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In the ongoing discussion about race matters in America, my blog will continue to examine the point of views that I know. Not just what everyone knows. Ever since President Obama came out with his commentary of race in which he made a surprising appearance in the Briefing room. It has re sparked the issue in concerning the issue that many of us (majority African-American) have to deal with race. Let’s be real about it. To quote the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, “It’s a Serious Matter.” The past 6 plus parts of my commentary of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Angle, and the result of Zimmerman getting away with the Not Guilty Verdict, plus on top of the Marches, and the mixed emotions of being shocked and surprised (or not) this is, yes a serious matter!

7-22-2013 2

According to the Pew Research as a primary example: African Americans express a clear and strong reaction to the case and its meaning: By an 86% to 5% margin, blacks are dissatisfied with Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin. And nearly eight-in-ten blacks (78%) say the case raises important issues about race that need to be discussed. Among whites, more are satisfied (49%) than dissatisfied (30%) with the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Just 28% of whites say the case raises important issues about race, while twice as many (60%) say the issue of race is getting more attention than it deserves. – Source Pew Research

Partially in regarding to others of Obamacare, the bankrupt story of Detroit (in which I’ll comment later) , and many others on the table, the George Zimmerman Trial still remains as of right now the number 1 subject on the minds of the black community. And yet there are those who “think” we are in a colorblind society, must be (and I hate to say this) sadly mistaken! They say right now, that now, Colorblindness is the the new racism. In my “last part blog” of this angle, I found it that if you met me at a public festival or gathering, the first thing you’ll see and the last thing you’ll see is my black skin tone. And if I were at a gathering per say, it would be the direct opposite of many others. Oh yeah, I had to comprehend that. No matter where you go, yes you will see color. But colorblind? No chance. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Now, what is up with “Maddy”? If you don’t know who “Maddy” is, she was the latest juror that spoke out on the George Zimmerman Trial.

HOLD THE F UP! – If a person has a decision made in regarding the decision of Guilty in mind, why not express that? And plus “Maddy” got sucked in the final decision of not guilty. They say that the Jury is out? Well this jury…..REALLY? What a way to open the flood gates a whole lot more all because of the feeling that the Fulton/Martin Families are getting. Painfully and not right. And again, George Zimmerman goes free. This jury, I don’t know: first B-37 was just brainless, and now this “Maddy” person?!  It seems to me she got sucked in. All trying to be on one accord. And again: George Zimmerman goes free. No wonder the Justice system is messed up! And I shutter to think!

We know the comments of Sybrina Fulton after hearing this: “It is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror B29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true. That George Zimmerman literally got away with murder.”

I’ll bet right now, even though that the Juror has said guilty, but had to be swept up in the “unity” of not guilty. If I was a juror, I would stick to the point, and the TRUTH of my decision, without facing the firing squad of those effect. It’s just my opinion. And even though “Maddy” is the same age as I am at 36, but the difference is she feels that race didn’t play a role in the dilemma. HOWEVER in any situation, regarding this, in my view, race has and will play in a part no matter what.

As an extra bonus: read Eugene Kane’s commentary of Colorblind. Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And I should point out, that those who commented on the article in a negative fashion probably don’t have a darn clue!

Collage of The Milwaukee Version of the Trayvon Martin Rally

Collage of The Milwaukee Version of the Trayvon Martin Rally in Wisconsin

It’s my part 6 of my commentary of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman angle. Yes, many of us who were out on Saturday had a chance to rally outside of our Federal Courthouses in unity to let the U.S. Government know about review and maybe discard the Stand Your Ground Laws.  Or anything Stand Your Ground Related. Now many are still harboring about that the case wasn’t race related per say, and “and there’s no real racism.” Or that hot topic: “I am colorblind.” Well let me say, that once have you been in the shoes of those who have been discriminated, or if you experienced racism in another form, then you really can’t say that it’s old and done with. Speaking of George Zimmerman: I know many have seen this letter online via Facebook.  A Facebook User named Alex Fraser posted his commentary about the aftermath of the trial:

Dear George Zimmerman,

For the rest of your life you are now going to feel what its like to be a black man in America.

You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons. You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside of your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose to not see that.

People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane some days that you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day, put on firm look and push through life.

I bet you never thought that by shooting a black male you’d end up inheriting all of his struggles.

Enjoy your “freedom.”


A black male who could’ve been Trayvon Martin

Based on this, and you probably had to comment – yep it’s like dealing with a moving target. Morely like placing someone in the footsteps and say, this is what it looks like. In terms of dealing with blood on the hands. Now for those who have well: gotten over it, or telling those to get over it, I challenge those to rethink that statement. I challenge those to rethink period! The only we’ll truly be over it, is death. As in if we all die. No humanity. None. That’s when I think racism will eventually die out. Yes, the human race will continue to march on as usual as we want, but those who might be reading this in the next 20 years or more, I know that the utopia is on ice, but you BETTER understand what got you to build that utopia like this.  I was watching the Ed Show on MSNBC. And it was a question that was posted in which was asked: “Should there be a race relations class in every public school?” And most folks voted yes on the poll. I’m going to ask this a step further in asking (in paraphrasing) – Should there be a race relations class in every school? – Public, Private, Charter, Home Schools, Alternative Schools and etc. And I mean ALL SCHOOLS! All of you teachers, educators, alumni, or those that are educated related, I challenge you to take that notion to your education cirruculms and tell why this is. Not just in the wake of Trayvon Martin, but also in the wake of other similar examples that dealt with this same exact issue. In other words the schools, churches, workplaces, colleges/universities, and many other public, private, organizations that need to interject! No more hiding on this one.

Now also, President Barack Obama has asked the question of where do we take this? The main thing in my view is to keep telling our stories. Keep telling our lessons. Yes, there is a group of players coming up that don’t really see this. But I hope that the new players realize that what got them there, they have to understand that it wasn’t easy. Look at the history. Look at the archives. And that should not be forgotten, nor gotten over. This is not something that should not be kept in Pandora’s Box. I have shared my story. Many times. And I know that many have already begun, or thinking about beginning to talk. Even the President himself had to show up in front of the cameras, and the briefing room and tell his story of how he was profiled. I can’t imagine the international community hearing about this, and probably asking the president: “Mr. Obama? was it true?” This is the leader of the free world telling the folks in all countries about his commentary about locked cars, or when he was applying for State Senator, college professors, or maybe a student at Harvard, he was profiled! Many of us in the black community or some probably had said that he should have done this in his first term, or should have shown up for the State of the Black Union Address in 2008. (Summon the haterade for Tavis Smiley)  But he said it. And I don’t think he wasn’t pressured harshly. And those felt that the President was the wrong choice of talking about it. It should be the parents and families. Well let me comment: The President is a parent also. Is he not? And what is this about him being pushed? If the President was pushed to make a statement about this matter, then he had to be pushed for a reason. Think about it, when was the last time those reading this blog or others who had to be pushed for a reason? This is like saying your Easter speech back in the day and if you didn’t, spankings happen. Anybody can relate.  And the pushing part had to come from us, black community. I think back when we had to learn to hold our leaders accountable in such. Um…..does that ring a bell? Or maybe the FLOTUS had a part in that for a good reason.

Where do we go from here? – that ‘s the question that Dr. King said. Now in 2013, in the same year of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, I Have A Dream, the Assassinations of JFK and  Medgar Evers, the Birmingham Church that killed the 4 little girls, and the address of Civil Rights.

Where do we go from here? in 2013 in which the voting rights act section 4 was struck down by the supreme court, having this claim about no real racism which is false, some of the communications in the African-American Community like Warren Ballentine, Michael Baisden, and here in Milwaukee, 1290 WMCS is out. But in a twist, the voices are still out there like Sherwin Hughes on WNOV. Earl Ingram has new show online called “The People’s Forum” in which you listen live at Also, yes there is Homer Blow and  And plus I failed to mentioned: The Earl Hall Show on blog talk radio.  (keep calm, he’s a family member of mine).

