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Yep. Wisconsin: what did I tell you? I told you so! They say that “elections has consequences”. We know what they are. Don’t trip or fool yourself because the nation, or better yet the world is watching what’s going on in the ill-badger state. Why I’m saying ill? Four words: Rookie Governor Scott Walker. I can name others in three words: Attacking the unions. Or let me get these words out of the way in four: No High Speed Rail. And just to think, that I’m happy that the now infamous “Wisconsin 14” – aka Wisconsin Democratic Senators led by the likes of Lena Taylor and Spencer Coggs, did something that most were afraid to do: put country BEFORE party. Or this case: put the citizens before government! And also: RECALL? You (the citizens of the other side)  want to recall the Wisconsin 14 just because they skipped their jobs? Well OK, the average person would be fired or suspended for missing work. But  you know what? In a sense, they are doing their job! Even if it’s in a undisclosed location! I think those who are doing and promoting these Recalls against the 14, are just mere jealous that  they are getting the attention than someone in NY (No offense, New York).

Now to comment those who think that they should be fired just for leaving the job, that’s your opinion. I think the “Wisconsin 14” should be commended for taking a huge sacrifice for their work in protest. They did it peacefully, and unselfishly pulled a huge upset in derailing a vote for Scott Walker. To you “Walker Manics”, yeah, you high paid big business, shipping jobs overseas, Koch Brothers Fans loving, boondoggle calling High Speed Rail, unethical values of so-called Americans, how does it feel to have a “slight derailment” ? Are you the fans who rightfully asked “where are the jobs?” like John Boehner?

  • How does it feel to have our local teachers, firefighters, police, street sweepers, medical, municipal workers, and more protesting against the decisions that this “rookie governor” has made? Madison hasn’t had noise like this since the Badgers WON a rose bowl.
  • How does it feel to have young teens, and young children have to look and listen of our democracy in Wisconsin politics in action KNOWINGLY, they will remember?
  • How does it feel to have MSNBC host Ed Schultz to come to Madison for a week, and talk to those who lives RIGHT NOW are being threatened by the rookie governor?
  • How does it feel to have Faith-Based organizations like the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church weighing in of this so-called take over and knowing pastors state wide that their ministries in the pulpit maybe over?
  • How does it feel to see college students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison after all the book lessons, now having a chance to test of what they were taught in those study halls, college classrooms, dorm-rooms, fraternity and sorority groups, and many other political or community service areas on campus (AND OFF CAMPUS)?
  • How does it feel to have Rev. Jesse Jackson coming to Madison and cheering on the protesters and stating that this is “a Martin Luther King Moment?” – I mean this is Black History Month.
  • How does it feel that this party of  compassionate Americans can finally say “Enough is Enough against this so-called new Tea-Bagging Elected moronic jobbers? That’s right I said it.

How does it feel?

Doesn’t feel very good doesn’t it? It kind of hurts doesn’t it? It’s turning to sour grapes, and the taste is beginning to turn bitter. Yes WalkerManics this is what happens when keeping it real, (like the rookie governor) goes to far. If Scott Walker were to be a real politician of the people, he has to LISTEN to the people. Not you people. The people of the state that might tell him to hang on a second, not cool. Alot of you had to put up with rhetoric of Jim Doyle during his 8 years and you refused Russ Feingold to move forward, and not giving Tom Barrett a chance. We should be a better state than this, and well you made it even worse, by getting on the Brown Bag/Tea Party Movement of the now “rookie governor” and making it look messy. Paul Ryan once commented that Wisconsin’s view of the protests “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days” In his view of a riot.  Really Paul? Obviously, your home state is split down the center and morely the rookie governor is at fault because of the sound bites of boondoggles.

Since I’m going back to resume my Black History Month Segments, Barbara Jordan, once commented during her tenure in congress that “Let us heed the voice of the people and recognize their common sense. If we do not, we not only blaspheme our political heritage, we ignore the common ties that bind all Americans.” Martin Luther King, Jr once stated before his assassination in Memphis,  about blacks straighten up their backs and “realizing that a man cannot ride your back unless it is bent.”

