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Preface: Before many get offended or shocked, read on, please.

You may have seen this on Facebook or any other Social Media Website. But to take this all in, we need to understand. And many who may not read this may not get it.

But for those of us do, WE GET IT and WE BEEN KNOWING since day 1!

Black people are so tired. 😓

We can’t go jogging (#AhmaudArbery).

We can’t relax in the comfort of our own homes (#BothemJean and #AtatianaJefferson).

We can’t ask for help after being in a car crash (#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride).

We can’t have a cellphone (#StephonClark).

We can’t leave a party to get to safety (#JordanEdwards).

We can’t play loud music (#JordanDavis).

We can’t sell CD’s (#AltonSterling).

We can’t sleep (#AiyanaJones)

We can’t walk from the corner store (#MikeBrown).

We can’t play cops and robbers (#TamirRice).

We can’t go to church (#Charleston9).

We can’t walk home with Skittles (#TrayvonMartin).

We can’t hold a hair brush while leaving our own bachelor party (#SeanBell).

We can’t party on New Years (#OscarGrant).

We can’t get a normal traffic ticket (#SandraBland).

We can’t lawfully carry a weapon (#PhilandoCastile).

We can’t break down on a public road with car problems (#CoreyJones).

We can’t shop at Walmart (#JohnCrawford) .

We can’t have a disabled vehicle (#TerrenceCrutcher).

We can’t read a book in our own car (#KeithScott).

We can’t be a 10yr old walking with our grandfather (#CliffordGlover).

We can’t decorate for a party (#ClaudeReese).

We can’t ask a cop a question (#RandyEvans).

We can’t cash our check-in peace (#YvonneSmallwood).

We can’t take out our wallet (#AmadouDiallo).

We can’t run (#WalterScott).

We can’t breathe (#EricGarner).

We can’t live (#FreddieGray).

We’re tired.

Tired of making hashtags.

Tired of trying to convince you that our #BlackLivesMatter too.

Tired of dying.




Just freakin’ tired

Postface: Now we may not know the author of this statement, but whomever he or she is, we’ll know it. But the author points out harsh truths of murder among Black Americans is noted and should be stopped!

Three Way Dance Time: We all know how this goes by now. Before you actually do the Thanksgiving Trimmings, and Football, and Macy’s and many other Thanksgiving related, feel free to read up on these dances of me commenting about ISIS, Mali and the ongoing saga of getting justice for the late Dontre Hamilton. But like many other dances, there’s a twist.

First Dance on the card: ISIS is still in the convo.

It’s been about ISIS doing damage yet again. Not the in person, but also this group has a way of recruiting folks. If you have a Playstation at home somewhere in your kids’ rooms and if they have a chatting section in which they chat with their friends in all, you parents better check that. This was talked about on the news cycles. Part of this ISIS recruiting thing is through the wires. Even the likes of Social Media Groups. Which many of us know very well. Yeah, check those also. I had a former church member that said in a church sanctuary that ISIS is in America. How many “recruits” of ISIS were rounded up since the attack in the attempt to go join ISIS? How many? I’ll bet not much.

The reality of this: FEAR. When certain groups like ISIS or the KKK (yeah I said it) impose on the use of fear, it generated the thought of staying afraid. Staying afraid of this, needs to be conquered. Seriously! Already, the country of France laid the smackdown if you will on the areas in which ISIS had been doing the operating, and don’t expect the countries of Russia and of course the US to be included to get the nod also to assist the French to get to ISIS.

Second Dance: A black related news on Mali. 

While many of us were paying attention to France of what they were going through, an attack happened in the continent of Africa. Mali. And yes black folks it was spot on with the other networks like CNN, MSNBC and others. Why this you ask? We should know and not be surprised that this attack on the country would get our attention. Now folks, before we all go jumping through hoops like crazy, I need to ask this question:  Why do we care about Mali? I know many have cared about Paris. Why care about Mali? Why THE CARE about Mali? I’m not trying to mean in all, but when stuff like this happens it seems that many get together like real quick or in this case get mean and pissed on Social Media at certain groups or certain individuals that this happened and expressed all this boiling pissed off anger (yeah I said it) about news that matters to us being skipped over. Of course it’s making us angry, but we’re dealing with another tragedy, another country that many of us will probably never visit and yes, like many of us will forget about in the next two weeks and move forward to something else. Don’t tell me I’m wrong!  Of course we’ll go back to the normal routine about the Air Jordans, Iphones, that cool Facebook Page, Black Twitter starting a storm of intel and info, and many other black things we know and well and just forget about the incidents. Just to think that in the next 3 months, it will be Black History Month. Just wait. Yet again.

For news like this, and like Paris, it’s heartbreaking. It’s fear all over it. And yes many of us probably decked out our social media pics with the Red Black and Green assuming about the support. There I go again! If many of us are REALLY concerned about the Mali attacks as well as any attacks on the black race, and I’m saying to the black folks, what are we going to do about it?! Nevermind the other folks, what about us?!


And the final dance on the card: The Dontre Hamilton Saga ain’t over yet.

Last night at Red Arrow Park, many have gathered for the Milwaukee’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in which takes place before the holidays. Many have heard the Lincoln School for the Arts Choir sung the Christmas Carols in the opening acts for the ceremony. It was a well festive mood to the get spirits up. However like many others there were interruptions and concerns on those who kind of crashed the party in the same park. Well not much crashing but also want to have a reminder what happened last year in April of 2014. Now this is coming from protesters whom they remember DEEPLY that Dontre Hamilton was killed 14 times in the very same park where the Christmas Lighting had taken place. And of course it was led by Dontre’s Brother Nate, whom like he and many in his family is still hurting of the murder. Most of us know that now former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney was the one responsible of killing Dontre. In 2014, he was later fired from the force by Police Chief Ed Flynn, but in response it was a rally cry from the supporters of Manney to give him his job back. Manney got his job back doing desk duty until his resignation. Later on, the Feds were observing the case as well and concluded that Manney was not in the wrong of shooting Dontre Hamilton. Which caused more uproar from the Family unfairly. So now after 1 year since the shooting happened we see the same protesters or those in the spirit of those protesting came back to the same park and voiced their purpose and later on, hauled away in handcuffs. The group was called Coalition For Justice Now for all those in the conscious state of mind around Black Milwaukee and the Black NATION: Why was Nate Hamilton and those were hauled away in handcuffs? Permits. They have failed or didn’t show any permits to operate their protests on hand. That right there is like you’re not following the rules. Also another reason: Disturbance. Yep disturbance!

By now, the 6 members including Nate Hamilton were released on bail at 5:00am Friday Morning on November 20th. A statement from the Coalition was displayed on their Facebook Page in regarding the disturbances. Unapologetic, by the way. Plus they DID REALIZED that there were black students in the park when this happened.

Here my take on this: The family is still hurting. Period. They feel that the situation, the setting of Red Arrow Park, the investigations and overall substance was not correct nor fair! I will say that their act of protest should have been more viewed as better judgment of proper protocol. Sorry Coalition For Justice Fans and Members but that’s my point of view. That ball was dropped! However: their voices of protesting in general is a right. More importantly, the Family needs to review all of the red tape that has this on speed dial. So I’m looking at this on both sides. I feel sorry for the children who had to hear that. But then again when they grow up and see this footage in the next 20-30 years, they might be asking questions of why this Coalition group interrupted our singing. For the COJ, look cut the kids some slack! They didn’t hurt you all! But yes, when they get into that particular situation of being followed by the police or wrongfully accused, or having one of their members being buried because of the police, THEY WILL KNOW!

So in this conclusion, the struggle of Justice For Dontre Hamilton, still continues. No matter what season it is. Not just for Dontre, but anyone else in the country that had their black lives stripped or killed because of the hand of certain cops. We should know.