Where do we go from here? In a segregated city like Milwaukee and a state like  Wisconsin, that is behind on jobs, transportation, having a forced ultrasound, education slashing, Act 10 being put on a table like a bad rash, and having the Democratic party finding a new candidate to take on Scott Walker at his own game. It might happen. And on Black on Black Crime. Why did the Right Wing Media had to cringe? When the George Zimmerman Trial as we know went Not Guilty, they had to come out with “well there’s black and black crime……” They had to act like what happened to Trayvon Martin was just a myth. The Right Wing better realize that Trayvon was the one that didn’t have that right to stood his ground because of Zimmerman. Oh and the mindset of some or many is just stupid. Let’s say if one of them per say was shot. And wasn’t doing anything wrong.  *****HELLO****** I’m just saying. Yeah, I know its the right wing. A party that can’t get on board with realistic issues like this. The reason they kept saying “black on black crime” so much just to play defense on George Zimmerman. That’s just them saying in a related sense of having black friends. My take: STOP THAT MESS!

Partially, I don’t want the mentality of this new found goal to last 3 weeks or less. And yes it’s a new mentality. Senator John McCain has now called for a review of the Stand Your Ground Law. If you haven’t heard already. That’s a way to get the ball rolling. But also it has to be more to get the conversation going in a sense to get out of the boats! Speaking of trying to get out of the boats, I paid attention to Real Milwaukee this morning. Yeah, that show. I haven’t watched Real Milwaukee in a while because ever since WNOV came back, my listening pleasures have been via Milwaukee Black Talk Radio. (Plus Tony Clark is no longer with the show.) The guest on Real Milwaukee to comment and talk about President Obama’s viewpoint was Eugene Kane. Yes he still writes commentary for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and as a local columnist. Kane was very straight to the point. Bar none. A point in the segment that host Cassandra McSheapard had an suggestion about “be black for a day”. In sense of walking in those shoes of what it’s like to be in the shoes or footprints of those who have had gone through the storm and is willing to talk about it. But we know not everyone is going to try. I looked at the Real Milwaukee Facebook Page today, and as to my suspicion, there were the mostly negative comments: ranging from Obama was being a divider, stop the race cards, and had the nerve to quote Frederick Douglass. Mainly, Real Milwaukee folks who chime in on their Facebook Page had to be, yep you guessed it. Hint: it’s not black! And these are the same folks who probably feel (In the Greater Milwaukee Area) that it’s no real racism, Al Sharpton is still soft-balling with Jesse Jackson, had to bring up MLK and the quotes and thinking he’s a Republican! And had to address a crime that President Obama didn’t talk about, and so on, and so on, and so on. Let me enlighten the white audience on this. Not all of them, but the selected few who don’t understand, nor listen:  First: WE ARE NOT in a colorblind society! I don’t know where that came from nor I don’t care. I don’t see that Utopia yet being built. Second, yes most you have Dr. King on the mind and yes he was a great orator of justice. But I have to say, when was the last time you EVER done something positive beside reading “I Have a Dream?” In other words: what have you done to maintain King’s Dream? Plus he wasn’t no republican! Third: we know that the President is a busy man. We get it. Plus also he has alot on his plate. And no he’s not a Race Baiter in Chief that’s trying to divide the country. That’s most of you doing it! Oooooooh time to learn right now! As far as Al Sharpton soft balling with Jesse Jackson: Look, I may not agree with their stances of commentary, but when the Trayvon Martin case broke out all over America, they weren’t the first on the scene. Social Media started that news thing and like everyone else, we followed and picked up.

If we haven’t learned anything, we are sleeping at the wheel. WAKE UP!

I have never done this before. For the first time on the blogs, I’m going to do a “Four Way Stop.” Four stories in one post. Never happened. And yes It’s about Trayvon’s parents, President Obama’s take on Trayvon, my take on the American Dream, and plus many of you are doing this: vigils. Usually I do a three way dance. But not this time.

By now, we heard Juror B37, Rachel Jeantel telling the haters to buzz off, and today its the turn of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin having their say. Like many I tuned into MSNBC, mainly PoliticsNation. And the parents of Trayvon Martin were interested along with their attorney Benjamin Crump, by Rev Al Sharpton. First I have to give credit to Trayvon’s parents for having the courage to manage this ordeal. Not only with the death of their son, but also this trial that Zimmerman got off Scot free. But I wanted to hear the parents speak about their son. Nevermind the supporters, never mind the attorneys, never mind Rachel Jeantel, nor Rev. Al Sharpton. I saw two parents on the show telling the world about Trayvon. And for those who thought he was this “gangsta thug” – SADLY MISTAKEN! The parents brought the truth about their son. Unlike those like Juror B37. Unlike those who had to comment about Trayvon being a thug, or being on marijuana, being in a hoodie and looking  suspicious. The so-called commenters on Youtube, or Social Media or the Right Wing, who like to paint Trayvon like a dog in the street as a low-life, don’t know JACK SQUAT about him.  I don’t know Jack about him. We ordinary citizens just picked up the paper, looked on the internet, our news stations, radio stations, and hear and see the story about Trayvon Martin. But his parents do. His only sibling does. Those around him does. They touched on the subject in which Trayvon was killed by George Zimmerman,  in a disappointing subject with God.  To reverse the sentence, it was George Zimmerman’s commentary with Sean Hannity that it was God’s will to do that to Trayvon. Sybrina’s take? “What God does he serve?!”  I’ve have to comment the exact same thing. Why would God’s will be challenged with his act of killing? Especially when it comes to killing an unarmed teen who had Skittles and Arizona Tea? I heard in church, and many of you ready in church ESPECIALLY in the Black Churches that “God Don’t Like Ugly”.  Sybrina also quoted a biblical scripture from the book of Proverbs 3:5-6 in text – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.- That was in comment in which she felt would script to George Zimmerman. Plus she highlighted that in regarding the apology, she also questioned about being stabbed in the back for the gun used to kill Trayvon. I jumped to the floor and that was real talk. That will be like saying how could you say sorry and be proud of handling a job of killing?  That’s not right. And definitely not fair! And as far as Tracy Martin, when he commented about those on the jury who never felt or being black and going through the Bull Crap my folks had endured with Slavery, not getting the jobs because of being black, can’t get the house because of being black, being followed or having someone close to you who are a lighter color of white per say, clutching purses. And for black men being perceived as the enemy! Did Juror B-37 knew and those who favor George Zimmerman? NO!  The parents were in fact talking in defense, and from Sybrina’s comment about the Not Guilty Verdict, it was like a killing Trayvon all over again. For Tracy, he was saddened of course.  However I do have to applaud them for getting their story out in terms of their son. As far as the other sibling, whom we don’t know much, but will. Write this name down: Javarhis Fulton. He is currently serving as an Intern for Florida’s Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson while attending school at FIU. Which is Florida International University. The program in which he is apart of according to the Grio: “Fulton is also part of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project. Founded by Wilson 20 years ago, the project is a drop-out prevention and mentoring program that addresses needs and issues facing at-risk boys in Miami-Dade schools.” So be on the look out for Trayvon’s Brother doing big and remaining alert of of the ongoing situation.