To those in my home state protesting, continue to straighten the backs of justice. Continue to straighten the backs of those who are crooked with mindsets and objectives. Continue to straighten the backs of those that you need to lookout the most: And most of you have them right now. The next players in training,  I’m referring to your kids, your retirement, and anything else you want to hold dear.


Well, MSNBC has been taking off differently in 2011. First, it all started with the exit of former host, Keith Olbermann. It appears that his show Countdown was axed because of the changes in the show. Remember “Worst Person in the World?” that was axed by the new players in the building, Comcast. Really NBC? This isn’t the first time that the network let go someone that wanted to speak their mind. I think Howard Stern can take attest to this. Knowing him and his history with the company, this pales in comparison with KO. After the MSNBC flap, and I mean flap, with Olbermann, it seems to me that Comcast wants to go after the liberal side of the company. Just a reminder, Comcast, I think is more geared to the right wing favors. Trying to weaken the company by getting rid of it’s quality players. What would happen if Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow were to be given the boot all because of their liberal/standing up for American family viewpoints were to disappear all because of the high heads. Recently Ed Schultz’s “Psycho Talk” segment is gone because of the changes. What’s next burning books?

For Keith Olbermann, he’ll find another job. Just think about it, when Bill Maher was fired from ABC for his 9/11 comments on Politically Incorrect, he waited a year later to have his show, Real Time on HBO to talk and say whatever he wants! He’s doing more what ABC didn’t do. – Going the distance. Will Keith Olbermann hurt MSNBC when his new show or company will take place? You Bet. This will be a thing for him to directly stick it to the company that gave him his walking papers. If Howard Stern, Bill Maher can revive themselves after their network firings, Olbermann will do the same. Just watch.

I got admit. The year of 2011 is starting to become a red nuisance. The reason being because the Republicans have the house of representatives deadlocked for four years. And Scott Walker is now the Governor of Wisconsin. The same Scott Walker that wanted the High Speed Rail canceled in the state, while Ron Johnson is now a Senator overtaking a spot that Russ Feingold had for 18 years. I think this year will see a relapse of 1995 when the red squad took over when Clinton was running the show. I hate to go progressive here but Keith Olbermann warned us that this would happen. And I can hear Bill Maher say that “America is safe again!” (Clapping) NOT!

This 112th Congress is out to repeal everything that President Obama and the Democrats (plus the Democrat Fan Base) has tried to do in his two years in office. Even Health Care Reform. It’s just simply that this House just wants to go back where it was normal for them. NEWSFLASH! This country cannot go back to the same old stuff that got us in the rut in the first place. It reminds me of folks that don’t want nothing new and just keeps everything the same.

Hey Wisconsin, does this remind you of something? Staying behind in all? Refusing to change for the better?

Ed Schultz, like him or not, took it to the next level on his show the other day that he called out the Republicans this past week. Yes, he called them out, and apologized. Well I don’t know about the apology. Maybe he did it for humanity reasons. But for calling out the Republicans in general, he had a right to do it. We know it.

So on the list for scrapping Health Care Reform, what next? Oh, wait. They want to repeal every thing that this administration worked on for two years. Mainly to shoot back at Obama of hate. That’s right I said it! The only reason they, the 112th Congress that is Red Controlled is to tear down this President of prejudice reasons. A black man in the chair at the White House.  In the oval office. And by the way, the Tea Baggers: those crazy flag waving/ Don’t Tread on Me,18th Century dressing/hand gun rally holding/ We want our country Back/asking for an handout quoting folks, had a continuing thought in this. And Wisconsin had to absorb this! Wow. By now, the House will pass their version to repeal the Health Care Bill, but the Senate and White House will scrap it. How is this helping the country to find and create jobs? I dare any Republican (or any Republican Fan) to answer this!