Do we?


I’m about to go in on the city again. But before I do, this commentary is for the city and towards the city. If you are one of the folks in Milwaukee who feels that the Streetcar is on this verge of being a pain per say, and you start to hear all the “rumors” from taking money from MPS in all, then you really have been listening to “the stories” and not the stone cold truth in a positive sense. By now, you probably had gone to Serb Hall in West Allis tonight and probably had sat in the seats and heard the spoken word of Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Davis, Sr. Why those two you ask? because they are leading this crusade to get the streetcar on the ballot for the April election in taking it to the people in making it a yay or nay decision. Oh check this, while you’re at the Serb, you probably were given a sheet like this: Yeah you might feel pretty good about having this petition and trying to get the names on it before the spring election. What you are just doing is just that. Having a Streetcar per say will symbolize all the segregation and racism that you might been hearing about, and it must be stopped. Really?! And plus we just had a shooting downtown in which Dontre Hamilton was killed at Red Arrow Park and many feel that his death is being overshadowed with the interest of getting the Streetcar started. And plus when I read about the so-called groups of Citizens Responsible for Government (as usual being conservative) plus black activism of using #BlackLivesMatter along with it, now its becoming ugly. CALLOUT: I thought #BlackLivesMatter was to address the concerns of unarmed Black Men and Black Women getting killed. When did it start being so political?!!! Let me address the Hamilton family here: First, I feel you. I get it. I get it. I’ve seen you in the streets getting your liberties and having the chance to get the case reopened for Dontre. I know how at times that justice can be a twist of fate at times. Let me explain. In July of 2002, I lost my cousin Adrian Drew to gun violence at age 21. The reason being because the men wanted his 1996 Chevy Lumina in which he was driving with spinning rims on the side. Don’t forget at age 21! He was a college student at UWM and also he worked with his dad (my older cousin) for an Ice Cream Store near 38th and Center. But the days leading to his untimely death, he was chased at least 3 times trying to get to him. Adrian didn’t give up the car, and the day came when he got shot near the area of 47th and Locust we were shocked and saddened by this. The individuals who killed my cousin, they got caught. And served time. But the sentencing portion should have life in prison,  than 10 years! Part of that was a bit twisted. As disappointed as it was, justice was served; but not enough. True story! When all that went down, I didn’t march in the streets, didn’t tell the government officials to stop future projects for the sake of my cousin! There are other ways to seek justice and revive projects (ala the Streetcar) Its been done before. And plus it’s I’m being active by not taking it to the streets! I got firm connections to fight from ranging from education, healthcare, church, and law networks. Believe me, I got them! So, yes Hamilton family. I get it. However, I also think that halting a Streetcar project per say (and I’m being very very careful about this)I think is not going to bring Dontre back. But I feel you. Between 2002 up to right now, I’ve seen projects come and go, and I know that “dang I wish my cousin Adrian was here!” But even those couldn’t bring him back. As well as those in Milwaukee who were gunned down between then and now. I’m keeping it real with this! I’m not trying throw shade or stones. But I’m saying from the middle standpoint. I happened to find an article that might be of an interest to the Black Community in relation to this conflict. Oh, yes I do. And trust me, this article is nearly 10 years old. Since today is a Thursday, and many are going with the Throwback Thursday Mantra, I want to dig up an article that many forgotten about. I want to highlight the year of 2005. Does anyone in Milwaukee, particularity Black Milwaukee remember February 16th, 2005? Doesn’t matter if you listen to WNOV, read the black newspapers of the Milwaukee Courier, the Community Journal, a former listener of 1290. Do you remember this date? Well for those whom may have forgotten, read this courtesy of the associated press: And plus, it was from a site I would never go to – Fox News.

A flurry of shots rang out Wednesday evening on a commuter bus, killing one man and injuring another, police said. Ten to 15 shots were fired on the Milwaukee County Transit (search) bus while it was traveling on the city’s north side. The driver stopped the bus and called police. “The bus driver said, ‘I’m driving and then the shots rang out and then everybody’s piling off the bus,”‘ said Milwaukee Police Capt. Eric Moore. Moore said only one person remained on the bus when police arrived, a 42-year-old man who died in the shooting. A 22-year-old man who was shot in the leg was found outside the bus, Moore said. He was being treated at a local hospital. Police were combing the bus Wednesday night for clues. “We don’t have a motive for the shooting,” Moore said.

Again does this ring a bell? If the Alderman Joe Davis and Bob Donovan were even alive back in 2005 when this happened, do they have any reflection of this incident? They better. Especially for Joe Davis’ sake! This incident occurred on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus on Milwaukee’s northside. And 10 years ago, I was still riding county buses! Oh yes. And check this out, until March of 2005 came, I started driving on my own to point A and point B. The reason I dug up this article is about the “concerns” of what might happen if the Streetcar was to be built in which many forgotten that the MCTS had a past incident that was encountered. Heck, I even read about carjackings in Milwaukee. Wanna go there?! And those whom are pro against the StreetCar, have YOU forgotten this? Has Milwaukee Black Media addressed this? Basically what I’ve been hearing is nothing more than reverse scare tactics. That’s all it is. And when that happens, the folks who think who would win the argument, will spiritually lose. Why? Because of the mindset! (I should be a Psychiatrist!) For many years as far as I remember, we’ve been beating the dead horse about getting jobs here in the city. In any which way we tried. BUT: Why are we stopping ourselves like this?! And if the money does go somewhere else, it will be like the High Speed Rail all over again, and many will look at Milwaukee and Wisconsin as being dorks and fools. You came so close and guess what, you fumbled the ball. It should have been great, but that “Misguided Pride” just had to get in the way. Really?! Usually I don’t dive on the Social Media side of things, but I did. I went on Facebook the other day, and I went to the group called “Penny’s Politics.” It’s an “closed” group page now that discusses the political side of just about anything. I came across a posting about the individuals who were behind the High Speed Rail Project and against Walker, are the same folks who are using that mentality against Tom Barrett and his idea of bringing the Streetcar. When I read the posting on there, it had about 168 comments on it. Mostly positive, Partially Negative. The partially negative part had to come from a female black activist who questioned about the Economic Side in which would be beneficial towards African-Americans. The one answer that this person got is the same one I’ve been saying (via the moderator) is the one thing only: JOBS! That is your economic side of things! I’ve been saying this since the very start of my reasoning behind the streetcar project is one thing, and one thing only is the employment. And I have said so many times that it’s the one thing that is being preached about too much in Milwaukee! And from the reports, the Streetcar would also include a route along MLK Drive, and also in the areas of the Northside of the city. We all know what happened to the last 2 transportation project ideas: GONE!  Why? Due to politics. And to top of all of that, Wisconsin is very good of letting cash slip away. Why do you think that partially that Scott Walker (whom recently got sworn in – again) did that to approve? Not because of the “so-called boondoggles and no one will ride it speeches”. It’s really the ongoing effect of segregation within the state. Don’t believe me, go ask any black Wisconsin resident that knows! Start in Milwaukee.  Go to Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and others where majority of the black residents will tell you the same thing. Even if you have to go to Waukesha where it’s highly Republican. Just today I was on the Urban Milwaukee website. They have published the article about the story that is behind of these referendums of the Streetcar. Mainly this is what I’m talking about. From the conservative like groups from the outside looking in on Milwaukee having these petitions to me is “dangerous”. And partially there are those in those areas who probably don’t give a flip about black folks in Milwaukee. And the connection part that has REALLY scratching my head on this notion is the fact that Joe Davis talked with the reps of this CRG organization (whom are republican related per say) in getting the petitions out in the open of derailing the long awaited Streetcar. Not only that, it might effect those in the Milwaukee Common Council that backed up the project as well. Can anyone say recall?!!! That is what it’s turning into. And by the way, it’s being on circulated on Facebook. CALLOUT: Hey Black Milwaukee, I hope you done your homework!!!!!!!!! Not on the Streetcar, but with a conservative twist of CRG (Citizens for Responsible Government)  that partially does not like you!  Black Milwaukee Activists: When you’re out there saying #TEAMSHUTITDOWN on Facebook, I’m praying for you. And I want the backers of Alderman Joe Davis to do a homework assignment on a person of Orv Seymer. Do a background check. And word on the street is that he kind of poaches after inner city residents and has bad references with his work. This is one of the men that the Alderman was conversating with before the year of 2014 was ending. Again read the article from Urban Milwaukee. Speaking of Facebook, if those haven’t gone in (in a defensive counter thing) on a group page that is Anti-Streetcar, find the page called “STOP the Milwaukee Streetcar.” Which also, is an apparent catalyst in driving these petitions. And the organization that is behind the ordeal, (according to the comments on Urban Milwaukee) is Sobelman’s. Does that name sound familiar to someone who like burgers? And maybe others behind the support might be Sherman Perk, the Packing House, and the Plainfield Pub. For the record, I have NOT visited these places in Milwaukee, and don’t expect me to spend my hard earned money for a burger, coffee, or beer. And plus I challenge anyone in Milwaukee to go in on this Anti-Streetcar Page and just deliver the real truth of why the StreetCar project should matter to Milwaukee without all these rumors. Even though they know the truth, but just don’t want to hear it! MAKE THEM LISTEN! Many are talking about the hate of the Streetcar, but what about the hate against the Milwaukee County Transit System where it couldn’t get to the jobs as needed at times?! Tell me that! They can’t go to Kenosha and to Amazon. And many forget, some companies (not all)  don’t allow employers to take buses! Think about that! And if it doesn’t go well, what will the opponents have that pros didn’t? That’s needs to be in question! In relates to jobs, economics black folks, etc. Don’t just keep saying #SHUTITDOWN. I say #WHATDOYOUHAVE or #YOUBETTERNEEDSOMETHING. Or #OKNOWWHATYOUAREBRINGING. Or a better hashtag: #WHATISYOURPLAN. Plus if a chance, read the article of “The streetcar isn’t everything, but it’s a big step in the right direction” via the website.