President Obama dived in on this today:

Many are saying that is Historic. Some are saying this should had been done a long time ago. Others are condemning him due to “race baiting”. Hey right wingers and Tavis Smiley, why you hating? But I want to say that yes he had to say something in a twist. And it may either get him likes or get him defeats. To the so-called Americans who are busy being overly patriotic and having this sense that there is no real racism, SCREW THE MINDSET. Remember that? Hope so. In the speech yes he opened up the floor in a surprising  entrance, he commented that  Black Americans feel the pain because of history. And, “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago”. He noted the he wasn’t one few that didn’t experience being followed by police. He also noted being around those who clutch purses, and locking cars in Chicago. Yes, Mr. President: as a African-American Citizen who helped you get elected into office twice like many others in the African-American Community: Welcome to the club. Welcome to the club where we talk about the incidents, stories and commentary that we go though in which others who don’t understand. Welcome to the club in which we (or most of us) get lashed out all because “well that was long time ago”. “Get over it.” “It didn’t happen to you.” Or this: “Why you keep talking about it?  Let me phrase this: We have too! It’s a concern! Now for those who think that racism is over with, and it’s time to press forward like a DVR button, let me remind this: Racism is still around. We are NOT in a post-racial america that many have thought about. Ever since the President got elected, yes there were plans to block everything he does, thanks to the Republican Party. And speaking of the Republican party, weren’t they the same party who shouted “YOU LIE!” in a State of the Union Address, asking for his Birth Certificate, or Mitch McConnell had to blurt that the primary goal is to deny Mr. Obama a second term? And plus also, the racial effect of some of these Senators, Congressmen, and I dare say Governors, had to come out with the “Tea Party” Mentality, plus some Blue Dog Democrats,  and others just had to comment, and made it well known that it’s not the plan, it’s the man. It’s mainly stating that they don’t want to work with a guy who in my terms, is a different shade of color, per say. Like I said, this is not Smoke and Mirrors. And yes many of conservative folks are already calling him a “Race Baiter in Chief” all because he addressed an issue of race. Whuuuuuut? – When Obama spoke about his encounters, we had to learn today! And the folks who had to go to Twitter, mainly under #WhiteTwitter had to express their disgust in which he’s a baiting for race. If you’re tweet is exposed under #WhiteTwitter, don’t say nothing when you get spotted. Just for those who want to know what #BlackTwitter is, or if those forgotten without knowledge of what’s up , here is a piece of info that is the hub bub of the 140 characters, straight from BuzzFeed. Now keep in mind, it’s not a website, just do a search on Twitter. Again, #BlackTwitter is a TWITTER HASHTAG SEARCH. Not a website. What is related to African-Americans in the Twitter Buzz, it’s usually follows with that hashtag. As far as the mimic with #WhiteTwitter, not surprising. Just saying. Black folks we know this: whenever we create something, there’s always a copycat or someone else to copy. Yeah they can copy, but don’t mess and respect with the original!

My take on the American Dream. Now for the first time I’m going in on the American Dream. Straight up. Technically I think that everyone has a shot of it in terms of making it. For you Millennial and those like 13, I hear the question: what’s making it? It’s that same line I’ve been hearing since the 90’s. Not just the movie Higher Learning. Making it is a saying of achieving an endeavor or a goal. Or like Making it happen, if you will. However many of you read in past blogs on how I was discriminated in Wisconsin when I had a situation in regarding submitting a resume at a local career fair a couple of years ago. And I got a mailing that there was a civil rights violation on the part of Dresser Waukesha of not hiring applicants of color. Really African American applicants. I got the letter in the summer of 2010, and I remember getting my ID and proof that I was an applicant that was discriminated. And 2 months later, I got a check over $5,000.00 because I was discriminated because I happen to be African-American. I can’t believe that. To this day, I still talk about it. I have not gotten over it. It’s a constant reminder that companies need to stop tripping about not hiring applicants of color per say, and also, I don’t mean to go the extra length on this, but I am VERY VERY VERY careful whom I send my resume to in terms of me finding work. Usually I don’t have trust in terms of those who look over resumes, and applicants to be. Plus if they looked me up on Linkedin per say, to see what I look like and if that raises a red flag of discrimination, then I don’t know what will. I do get very critical at times of a certain organization that I get contacts or wishes to see my resume for “interests.”  And also, I had a flashback about family shopping in which someone looked at me, had to be a white female in a store was clutching her purse. My mother told the person that in her words not to be afraid of a person like him, and he’ll protect you. Now, why I am putting this here? Reference. But still, the American dream is there, but for guys like me and others like me, we see it. However it’s a different route in which we, African-Americans will continue to get the shaft all because of skin color. And with me being a male of African Decent, this fear still looms for some who feel that way. Speaking of discrimination, I read a blog posting on It was titled “Goodbye to my American Dream.”  In the story, Tiffanie Drayton expresses her concern about her status living in the United States. She’s black. But her birthplace is Trinidad & Tobago. She moved to with her family to the U.S.  since the age of 4, with her family. Went to school and everything. And she had talks and encounters about her native country and her being black. But those from this country didn’t see that a person like her from Trinidad and Tobago couldn’t be that black. For us Americans that don’t know: Nicki Minaj is Trinidad & Tobago born, and is black. Hello! Just saying. In the beginning article, this is highlighted:

My mom moved us here for a better life. But as a black woman, I’m tired of loving a country that can’t love me back.

She also expressed her viewpoints from Education, Jobs, neighborhoods,  relationships and the use the n*ggas word mostly heard from those in the hood, per say. Also, she’s 23 years of age. But when the verdict of the Zimmerman Trial went down and seeing our African-American pain of not getting that Guilty verdict, she made the move back to her native country. Matter of fact she was already in Trinidad and Tobago when that happened. As I read the comments of her choice to move back by having the freedom to move back from America, there were positive and negative. A guy that was a child of the 60’s had to vent and comment, that he was disappointed in her not giving America a chance with all the things established, thus far. Another had a comment in asking, what was the American Dream that she was leaving behind? Frankly, I looked at this as being moving out of Milwaukee. Nothing new. This is a mobile society. And yes Milwaukee remains a top Segregated City. Tiffanie feels that in the awakening in the trial of Trayvon’s murder would probably open up new dialect in dealing with the racial angles that America still lingers. Personally, I don’t blame her. I mean it’s her choice to move back to her native country. Yeah I SAID IT! She also openly expressed her viewpoint by visiting  The Young Turks.  And for those who think she’s making a bad choice on her part: I don’t know her. But she’s an adult. If she feels that America is not working for her, then she has the choice to leave. Remember us Americans used to say “Love it or leave it?” Guess what, she left. And the thing is, it was her decision. So I don’t know what the so-called Americans are thinking, but picture her in her shoes. Obviously we have been lying to ourselves if we hadn’t. Now here’s a hard quesiton: would I as an black man move out of America? I’m just saying. Maybe Canada or any other the Americas would call. Or maybe the U.S. Territories (for those who want to keep it real)  would be a good place to work. But I’m also reminded, and I hate to say this: Racism is everywhere. It’s all over the place.

justice 4 trayvon rally milwaukee

The Trayvon Martin Rallies: Now today in America, there was 100 cities that had the Trayvon Martin Rallies as most know. Yes, even Milwaukee had it share of the rallies as well. The well knowns from community activists, faith, local government , and media personalities were present to take part in an effort to not only seeking justice for Trayvon, but also who felt the killing of those who had the Stand Your Ground mentality per say to shoot and kill. The effort was lead by WNOV’s host, Sherwin Hughes. Even those who were mothers that lost sons or daughers that showed up. Teens and young kids showed up. According to Milwaukee’s Justice for Trayvon rally, it estimated around 3000 to 4000 that stood in front of the Milwaukee’s U.S. Federal Courthouse building. Part of Wisconsin Avenue was blocked off. Many folks of different ethnics showed up. Showing banners and signs for supporting Trayvon and others. The Milwaukee Police Department was on guard as usual. Plus no sighting of Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett. To quote those now: Whuuuuuut?! Apparently, the mayor was attending another event in the city. However like many others it was peaceful. Nobody didn’t have any drama from my perspective. Even in a segregated city like Milwaukee it can have this. I was in attendence as well around the 1:00pm hour. And yes it was growing. When the rally was concluded, it was ended with a prayer courtesy of M.I.C.A.H.  Overall it was a good look. But now, since we were 1 week removed from that not guilty verdict, I ask this: what’s next?

We heard from Rachel Jeantel. We heard from Rev. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and many other national syndicated newscasters. We’ve heard from The View, and President Obama. Here in Milwaukee, we’ve heard from Sherwin Hughes, Milwaukee’s NAACP President James Hall, William Muhammad, Community Activist Tory Lowe, others in the Faith Community, and others. Even the detractors who might think 3 weeks or less. BUT my question is, still: what’s next?

Since this assembly has been taken place, the fight against Stand Your Ground, and many other plagued African-American issues are still at large. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 in which the Supreme Court struck a key element is still on notice! After this, no more sitting around on the sidelines. No more sitting and watching the parade go by. It’s time to get up and start re-revolutize and stay active in all we do in a new way. Yes many of the things 50 years ago may not work now. I get it. But that should NOT be a factor in making progress change.

Part six and final installment of my commentary will continue.

