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We know that yes, Christmas is coming up. Matter of fact is coming so quick you’ll be watching “Its a Wonderful Life” over and over again like crazy. And Home Alone. And the Hallmark Christmas Shows. And those Christmas Commercials. Oh yeah, Christmas is coming with all the bells and whistles. Likewise: With all the still problems of Government Shutdowns, folks stealing packages and wrecking Black Santas, and other things that folks are somewhat conscious of in a demeaning manner, guess what: I’m scratching my head again!

What was the best Christmas Commercial of all time……IN Milwaukee?

So the infamous Scrooge of 45 is doing a Government Shut Down before the holiday. Man, what’s up with the bonuses?!

Oh, Hey December folks: Did we party or still partying?

There will be those who will try to dampen the spirit of Christmas of “exposing the truth” in all. Sigh… these are the boring folks with nothing to do or didn’t get enough attention growing up?

For us Sagittarians: did we shoot our arrows well in our Season of Centaurs?

What is the best Christmas Commerical right now?

Getting back to the best gifts, which was the best gift that many Wisconsin voters got?

Speaking of Scrooges: so Scott Walker had to pull a rigged stipulation to limit the governor powers of the next soon to be Governor Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul. Anyone agree that its a farce against our democracy?
Ok, what was the best Christmas Commercial of all time in a national sense?

What crime was committed when Pastor John Gray presented his wife a Lamborghini SUV that cost about $200,000?!! What was the crime spree of this?! And this is for those who don’t do church or didn’t get the memo that the amount paid for the car WAS NOT USED BY THE CHURCH! Get your facts straight, instigators. You don’t know anything! And no, I’m not defending Pastor John Gray.

The only question I have in this so-called Government Shutdown: Where’s the Government Worker’s Christmas Bonuses that should have counted?

So Kevin Hart is not hosting next year’s Oscars all because of what he said years ago about the LGBTQ Community. Since when that became a stipulation of this? Look to my LGBTQ folks who have been hurt on that, how do you heal from this? While knowing that Kevin’s part had to be turned down?

Why do those on the international side look at American Scholarships knowing that they are NOT U.S. Citizens? Just asking for a future writer! Not to take away opportunities abound. But yes, they do have Scholarships for those who do Education abroad. Just saying.

Alright, why is Fortnite a thing now?

How do folks that are Anti-Tech going positive for Emails? Do they know that using Email is part of technology?

It’s funny though I already forgot that Christmas was fastly approaching. Has anyone felt that on a hilarious tip? We know it’s coming. Prepare for your minds to be warped!

When folks wrap the gifts, has the message already been told?

You know anyone that is gift giving is really a Santa Claus, right?

Folks, I’m getting mad at this: why many of you smell like weed in the store? I mean doesn’t matter if it’s at Walmart, Target, Pick N’ Save or any store or driving in the car and the smell from other vehicles draws a bad stench. Seriously folks, what is the real deal?!!! Clean up!

Is the WWE ready for another Christmas Eve Monday Night Raw?

Seriously asking, so is being an Introvert really getting a negative feeling of looking for jobs? As well as looking forward to the holidays?

Every company needs a Christmas Bonus rule. Yeah, I said it. What about yours?

Alright: who saw Aquaman? Or Bumblebee? Or both Aquaman and Bumblebee? Do not comment on what happens! No hints, nor clues, please. Keep it to yourselves!

Will there a be another Scratching my Head All this time blog before the year is out? Of course.

Is it really fronting to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Season’s Greetings? You realize that saying Happy Holidays – is a holy day. Run away, atheists.

This is the main question here: And this is for those who are so curious about it. What is it about folks looking at the Haka Dances on the internet? You know it’s not a new thing out now. Don’t even front.

Way before the Hip Hop of things merged with Christmas, which hip-hop song surged a spark for the Holiday? (Older heads, this may not be for you)

According to the United Methodist Church Website, you realized that folks have sung, signed, or played Silent Night for 200 years?

Oh, over in Oregon a black couple’s Black Santa Claus display was damaged. Racism as it’s finest. Does anyone realize that there are BLACK SANTAS that can be displayed, right?!

Easy question here: we heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (whom I’m just now hearing don’t judge), Run DMC, Boyz II Men (25 Years since Christmas Interpretations) The Temptations, James Brown, Jackson 5, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Vanessa Williams, and countless others who have given us memorable Christmas jams on rotation every season.

In with that: Who agrees with this list? Challenge Me!