Preface: As we all know, the year of the horse, (aka the year of 2014) will be in the barn and rest for the archives. More like out the pasture. But before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve and making a box empty for 2015, I have once again decided to bring out the good, bad, ugly and the scratching my head thing for this year that has gone down. 2014 had a lot galloping like a Horse so many times around the track, but like every other year, it had it’s ups and downs. So with that being said in all, this is the list of 2014 that I think stood out. Call it the traditional Stephen’s Spot Annual Blog Review.

The Goods:

The Dow Industrial reached up to 18,000 points. Take that Obama haters!

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity turned 100 years old.

Mo’ne Davis was making pitches.

The Tonight Show got an upgrade: First, Jay Leno retires after 22 years on the show, using the famous line that Johnny Carson did when he retired by saying “I bid you a heartfelt good night.” Plus giving props to the show as being hardworking employees, and also Union supporting folks! Jimmy Fallon is the host now, relocating the show to it’s origin of New York after 42 years. The opening sequences was done by Spike Lee (historical black first) and The Roots made history as being the first Hip Hop Band to be the official Tonight Show music orchestra.

And on the flip side, Seth Meyers took over Late Night.

From the 2014 Winter Games: Elena Meyers, Aja Evans, and Lauryn Williams winning silver and bronze in bobsledding and they are black.

Tamron Hall became the first black female co-host of the Today Show.

Attention NYOnAir: I like your work. I’m following you!

Shoutout to Outdoor Afro for getting Black folks to rexplore the outdoors!

Not a resident of Seattle, but their symphony had Sir Mix-A-Lot doing Posse on Broadway, and Baby Got Back along with their Orchestra.

The Affordable Care Act (or for some who call it Obamacare) is actually working. Ask those that know.

The WWE Network was and is a hit. Plus Sting is a new WWE Family Member.

One city raised the Minimum Wage like $15.00 per hour. Clever, Seattle!

WWE’s Wrestlemania turned 30 with Daniel Bryan becoming the champ. Many had to watch, I know.

The Wisconsin Badgers Football Alumni in the Superbowl like Russell Wilson, Montee Ball, and others represented well. And the Seahawks won their first ever Superbowl.

Those Honda Commercials with the Action Figures, though……

Misty Copeland is my new favorite black ballerina!

San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship.

In Baseball: It was the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series against the K.C. Royals.

Batman turned 75 years this year, and Gotham is a hit. Plus the 1989 Batman movie turned 25!

The Ghostbusters movie of 1984 turned 30, while Ghostbusters II hangs at 25!

The Milwaukee Bucks got a new phenom: Jabari Parker. Plus new owners.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has a Podcastone show called “The Steve Austin Show” which is good! Plus the interview with Vince McMahon was also a highlight! Plus good ol’ JR (Jim Ross) has The Ross Report on Podcastone.

Transformers 4, Top Five, Ride Along, The Equalizer and Horrible Bosses 2 – not bad.

Not Catholic, but I think Pope Francis I made waves this year.

SNL got two black women: Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones. And a black dude named Michael Che. And SNL is 40.

The Haves and the Have Nots and Scandal keeps rolling.

12 years of Slave is a hit at the Oscars. And Wisconsin Native John Ridley was part of that. Plus Lupita snagging up an Oscar!

DefJam turned 30. The “Original” Transformers and Voltron (you younger folks dont know that cartoon) also hanged 30 years as well. For all the younger reader who weren’t alive when Voltron came out in 1984, the stores do have DVD’s. Or youtube.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers had a banner year with the Packers along with Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, and the White Lighting that making DB’s miss: Jordy Nelson. Plus scoring those 50 plus points at Lambeau! (Twice) #Team94 was at work along bringing in Julius Peppers.

For the season:

  • Seattle – The home opener was tough as expected.
  • NY Jets – The team beat Geno Smith by a hair.
  • Detroit – Part 1 in the motor city that the Lions won, BUT Aaron told us Packer folks five letters: R-E-L-A-X!
  • Bears – Part 1 in Chicago 38 points was nothing to mess with in the 190th meeting.
  • Vikings – Part 1 at Lambeau, PLEASE! And Julius Peppers was the man that night with 42 points in all.
  • Dolphins – Yo, Miami remember that “Dan Marino like manuver?” Aaron got y’all!
  • Panthers – Cam Newton and Steve Smith Sr couldn’t handle the Lambeau.
  • Saints – Yea they got lucky on their home turf.
  • After the bye week :
  • Bears – Haven’t you learned nothing from that 55-14 loss yet at Lambeau!
  • Eagles – They weren’t flying enough in that 53-20 loss at Lambeau
  • Vikings – Part two at the college stadium, really but still lost.
  • Patriots – Dang, has Tom Brady stopped cussing yet? And no, Revis Island was not a factor at Lambeau.
  • Falcons – They came close at Lambeau, BUT lost!
  • Bills – They got lucky.
  • Buccaneers – Oh I remember those “Battle of the Bays”  when Favre and Sapp was playing, but it was the Bucs of today walking the plank.
  • And……the Detroit Lions again at Lambeau. Still can’t win since Desert Storm ended like 1991!

As the last act of a Milwaukee Bucks owner, Herb Kohl gives the Bradley Center workers (from the food folks to the security) bonus salaries before stepping down.

Best for Business: AT&T and DirecTV hooking up.

The Simpsons turn 25. Woo-hoo!

Bow down, haters! Shonda Rhimes is a freaking black queen genius!