Trayvon Martin Hoodie - Black and white

I’m still on the ball of my commentary for this Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman angle. Yeah, we know. We know for good reason. Some of us are sick and tired, with the same ol’ cliche’ about why we can’t talk local, and always going to the national stuff. The Trayvon Martin murder trial or tribute with the hoodies, Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea is an ongoing thing. For those who just want to whine, Here’s a reminder: yes, Trayvon Martin was shot to death, and yes George Zimmerman got off Scot Free with not guilty. Now many are realizing that George Zimmerman’s life is not the same after pulling the trigger on Trayvon. Not only he murdered a black teenager, but he may have started a new Civil Rights Movement. Uh-oh. Talk about a wanted man. Like I said previously, George Zimmerman now has a “bounty effect.” On his head, his life, his family, his gun, and anything that he touches or connects with. Face it folks, for those who like George Zimmerman after what he did, that’s a cop out. Now as we know, it’s open season once again on unarmed African-Americans. We know also that on July 20th, 2013 will mark a 100 city protests/rallies across the country in regarding this matter. If that movement does last another 2 or three or more years. There are those who think that the movement would last about 2 to three weeks. If those who are going to those rallies: PROVE THEM WRONG! I mean it. Prove them wrong to an extent that us U.S. Citizens who are just tired of this mess in our Justice System! Prove them wrong that us the U.S. Citizens who can hold our leaders, and those we put in office or many of our organizational leaders, accountable in regarding this matter. If we don’t, it’s on us. However in my last blogs, if the leaders or groups DON’T address or come up a plan, or to address the issues in general, we got the voting ballots on stat, and we’ll go with someone who will listen to US! No matter if they are republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, or constitutionalists. We see them. And I don’t care if it’s a green party person. Just saying! If one false move, they out!

Now: I want comment those who are on Facebook. Me also. Why is losing your facebook contacts are connected with this matter? Seriously?! I’m checking my news feeds, and one facebook connection that I got on my list was “unfriended” all because of his viewpoint about the case of George Zimmerman. Yes, many have mixed emotions about the case. My reaction was an utter shock. And I hope I wasn’t unfriended all because of this. Really?! I thought folks got unfriended because of pictures,  private decisions, or what was said that got them fired from a job or a group, but to unfriend someone because of this trial, is really stupid. REALLY?! Those on FB I ask, you want to unfriend folks all because the hate on Trayvon, or the Trial. Some of you who unfriended folks you used to have, maybe you don’t understand! You don’t get it. You haven’t had the bootstraps nor the boot prints to understand of relation. This is not some smoke and mirrors thing. This is the real deal. Now I see why folks were doing it. They all want folks to be on one accord. WRONG! Not everyone is going to agree or disagree with stuff like this all the time. Remember 1995? Sure you do. That’s when OJ Simpson got his not guilty verdict, and the white folks got mad. However us black folks were just jubilant that he didn’t go to jail at the time. But some were just still bitter about it, and yeah the same folks got their wish of him sent to jail. Oh check this: the late Michael Jackson in 2005. He had the not guilty verdict read to him 10 times and guess what, the same folks who got mad at OJ per say had to get mad at Michael all because his name and fame being Michael Jackson. That was that trial that had him accused of molesting a 13 year old boy, which we found out later after his death was a boldface lie to get his money! Ok, so Facebook wasn’t around at the time. But I’ll bet those who went to the yahoo boards back then had to vent. And it’s pretty sad that those had to do the “unfriendly” thing all because of the Murder Trial. Really?! I had to put that out because that is what happening here. They say be careful about choosing friends are, well that part is true.

Switching to the national stuff. I want to comment Melissa Harris-Perry’s viewpoint in all of this:

I had to say something here: this is Melissa Harris-Perry the real person. A mother who is concerned. This is not the #Nerdland queen, Professor at Tulane University, Speaker, nor the energetic sorority Sister Member of Delta Sigma Theta. This is Melissa Harris-Perry speaking (not shooting) from the heart. She talks about my race of black folks being not safe in America. I hear this all the time. Blacks (especially black men) are the endangered species. Those of you who are non-black and think it’s all smoke and mirrors: SCREW THE MINDSET! This is our reality! This has been our reality. Some of the folks can’t relate enough of why this happens. Many think they do. But do they really? Yeah, at 36 years old, I get bugged by my parents about where I’m going or where have I been. I do. I get it. Why? I’m their child! I’m their son. And for those who think that Melissa is doing this for a mouthpiece for Barack Obama, SCREW THE MINDSET! Like the line from Boyz in the hood: “Either they don’t know, or don’t know what’s going on in the hood”. I’ll bet folks who like the right wing media of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and the washed up Rocker Ted Nugent will never understand. Yeah I said washed up. Look at him. I can’t forget Rush Limbaugh too. And guess what also: I hate to go there but this includes Larry Elder. This is not about Race baiting. This is addressing a concern that is been around for far too long. We know it. I know it. The Fulton/Martin family knows it. Rachel Jeantel knows it. The families of Darius Simmons knows it. Marissa Alexander knows it. Derrick Williams’ family knows it. Bo Morrison’s family knows it. My family, friends, classmates, church members, community knows it. But we know it very, very deeply. Screw with the sensitivity mess, this is real. Real racism as it’s worst. This has fueled a new era for Civil Rights. Already in the same year in which the voting rights act of 1965 was shot down by our Supreme Court, which gave the opportunity for African-Americans a shot of equality for this in terms of voting. But no…..the barriers got in the way after 2012, when majority of my culture voted more in a Presidential Election than any other election year that I can’t recall.

And Melissa had a question also: what do we tell our children? How can my folks be safe (who are mostly young) without getting stopped or getting racially charged out?  Again, I don’t have any kids. I’m a single African-American male that just wants to be successful like any other American in the country. I had to go the extra mile and still going the extra mile just to achieve that notion. But yes I had racism and haterism stumbled in my path. I had folks cursing at me on some occasions, not just because I’m black, but also different. That has been around since I was a child. Growing up in the Milwaukee Public Schools, and being spotted by folks who don’t care! I’ve been told by my parents that when the cops pull you over if your license plate expires, show them the papers to avoid a ticket. That happened to me and I survived. Smoke and mirrors they say? This is hard for me to write, but I’m unleashing it like a dragon in heat. Yeah, racism in America is still beating like a drum. At times we tried to figured out the rhythm. But like most things, it can change it’s tune for another beat, but the song will still be the same.

I pondered this also: how does a beat change for the better?  It’s not an easy fix. But it sure it takes a lot of study. And I just found out that the month of July, is National Black Family Month. I can’t think of a better subject in regarding this matter in order to ask why and how.

On Twitter, I had to go to my music crate and had to pull out these songs in which I called – #easemymindplaylist:

  • What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
  • Freedom – Anthony Hamilton
  • Hard Times  – John Legend and the Roots
  • We Need a Resolution – Aaliyah
  • Our Generation (The Hope of the World) – John Legend and the Roots
  • Fight The Power – Public Enemy
  • How Can I Ease The Pain – Lisa Fletcher
  • You Gotta Be – Des’Ree
  • Waterfalls – TLC
  • Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city – Bobby Blue Bland
  • Storm – Lenny Kravitz
  • Searching for my soul – Amel Larrieux
  • Tell Me Why – Will Smith
  • Scream – Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson
  • No More Drama – Mary J. Blige
  • Won’t Back Down – Eminem
  • Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Feel Right – The Roots
  • Dear Mr. Man – Prince

To conclude: in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry’s father and it’s real talk – the struggle continues.

In the wake of justice that has been sweeping across America, in conjunction with the George Zimmerman trial, there has been a guilty consciousness among the mind of John Spooner. If you don’t know what’s up in Milwaukee I’ll tell you this: John Spooner was found guilty today of killing a 13 year old teenager named Darius Simmons. Spooner shot and killed Simmons in a first degree intentional homicide attempt.

In the recent backlash among these I think the “Stand your Ground Laws” or those “Castle Doctrines” there is price for that. So I question: is the SYG really that necessary? Even if a black teenager like Darius Simmons was not doing anything wrong? This is what is going on right now in conjunction of what Trayvon Martin experienced.

