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If anybody in Milwaukee had a chance to listen to what Conservative Mark Belling had to say about the late Derek Williams, you really had to hear one of the most dispiciable comments ever. I am not a fan of Conservative Radio. Period. Espeically in Milwaukee. And for the record, I’m not a fan of Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna and etc.

What Mark Belling said, for those who want to know, this is his comment in regarding Derek Williams taken from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mark Belling calls Derek Williams a  dirty rotten thug

Or from the blog: “The reason that this is getting so much attention is because this is the police,” he said. “We toss our cookies when a dirty, rotten thug dies because of the negligence of police, but the same people who want to scream and yell and accuse the police officers of homicide for not intuiting that this piece of garbage actually was sick instead of faking want to cut all the slack in the world to the gang bangers who get their wrists slapped every time they take a pot shot. Or the people who injure innocent civilians when they are shooting at someone else in drive-bys.” 

And then he continues by stating about mothers: “the pigs of mothers who are too lazy to put their children in a crib and roll over the top of them while sleeping on a futon on the floor.”


This is what, you know…….. I’m switching it up. Mark Belling has been a “Conservative Controversial Talk Show Host” in Milwaukee for a while. This is not new. Technically, he’s like the local Rush Limbaugh of Milwaukee along with the same angle with Charlie Sykes. I’m just saying. I don’t listen to him. I’m not a fan of his. Never been. No question he will be facing heat. One thing about this also as I was reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Comments, one commented user “DrewH” supports Mark Belling as being a racist. EXCUSE ME?!!!!! How in the holy hell you want to support this talk show host in terms in terms of racism? Oh it’s the Freedom of Speech thing. Well guess what. The person who wrote the blog, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalist, has also freedom of speech also. Gina Barton, has the right and accountability of the newspaper has this as well. Me, writing this blog has the Freedom of Speech thing too with accountability.  But unlike this “DrewH” or whatever his name is, does not. That double edge sword is mighty sharp!

Yes, Derek Williams may had his run with the law, per say, but the result of his death while having his breathing problems in a squad car, without the police coming to him and letting him try to breathe some air is highly unacceptable. Matter of fact, why did they had to wait for the Milwaukee Fire Department to come out with paramedic assistance while this dude was dying in the squad car? That too is unacceptable!

Just tonight, at the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters Hall in Milwaukee, there was a showing of the almost 1:00 hour footage of the police squad car video of the Milwaukee Police Department’s arrest and investigation of Derek Williams’ arrest. After that, there were tensions, there were sadness coming from the family, there were folks saying “TURN IT OFF!” “TURN IT OFF!” in regarding the video.  Plus, there were talks about of not all of the Milwaukee Police Department are bad officers. The ones who beat up Frank Jude Jr in 2004 were dirty. I went there! The ones who left Ernest Lacy in the police wagon back in 1981, when I was like 5 years old, was dirty. Research Ernest Lacy’s death in Milwaukee if you want. His death and Derek Williams’ death are similar in some ways of the ending result.

No question those involved will be investigated. And plus what was Chief Ed Flynn’s response of this? And I dare ask what is the Mayor’s final result would be? And acceptably, are the citizens or will the citizens hold those in charge in the city more accountable of the result? If we can get behind the NFL and hold the NFL accountable of the Scabbing Referees costing the Green Bay Packers a W early in the season, why not this?

We’ll see.  Hopefully justice will be done.

It appears that Rush Limbaugh is a subject of Freedom of Speech lately. Really, all because of  his comments towards a law student that he never met. Just used her as a target of his “viewpoints” of contraception in the reference of Sandra Fluke. All because of calling her a slut and prostitute while trying to prove his point. Well I have to say that his views were backfired and just to think right now, about 98 advertisers had fled from his support. Now I know what those whom are thinking. This is all freedom of speech, he says what he wants to comment. He (Rush) had a right to say. BUT here’s something that most don’t think about: Freedom of Speech is also a responsibility! It’s a responsibility to back up or prove your point. I can’t help the fact there might be some “fans” of Rush might be shock and awe all because they felt his freedoms were blocked.

