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Bumper Sticker

An Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker. This display is not more than attack, and add more fuel to racism in America.

I want all of the readers to take a look at this bumper sticker. Take  a look. This is a prime example of the ignorance that those like to show in the era of Obama. Now your probably saying, that it’s just another everyday thing about race. No matter what era or year it is.  I looked at the sticker on Facebook recently and this is what I thought. It’s nothing more than pure racism example all because of this fear of a black president. That’s right I said it. One word: Fear. It’s the same type of fear that most Wisconsinites that back Scott Walker wanted the High Speed Rail dead, all because it’s a thought of a boondoggle. A thought that it would never work. Note to the home state, I’ll get to you in a moment.

The only way I believe that stickers like this one need to removed is to do one simple thing: beat it at the polls. We know the month and the date. And also we know the path that must be  done and it does NOT (particulary in Wisconsin) show a valid ID in order to vote. That in my opinion, is pure ignorance just trying NOT to get the ballot so the other folks win.  But I tell those that don’t let that stop YOU (as a voter) for getting the ballot and casting your vote. Even if it’s a so-called Don’t Re-Nig America Bumper Sticker. Whoever made that bumper sticker must be made it with ultimate nonsense. There, I said it!

The Second Front is a mini-version of one of those I told you so’s I was blogging about way back when. Don’t worry, I’m going to come up with another. Now this past weekend, the state of Wisconsin had it’s WIAA Boys Playoff games, and in the division 1 state championship, it was between Germantown and Rufus King High School. By the way, Rufus King is from Milwaukee and I have to say as a John Marshall Grad that it’s the number one school in the city, and I dare say the state to chase after. I mean I can talk Rufus King smack all day every day, but as a true alum of the Milwaukee Public Schools I will give them a ounce of respect. And yes their basketball team went 13-0 in the city of Milwaukee. But what I am about to talk about is not related. During the game , there were tweet messages coming from the GERMANTOWN side that were just ridiculous, courtesy of the article:  Ignorant remarks flood Twitter after Germantown beats King from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

One person wrote: “Good move by the WIAA to put two cops in front of the Milwaukee King students before they lose.”

Another person tweeted: “King dancers look more like strippers.”

“The nappiness of King’s dance team is astounding ghetto,”another tweeted.

I’m looking at this and I’m like “really?” Is this is what they really think? I’m not a Rufus King Alum, but as a Milwaukee Public Schools Alum I will say this: Look here  Germantown, or GTown, you may have won the basketball game against a good team, but guess what, your fan base was just pure ignorant! Here it is that you have to use a high school basketball game with all the ignorant chants that deemed racist and most you don’t know what that means. You talk about or tweet about the poor blacks in Milwaukee, but I’ll bet NONE OF YOU sittting out in the suburbs NEVER BEEN to the inner city of Milwaukee!  Oh let me get this, you would rather see the footage of blacks on a hot St. Patrick’s Day night per say, beating up each other on Water Street, while you like to ramble on about blacks and violence from your angle, while NOT seeing the good. Oh, for those who go to UW-Madison, I got something for you too: the next time if ANY person from Milwaukee says they went to a Milwaukee Public School, don’t be talking smack! Just because alot of you went to “perfect schools” before UW-Madison, doesn’t make you all that. I’ve seen folks that went to suburban schools and yes, alot of them have been successful. But when they talk racist smack, that is totally crossing the line. Especially in this state! And I’m speaking as a Alum of UW-Stout, Milwaukee’s MATC and Milwaukee Public Schools. I’m sure that the students and fans of Germantown High School are pretty smart.  But they better be careful about calling students from other schools strippers. Look Germantown, the Rufus King Generals Cheerleaders maybe “strippers” in your mind, but don’t front that they are someone’s daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins,and others.  Maybe those cheerleaders can be the next lawyers, doctors, engineers, or maybe the next politician. Sort of like Sen. Lena Taylor, who is an alum of Rufus King and an Alum of Milwaukee Public Schools. Don’t front!   And the boys basketball team are someone’s sons, grandsons, nephews, cousins, etc trying to get a good education and at least trying to make ONE DAY a future that most can be proud of.  For this, the word proud is not in my choice of words anymore. Instead of saying proud, I’m saying pleased or grateful.

Now you probably assuming that Germantown is not my favorite suburb. I don’t have a problem with the town. Not at all. I just have a problem with folks no matter where they are from having issues with certain folks of what they think or assume. That is sad;even in 2012. In the era of Barack Obama. In the era in which most folks think that Black History Month or anything that Black-related is deedmed racist which is nothing more than just false. The same folks in which don’t think that racism doesn’t exist! After reading what I wrote, and linked for proof, do you think that it’s not over? HELLO!

It will take an act of God, to clean this up! Not an act of Milwaukee Politics, Germantown rants, or so-called I want my country back mess mixed in with getting Obama out of office all because of act of fear! Speaking of which, what has the TV Media done to cover this story? I didn’t see  Fox6, Channel 4, Channel 58, Channel 12 covering this instead of covering the St. Patrick’s Day fight. Mad respect to James Causey, who reported the news of this, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least it was news that had to be reported and not overlooked. Just like the Trayvon Martin murder case.

Wisconsin, America, and others: need to work at this! And those out at GTown need to recognize. Just saying.