Plus to add this is just a “phase one.” What that means that now it has to go to the second phase in which has to prove that Spooner had been in a mental state of condition like defects or disorder.

To read the story, click on this link, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Spooner Guilty of Murder


Follow up news: The court in regarding John Spooner’s condition of being in a “mental state” was thrown out. His mental state was sane and will serve the rest of his life in prison.


Part 3 of my commentary of the George Zimmerman Verdict.

We know the decision – Not Guilty. I get it.  The ongoing hate against a young 17 year old black male of Trayvon Martin and the “overshadowing” of those who didn’t get a chance to get to see their son or daughter on a T-Shirt when they passed: I have sympathy, but also I have say this: SCREW THEM! Screw their negative snobbish attitude. Screw their  snobbish point of view. Screw their snobbish mindset. Screw their Youtube Videos of “F*** Trayvon” or any other biased opinions that lingers in the country everyday. Why I am saying this? I knew that when a disaster or a bad decision goes down, there will be always folks who oppose those who go to the measure of expression of comment. Even if it’s an article like this posted online about thanking God for the bullet that killed Trayvon. Um. Excuse me?!!!

Take this: I was listening to yesterday. Yeah, that station. And on the panel, it was discussed about this subject about the trial, and those asking why were they surprised about what happen. And yes, the commentary in terms of asking: I never seen my son or my daughter on a T-Shirt, while this Trayvon Martin thing is sweeping the country. Why were some in the country WERE surprised? Maybe something different was supposed to be expected. In terms of the verdict. But it wasn’t meant to be . Just like history it self is repeating like a broken record. But to use the verbiage of asking where’s the love for the local folks is just like asking for change on the street. I’m sorry it has to be said. Now if those who have lost a son, or a daughter to violence and had to go though the dark times, I sympathize with you. I also can understand the pain that I lost 2 cousins in Milwaukee in the last decade due to violent endings. And yes, we mourned and wept, and followed the caskets and/or looked at the urn that contained the remains of those that I knew. And hearing the tributes and eulogy that the life was shared. I get it. We all are going to have to take that walk in which we must go though. That’s everyone. And not everyone is going to have a T-Shirt with a face on it! I’m sorry to say that sometimes you don’t always get what YOU want! I may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  Everytime when a well known thing goes down, folks got to complain about where was this, why didn’t this happened to Jasmine Owens, or others in Milwaukee that didn’t have a image to show in parts of America. The same with La-La Brown, or many others who were felt by this. I’m tired of this! Look, I sympathize. I do. But I wish folks would just stop with this barrage of overshadowing. Already, when those do that, guess what: it’s really losing than winning. The complaining about that is NOT going to bring back Jasmine Owens, or La-La Brown. Or many others. You want to honor their memories? Don’t just complain on the radio or online and whine to the world about this. Like that lady says: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” When I went to my cousin’s funerals back in the Summers of 2002 and 2010, I saw T-Shirts, cakes that had bible shapes, memorials of candles, folks like me wearing black, Caskets and Urns were in use. And yes, grave markers and online tributes are still displayed. Never complained. And I’ll bet many of you reading probably had the same thing. And speaking of that, I had to get this off my chest. I said this last year and I’m saying this now: there is nothing wrong supporting local and national concerns. Trayvon Martin’s death is just one of the numbers in the black community, really among our youth, that the deaths are just off the charts. But don’t get that much exposure. But on a respectable level, I do like Blowradio, but have to disagree with the statement.  Why can’t we support BOTH Local and National concerns? Instead of being one sided Local. Some many don’t realize that this is both Local and National. This is my point of view. And check this, since this is nothing new, we hear from the “overly patriotic” folks that whenever someone is famous dies, or something well known is going down, they have to back up on defense like, “what about our troops?” – Be careful what you wish for, you might get it! I’ll bet a bottom dollar, when Emmett Til, Medgar Evers, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and others who were tragically killed or died peacefully, probably had folks saying yeah, but what about my daughter or son who was killed? Why haven’t they who were at gathering for any of them, marched for them? What about our Troops who died in battle? – same ol’ commentary. Don’t mean squat. And I learned that no one is not going to be pleased all the time! – (Just a memo to the black community in Milwaukee.) I’m being straight up about this because it’s an old issue that is way beyond sensitive. My advice: STOP!

Now: what is up with the juror B37? We all seen Anderson Cooper, and the juror gave out her viewpoints of the case. I’m sorry to say that her view points were just invalid. The juror thought Zimmerman’s Heart was in the right place. What? Right place? What does a person like think that a person like George Zimmerman who shot and killed a 17 year old teenager, who was still a minor, having a heart in the right place. And then she had to comment about the use the verdict not being well racially charge towards Trayvon Martin. But she also commented that he was a “boy of color” and so forth. Um, what does she mean boy of color? Also word around that she was supposed to have this book deal in regards to her experience of the trial. But guess what happened after that? It was shot down – via #blacktwitter. Ebony magazine reported that recently and whenever #blacktwitter goes to play, there are no excuses! None. Obviously, the juror isn’t wasn’t very bright in dealing with the issues. And speaking of not very bright: there was this video floating around on Facebook. If anyone has a chance on Facebook, check out the group called “Penny’s Politics” and scroll down to a video clip like this:

Yep, there’s your “Juror B-37!” A former Miss Teen USA Contestant. Who also long time ago, had to question about maps! Is this the real reason? Seriously?!! Get the blank out of here! And this is that Juror that felt sorry for George Zimmerman and don’t give a crap about Trayvon of what happened to him. And the verdict thing wasn’t that racist? Somebody tell me something! Again, not mean to judge, but not very bright in answering the facts nor the realization that this portion of her commentary on AC360 I think, was semi-contributed to racism. I’m going there today! And plus it should have been 12 jurors instead of 6. But as far as Rachel Jeantel, she brought the truth on Piers Morgan. Now for those who think her door got slammed shut by haters, I viewed her commentary last night. She had to go to the different angle of her viewpoint in terms of the verdict to be in her terms racially angled. She also commented the use of the words “Cracker **** Cracka” and of course the infamous N-Word or the N-bomb. She also said that it’s not just the generation of now using those terms, but also those older uses them. Speaking of “the Cracka” term, I’ve heard that before. Chris Rock, back in 1999 had a special called “Bigger and Blacker”  on HBO. He was at the time, talking about President Clinton, bullet control, guns, the Trenchcoat Mafia. But it when came to talk about the real racist folks per say, he commented old black men. And Willie hates your guts stuff. Go check it. If the stores or Amazon carries it. As for her, word around the wires she might get a full ride scholarship to any HBCU, tutors, SAT specialists to help her out in the future of her endeavors. Take that Lolo Jones!

Finally – the protests. We know that San Francisco, Oakland had the protests and marches. New York City, same thing. Houston and LA, had the freeways shut down for the Trayvon Martin marches. Whuuuuut? Yep. Freeways shutting down! And speaking of that, the groups the NAACP, National Action Network, Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and others on jumping on board with the marching and standing up for the rights of this young man’s death. Even Stevie Wonder is making a protest himself that he will not perform in any state that deals with the Stand Your Ground laws. We know Florida. If your state is on that list for SYG, he is not coming. Frankly, I don’t blame Stevie Wonder. For us younger cats, and those way younger, back in the day, artists, especially black artists at time see things wrong in the country and they make a decree of protest of not performing. This has happened before. It’s nothing new.