For I personally, I’m glad he is being called out! That’s right I said it. Now you’re probably assuming that “oh, I hear rappers saying the slut word and the prostitute word alot in their lyrics”. You know what, I have NEVER heard Will Smith used those phrases! Neither Lauryn Hill, M.C. Hammer,  or Heavy D. – GOD REST HIS SOUL! I also never heard that Whitney Houston didn’t use those words in her lyrics. So what’s the deal? All about being responsible! Now those need to realize that Rush Limbaugh is the subject not the rappers. Ed Schultz had a beef with Laura Ingram on air, but made an apology and asked to be suspended based for the incident.  And Bill Maher, or Keith Olbermann? Never mind.

In regards to Sandra Fluke, her acceptance of the apology wasn’t fully accepted. We know. Sometimes when we try to accept apologies, it doesn’t always hit home.  They don’t. Usually “saying sorry” is not enough! I had this talk years ago! There was church sermon I remember years ago, that one person had to be locked in a room for about 3 days, and had to confess every sin that was committed. True story.  And the person was changed since! Maybe Rush Limbaugh needs to be locked in a room without any of his conservative maniacs, his right-wing Tea Party fans or whatsover, and admit to himself that he has made this dilemma about the woman he offended. As well as other he offended over the years. Remember when he offended Donovan McNabb? All because he was a black quarterback trying to win the Superbowl? Yeah I went there!

We Americans hear the Freedom of Speech talk all the time. Express it and all. But at times we FAIL to realize that it is a responsibility. Remember Spider-Man from 2002? When Peter Parker’s uncle said that “Great power comes great responsibility?” Remember that quote? Well obviously with all the trolling online, and not wanting to admit to be misinformed (YEAH I WENT THERE!) the power of voice needs to be responsible. No matter if you are a number of the conservative voice of the Republican Party. I’m just saying. Even though Rush Limbaugh had about 98 advertisers supporting him, he’s still a problem to be reckoned with in other ways.  But in those other ways, he can be challenged.

***Warning: The video above contains graphic language not suitable for children and those might be offended. Be advised.***

Yes. I have to post this. For alot of you teens out there, you remember the quote from the Ten Commandments of “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother?” If not, talk to a Preacher or someone that knows it too well.

Now if you feel that posting stuff on Facebook about your Parents in a negative sense would make you feel good, THINK AGAIN! Now I know that I shouldn’t be posting things like this, but then again someone has to.

I’ll be honest. There were times that I disgreed with my parents in notes and stuff. And arguements. Towards the end, we’re still family. And just to say that if ONE of your parents were to die TODAY, and another dies another day, that’s it.

For those who like to go on YouTube and said that the daughter has the right of free speech? Let me give you teens advice, Freedom of Speech is also a responsibility! Plain and simple. A lot of you are probably good students making good grades in school. And having those “talks” about where you want to be in five years after 16 years old. And when you turn 18, guess what, your responsibilities in life goes UP!

For this, I will pray for the father of this video and the daughter mentioned. Hope that God can mend this fence together in peace and respect. Yeah, it’s probably a shock to you teens watching this saying that she’s only 15 in all. SO WHAT! Everyone in this world has to learn accountability! No matter what you do, and what you say.  If she had learned that, her laptop would have been not ended up in the way it went.

I’m Just Saying.

I want to take notice on the recent story about my Alma Mater, the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For those who don’t know that yes, I am a UW-Stout alum from the class of 2006. And I have expressed about how I got my B.S. Degree of Industrial Management through Distance Education and defending it like a badge of honor. But today, I read on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the University faced an issue of a University Professor that had this poster from Firefly taken down. Here is what the poster looks like if you want to know.