  1. Christmas in Hollis – Run D.M.C.
  2. Boyz II Men – Silent Night/Let it Snow
  3. TLC – Sleigh Ride
  4. James Brown – Santa Claus goes straight to the Ghetto/Soulful Christmas
  5. Jackson 5 – Santa Claus is coming to Town/
  6. Luther Vandross – Every Year, Every Christmas
  7. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas
  8. The Temptations – Silent Night
  9. Donny Hathaway – This Christmas
  10. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Just Another Christmas Song
  11. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Jam; Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)
  12. Vanessa Williams – What Child Is This?
  13. Otis Redding – Merry Christmas, Baby
  14. Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmastime
  15. Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  16. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’
  17. Kenny G – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  18. EnVogue – Silent Night
  19. Aretha Franklin – The Lord Will Make A Way
  20. New Edition – All I want for Christmas is my girl
  21. John Legend – What Christmas Means To Me (with Stevie Wonder)
  22. Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song
  23. Outkast – Players Ball (The Christmas Bells Version)
  24. Earth, Wind and Fire – December (Based on September)
  25. Whitney Houston – Deck The Halls/Silent Night

Oh, and the Movies you asked? My top ten.

  1. Home Alone
  2. Home Alone 2
  3. Scrooged
  4. Almost Christmas
  5. This Christmas
  6. Die Hard/Die Hard 2
  7. Lethal Weapon
  8. Friday After Next
  9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  10. A Christmas Carol

Speaking of Lethal Weapon: Why wasn’t that movie added to the Christmas Movies List?!!! It’s not just Die Hard!

Hey Grinches: you realize after taking or stealing packages off of porches, you’re being really dumb right now, correct? And houses are getting security cameras with doorbells! With Cops!

Which TV shows in history has been always a Christmas feel to it? Don’t act like you know. Even some black shows had a Christmas feel to it.

This needs to be asked: why the fascination of Michelle Obama’s $4,000 boots? Asking for a friend! We all love Michelle, but just asking. Except for the haters who just hate a Black Woman Former FLOTUS on fleek.

And the last and final question on point: Kids, are you ready for Santa? (Even though it’s a creation of imagination)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all: a good reading!

By now, the final leg to Christmas is here. Many are out getting gifts or making that donation popping. But whatever it is, it’s almost the day in which grandma’s house will be visited, light speed to the tree will be at full throttle. The anticipation of the excitement once again that this Holy Day of Jesus’ birth is mysterious, but is the greatest holiday of all time.

But like before: I still got questions!

For all of us December born males, does this matter?


Does us in the Sagittarius game have a plan that things will be better? Keep slinging the arrows.♐♐♐♐

Did I had a good birthday on December 5th? Celebrating that 40th Milestone? ♐

OK hold up: who is really watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies?🎄❄🎄❄

Again I need to ask, are there other stories to read? Time to bust the bubble. Literally.

Not lame but I only see a few African Americans in these Hallmark Christmas Shows. Why is that?

Will you really miss Obama after this SNL Christmas Skit?

In history, the Green Bay Packers are so Dangerous in December. True?

So the Electoral College (as from those who hate it) should be abolished. Um did the EC actually worked when Obama got elected?

Milwaukee, remember we Generation X folks had all this fun? Read this article from one of our black radio hosts from WNOV on

Who really gets the Christmas Gifts: those who have nothing or those who have been in the struggle?

Will fake news actually disappear from Facebook, Google or any other news outlet that has real news?

What was the really stories that captured 2016? More on that later.

With all the snow jobs lately, should there be a reduction in taxes? And should there be snow cycles for fun and at a cheap price?

Is DirecTV Now holding up well? I may need to subscribe.

With some of the black population supporting Donald Trump, what will be outcome of what they think they might get, knowing that part of it will get screwed?

With all the Christmas stuff now coming down percentage-wise, is it wise NOW to get them for next year?

They say that the females have to take over for the men for doctor appointments. My question is, are these the same type of females that really hate men? Be real ladies.💊

You black queens say you love us black kings. Can you takes us out to lunch or dinner or a movie that YOU will be paying? Don’t just say you love us, show it!🍴

I know this might be old, but what is it about black women or certain type of black women who have this hate on black men who date other races? I mean I’m just asking what is the hold up on it? And where is the “hate” coming from?

I have to ask this also: those of us in America is thinking about moving to Canada, due to Trump’s win. What’s in Canada?

YAHOO: What is wrong with you?!

Many should realize that Canada does have racism like America almost, right?

Should the Greater Milwaukee Area get a Hard Rock Café (not the Casino due to Walker’s dumb decision) in order to get Milwaukee on the map more? THINK on this Milwaukee. Hate going to other cities for the Hard Rock fun!

What is real hate against Obamacare?

