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I’m about to laugh here. What is wrong with us America? I’m reading the articles online about President Obama called California AG Kamala Harris in his words “the best looking AG in California”. And lot of the folks had to get an attitude about what the President said. This is by far the worst reaction of a good complement EVER! And it wasn’t sexist. I don’t think the leader of the free world has to apologize for what he said out of context. Oh, I know, Yes he’s the President and yes has to watch his lips while speaking. But for this, OH COME ON! Don’t we have better things to worry about? I mean today, the job numbers came out and the Month of March made about 88,000 jobs. While, on the unemployment side, it was at 7.6% nationally. And what about the proposed cuts, the stabilizing of Organizing for Action, and getting folks back to work? Or the ObamaCare thing that cure pre-existing conditions? Remember that? Or the Immigration Reform? I could care less about what Obama said about Kamala Harris, but I am really concerned about his last 4 years before 2016. The jobs, healthcare, social security, or get this, there are those on the other side of the aisle that refuse to work with him “just because he’s black.” Or hey gun nuts, he wants to take your guns away and do background checks! Just for the record, the President IS NOT going to take your guns away. Stop It. That is just as paranoid as this comment about Kamala Harris. Now if he were to say that Senator Tammy Baldwin is the best looking Senator from Wisconsin, I would not be offended.

All of this is nothing more than sensitive crap. That’s what it is. Sensitive CRAP! It’s nothing. I hear this all the time. This is no gaffe. Now when you take George W. Bush about calling someone a A-hole back in 2000, or having hot mic swearing like a sailor. Oh, but those don’t want to talk about that. But when its someone who’s a different shade of color, and ruling the United States as President, says something that is out of context without any harm or concern, folks got to get upset. Just like during the campaign when mentioned in Rolling Stone about Mitt Romney. Oh the “Bull-Sh**tter comment. Remember that? And guess what? Obama was re-elected for another 4 years.

So this so-called sexist gaffe is nothing more than a smoke screen that is getting weed whacked in the vineyard. Nothing new.