Harley-Davidson had the testing of the Project Livewire Motorcycles.

Those gas prices though: really, going down. Again: Take that Obama Haters!

The troops came home from Afghanistan after a long war since 9/11. But we know that the struggle continues.

For the Tech side of things: Google Glass, Fitbit Watches came in.

One thing I’ll say about Diddy, or Puff Daddy, he really killed the Commencement Speech at Howard. Even though he dropped out 26 years earlier.

For the Video Games: Bayonetta 2 is a hit for the Wii U.  And yes PS4 and Xbox had hitmakers as well.

Salt-N-Pepa and the Geico commercials. Just to think years ago, many thought M.C. Hammer sold out with those Taco Bell Commercials.

More black folks on TV: How to Get Away With Murder, Blackish, Red Band Society, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sleepy Hollow, Z Nation.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the most powerful words this year: BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Prentice Powell. I wrote his name down when he was on Arsenio, and I was impressed.

In lieu of the retirements: Barbara Walters had hung up her interviews.


Well here in Wisconsin on the good side:

Kenosha gets the Amazon Distribution site up.

#ImSoMilwaukee was so cool to remember the days of no drama, fun, good jobs, and events in the city.

No Voter ID’s. Thanks to the Supreme Court.

The Milwaukee Streetcar is on the hot potato list again, plus the idea with the new structures coming soon to downtown. With job ideas!

It didn’t got positive coverage, but there was an activity called the “9th and Ring Thing” in Milwaukee.

Melvin Gordon was a force in the title for the Heisman Trophy. Even though he didn’t win, but he’ll be winning straps in the NFL.

Wisconsin Badgers Football were decent this year with Joel Stave/Tanner McEvoy doing the QB mix, Corey Clement running the game with Melvin, Vince Beigel, and the Defense getting their trenches on. Plus: Winning the Freedom Trophy, Heartland Trophy, and STILL Own Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Sorry Golden Gophers! And for those of Rutgers and Maryland fan bases: Welcome to the Big 10.

During the preliminary debates for the Governor’s chair, Mary Burke went on Black Milwaukee Radio more than once. Walker however had surrogates, but made no representation.

The Wisconsin Badgers owned the West! Both in Big 10 West Football and the West NCAA Basketball Championship. Plus the view of Frank Kaminisky. #OnWisconsin!

Shout out to Milwaukee DJ Dr. B for putting the jams on BEFORE the Packers games at Lambeau.

Uber and Lyft making moves in Milwaukee.

Colder’s Furniture with the “Step Up” jingle. It’s real fun with advertising.

Three of my Milwaukee County Supervisors: Khalif Rainey, Marc Weddle, and David Bowen all stood up and busted out with the #ICantBreathe T-Shirts, while expressing their liberties of the Dontre Hamilton case.

MPS has a new boss: Dr. Darienne Driver.

Community Retirements: Eugene Kane has written his last column for the Journal Sentinel, but will continue to give viewpoints for the Social Media stuff.

Here was a good thing: To those of repping V100, Jammin 98.3, WNOV, and many others in the Black Milwaukee area of radio, even online. Keep it up! I’m listening! 

The Mayfair Collection (part of Mayfair Mall)  near US 45 is nice with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and oh I should point out: a bakery.

One other thing: I am still blown away of the resurrection of Hot 102 online!

The Bad:

Racism struck again in 2014.


Columbus Short got fired from Scandal. Really, dude?

Jetliners disappearing. First the Malaysia flights and now AirAsia Airlines.

2014 was a high year of one of the worst stories to write and comment: Killing unarmed black men, while white police officers who did the job go free, EVEN after chokes being recorded on video.

Unarmed black women were targets also.

School Shootings in America that were in places that was not mentioned alot did occur.

If you got Sprint, you probably had a bad year.

Target and Home Depot got hacked.

2 NYPD officers were shot and killed while on duty.

VH1 debuted Sorority Sisters and got the NPHC Divine 9 folks upset.

When the new SNL cast member Leslie Jones made her debut, especially with her skit of the “slave joke”, folks (especially black folks) hated that, but Leslie fired back via Twitter.

True Blood ends on HBO after 7 Seasons. #StillTrueToTheEnd

Even though the Dow was getting high in 2014, the number of African-Americans unemployment remained high as well.

In Berkeley, Missouri: another shooting of an officer kills an unarmed black teen.

Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice got in hot water over spankings and domestic violence.

AG Eric Holder is stepping down. Plus I’ll say this, he isn’t a racist per say of going to Ferguson, and addressing the issues with the residents!

Blockbuster video: Rest in peace.

Wrestlemania 30 had the one match that I couldn’t watch: Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker and the streak broken after 20+ years. Sorry, WWE.

Donald Sterling and his racist remarks. And V. Stiviano had issues.

CM Punk gets fired from the WWE.

Don Lemon is not a favorite anchorman. Hate to say it.

BET’s 106 & Park on Live TV: Rest in peace. (Even though it will be online)

Jet Magazine in print: Rest In Peace. (Even though it will be online)

Arsenio Hall and Queen Latifah: their shows were cancelled.

If those who didn’t vote up, stop complaining!

And the bad side of things in Wisconsin: 

Milwaukee didn’t get Pabst back in town. No PBR’s, dang!

Former Wisconsin Badgers Coach Gary Andersen takes the Head Coaching job at Oregon State.

Polarized politics deepens worse in the state.

Racism and segregation still lingered.

If those who didn’t vote up in Wisconsin, stop complaining!

Unemployment maybe down in Wisconsin, but still up in the Black Milwaukee Area.

Talgo officially moved out of Milwaukee due to the politics of not having High Speed Rail. Not good if you were banking on better jobs for the state!

American TV, Nostalgia 1 and 2 Clubs – Rest in peace.

Former Milwaukee MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton leaves the job for Baltimore’s School Superintendent job.

Plus, African World Festival was cancelled again.

Dustin Diamond, (aka Screech) gets arrested in the Ozaukee, Wisconsin area for stabbing. Really?!

2014 was a Midterm Election Year, and yes Scott Walker, Sheriff David Clarke and many in the republican side stayed base. Plus also nationwide, this midterm election was the lowest in the last 42 years. Sad!

Plagiarism: the only word that many felt Mary Burke lost.

The Milwaukee Bucks made one controversial move: fired Coach Larry Drew and in exchange for Jason Kidd.

In addition to the shootings: 3 young people under the age of 10 shot to death on a playground, in a house and on a relative’s porch! All in Milwaukee.

Who did I listen to in 2014? (Hint, no whack rappers, no Bieber mess, or boy bands):

Gary Clark, Jr. – If you haven’t heard this dude, he’s an Electric Blues player, and his Live CD does not dissapoint!

Kendrick Lamar – This dude woke up everybody in 2014!

Faith Evans – She had a new Album this year, Incomparable. Check either I Deserve It, or Good Time.

Jhene Aiko – The Pressure was a hit single.

Sam Smith’s song: “Stay With Me” was a hit this year on rotation. Any thoughts?

Mary J. Blige – If you don’t have The London Sessions, don’t sleep!

Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars and Mystikal. (YES that Mystikal!) Uptown Funk and Feel Right.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Making up and Breaking up

Toni Braxton – Love Rollercoaster with Babyface was a hit.

Shelia E. – Mona Lisa. (Yes, Shelia E. had a CD out this year)

Mariah Carey – New joint this year, but Meteorite was a decent hit.

Janelle Monae – Electric Lady. Any Electro Phi Betas here?

The Roots – ………..And then you shoot your cousin.

Leela James – Fall For you. Who does NOT have this CD?

Lenny Kravitz – Strut.

D’Angelo and the Vanguard – This was a surprise joint, but 1000 Deaths is a must listen besides Sugah Daddy.