By the end of 2016, will you really have all those 2017 resolutions in tact, knowing that many of us WILL NOT due all the things on that list? (lose weight, stop smoking, find this and that…..)

Should Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke be fired for all those deaths in County Jail? 

You do realize that when new years comes, you have to start filing taxes right? TAX TIME BALLERS! 💸

Oh, many don’t know, but 2017 is a mini voting year? Not for President, but look in your communities.

Why is the Salvation Army having a hard time with the kettle donations?

Should all NFL or celebs dive in the Salvation Army kettle for the donations?

So there are those still are at war on Christmas. For what pry-tell reason why? Bitterness perhaps?

So Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa will all start and end by New Years Day. Questions?

Will us Sagittarius folks keep slinging the arrows everyday? Now that our season is in the books! ♐♐♐♐♐♐

OK last question: and this is for all the cold snow haters. If you are one of the many that hate cold weather so much, then why you don’t say much about………Hot weather?  Just wait until Spring/Summer 17. I’ll hold you to that.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad to all. 🎄❄🎄❄🎄❄🎁











Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014-The year of the Horse

It’s another year. Another time to run the gambit. Another chance to resolve. Now, let me do the “Traditional Stephen’s Spot” listing of things that I want to see and don’t want ever see again in 2014. Seven to see, and seven I don’t want to see!  So here we go: 


For the seven I want to see:

1) I want to see more job opportunities for us Americans. Especially African-Americans who are still struggling to find work. And also since the Affordable Care Act is in effect, get checked!!! No more waiting around to see if your existing condition or physical is non negotiable. Just saying. In regarding work, Milwaukee NEEDS MORE CAREERS  THAN JOBS that can stick! We know that Wisconsin is a Work at Will state meaning that your job could be gone like in 3 weeks or 3 months. Get a Career that can stick on you for 15 – 20 years to help to pay off a Student Loan Debt.

2) I want to see more chance of citizens to get active. Not just on a “seasonal effect.” But everyday. Like getting folks out to vote, perhaps? Or better yet, get your relatives together and do some stuff. Family meetings, trips, outings or many other things you haven’t tried.

3) If you going to use “your” in your sentence: CORRECTLY USE IT! Especially those who use Social Media. I mean many of the spellings need to be screaming to say, you need to go back and relearn how to spell! Jeez!

4) If those on the Hyper Sensitive Side thinks that certain things or objects will bother them, in the year of what they don’t understand: Heed my advice – Please, and I mean this in a sense of understanding: GET YOUR LIFE! I don’t have to like what story or topic that is not pleasing to me, I use the K.I.M. effect. As in Keep It Movin.  Can that be done? I don’t care if it’s Technology, or what was said on Facebook, or what was indicated in the past. Or maybe what could have been. I know that the ghosts of the past might play a role of barriers, but still move on it! Ain’t nobody got time for hyper sensitiveness! I’m just saying! Word to those who are “GHOST FOLLOWERS” if someone on a list is criticizing you or a group of you that is hating you that you don’t show your pics public on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, I’m just saying: Check them out first, and if you like what they display, then you can like and show! And if not, move forward. That’s right I said it! And furthermore, what is a Ghost Follower, anyway?!! School me on that.

5)  The Black Clubs of Milwaukee must stand up to the intolerance of racial angles from those who think the clubs are for those who shoot up and get drunk. 2013 was one of those years that it was talked about. Let 2014 start a new fire to strike back for the clubs in the brew city.

6) VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!  2014 is a Midterm Voting year. If those of us were sick and tired of the “Tea Party Tidalwave” from 2010-2011, get out and vote. Even though that Obama is not on the ballot, but your Aldermans, Mayors, or yet Governors are on the ticket for their jobs. Wisconsin: if you don’t like Scott Walker – GET HIM OUT! Have that “Anybody but Walker” on your mindset when going to the polls this year.  This part is for America only.

7) Come up with new stuff.  I mean that is an ongoing thing. Help out your Alumni groups of forming new ideas. Along with churches. 2014 maybe one of those years that changes could happen upfront. Or take time.  Or get this: If you like your Zodiac side to get acquainted, get involved with a gathering locally. Doesn’t have to be your zodiac season, but it could be fun to have an All Zodiac Day in your city. For example, If the Sagittarius folks in Milwaukee can get together and hook up for an event along with Leos and Aries, call it a Fire Zodiac Sign event! I’m just saying. Think about it! And if you are a type to get the party started for a dance, get the crowd pumped up. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. I know the Grown and Sexy folks do it alot, but these young Thundercats?!!! Y’all better learn! Plus also if a person or persons on Social Media says F—-your Christmas or whatever, take the highroad and say, peace and blessings. It’s not a sign of disrespect. Jeez! Don’t hate on a guy or group just because THEY Had a Christmas Season party and you didn’t. Maybe……you know what: I will be addressing this more. In another blog story.

