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If anybody in Milwaukee had a chance to listen to what Conservative Mark Belling had to say about the late Derek Williams, you really had to hear one of the most dispiciable comments ever. I am not a fan of Conservative Radio. Period. Espeically in Milwaukee. And for the record, I’m not a fan of Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna and etc.

What Mark Belling said, for those who want to know, this is his comment in regarding Derek Williams taken from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mark Belling calls Derek Williams a  dirty rotten thug

Or from the blog: “The reason that this is getting so much attention is because this is the police,” he said. “We toss our cookies when a dirty, rotten thug dies because of the negligence of police, but the same people who want to scream and yell and accuse the police officers of homicide for not intuiting that this piece of garbage actually was sick instead of faking want to cut all the slack in the world to the gang bangers who get their wrists slapped every time they take a pot shot. Or the people who injure innocent civilians when they are shooting at someone else in drive-bys.” 

And then he continues by stating about mothers: “the pigs of mothers who are too lazy to put their children in a crib and roll over the top of them while sleeping on a futon on the floor.”


This is what, you know…….. I’m switching it up. Mark Belling has been a “Conservative Controversial Talk Show Host” in Milwaukee for a while. This is not new. Technically, he’s like the local Rush Limbaugh of Milwaukee along with the same angle with Charlie Sykes. I’m just saying. I don’t listen to him. I’m not a fan of his. Never been. No question he will be facing heat. One thing about this also as I was reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Comments, one commented user “DrewH” supports Mark Belling as being a racist. EXCUSE ME?!!!!! How in the holy hell you want to support this talk show host in terms in terms of racism? Oh it’s the Freedom of Speech thing. Well guess what. The person who wrote the blog, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalist, has also freedom of speech also. Gina Barton, has the right and accountability of the newspaper has this as well. Me, writing this blog has the Freedom of Speech thing too with accountability.  But unlike this “DrewH” or whatever his name is, does not. That double edge sword is mighty sharp!

Yes, Derek Williams may had his run with the law, per say, but the result of his death while having his breathing problems in a squad car, without the police coming to him and letting him try to breathe some air is highly unacceptable. Matter of fact, why did they had to wait for the Milwaukee Fire Department to come out with paramedic assistance while this dude was dying in the squad car? That too is unacceptable!

Just tonight, at the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters Hall in Milwaukee, there was a showing of the almost 1:00 hour footage of the police squad car video of the Milwaukee Police Department’s arrest and investigation of Derek Williams’ arrest. After that, there were tensions, there were sadness coming from the family, there were folks saying “TURN IT OFF!” “TURN IT OFF!” in regarding the video.  Plus, there were talks about of not all of the Milwaukee Police Department are bad officers. The ones who beat up Frank Jude Jr in 2004 were dirty. I went there! The ones who left Ernest Lacy in the police wagon back in 1981, when I was like 5 years old, was dirty. Research Ernest Lacy’s death in Milwaukee if you want. His death and Derek Williams’ death are similar in some ways of the ending result.

No question those involved will be investigated. And plus what was Chief Ed Flynn’s response of this? And I dare ask what is the Mayor’s final result would be? And acceptably, are the citizens or will the citizens hold those in charge in the city more accountable of the result? If we can get behind the NFL and hold the NFL accountable of the Scabbing Referees costing the Green Bay Packers a W early in the season, why not this?

We’ll see.  Hopefully justice will be done.

Taking a break from my reasons of tracking Barack Obama for a moment in terms of community stuff.

Milwaukee: what is wrong here? Seriously, not to call them out, but our Milwaukee Police Department needs to have more accountability. There was an uproar of this incident that occurred  last year, but has surfaced this year. The incident concerning the late Derek Williams, an African American male being in the squad car handcuffed and not breathing last year, is truly disturbing. I’m not calling a thing of smoke and mirrors, but this really pathetic of them being unaccountable of their actions and work. Those officers need to have their badges taken away, or matter of fact, fired on the spot. I as a citizen and a taxpayer (that’s right a taxpayer) must see more justice brought to the attention of these officers.

For those who want to know why I’m writing this, take a look at this video that is not only making Milwaukee talk, but also America talk.

Milwaukee Police squad video: In-custody death of Derek Williams

This video was going on during the same weekend when the President was here campaigning. No, the President is not to blame for this. I like everyone else was just waking up to this and still being talked about right now. But before you watch the video – DISCLAIMER ALERT: The video is straight up graphic. If you are “Extremely Highly Sensitive” about videos like this, do not (I repeat) DO NOT watch this video. Plus, for those under 18, stay off! I am serious! Only for the mature folks.

And after watching this, what’s the deal Milwaukee? What are we going to do about it? And what are the so-called Republicans who like to parade around with the 47% victims speeches in all are saying? Do they care? And what about the other political parties? And those who like to flee from the city? Stand up Milwaukee! No more of this “get behind now and leave later” stuff. And I dare say it’s not a boondoggle!