In my last blog in 2010, I asked the same thought of question to the Charlie Sykes Fans, the James T. Harris Fans, the Vicki McKennas, Mark Bellings, Jeff Wagners, all of these so-called considered GODS of Wisconsin’s Conservative radio one simple question: In regarding to the Talgo plant in the inner city of Milwaukee, what should go there? Come on Republican Fans, you got this! What should go there?!  Really?! You guys seem to have the cards. Do you or you don’t? And the Scott Walker Fans, same thing.  – He wants 250,000 jobs, but scraped about 13,000 all because he and those like him think the High Speed Rail thing was a “boondoggle”. Won’t work. No one will ride it. That is a sure sign of laziness and holding back. Talk about getting put on notice.

So I’m going to end this story by saying this. Those of us who didn’t vote for these Red Plaguers, get on their cases EVERYDAY! Monitor there failures, and continue to push forward. It’s been 4 days since Scott Walker took office in Wisconsin, 2 days since the House became a Red Plague.

One last question: Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, John Boehner, Republicans – You talked about jobs. Where are they?

Note: this is another retro blog I wrote in 2010 on Fox 6’s Blog Site in Milwaukee, about the angle between Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP and the Tea Party. It was originally written by me around the same time of the height of the angles coming forth with emotion and opinion.


Guess who’s back? Oh, did you miss me? You thought I retired and moved out because of my previous blogs? Didn’t happen.  Let me give my take on the angle with the NAACP, the Tea Party Movement and Shirley Sherrod. First off, I’m going to say that in regarding the NAACP and the Tea Party Movement, or the “Tea Party whatever”, I thought it was their right and privilege to go and point out the negatives in this Movement. There will be provoking thoughts on this. I knew this was going to happen, and basically that it was just a matter of time. So this “movement” of the Tea Party is all about telling and displaying about the wrongs in America? You know, throughout history, that is nothing new. Americans have protesting the government since the country has been started. Nothing new. In regarding the NAACP, they simply did what any other citizen, or concerned citizen would do, report the incident like a crime on street. That’s what the NAACP did with the “racists elements” portion of the Tea Party. Simple. I don’t care about the resolution that was documented or previewed. But at least the NAACP did something to get their attention.

And for the record, I am not a member of the NAACP, nor the Tea Party Movement.

There has been alot of talk about the NAACP being “a racist organization”. Oh really now?! Are you kidding me? Man, please. Dr. Benjamin Hooks would be spinning in his grave if that was heard or mentioned to him. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded by a group of individuals that happened to be mulit-cultral. It was founded by a group of people that was selected by W.E.B. DuBois:

  • Ida B. Wells – An African American Journalist
  • Archibald Henry Grimké – An american lawyer, journlaist, diplomat and community leader
  • Henry Moskowitz – A Romanian born citizen who was a doctor and a civil rights activist in the U.S.
  • Mary White Overton – A caucasian woman who was a sufferagate, Socialist, unitetarian, and journalist
  • Oswald Garrison Villard – A German born citizen who was also an American Journalist, and part of the Anti-Imperialism acts.
  • William English Walling – An American citizen who was an American Labor Refomer and Socialist
  • Florence Kelley – An American who was a socialist and political reformer.

Look at these names right now. These names were the founding members of the NAACP. And here’s the kicker: 6 of the names here were Caucasian, one was African-American. If more Americans of that matter, and I dare say Milwaukee, would have known that, there wouldn’t be more back talk about the NAACP. To say again, that the NAACP is racist, is nothing more of a slap in the face. That’s all it is. I’ve known folks in my life, that  gave their time, donated, and even contributed to the NAACP for years. The thought overall is a complete slap in the face to figures like Dr. Benjamin Hooks, who at one time had a quote: “If I can’t lead, you lead.” Also, Dorothy Height, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Medgar Evars, The Voting Rights Act, and many others who helped shaped, started, organized, donated, marched, protested, and even given time and effort to help civil rights for ALL CITIZENS! Do you hear me, I SAID ALL CITIZENS!  Start checking, people. When the 96th NAACP Convention was held here in Milwaukee in 2005, (and by the way it was their first time coming) there were citizens of different ethnic groups addressing concerns about the city’s violence problems. And no other person opposite of black was turned away. Not one. And just to add, Black Entertainment Television is not racist. Neither is Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, TV One, or any other publication, network, website, Scholarships, Fraternity, Sorority, Black Methodist for Church Renewal, the Congressional Black Caucus, and other organizations directed to the audience and needs of the African-American Community.