I have ask and comment that, yes freedom of speech is a right. Yes, I have a right like amongst of you have the ability. But where is the responsibility? AhHa! I said responsibility. The one word that most of us pass up time after time. Admit it! For the professor’s claim that the poster or the message is from a show, and does not have a meaning per say. But I have to ask, where was the professor’s responsibility in terms of making sure that the poster didn’t harm or to assume harm to the students, faculty, community and I dare say, Alumni? Where’s the responsibility? It’s just like Facebook. When we put out messages, it’s OK to put them out there and let folks loose on the reading. But we also have to recognize the thought that we the social media have to be careful of what we say and do and how it effects other people. I had to learn that. I’m being real.

Now I can’t imagine what a supporter, a donor, a community person might think that having a display like this at the University might have that effect on the current student body. One thing I learned as a UW-Stout Student (distance ed, mind you) that the faculty is a “concerned faculty”. Yes, you read that right. That’s what it is. They are concerned faculty of course when it comes to the students with education. Possibly that should be a reflection on the faculty of having the chance to be responsible by their principles. Don’t get me wrong. UW-Stout is still a good institution of learning. It is Wisconsin’s first Polytechnic University that engages college work with real world experiences. But for incident like this, it’s not a college homework assignment, but it is a real world issue that is discussed and talked about outside of the classroom. And furthermore, I think the administration nor the campus police shouldn’t overreacted too much over a poster. Utter nonsense!

And for the record, it’s not a laughing stock of the nation, like one “troll” said today on the school’s Facebook Site. Now I shouldn’t be calling names, but obviously, that person whoever he is, didn’t back it up. So who’s laughing now? Yeah again, I know.

As an Alum of Stout, this will pass. And yes, it will be a long forgotten story. Plus freedom of speech is not just a birth right. It was earned. Earned by those who took the time to withstand battle and war, in reference to our servicemen. And I will say, the glory of God. But I must say this, on the real, that professor should have been responsible on his part to stand up and to bring a format of why it was put up. So for that, UW-Stout I have to say that one: You need to get it together. What happened on campus does effect those you partner with. Including Alums like me. And second, you need to have group discussion about these things on why they are. Yes, we have the right to choose and display with the First Amendment, BUT we need to be responsible of what we display and act. I’m just saying.

In addition, about the mascot, the Blue Devil. Get a grip will, ya?! I read the comments on Facebook and Youtube about it from both Students and I dare say Alumni. So it took a year of planning and work to get the costume in order, OK! No Big Deal! Just be happy that the school has a name of the Blue Devils, and a mascot to cheer with.

Dang, Americans. What is up with us? We got all these laws, freedoms, a chance to get a decent health care, infrastructure and all this talk about Freedom of Speech, Expressions and Religion. I’m not hating. But what I am hating is the thought of the influence of having to see on TV today about a senseless shooting involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. Here in Milwaukee, I can’t imagine what would happen if my Congresswoman Gwen Moore were to be shot after attending a town hall celebration of her district. Or maybe Rep. Tammy Baldwin out in the Madison area in the same predicament. Or, you know what I’m getting at. Clearly yes, I do like some Democratic values, but I dislike totally Republican values. I dislike the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker of his opinions of canceling High Speed Rail. I dislike the new Senator Ron Johnson, who bought his way into politics, and  in my opinion cheated his way in stealing the seat from Russ Feingold, courtesy of the Tea Party.  And the same can be for Wisconsin Republicans Paul Ryan, Jim Senenbrenner or any known Republican in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Madison, and I dare say the Republican-Controlled House in DC. But that does not mean I’ll go on a shooting spree like Jared Lee Loughner did and do a job on any politician of service.