Stevie Wonder Reacts to Zimmerman Trial Verdict

And yes I know that there are those in 100 cities on Saturday that will have Vigils in honor of Trayvon Martin. Yes, Milwaukee is on that list.  Now for those in Milwaukee that are going, yes while the rally for justice is going on, think about those also like Corey Stingley. Or guys like Derrick Williams, Bo Morrison, Darius Simmons, and many others who felt the bullet here in Milwaukee. I stated earlier that why can’t we support BOTH local and national concerns? The names many not mean much to the rest of America. Or the names of Sybrina Fulton or Tracy Martin. But yes, it does matter to Milwaukee. It matters to the Midwest. And it should “equally conversely matter” to Black America. And really, the United States of America. Some say that there are those who believe that the protests of this would last 2-3 weeks and be long forgotten. I say prove them wrong! I’ve heard Roland Martin say that this should be for the long haul. He’s right. The folks who were part of SNCC and the NAACP and others who were apart of the Original Civil Rights Movement, they were apart of it beginning in their late teens, early adult hood like 18 and 19 years old. Not in their 30’s and 40’s! And they were in it for the long term! I think that is what missing. It’s too many short terms, and not enough long terms. You really can’t solve this movement with a short fix. And speaking of movements: OFA. Organizing For Action where you at?!!!!  Those of us who got Obama back in office and serving on the OFA volunteer stuff,  jump into this! We know about the Immigration Reform, Jobs, Gay Rights, Voting Rights, Affordable Care Act, and many others. BUT THIS regarding for the past couple of days with the Verdict of George Zimmerman and the ongoing Movement of Trayvon Martin, regarding race in America and so forth, I want (and I WILL put this here) I want the Organizing for Action groups to be involved in this matter regarding race relations, justice and the anti-discrimination objectives among African-Americans and Americans alike. First Lady Michelle Obama said that this group can be what we want right? So I don’t know, but get the going. I’m just saying. And plus it will make folks do more in the communities right? Is that what the group is for in terms of giving back more in such? And those know, better recognize that this is a local, state, regional and NATIONAL concern! Come on folks.


In the recent events of the verdict, yes the issue of race still lingers. The verdict in which had sent George Zimmerman scot free is not only indicated rage and sadness, but also revisiting the thoughts of when Emmett Til, and Medgar Evers were killed. Both of their murders were taken to court and their results were not guilty. In the recent event regarding Trayvon Martin getting killed and a mostly white jury who some say just killed Trayvon yet again, this is a grave example of why I said in my last blog about justice needs to listen. Justice may have listen to George Zimmerman and those who favor him, but it has NOT and never will listen to Trayvon Martin. To hear a guy like Robert Zimmerman to go viral about Trayvon Martin deserved to be killed, is just pathetic. I’ve listened to the response. And I feel, as a African American Male is a load of B.S. Yeah I’m saying it!

On Twitter, there were many reactions of disbelief. For me, I said this:


That was my first reaction. I kid you not. Over on the other side, most of my Facebook connections expressed the same outrage, and some had to say that justice was served. Goldie Taylor’s reaction on Twitter, (MSNBC’s own) was simply this: “Open Season”. What does that mean for those who don’t understand? It means that those who have guns per say, can have the right to shoot and kill someone who are unarmed! At any time. At any place.  Even if they don’t have nothing! Even also if it involves young black men! Back in the 90’s I’ve heard the proverbial message of “black males are the endangered species”. I am an endangered species. Why? Majority of the black men you hear and see are either in jail or lying six feet under, or cremated, or in a crypt at a local cemetery. Am I fearful? Not really. But just being cautious. I kid no one. Many of this in the last few days have had us thinking and had me thinking, with all this castle doctrines, and all this stand your ground doctrines, this make me want to get a bulletproof vest. Or a get a desert eagle. A vest? Yes. A gun? No. I would rather get ninja stars, or a bow and arrow just get defensive. I would use martial arts or extreme pro wrestling to get my defense on. That’s just me. Speaking of getting off with guns, that didn’t work for Marissa Alexander. Remember her? Remember when she used her gun, her REGISTERED GUN, and fired it into the air and guess what? She is now getting 20 years behind bars for it. And this is a black woman. She didn’t shoot anyone. No one was hurt. But went to jail all because shooting bullets in the air in the state of Florida. Almost like a warning shot. Remember when I said that Justice needs to listen?

Get this, soon to be day analyst Roland Martin openly expressed his concerns via Twitter and Facebook while attending the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Washington DC.

And to add also, Casey Anthony killed her daughter Cailyee Anthony and was not charged. Talk about crazy freaking laws. If Casey Anthony were to be black per say, guess what would happen to her? Yep right in the slammer. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Like many cities in the United States, yes Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin’s Madison have had or will have rallies in honor of Trayvon and those affected locally.  Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this as well via video.

Many are comparing this to Rosewood in 1929. Anyone know about that? You should. Many those who reside in Florida should know. And yes it’s a relation history against blacks. Do the research. Many of the things that happened years ago is being revisited in a new twist. But this twist is far more deadlier than before. And I think this is where voting comes in to step up. I’m serious. We need to vote up BIG TIME! No more sitting back and letting the big elections always being the top stuff. Every election cycle is huge. Simply because, every vote counts no matter what. When 2014 gets here, and believe me it will be here before you know it, enough sitting at home thinking it won’t mean nothing. This has to mean something. This has to mean something that is bigger that hanging out on a Saturday night. Bigger than clubbing. Bigger than snagging up that man or that woman all because he dress so nice or rides that looks so good. Or hanging out in that group. Or like some  “Joe Schomos” that like to troll around on let say the Facebook Pages or Twitter Pages or Regular pages of Roland Martin or Melissa Harris-Perry. All they are doing is just asking for more ammunition. My advice for those who are on the pages without hating, if they get offensive: BLOCK AND REPORT! No one should be harassed on these social sites just for a punchline. No matter what age, or race they happen to be. Better get started. That’s all you have to do. Block those fools and report them. And if banning them is an option, I say ban them. Get their names, email, usernames, or check this, get them at their jobs! And if they are on youtube saying F**ck Trayvon, track them! I’m just saying. Yeah I know about them expressing that Freedom of Speech thing, but it’s about responsibility in which don’t possess.

This morning on WNOV in Milwaukee (yes, I listen to Sherwin Hughes) and on the panel he had Former State Representative Annette Polly Williams, columnist Eugene Kane and Milwaukee’s NAACP President James Hall. One of the things I picked up from the panel discussion, was  the verdict of votes, and strangely, a caller chimed in on the program and expressed that he cuts his lawn by using a gun. Plus if he saw young black boys in the area of his residence, he would pull what George Zimmerman did and shoot them. The caller was white. You mean to tell me that a person who cuts their lawn with a gun?! And admittedly that he would use it to kill unarmed folks? Seriously?! Remind me to stay out of that neighborhood. And as far as the verdict vote, I am not shocked there are those who favor the decision. Sheriff David Clarke, State Senator Chris Larson,  and Mayor Tom Barrett out of nowhere, all favored the verdict of Not Guilty. I don’t know if its wise of them to express that, but now, since it’s out there, they might have a backlash in term of elections. Even though they are Democrats and may not appeal to the Black Community based on their stances, but they really have to pay attention to the Black Communities of Milwaukee and Wisconsin alike, in regarding the issue of Trayvon Martin as well as others that have similar stances like Trayvon Martin. If they don’t pay attention, well we know where and how to vote. I’m just saying! If our leaders, civil organizations, Fraternity and Sorority folks, or any folk in the non-profits don’t have the guts to speak out against things like this, when the next election cycle comes, they are gone! VOTE THEM OUT! Get them out of office. If they can’t support that or address that as an issue of concern, then they have NO RIGHT, to be behind the desk or infront of folks addressing the community or the public! Remember that when going into 2014, and BEYOND!

Face it folks. This issue is not going away. No matter where you are. It will not cease. Yes I know that football season is on the rise. And I know that the issue of Baseball is still effect. And the issue of NSA leaks, Jay-Z’s Album of Magna Carta Holy Grail, and future elections. BUT this matter, regarding black males and the issue of the stand your ground laws, and the “what nots”, this will not be moved. The late Winston Churchill once said about the bulldog in his tenure. He commented that “The nose of the Bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.” Well we in the African American Community need to take a page out of the Churchill playbook and breathe and not let go in our issues, our concerns and our objectives. Even if it concerns our black males being endangered. Me being a black male in my mid-30’s on the same angle. There were talks that race was not an issue. I say it was to an extent. Was Trayvon was profiled being suspicious? Absolutely. And I’ll bet 5 of the 6 jurors had to put that in play for George Zimmerman to walk off. Partially, that’s not surprising. We’ve read about this before. Remember what I said earlier about Emmett Til and Medgar Evers getting killed and the trials of their murders were at the final result of Not Guilty. Plus the murder of Jordan Davis in the same state of Florida was on the pulse in he was killed all because his music was too loud. And the dude that did the job will be going to trial in September. If he does get off after the verdict, no surprising. But if he Michael Dunn receives the guilty verdict, I would be surprised intent of being shocked.

