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By now, the final leg to Christmas is here. Many are out getting gifts or making that donation popping. But whatever it is, it’s almost the day in which grandma’s house will be visited, light speed to the tree will be at full throttle force. The anticipation of the excitement once again that this Holy Day of Jesus’ birth is mysterious, but is the greatest holiday of all time.

But like before: I still got questions and scratching my head!

For all of us December born males, does this matter? #12thMonthRockers


Does us in the Sagittarius game have a plan that things will be better in 2018? Keep slinging those arrows.♐♐♐♐

Did I had a good birthday on December 5th? Possibly, yes.♐

OK hold up: who is really watching and hating the Hallmark Christmas Movies?🎄❄🎄❄

Again I need to ask, are there other stories to read besides the same ol stories? Time to bust the bubble and extend the homework. Literally.

Not lame: but I only see a few African Americans in these Hallmark Christmas Shows. Why is that?

In history, the Green Bay Packers are so Dangerous in December. But not this year as much. Why?!!!!

Who really gets the Christmas Gifts: those who have nothing newborns or those who have been in the struggle?

Will fake news actually disappear from Facebook, Google or any other news outlet that has real news like last year?

What was the really best stories that captured 2017? More on that later.

With all the snow jobs lately, should there be a reduction in taxes? And should there be snow cycles for fun and at a cheap price? Still waiting for the snow cycle!

Is DirecTV Now still holding up well? I may need to subscribe.

With some of the black population supporting Donald Trump, what will be outcome of what they think they might get, knowing that part of it will get screwed later on?

With all the Christmas stuff now coming down percentage-wise, is it wise NOW to get them for next year? Think about it!

Question: They say that the females have to take over for the men for doctor appointments. My question is, are these the same type of females that really hate men? Be real honest ladies.💊

Last year many of you black queens say you love us black kings, right? Can you takes us out to lunch or dinner or a movie or have an appreciation day that YOU will be paying? Don’t just say you love us kings, show it!🍴

I know this might be old, but what is it about black women or certain type of black women who have this inner hate on black men who date other races? I mean I’m just asking what is the hold up on it? And where is the “hate” coming from? Generational? Cliques?

Many should realize that Canada does have racism like America almost, right?

Still asking: Should the Greater Milwaukee Area get a Hard Rock Café (not the Casino due to Walker’s dumb decision) in order to get Milwaukee on the map more? THINK on this Milwaukee. Hate going to other cities for the Hard Rock fun!

Best Christmas Carol?

Best Holiday Movie?

What is real hate against Obamacare?

By the end of 2017, will you really have all those 2018 resolutions in tact, knowing that many of us WILL NOT due all the things on that list? (lose weight, stop smoking, find this and that…..)

You do realize that when new years comes, you have to start filing taxes right? Keywords: TAX TIME BALLERS! 💸

Oh, many should know, but you know that 2018 is a midterm voting year, right?

Why is the Salvation Army having a hard time with the kettle donations?

So there are those still are at “war” on Christmas. For what pry-tell reason why? Bitterness perhaps?

Hanukkah is done. Christmas will be done and Kwanzaa will finish it by New Years Day. Questions?

Will us Sagittarius folks keep slinging the arrows everyday? Now that our season once again is in the books! ♐♐♐♐♐♐

Did Christmas did you well?

For the holiday jobs folks, how well did you do?

OK last question: and this is for all the cold snow haters. If you are one of the many that hate cold weather so much, then why you don’t say much about………Hot weather? Just wait until Spring/Summer 18. I’ll hold you to that.

So, yet again: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad to all. 🎄❄🎄❄🎄❄🎁

Can I say this along with my Milwaukee peeps: WE GOT THIS!

This past weekend, a weekend after my Birthday, still in Sagittarius Mode with the bows and arrows up. Still in the 9th zodiac season with the centaur roaming. Still in the season in celebrating the birth of Christ.

BUT, On the real:

This past weekend, there were 250 Men, and 250 Boys. Mentors and Mentees. In Tuxedos. Going to dinner. To the Art Museum and having a positive time in town. It was the WE GOT THIS! Movement, with the 500 Black Tuxedos.

I saw in the pics of activists, men from different professions, and also those younger were treated on the town in the city of Milwaukee. This wasn’t just on the town roaming the streets, this was about a movement. The most powerful shot of the boys and men, were indeed African-American and of course it looked like this (Via The Because Of Them We Can FB Page):

Now a lot of you outside of Milwaukee had to ask, what’s this? What’s all this “We Got This” mentality in a city that it’s all segregation, high unemployment, homicide rates up near 140, and most of all what’s going to happen when the tuxedos come off, then what?

For all those chimed in about the hate of this event, you need to shut your mouths! I was on Facebook under the Because of them We Can Fan Page, (by the way for those who picked up this footage of my city with this event, THANK YOU!) And apparently there was a lot of mixed emotions about black men and black boys being in tuxes and of course being so negative about this event that many had to criticize.

For you residents outside of Milwaukee, you didn’t help squat. How come is it that when stuff like this happens for a reason of positiveness, why all the negative commentary? What is up with all the negativity about something positive about BLACK MEN and BLACK BOYS getting  together for a movement and a moment like this? I know this probably came from some sheltered white folks, but also sheltered BLACK WOMEN! What is wrong with you?! And those again whom say this, are just looking at the footage, the pics and have to shoot off at the mouth about something positive for black men and boys that happened. Is there negativity about stuff like this when black women and girls do this?! Tell me I’m wrong!

I have a saying in regarding this: If you aren’t helping, you’re hurting.You are hurting with your words and commentary! You are just sitting in the corner with the tongues out and just lashing at something that YOU didn’t work for! Always bringing us down.

And it’s a shame that even in 2015 going forward to 2016 that this attitude of hate is still here. When is this going to stop?!

Black Women, and others who criticize this via Social Media, (who probably don’t live in Milwaukee) maybe you need to look in the mirror! Seriously. After reading some of your negative commentary on this Facebook page, and others pages on Social Media, maybe you need to rethink and ask what is thing is really about. And oh, I’m betting you’re the ones who had to go in on your sons like, “you just like your daddy!” speeches. Or wishing that they look like prisoners or thugs on the dang street! Other races, this means you also. Some of these dudes in the pic might be your son’s or daughter’s friend in class or that mentor that’s always asking how’s school in all. Some of the men in this pic have Alumni Connections with me though my old High School in Milwaukee and yes they have done the old HS proud by committing their time and effort for those young men who didn’t have a father figure to grow up with. And as far as these young men, I hope that this day should teach them that they have a chance to be the next in line for leadership in this country of great expectations! Black women, is that what you want for your sons? Ask my mother and father, who raised me all of my 39 years.

But I will agree with the one statement that yes, it’s going to take more than one day of 500 Tuxedos to ease the pain, segregation, high unemployment, violence, and tension in Milwaukee. That part we know. But for the antagonists who have lashed out at this: What do you got? What do you have to offer AFTER the Tuxedos have been taken off and back to renters? What do you have to offer to the BLACK MEN and BLACK BOYS of Milwaukee in terms of this Movement? What you do you have?!!!

Oh that’s right, nothing!

We will see this again,  but until then: The struggle continues! Even for a day of 500 Tuxedos that is getting national attention. You other cities and states take notes. And haters, keep passing that ammunition. Just to let those know, that it’s just beginning.

So like the saying goes: WE GOT THIS!