NOW: The things I don’t want to see in 2014:

8) If the issue of Racism is on the table, don’t assume it’s a thing to say “Oh, I’m colorblind, it’s a post-racial society”. I don’t see no utopias!

9) Only for Milwaukee: We have this reputation of there’s nothing to do. WELL FIND SOMETHING TO DO! OR MAKE SOMETHING TO DO! As long as it keeps you here, it matters. We know Milwaukee has a high rep of being a Segregated City, and folks leave out in droves. But for those of us who are here, fight back!

10) I don’t want to hear officials to call into radio stations to “Tone it down.” If you hear that, they are WAY TOO SENSITIVE! Don’t listen! And I don’t want to see nor hear folks talking down or not be educated about their history. Um….this goes for us black folks.

11) NO MORE CREDIT CHECKS for jobs please!

12) If those who say they will not vote in any election: you just made the laws setup for keeping you out of the halls and more jobs might not be accessible. Hey Milwaukee, are you listening? Don’t do that.

13) No more showing up at job fairs all slouching! I’m putting my clothes stuff here. Come dressed up like you want a job. No jeans, nor haltertops, no fuzzy slippers or pajama bottoms,  no B.S. crap on resumes. I don’t want to hear none of these “companies” ranting about competition. Ranting about the next guy ahead. Ranting about Social Media hand overs. NONE! This goes for the Wisconsin folks.

14) And the thing that I don’t want to see in 2014……….if a well known dance like the running man, or a well known dance that a certain ethnic group stole to make money to market, it’s already been marketed! It’s been marketed through creativity not just to sell and get a youtube rating. Don’t front!

But other than that: Happy New Year! Let’s get it poppin!

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Really Americans?!!!! Really?!

I had to interrupt my Sagittarius Season thing for this?!!!

The greatest holiday of all time (of all time)  is coming up next Wednesday. Yes, Christmas. And many around the world is or might be getting the goodies in which might be best. Can’t say the greatest, but best for now.

What is up with the right wingers stuff about Santa is white? Yes, when I was growing up I’ve seen White Santas. No question. But however, as a I got older, I’ve seen black Santas. Yes, you right wing folks in all shapes, I’ve seen Santa Claus with white skin and black skin. I see where this is going. Another divisional useless political stuff out of of all people Megyn Kelly of Fox News thinking 100% that Santa is a white dude. Heck, Santa could be black and sneak in the back door on Christmas Eve and deliver presents. Should I believe Megan Kelly’s rhetoric on Fox News? Oh, wait I don’t.

This whole story, has started from a 29 year old black woman, named Aisha Harris. She wrote the story on the Slate website, “Santa Claus should not be a white man anymore.” That is the blog! She states in her commentary and very well written that Santa should be a penguin! She writes:

And so I propose that America abandon Santa-as-fat-old-white-man and create a new symbol of Christmas cheer. From here on out, Santa Claus should be a penguin.

That’s right: a penguin.

Why, you ask? For one thing, making Santa Claus an animal rather than an old white male could spare millions of nonwhite kids the insecurity and shame that I remember from childhood. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Santa is one of the first iconic figures foisted upon you: He exists as an incredibly powerful image in the imaginations of children across the country (and beyond, of course). That this genial, jolly man can only be seen as white—and consequently, that a Santa of any other hue is merely a  “joke” or a chance to trudge out racist stereotypes—helps perpetuate the whole “white-as-default” notion endemic to American culture (and, of course, not just American culture).

And more she states:

Plus, people love penguins. There are blogs dedicated entirely to their cuteness. They’re boxofficegold. Most importantly, they’re never scary (in contrast to, say, polar bears and reindeer). Most kids love Santa—because he brings them presents. But human Santa can be terrifying—or at least unsettling.

Later this commentary:

Of course, since we created Santa, we can certainly change him however we’d like—and we have, many times over. Like the holiday itself, Santa has long since been extracted from his religious roots, even if the name St. Nicholas still gets thrown around. Our current design takes inspiration from multiple sources, including Washington Irving’s 1809 description of St. Nick “riding jollily among the tree tops, or over the roofs of the houses, now and then drawing forth magnificent presents from his breeches pockets, and dropping them down the chimnies of his favourites.” When Clement Clarke Moore published “A Visit from St. Nicholas” in 1823, the old man was described and illustrated as a “plump” but elfin figure. Since then, Santa has been redesigned and re-appropriated to push everything from soda to war.