Part three of my commentary comes later on this week.

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Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Well here we are. For those of us who have the hoodies up, we know the deal. For those who criticized the thought that we should focusing on other cities, well let me say this: What is happening in Florida with the untimely death of Trayvon Martin, could be a prime example of what’s happening in America among African-American young men and women. We’ve all seen the case, and we’ve seen both sides of the table running the gambit. And even we’ve seen explicit graphics and WORDS displayed on the screen. So the auspicious of all things, that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon all because he looked a suspicious in a hoodie. Or look suspicious in general while carrying Arizona Tea and Skittles from a Gas Station  – in which he bought, not stole! To talk about hoodies, or hoods, wearing a hoodie does not make those suspicious looking. Guess what, If you dress up in a business suit, or a business dress, or having on a shirt with a collar on it religiously, and if you bring that negativity upon someone, that might and would change the game within confrontations. Basically what I’m saying is, your attitude would be defined. It’s not the hoodie that ticked off George Zimmerman, it was his attitude, along with the gun had that direct result of killing Trayvon Martin. Killing a 17-year-old boy who was going home. For those who are STILL wondering why Zimmerman was on trial, and why is he not at home forgetting this: Know this – he killed a child! PERIOD! This stuff like this goes on in America almost everyday and does it get covered like the Sandy Hook Shooting? or the Priests in the churches or Pastors in churches who commit acts of Sexual Abuse among altar boys or females and they stay hidden for so long until it comes to light like what, 30 years later?! In those thirty years, those priests would be long for dead in graves, or even long forgotten through secrets. And most today do see it and recognize. But for a case like this, not much. Why is that? Every case has to be brought to light.  But we know that mostly in America, that most won’t care. I can hear this now: that’s not my child, or I’m glad that’s not my child! And walking away in a snobbish manner. But what happens if it was YOUR CHILD? I’ll bet when the folks of the Jena 6 were on trial in Louisiana, folks (majority black) rallied support, while some wanted them to be out of the pasture. Just today, I was on Twitter, and yes, the conversation about Trayvon was on two fronts: Roland Martin and Geraldo Rivera. Yeah, Geraldo was still petrified on Fox News to believe that Trayvon’s hoodie was the result of his murder. And plus had to put Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the mix of accusing them of “racial boogeymen”.  Racial Boogeymen?!!!! (my head is turned slightly left with the right eye point blank stare)  However, on the side of Roland Martin, according to his tweets like he does every time when someone calls out the folks of their funk: he bring his – check out his website.  And expect Roland to #bringthefunk if you will, in September on TVOne, in a live show called News One Now. The same channel he hosts Washington Watch every Sunday.

Now both sides have had their say and the jury, whom was all  female, 6 people and 5 of the 6 jurors were White and mothers. One was mixed with Black and Hispanic. But all were employed in their 30s and 60s years of age. Mostly right now, many of you or those you know have turned your profile pics or profile related pics dark until the verdict is done, which is has.  And also, I think that the MEDIA needs to stop it with the so-called presumptions of riots. This gets me: whenever I see some or most folks who win championships, they had to turn the downtown streets into a war-zone. And I’m not going in on the ethnics who mostly are behind the bonfires and setting off fires after a team gets a win. Or a loss in Hockey! Or when a well known player like Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami, here come burning the Cavalier jerseys. Whuuuuuuut? – as the folks say now. Why direct that, the part of the riots towards blacks? Media, stop playing with the so-called predictions! I mean seriously. Yeah we talk about the L.A. Riots, the riots of the past during the 60’s, and so forth. There are those now, who want to express peace. If you want express peace without a doubt then do it in a fashion of doing it. Not just talking about it.

Next month, in Washington, in August, will mark 50 years. This year of 2013 has had it’s share of 50 years after the death of Medgar Evers, the revised reminders of Emmett Til, the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders making their way to DC to the March on Washington. Also, if you are a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, you will also be celebrating 50 years as the youngest Fraternity in the Divine 9. But mostly: the March on Washington and the infamous words of Dr. Martin Luther King of “I Have A Dream” will be long summarized. And yes it’s the best speech on the planet. BUT what has anyone from those who think conservative per say or think progressive or liberal who acknowledged King’s Speech, had done to maintain the dream that King wanted us to work on? I’m tired of those who say or quote King to get a point across, and DON’T SET AN EXAMPLE! This is what it’s wrong, right now. Too many reminders, but not enough action!

Plus also the 2013 year has had the screeching halt of Warren Ballentine, Judge Joe Brown and Michael Baisden. Plus where I’m at in Milwaukee, we lost 1290 WMCS, the Free Labor Press, the talks of Derreck Wiliams, Ernest Lacy, and now a black teen named Corey Stingley in suburban West Allis recently passed on, by the means of shoplifting. In regarding about Corey Stingley, more on that to come. Regardless of the verdict which was not guilty, there is one thing that is true. The vote will not bring Trayvon Martin back. And I know that based on the picture that is above, maybe a hard sight to see, but again: it’s the reality that is being dealt with. Sort of like when Emmett Til was in his Casket after being murdered for whistling to a white woman at the age of 14. And that pic was shown for ALL to see! For those who think it’s all about the Left Wing ideology to promote this based on race? It’s not. Stop the pain! This is about a child that was taken violently from his parents, his school, his friends, his church, and anything that dealt with the connection in a positive way that was apart of Trayvon Martin. YES, he was black! And yes partially it’s a red alert dealing and seeing racism as a result of this. I’m going there TODAY! Screw that “justice has been served” crap on George Zimmerman. Keep in mind, he MURDERED a 17 year old unarmed black teenager and got off scot free! Last night, there were commentary about George Zimmerman might run and hide. He better! Its like he’s got a huge bullseye on his chest. Or in this case, a bounty.

For those of us who are mad as hell, I want to address this to my African-American brothers and sisters, either you are a reader of this blog or just want to pass along for an RSS feed, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to rise the (you know what) up. Yeah, we talk about the 60’s, the old school SNCC’s, NAACP, Urban Leagues, the MLK’s  and the REAL Civil Rights Movement when it was really cracking. That was when black folks stood up! We need that back. We need that back in a sense of  today’s era of Technological, Social Media, era. In an era when the Voting Rights Act was shot down, and DOMA was risen up. Look here: I said this on my previous blogs and I’m still saying it: I appreciate the platform of our Gay/Lesbian Folks, but their movement is not, (I repeat) not no where near close as the original thing. This verdict has had a ripple effect in me as well, and yes, I am an African American male that is always on the watch! No matter where I drive, hangout, socialize, work,  display, and many others. To those who are apart of the BMCR, Black Fraternities and Sororities, Eastern Stars, Masons, Elks or any other well known group that has African-American members, or have been started by African-Americans, forget about your colors, your sides of fame, and or celebrations of longevity of who’s been here since the 1900’s – WAKE UP! I want address the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Folks. Yes, I know you are in Washington DC celebrating 100 years. Or should I say continuing to celebrate 100 years. I see you. I see what you said thanks to the internet. But like everyone else, you better rise up in terms of what your founders and customs have bestowed on you at a time like this. I’m just saying.  And also: 2014 is a voting year. Get out and VOTE UP! These crazy punk laws have gotten us in my view, very bewildered. We all better vote not just in 2014, in every single voting year out there. Every two years, we get to the polls no matter how big or small. It’s time to represent as if Obama is on the ballot! Some say that those who reside in the suburbs, may not feel safe in the city. Guess what: I might be afraid to go into the suburbs and might get recognized for a suspect. Double Edge sword swing mighty sharp.