This is the first month of the year, and in a couple of days in a week, we will be reflecting on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. King himself was a disciple of non-violence that wanted to have a chance to spread peace, and to tell America that you’re doing wrong. You need to change.  And violence towards men (and women) should not be the answer to get the point across. And, I hope Arizona continues to use the MLK Holiday now even more. At first they didn’t. I think America had received a reality check after last year’s words of Sarah Palin of “don’t retreat, reload” comments. If you remember the old adage, “you better watch what you say”, it should be one of those reminders to check yourself.  I also think that the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, or any conservative news hack in America, and I dare say Milwaukee’s Right Wing News needs to look in a mirror. All those times that Michelle Malkin screamed or stated “An Angry Mob is coming” may comeback to bite her in the rear end. All of this stuff to me is related to the vote of the Health Care Bill that was introduced last year. The same bill that the Republican majority wants to kill the bill by the request of “their American people”. I ask again,  all because of a bill that Obama signed into law? Is that it?! That’s like planning a beat down on someone who stole someone’s boyfriend. Or touched someones girlfriend. Or losing a round in a Video Game. America, do you understand me?! We tend to lose or get mad at times that are senseless. That don’t mean nothing.

Now that congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords: I think she believed in something. I think she believed in every American should be given a chance in something. I think she believed that no one shouldn’t be turned away for nothing. I think she is doing her part of service to help make things for the better. But obviously, those who oppose her are probably just getting what they want. They just want her out of the way all because of a bill. Wow America. Those of you put the crazies and the Tea Party folks that want to represent you, aren’t doing the same for guys like me. I don’t favor the Tea Party at all. I don’t like them. I don’t respect them. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll challenge them to a weapons fight with Pitchforks and Torches.

I, like many others have probably said or commented things about others needed to be shot or whatever. But I’m taking it back. I’ll say if a so-so character should be condemned for his/her actions, I say put the bum in jail or locked up for a long time. That’s should be the vile solution. Keith Olbermann tonight said” it’s time to put the guns down” in his special comment. And to start making us Americans to recognize that what we display or say, would have an effect on others. One of my college professors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout once stated that “Measurement Drives Behavior”. This is a prime example of that. And I know that it’s related to careers, but it can also transcend to other areas. Do you see what I mean after looking after this? Those of you went to these rallies last year with your Guns, your “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, your American Revolution Outfits, your “Obama is a Nazi” Signs, Monkeys, and any racist, violent rhetoric against the 44th President. I hate to say this but you had no idea what you’re talking about!  It’s was about confusion and fear. Or you used them in a scare tactic against any opponent of political issue, or anyone that is well…..”not like you”. Yeah, I know it’s a Free Speech/ Freedom of Expression thing. I have that right to. My Freedom of Expression is being expressed now by writing this blog, and to remind us Americans that everything we say, display on Youtube, display on Facebook, display on Twitter and MySpace, display at rallies, marches, school, church, the hood, workplace, district, and yes any politically related needs to have a sense of one word that most of us don’t want to go through. RESPONSIBILITY. One of my uncles told after turning 18 years old, that “Responsibility Goes Up.” And in speaking of that, our Congressmen needs to have the responsibility to have protection set up.

See this is why America needs to get it’s butt together. This is why America has a problem with race, jobs, health, education, crime, poverty, history of admitting slavery, bombing other countries, killing innocent people, an issue of Black History Month being Racist -Which is not! I hear that well we need to teach our children more. Well, America needs to teach it’s self more first!

Finally, as I close this story. In church on Sunday and this week, there might be sermons and prayers lifted for communities across this country. And yes on Sunday there will be NFL Games to see which teams will advance. (Go Packers!) But morely, for the Tucson Arizona Area involving Congresswoman Giffords, and those  lives loss. It’s sickening and stupid. And as an American, an African American, a Citizen, a Christian, a volunteer person, a Midwesterner, and a overall human being, this is beyond sickening. It’s just pathetic that this country has to be reduced to acts like this. America, we have become a country that has been put on notice.  And the dude did the job on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who a family person and public servant, is just an example of why this country needs to reexamine it’s faults.

Despite of our political views in all, there is one thing we can agree on, this crap is unacceptable! And it’s time to check ourselves, or wreck ourselves.