Now let me provoke the thought about this “Tea Party Movement”. Now I’m going to comment, I don’t a problem of assemblies and also protesting the wrongs of the Government, etc. But what caught my attention was that fact that these people are supposed to be “passionate Americans?” Really? Is this what I’m hearing? Passionate Americans? If they are, then why did they chose the route of what they did and used their liberties on Congressman John Lewis, and Barney Frank. What’s up with the death threats to the LA Offices of the NAACP? And also is Mark Williams a passionate american when he wrote that mocked letter to President Lincoln, which got him expelled from the Tea Party? I ask again. Passionate Americans? They say there’s no proof of them not being against anyone right? Go to, and do a search: Tea Party Racism. There’s your proof right there. And by the way, the clips on the site, you will not see anywhere else. And what’s was up with them jumping all over the New Black Panther Party from 2008? I thought it was between the NAACP and the Tea Party. The New Black Panthers Party ARE NOT part of this angle. And they are not apart of the NAACP. In the past, the NAACP previously did condemn the actions of the Black Panthers, probably the originals. And there are some in this country proabably said “The NAACP should focus on them instead of the Tea Party.” What a way for a distraction. Again, the NAACP had a privilage and a right to attempt to inform the negative racist elements in the Tea Party, but however, the NAACP, nor Ben Jealous, never said that the Tea Party as a whole was or is racist. I hope everyone was paying attention. But you know who have commented about the negative actions of the Tea Party BEFORE the NAACP? Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Janene Garafolo, and columnist Roland S. Martin. Plus, any other concerned citizen or group that called out the Tea Party.

Now if the Tea Party are such “passionate Americans” as they claimed to fame, I want know is:

When was the last time that they EVER contributed to causes like Health and wellness? That’s right I said it.

When was the last time they EVER contributed to education? Like scholarships and grants?

When was the last time they EVER contributed to set up, promote, and create Career Fairs?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to curb violence on the streets? Or matter of fact, what about Fire Safety with local Fire Departments?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to promote the Arts in Schools or community like Music and Theater? Or encouraging students and kids to get out and play for 60 minutes like the NFL does each season?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to fight discrimination in the board rooms, housing, employment, etc?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to the causes of saving church congregation members and try to find and retain youth and young adults in church EVERY SUNDAY?!!!

When was the last time the Tea Party contributed to send students to the best schools, the best jobs available, or matter of fact, when has the Tea Party done something like the UNCF, or the National Urban League, the Susan Komen Foundation, the 100 Black Men, the National Organization for Women, the Toastmasters, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, Fraternities, Sororities, Huh?!????????

Wait a minute. Never seen, nor read about it. And they still complain. Of some the things that I listed, the NAACP has done over their existence of 101 years. The Tea Party, however contributed to none of these things. And these are supposed to be “Passionate Americans” who care about the country?
I know who the real passionate Americans are, and in my opinion, they not the tea parties who some felt, that they are full of despise. They are folks who don’t get the recognition as much as the next American Idol. They are those who work in volunteer groups, those who give back to communities, those who serve in the communities or the country with the Military. And those who refuse to sit down but get up and do something EVERYDAY WITHOUT COMPLAINING! Such as looking for a job, starting a business, travel the world, or making artwork. Those to me, are the “Real Passionate Americans”. Even if they work between 20-60 per week, feeding their families or themselves just to put the food on the table, and clothes on the backs. Shoes on the feet. Now those are Passionate Americans! My family are passionte americans. Even if it’s being a mentor or a tutor to a child. And another example of a passionte American: Getting together and finding a common goal of solving problems.