Jody Watley – yes Jody Watley! (and Dancer is on my playlist!)

Flo Rida – GDFR (Going Down For Real)

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl – PlectrumElectrum, FUNKNROLL, and StopThisTrain.

Liv Warfield – Blackbird, Stay – Soul Lifted. She has a voice!

Puff Daddy – I Want The Love

Michael Jackson – Xscape with Love Never Felt So Good.

Charles Walker Band – Soul Deep was a good single, plus they are from the Mil!

The Ugly:

Really, James Woods? He blames Rev. Al Sharpton for the NYPD deaths. Please!

Hold up North Korea and Russia: You all put Obama on blast calling him a monkey and or flashing graphics of him with bananas in all. Seriously, racism is crossing international waters.

And those chairs though that was shown internationally on the MLK holiday. Those chairs that looked lifelike came out of Russia. Don’t tell me you forgot about that!

An Elk Lodge at an LAPD Retirement Party had Gary Fishell to rewrite the words of  “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” to get on the bad side of Michael Brown. STUPID! This was a young black male died at the hands of the Police. Where is the conduct, LAPD?

Those MLK Holiday Ads that had his likeness in a negative fashion. Even twerking. You young Graphic Designers are too dumb to do this!

The Secret Service and the security of the White House. Come on y’all!

Fox News and the right wing media needs to shut up about Loretta Lynch and her affiliation with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Bill Cosby: I haven’t posted any commentary about Bill and the stuff has been going on. But I’ll do it here. I think this whole thing about him being a rapist is just flat out ugly. Already he had lost connections to NBC, his Alumni Board of Temple University, his honorary distinction of being a Honorary Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy, and many others that has a public connection with Cosby over the years. Even various women from Janice Dickerson (seriously?!!!) to Beverly Johnson, and even former Cosby Show cast mate Lisa Bonet all coming out of the wood work blasting Bill Cosby of these past incidents (alleged) that these women claimed he molested or raped. I applaud his wife Camille and his youngest baby girl Evin for standing up for him in his darkest hour. I hope and pray, that Bill Cosby does not go out like Joe Paterno. Remember when Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky had all those past relations in secret in molesting college boys at Penn State and it stayed secret for so long? Paterno died. Sandusky is in jail. This is just something I just thought about. But knowing most so-called Americans they’ll believe anything anyway.

The Polar Vortex this past winter was no joke, and yes Rush Limbaugh fans, it was real. In the words of Al Roker: Stuff it!

Speaking of that: why do certain white right wing folks had to comment about Idris Elba in saying that he can’t play James Bond because he’s black? And what it up with the hate against a “Black Annie?”

Next time:  Facebook group leaders or Admins has to warn folks about being deleted or removed, can that be in advance instead of without warning? (ie All About Sagittarius, The Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

I love my Facebook Sagittarius folks in all with the sexual beings stuff, but the sexual stuff can be toned down a bit you know! Really on Facebook! Some folks must be bored, not working, ain’t paying bills,  etc.

While on the subject of Facebook, those of us who got our videos removed due to their copyright notices, this is ugly as crazy. Write complaint letters please.

Ugly things that the Badger Residents faced:

91: The amount of homicides that Milwaukee had in 2014.

Sheriff David Clarke: For all those in Wisconsin, mainly in Milwaukee County, and even in the black community,  I must ask this question. Are you really happy with him right now? I ask this because he recently went on Fox News talking some smack about the ongoing Ferguson incident with the death of Michael Brown, President Obama and many other that the Republican party does not like overall. Keep in mind, this is a Black Democrat, appealing to the Republican Base. He even accused the President of widening the Racial Divide in the country. Oh stop it! If anyone is accused of racially dividing the country: it’s the bigots, the racists, the closet sellout negropeans, the mindless folks who doesn’t know squat. They are dividing the country. The same folks who “wanted their country back” per say. Those folks are the blame. NOT the President! So for all of you voters in Milwaukee that thought Clarke was cool per say, are you really satisfied with the vote you got? I say this to the supporters, activists, DJ’s in all. Think about it. And oh, he also blamed Al Sharpton for the Ferguson uproar and Eric Holder too. Go figure.

There might be rules for us Badger folks who are unemployment: start getting your urine samples ready!

I know this is ugly to swallow, but Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn told the BLUNT truth about the killings in Milwaukee in which the targets mostly are African-American.

The case of the stolen Stradivarius caper in Milwaukee.

Has anyone been to a job fair and saw a fight? I did. And it was ugly at Milwaukee’s Potowanomi Hotel and Casino.

Speaking of the home city, and the guns: We had a cease fire weekend back in the spring, and more shots rang out. From 1 year olds, to 5 year olds, to preteens teens, and to grown folks. No fun!

Milwaukee Sanitation workers were robbed at gun point. No Kidding!

Speaking of ugly: As much as I like the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team, but that lost against of all teams Ohio State University was just that. UGLY! Getting beat 59-0.


Scratching my head this whole time:

Have the Negropeans ever got it yet of they shouldn’t being ashamed to be black? – Reference with all respect: Raven-Symone.

When employers have said about “we can’t find anyone.” In relation to new applicants on the map. Have they actually looked hard enough? Or they are just being lazy?

Can Dish Network EVER get TVOne?

Record players are making a comeback and how will today’s folks will tell their kids to “STOP MESSING WITH MY RECORDS?!!!” ( Hey Millennials, that’s old school talk!!!)

Should there be a rule when folks who were homegrown born in all, made good money elsewhere, and then when trying to comeback to their homecity with promotions or events (nothing wrong with that), SHOULD THEY NOT get an attitude of making folks to come out? I don’t care if you’re a Milwaukee born person, went to the south and made good money and comeback home to force folks to come out and support a cause not worth knowing. There are folks HERE in Milwaukee that are on the grind everyday that are trying to be the best possible to help out. Now you know why it is? Watch yourselves, promoters!

Note to the “fair weather folks” in all: Many leave cold places due to weather and complain. But doesn’t that equate those hating the hot places go to cold places?

With all due respect to T.I. and Pharrell: they are good promoters with their art. BUT………..Why are they having a hard time in dealing with the reality of race?

Ebola was in the news. Who was SERIOUSLY well prepared?

Gotta be kidding me: KKK wanted the black folks to join up?!

Has Jameis Winston learned his lesson from all that altercation mess at Florida State?

So North Korea blames Obama for all the hacking and Internet shutdowns twice. And they throw shade of him with racism?!!!

Boston: with all due respect on the real, some of your sports folks acted racist this year. Why was that again with a black Canadian Hockey Player?

What was the so-called hype about Iggy Azalea being the greatest female rapper of all time this year? She hasn’t prove nothing to me yet!

From Immigration Reform, to the new deal with the US/Cuba: did the Obama Crew played the cards well despite of the haterism?

Are those in the Mary Jane States (yes you know who you are) having a ball with legalization with Marijuana?

Is Richard Sherman still that thug that many thought after the outburst he did against Michael Crabtree? Or what?

I know some Packer fans had to ask about Olivia Munn. Wait a second, who is Olivia Munn?!!!!

When MTV had the VMA’s on, did they actually KNEW who Robin Williams was?!

Was that Michael Jackson hologram really that creepy of “Slave to the Rhythm?”

Will Selma be a hit in 2015?

With all the “crimes” in the cities, what’s up with the drug problems in the suburbs?!!!

Should Roland Martin do more shows of a Bill Maher, a Dr. Phil, and others who don’t hardly get African-Americans like him on their shows?

MASSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA CALLOUT: Can we PLEASE use the “You’re” word on Facebook correctly as well as other forms of Social Media? Like for example, “You’re It!” Not “Your it”. Or “If you don’t follow me on so and so, you’re not welcome here no more. Not “If you don’t follow me on so and so your not welcome here no more.” We need to respell and check our words, folks! 