That’s sounds a bit jolly? Doesn’t it?

Oh, and by some of the commentary, she’s been labeled as a racist.

I ask again: REALLY AMERICANS?!!!!

Many of you so-called AMERICANS who commented on this story, don’t even know what a racist is until you become one. Oh, I’m going there today!

Many of us who grew up knows this too well. We know. Aisha Harris in her commentary is not speaking this on racial issues. Many like her, including myself have seen more white Santas than black Santas. Many of us can relate to seeing accustom with being around or dressing up as black Santas. Hey, here’s a shocker: I was a black Santa! Really, I was in a High School Concert many years ago. And this was in the 90’s and no there weren’t no declarations of keeping Santa white. This accusations of Fox News thinking it’s a target of things like this, they are a target! Matter of fact they’ve been a target since George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. And still the bullseye has not changed. They are the same folks who probably jumped for joy when trapping Martin Bashir with his Sarah Palin comment, and announced his resignation from MSNBC. Part of what Martin said about Sarah is the TRUTH!

But hey, isn’t that what the Right Wingers do per say?

This Christmas season, and I’m saying this to everyone who will be celebrating Christmas: We know Santa. But we better know Jesus! And I’m saying this because it’s a constant reminder of what this holiday should be about. Oh, and note to those who get offended by saying “Merry Christmas” don’t be. I’ve been saying Merry Christmas since I came out the womb 37 years ago. And decorate my residence with “CHRISTMAS” stuff all over it. And to those who have a problem saying “Happy Holidays”. Guess what, Holiday is actually (and I learned it in church) Holy-Day.  So yes, Christmas is a Holy Day. And that Merry Xmas thing, there was a time I got hammered on Social Media about this. But unlike that person (whom I’ll remain nameless) I did some sleuthing, that according to the greeks, they displayed Xmas. And the letter X represents the unknown. Now many might call this disrespectful, but no, it’s not. It’s not stamping out, or  X’ing out Jesus! Once again, X represents the unknown! Not everyone, not even me know when Jesus was “actually” BORN! Many say December 25th. Even though it’s Christmas Day. But still, the real birth of Jesus on that actual day remains a mystery. Get it? Got it? Good.

So Happy “HOLY DAYS” peoples, and make sure that even though Santa might come and go, Santa no matter black or white of appearance or accustomed to maybe asking your kids about what they want for Christmas, and of course Santa might be checking out the naughty and nice folks.

But remember this, I’ve seen this in 1985 in church, and I’m saying this in 2013: Jesus is the reason, for the Season.

I think it’s safe to say that Christmas is coming up. But you’re probably asking, what does Stephen listen to around the holidays? Take a listen with the tunes and judge for yourself.

Feel free to listen and enjoy. Merry Christmas to all!

If you are real fan of Christmas or don’t get offended by this greeting, let me say “Merry Christmas”. Did I offend anyone? Or, let me say “Happy Holidays”. Did I offend anyone on the block? Hope not. This war on Christmas or saying Merry Christmas does not offend me, so my question is…..why is it offensive? Ok, I get it. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, or as I like to call it, “The greatest holiday of all time”.  Yes, I am a Christian and do celebrate Christmas in the 12th month. Do I get mad when someone says Happy Hanukah, or Happy Kwanzaa to me?  I’ll be real here. I don’t. Even though I’m not jewish, I will kindly say or comment, I celebrate christmas not hanakah. Just being honest.

Overall, this war on Christmas is nothing more than a ploy on emotion. Emotion on themselves. That’s all it is. Does this remind you of a certain Christmas story, of a person who well hates Christmas currently and in the past was sort of liked the holiday? Then the present came as well as the yet to come? Yes, I’m referring to A Christmas Carol, the one that made Charles Dickens famous. It appears those who hate Christmas, have that miser attitude for a long time, and change.  I know that happens in the fictional books and movies in all. And yes, in real life there are “scrooges” that hate Christmas or lost beliefs in the holiday.  Ok. I think know the true answer! Then again, maybe I don’t.

Now if you don’t feel that Christmas is not your holiday worth celebrating, don’t celebrate it. Just apprieciate the holiday that Christians believe that Jesus was born on an occassion that was needed for a future leader. Besides – Santa Claus. I have to say that I comment that saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings does not harm me. Period. Not because I’m a christian, or an African-American, or just living in the midwest, or rejoicing that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will be six feet under. FINALLY!

So to those who are not offended – Merry Christmas!

Those who are not Christians or don’t follow the Christmas stuff – Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanakah, or Seasons Greetings.

God Bless Us Everyone.