And to those who are non-black. I want you to listen: while this encounter may not mean much to you, but I think you would have to understand of what it means to be black in America in terms of going through hard stuff like this. I also hate to say that many you have been brought up with values. I have also. Also brought up with clubs and organizations that you donate, or fences per say to put up. But I am here to tell you (I will be straight on this) and I don’t care if you are a business owner, a reader of my blog, or your friends blog list, or brought up in a good family of generational traditions, or whatever. I don’t care if you are in the military (yeah I said it) , or in a well-known college or university, if you are in a situation that your clubs, medals, good conduct, traditional values in which you thought was good for a while,  nor if you are apart of the debate team, or a well known fraternity or sorority of country clubs: NEWSFLASH – they will NOT save you! I want to be clear on this right now. They will not save you. Even playing or listening to black music or being Beyonce or Jay-Z will not save you. I’m being real. Even if you like the Right Wing Media, they will not save you. I’m just saying. And furthermore: this commentary of clothing is just pathetic. If those who think Hoodies are the problem, dead wrong. Guess what, I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits, wing tip shoes, power ties, Khakis and Polos, business dresses (ladies)  and I’ve read about folks who dress like that, also can also be thugs, pimps, prostitutes, jezebels, dropouts, and guess what? It’s not always with baggy jeans, baggy shirts, and hats turned back to reflect the gang life. So like it is: it’s a basically an attitude approach! Also the discussion of race will ALWAYS have a toll on the table. The race card, as most call it will always have a deck in the shuffle. And the hyper sensitivity about those who say, “I don’t see color, I see a human being.” If you saw me face to face in a conversation, or in a public place, the first thing you see and the last thing you will see is my skin tone of black. I don’t buy the propanganish quotes of not seeing color. You will see color upfront whether you like it or not. But in a sense, you’ll see what I do in terms of doing work in my community the right way. Time to learn, America! To me, this striking thing is like turning the clock back 200 years. Didn’t we have a birthday? like July 4th? Like 237 years? They say that Justice does not work for black folks. Well I think, “justice” needs to listen up.  I hope that this does not last for about 3 weeks or less. I want this to be a constant reminder of as we go to work, school, our clubs and other functions we attend or donate. If you don’t remember what I just wrote, remember this: Justice needs to listen up. Period. Because if it doesn’t “listen”, we don’t listen nor respond. Just as the same to rally around our kids not just for school, but everyday. I don’t have any kids. But if I did, the watch will be on them all the time!

Part 2 will come this week.

By the way, I attached a link to a picture of Trayvon in which was passed around online. And yes MSNBC made a mistake of displaying the photo. Just a warning: if those who are really sensitive about graphic footages or graphic related footage, do NOT click the link labeled “constant reminder!”

Dear America:

Bascially by now, we’ve all been glueing to our TV’s and computers about the statuses of the Trayvon Martin tributes. It still hits home to most of us who have, or are around young African-American teens. The thing that kind of got to me was about that not everyone is a fan of this. That’s understandable. But I hear comments like: I get it. Trayvon Martin RIP in all. And I also hear comments like that should be a Florida issue. Not a other state issue. Especially a Milwaukee issue. It really kind of sickens me that we have this Aura of thinking that we shouldn’t be concerned at all. I for one have to be concerned. I kept thinking about the word BALANCE. Trayvon’s murder has sparked another example about having those talks about the epidemics of young black males being murdered. I can relate that when the summer comes in July, it will mark 10 years for one of my relative’s passing.

Do I still look at the funeral bulletin? Yes I do. Do I go to the grave site and reflect? Yes I do. Do I focus on what I have to do? Absolutely. I hope that ANY old school person who want to comment about life stuff more that has to understand that. What they and us have to realize that “without death, there can’t be life. ” If I caught anyone offguard by saying that, sorry. But in essence that is real talk. No matter how you splice it. It is.

The big argument about this was on this week. Now, I like listening to Blowradio, and hearing the comments of Homer Blow. But I have to add that with all the hoopla about Trayvon, he also talked about why we don’t ever investigate the Milwaukee murders of Yolanda “LaLa” Brown, JeTannue Clayborn, Jasmine Owens, the missing updates of Alexis Patterson, or many others. I think what he was emphasizing was we get behind the Trayvon Martin tributes, but ignore our own who has passed on. And I can hear like, why wasn’t the attackers of these weren’t caught in all? And he concluded, “that’s exactly my point.” By the way, Yolanda “La La” Brown was a local R&B Singer in Milwaukee that died at 21 in 2007.

Well you know what, I think it all goes back to all that STOP SNITCHING mess. Oh yeah, I’m going there! The stop snitching movement needs to be dead. It needs to be put in a casket and die! That is one of the main reasons I think that the murders like La La Brown and her boyfriend, JeTannue Clayborn, (aka Koo Laid) don’t get solved. I didn’t hear that nor see that on besides this. If those who stood behind the “Stop Snitching movement”, need to start snitching and get some answers. That is one of the things that is holding this back. Homer Blow, as good as he is, needs to understand that. I’m just saying.

So there is nothing wrong supporting a movement that doesn’t involve those locally. Maybe that movement can be supportive by initiating a call to action campaign by reeducating US about the use to get this movement going.

Technically we’ve been talking about it, BUT…..where is the result? I say DON’T STOP SNITCHING. For the Trayvon Martin case, I think his attacker, George Zimmerman will be sentenced. No question. I think the use of Hoodies will continue. And on a personal note, I wear hoodies alot and I don’t get those looks about being a dealer of violence. I think it’s upsurd an stupid. I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits go to jail for major stuff. Does Bernie Madoff ring a bell?



Stephen’s Spot

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” – President Barack Obama

It’s been only a couple of days. And most of us are beginning to know Trayvon Martin. For those who are behind on the cliff notes, (no pun intended) this was the 17 year old kid in Florida that was killed by the 28-year-oldo George Zimmerman. Personally, this is a sad case of a young man losing his life. Everything from him being black and having a hoodie. The thing that gets me is that why would someone who “looked” suspicious gets killed? And was coming home with Sweet Tea and Skittles. And was talking to his female friend before he was shot? And what was George Zimmerman trying to prove? Just to go after someone like him that wasn’t a threat? There is no doubt that he will be charged and arrested. And just recently that he was expelled from Seminoe State College. Wow. What a waste of dethroning his education by taking out a black teenager. Sometimes, let’s be real: PEOPLE DON’T THINK!!!!

During the recent days, this news of Trayvon’s murder has sparked a debate of race.  Under his breath, the words (F-word and Coon) had added the fuel to the fire. And also, justice. More recently, the New Black Panther Party (which most in the Black Community don’t really follow much) would be on hand to do a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman with a price tag of $10,000 on his head. Yep, you read that right, the New Black Panther Party wants in.

This whole thing about Hoodies is so mystifying. I mean those who think that having a Hoodie on, has this appealing feeling of looking like the Grim Reaper. I have some hoodies in my wardrobe collection, and no, I don’t go out pretend that I’m out to get people violently. Geraldo Rivera commented on Fox News, (UH OH) that Trayvon’s Hoodie was the reason of his death.  Wait a second? Did he just say that? I’m like REALLY?! If that’s not bad enough, of all people Glenn Beck believed that Trayvon was the aggressor. Both Geraldo and Glenn need to “get the BLANK out of here!”  They don’t know jack! What was the reason of their points of view? Oh, never mind. Their right wingned theories are all messed up. I’m sorry. Maybe their respective beilefs should actually get the real sources from the stories instead of their ballistic view points. All this had reminded me of the baggy pants, the Cross Colours  that if you wear those, you would be a target – which was 90’s related.

Speaking of ballistic, my homestate of Wisconsin,  is on the debate watch concerning the Castle Doctrine Law, and having to do with Bo Morrison. He was shot to death in Slinger recently, and it has started to question before executing the action. Technically ever since this law was introduced, it had some mixed views. And still having mixed views. Usually, when you shoot someone, you get fined or go to jail. But in the issue of this law, you don’t – in terms on your property homes. This case is going on as usual, but I think the whole thing needs to be re-examined instead of running off with the .45 Revolver pistol at 2:00am.  It’s shameful that the life of Bo Morrison had to be extinguished at 20 years old over of those who thought was intruding or making a threat! Just my thought.

Am I outraged of this? I should be. I remember back in the 90’s (the 1990’s) that young black males are like the endangered species. You know that when something is on the endangered species list, it tends to be on a decline, mostly on the side of death.  I know that I’m one of those who sit in the community and shake my head like everyone else. Yes (GUILTY),  but I also educate myself because it’s time to be educated even more. I’m just saying!