Really Sony? You didn’t like black actors like Denzel Washington? And you got hacked by the hacking nerds?!!

Can Facebook users please be polite and to kindly ask not to be so rude when game requests happen? (No need to be all dramatic and serious.)

Speaking of Facebook again: why do certain folks had to tell other folks to “stop getting smart” after a posting? Had that happen to me.

Was the phrase #ByeFelicia a new term saying you got kicked to the curb?

When William and Kate visited the U.S. (which was nice of them to visit) was it worth it with all the killings with the unarmed black folks being gunned down?

How will us Americans alike be with President Obama in his “4th Quarter” in 2015?

Is D’Angelo’s new joint a reminder of the 90’s? Besides Lady, Voodoo, Brown Sugar?

Speaking of President Obama again: when the issue of race comes up and many of us black folks feels that it’s killing us. So I ask: What do we want him to say?!!!!!

Are the protests of unarmed black men and unarmed black women being killed are getting attention in the cities nationwide, as well as worldwide? #HandsUpDontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe

When the MTV VMA’s happened after Beyonce got the last award before the show closed out, (probably winning the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award) and when Jay Z said she was the greatest living entertainer per say, has he forgotten about Patti LaBelle, Janet Jackson, and other black female artists that were and are blowing up before Beyonce?! I’m just saying.

So LeBron James goes home to Cleveland. Are you Cavalier fans happy?

Callout: Who did the Ice Bucket Challenge? Admit it. And who really donated to the ALS after finding out what it really is?

Did everyone had a chance to view the videos of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and the late Richard Pryor about being stopped by the Police and the beatings? (Hint, that was dug up this year after Michael Brown and Eric Garner died by the police)

Can the U.S. Mens Hockey team EVER get a black hockey player to help win the gold medal?

SHOUTOUT CALLOUT: For all my Sagittarius folks: was this year of the horse played the cards well, since part of our zodiac is a Centaur?

When folks had to dig up about certain challenges, or activities, and they tie that into slavery or bad incidents in black culture, WHERE ON EARTH IS THE MAIN SOURCE?!!

About that Fire Challenge: WHY?!!!!!!!!!

Who won the Gospel Challenge on Facebook?

Was Michael Sam really misunderstood as a player, or his gay lifestyle?

For those of us who go to Walmart in Milwaukee, what is up with the bootlegging folks? (All I hear: We got CD’s and Movies!)  Nobody has no time buying something that has your digital camcorder or computer virus on it!

Going back to November, actually the first Saturday in November, when many were watching SNL, did those who watched ACTUALLY wanted to see Prince or Chris Rock?

Can we African-Americans ever have a massive Mid-Term/Local Voter Turnout like the Presidential ones?

Why was Ald. Joe Davis of Milwaukee had to comment that The Milwaukee Streetcar had to be immoral, or in this case, racist? Plus comparing it to the Dontre Hamilton death? Really I had to shake and scratch my head on that one.

Was The Interview really THAT controversial?!!!!!

When folks comment about “being apart of the human race”, have they realized that it was black folks that started the human race, per say?

Is Annie a hit for the younger folks and young at heart?

Why are some folks are saying that Gov. Scott Walker is the “face of Wisconsin?” Knowingly his “state of the state speech” this year made no references about Milwaukee? And having NO Minorities on stage with him when making that speech?

Do I need to go up to UW-Stout and address the student body about real effects of Racism? Especially what happened on campus involving a Menomonie man making racial stuff against a 19-year-old black student?

Has those who accused President Obama of everything like unarmed black folks getting killed had realized that he is not at fault?

Can we grown folks let Sasha and Malia be teens for once?

So the FLOTUS spoke in Kansas this year. What was that fuss again?

Oh, is the State of Wisconsin really serious about bringing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Kenosha?

Booty is in! -Wait a minute, booty has always been in. Why is J-Lo and Iggy Azalea making it well known again, knowingly its been around since the first civilization of black people?

We all know that #AllLivesMatter, and #PoliceLivesMatter but why folks got to be against #BlackLivesMatter in a sense of being twisted and racist, which is not?

Was Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song really worse like “Looking A** N*gga?”

Is the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls still available to chant? Even after some of the girls were rescued?

Callout: When Milwaukee had no African World Festival this year, an Organization stepped in and put up a “Freedom Weekend” Event for three days back in August. Not a problem with that. But here is my question: Why would the owners or promoters trying to make those in Milwaukee to come out based on the comments and negative thoughts on Facebook in a negative fashion? Especially trying to make those to come to a press conference on a Friday Afternoon? Folks are at work!!!!! I’m sorry I didn’t go to the event.

Speaking of snakes: What is up with those who want to be eaten alive by an Anaconda?!!! Those snakes don’t play!

THIS JUST IN: Governor Walker just commented about the protests in Milwaukee. And to think he just called them the “HOOD PEOPLE.” SERIOUSLY?!!!! And this dude along with Sheriff Clarke’s idea of bringing in the National Guard if things got worse. 

In Florida: An attraction called Machine Gun America is open. Really?!!!

Why was #MyBrothersKeeper was very concerned among black women who didn’t have a say so?

Flu Shots were in effect again. But why were they not effective enough knowing the preaching of getting one?

The theme of “breaking the Internet” was rated with Kim Kardashian showing off that you know what cover. But…….was it really that necessary?

Callout: Democrats, can you please get your git together and not lose your seats in a Midterm?!!!

That Aaliyah movie though. Why was it trainwrecked?

When a 26 year old black Milwaukee man raped a girl at 10 years old (which was recent and true), why do some had to bust out the mantra of #BlackLivesMatter on this? From both black folks and white folks via social media?

CALLOUT: Are Streetcars REALLY a so-called boondoggle, or scam just to segregate folks like High Speed Rail? Or is it just talk of starting mess of not getting things done or trying something new?

Why were and are certain folks had to “redline” job seeking folks because of their address on their resumes?

Will body cameras be an assist to the Police when crimes happen?

Has the attention of Dontre Hamilton reached the attention of everyone yet in Milwaukee, in America, and our International folks?

ATTENTION NPHC MEMBERS: With all due respect to the colors and letters you wear with your goals and objectives, can you please also get in the action of these protests of the unarmed black men and women who got gunned down? And Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: word is that you had a hazing incident. Can you get your guys straight on that notion to clean it up?!!!!

Callout: Some folks had to bust out with the “Breathe Easy. Don’t break the law” slogan shirts like Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. Um, really?!!!!!  Or should I say to comment: Was that really stupid of a public official to state her liberties or her inappropriate commentary on Twitter about a black man’s death?!!!! And she had to use the #AllLivesMatter #PoliceLivesMatter thing. 

Can the Consumer Drones, or Parrot Drones, or Radio Shack drones, or DJI Drones be good money makers for jobs?

Will The TSU Social Universe be a new force for Social Media? In terms of paying the user of postings, etc?

Same as last year: Why can’t folks can’t be real with folks who are real? – church, the jobs, economic status, sex, etc?

Speaking of drones, why folks had to be all scared about those being filmed? Here is what I know, whenever you walk near a building or in a store, you will be on camera. And cameras are everywhere. So what’s the fuss?

And………Will 2015 be the G.O.A.T. (not just the animal)?


New feature this year: My own highlights of the year.