Just another thought: When was the last time the Tea Party had a represntative, to see or to conference with President Obama to discuss his policies, and improving America? When will that happen? Probably not. And I think I know why that is. Or when was the last time that the Wisconsin Tea Party Members discussed policies with Gov. Jim Doyle or Tom Barrett? Or with Russ Feingold, Gwen Moore, Herb Kohl, Spencer Coggs, Lee Holloway, Tamara Grigsby, or any other well known Wisconsin politician? Never seen that!

I also have a challengeable question: What would make me gain interest in the Tea Party? And by the way, I’m still down with President Obama, work 30 hours per week, donate to causes, volunteer, help citizens with voting ballots, and I don’t complain as much.

Now the case of Shirley Sherrod. I recently stumbled on a quote from the founder of the United Methodist Church, John Wesley. Just for record, I am apart of the United Methodist Church as a member. The quote was in a form of a letter that he wrote back in February of 1791, a month before his passing. In the letter he wrote this in a issue concerning race and the legal system:

Reading this morning a tract wrote by a poor African, I was particularly struck by that circumstance that a man who has a black skin, being wronged or outraged by a white man, can have no redress; it being a “law’ in our colonies that the oath of a black against a white goes for nothing. What villainy is this?

Like in 1791, for 2010 read that last line again: What villainy is this?

The groups of the NAACP, the White House Administration, other Networks, Websites, blogs, Andrew Breitbart, and even the USDA all took direct respones at her all because of the “potential racist comments” and no one gave her a chance to speak her side of the story.  That was inexcusable! President Obama had to be embarrassed. I don’t blame him. He did chose Shriley Sherrod for the job a year ago. I have no choice but to say, but they all decided to jump the cliff way too soon, all because of Rupert Murdoch’s product, the false editing trap of Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, and the ongoing tag along. Only reason is to get back at the NAACP, in their request to “repudiate” (not refudiate) the racist elements in the Tea Party. That’s not cool! For Shirley Sherrod, I sympathize with her. I do. Not just because she’s a black woman, but she was wrongfully accused, and not being given a chance to speak out. FLAT OUT WRONG. SHAMEFUL! Well since this happened, I hope Shirley DOES get her job back, and I can see a book or a novel, a TV Movie, or a DVD, appearances on Oprah or other thing that will get her purse full with cash.

Lastly, CNN had commented that this is a teachable moment. If this is a  “teachable moment” I want to suggest some things:

One: when hearing 20 second soundbytes, does not paint the entire portait.

Second, if I were the White House Administration, I would get on Fox News’ case about proper reporting, and Andrew Breitbart’s case as well. And to be fair not to get “snookered” much.

And three, I still have faith in the President! But he has to learn not to bow into the faults of the Right Wing Media. This was his waterloo when he was going for the chair in 2008.

Now I know that there are some Black Tea Party Members. Frankly, I’m not suprised. When Keith Olbermann asked the question in February: “Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?” It wasn’t a threat. It was a mere question in asking. I know they probably jumped on this bandwagon and took offense of what K.O. said back in Black History Month. And no one forced them to join up. They made that choice. And even David Weber, head of TeaParty365 did the exact same thing. I’m not here to judge. I know, it’s 2010. So instead of going after Keith Olbermann on this question, I hate to say this, but they should be thanking him. And don’t forget that the groups like the NAACP, The National Urban League, United Negro College Fund or any other black organization civil rights groups, Sororities, Fraternities, and etc, put themselves on the line for freedom and equality when most of us weren’t even born yet!. So with that said, the Black Tea Partiers I think need respect the fact that groups like these have opened the door to join up with this movement. That’s right I said it! Always respect your civil rights organization/grassroots elders!

Just my thought on the take.