has been consumed to. Sort of like Michael Jackson. Remember when the news broke way back when he publicly said that his skin color diminished because of the disorder. And alot of us (admit it!) thought that he bleached his skin? How on God’s green earth you bleach your skin? Never seen it! Or with that then13-year-old boy who accused him of the sexual acts in stuff.  After his death, that same person came out to tell the truth indicating it was all a setup just to get to him,  his money, and plus it was all a lie by his own father from 1993. And some folks today even still think he did those things. The truth came out in 2005 in the words of NOT GUILTY!

In regards to M.C. Hammer,(by the way he’s coming to the Milwaukee area in August)  and making those commercials. Lot of us in the hip hop community way  thought he was selling out. You know fast forward to about 2 decades later, rappers like 50 Cent were featured in Vitamin Water Commercials. How wrong we were.

Back to the matter at hand: this on-going birther talk will haunt, and I think Kill the Republicans in 2012.  This shouldn’t be on the minds of us trying to move the country forward. What should be on the minds, is lowering our taxes, cutting spending, bringing the troops home safe, have adequate health care, good schools, better jobs, having an infrastructure that America can finally get on board,  and many other things that other countries are doing, and having America being held up because of the politics.