For this portion, 2014 was not too shabby this year for me. Outside of me blogging and fronting,  and in addition to my community stuff, I was featured for a Hallelujah Moment for the Wisconsin Conference UMC for my church’s Love Is Part Two event in Milwaukee. In relation to the highlights in talking about domestic violence. It was a real eye opener event that both Women and Men must continue to talk about, even with the church! And also, on November 8th of this year, I was one of the local community folks in Milwaukee that was recognized by the Northwest Side Community Development Center as a 2014 Unsung Hero Award recipient. Yes, I am an UnSung Hero for my work with Photography and among other ties along with my ability in the Milwaukee area. So shout out to all of my Unsung Heroes in Milwaukee, as well as a shout out for all of the folks who do work and don’t hardly get recognized for any work that is hidden or not mentioned! Plus also my current Pastor and Church First Lady had about 14 years of their ministry that was presented. They were honored on December 7th in Milwaukee for their work and on a high note, their last day is December 31st, 2014.

For those who have read this blog like over 10,000 times with Tumblr – Thank you!

For those who have read this blog for support and shoutout for music and radio, – Thank you for reading. And as a token of appreciation, I have made a Stephen’s Spot Photography on Facebook, so feel free to check it out. Who knows, maybe in the near future I might do some photo spots perhaps?

As far as my Alumni Stuff: This is for the Marshall Eagles. Back in August, my Alumni 90’s folks was supposed to have an Eagles picnic to reconnect with those near and far no matter what year. Unfortunately, that was cancelled due to some dumb stupid rumors about gangs, drugs, amount of people and etc at Cooper Park. Note to the committee of Cooper Park, that was not forgotten! Your park is everyone’s park and it does not partake to you and you only! But on the good side, us Eagles partied anyway before Thanksgiving and had a ball downtown Milwaukee. Shoutout to Karma Bar and Grill for having us to meet up and party!

And as far as the UW-Stout Alumni is concerned: It’s been a while, but since the Alumni Board has a new regime with a new director of the Alumni leading the pack, (plus a new Management director and Chancellor) they have been to Milwaukee this year. And HOPEFULLY improvements will be in order for the next. I’m still interested in seeing more of the Blue Devil Alumni! #stoutpride


And now…..those who have passed on.

Robin Williams

Joan Rivers

Joe Cocker

Ariel Sharon

Mae Young

Jim Hellwig – AKA The Ultimate Warrior

Shirley Temple Black

Oscar de la Renta

James Brady

Harold Ramis

Mickey Rooney

Dr. Maya Angelou

Ruby Dee

Casey Kasem

Tommy Ramone

James Gardner

Henry Lee Jackson – Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang

Eric Garner

Michael Brown, Jr.

Tamir Rice

Marion Berry

Thomas Eric Duncan

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Ann B. Davis

Those who have died in battle, war or tragedy.

Nelson Frazier, Jr. (aka King Mabel, Viscera, first black WWF King of the Ring, Men on a Mission)


Locally those in Milwaukee/Wisconsin that passed:

Annette Polly Williams – Wisconsin Legislature, supporter of School Choice, proud to be black!

Fuzzy Thurston – Green Bay Packers Legend

Nick Contorno – Band Director, Marquette University

F. Tom Ament – Former Milwaukee County Executive

Edward W. Smyth – First Black President of the Milwaukee Board of Realtors, Housing Advocate

Jasper Mathews – First black massage therapist in Milwaukee, YMCA Worker (Longtime Worker)

Nakila Robinson – Spoken Word Poet.

Ernie Von Schledorn – Legendary Car Dealer. “Who do you know who wants to buy or lease a car?”

Sierra Guyton – 10 years old killed on a Milwaukee Playground

Dontre Hamilton – 31 years old killed at Red Arrow Park by former police officer Christopher Manney

James Foley – Journalist that was beheaded by ISIS, and Marquette Alum.

Michael Hightower – Radio Personalty of Jammin’ 98.3.

Carl Zimmerman – Legendary Anchorman of WITI.

Laylah Peterson – 5 years old killed at her grandparents residence.

Bill Thao 1 year old killed at a relative’s residence.

Ken Kamau – 27 year teacher for the Milwaukee Public Schools, Soccer Coach, and a 2006 Milwaukee Marshall Alumni Faculty member of the Year.

One of my church members, Thurman Patton passed this year at age 96. He was a member of my church for numerous years, and was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII. His funeral back in July, at Milwaukee’s St. Mark’s AME Church was celebrated as he was the last twin brother to be memorialized. The final moments of his funeral was the Committal, in which the members of the United States Army Folded the flag into the triangle to be given to the family. Plus out of no where: a 21 gun salute was included with Taps. Also one of the men, who fired the guns came in and gave the bullets to the family as part of the service. This was a first time that I witnessed a Committal service in person for the final salute of the late Thurman Patton. I salute him for his service as well as those who have passed on of serving this country.

In closing: 2014 was one of those years that we walked through pain, fire and brimstone like the years past. But there were along the way, there were positives, and great stuff that happened. I ask again: Will 2015 be really, the GOAT? Start making room the records for future throwbacks!

If many in America has not noticed, the charge of Dontre Hamilton’s killer, Former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney will not be charged, and his notice of him in the act of shooting Dontre was justified. Many of us in Milwaukee had woke up with the news, around 8am Central Time probably getting out of bed, or going to the cubical before the holiday last minute party and actually heard that yes here it is again another cop (mainly another white cop) shoots an unarmed (UNARMED) black male in a public setting like a county park and the cop is not charged. The decision came from the announcement of County DA John Chisholm. Whom in the past had visits to black churches for votes. He and like others who supported the justification of Christopher Manney, is on the bubble. I sense that the DA might not be getting the votes in 2016. Oh, I know there are those again who are going to say and probably said, “What about black on black crime?” Why is it always the “white on black crime thing?” First of all, to all those who say that, I have two words to say, matter of fact I six words to comment:

That same old statement is clearly misguided!

All it is, is nothing more a mere excuse of changing the subject and trying cover up or not focus about the current subject at hand in regarding white cops beating and/or killing unarmed black folks. And to also whom feel it’s all smoke and mirrors, and thinking it shouldn’t be about color, or it’s all B.S. – WAKE UP! I don’t care if you’re black yourself or mexican, or any other race that the subject may not matter to you, trust me it will matter one way or the other. You can’t turn it off instantly and say, “Oh there is no real racism!” I call B.S. on that as a black man! And I don’t care if a certain comment is on Youtube or Facebook! I see those bogus comments. That is just as bogus like Scott Walker wanting to plant trouble makers in crowds. Oh wait, he did mention that in a “fake phone call” to one of the Koch Brothers per say.

And plus, the subject of Black on Black Crime has been mentioned too many times. Some folks are just late!

What we have heard this morning in Milwaukee, yes Dontre Hamilton’s murdering hand is still free. And the family of Dontre Hamilton will have to look this week being without him around the Christmas week. That empty space in the house, that spot where he used to play his games, or whatever is going to be a different scene. They might even go to the gravesite on Christmas Day to lay flowers on his grave which might be the hardest and most difficult thing this family has to go through. And for those Milwaukeeans or Greater Milwaukeeans, or the so proud Wisconsinites who have to shame the Hamilton family of all of this, I don’t want to hear your mouths. Matter of fact, don’t even wake up on Christmas and just lie in the bed and marinate. And this is for those who have to respond to the defensive statement of “I have alot of black friends” clearly the misguideness is sinking in. What would the black friends say?

Many have probably stated that Dontre “was a thug.” Or “he deserved to be killed in all”. Ummmmm, no. If those who say that, really don’t know jack about him, his upbringing, family and many others.

We all know this is not going away. And I hate to say that Former Officer Christopher Manney is a walking target. Just like Darren Wilson, the officer who choked out Eric Garner, George Zimmerman, and a host of others who were either cops or a certain watch person, is under the microscope all having the mentality. This mentality is getting away with the murder crap is nothing more than a mere shield that needs to be taken down and to be shown for what it really is: Immorality, ignorance, denial, and most of all: inexcusable matters of justice. Now since this happen, cameras have gone up at Red Arrow Park. I kid you not. When that was announced, my question as well as many others in the city, where was these cameras BEFORE Dontre Hamilton was kllled?! Explain that! So after Dontre gets killed, it’s likely that cameras might be instilled at every Milwaukee County Park. Yes, you heard it here first! Plus also today, there was a March downtown, along MLK Drive (yes, Milwaukee has a MLK Drive) near a church in the same area for a meeting, and ended at Red Arrow Park where it all started. And even started at the direct spot in the park where Dontre was gunned down once again: 14 times.

Furthermore as of December 23rd: there was another march that took place downtown, even at the Bradley Center yet again. One man who was interviewed on the local news attended the Bucks game with his grandchildren, ripped his ticket up not because of going into the Bradley Center, but to realize that the concerns of unarmed folks getting killed was far more important than seeing the Basketball game. Here is the part where I get the preaching: Many times on this blog I have stated to all those folks asking or commenting about going to ball games when stuff like unarmed black men getting killed or the issue or racism comes up, the phrase I say is ringing true, “Ball games are not going to save you!” I’m sure the man who ripped his ticket up probably paid a good chunk of change for it, but realized that the issues of black men getting killed is a far more serious matter. How many of us ever wanted to rip up a ticket to Miller Park or even Lambeau Field just to say or implement to a greater cause that many are silent! Ponder that on Christmas Morning.  PLUS here’s a first: even at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa that had the march/die in protest for about 15 minutes. This was done during when the patrons were shopping for Christmas and mall was shut down. I wouldn’t be surprised IF and this a MAJOR IF: the malls of Brookfield Square or Bayshore Town Center would get the same treatment. Either way, folks are going to know!

Here it is America: lynching black folks is back. And it has a new twist just like redlining folks for jobs. I know I should be in the spirit of getting ready for Christmas, but knowing when Christmas 2014 is done, yes we all know that Kwanzaa is coming for seven days, and yes, New Years is not far from behind. But in the middle, this will make the worst list number of 2014 along with the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tasir Rice, and a host of others of black decent that had not came back alive due to the acts of injustice.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and above all else: The Struggle Continues!

I know I’m a little late on the scene with this, but I’m going to comment this hashtag: #BlackLivesMatter. And it does matter as much as any matter of human folks there is. Between the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, their deaths have really sparked an new genesis in terms that livelihoods of African Americans do indeed matter. Or black folks in general have lives matter. Now for those who feel that when you see the words: Black Lives Matter in one sentence, don’t go off by saying “Go get a job!” And don’t go by saying “Let’s go to a ball game!”Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus I’ll dive in on the #ICantBreathe hashtag.

Let’s cut through the smoke here. Why this hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter? Why does it all have to be about Black Lives? I can hear some folks saying that now. Even I shouldn’t be talking about this during Sagittarius/Advent/Christmas season, but no matter the season, the concerns of the cries that scream out #BlackLivesMatter does not matter what season, era, generation, holiday, turn of the century, or any other change in generation! It does not matter! I stand with my black brothers and sisters who say or display #BlackLivesMatter not because they are black. I stand with them because it’s an issue, a concern, a right, and a expression that issues(racism, discrimination, wrongfully accused) need to be clarified and justified in this country that is known to be the United States of America. This past July, I posted about yes America is 238, BUT……..the struggle continues. And since then, the struggle has continued. Personally I have to ask, when a group per say of those whom are not black when things like this comes up, why the denial? What is it that there are not understanding? And no, having black friends do not count! They don’t! Saying the words, #BlackLivesMatter is not racist. It’s not to further divide anyone from anything. And neither not to have the “human power” effect. When other folks say or display #BlackLivesMatter, in my view that is saying that black folks in America have issues and concerns that many need to pay attention too just like everyone else.

Do I have issues?

Do I have concerns?

Do I have problems that need to be addressed?

You bet your Christmas bonuses from work I do!

And yes, my life, #MyBlackLife does indeed matter. Just last week Friday on December 5th, I turned 38 years old. And yes while I was and currently celebrating/observing my birthday (which you can still celebrate all month long), I was looking at a realization that yes #MyBlackLife Matters. Even though I’m about two ticks from 40, (hard to believe), my black life still matters in all angles! Real truth. There were times I felt attacked about my distance education in College, being in a store of racially profiled in thinking I’m going to snag someone’s purse from a non-black shopper. And also I was discriminated in finding a job among with other 390 plus black folks in the Wisconsin in trying to find work! Even though the civil rights case was ended with many of us getting 5G’s (aka $5,000 dollars) but the factor of race with #BlackLivesMatter is still out on the tables and the discussions must continue! No matter the family, neighbor, church, community, and if you’re part of the Divine 9, that matters also. Especially those of the groups of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororites whom their leaders told the members not to wear the letters while the protests are happening. Let me say this that it’s not what is on the outside in wear your letters, symbols or colors, it should be about what is in your heart! I don’t care what the leaders say, go out and protest anyway! Speaking of that, I see the Zetas with the colors and letters on, and joining the cause in this, what about Sigma Gamma Rho? And to the Fraternities: Alphas, Kappas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, and yes Iotas. Where are you?  Are you in this? With or without your letters and colors? I’m just asking! Martin Luther King Jr himself was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and yes he protested! And I must ask of those who are the OES, and also the Masons. Are you down?

This just in: As I was going to bed, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had reversed their stance on members wearing the letters. Good for them!  For Delta Sigma Theta, according to their Facebook page message, they can wear the colors, but not the letters.

Now to switch the gears: #ICantBreathe.

Why this? These were the words that Eric Garner said before the NYPD choked him out to his death earlier this year. And the cop who did part of that, has been off the hook with no indictment. Shades of Michael Brown with Darren Wilson. Shades of Rodney King with the LAPD and Stacey Koon. Shades of Dontre Hamilton when former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney shot him over 10 times at Red Arrow Park. Many of us in Milwaukee are still talking about it and protesting his Dontre’s untimely death by Manney’s hand. Also, last weekend and part of this week, I’ve seen players from the NBA and some of the NFL dawning the warm up shirts featuring the words: I Can’t Breathe on the front. Now many probably crying foul over the message, but the message is catching on. No matter whom or what is on it. Take for example, LeBron James. He had on a I Can’t Breathe message on his shirt and Lord and behold, here comes the haters out of Fox News and led by Geraldo Rivera. Why is he still working? Geraldo had to comment that LeBron needed to wear a “need to be a better father” shirt. Really, Fox News and Geraldo?!!! This is the same fool that got jacked up on his own show 20 plus years ago. And the thing is, he always believed that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t had on a hoodie the night George Zimmerman killed him. Typical Fox News. The same network that still has black folks on the neck of things they don’t understand. And I often wonder what do the black commentators on Fox News are thinking? Never mind. There was a time I watched Fox News after 9/11 but after all the mess they comment about blacks, I flipped the dial. And plus don’t get me started about Sheriff David Clarke making an appearance. Wait until my next commentary.

But getting back to the #ICantBreathe message. Keep in mind, Eric Garner said that 11 times. And also, his daughter Erica, was pictured lying down at the exact same spot where her father was choked out by the NYPD! The families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown this year has to look at those empty spaces in the house and the rooms, where they used chill and its going to be hard! The holidays are here and they are not here to celebrate Christmas due to the acts of Darren Wilson, and Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Plus the Dontre Hamilton Family has to looked at an empty spot in the house and its a hard spot to look at due to the hand and the gun of former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney.

This weekend, there will be protests in Washington DC and New York City. Plus other cities. And on Sunday, after church service nationwide, the black churches as well as the faith community will stand in solidarity of the #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe messages. Plus also, note to the Church folks: Wear Black!